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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
ACLU Sues Rumsfeld
Saddam Judge Killed 
Feedback on BCR Show 69 
Return of the Swift Boat Liars
The Hypocrisy Taboo
'Sopranos' clean up language?
Should Hillary run in 2008? 
Soldiers return w/ war trauma
Artists for File Sharing


 Quote of the Day

"If the White House was going to use a plant, 
  wouldn't they have picked someone better than me?"  
       -- Jeff Gannon, $200 a hour prostitute       Attribution

 But Jeff, what if they "owed" you a favor?
 What if you threatened to tell what you know?
 What if you have pictures?

 You might want to stay out of small planes...


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  Tues-Wed    March 1-2,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Jeff Gannon was the kind of person who saw the briefings as an opportunity to air his point of view.
  Looking back at the Clinton era, I can't think of any analogous person on the Democratic side.
  There were no Democratic-trained partisans like Jeff. If there had been anyone like that,
  you would have heard an uproar on Capitol Hill, from the Republican majority."
      --Martha Kumar, a political scientist who monitors Bush's press whores,   Attribution

 A. The Democrats weren't smart enough to think of it.
 B. They wouldn't have done it if they thought of it, because they consider that "cheating,"
      and they'd never, ever do anything that wasn't 100 percent squeaky clean.
 C. The Democrats haven't raised a ruckus about Gannon because they're afraid Rove won't like that.
 D. The GOP did Gannon because they know how true "C" is.
 E.  The Democrats don't want to win as badly as the GOP.
       If victory knocks on the democrat's door, they m-i-g-h-t answer it, but they damn sure
       aren't going to get off their lazy asses and work for it.
 F.   Isn't it sad that the Democrats are willing to let the BFEE destroy them without a fight?


 ACLU Sues Rumsfeld
  Torture King needs to explaim himself

  Click  Here

 Widespread abuses did not spring from the spontaneous acts of a couple of soldiers.
 Rumsfeld personally authorized the military to abandon our nation's historic prohibition
 against torture and cruel and degrading treatment.

 Rumsfeld and other high-ranking military officials failed to stop the torture even after
 credible reports of abuses began to emerge in the media and in military documents.

 Although Rumsfeld knew, he knowingly limited investigations in a way that blocked
 high-ranking civilian or military officials, including himself, from being held accountable.

 It's a good thing we can depend on the ACLU because the Democrats are scared silly
 of their own shadows, so they allow the worldwide Bush crime sprees to go on and on.


 Saddam Tribunal Judge, lawyer Murdered
  They put their safety in Bush's hands - and now they're dead

  Click  Here

 Gunmen killed a judge and lawyer working for the tribunal that will try Saddam a day after
 the secret court referred five of his aides to trial for alleged "crimes against humanity."
 (Bush is immune from charges like that - because his army is bigger)

 Gunmen in a speeding car shot the father and son as they tried to get into a car outside their home.
"We believe that the murder is politically motivated, because the two killed were working in the
 special tribunal and the son was a senior member in the PUK office in Baghdad. The late judge
 had no personal problems with anybody at all," his son said



"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House
  allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president."
       --Ann Coulter's real quote, February 23, 2005,   Attribution

"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House
  allows that dyspeptic, old Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president."
   --Ann Coulter's racist remark cleaned up by Universal Press Syndicate,    Attribution

 I'd never want to help the most poisonous bitch on the Nazi's side, but is what she said really "racist?"
 First, I didn't know Helen Thomas was an Arab, but more importantly, is "Arab" a slur?

 The press always mentions "Arab leaders" or "in the Arab community," right?
 I remember having the same questions about "Jap."
 To me, "Jap" is short for "Japanese," the way "Yankee" is short for an American.

 If a foreigner says, "That bastard Yank Bush invaded another country today," is that racist?

 ...I'm just asking a question here...



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 Subject: Feedback on Part 4 of BCR Show 69


 I too thought that Bush may have made a deal with Al-Qaeda at the beginning of the Iraq war.
 It made a lot of sense.  The invasion of Iraq would cause Saudi Arabia to oust our troops from their land,
 which is what OBL wanted all along.  It seems almost like an appeasement policy.

 Still, I think a deal seems unlikely.  The rest of the world seems to think that Al-Qaeda isn't nearly as powerful
 as the BFEE makes it out to be.  This alone could explain the lack of attacks since 9/11, and yes, I understand
 that it doesn't take a lot of resources to pull a box cutter on an airline flight, but training camps, flight schools,
 weapons, etc. cost a lot of money.

