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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
'Friend' secretly taped Bush
Negroponte's Blind Spots 
Catholics: 1,092 new sex claims
Monkey might raise Taxes 
R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson 
Clemency For Executive Killers 
Hitchens: Scam in Ohio 
You're not gay if you're on top
Poor, White and Pissed


 Quote of the Day

"America's Operation Iraqi Freedom is still 
  producing shock and awe, this time among the
  blame-America-first crowd. We continue to 
  discover biological and chemical weapons and 
  facilities to make them inside Iraq."  
    --California Rep. Chris Cox, (R-Self-delusional),
        running victory laps after a horrendous failure
        that has killed 100,000 civilians and almost
        1500 soldiers, but we forgive them


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Volume 1500 - Conspiracy of Silence

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  Sun-Monday    Feb 20-21,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"I'd be a fool not to recognize that it did not happen on the schedule I had in mind.
  But I will be surprised, yet again, if we do not see a square in Baghdad named after this president."
    --Richard Perle, asked about his 2003 comment that within one year, there would be
       a grand square in Baghdad named for America's murdering Monkey,   Attribution

 Too bad when you're GOP, there's never a price to be paid for being wrong, ...and the deaths of 1500 soldiers.

 .. Comments?

 'Friend' secretly taped Bush

  Click  Here

 Private conversations with George Bush secretly taped by an old friend before he was
 elected president foreshadow some of his political strategies and appear to reveal that he
 acknowledged trying marijuana, The New York Whore Times has reported.

 Isnt that one of the most poorly constructed sentences you've ever read?
 Some unthinking pinhead at CNN wrote that crap.
 The noun is "conversations" and the verb is "foreshadow," the object is "strategies."

"Conversations foreshadow strategies?"
 Did John Kerry write this for a visit to Yo, MTV Raps?

 The conversations were recorded by Doug Weasel, a former aide to Bush the Smarter,
 beginning in 1998, when Bush was weighing a presidential bid, until just before Nazicon-2000.

 Weasel played 12 of the tapes to a Whore Times reporter.
 He said he recorded them because he viewed Bush as a historic figure. he's another Linda Tripp.


 Negroponte's Blind Spots
  One man can explain Negroponte best - Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 It seems that Negroponte either oversaw a stunningly inept U.S. intelligence operation at the embassy in Tegucigalpa
 - missing major events occurring almost under his nose - or he is someone ready to tolerate atrocities - including
 torture, rape and murder - while slanting intelligence reporting to please his superiors in Washington.

 Whichever it is - incompetence or complicity - it is hard to understand how Negroponte, the current U.S. ambassador
 to Iraq, can be expected to fix the intelligence flaws revealed by the Bush administration's failure to connect the dots before
 the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks or to avert the scandalous use of torture on Muslim suspects captured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 Despite the bipartisan praise Negroponte's nomination is eliciting, a clear-eyed look at his record would suggest that the
 Bush administration intends to continue making two demands on the U.S. intelligence community: that analysts wear
 rose-colored glasses when assessing U.S. policies and that field operatives turn a blind eye to atrocities when committed
 by U.S. clients or American interrogators.

 Given the human rights records of the Honduran military and the Nicaraguan contras who set up shop in Honduras in the
 early 1980s, Negroponte will have no moral standing as a public official who repudiates abusive interrogation techniques
 and brutal counterinsurgency tactics. Indeed, some cynics might suggest that's one of the reasons Bush picked him.

 Note: Consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the Internet



"Defense is a lot broader than swaggering around
  saying you're going to kick Saddam's butt."
       --Howard Dean, who was right all along about Iraq,   Attribution


 Hunter S. Thompson: "Check, please!"

  Click  Here

 Hunter S. Thompson fatally shot himself Sunday night near Aspen, his son said. He was 67.
 Besides the 1972 drug-hazed classic about Thompson's visit to Las Vegas, he also wrote
 "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72." The central character in those wild, sprawling
 satires was "Dr. Thompson," a snarling, drug- and alcohol-crazed observer and participant.

