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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
His propaganda juggernaut
Welcoming Bush the torturer
'BTK' arrested after 31 years
Wichitans have sigh of relief
McDonald's goes upscale
Income dip biggest in decade
GOPs against the Monkey 
Words they use when lying 
Monkey Mail Returns 


 Quote of the Day

"He's turned the environment over to the 
  polluters, he's turned the courts over to 
  big business, and he's turned the schools 
  over to the religious right. I was not fooled 
  by his prevarications and his camouflage 
  and his deceits." 
       --Bill Moyers, on our Murder Monkey 


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Volume 1504 - A Certain Harm

  Monday    Feb 28,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"I'm very sore. I'm the one who made the television moment.
  I will forever be known as the one who made the case (to rape Baghdad)."
    --Colin Powell, on his lies to the UN Security Council, Attribution


 Beware the coming propaganda juggernaut
   $1.8 million of our money is being spent to sell privatization
     by Joe Conason, as seen on  salon.com

  Click  Here

 The dimensions of the conservative campaign to destroy Social Security -- and dismantle the New Deal
 -- are now heaving into view. Determined to achieve the victory that has eluded them for more than 70 years,
 George W. Bush's aides and allies are building a very big, very ugly propaganda juggernaut. In strategy and tactics,
 this massive new creation already reflects designs traditionally employed by the Republicans under Karl Rove,
 whether they are promoting a war, electing a president or merely seeking to pass (or defeat) a piece of legislation.

 Will the White House misuse public money -- including, ironically, the proceeds of Social Security taxes
 -- for its partisan deconstruction project?


 Welcoming Bush the torturer
   Must be a Brit paper, US papers aren't this honest

  Click  Here

 George Bush is this week having an extravagantly orchestrated series of meetings with Europe's leaders,
 designed to show a united front for the creation of democracy around the world. Tony Blair talks of our "shared values".
 No one mentions the word that makes this show a mockery: torture...How can it be that not one mainstream public
 figure in Europe has denounced these appalling practices and declared that, in view of all we now know of cells,
 cages, underground bunkers, solitary confinement, sodomy and threatened sodomy, beatings, sleep deprivation,
 sexual humiliation, mock executions and kidnapping, President Bush and his officials are not welcome? Perhaps it's
 not surprising given the British army's own dismal record in southern Iraq. Why has no public figure had the honesty
 to admit that the democracy and freedom promised for the Middle East are fake and mask US plans to leave
 Washington dominant in the area? And why does no one say publicly that what is really happening in the
 "war on terror" is a war on Muslims that is creating a far more dangerous world for all?"



 With intelligence, sometimes you are talking to people who are perhaps selling you lies."
     --Colin Powell, (R-Lying whore) pretending he was lied to about WMDs in Iraq    Attribution

"Who are these liars?  I want them arrested!!"



From now until the end of March,
"Not me" will double your order.

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 Subject: Pravda-like "Fair and Balanced" Fox News

 The only checks Mr. Bush seems to believe in are those written to the "journalists" Armstrong Williams,
 Maggie Gallagher and Karen Ryan, the fake TV anchor, to help promote his policies. The administration
 has given a whole new meaning to checkbook journalism, paying a stupendous $97 million to an outside
 P.R. firm to buy columnists and produce propaganda, including faux video news releases.

 The only balance W. likes is the slobbering, Pravda-like "Fair and Balanced" coverage Fox News provides.
 Mr. Bush pledges to spread democracy while his officials strive to limit freedom at home. This White House
 seems to prefer softball questions from a self-advertised male escort with a fake name to hardball questions
 from journalists with real names; it prefers tossing journalists who protect their sources into the gulag to
 giving up the officials who broke the law by leaking the name of their own C.I.A. agent.

 Harry S
 Southfield, MI


 'Bind, Torture and Kill' arrested after 30 years
   Wichita, Kansas exhales for the first time since 1974

  Click  Here

 A 31-year manhunt for a serial killer who taunted police with letters about his crimes
 ended Saturday when authorities grabbed "BTK" and linked him to at least 10 murders.

 Dennis L. Rader was arrested Friday. Police did not say how they identified Rader as a suspect
 but local papers say he was caught with a DBNA match.  Along with his grisly crimes, the killer
 terrorized Wichita by sending rambling letters to the media, including one in which he named
 himself BTK for "Bind them, Torture them, Kill them." In another he complained, "How many
 do I have to kill before I get my name in the paper or some national attention?"

 Wichitans let out sigh of relief

  You gotta read this story - I've never heard of anything like this.

