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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Monkey remembers Minnesota 
Bush helps Halliburton steal 
Boy kicks Easter Bunny's ass
Wendy's new finger food
Indians Criticize Bush 
Tom Coburn admits 'murder' 
That's life - or death 
Gasoline prices rise again 
No trials for torture deaths 


 Quote of the Day

"I want Terri Schiavo to die 
  because I believe she's earned it."
   - Kneel Bortz, Nazi gone bad, Attribution

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Volume 1521 - In the hysterical realm 

Bruce Yurgil

Your link-banner could be here - seen by dozens

  Weekend-Monday   March 26-28,  2005                                                                    Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"In the Schiavo case, it may be that ordinary Americans have a more sophisticated grasp 
  of the meaning of slogans such as the "right to life" than their political leaders. Or maybe 
  the president's Superman costume split at the seams last weekend, revealing not Clark Kent 
  but the smirking politician who helped more than 150 prisoners to an early exit from death row."  
       --Joan Smith, "Life and death in the U.S.",    http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/


 Bush finally mentions Minnesota
   Pollsters tell Bush it's not all about Terri Schiavo 

  Click  Here

 Bush on Saturday praised Minnesota high school security guard Derrick Brun for saving 
 countless students by bravely confronting the teenage gunman who shot and killed him Monday

"Derrick's bravery cost him his life, and all Americans honor him," Bush said in his first public 
 comments about Monday's shooting tragedy at the urging of his personal political guru Karl Rove.

 Some American Indians have complained that Bush did not respond publicly to the shooting for four days. 
 On Friday, he was able to find time in his busy vacatoion schedule for a a five-minute telephone call to 
 Floyd Jourdain Jr., chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa. 

"We remember that hope leads us closer to truth, and that in the end, even death itself will be defeated. 
 That is the promise of Easter morning," Bush said, bullshitting the country in God's name - not a crime. 


 Bush distorts science to shield Halliburton from pollution laws
  Shame on the press for letting these blatant crimes go unreported


  Click  Here

 According to Wilson, a 30-year employee with the EPA, the Bush administration purposely tampered with 
 environmental science in order to shield a lucrative drilling technique, known as hydraulic fracturing, from all 
 regulations. Wilson says the technique, pioneered by Halliburton, is harmful to drinking water supplies. Halliburton 
 has spent years trying to get the federal government to exempt the technique from environmental regulations. 

 Wilson and environmental groups say hydraulic fracturing can contaminate drinking water supplies with carcinogens 
 and is therefore required by law to be regulated by the EPA. In addition, activists have documented incidents where
 hydraulic fracturing has contaminated drinking water supplies with hazardous chemicals. 

 The extra oil and gas produced each year from hydraulic fracturing boosts Halliburton's revenues by $1.5 billion, 

 If a black kid steals a candy bar or, Koresh forbid, gets caught with a joint, he's in serious trouble.
 But when billionaire corporations bribe the president so they can break serious laws that affect millions - no problem.


 Calling myself a liar Quotes

"I don't think you have to examine her. All you have to do is look at her on TV. 
  Any doctor with any conscience can look at her and know that she does not 
  have a terminal disease and know that she has some function."  
    --Senator/Doctor/Jesus Twin Tom Coburn, who is against "murdering" Terri Schiavo        Attribution

"Under certain circumstances when there is no hope of recovery, physicians should have 
  the option of withholding nutrients and water from a dying patient. I've done that in the past
  If somebody does not want a feeding tube, I won't put a feeding tube down."  
        --Lying son of a bitch Tom Coburn, caught by the Tulsa World, 7/20/98,   Attribution

 The religious people who like Coburn and the Bush bastards KNOW they are lying.
 They KNOW they are lying and using their religion as a shield to lie, but that's OK?


 Boy kicks Easter Bunny's ass at Mall 
  "The boy should be prosecuted," E.B. told The Bay City Times 

  Click  Here

 The Easter Bunny is hopping mad. Bryan Johnson, who portrays the furry character at the Bay City Mall, 
 says he was pummeled in an unprovoked attack on the job. Police say the attacker was a 12-year-old boy. 