 Thompson is credited with pioneering New Journalism ÷ or, as he dubbed it, "gonzo journalism"
 ÷ in which the writer made himself an essential component of the story. Much of his earliest work
 appeared in Rolling Stone magazine.

 Thompson was a counterculture icon at the height of the Watergate era, and Richard Nixon once said
 he represented "that dark, venal, and incurably violent side of the American character."

 Thompson was the model for Gary Trudeau's "Uncle Duke" in "Doonesbury"



 Monkey considers (choke) tax increases

  Click  Here

 Two words could cast a pall over any gathering of fascists celebrating Bush's
 second term and GOP gains in the House and Senate: tax increase.

 Bush this week acknowledged the possibility of making high-income workers pay more
 Social Security taxes as part of his plan for private Social Security accounts, and that
 notion has conservatives alarmed.  The last Republican who broke a "no new taxes" pledge
 was booted out after one term, they reminded. His name: Bush the Smarter.

"People are quite angry about Bush opening a Pandora's box of tax increases," said Stephen Moore,
 an anti-tax activist with the Free Enterprise Fund. "It's almost like `read my lips' all over again."


 Catholics report 1,092 new sex abuse claims
  For Christ's sake, let them have wives and girlfriends, will you?

  Click  Here

 Roman Catholic leaders said Friday they received 1,092 new abuse claims against American
 priests and deacons last year, even after they had already paid more than $800 million in
 settlements during the long-running crisis over predatory clergy.

 Bishops said, however, that the flood of fresh allegations was not a sign abuse was rampant in
 parishes today. Most of the alleged incidents occurred decades ago and nearly 3/4 of the 756
 accused clerics had died, been defrocked or been removed from public ministry before the
 claims were made in 2004, church leaders said.

 Still, the financial fallout continues. Kathleen McChesney, head of the bishops' Office of Child
 and Youth Protection, said the total payout to victims has now climbed to at least $840 million since 1950.

"The crisis of sexual abuse of minors within the Catholic Church is not over," McChesney said.
"What is over is the denial that this problem exists."

 They could end this in one day, but they choose not to.
 The Church and the crime of child rape have almost become one institution.

 They can't figure out how to become non-rapists, or former rapists.
 They can't fight their way out of the "rape bag" in which they find themselves.

 They continue to coddle and protect the hunters of innocent prey.
 They deserve your money less than the DNC.


 Subject: that burned out Vietnam vet


 KC is off his rocker.  We did not "lose" Viet Nam.
 We were simply kicked out like we SHOULD HAVE BEEN 10 years before.

 How can you "lose" something you don't have?  Will we "lose" in Iraq?  No, we cannot lose.
 There is nothing for us to lose.  Sooner or later we will LEAVE.  Like we should have done a year ago.

 Burned out Viet Nam Vet?  Ha!  I was a burned out Viet Nam Vet commencing about March 1970
 and have been a burned out Viet Nam Vet ever since fighting tooth and nail against Nixon, Raygun,
 Bush I and Bush II and their idiotic warmongering policies.

 AAARRRGGG Bart, I am so bent out of shape after reading KC's letter to you that I can hardly type.
 Would like to take KC and shake him by the shoulders and make his ears burn a bit.
 Hard to believe that someone can be so stupid seeing what is going on around him in the world.

 Keep that martello* swinging, Bart.


 America's first Nazi fight


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"Think about those communities where marriage does not exist. What you see is a model of
  what life would look like in a country that has fathers and mothers not wedded together in
  strong relationships to raise children. If we deconstruct marriage in society, if we say marriage
  is whatever you want it to be, then marriage loses its intrinsic value. The less virtue we have in
  our society, the more the need for government to control our lives, to govern our lives."
     --Sen. Rick Santorum, saying marriage is a stablizing force that must be withheld from some   Attribution

 Subject: Tip for keeping me from going completely insane


 Some days, it's all I can do to keep from pulling my head off my body to make the Bush insanity stop.
 Thank you for being there.