  Click  Here

 Dan Stewart drove to the cemetary where his father is buried on Saturday, newspaper in hand.
 He couldn't wait to tell Pop the news.

 Dan read the story about BTK out loud, then he looked at the gravestone.
"They got him, Pop," he said. "They finally got him."

 His father, Charles Stewart, served as a Wichita police captain in 1974.
 He worked the scene after four members of the Otero family were brutally slain.
 He quit sleeping in his bed.

 Every night afterward -- until his children were grown -- Charles Stewart slept by the front door.
 Protecting his family.
 He died in 1993, still wondering about BTK.

 BTK History and the Victims Wichita Eagle

  Click  Here

 31 years of remembering the fear, fascination

  Click  Here

 I am a Wichita native now living in Las Vegas, and yet when I heard the news last year that the killer
 had resurfaced, I had trouble getting to sleep that night. I felt like I was 8 years old again and laying awake
 in my northwest Wichita bedroom, doing the same thing -- listening for doors or windows opening, for
 footsteps coming up from the basement. The BTK case went public when I was in second grade at
 McLean Elementary, and even at that age I was terrified. I remember going with my older sister to
 baby-sit for some family friends, and all of us losing our minds when we discovered the phone was dead.
 Turned out one of the extensions downstairs was off the hook. Another time, I came home early from school
 to an empty house, and I was paralyzed with fear that BTK was already in my house, waiting to torture and kill me.
 All of this childhood terror seemed a bit silly the older I got. But it would still flood back when I least expected it.
 I developed a deep-seated phobia about being alone in a house overnight, and compulsively checked in closets
 and under beds.... I spent the past year keeping up with the case through the Eagle's Website whenever there
 was news, which seemed almost daily. As I watched Dennis Rader's face flash across CNN this morning,
 tears welled up in my eyes. I was surprised at the incredible sense of relief I felt. The bogeyman really is just
 a man after all, and now he can't hurt me or anyone else.

-- Erin Perry O'Donnell, Las Vegas

 Think about that...

 If this had happened in New York or London, it would be the most famous serial killer ever.
 Think of a 16-year old girl in Wichita back in 1974, when BTK killed his first victims.

 Maybe she got married two years later, and had a daughter.
 By 1994, she becomes a grandmother.
 By 2005, all three generations have lived their lives with this serial killer.

 The mother her whole adult life,
 the daughter her entire life,
 the granddaughter her entire life,
 ...every second of every day, wondering
 if BKT is hiding behind the door every time
 you enter every room in your own f-ing home.

 Plus, he seemed to be some kind of super-monster.
 One family he killed, Dad was a super-sized military man, and the wife and both kids
 knew ju-jitsu or something and still this bastard gave them the "BTK" treatment.
 What chance would some schoolgirl have, if "BTK" kills military/karate types in their homes?

 This bastard killed for a decade or so, then went to sleep for a long-ass stretch.
 The cops thought he mighta died or been send away for a long prison stretch, ...but he was gone.
 Then all these years later, he shows up demanding, "Why don't I get more publicity?"

 Seems like in late 2003, we drove to Colorado - the week they caught Saddam.
 Coming back, we spent the night at the Motel 6 in Wichita (with The Baby).
 I always read the local paper and watch the local news, and Wichita was f-ing terrified
 that the long-gone Boogeyman was back again and taunting the local cops.
 It was chilling.

(You should click on those links above - there's some touching stuff there.  The neighbors went
 to the Monster's house after he was arrested, to hug the poor, unsuspecting wife - trying to help
 her blown mind get thru this - that took strength and balls.  Good for them.)

 So apparently they now have the bastard, but what about the tens of thousands of women
 who still hit the panic button every time they hear a bump in the middle of the night?


Arnoldwatch.org  message flying over LA

Thanks to  theHollywoodliberal.com  for the picture

 Subject: BTK president

 Why all the media fuss about a creep who killed 8 people 20 years ago?

 We have a creep in the White House who is currently Binding, Torturing and Killing thousands as we speak.

 Patrick Carlin


Thanks to  freewayblogger.com

 McDonald's goes upscale

  Click  Here

 Several Agents were sitting just outside of the bathroom to observe the reactions of people as they left.
 The boys came running out of the bathroom anxious to report back to the rest of the group.
"Heather!" one boy cried, "They've got a butler in the bathroom and he gave us sweets!"


 Personal Incomes See Biggest Dip in Decade
  Bush promised you more money and you fell for his lies?

  Click  Here

 Personal incomes which had been bolstered by a large stock dividend payment in December
 plunged 2.3 percent in January, the sharpest decline in more than a decade. Consumer spending
 was flat, the government reported Monday.  Meanwhile, homes sold in January fell 9.2 percent.

