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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
U.S. bars Italians from car 
West Wing and the End of Days 
Bush's Poodle under pressure
Political Fallout Over Schiavo
Howard Stern's farewell tour
Portraits of U.S. War Dead 
Jeb: Custody of Schiavo? 
Rummy vs Venezuela's AKs 
Bonus: Tonomail & Toons 


 Quote of the Day

"If you don't want (the Schiavo) decision 
  to be made politically, why in the world 
  do you ask 535 politicians to make it?" 
    -- Rep Barney Frank,   Attribution

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Volume 1519 - A matter of pride

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  Thursday   March 24,  2005                                                                         Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"If a Bush commits a crime and no one hears about it, 
  has a crime really been committed?
     -- Carolyn Kay,  as seen on MakeThemAccountable.com


 U.S. bars Italians from shooting victim's car
   You don't need to know why we shot and killed your agent

  Click  Here

 The U.S. military command in Iraq has blocked two Italian policemen from examining the car 
 in which an Italian intelligence agent was shot to death in Baghdad, a newspaper said Wednesday.

 Corriere della Sera said that the policemen were about to leave when the Italian Embassy in Baghdad 
 received an order from the U.S. command on Monday to abort the mission for security concerns.
 The embassy in Baghdad reportedly alerted Rome authorities, who called off the trip.

 Italian authorities say that examining the vehicle is key to assessing what happened on March 4, when 
 U.S. troops opened fire on the car carrying secret service agent Nicola Calipari, another intelligence 
 officer and journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who had just been released after a month of captivity in Iraq.

 The car is reportedly still in American hands, at Baghdad airport where it was originally rented.

 Why are they saying they can't secure the airport?
 Isn't this the airport where David Letterman flew in?
 It was safe enough for Letterman to fly in, but too dangerous for Italian policemen? 


 West Wing and the End of Days
   by Michael Hammerschlag

 Dear Bart,

 Watching West Wing today, with Alan Alda playing an honorable liberal Republican Sen. Prez candidate, 
 I wondered what the deal is with thw writers. Are they longing for a more noble time, when the Repubs had honor 
 and honesty, or are they trying to show them the way, or is it more likely, what's happening across the media - 
 pressure to portray Repubs as heroes, and maybe the writers' hunger for some entry into the party of power. 
 The reality is truth, honor, and decency have been taking a beating by the goons of the Bush propaganda machine.
 First Terry Gross is forced to publicly recant and apologize for reading some article about bully Bill O'Liely when 
 he stormed off the air. The Dan is canned for reporting a true story with a forged document while the deserter 
 President successfully slanders the war hero challenger as a coward and weakling. The 2004 election may have been 
 a sham due to systemic fraud in Republican electronic voting machines, but the press avoids this gigantic story like 
 it's Plutonium. Bush is spending hundreds of millions to produce fake propaganda TV reports, and paying reporters 
 to act as shills; but they just brazen on through. NBC- GE spends 10 minutes fawning over Condo-liar's prospects 
 for the Presidency rather than her record of blindness and disaster, but is putting on an End of Days show about the 
 coming Armageddon, something so many wackos in power believe that they could help cause it.

 The truth is there are no Repubs of honor and integrity any more. Christie Whitman writes about the extremists 
 campaign against so-called liberals in the GOP (all 10 of them), but she was instrumental in convincing the public that 
 people simply couldn't count votes in the 2000 election. Ohhh, surprise, Bush doesn't care about the environment. 
 Hey, AL GORE did!   The level of incompetence, venality and pure contempt in the Bushista machine is breathtaking: 
 Rice to Secretary of State, Bolton to the UN, Wolfywish to the World Bank - the hits keep on coming - the worst of 
 the worst appointed to places they have no knowledge, no experience, just an overriding contempt.  The ONLY thing 
 this ugly Administration cares about is blind, slavish, loyalty - not skill, competence, ability, track record or integrity. 
 Everyone must sing the Leader's praise and message in a unified chorus that Stalin would have admired. This, as the 
 economy is lurching towards the cliff, corporate pigs keep gorging on the Repub trough while people die for lack of 
 insurance, American boys keep dying in Iraq for Bush's alco-Oedipal need to show up his father, as Bin Laden runs free, 
 and homeland security is shortchanged. This worst, most corrupt, most totalitarian, most dishonest administration in 
 American history commits crime after crime against the nation and Constitution. The neo-fascists in the Senate prepare 
 a coup that will allow a slim majority achieve total control, and silence the other 48%. And the media doesn't care. 
 Hunter Thompson may be right. We are doomed, unless we are willing to do what it takes to stop these criminals.