 Johnson, 18, suffered a bloody nose. He kept his cool during the attack, deeming it inappropriate for the 
 Easter Bunny to kick the little bastard's ass. But he's not willing to forgive and forget. 
 Johnson told deputies that the boy hit him in the face at least six times before running away. 

 ha ha


 Sales Drop at Wendy's After Finger Found in Chili

  Click  Here

 Sales have dropped sharply at Wendy's fast food restaurants in the area of northern California 
 where a woman claimed she found part of a finger in a bowl of chili, but analysts say the
 company's long-term prognosis should not be affected.  Authorities in San Jose, Calif., planned 
 to search a fingerprint database on Friday to try to identify the body of the finger's owner. 

 Capt. Bob Dixon of the Santa Clara County coroner's office said he did not know when their 
 fingerprint expert might have a match. "Nobody's claimed it yet," he said. 

 I'm a little suspicious about this "lady" who claimes she found the finger.



"This isn’t just about Jeb being insane. This is the first step in America becoming an Iranian-style 
  theocratic dictatorship. When an executive decides to order his armed forces to carry out his 
  personal whims in contradiction of the authority of every other entity in the federal system, 
  you're in North Korea or Iraq or Iran. This isn’t merely funny, it is fucking scary!"  
      -- skeptic, on Jeb's recent idiocy,    Attribution


 Native Americans Criticize Bush's Silence 

  Click  Here

 Native Americans across the country - including tribal leaders, academics and rank-and-file tribe members
 - voiced anger that Bush has responded to the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history with silence.

 Three days after 16-year-old Jeff Weise killed nine members of his Red Lake tribe, grief-stricken American 
 Indians complained that the White House has offered little in the way of sympathy for the Minnesota tribe.

 "From all over the world we are getting letters of condolence, the Red Cross has come, but the so-called 
 Great White Father in Washington hasn't said or done a thing," said Clyde Bellecourt, a Chippewa Indian 
 who is the founder and national director of the American Indian Movement here. "When people's children 
 are murdered and others are in the hospital hanging on to life, he should be the first one to offer his condolences
 If this was a white community, I don't think he'd have any problem doing that."

 White House liar Scott McClellan gave a cavalier: "Our thoughts are with the families of those who were killed."

 "I hope that he would say something," said Victoria Grave. "It's important that there's acknowledgment 
 of the tragedy. It's important he sees the tribes are out here. We need help."

 The reaction to Bush's silence was particularly bitter given his high-profile intervention for Terri Schiavo. 


 Subject: Terri Schiavo - the other side

  Click  Here

 Michael Schiavo is Catholic.
 Is he doing this because he can't remarry in the church with a divorce and needs her dead.to do so?


 That's life 
  Terri Schiavo and Bush stopping stem cell research

  Click  Here

 Ms Schiavo's best chance of returning to a cognitive state lies with stem-cell research. Although stem-cell 
 therapy is still in its infancy, a likely future application is expected to be the replacement of damaged brain cells, 
 such as those that have reduced Ms Schiavo to a vegetative state for the past 15 years. In a few years, it is possible 
 that Ms Schiavo may be curable. But for this to happen, moral conservatives, including Mr Bush, would have to 
 revise their view that stem cells not only have a right to life, but one that outweighs the right to a cognitive life of 
 sufferers from brain conditions such as hers. Having demonstrated how much value he attaches to Ms Schiavo's 
 life - allowing himself to be wakened in the early hours to sign the federal intervention into law - Mr Bush may one 
 day have to decide whose hopes for life are of higher value: a woman who was in the prime of life when she was 
 struck down by brain damage, or a group of cells forming part of an embryo of four or five days' existence.



 Delay family had their own Schiavo moment 
  ...without judges, emergency sessions of Congress or the raging street debate 

  Click  Here

 The patient then was a 65-year-old drilling contractor, badly injured in a freak accident at his home. 
 Among the family standing vigil was a grieving junior congressman -- U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, (R-Squirrel).
 The man in a coma, kept alive by intravenous lines and a ventilator, was DeLay's father, Charles Ray DeLay.

