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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Who killed Dan Rather? 
Rudy, GOP Lovefest Ends
Hacker: I wrote theft code 
Delay Broke House Rules? 
Nancy Grace found guilty 
Bush's Kiss of Death 
GOP Lusts for Arctic Drilling 
Democrats vs Today's GOP
Bush's Little Secret


 Quote of the Day

"People in the Middle East and commentators 
  around the world are beginning to wonder 
  whether recent elections may mark a turning 
  point as significant as the fall of the Berlin Wall." 
    --Pickles, reading her talking points,    Attribution

  Someone remind me - why is Pickles immune from 
  all criticism? And then ask yourself - if Hillary had 
  killed a former fiance, would the American whore 
  press help to cover that up?

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Volume 1511 -  They told us what to dream

  Friday     March 11,  2005                                                                              Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Bush has given political blowjobs to the oil companies all of his political career and now Americans
  need a home-equity loan just to fill up the gas tanks of their cars. Every oil company that has poured
  millions into the campaign coffers of Bush and his Republican party is reporting record profits
  but gas prices keep going up. It doesn't take a degree in economics to realize the people who benefit
  from this klavern of crooks, thieves and con-men are those who pony up the big bucks."
        --Doug Thompson, "Political whorehouses"

 As always, the GOP is screwing every family in America and giving millions to the already super-rich.
 This isn't new, but the whore networks and the talking cable Nazis say it's not happening.


 What will it take for Americans to vote their wallet?


 Who killed Dan Rather?


  Click Here

 Dan Rather is retiring because he's 73. It comes as a shock because CBS did a terrible job of succession planning.
 He's retiring a year earlier than he wanted to, but probably five years later than he should have. In Ken Auletta's
 dishy New Yorker piece last week, Walter Cronkite takes a few shots at him, and even supposed admirers like
 Mike Wallace and Andy Rooney admit they don't even watch him.

 I don't either. I don't watch any of the nightly news shows anymore. Like a lot of people, I'm still at work when
 they come on, and they don't really merit TiVo. When I have my choice it's Peter Jennings. He's soothing. Rather
 has always kind of alarmed me. I'm not alone. The CBS anchor's ratings have been shrinking -- he's long been
 No. 3 -- and the networks' news shows along with them. In Auletta's profile, we learn what we mostly already knew,
 but the numbers are still shocking: The average age of the big three's viewership is 60. Only 8 or 9 percent of the
 crucial 18-34 demographic watches network news. This is media death.

 So let's be clear: Rathergate may have hastened Rather's departure, but it didn't cause it. Which is not to say it
 wasn't a scandal. The story of how CBS ran with the Sept. 8 Bush report is an awful chapter in journalism and
 reveals terrible flaws in the news organization. I want to hand CBS's investigative-panel report on the mess to
 every new hire at Salon; it should be taught at every journalism school.

 I hate to say something positive about CBS Whore News, but when Walter Cronkite "attacked" Dan Rather,
 he pointed out that Rather was always in a distant third place in the ratings.  Shouldn't CBS be commended for
 stickin'  with a guy they trusted, a proven veteran instead of going with a younger, cuter Dude who might bring in
 a few more women to boost their ratings and make them a few more dollars?


 Rudy, GOP Lovefest Ends
  Trent Lott warns Giuliani about gays

  Click  Here

 If there are two people conservative Republicans really can't stand it's Howard Dean and Rudy Giuliani.
 Bob Novak was after Rudy last week, quoting Trent Lott warning Giuliani at a fundraiser "about roadblocks"
 along his path to the White House.  Because Lott likes Giuliani, he just wanted to let Rudy know about the
 "heavy burdens" the former mayor had laid on the GOP by supporting abortion, gay rights, and gay marriage.

 The GOP would never run with a pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gay rights "Republican" like Rudy.
 Rudy's being played like a cheap date, believing their horseshit about running him in 2008.
 They needed Rudy's lies in New York at NaziCon 2004 to counter the "Where's Osama"
 attacks that Kerry was too pussy to deliver at DemoCon 2004.

