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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Culture of Life Issues Split GOP 
Wolfowitz the undead lady killer 
Judicial tyrants are killing Terri 
Editorial: Disgraceful DeLay
Zealotry and its victims 
Bush's Gannon - Not a Marine 
Your freedom or your life 
The Terri Schiavo Show
Minor Monkey Mail 


 Quote of the Day

"Journalists are not perfect. We're not saints. 
  But try running a functioning democracy 
  without a free press." 
     --New York Times whore Judith Miller, 
        on Bush's payroll, pretending that America 
        still has a free press.   Attribution

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Volume 1522 - Tin soldiers and Bushco coming 

  Tueday   March 29,  2005                                     Mike Malloy is back  - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"You don't believe everything you read in the newspaper, do you?" 
   --Donald Rumsfeld, who regularly plants false stories in the willing media, to a reporter,     Attribution


 'Culture of Life' Issues Split GOP
   Pollster says GOP coming apart

  Click  Here

 In a CBS News survey, opposition was so widespread that even decisive majorities of Republicans, 
 conservatives and white evangelical Christians said Bush and Congress should not have intervened. 

 To many analysts, the resistance to Washington's role illustrated the challenges Bush and other social 
 conservatives face in forging consensus for a "culture of life" agenda that includes issues such as abortion, 
 embryonic stem cell research and end-of-life cases.  The case seems to show the limits of public tolerance 
 for political involvement in such intimate decisions. 

"My sense is this is one issue where everybody understands the other point of view," said David Winston, 
 a Republican pollster. "But clearly people don't want government being involved in decisions like this." 

 The GOP claim they want less government, but at every turn they add more.
 More religions, more guns, more control and more federal oversight on innocent people.

 In your bedroom, in your pants, on your deathbed, inside your house when you're not home
 and even inside your wife's uterus - if Bush gets his filibuster-proof senate so look out, America.

 It's tin soldiers and Monkey coming...


 Wolfowitz the undead lady killer 
   Who is Wolfie banging these days?


  Click  Here

 Reports indicate that Clare Wolfowitz separated from Paul because he had an affair.

 Paul Wolfowitz was Dean and Professor at Johns Hopkins University. During that time 
 he used his position to prey on woman under his authority When the scandal broke he
 and his wife separated but appear not to have divorced. 

 One may wonder if Wolfowitz has trouble keeping track of his women but I have it on good authority 
 that he uses his protective detail of federal officers to manage his affairs and shuttle him between hos.
 Indications are that the White House has been aware of this situation and has even had a letter from 
 Clare concerning her husband's whore mongering. The only White House response to date was to 
 nominate Wolfowitz for the World Bank because they know he could not make it through a senate 
 conformation hearing for any other job for which they could nominate him



"As I watch the Terri Schiavo case, where ate the ''defense of marriage" proponents? 
  The decision about life support was left in the hands of her husband, which is where the 
  decision belongs. When Terri married, her husband became her next of kin, and she became his. 
  Will no one defend this marriage?   When my uncle suffered a massive stroke last summer, 
  I learned that my family differed on what we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. 
  But we all agreed that my uncle's wife was the one he wanted to make the decisions.
  We may be liberals from Massachusetts, but we apparently have more regard for 
  the meaning of marriage than this Republican Congress does." 
      --Annie McQuilken, Lexington, Letter to the Editor,      Attribution

 When some GOP handjob says "Both sides are playing this," remind them that the Democrats have mostly 
 stayed out of this. It was the right-wing religious-crazies who got this ball rolling and the Bush bastards went 
 along for the ride, not counting on 82 percent of the country telling them to butt the hell out.



"As I have stated repeatedly, I am a Republican and a conservative. Tom DeLay represents 
  the worst of all of us, and in my mind is no more Christian than he is conservative. 
  He represents what can only be labeled as the "I got mine - screw everybody else" wing 
  of my party that needs to be purged." 
     --John Cole, who seems to be quoting  bartcop.com    Attribution


 Judicial tyrants are killing Terri 
  Oops -- most of them are Republican. Never mind

  Click  Here

 Despite all the apocalyptic posturing of the far right on the cable channels, weblogs and editorial pages, 
 the Schiavo case is a matter of individual conscience and adherence to law. Although the weight of 
 scientific evidence supports Michael Schiavo's position, Democrats and Republicans alike have 
 acknowledged how troubling and difficult they find this issue. 