"There was no point to even really talking about it," Maxine DeLay, his mother recalled in an interview last week. 
"No way Charles wanted to live like that. Tom knew, we all knew, his father wouldn't have wanted to live that way."
 Doctors advised that he would "basically be a vegetable," said the congressman's aunt, JoAnne DeLay.

 When the man's kidneys failed, the DeLay family decided against a dialysis machine. "Extraordinary measures 
 to prolong life were not initiated," said his medical report, citing "agreement with the family's wishes." 
 His bedside chart carried the instruction: "Do Not Resuscitate."

 On Dec. 14, 1988, the senior DeLay "expired with his family in attendance."

"I'm not so nuts about getting caught..."


 Subject: Kerry should've listened to Bart

 He listened to the dead woods in Washington who have gotten whupped for decades.

 Bart would have told Kerry to do this which would have put Bush in the slime pits where he wallows.

"Mr. President, I have a challenge  for you. You and your cohorts have smeared my military record 
 of which I am very very proud. I challenge you to answer questions under oath on a lie detector. 

 You can ask me any questions you wish on my proud military record. 
 Then you answer three very simple questions. 
 Perhaps you may wish to answer them now. 
 You save you served at the Donnelley Air Base in Alabama as you were ordered. 
 Tell us the Section in which you served, the work you did and name a few with whom you worked. 
 Very simple questions. 
 If you cannot answer those questions you were a Criminal Military Deserter during wartime 
 and have no business as commander in chief of our armed forces."

 Bush would have flipped. 
 He would have lost it

 clarence swinney 


Used with permission

  Lying Scumbag Quotes

"Is this president -- is any president -- above the law? 
  We cannot obscure the more profound underlying issue: violations of law 
  and efforts to undermine constitutional government."  
       --Bill. Bennett, screaming about "King Clinton" and the law,   Attribution

"Gov. Bush can order the feeding tube reinserted. His defense will be that he and a majority 
  of the Florida legislature believe the Florida Constitution requires nothing less. Some will argue
  that Gov. Bush will be violating the law.   If he is judged to have done so, it will be in the tradition 
  of Martin Luther King, Jr., who answered to a higher law than a judge's opinion."  
        --Bill Bennett, saying it's OK when the Republicans do it   Attribution

 "Ass for rent - cheap!"


 Bad news: Gasoline is still going up
   Oil men in the White House 

  Click  Here

 Gasoline prices continue to set daily records, pulling averages above $2 in nearly every state.
 Current prices are 37.6 cents more than a year ago, AAA data show.

 If there's good news about prices, it's that they're expected to top out soon. .

 Yeah, about the time impeachment starts.... 


 Bareback Andy suffers Blog Burnout 

  Click  Here

 Andrew Sullivan says he will be putting The Daily Dish on hiatus for a few months. 
 Sullivan has suffered blog burnout and has chosen to pursue other activities. 

 The rapid growth of the blogosphere and those attempting to get ahead will mean that Sullivan
 is most likely the first of quite a few, in a marketplace that is rapidly commercialising at the top, 
 and where it is becoming more difficult for hobby bloggers or part time bloggers to compete. 


 Subject: BCR Show 71

 Great show. 

 Thanks for beating up Bill Maher.  I watched that show in disbelief, wondering why the hell 
 Bill Maher was taking the monkey side.  If he does this again when he has O'Reilly on, 
 I'm not wasting my time watching ever again.

 Talley was awesome as usual. 

 Speaking of Shakespeare, recall this line from Anthony and Cleopatra:
 "He hath given his empire Up to a whore."


 Subject: Donation for bartcop stickers

 Got tickets to see Garbage at the TLA in Philly, April 16. I'll see what I can do.