 The worse-than-expected performance pushed new home sales down to 1.11 million units.
 Last week, realtors reported that sales of existing homes had fallen as well in January, dipping
 a slight 0.1 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.8 million units.

 The headlines always say "Economy surging," if it ticks up by .01 percent,
 but the truth is everyone is losing big-time because we're trillions in debt.
 Bush's answer to everything is "more tax cuts for the rich" and the stupid poor people
 keep falling for his lies that "only a rich man can hire you, so let's help the rich get richer."

 If only a Democrat had the courage to stand and tell the truth about this monster.
 Kerry couldn't convince anybody to vote their wallet last year - and this is the result.


 Subject: bring back Media Whores Online


 I really, really miss Media Whores Online.
 I read an article in Salon about Bartcop's affiliation with MWO.
 Please let them (if you can) that we very much miss the website and want it to come back.

 Roger B
 San Jose, CA

 Roger, Bart here...
 We all miss MWO, but I can't find anybody with a clue.
 Let's hope it's temporary burnout, and someday we'll get more MWO.



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"I don't know if she'll run or not. She would make an excellent president..."
    --Bill Clinton, talking about Clinton 44,Attribution


 Subject: no suicide watch for HST?


 Many years ago I was exhibiting the same signs as Hunter evidently was displaying.
 When my friends realized that it was suicidal ideation they urged me to get help.
 If I had not done so I would probably have pulled that trigger.

 What disturbs me about HST's suicide is that he was exhibiting classic signs of suicidal ideation.
"Anita Thompson, 32, said her husband had discussed killing himself in recent months and had been issuing
 verbal and written directives about what he wanted done with his body, his unpublished works and his assets."

 Listen, when someone does what she says HST did it is obvious that they are contemplating suicide.
 You don't just walk around with your hands in the air crying about what to do!
 You go to a doctor and get help for that person.  You at least try to help that person.
 I get the idea that Anita and the rest of HST's family just sat and twiddled their thumbs.

 OK, Hunter was a volatile, independent kinda guy.  If you care about us volatile, stupid, stubborn guys
 you watch us day and night if necessary.  You call for a crisis intervention.  There is no evidence of that here.
 I think Hunter was not cared for by his family.  I owe my life to a family and friends who cared.

 If someone starts talking about how they are going to kill themselves and what you should do with the body you get help.
 You call the police if necessary.  You put them under 72 hour observation.

 Maybe the reason Hunter killed himself had to do with the evident fact that nobody seemed to care.
 Based on the above quoted statement, it looks like it was business as usual.
 Hunter deserved more than that.

 Nelly Fae


If you like James Patterson,
if you like Elmore Leonard,
you'll love James Patrick Hunt!

Bounty hunter Evan Maitland was sent to bring in a lawyer charged with statutory rape
who also has a million dollars of Jamaican drug money - and they want it back.
With assassins on all sides, and only a determined policewoman to back him up,
Maitland has to play this new game by his rules if he wants to stay alive.

Click  Here


"Bush said he had a great trip to Europe. He would have loved to have
  stayed longer but with the falling U.S. dollar he just couldn't afford it."
     -- Leno


 Subject: Kerry asleep


 I can recall back when most Democrats stood for something.
 Just a few years back, if a Republican would have even thought about fooling with Social Security,
 Democrats would have been all over them like white on rice. I read an article the other day in which
 Newt Gingrinch said, he could not believe and was amazed the Democrats had not come out with
 guns-a-blazing on this Gannon situation. Well, I believe it and readers of BartCop sure as hell believe it.
 When it comes to political fighting, the Democrats would rather fight amongst themselves than with Republicans.

 You are right Bart, when you say, Kerry did not want to be President.
 When Kerry answered "Yes" to the question, "If you knew then, what you know now, would you still go into Iraq?"
 You, John Stewart had it right.   "You trying to give the election to Bush."

 Then sat back for a month, when he was being attacked by the lies, and liars of the Swift Boat Vets.
 Then, had that lame ass of a convention where no attacks on Bush were welcome.
 Then, when Al Sharpton spoke the truth about Bush, what did the Democrats do?
 Fell right in with the media and critized one of their own.

 So much more that you have brought to light about Kerry.
 When Kerry did not stand with the black members of the House and protest the Ohio vote, that did it for me.
 Now, he files this writ in an Ohio court. Help me L-rd.

 Well Bart, thanks again for the outlet to rant, and you keep on speaking what Democrats need to hear.
 Maybe one day, the only ones in the Democratic party with a set, will not be the ones born without a pair.
 Bart, I still believe in a place called, "Hope".