 Lisa who also had a flood


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 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155



"President Bush is in Europe today, fighting terrorism and spreading liberty..."
    - CNN's Miles O'Brien, sucking the BFEE teat, hoping to get rich like the others

 It's so insulting to watch the networks fawn over this murdering little child.
 It seems like wach month, the fawning gets worse and worse - and it makes me sick.


saw it on  notbannedyet.us

 Subject: "apparent suicide" of Hunter S. Thompson

 Another outspoken (VERY OUTSPOKEN) opponent of the B.F.E.E.
 is discovered dead from a gunshot wound labeled "an apparent suicide..."
 Color me a conspiracy nut, but I just found it a LITTLE bit troubling to discover
 that his neighbor is PRINCE BANDAR! (Or "Bandar Bush" to the Bush family!)
 Here's an excerpt from a Bankrate.com interview with Hunter S. Thompson last fall.

    Bankrate: You've been pretty outspoken in your dislike of our current commander in chief.
    Hunter S. Thompson: I was candid about Nixon, too.
    Bankrate: Yet you say Nixon pales in comparison to George W. Bush.
    Hunter S. Thompson: Oh, yeah, he looks almost like a liberal. You look at the Clean Air Act and
         several others back then. Nixon was a crook but at least he operated off of an individual base.
         But this yoyo, this stupid little · It's cheap opera. Take a look at your pocket. Take a look around you.
         It's a hold-up, a looting of the national treasury, and that's what they're doing. The combined spending of
         the Kerry campaign is far less than $5 million for advertising. Five million dollars, that's like a goddamned
         Susan Anthony dollar compared to $60 billion that is just routine going out to Halliburton. We might lose
         if we went to war with Halliburton.
    Bankrate: You are neighbors with Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador and longtime Bush family friend
         featured in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."
    Hunter S. Thompson: I can see him from my front porch. He's been a pretty good neighbor; that counts for a
         lot out here. He will shoot some skeet now and then. I don't want to say anything really ugly about him.
         He's an enlightened plutocrat, I guess you call it. Michael Moore is dead right on that, and it's even worse
         than you think. Bandar. All kinds of roads cross out here. Networks and wires.
    Bankrate: The Bush Administration seems to have lit your fuse. Are you angry again?
    Hunter S. Thompson: Very angry. I'm very angry. That's why I guess I have to write this (campaign) piece for
         Rolling Stone. This is the darkest hour that I have seen in my long experience as an American. This is evil.


 Executive Clemency For Executive Killers
   by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 Elaine Levenson has been waiting for her heart to explode. In 1981, surgeons implanted a mechanical valve
 in her heart, the Bjork-Shiley, "the Rolls-Royce of valves," her doctor told her. What neither she nor her doctor
 knew was that several Bjork-Shiley valves had fractured during testing, years before her implant. The company
 that made the valve, a unit of the New York-based pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, never told the government.

 At Pfizer's factory in the Caribbean, company inspectors found inferior equipment, which made poor welds.
 Rather than toss out bad valves, Pfizer management ordered the defects ground down, weakening the valves
 further but making them look smooth and perfect. Then Pfizer sold them worldwide.

 When the valve's struts break and the heart contracts, it explodes. Two-thirds of the victims die, usually in minutes.
 In 1980, Dr. Viking Bjork, whose respected name helped sell the products, wrote to Pfizer demanding corrective
 action. He threatened to publish cases of valve strut failures.

 A panicked Pfizer executive telexed, "ATTN PROF BJORK, WE WOULD PREFER THAT YOU DID NOT
 PUBLISH THE DATA RELATIVE TO STRUT FRACTURE." The company man gave this reason for holding off
 public exposure of the deadly valve failures: "WE EXPECT A FEW MORE." His expectations were realized.
 The count has reached eight hundred fractures, five hundred dead-so far.