 Meanwhile, national polls show that the public disdains the hysterical posturing of the Republican 
 leadership in Congress and the White House. Ultimately the Schiavo case may well change the debate 
 over the filibuster, though not as imagined by the likes of Hugh Hewitt, if only because Senate Democrats 
 finally muster the courage and determination to defend the Constitution and an independent judiciary. 


 Disgraceful DeLay
   an editorial in the San Diego Union Tribune

  Click  Here

 DeLay believes that part of what is "going on" is that his political opponents are out to get him 
 and other conservatives with what he considers frivolous charges. DeLay, the House majority leader, 
 was admonished last year by the [Republican] Ethics Committee for three separate issues, and he now 
 faces questions about foreign trips funded by outside groups. How distasteful that DeLay would try to use 
 the heart-wrenching Schiavo story to try to explain away the ethical cloud that now follows him. 
 It's no wonder so many conservatives around the country feel so uneasy with how congressional Republicans 
 have conducted themselves in the Schiavo case. They should. That conduct was an affront to conservatism.

 "You ever seen a
   squirrel's hammer?"


  Subject: Wendy's finger food 

 There is absolutely no way someone could loose a finger and have it get by unnoticed. 
 The only way a finger could have gotten in there is that someone planted it. 

 The first thing I would do is find out who had access to mortuaries or medical school anatomy labs. 
 Aint no way it got there by accident. 
 Either someone is trying to cash in on a big lawsuit or someone has a grudge against Wendys.

 The story about the severed finger didn't quite pass the logic test. It begs more questions than it answers. 
 Wouldn't someone have complained about their finger being lopped off? Emergency room records? 
 Why...how did it end up in the chili? On and on.  Keep an eye out for a suit to be filed for gross chili meat or something. 
 AND since no one has claimed this detached finger, makes you wonder if the donor isn't a goner.

 I used to manage a Wendy’s.    Unless they have changed the way they do things, 
 there is virtually no way that the finger could have gotten in the chili from the meat. 

 Wendy’s uses the hamburger patties that don’t sell for the chili meat.  This means that the finger 
 would have gone through the patty machine, cooked on the grill the first time, discarded, boiled 
 for chili meat, and then poured into the chili.  Certainly someone would have seen the finger.

 I agree.
 I assume the cops are at least as smart as the three of us - and I'm no big fan of Wendy's
 but the whore media strikes again with a sensational headline that probably was never true.
 Wendy's stockholders lost millions because the whore media can't control themselves.


 Zealotry and its victims

  Click  Here

 Many of the men and women who have been holding vigils outside Terri Schiavo's hospice are exhibiting 
 the worst of America's home-grown strain of religiously grounded ignorance and hypocrisy. They clutch their 
 Bibles and rosary beads and hold signs that proclaim it a moral duty to care about life for the vulnerable and 
 disabled, but exhibit no such passion when Republican leaders declare the need to cut food subsidies and 
 medical care for the needy while reducing taxes for the wealthy. Voting patterns indicate that the more 
 overtly religious someone is, the more likely he is to vote Republican; and Republicans are more likely 
 than Democrats to shrink potentially lifesaving programs for the nation's poor and infirm.

 This begs the question:
 Is their religious insanity causing them to lie to themselves?
 Or are they just lying intentionally?  If so, to what end?

 Too bad no conservative will agree to debate any of this, because I'd like to ask why the typical Republican 
 loves a fetus, then ignores the baby, ignores the child, ignores the student and ignores  the worker, but then 
 wants to fall back in love when that fetus has reached the end of their lives.  That's just crazy thinking.

 They want to cut funding that helps people with food or medical expenses while they're alive, 
 but then they want to scream at the government to "do something" once the citizen's life has ended. 

 That's why they can't debate - because all they have on their side is horseshit.


 Subject: Terri Schiavo

 Possibly the most obnoxiously idiotic things I have ever seen on the Internet 
 is Joe Scarborough's piece at concerning the Schiavo tragedy.