 John, why did you decided to surrender when the whole country was watching?

 Karl Rove, like the rest of us, thought Kerry might actually want to be president and that he would
 come out fighting when he took the stage last August, but Kerry surrendered - months in advance.

 Rudy sold his soul to the GOP when he got on TV, braying about "all the millions" that Bush showered
 on NYC since 9-11, but the truth is Bush shafted them and Rudy obviously knew that.

 Karl Rove was trying to check-raise Kerry with Rudy, but Kerry folded his damn cards, instead.
 Since the GOP was already paying for Rudy's room, liquor and hookers, they went ahead and put him
 on TV, but we and the GOP knew the election was over before NaziCon 2004 launched.

 If we run Hillary in 2008 we still might lose, but at least we won't surrender months in advance.


 Subject: HST's gun

 Bart, you wrote:

> Phoenix, I fail to understand.
> The oddities came from the police report, I didn't make them up.
> How does a semi-automatic with six bullets not leave a bullet in the chamber?

> The cops who investigated said they didn't check the gun.
> You don't think that kind of thing should be investigated?

 The answer:
    A semi-auto hand gun uses the gas pressure built up from the fired bullet to eject the cartridge case and
 insert a fresh round. If the magazine is empty the action would stop in the "open" position which would be
 visibly obvious. To insert a fresh round a loaded magazine would need to be inserted, and the action cycled manually.

    Therefore, it would not be unusual to empty a handgun, leaving no rounds in the chamber or anywhere else,
 and the cops not pay too much attention to it since it was obviously unloaded.
    I have to assume they did the usual forensic tests.

    John Z

 John, first, be careful what you assume about small town cops investigating friends.
 Second, the police reports say six bullets were still in the gun.
 Suicides can't "empty" a gun if the first shot was to the head.

 ...or am I missing something?



"For the Iraq war alone, George W. Bush should be impeached. It won't happen, of course.
  The Republican legislators so concerned about presidential honesty as it concerned a stained dress
  back in the late 1990s seem to care nothing of the distortions, deceptions and lies of Bush that have
  led to and obscured much more heinous stains - bloodstains - upon the clothing of 1,500 dead American
  troops, thousands more wounded, not to mention tens of thousands of dead and maimed Iraqis...Calling
  for Bush's impeachment may be well grounded, but as any realistic person knows, it's futile, isn't it?
  The Republicans won't impeach their own guy, and even if the Democrats were to take Congress in 2006,
  they are too weak and supportive of Bush's real crimes to ever consider doing it."
    --Anthony Gregory, "Impeach Him",


 Subject: so much bad news evereyday

 The bad news is coming so fast that I can't write about it all.

 Do I write about the Italian journalist being shot?
 Or the CIA shipping people overseas to be tortured?
 Or the price of gas going up to record highs?
 Or the programmer who admitted writing the software to fix the election for Bush?
 Or that Bush appointed John Bolton, a man who hates the United Nations to the United Nations?
 Or the destruction of Social Security?
 Or the ongoing problems like the federal deficit, going deeper and deeper and deeper into debt.
 The tax cuts for the rich, the war in Iraq, the coming war in Iran - there's just no end to the bad news.

 If Bush was actually elected - which I don't believe he was - America made a really bad choice.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 Who can argue with that?



From now until the end of March,
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 Programmer admits writing election-theft code
  But it's not a story unless it involves Clinton's honker

  Click  Here

 The Florida Inspector General who originally investigated Curtis' claims was found dead in
 a Georgia motel room two weeks after he told Curtis that "this goes all the way to the top."
 Police called it a "suicide," but Friedman has discovered a number of troubling new facts and
 inconsistencies about the police "investigation" (which was re-opened after Friedman's reporting
 emerged on the Internet) including photographs of the crime scene which the police had previously
 said in their report did not exist.