 We know Bush is a crooked bastard, on the take to help big business steal from consumers.
 Look at Iraq - Bush doesn't care how many thousands die - he wants what he wants.

 My question is - why did the Democrats once again go to sleep and let Bush rape America?

               "We serve at the pleasure of The Monkey!"



Marty's Entertainment Page

 Conspiracy of Silence
   thanks to  thehollywoodliberal.com

 Note from Bart:
 I stay away from these stories - "Bush family involved in child rape ring" - but with "Jeff Gannon"
 being granted insider access to the White House, AND secret info such as the Valerie Plame affair, maybe this
 wild stuff deserves another look.  Also, consider the secret "Skull and Bones" rituals and Bush's gleeful admittion
 that he participated in sexual "branding" the asses of freshmen back at Yale.


 Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the
 Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and
 Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.  At the last minute before airing,
 unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired.
 Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all
 copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and
 attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality
 is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved. See for yourself... .

  Click  Here


 Subject: Bill Maher is back

 Hey Bart,

 I'm glad you posted about Bill Maher's new season.  Over on his site there is a message board
  where alot of his fans get into debates about politics and whatever.

 That message board went down, but alot of the members from over there now hang out
 at http://forums.political-nutshell.com  if you maybe want to let your readers know!

 A lot of the members we lost in the transition were regular readers of you
 and maybe if they see this, they can find their way back.

 Thanks, mike


 Clashing Quotes

"Barrera recalled how he nearly suffocated people with rubber masks, how he attached
  wires to their genitals and shocked them with electricity, how he tore off a man's testicles
  with a rope. "When they were very weak, we would take them to disappear."
    --Battalion 316 member Jose Barrera, quoted in the Baltimore Sun,  Attribution

"We did a search of all the cables that were written during the time that I was Ambassador
  to Honduras, from 1981 to 1985, and we could not find any references to the 3-16th Battalion."
    --John Negroponte, liar, thief, murderer, BFEE capo, Ambassador to Honduras (1981-85),   Attribution

 ...and the Democrats praise this guy - while asking you to support them finanically?

 Pickles fires White House chef

  Click  Here

 The previous White House chef, Walter Scheib III, has left to pursue new opportunities  has had
 his ass canned by Pickles Bush after nearly 11 years of cooking for two presidents, and Pickles
 is looking for a replacement who can cater to the first family's Beenie-Weenie Texan pallets.

"We like spicy food of all kinds," she said in the Feb. 28 Newsweek. "We like, obviously, Tex-Mex
 and barbecue. ... George is a very good eater," she said, citing something he could actually do well.
 If Hillary Clinton had fired the chef for being "too fancy," the American whore press would've
 made this out to be another "scandal," and thus the biggest story of the month.

"How dare she fire the people's chef?"
"Who does she think she is?"

 But since Pickles is a mindless Stepford wife who's job is to shut up and adore her Monkey,
 the press gives her a pass on this like they gave her for killing her boyfriend in the eighties.



 Subject: my son the soldier

 I read your page everyday and will be sending some $ when I get back from vacation.
 Just wanted to let you know that my step-son just had a moment of epiphany.

 He is stationed in Iraq but it's top secret where he is.
 One just has to use his address where we send him food
 ($401,000,000,000 defense budget and we send him food and sheets
 and he DOES NOT HAVE HOT WATER TO BATHE)  to find out where he is located.

 He wrote an e-mail that sums up the entire adventure in Iraq.
 He said, and I quote..." I have no idea why I am here."
 He is very red oriented hence the moment of epiphany.

 Keep going and fight the darkness.
 AG Bell.



From now until the end of February
I will double your order.
Order 1 get 1 free, order 5 get 5 free, etc.

We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Video of President drunk Popular Among Bush Fans
   saw it on fauxnewschannel.com

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 Subject: I want to subscribe

 I want to subscribe because I believe Mike Malloy, but what I am getting for $10 a month?