 Blair Under New Pressure Over War in Iraq
  Bush's poodle finding it difficult to justify ongoing massacre


  Click  Here

 Opposition leaders and members of Blair's own Labor Party demanded he explain why 
 his top lawyer changed his mind over the legality of Bush's bloody Iraq invasion.

 The Foreign Office published her letter on Wednesday but blacked out several lines of it. 
 Britain's Channel 4 News obtained the missing lines and broadcast them. 

 The lines suggest the government's top lawyer, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, 
 changed his mind over the legality of the war sometime between March 7 and March 18, 2003
 -- days before British and U.S. troops invaded Iraq.  (Did the BFEE write him a check?)

 The blacked out words suggest Goldsmith initially believed war would be illegal without a 
 second United Nations resolution but later changed his mind.



"The basis of conservatism is a desire for less governmental interference, or less centralized authority." 
   -- Saint Reagan, who'd be angry with Bush's "Washington Knows Best" government,  Attribution


 Political Fallout Over Nutty Schiavo Law

  Click  Here

 Congressional leaders Republican liars have insisted their only motivation in getting involved in the 
 Terri Schiavo case was saving a life. But Americans aren't buying that argument, a CBS News poll finds.

 An overwhelming 82 percent of the public believes the Congress and President should stay out of the matter.

 Just 13 percent of those polled think Congress intervened in the case out of concern for Schiavo, while 74 percent 
 think it was all about politics. Of those polled, 66 percent said the tube should not be inserted compared to 27 percent 
 who want it restored. The issue has generated strong feelings, with 78 percent of those polled -- wheter for either side 
 of the issue -- saying they have strong feelings.

 Public approval of Congress has suffered as a result; at 34 percent, it is the lowest it has been since 1997, dropping from 
 41 percent last month. Now at 43 percent, President Bush's approval rating is also lower than it was a month ago. 



"If a Bush commits a crime and no one hears about it, has a crime really been committed?"
     -- Carolyn Kay,  as seen on MakeThemAccountable.com

 Hey, a shot of Chinaco to Carolyn Kay over at  MakeThemAccountable.com
 Carolyn has been there, dat after day, week after week for so long I don't remember 
 the pre-MakeThemAccountable days.      (That's a compliment.)

 Here's to you, Carolyn...


  Subject: you are the best

 ...at telling it like it is !!! 

 I can't believe the absolute enjoyment I get from your web site and your bartcop radio. 
 I thank Mike Malloy for mentioning your web site, I listen to Mike every night. 

 Between the two of you I've regained my sanity. I thought I was completely lost in the 
 sea of bullshit that Bush and company keep piling on us.  I worry about the direction the 
 Democrats and progressives are headed, if we have any direction at all. 

 Thank you again for your truth and humor, I'm listening toBCR Show 71 as I e-mail this.
  Paul C 


 Artists Make Portraits of U.S. War Dead

     'Faces of the Fallen,' a portrait of Americans killed for Bush

  Click  Here

 Art and fatherhood became intertwined when John R. Phelps volunteered to paint 
 a portrait that would be included in a tribute to soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
 His subject was his son.

 Phelps' painting of Marine Pfc. Clarence Phelps is among 1,327 images of soldiers in an 
 exhibit titled "Faces of the Fallen."   It opens to the public Wednesday at Arlington Cemetery.

"It's a stunning array of pictures," Phelps said after his first view of it. "They were all brave Americans." 

 This poor guy - he's already lost a son and now he has the never-ending hobby tracking the poor people 
 who had the bad luck to think patriotic when the Blood Monkey lusted for grandiosity and self-importance. 


 Subject: Living wills can kill you


 People need to really, really trust those people who are named in a Living Will 
 . . . or they can have you killed legally just because they feel your life isn't worth living any longer.

 Shirley  the Pillar

 Jeb Bush Seeks to Take Custody of Schiavo
   Isn't this taking habeus corpus a little too literally?

  Click  Here

 Terri Schiavo's parents saw their options vanish one by one Wednesday as a federal appeals court 
 refused to reinsert her feeding tube and the Florida Legislature decided not to intervene in the epic struggle. 
 Refusing to give up, Gov. Jeb Bush sought court permission to take custody of Schiavo."


 Subject: Jesus rose from the dead?

 Yes, I believe that.  The historical evidence suggests that is what took place. 
 All 11 of the remaining disciples were tortured to death, and all they had to do to stop it was admit it didn't happen. 

 I'm very old and I've never heard that claim before.  I don't think Catholics teach that.
 I thought St. Peter founded the Catholic Church - did he do that before he died?

 While people will do a lot to protect a lie, dying isn't one of 'em.  And certainly not all 11 of them. 
 [Of course, if you want to disbelieve that history, you can go ahead and disbelieve there was any 
  such person as Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar.]