 Clint Curtis' story has quietly rocked top Republicans from Tallahassee to Capitol Hill. Newspaper
 accounts of Curtis' affidavit and testimony have been published in various local papers (Feeney's hometown
 letter received a legal threat from both Feeney and YEI when they ran their story), yet the national media has
 largely been silent on this story despite the reams of public records, court documents and other hard evidence
 which confirm Curtis' story while continually debunking both Feeney's and YEI's explanations.


Used with permission  http://www.mnftiu.cc

 Delay May Have Broken House Rules
   South Korean group sponsored Delay "educational" trip

  Click  Here    Now with related linkorig link taken down, probably on Delay's orders

 Tom DeLay accepted an expense-paid trip to South Korea in 2001 from a registered foreign agent
 despite House rules that say he can't, according to documents filed by the House members.

 Justice Department documents show that a bogus group created by a lobbying firm headed by a DeLay pal
 paid for the trip. DeLay and two other GOP lawmakers departed on a trip financed by the group in August of 2001.

 "They're out ta get me!"


 Nancy Grace's "Pattern of Illegal Conduct"
  Nancy "All-men-are-guilty" Grace got caught  (thanks to Atrios)

  Click  Here

 ...the trial court, after a hearing on a motion to suppress evidence gathered through illegal use of subpoenas,
 specifically found that [Nancy Grace] abused the subpoena process by inserting false information...
 In other words, Grace submitted false information to the court in an effort to gain a tactical trial advantage.
 There was one other entry into the Carr home. It does not appear to have been for the purpose of gathering
 evidence but rather  ...to film a CNN television special featuring the prosecuting attorney...

 The unanimous Supreme Court of Georgia summarized Nancy Grace's conduct in the Carr case as follows:

 Our review of the record supports Carr's contention that [Nancy Grace] engaged in an extensive pattern of
 inappropriate and, in some cases, illegal conduct in the course of the trial.

 When you hear Nancy Grace say something on TV, believe it if you must,
 but I will discount it unless and until I hear from someone I can trust.

 So, a women with a history of breaking the rules (and the law) to make a shaky case sound better.
 helped put a man (Scott Peterson) on Death Row to increase her TV "Q" rating and get her own show.

 Who cares if Scott Peterson was innocent?
 America got a fun TV series for a year and that's all that counts in today's whore media.
 Nevermind the lack of evidence - we got the Nancy Grace Guaranty that he was guilty!
 Michael Jackson, he's guilty, too (and black) - so why are we bothering with a trial?


 Subject: Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris---Fox News Perverts on Parade!!

 Mr. O'Reilly, Mr. Morris and Fox News et al----

 You really are the perverted gift that keeps on giving!! Just when you think Fox News could not
 possibly be more embarrassing to itself and anyone who has half a brain, you have the shameless gall
 to let Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris share your TV set for almost 10 uninterrupted minutes!!

 Forgive me, but all I kept imagining during this discussion was adulterer Dick Morris having his toes sucked
 endlessly by his whore, and Bill O'Reilly engaging in endless phone sex with his subordinate against her will
 (which cost O'Reilly and Fox News many millions of dollars, no doubt). So much for family values!!


 Just how dumb do you think the average American, or even the average Fox News viewer is to put up with
 these two perverts talking on camera, and assuming they can be taken seriously for even a moment?

 No doubt, other Republican adulterers, whoremongers and perverts like Newt Gingrich, Dan Burton,
 Henry Hyde, Rudy Giuliani, Bob Livingston [Jeff Gannon] and Roger Stone are not offended by the
 sight of their fellow Republican disgraces O'Reilly and Morris. However, shouldn't America have a higher
 standard of morality than the disgusting example these Republicans set by their perverted behavior?

 Thanks for the laughs tonight.
 I look forward again to laughing at the perverted comedy team of O'Reilly and Morris in the near future.
 M.L. Baxter,


(Must be 18)

Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris not welcome

 Subject: US army held eight-year-old in Abu Ghraib prison

 Bart, the US army held eight-year-old in Iraq prison.