 1. How long are the shows? You know, 10 minutes or two hours?

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 Subject: Hunter S. Thompson

 I think Hunter just woke up one morning, took a look at the terrible direction the country has taken,
 asked himself "Is THIS all there IS?" and decided he no longer wanted to be a part of it.

 Perhaps some people would not find that admirable, but he always marched to his own drummer
 ....and he did it to the very end.

 For that, I salute him.
 Terry C


 Something Wrong About the Ohio Election
  Bush's boy Christopher Hitchens has ...a guilty conscience?

  Click  Here

 Whichever way you shake it, or hold it up to the light, there is something wrong about the Ohio election
 that refuses to add up. The sheer number of irregularities compelled a formal recount, which was completed
 in late December and which came out much the same as the original one, with 176 fewer votes for Bush.
 But this was a meaningless exercise in reassurance, since there is simply no means of checking, for example,
 how many "vote hops" the computerized machines might have performed unnoticed....there is one soothing
 explanation that I don't trust anymore.

 It was said, often in reply to charges of vote tampering, that it would have had to be "a conspiracy so immense"
 as to involve a dangerously large number of people. Indeed, some Ohio Democrats themselves laughed off some
 of the charges, saying that they too would have had to be part of the plan. The stakes are very high: one defector
 or turncoat with hard evidence could send the principals to jail forever and permanently discredit the party that
 had engaged in fraud.

 I had the chance to spend quality time with someone who came to me well recommended, who did not believe that
 fraud had yet actually been demonstrated, whose background was in the manufacture of the machines, and who wanted
 to be anonymous. It certainly could be done, she said, and only a very, very few people, would have to be "in on it."


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 You're not gay if you're on top
    saw it on  buzzflash.com,

  Click  Here

 Jon Stewart cut to the chase about the GOP hypocrisy that embraces both the demagogic political exploitation
 of homophobia and gays at the top of the Republican Party and Internet gay hookers posing as journalists.
 Stewart said of the GOP support for Gannon/Guckert (who indicated that he was a dominant homosexual on
 one of his prostitution websites): "So you're not gay if you're on top."

 That about sums it up for the GOP, which is using its usual shills -- such as Howard Kurtz, Michael Isikoff,
 and Wolf Blitzer -- to portray Gannon/Guckert as a victimized gay. They did the same thing when they claimed
 Clarence "Stefan Fetchit" Thomas was the victim of a Democratic attack on blacks.


We started  bartcop.com  on this date in 1996


"People criticize me for being a Christian and having some of these
  questionable things in my past. I believe in a God of forgiveness."
     --Jeff Gannon, abomination before God and the darling of the Christian right   Attribution

 I haven't heard anybody criticize "Mr. On-Top" for being a Christian, have you?
 I think this "Christian" is lying to fool his stupid allies, which is so easy to do.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1469, 1474, 1479, dead soldiers under Bush

Another day, another 5 families destroyed over the weekend.


5 more mothers had to tell their kids that Daddy's never coming home

How long will we accept losing 5 soldiers a day
so Bush, Halliburton and Carlyle can make/steal their billions?


 Poor, White and Pissed

  Click  Here

 To be poor and white is a paradox in America. Whites, especially white males, are supposed to have
 an advantage they exploit mercilessly. Yet most of the poor people in the United States are white (51%)
 outnumbering blacks two to one and all other minority poverty groups combined. America is permeated
 with cultural myths about white skin's association with power, education and opportunity. Capitalist society
 teaches that we all get what we deserve, so if a white man does not succeed, it can only be due to laziness.
 But just like black and Latino ghetto dwellers, poor laboring whites live within a dead end social construction
 that all but guarantees failure. If your high school dropout daddy busted his ass for small bucks and never read
 a book in his life and your mama was a textile mill worker, chances are you are not going to be recruited by
 Yale Skull and Bones and grow up to be president of the United States, regardless of our national mythology
 to that effect. You are going to be pulling an eight-buck-an-hour shift work someplace and praying for enough
 overtime to make the heating bill. A worker.