 There's also the fact you brought up about Bush's approval ratings.  We've seen since 9/11 that the media will not
 hold Bush or any of his administrators accountable for a terror attack.  Simply put, Bush personally has nothing to lose
 from another attack, and everything to gain.  Another attack could easily provide him and congress the necessary cover
 to slip Social Security and Medicare "reform" into page 1,621 of Patriot Act III.

 Even Al-Qaeda should realize that dealing with Bushco is the quickest way to get a knife in the back.

 Still, I think you raise valid points which need to be looked into.
 Shouldn't we have heard about more foiled terror attempts if Al-Qaeda is as powerful as Bush and the media say it is?

 Great Job on the last few radio shows, keep up the good work!

 Marco, thanks, but what else explains Al Qaeda's refusal to attack America?
 Obviously they CAN, but they've chosen not to.


 Why have a suicider blow up some dinky sheriff's office 30 miles west of Tikrit, when that same life
 could take out 100 Americans at Rockefeller Center, the Sears Tower or the Mall of America?

 At the height of the Vietnam war, if America refused to bomb Saigon for three years,
 wouldn't people wonder what would motivate America to stop fighting for so long?

 Every day that bin Laden chooses not to attack America, I get a little more suspicious.


Used with permission  http://www.mnftiu.cc

Meet David Rees at Harvard, tell him "Bart says Hey!"

 XM Radio raises prices to deliver 'free' Opie & Anthony

  Click  Here

 Beginning April 2, XM's expanded basic service will include the Internet service XM Radio Online,
 which offers more than 70 channels of XM music and talk programming (previously $3.99 per month),
 and the High Voltage channel, featuring the talk radio duo Opie & Anthony (previously $1.99 per month).

 Translation: We're losing our ass on Opie & Anthony.

 How arrogant and self-centered can people be?
 ...to think people would PAY to hear a radio show?

 People who think like that  ...what's wrong with their brains?
 Seriously, how stupid to you have to be to think

  ...eh?   ...what?

 Oh, ...that's right.


 USA Next accused of stealing photo of gay couple

  Click  Here

 Conservative front organization scumbag lying whores USA Next was accused today of illegally
 using a gay couple's wedding photo in an anti-gay ad campaign vicious, gay-bashing attack supporting
 President Bush's the Giggling Murder Monkey's plan to privatize kidnap and rape Social Security.
 Thanks to the DailyKos folks for discovering this story. I got in touch with the couple in the photo on
 Friday and put them in touch with a lawyer (a rather big lawyer at that). I'm now working as their publicist
 - not that I wouldn't have covered this anyway. Please help spread the word on this, it's outrageous."

 If you heard BCR Show 69, you know these are the 2004 Swift Boat Bastards with
 a new disguise, but the same lying-asshole tactics because they know the Democrats won't refute the lies they tell.


 The Hypocrisy Taboo
    by red-hot Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 If one accepts George W. Bush's lecture to the Russians that democracy requires a free press unafraid
 to criticize national leaders, then what kind of political system exists in the United States where the news
 media seems so scared of Bush that it shies away from mentioning the president's autocratic tendencies?

 For the American press, there appears to be no bigger taboo than against questioning Bush's sincerity
 when he presents himself as the grand promoter of democracy around the world.

 Lost to history, apparently, is the moment in December 2000 when Bush joked that "if this were a dictatorship,
 it would be a heck of a lot easier - so long as I'm the dictator." More substantively, that same month, Bush got five
 political allies on the U.S. Supreme Court to shut down vote counting in the key state of Florida and hand him the White House.

 Bush seized that victory despite the fact that Al Gore got more votes nationally and apparently would have carried
 Florida - and thus the Electoral College - if all legal votes in the state were counted. [For details on the Election
 2000 results, see Consortiumnews.com's "So Bush Did Steal the White House."]


 Subject: BTK a Bush supporter

 The BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) serial killer in Kansas is
 a registered Republican and president of his church council.

 Good Christian Bush-folk in the heartland!
 Cheryl T

 He also worked for a home alarm company.
 I guess we know how he got inside their houses...?