   Click  Here

 A former commander of Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison has told investigators
 the American army held several children at the jail, including a boy who appeared to be only eight years old.



 A Defense That's Offensively Weak

  Click  Here

 What the administration doesn't acknowledge, as it crows about democracy blooming in the Iraqi desert,
 is that our defense against terrorists who want to attack here is full of holes, and that the war in Iraq may
 have made it even worse. Despite the promising election, the war has created more insurgents and given
 them a training ground. It has siphoned off attention, money and troops that could have been used to catch
 Osama, pursue Al Qaeda and secure our own country. And it has alienated not only many Arabs, but also
 allies who were eager, after 9/11, to help us fight Al Qaeda - even Italians are mad now.

 Every time we turn around, some administration official charged with our protection is claiming that it will take
 3 more years, or 5 more, to fix something that should have been put in place right after 9/11 - or even 20 years ago.


 Subject: Dershowitz's Torture


 You *know* I'm gonna have something to say.
 How about this.  We grant the good perfessor his desires.

 But, and this is my big but, since the torturee hasn't ever been convicted of a crime, or at least
 not of this one, if it turns out that he had no information then the prosecutor bringing the warrant,
 the judicial employees carrying out the warrant, and the judge granting the warrant are all subject
 to complete eye-for-an-eye payback at the hands of the suspect.

 If he isn't capable, at the hands of his designee.  If he dies during the procedure, all of them are
 summarily guilty of first degree murder, subject to the harshest penalty available in that jurisdiction.

 No ifs, ands or buts about it.

 Mort, that makes no sense,
 If the people who are trying to stop the Hydrogen bomb from going off in Manhattan realize they
 could be tortured, they'll refuse to interrogate and we'll lose the 10,000,000 innocent lives for sure.
 Something tells me you don't play a lot of poker...

 Plus, [it's always scary to be the first one to say something] I think Dershowitz is kidding.
 What *I" hear from him is, "If we're going to be dirty, heartless, bloody torturers, we should at
 least have the decency stand up and proudly proclaim, "We're dirty, heartless, bloody torturers."

 I think he's pulling our lariat.


 GOP Lusts for Arctic Wildlife Drilling
  Democrats are out on roofies, so the GOP is raping away

  Click  Here

 As Bloody Monkey was out promoting his stalled plan to drill in an Alaskan wildlife refuge,
 the leader of a Senate committee said Wednesday that he would try a new strategy to
 navigate the proposal through Congress.


 Senate Budget Committee Chairman Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) said he would add into a budget bill
 a measure to allow companies to drill for oil and gas in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge.

"Please stop President Oil Spill.
 He's going to kill all of us."


 Bush's Kiss of Death
   by red-hot Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 In the latest conventional wisdom about winds of freedom sweeping the Middle East, both mainstream
 and conservative commentators bought into the notion that Arabs were rallying to Bush's orations about
 liberty and finally appreciating his conquest of Iraq. But the reality is that Bush remains one of the region's
 most despised figures.

 So when Bush rushed to center stage ostensibly to urge on thousands of Lebanese demonstrators demanding
 Syrian military withdrawal - and implicitly to take credit for the developments - the U.S. news media missed
 the other story: that Bush's grandstanding was putting those protesters and their cause in danger.

 One of the results was a backlash that saw pro-Syrian Hezbollah stage a counter rally of a half million people
 in Beirut on March 8, denouncing U.S. intervention in Lebanese politics and accusing Washington of regional
 "terrorism." This massive outpouring emboldened Lebanon's parliament to re-elect pro-Syrian Prime Minister
 Omar Karami, who had resigned just nine days earlier in face of the anti-Syrian protests.

 Note: I believe consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the www
           You should take the time to read everything Parry writes. He's the best.


