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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Death Toll Tops 1,500 
Poll: Monkey is clueless 
Party needs a fighter 
Army misses recruiting goal
Some Republican history
Smells Like a Con Job
Should Hillary run in 2008? 
The limelight fades on Rather 


 Quote of the Day

"We don't do body counts..."
   -- Gen. Tommy Franks,         Attribution

  We do - we're at 1503.


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Volume 1506 - President Death

  Thursday    March 3,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"The president loves democracy - as long as democracy means he's always right."
     --Maureen Dowd, "W.'s Stiletto Democracy",   Attribution


 Bush's Troop Deaths in Iraq Top 1,500
  We're all willing to die to "liberate" Fallujah, right?

  Click  Here

 The number of U.S. troops killed by Bush's war hardon in Iraq has topped 1,500 Thursday
 after the military announced the deaths of three Americans, while car bombs targeting Iraqi
 security forces killed at least three people in separate attacks.

 Since May 1, 2003, when Bush put on a Halloween costume and pradaded around like a preening dick,
 1,362 U.S. military members have died. That includes at least 1,030 deaths resulting from hostile action.

 Are they any closer to coming home than they were in May of 2003?
 How many Iraqi's have we killed trying to "liberate" them from the evils of sovreignty?
 Did America really vote for more years of war, as Bush, Kerry and the networks tell us?


 Poll: Monkey is clueless, Iraq looking up

  Click  Here

 A majority says Bush has a different set of priorities to theirs and oppose his plan to "reform"
 the pension system but are more optimistic about Iraq.  Bush's approval rating hovered at a
 nasty 49 percent, while 53 percent felt efforts to bring order to Iraq were going well, up from
 41 percent a month ago. Those who disapproved of Bush's Iraq policy fell from 55 to 50 percent,
 while those who approved rose from 40 to 45 percent.

 This week we saw the most deadly car bombing ever (125 killed) AND we topped the 1500 dead
 soldiers mark,, but people say they like the direction Iraq is headed?  Will they have the same opinion
 in March of 2007 after 3500 soldiers have died?


 Subject: BTK


 I'm from Wichita. I was born in 1974, graduated high school in '93, and left the city for good in '96.
 And I gotta tell you: I never thought twice about BTK. I'm not trying to belittle the concerns of those
 whose lives were actually touched by the nutjob, but--it's really not as thought the whole city (of 300,000 then)
 had its panties in an unfathomable knot.

 On a related note--they arrested this guy less than a week ago, on a tip from his daughter.
 Hey, here's an idea--what if it ain't the right guy?
 What if his daughter is really malevolently vindictive, or just plain wrong?

 Call me old-fashioned, but wouldn't it be cool if this guy at least showed up for day one of a TRIAL
 before we all start to put this behind us as "solved"?

 Just a thought.
 Ryan in Tampa

 Ryan, as a man, it's understandable that you weren't as scared.
 His primary targets seemed to be women.

 I believe the daughter's DNA told the cops they were thisclose to BTK,
 but since she wasn't producing any semen...


 Fighting Quotes

"Will Social Security be there for you? Absolutely."
   --2000 government publication about Social Security,   Attribution
"Social Security must change to meet future challenges."
    --Last year's version of the same publication,  designed to promote Bush's spin
       so he and his rich friends can steal the money you have coming to you   Attribution



From now until the end of March,
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 Subject: Feedback on Part 4 of BCR Show 69

 Hey, Bart.

 About Part 4, I think Mr. bL is still considered an "asset" and his people are still on the payroll.
 The Afghanistan mess was 1) to get their pipeline and 2) to reinstate the poppy crop, so that the "war on drugs"
 could be extended into Southern Asia and Uncle Sam could establish bases there (to better control the oil and drug trade).

 Either that, or somebody in the Al Kayda (didn't he used to run a Chevy dealership?) got far enough off the reservation
 that they now have to be bribed.  Wouldn't put anything past the BFEE.  As one of the thousands of nobodies who watched
 that b-i-g fire in September of 2001 and then hiked up the FDR breathing in cement dust and PCBs and human remains,
 I am convinced that the Neocon Death Cult (thanks, Marc Maron) is more than capable of cutting deals with anybody
 to get it what it wants:  1) power and 2) money.  The corruption of these people is hard to comprehend.