 Senator: 'Sopranos' must clean up their language
  Self-righteous asshole wants to make  all entertainment  child-friendly

  Click  Here

 Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said on Tuesday he would push for
 applying broadcast decency standards to cable television and subscription satellite TV and radio.

"Cable is a much greater violator in the indecency area," the Alaska Republican asshole told broadcasters.
"I think we should censor everything - all the time - from now on."   Stevens told reporters that he would
 push legislation to apply childlike standards  to cable TV and satellite radio and television.

"There has to be some standard of decency," he said.  But he also cautioned that "No one wants censorship."

 Well then shut the hell up and work on something that matters,
 like finding bin Laden instead of ruining everything for everyone.

 Why can't we get less government from these sons of bitches?
 They can't mind their own business for five f-ing minutes.

 Last night we watched the final "NYPD Blue."
 They said they designed that show to be real, that they were tired of cops getting shot then saying,
"Heck, I've been shot, We gotta catch that darn crook," because that's not how people speak.

 Bush and his religiously-insane handjobs want to make all of us into children.
 I wish we had a political party that would stand up to his insanity.


 From: Jersey Girl

 Subject: Hillary

 Bart I agree with a lot of things you have to say - but Hillary???

 No f-ing way!
 If you think the gay issue got the right out to vote just wait and see
 how many millions more will vote to keep her out of the oval office!

 I agree, Hillary creates strong feelings on both sides.

 I keep waiting for her to come out swinging but it just ain't happenin'.
 She is a big disappointment to me.
 I don't know why I thought she had more fight in her.
 It has been so clear all these years.

 Perhaps you judge too quickly.
 I think she's playing her cards close to her vest.
 She can't be the radical Bush basher we want her to be and then run in 2008.

 Have you seen her popularity in New York?
 Current polls show her beating Pataki and Rudy if they dare challenge her.
 She's stealthily working her way towards the pole position for 2008.
 She could be the smartest, bravest Democrat we have.

 She  stayed with a man (and I like Bill too) that was a dog and he ran around on her
 for years making her out to look like some kind of fool. Where is her self-respect?

 Unlike her GOP counterparts, her worth doesn't depend on her husband.
 New York didn't elect Bill's wife, they elected Hillary.

 How many times would it take before Mrs. Bart would have thrown your ass out the door?

 Mrs. Bart's tolerance (or lack thereof) isn't going to elect the nest president.

 I really liked her and would have voted for her four years ago
 but I don't think I could muster up any excitment for her now.

 You'd rather have another Kerry or another Gore?

 Besides Susan McDougal, nobody in America is better motivated than Hillary. She knows what
 the sons of bitches are capable of.  Bill said again and again, Hillary's refusal to let the crooked, racist,
 impeaching bastards win is what kept them together.  If Newt, Delay and the others had been honorable men,
 she might have cut Bill loose, but her hatred of them is/was more powerful than her husband's betrayal.

 Considering what she's been thru, can you see Hillary turning all "tutu" on her party?
 I say it's not going to happen.

 I want someone that is not part of this whole damn DC politician scene!!!
 Someone who is gonna take the gloves off.
 Why don't you run?
 Jersey Girl

 I have a past, and a present that disqualifies me,
 but that was a nice thing for you to say.



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 Subject: Powell and last issue's Conason headline

 Re Conason's $1.8 billion?  It is pretty clear that the number, as cited in the article itself, is $1.8 million,
 a relatively paltry sum.  Was it the Observer/Conason or you who added those three orders of magnitude to the headline?

 Bart, take a breath.
 Don't start to make shit up to win arguments.

 Dude, that was my no-time-to-take-a-breath mistake.

 If you ever have to ask yourself, "Is Bart a liar or a screw-up?"
 your odds will always be better with "Screw-up."


If you like James Patterson,
if you like Elmore Leonard,
you'll love James Patrick Hunt!

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"We were told Bush's invasion would be a cakewalk. We were told our troops would be greeted as liberators.
  We were told that killing Uday and Qusay would change everything, that capturing Saddam would be the turning point.
  We were told that the handover of sovereignty was the key, and we were told that elections last month were the light
  at the end of the tunnel. Through it all, we were told everything but the truth. I just don't know how much more Bush's
  kind of progress our troops can stand."
       --Paul Begala, sometimes a Democrat    Attribution



 Subject: Hillary

 I think it would be disastrous running Hillary for President in 2008.
 Consider how easy it was to destroy a certifed war hero with a legislative background that was solid.