Click  Here  to read the FAQ

Click  Here  to increase your hits!

 What Democrats are up against in today's GOP
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Unlike Democrats, typically all over the place, Republican-oriented pundits agree almost
 all the time÷and not just substantively, but tactically, too. Faxes and e-mails go out from the
 Republican National Committee, and GOP sophists jump into line like the Rockettes.

 According to David Brock, the onetime Republican "hit man" whose book, "The Republican
 Noise Machine," explains exactly how the system works, the White House's "explicit goal
 is to get us to the point where there are blue [state] facts and red [state] facts."

 Judging by my e-mail, it's working. Hardly a day passes that I don't hear from perfectly decent,
 intelligent citizens who believe that there's proof Saddam's WMD were smuggled into Syria or
 that documents implicating him in 9/11 have been found. This was Orwell's great fear: that the
 very concept of objectivity would disappear from political discourse. "Collective solipsism,"
 he called it; the ability to convince people that 2 + 2 = 5.

 Great point and great column.
 Red state facts say Dubya was a war hero and Kerry was the deserter.
 Red state facts say trees cause pollution and chemical factories make the air cleaner.
 Red state facts say Dubya's war and recession are better than Clinton's peace and prosperity.

 Try to read the whole thing if you can.



  Scary shit

  Too scary for the main page

  I wish this subject had never come up.

  Click  Here

 Insurgents Kill a Baghdad Chief of Police
  As Rummy might say, "They have the freedom to commit crimes"

  Click  Here

 Insurgents posing as policemen killed a Baghdad police chief on Thursday, stopping his
 truck at a fake checkpoint, then shooting him in an attack claimed by al Qaeda.

 Bush's invasion government has set up a new police force, army and security service, often
 trained by foreign instructors, to instill a sense of order in Iraq. But many say insurgents bent on
 resisting the invasion force can easily penetrate their ranks.  In southeastern Baghdad, another
 policeman, Iyad Abed, was shot dead by gunmen on his way to work.

 Mainly Sunni Arab insurgents have kept up a campaign of suicide attacks, car bombings and
 execution-style killings, denting what Bush and his good puppy networks have brayed about
 Iraq's recent elections stabilizing the country.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Bush's Little Secret: Private Pensions Fail
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Nobody thinks McCain would knowingly mislead the American people about an issue as
 momentous as Social Security. But when he claims that all those other experiments were
"very successful," he simply doesn't know what he's talking about.

 Perhaps somebody in the Senator's office skimmed a right-wing think-tank report and passed along
 this dubious bit of tripe as the boss hustled off to the Fox studio. Before he ventures out again to promote
 the Bush plan, Mr. McCain ought to devote further study to the unappetizing results of those British,
 Swedish, Polish and Chilean programs.

 If conservatives truly think we should learn from those foreign retirement experiments, maybe we should
 also examine the progressive social and economic policies in countries like Sweden and Britain÷such as
 universal health care, free or subsidized child care, and free or cheap higher education. Why should we
 imitate their failures and ignore their successes?



"I have to admit that all of this began with the U.S. invasion of Iraq and that it now looks
  like the equivalent of the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 for the Middle East.  Bush's vision
 and strategic design has been absolutely dead on and a lot of his critics are having to come around
 and say yeah, he was right after all."
     --Dick Cheney, lying to Sean Hannity, who ate it all with a giant spoon ,  Attribution


New advertiser!
Elephant rides for Republicans!
Rates start at $200/hr, and I'm a 'top.'

From  jeffgannon.com

I'm  baaaaaaack!
If you thought I was going away - then you don't know Topper Gannon.

Someone still has to battle the Left, because all we have is
the White House,
the Senate,
the House of Representatives,
the military,
the courts,
the print media,
the networks,
the weekly magazines,
talk radio,
the cable Nazis,
the evangelicals,

...and the "Topper" Gay Prostitutes of America!

We've got lefty books by lefty authors.