 Subject: the Franklin Coverup is the biggest Bush scandal of them all

 Hey BC,

 You probably already know this, but what with your move and all,
 I thought there might be a chance you overlooked it. And it's too big to overlook.

 In your recent article "Did John Kerry throw the election?,"  the link you provide
 has a message board at the bottom of the page, and several of those messages contain
 links to sites about the biggest Bush coverup of them all -- the one involving high-ranking
 Republicans sexually abusing children from Boy's Town. It's usually called the "Franklin Coverup."

 I can't recall seeing you mention this hueueueueueueueuge scandal and the even hueueeuueueueueuger
 coverup that shut this story down and put out its pilot light.  So just in case you might not know about it,
 and might not have had time to read the message board and follow the links provided, I'd like to strongly suggest that you do so.

 Only a handful of people  seem to know about the Christmas pardons of Weinberger et al by Poppa Bush.


 Even fewer know about this seamy story. And this one is 50 times worse than Iran Contra.
 I mean, we're through the looking glass here, people.

 There's so much BFEE sleaze to expose and so little time.

 That's just one more reason why you can... Never Quit!!

 P.S. The Radio Shows are just fucking great!

 Note: When Ray reads  bartcop.com  he reads every story and every link completely.
 He knows more about what's on this page than I do.

 Why, he could almost be BartCop...


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Why Isn't Bob Novak Going to Jail?

  Click  Here

 Will someone please explain in simple, easy-to-understand language, why we never see Bob Novak's
 name mentioned in the same breath as reporters facing jail time for contempt in the Valerie Plame affair?

 Earlier this week, a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Washington upheld an earlier court ruling
 that New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper should be jailed for
 contempt for failing to disclose the source of a story neither had any intention of publishing in the first place.

 Meanwhile, Bob Novak, the only columnist in the country who actually published Plame's identity in violation
 of federal law, sits comfortably ensconced on CNN's "The Capital Gang" bloviating as usual.

 Miller and Cooper will probably go to jail for "witnessing" a federal crime and refusing to cooperate with a
 grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA agent's identity. So why is it that only two of the three reporters
 who allegedly "witnessed" the crime are being threatened?

 Novak not only knows the identity of the "senior White House official" who leaked the information to
 Miller and Cooper, he willingly became a conduit for that information.

 What we don't know is whether Novak revealed his source to prosecutors, or whether he is simply
 enjoying the fruits of years of toadying to the White House.

 It's strange that the media whores are all but ignoring this question.
 Bush's Justice Dept is ready to go after the little people, but not the guy who pulled the trigger?

 Maybe a bigger point is - since the press are no longer watchdogs for government corruption,
 and have become outright cheerleaders for the crookedest administration ever - do any of them
 deserve to cry "but I'm a journalist" when pressed for information by their Lover-in-chief?

 Experts See Military Draft as Inevitable
  Aren't you glad you voted for Bush?

  Click  Here

 ...some anti-war activists say it's only a matter of time before Bush and congress bring it back.
 Meanwhile, conservatives and moderates outside the administration have taken a hard look at
 America's military commitments and are urging Congress to beef up the Army and Marines.

"I don't see the need for a draft, but we need to prepare now in order to avoid having one forced
 on us in the future," said Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del. "We can reduce the stress we are placing on our
 armed forces by increasing the number of ground troops in the Army and Marines and bringing the
 size of our military in line with our expanded responsibilities in a post-9/11 world," he said.


 Radio Update

 It only took 7 days for the crack Tulsa Tech Squad to figure out how to re-connect
 the Bart Mic and the mixer and the computer, so I'll be doing radio today, Monday.

 Koresh, there's so much to talk about - and what's in the news, too.



"I'd never recommend srugs, alcohol or violence to someone else,
  but they always worked for me."
    -- Hunter S. Thompson,

 I wish I'd had the opportunity to meet him, maybe smoke one, and sip some Chinaco...

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