Used with permission  http://www.mnftiu.cc

Meet David Rees at Harvard, tell him "Bart says Hey!"

 Party needs a fighter
    by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 If the AARP wanted to fight fire with fire, it might respond with an ad showing Bush
 himself pledging to protect the Social Security Trust Fund during the 2000 campaign,
 vowing in 2001 to devote the entire $2.6 trillion budget surplus to shoring it up, then
 recently telling one of his captive, GOP-only "town-hall" audiences, in characteristically
 ungrammatical fashion, that no trust fund exists. "The money, payroll taxes going into
 the Social Security, are spent," Bush said. "They're spent on benefits and they're spent
 on government programs. There is no trust." Geezers being geezers, many also know
 that they've paid sharply increased payroll taxes since 1983 specifically to pay for the
 Baby Boomers' retirement. So if the money was spent, Bush himself spent it. Howard
 Dean puts it bluntly: "The truth is not one Republican president has balanced the budget
 in almost 40 years. You cannot trust Republicans with your money."


 GREAT West Wing last night

 I could do several pages, or hours of radio, on a show like last night's West Wing.
 They got into a dozen deep subjects that would take us hours to discuss - that would be fun.

 Bill Maher is the same way - we could take apart one of his shows because he, too, touches on
 10-15 subjects in each show and I want to do ten minutes with each of them.
 But the format just isn't there - at least not at present.

 Jimmy Smits showed how the Democrats could win - if they just had the will.
 Kids rights were discussed, and some new-to-me valid points were made.

 The military had their hardon-to-kill displayed, but calm diplomacy eventually won out.
 Bartlet's arrogance, which might be the most realistic part of the show, was on full view.
 When he became annoyed at an old adversary's success, CJ told him, "Sir, as President,
 you're really not in a position to hold any kind of professional jealousy against anybody."

 Good old West Wing - they can still deliver.

 Also, did you notice the ass-bite Speaker of the House on West Wing is the sexually repressed
 husband of Marcia Cross on Desperate Housewives?  ha ha  He can't perform sexually until
 after he's licked his mistresses boots with his hands cuffed behind his back.  Typical GOP...

 On Tuesday's House, which I think is THE best show on TV right now, Dr House diagnosed
 a patient with leprosy, and he said he had to have caught it in Asia if he caught it lately, because
 the last Leper Colony in the United States, located in Carville, Lousiana, closed up decades ago.

 Hmmm, do we know anybody from Carville, LA?




 Compare Republican history with the Democrats'
    by Tom Murdock


  Click  Here

 To stop the Democrats' pro-slavery agenda, anti-slavery activists founded the Republican party,
 starting with a few dozen men and women in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854," the calendar notes.
"Democratic opposition to Republican efforts to protect the civil rights of all Americans lasted not only
 throughout Reconstruction, but well into the 20th century. In the south, those Democrats who most
 bitterly opposed equality for blacks founded the Ku Klux Klan, which operated as the party's terrorist wing."

 The reason black Republicans (that always makes me laugh) like to talk about ancient history
 is because the GOP in the here-and-now is so anti-African American.

 Guess what - there's a reason why 90 percent of black voters vote Democrat.
 The father of Uncle OJ Watts said it best, "A black man voting for a Republican
 is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders at Ketucky Fried Chicken."

 The GOP has to hark back to 1854 when talking about "all they've done for blacks."
 The truth is, America is a racist country, and we used to be even worse.
 But in the sixties, the Democrats took the lead in reaching out to minorities, causing Reagan,
 Thurmond, Lott and Barr to jump ship to the "We hate niggers" party - today's Republican Party.

 Why do you think the South voted for Bush?
 Because Bush is a racist bastard and he let the voters know it.


 Subject: Bring back MWO

 Yes Bart.

 I miss MWO a whole goddamn bunch.
 Maybe people giving to Pacifica or the Green Party could give their money to Media Whores Online
(MWO broke the fact the Ralph Nader was buddying up to right-wingers Grover Norquist and Pyllis Schafley)

 I never heard about this at all from the vaunted Amy Goodman.
 If there are any rich progressives out there why not sponsor MWO?
 It was the best blog covering the shamefully corrupt blowhards and anchorettes that form the media.