 History doesn't say Jesus rose from the dead, the Bible says that.
 If history said Caesar changed watre into wine and rose from the dead, I'd doubt that, too.

 Bartcop said, "But wouldn't the real answer be, "Because my parents told me that, and I trust them?""

 My parents weren't believers, so that wouldn't be an accurate statement. 
 I came to my conclusions about faith and Christ independently.

 Dave the Lawyer

 Dave, I'd love to have a long conversation with you about that.
 Did you do years of research on the top 10, 20, 50 religions, then compare each one and then chose a winner?
 And did you choose an established religion or forge a personal bond with God that excluded the money handlers?


Rush Limbaugh's 4th wife

 Subject:  liberal as a bad name


 I think that to be fair you should not print the N word any more regardless of context. 
 That is until you just as freely print such words as: Hunky, Dago, Pollack, Greaser, Mick,
 Spic, Wop, Redneck and all the rest of the racist words americans use to refer to others. 

 You let these people get away with using THAT word too often when it's not necessary. 
 In the interest of fairness, I will be watching to see if you use those words just as liberally. 
 I've seen you as fair minded so far.


 Lonzie, "nigger" is the word that binds the GOP together.
 That's what made Reagan, Lott, Thurmond and The South turn Republican.
 (That was before the queers became such a problem :)

 If "Hunky, Dago, Pollack, etc " become the GOP's glue, we might have to start using them.

 I also think it's a bad idea to make a list of things I can't say.
 I have no intention of playing by the rules.


Used with permission


"The American people have a distrust of excessive zeal, and some of the Republican leaders' 
  determination to impose their religious views borders on Fanaticism. They're playing God." 
       --Rep. Barney Frank     GOP Out of Step With Public?


 Subject: Bush's midnight coup on the Constitution

 Just think if Bush had cut short his first vacation in office when 
 he got the PDB titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack America"? 
 Imagine if the Democrats would think to actually point this out how much effect it would have.

 I'm beginning to wonder what it will take for the Democrats to confront this moron and begin 
 to take him down for his own constant misdeeds.  W gives them so many opportunities.


 Greg, I'm hoping Dean makes a difference - but when's he going to start?


Used with permission

 Subject: Terri Schiavo

 Tom Delay and everyone of those pandering fakes are hereby invited to 
 go to Florida and personally revive this now-deceased person. 
 Bring Bill Frist and have him apply his vast medical knowledge.

 Failing to revive her, the cheap Repugs should shoulder the burden of 
 medical costs out of their own pocket, not with taxpayer money.

 Or, maybe they should just recognize States' rights and try to act rationally. 
 People die.  Face it.


 Tom Delay keeps saying Schiavo is "lucid."
 Webster defines "lucid" as "having full use of one's faculties."

 If Terri is that lucid, why doesn't she pull her own tube out and order a cheeseburger?


 Hannity mail

 I have a good friend with an e-mail address that's similar to Sean Hannity's e-mail address.
 Sometimes he gets e-mail mistakenly addressed to that prick-Nazi.

 When he told me about this, I suggested he answer his e-mail honestly using Hannity's name.

 He did that.

 ha ha

 His e-mails forwards are spectacular!


Used with permission


"I don't want to end up with an American-style type of politics,
  going out there and beating our chests about our faith." 
       --Tony Blair (Bush-Poodle) who doesn't want to look as stupid as his master, Attribution


 Rumsfeld questions Venezuela's purchase of AK-47s

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld said Wednesday that reports of Venezuela's efforts to purchase 100,000 AK-47s 
 were troubling, suggesting they have "no need" for so many weapons.

"I can't understand why Venezuela needs 100,000 AK-47s," he said with a straight face.
"I personally hope it doesn't happen. I can't imagine if it did happen it would be good for the hemisphere."

 I'm confused:
 This administration fought for and got the right for criminals on the terrorism watch list 
 to buy assault rifles, but the country of Venezuela has "no need" for so many weapons?.

 That means they understand why criminals on the terrorism watch list need AK-47s,
 but not our neighbor to the south?


If you're 

make it go away.


Your system works like it always has - but the spam and viruses go away.


Invented by Marc Perkel

"I've been spam free for over a year" - BartCop

 Subject: Would those 'Christians' volunteer to help take care of Terri?

 None of these idiots that are protesting the removal of terri 's feeding tube would actually go 
 into the hospice and care for her for the rest of her life. They would not change her diapers 
 and give her baths and turn her so she won't get bedsores. 

 I know, because I have a handicapped daughter and all the people who have shaken their fists 
 in my face about giving birth to her have never once volunteered to watch her for an hour so 
 I could go to the store or take a rest.  Even if all they had to do was sit in the same room with her, 
 they won't do it, including my religious christian relatives. 