 But I think Hillary will fight back.
 She has a good memory.
 She watched a winning team in 1992 and 1996 and she's smart.

 What would they do with Clinton's wife, a woman and a waffling centrist?

 It's my opinion they'd get their Nazi asses handed to them - by a girl.

 This is the side that said Clinton killed people, that he was the anti-Christ.
 They hate her more. She won't make it and I won't vote for her.
 Even if she's the candidate.
 I'm tired of doing stupid things here.
 Put in someone who will win, not a guarenteed loser like her.

 Clark in 2008. We're going to need him.

 I like a Clinton/Clark ticket - a lot - but don't say you won't support the anti-Bush candidate.
 2008 might be our last chance to stop the bastards.


 Subject: Hillary


 Hillary is my Senator and I am disappointed in her performance.
 She makes nice speeches but her votes frequently deserve a pink tutu.

 In my opinion, she's voting herself into right the White House.

 I am supporting Wes Clark who has indicates he is going to run again in 2008.
 The man wears no tutu and is very effective on TV talk shows.
 I know you supported Clark in 2004 so I am surprised you are not doing so again.


 I'd be surprised if Clark ran against Hillary.
 Maybe Clark's 2004 run was to get his name on the national stage.

 Who would be the stronger candidate?
 A Clinton/Clark ticket would be fun to watch.


Bonus "8-inch, cut" Gannon video for members

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 Subject: Hillary

 If she had voted with Barbara Boxer I'd be proud to vote for her.
 Frankly, I used to get her updates. But after that fiasco I told her folks to "bug off."

 She's going to have to show a  hell of a lot more spine than that if I'm ever going to vote for her.
 After what they did to her husband, Al Gore and Kerry?

 After all they've done to screw our right to vote?
 She should be ashamed of herself.

 Ken, I predict Hillary's revenge will be served ice cold.
 They say she's smarter than her husband, with little or none of the bad news.

 I don't know why I can't get a "You're right" on this, but Hillary can't lead the charge too soon.
 Every time someone says "Hillary voted with them" it takes away the charge that she's a radical leftist.

 I would not like to play poker with Hillary.

 ...and don't think for a micro-second she's forgotten what they did to her and Bill.

 War trauma haunting thousands returning home

  Click  Here

 The United States is coming to grips with one of the products of war at home: a new generation of veterans,
 some of them scarred in ways seen and unseen. While military hospitals mend the physical wounds, the VA
 is attempting to focus its massive health and benefits bureaucracy on the long-term needs of combat veterans
 after they leave military service. Some suffer from wounds of flesh and bone, others of emotions and psyche.

 These injured and disabled men and women represent the most grievously wounded group of returning veterans
 since the Vietnam War, which officially ended in 1975. Of more than 5 million veterans treated at VA facilities
 last year, from counseling centers like this one to big hospitals, 48,733 were from the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 Tens of thousands of disturbed men who are used to killing will be walking our streets soon.
 Bush's greed will continue to hurt America for decades.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Artists Break With Industry on File Sharing
  Common sense hits the greed industry

  Click  Here

 A prominent group of musicians and artists, breaking with colleagues and the greed-meisters,
 is urging the Supreme Court not to hold online file-sharing services responsible for the acts of
 users who illegally trade songs, movies and software.

 The group, which includes representatives of Steve Winwood, rapper Chuck D and Heart, said that
 it condemns the stealing of copyrighted works. But it argues that popular services such as Grokster,
 Kazaa and others also provide a legal and critical alternative for artists to distribute their material.

 The artists opposing the industry's greed said shutting down the major file-sharing services, which are
 used by tens of millions of people worldwide, would instead rob them of a chance to gain exposure and income.

 Before online file sharing, "distribution of recordings to retailers was controlled largely by a few greed-meisters and
 'independent' labels," they argue. "Young musicians faced daunting odds of ever being signed by a greed-meister."

 You know who which artist made the most money in music last year?
 Prince made $54 million because he cut the greed monsters out..

 Screw greed ...and support file sharing.



"We in America, especially we conservatives, we trust free people to do the right thing."
     --the vulgar Pigboy Junkie, Rush Limbaugh  

 But Rush, if that's true, why is your side afraid to count the votes?
 Why must the Diebold machines remain unchecked and unverified?
 Why can't we see who the people you say you trust actually voted for?