 Tom in Santa Barbara

 Tom, it's my opinion MWO took themselves off the net.
 Marc Perkel had declared that no anti-Bush site will be left behind, meaning (I hate to speak for others)
 to some degree, he will "pay the freight" to help get the truth a[-out about our Murder Monkey.

 As far as I know, nobody has heard from anyone at MWO in a long, long time.
 If they wanted to be online, they'd be online.


 Army misses recruiting goal
  Who wants to die to make Halliburton richer?

  Click  Here

 In what could be a troubling sign for the military, the Army missed its February recruiting goal by
 more than 27%. It was the first time in almost five years that the Army has failed to meet a monthly target.

 The February shortfall is especially worrisome because it comes as the Army is trying to lure recruits
 with bonuses up to $20,000 for some recruits willing to sign on for four years.

 Army spinner Doug Smith attributed the shortfall in part to competition from the improving economy
 and parents' fears that their children could be injured or killed in Iraq. Over 1,500 soldiers have died in Iraq.

 That number is red is one reason I think you left-wingers should have some sympathy for the soldiers.
 A percentage of them are dying in Iraq because signing up may be the only chance they'll have to get
 their hands on that much money and I'm not talking about being greedy.  If a young married couple are
 stuck in a neighborhood of gangs and crime, $20,000 could give them a new start in life in a decent place.

 And can you believe that horseshit about competition from the improving economy?
 The poor army can't compete with allllllllll the high-paying jobs Bush is producing?

 ha ha


 Subject: broadcast decency standards

 Bart, I'm looking for the Committee to apply reasonable
 decency standards to the Senate -- particularly the VP.



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 Subject: Hilly in '08

 I agree with you Bart.
 I've been saying for years that a woman Prez would change the landscape.
 A wind of change blowing through the whole country.
 I think Ms. Clinton would be just the one to do it.

 She's extremely intelligent. She's recognizable. She can schmooze with best of 'em.
 Plus she's got something most of the no-spine Dems don't. The balls to spit in GOP's face
 and shit on their shoes without appearing to be a wild-eyed, crazy-ass liberal.

 She knows how to play the game, and she can get away with grabbing the Speaker of the House
 by the balls without being accused of being a "Homo" Don't " misunderestimate " Ms. Clinton.
 She may have powder and lipstick, but I think this lady could make Karl Rove piss his pants.
 If she takes the gloves off for the 08 campaign, stand back 'cause I think there may just be
 a comeuppance for the Repugs.
 Clinton/Clark and Helen Thomas for Press Sec?  What a Cabinet they could assemble!
 Keep swingin' the Hammer!


Bonus "8-inch, cut" Gannon video for members

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 Bush's 'Reform' Program Smells Like a Con Job
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Like a grifter conjuring visions of wealth if only we trust him, Mr. Bush spouts promises that
 evaporate upon closer inspection. First he predicts that we will earn far higher future returns on
 our "personal" accounts, the name he prefers to "private" accounts, which doesn't poll well.
(He never mentions the substantial risks, or the management fees that would drain away income.)
 Then he promises that we will each control every dollar diverted from Social Security. (He actually
 knows that your investment choices would be strictly limited.) He says we will be able to leave the
 privatized accounts to our heirs. (He neglects to explain, of course, why his plan would make that
 virtually impossible.)

 Meanwhile, directing our attention away from all this fine print, he warns repeatedly that should we
 decline his amazing offer, all the taxes we've paid toward Social Security during our working lives will
 disappear when the system suddenly goes "bankrupt." (That alarming assertion contradicts his confident
 prediction of burgeoning equity growth, but he's betting we won't figure that out, either.)


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Oil prices could hit 80, 100, 125 dollars: OPEC
   ...but that's old news if you read  bartcop.com

  Click  Here

 Prices of crude oil could surge to as high as 80 dollars a barrel within the next two years
 but such a level would not last long, OPEC's acting secretary general was quoted as saying.