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Judges Should Stick to Draping Statues' Breasts 
   by Brit Hume, as seen on  fauxnewschannel.com

  Click  Here

 Republicans believe the government should prudently spend its citizens' taxes.  By our way of thinking, 
 everyone should get a fair shake. No one -- not even the largest corporations -- should be immune from 
 a fair-handed tax code.  Republicans think the government should respect an individual's rights to privacy. 
 We hold that even the most intimate of bedroom details between consenting adults should be kept just that: intimate. 
 Republicans have a libertarian streak; we don't like big government handouts, or federally-mandated education standards.


 Meet Garbage 


  Click  Here

 Enter to win a trip to see Garbage in concert in their hometown, and meet the band May 1...

 Got plans for May 1?
 Enter  Bart and  bartcop@bartcop.com , instead.


 Subject: Bill Maher

 Have you ever noticed the similarities between Maher and Liberman? 
 They are looking an awful lot alike and seemingly sharing a lot of the same views.


 Subject: Bill Maher

 I couldn't believe his last few shows.  Now he is suddenly rethinking what bush did in Iraq?! 
 What the hell is that about?  So even if things end up successful in Iraq, which I highly doubt, 
 Maher believes that the ends justify the means? 
 What happened to the lying monkey and his wmd's?

 Maher really made me mad when he toned down his manor to ridiculously because he happened to 
 have bussed in a load of conservatives.  What the heck, that should change Maher's views, or aggressiveness? 
 I have to agree with Hal, it may not be long before we're all talking about what the heck happened to Bill Maher!


 You two might really like BCR 71...



  Click  Here

 Bush and Catholics 
   Guest rant by Toomey

  Click  Here

 But I - a mere ordinary unknown Catholic layman - submit that any Catholic lawmaker 
 who votes for unjust war - who supports torture - who votes for the death penalty - 
 who interferes with a legal guardian of an unresponsive person in a permanent vegetative state.....

 Will the right-wing bishops condemn this? 


 Subject: defending Ward Churchill

 I would just like to say that I'm sick of you defending Ward Churchill. 

 Even if he is an American Indian, nothing justifies what happened on September 11, 2001- nothing. 
 Churchill didn't just "phrase" what he said incorrectly; he said that the World Trade Center victims were Nazis. 
 I mean, come on! 

 What Churchill said was just as disgusting and despicable as the comments Jerry Falwell made after 9/11. 
 And he may have the right to say it, but I think what Ward Churchill said makes him a scumbag, just like Falwell is.

 I must say, as an honest liberal, I really thought you knew better, Bartcop!!

 I didn't say Churchill was right.
 Maybe he's as crazy and evil and you say, but to disagree with him 100 percent 
 you have to say America has a blood-free past.   Are you ready to do that?


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"Give us a child until he's six, and he is ours for life." 
     - The Jesuits


 Subject: Ten dead in Minnesota 

 Sounds like another republican went berserk. 
 He evidently was reading Republican hate sites on the web. 
 They often incite violence or at least try to. 
 Why is anyone surprised? 

 Republicans believe in violence. It is one of their modus operandi.
 They all have the same values, just that some are more out there with their violence and hatred. 
 Remember guns don't kill people, republicans do.

 Bill H


 Subject: marriage


 A letter in the Des Moines Register today sez that the repubs have just 
 defined marriage as "one man, one woman, her parents, and the US Congress."

 Keep swingin'

 ha ha, good one!


Bush's body count in Iraq

1517, 1519, 1521, 1524 dead soldiers under Bush

Three more flaged-draped coffins for Bush.


How many can we afford to let Bush kill?


 FHM: Jolie named Sexiest Woman


   Click  Here

 Angelina Jolie has been named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine. 
"Angelina Jolie embodies everything that our readers find incredibly sexy," editor Scott Gramling said.
"Not only is she stunning, she is intelligent, outspoken and passionate in her beliefs and men fantasize 
 about having sex with her tireless efforts on behalf of the world's refugee children." 


 Ving Rhames is Kojak 


  Click  Here

 When last seen, Lt. Kojak was a white, baldheaded lollipop addict. 
 That was SO 1970s . 
 The 2005 Kojak, coming to USA Network on Friday, is Ving Rhames. 


 They're back!


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"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, 
  and the people, recovering their true sight, and restore their government to its true principles. 
  It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of 
  a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt........ If the game runs sometime against us 
  at home we must have patience till luck turns, and when we shall have an opportunity of winning 
  back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake."
    --Thomas Jefferson, 1798, who saw the Monkey coming over 200 years ago.


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