We've got books by authors.

 Polio Killer Julius Youngner Honored
  My good friend deserves the gratitude of the whole planet


 Hey Bart,

 Here's an artcle from the "good" Pittsburgh paper about the big ceremony for my Dad yesterday.
 It was really very fine.

 The Chancellor's speech awarding my Dad the honorary degree was so beautiful, it made me cry.

 Funny story...... two reporters  from Richard Mellon Scaife's paper came to Dad's house to interview him
 about the big 50th anniversary last week,  After it was over and they were getting ready to leave, Dad told them....

"A good friend of mine told me that if I ever see Richard Mellon Scaife, I should kick him in the balls."

   ha ha  (See Volume 1494)

 Dad says the reporters got really defensive and said they had no relationship with Scaife,
 they just work for their editor...don't blame them.

 The Roof Lady

 Click  Here  to read his "Reject Monkey-ism" speech 

 Roof Lady, your Dad rocks!  I can't wait to meet him.
 Do you know if he enjoys a fine anejo now and then?



"Faith has to be unquestioning; it is belief that does not demand proof and that is not
  based on proof.  Science, on the other hand, depends on evidence and demands proof.
  It is inevitable that with many fundamental issues, evolution being only one, the two
  systems of thought ... are difficult to reconcile. In spite of all this evidence, a large
  portion of our population clings to an unyielding denial of the validity of evolution,"
      -- Julius Youngner, explaining the dangers of Republican Monkey-ism   Attribution


 Subject:  Colin Powell's quote

 Your greatness overwhelms me.

 If your going to quote someone and try to use their words against them,
 have the balls to use the exact quote and not cut it up to fit your argument.

 And now Colin Powell becomes more direct: "I'm very sore. I'm the one who made the television moment.
 I was mightily disappointed when the sourcing of it all became very suspect and everything started to fall apart.
 The problem was stockpiles. None have been found. I don't think any will be found. There may not have been
 any at the time. It was the best judgment of the intelligence community, not something I made up. Clinton had
 been told the same thing.  I will forever be known as the one who made the case."


 Trew, (by the way, I can tell you're from Texas) did you intend to make a point?

 I'm guessing you were, but, you silly ass, you answered your own question.
 The point is not that "Clinton was told the same thing."

 Did Clinton get 1500 soldiers killed on a get-rich hunch from his gut?
 Did Clinton become the most feared madman on the entire planet?
 Did Clinton piss off every ally we had, besides soon-to-be-working-at-Carlyle Tony Blair?

 The point is, Clinton was a genius and everybody knows it
 and Bush is a bloodthirsty monkey with a hardon for stolen oil.

 By the way, all your whining about the "mistakes" that Team Bush made?

 Bart's Law #2
 Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power)
 in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.


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 Seems like weeks ago I said our big move was 90 % done - I was wrong.
 We're still moving, and it's killing me.  If all goes right, today could be the last day.

 So far, we've filled two moving vans, plus a U-Haul truck and maybe a dozen trips
 in a friend's minivan and I just about can't take any more of this.

 Plus, we'll be living out of boxes for months or years, because there was no time.
 We had to move so suddenly, we couldn't even label the boxes so we have no idea what's what.
 There was no time to sort thru 26 years of accumulated junk - we had to move it all.

 On top of that, I have to put my taxes in order for a March 15 deadline (don't ask).
 That means I have to go thru a year's worth of credit card receipts and justify every expense
 that I'd like to charge to  bartcop.com     Please pray for me.  I need a miracle.

Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1493, 1496, 1499, dead soldiers under Bush

That's 3 more families destroyed since Monday.


How many more, America?


 Calemcas in Beirut

 Dude, I tried to e-mail you - it came back as "undeliverable."
 Drop me a line - let me know you're OK


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Why Did Jesus Have Long Hair Like a Homo?
   Landover Baptist Church has the answer

  Click  Here

 The reason you see so many pictures of Jesus with long hair is because those pictures were drawn
 by unsaved people.  Most of them were drawn by hell-bound, pasta-slurping, Mary-worshipping, hell-bound Catholics.

 Jesus had short hair, Billy-Joe.  And He was always clean-shaven for the last three years of His life here on Earth.
 Can you imagine how painful it must have been for Him to pluck His nose hairs with a wooden tweezers?
 He did it for you, Billy.


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