 Shehab-Eldin said a price rise to between 50-60 dollars a barrel for a period of two years or more
 will boost investments to increase supplies and lead to a drop in demand, eventually reducing prices.

 Under Clinton, we were drowning in cheap oil, but right after the two oilmen stoile power,
 they did what their oil buddies wanted them to, more than doubling their profits.

 I mean, ...why steal power if you're not going to abuse it?



"A statistical study in the medical journal the Lancet estimated
  that Iraqi civilian deaths could be as high as 198,000."
     -- Philippe Naughton, as seen on  truthout.org   Attribution



We've got books by authors.


"What we need to do is to make the case that abortion needs to be permitted
  through the 75th or 80th trimester, not just through the first two, because to
  the left it is perfectly fine to kill a human being in the womb."
    --the vulgar Pigboy Rush Limbaugh, calling Pickles Bush a lefttist baby-killer


 Subject: Hillary

 I'm afraid you're deluded about Ms. Clinton.

 While we want to look for signs of hope for the Democratic party, nominating Hillary Clinton
 would be playing right in the R's hands. She would be a disaster. Might as well nominate Barbara Streisand.

 At this point the D's are in the wilderness. If there is any hope for the future, it has not yet emerged.
 Time for a fundamental re-org, in my opinion.

 The first step would be for the party to stop and listen to it's members instead of its corporate donors.
 Second step would be to stop begging for crumbs from the right and "undecideds", and go after the
 vast numbers of non-voters. Talk about an untapped resource.

 Third step: find out WHY people don't vote. Number one reason: there is no party that represents
 my issues or point of view. That brings us back to the first step.
 Kirk in Albuquerque

 Kirk, you were nicer to Hillary than most of the naysayers.


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 Yesterday was a big day for me.
 I thought I was going to have to take today off, to pay Caesar what is Caesar's.


 Not only did we finish piling every BartCop Manor box into Casa de Bart, - I finished my f-ing taxes.
 In just about two hours, I went thru those taxes like I go thru a disoriented (aren't they all?) Ditto-Monkey.
 (I hope they agree the $6500 in tequila was a legit business expense.)

 I'm apparently "good with numbers."
 I credit the Catholics.

 From early on, they taught us that "Jesus, Mary Joseph," (they called it 'an ejaculation',) was worth
 100 points, and the Lord's Prayer, which took 1600 percent longer to recite, was a mere 300 points.
 To save my young ass from an eternity of flames, I went with thousands of ejaculations instead of
 hundreds of lumbering, lazy-as Lord's Prayers that took me a full 36 seconds. This meant that those
 who were good at math would spend less time burning in Catholic Purgatory - that didn't seem fair.

 If you're Catholic, you learn the math real quick or your ass burns.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1496, 1499, 1502, dead soldiers under Bush

That's 3 more families destroyed since yesterday.


How many more, America?


 Pregnant Denise divorcing Charlie Sheen
  Click  Here

 Richards cited "irreconcilable differences" as grounds for the split and is seeking custody
 of their daughter Sam and the unborn child, court filed in Los Angeles documents showed.
 Richards requested that Sheen support her and that he be granted visitation rights to the children.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 The limelight fades on Rather
   Gave lifetime immunity to Monkey Deserter

  Click  Here

 Farewells aren't supposed to go this way.
 You're supposed to go out riding high, as Brokaw did when he stepped down last fall, not with
 co-workers sniping that they don't watch your broadcast because there's something odd about you

 You don't need your goodbye to come on the heels of a panel criticizing your highly controversial story
 that cost four colleagues their jobs. Yet for Dan Rather, leaving next Wednesday, that's the way it is,

 Dan, you committed the biggest mistake a big-time journalist has ever made, and then, like a Democrat,
 you refused to defend yourself so now you go out a sorry loser who fell for Karl Rove's cheapest trick.

 What's wrong with you, Dan?
 Perhaps if you'd played more poker, you'd understand that sometimes people lie.
 You'd also understand that sometimes you have to take a stand, but noooooooooooooo.
 In true pink-tutu fashion, you go out a loser who refused to fight when attacked.

 Note: Loser Dan will be on Dave tonight.
 Now that the battle is lost, now that it won't help him, will he try to defend himself?


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