 The last liberal in Ms...

 I could forgive Gore and Kerry and move on if I thought the 2008 Demo nominee wasn't going
 to do the exact same goddamn thing - roll over go to sleep without even trying to fight the BFEE.

 For me, that's the biggest reason, so far, to go with Hillary.



 Marty - snubbed again

  Click  Here

 The night meant more heartbreak for Martin Scorsese.
"The Aviator" came away with the most Oscars - five, including supporting-actress
 Cate Blanchett - but Scorsese lost the politics-is-everything directing race for the fifth time.

 Scorsese matched the record of Oscar futility held by Hitchcock and Altman,
 who also went 0-for-5 in the directing category.

 Marty, one of  the best directors in history, doesn't get any respect in Hollywood.
 Major stars work for mere scale just so they can put "worked with Scorsese" on their resume,
 but Hollywood sees a cute, Susa Lucci story working here and that blows donkey.

 Chris Rock made a great point with his "man on the street" segment.
 Nobody saw "Sideways."
 Nobody saw "Aviator."
 Nobody saw "Baby."
 Nobody saw "Neverland."
 Nobody saw "Ray,"

 ...but they all saw "White Chicks."   ...and they all saw "The Fockers."

 Is quality the kiss of death at the box office?

 Mean Streets,
 Taxi Driver,
 The Last Waltz,

 ...Marty who?

 Raging Bull,
 The Color of Money
 Goodfellas - ever hear of a movie named Goodfellas?

 ...Marty who?

 Cape Fear,
 Casino, which features the kitchen from BartCop Manor,
 Gangs of New York,
 The Aviator,

 ...and we got no Oscar for Marty?



"Some of the small Central European countries believe it is the United States
  that often poses more of a security threat than Russia."
       --Judy Dempsey,  Attribution

"Get me a list of those countries
  and find out which ones have oil..."


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Medved says skip Best Picture of the Year

  Click  Here

 Medved has been a vocal opponent of Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby with Hilary Swank.
 The film involves a jaded ex-fighter-turned-boxing trainer who undertakes to help a stubborn young
 woman, a survivor of much pain and disappointment, succeed as a boxer.

 But Medved feels the widely acclaimed new film has been marketed under false pretenses. "The whole sell
 on this movie is that it's like a female Rocky -- it's a tough little fighter who comes back and defies the odds,"
 he says, "and her friendship with Clint Eastwood is [supposedly] all so inspiring, and it's all so wonderful
 -- that's not what the movie is."

 Far from it, the well-known film critic asserts: for, instead of Rocky's theme of triumph of the spirit over
 tremendous odds, Medved says of Million Dollar Baby, "When you come out of the theater after you've
 just seen one of the characters say that another one of the characters is heroic -- 'heroic' is the word that's used
 -- because that character is involved with assisted suicide, that's the thing that you take home with you."

 Medved is a partisan whore who hates the trashiness of Hollywood, unless it's produced by FOX
 and stars Bruce Willis or some other right-wing actor.  Michael, can't you be even a little bit honest?



"Despite the generally cheery press reports of Bush's reunification trip to Europe, he is sticking
  hard and fast to a foreign policy that aims to expel evildoers from our midst, i.e., Iran, unless it
  changes its ways. The President's tone throughout has been more that of a visiting emperor than
  a unifier÷telling the Russians to shape up and smacking down the Germans for shilly-shallying.
  It's the righteous language we heard before we invaded Iraq, with Bush issuing threats under the
  guise of a 'higher morality.'"
      --James Ridgeway,Attribution

"I'm a man of peace, like Hitler and Pol Pot..."


We've got truthful books by honest authors.

 Fresh evidence that Bush, Blair lied about the war
  Bush swore in 2003 he hadn't made up his mind...

  Click  Here

 Downing Street has consistently refused to disclose the date on which Blair promised Bush that
 Britain would join the US in the rape of Baghdad. But evidence obtained by the IoS suggests that
 it was as early as April 2002, when Blair met Bush at his pretend ranch in Crawford, Texas.

 A ruling by the Parliamentary Ombudsman, seen by the IoS, says the Government sought advice
 about the legality of the rape in 2002 as the result of "statements made in a particular press release".

 The issue is now being raised by the Liberal Democrats, who are concerned about the sudden urgency
 of ministers' inquiries immediately after the summit with President Bush. "To be asserting the authority of
 the UN when there were discussions about possibly breaking the UN Charter is double standards at the
 very least," said their foreign affairs spokesman, Sir Menzies Campbell. "It underlines the need to know
 precisely when this request [for legal advice] was made."