 DW, thanks for that.
 Give Shirley a hug from me and a sticker and tell her to link to  bartcop.com


 Pentagon Will Not Try 17 G.I.'s in Prisoners' Deaths
   "Culture of life" means nothing if you're brown


  Click  Here

 Despite recommendations by Army investigators, commanders have decided not to prosecute 
 17 American soldiers implicated in the deaths of three prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 
 and 2004, according to a new accounting released Friday by the Army.

 The charges included murder, conspiracy and negligent homicide. While none of the 17 will face 
 any prosecution, one received a letter of reprimand and another was discharged after the investigations.

 A letter in his file?
 That'll teach him not to torture prisoners to death.


 Subject: fan letter 

 Dear bartcop

 long time reader and short time radio listener. I agree with you about just about everything. 
 Unfortunately, i have to be around a lot of people that have drank the kool-aid. 
 I thought i was the only one that felt that way about things, then i found your page. 
 You've kept me sane in a crazy world and i feel like you're an old friend.

 I really like being a member.  I can now listen to you while i exercise and i also can clean my computer room. 
 Two more good reason to subscribe.  I like listening to the old shows too. 
 No one is more frugal than me but you're well worth it. 

 Thanks for all you do, keep swinging the hammer.

 Prankster Smuggles anti-War Art Into Top NY Museums 


  Click  Here

 A British graffiti artist who goes by the name "Banksy" hung his own picture of a soup can 
 on a wall where it stayed for more than three days earlier this month before anybody noticed.
 The prank was part of a coordinated plan to infiltrate four of New York's top museums on a single day. 

 The largest piece, which he smuggled into the Brooklyn Museum, was a 2 foot by 1.5 foot oil painting of a 
 colonial-era admiral with a can of spray paint in his hand and anti-war graffiti in the background.



"I fought for this country. I shed blood for this country. 
  I watched friends die...  I have three kids out there man! 
  I fought for my country man. My country shouldn't be doing this to me."  
    --Herold Noel, 25, Iraq veteran; diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, unemployed, 
     married with three kids, can't find a job, getting no helpfrom the Department of Veteran Affairs,  Attribution


From mid-2004...

Bruce Yurgil 

Shouldn't Bruce Yurgil be the first artist 
enshrigned into the Internet Cartoonist's Hall of Fame?

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Terri Schiavo - Form vs. Substance

 The Terri Schiavo controversy is an example of form vs. substance when it comes to politics and religion. 
 The battle creates the illusion that it is about saving the life of someone who is actually already dead. 
 It gives religious people the illusion that they are in a battle for some great cause, and the illusion is the 
 cornerstone of faith based thinking.

 In reality this is about letting a dead woman die and respecting her choice to not endure a living death. 
 It's about whether an individual gets to choose their own fate or have to endure politicians using the law 
 for personal political opportunity. If people of faith and politicians wanted to pass "pro life" legislation 
 they wouldn't be meeting at midnight to interfere with the death of a single individual.

 Instead they would be increasing Medicare and Medicaid so that the lives of thousands poor people 
 and old people can be saved. The difference between form and substance is - do you want to really do 
 something to better humanity or do you want to pretend you're don't something to better humanity?

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA. 

 Perkel's Blog

 Church of Reality


 Bought and paid for Quotes 
"This was another fairly quiet day in Iraq: 
  No American casualties reported again. 
  ...there's some pretty good news coming out of there."  
       -- Bob Schieffer, Bush's man at CBS   Attribution

 "Was that good enough, Mr Rove??
  Can I get my check now?"



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Bush's body count in Iraq

1524, 1525, 1528 dead soldiers under Bush

Another three dead on Bush's watch.


Remember how big they played the Somalia seventeen?
They blamed Clinton for that, 


they acted like it was the biggest blunder in history.

How many can we afford to let Bush kill?


 Katie Holmes & Chris somebody Call It Quits 


   Click  Here

 Katie Holmes and Chris Klein have called off their engagement and gone their separate ways,
 a rep for Holmes confirmed to Us Weekly.  Look for Katie in Batman Begins, a prequel that
 explains why a grown man came to wear tights and walk rooftops at night, due to open June 17.


 They're back!


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