"Lately even Bush's harshest critics have been forced to admit: Maybe he's right about
  freedom's march around the globe. What if we are watching an example of presidential
  leadership that will be taught in America's schools for generations to come?  It's an idea
  gaining more currency."
    --Brian Williams, anchor of  NBC Nightly News and total BFEE whore   Attribution


 Subject:  How Did Gannon/Guckert Get By Homeland Security?

 Is our homeland security better now than it was back on 9/11/01?

 Well, judging by how Bush's favorite "boy toy" Jeff Gannon, AKA Guckert,
 got by homeland security and our secret service, one has to wonder.

 It's a good thing that Gannon was not a Mohammed Atta clone.
 Who at the White House paved the way for Mr. Guckert to have repeated and staged access to the President?

 How many more Gannon/Guckert type guys are out there is the WH press room?
 You know where there's one, there must be more.
 Is this the most incompetent administration that you have ever seen?

 Jim in Rochester

 The White House cleared a guy with a fake name.
 That means they know he had something he (and they) didn't want discovered,
 such as his Elephant Rides business - they had to know, otherwise
 there's no reason to fake his identity for the Secret Service.

 BTW, isn't it a crime to lie to the people who protect the President?


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 Subject: anti-war rally near Fort Bragg

 March 19 in Fayetteville, NC

 Join Veterans and Military Families in Speaking Out Against The War
 March and Rally Will Be Largest Held Near Fort Bragg Since Vietnam War

 On March 19, the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, military families, veterans, communities,
 congregations and activists from around the U.S. will march in Fayetteville, North Carolina to voice their
 opposition to the war in Iraq. Fayetteville is home to Ft. Bragg, one of the largest military bases in the U.S,
 headquarters of the US Army 82nd Airborne Division and the Special Forces Command (Green Berets),
 and is adjacent to Pope Air Force Base.

 Click  Here



Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1510, 1511, 1513 dead soldiers under Bush

Two More  military families destroyed since Wednesday.


How many more, America?


 Lindsay Lohan's dad threatened to kill her

   "I won't do cocaine- it made my Dad crazy!"

  Click  Here

 The father of Lindsay Lohan threatened to kill his estranged wife and children,
 according to allegations in divorce papers.

"OJ Simpson has nothing on me," Michael Lohan allegedly told the family's security guard last year.

"I know exactly how I'm going to kill and I'm going to enjoy it."

 Wanna bet her Dad voted for Bush?


 Subject: BCR Show 70 sample

 This show is funny as hell!

 But, I have to say,  as a firearm collector (and a democrat), I have purchased more than 10 at a time.
 I grew up in a home with more than 200. Since I am NOT a terrorist, I do not want considered to be
 a criminal  because of my interests. Personally, I believe in all 10 Amendmendts in the Bill of Rights!

 Fighting in Orlando,


 Bush's bad poker skills

 Even if you don't play poker, you'll see this analogy.
 Bush has put so many chips in the pot, he can't fold.

 No matter what, each time it's his bet, he can't fold  so instead, he raises.
 First it was Afghanistan.
 Then it was Iraq.
 Then it was Iran.
 Now it's Syria and Lebanon
 Soon, the bet will come back to Bush.

 It takes brains and courage to fold a big pot, but Bush has neither.
 He's going to put his f-ing car keys in the pot, and then the f-ing deed to his home.
 After that, he'll put in his clothes and then his wife and his kids.
 No telling what comes after the wife and kids, but Bush can't fold.

(He bet and lost America's reputation years ago...
 He bet and lost America's Treasury years ago...
 Now he wants to bet your Social Security check.)

 He's hoping against hope that every religio-handjob in the Middle East will suddenly realize
 that Bush was sent by God to "save" them and they'll surrender peacefully to be tortured at Abu Ghraib.


 Trouble is, they're not going to surrender.

 Meanwhile, it's Bush's bet and he's reaching for more chips.
 Can anybody stop this insanity?



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