 Such an early commitment to war in Iraq by Mr Blair, who insisted well into the following year that British
 military options remained open, would reinforce speculation arising from a book published last week by
 Philippe Sands QC, a leading international lawyer. It repeats allegations that the Attorney General was
 "leaned on" to change his legal advice when the war was imminent.

 It seems that our friends the Brits don't like being lied into a war and then sacrificing the lives of her
 soldier's for no other reason than to placate the American rapist.  Too bad Americans are so eager to
 accept the 1496 casualties and then says, "Shit happends in war" and then forgets about it.

 Latest numbers from right-wing John McLaughlin Group.

 Amputations, wounded or mentally injured America soldiers = 35,500
 35,500lives ruined on top of the1496 Bush got killed

 Iraqis killed by Bush's insatiable lust for Iraq's oil = 107,500estimate

 Bush, Kerry and the networks all tell us we asked for more of this.
 How can that be?



"I'm  baaaaaaack!  If you thought I was going to slink away - then you don't know much about me.
  Someone still has to battle the Left and now  I'm stronger than before. Still, the last few weeks have been
  difficult for my family and my sex customers.  To them I offer my apology and a 10 percent discount."
       --Jeff Gannon, on his new website;   havetonguewilltravel.comAttribution


 Subject:  Bush's 'mandate' (not Gannon, the other one)

 Why do we keep hearing ''51% is not a mandate'' from the media talking heads?

 According to the Brookings Institute, approximately 120,300,000 voted for a presidential candidate
 on 02 November, 2004, a 59.0% turnout of 203,898,000 eligible voters in a US population of
 293,027,571 (July 2004 est. by the CIA).

 Of that, 50.9% of ballots (according to the CIA) were attributed to Bush. That is, IF the election results
 were legitimate; i.e. not tampered with - but, let's leave that aside for the moment, ignore the hundreds of
 ''irregularities,'' and assume for the sake of argument that the election was 100% legitimate.

 So, we've got 30% of eligible voters endorsing the GOP.

 Of those, a Gallup poll indicated that only 6% of these voters chose Bush due to his ''agendas/ideas/platforms/goals.''
 The balance chose him due to some level of brand loyalty to the GOP, or perceived personal qualities attributed to Bush.

 That means 6% of 30% - 1.80% of the electorate - actually supported Bush's platform. No information is available
 regarding the number of Bush voters who understand and/or can explain any such alleged platform.

 So, that's the real number of people who support the Bush agenda.
 Slightly less than one out of every fifty eligible voters.

 1.80% is not a ''mandate.''

 But, it gets better.

 Consider that 1.80% represents approximately 2,165,400 actual votes, in a US population of 293,027,571.

 That means 0.74% of America voted to endorse the Bush agenda.
 Three quarters of one percent is not a ''mandate.''




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 Republicans against The Monkey

  Click  Here

 I knew we could depend on the Republicans to fight back.
 The Democrats are too afraid to fight, but the GOP are fed up with his lies.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1487, 1493, 1496, dead soldiers under Bush

That's 3 more families destroyed over the weekend.


Too bad Bush can't be bothered to go to any funerals.

How long, America?


 14 words the GOP uses when they lie

  Click  Here

 9. NEVER SAY Drilling for oil
     INSTEAD SAY: Exploring for energy
 It's the picture people paint in their minds, the difference between an old-fashioned oil rig
 that gushes up black goop vs. 21st century technology and innovation that provides us the
 ability to heat our homes and drive our cars. When you talk about energy, use words like
 "responsible" and "balanced" and always address your concern for the environment.

 People are so stupid, they fall for this crap.
 Rove could jump out of the hedges with a knife and say, "This is a simple monetary transfer,"
 and most people wouldn't even tell the policeman that they had been robbed by the bastard..


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject: Why Clinton and Kerry were not Arrested and put on Trial

 I looked it up and Kerry got a pardon from Jimmy Carter in 1978.

 That's only true if you're a cum loudly graduate of Monkey University.
 Carter's pardon had nothing to do with Kerry or Clinton.
 Carter pardoned everyone who went to Canada to dodge the draft, unlike Bush,
 who was too coked up to take his physical - so he deserted during the war.

 Desertion during war time is punishable by death.

 He had a Dishonorable Discharge before that because of his aid and comfort
 to the enemy after 1970.  He should have been court martialled.

 Blonde Monkey

 SCM, you say you "looked it up" but you didn't say where because you didn't look it up.

 You lied.
 You lied because the truth cannot help you.
 You lied because you have no choice.

 Even if you say, "Kerry got a dishonorable discharge" 10,000 times, it still won't be true.


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