 Poll after poll after poll shows the American people do not want to force life on Terri Schiavo
 - and more importantly, an even larger majority do not think this is a decision to be made by the government. 
 Yet Joe Scharborough argues the Democrats are politically tone deaf for not fighting to keep Schiavo alife.

 What an asshole!

 RNat, I'll tell you what happened:

 The reason Bush is losing so badly on this is because the Democrats aren't there to cave in.

 And this time, Bush isn't fighting a bunch of folding, pink tutu quitters.
 He's battling Republicans who aren't afraid to throw a punch in a fight. 
 Bush is used to his opponents wetting themselves and begging for mercy.

           "Fighting Der Leader?  That's unthinkable!"


 Police 'showdown' over Schiavo averted
   Two sets of cops facing off, waiting for the other to blink

  Click  Here

 Hours after a judge ordered that Terri Schiavo was not to be removed from her hospice, a team of 
 state agents were en route to seize her and have her feeding tube reinserted - but they stopped short 
 when local police told them they would enforce the judge's order.  Agents of the Florida Department 
 of Law Enforcement told police in Pinellas Park on Thursday that they were on the way to take her to 
 a hospital to resume her feeding. For a brief period, local police, who have officers at the hospice to 
 keep protesters out, prepared for what sources called "a showdown." In the end, the squad from the 
 FDLE and the Department of Children & Families backed down, apparently concerned about 
 confronting local police outside the hospice."

 I smell a rat. 
 They called ahead to tell them they were coming?
 Sounds like somebody wanted to pretend they wanted to help Terri - to save face.


 Gannon/Guckert lied about being a Marine, too 


  Click  Here

 Fake name. Fake reporter. Fake news agency. And now this ...

 Fake Marine.

 First, we went to the Military Personnel Records of the National Personnel Records Center at St. Louis, 
 the supposed repository of all military records. No record showed, but the official letter hemmed and hawed 
 and scraped its military-booted feet so much, kinda sorta explaining that they're often ... well ... ummm ... 
 screwed up ... and that we should check directly with the United States Marine Corps at Quantico. 
 You know, just to ... ummm ... make sure.
 So we did...

 So all those gay soldiers and sailors got "topped" by a civilian?


 Subject: Christians confuse me 

 I don't understand why the Christian community is so committed to keeping a brain dead woman alive. 

 After all - if she dies - according to their belief - she will be with Jesus. So - if they really believe that 
 then why are they trying to keep her away from God? It makes me think that the "faithful" don't have any faith. 
 I don't think they actually believe what they preach.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA. 


Used with permission

"Coop" from the 2004 Chicago Pokerfest - please contact me ASAP.

  I'm Here, Bart!


"There is a very real risk that many people who read 'The Da Vinci Codes,'
  will believe that the fables it contains are true..."
    -- Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, spokesman for the Pope.      Attribution

 Is Cardinal Betrone saying Catholics are particularly gullible or easily fooled?


 Patriotic Americans Now Allowed to Hate America
  Schiavo case provides Evangelicals with paradoxical opportunity

  Click  Here

 MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has said it over seventy times. The Nobel Peace Prize nominee 
 Dr. William Hammesfahr has uttered it on air several dozen times. Even FOX News' own 
 Sean Hannity has said it ninety-three times on his brilliant program "Hannity & Goober."

 What these righteous gentlemen have repeated is Terri Schiavo Case Memo Talking Point #9: 
"What kind of society would allow a helpless woman to starve to death?"



 Subject: Donation for 69, 70, and 71  

 Hi, Bart!  Need to hear some more hammering.

 Pat S

 Pat, thanks for the CD order.
 Your shows are on the way. 


 Your freedom or your life 
   Warning: Never trust a Bush bastard

  Click  Here

 The value of Iraqi lives can be calculated by the barrel and the value of life for a black baby in Texas on 
 life support is worth exactly ten days of hospital care for the family to cough up the cash to keep him alive 
 themselves. A white woman who won't recover has a life of infinite value, people who are still walking 
 around but crippled with drug addiction are worth nothing. Anyway, the thing about this stupid "culture of life" 
 phrase is not just the hypocrisy. I have also noticed that two values that BushCo likes to fling around are "life" 
 and "freedom", but I have also noticed that the two are opposite values in their rhetoric. You can have 
 freedom or life, but not both. They are pretty consistent in this viewpoint, and if they evoke freedom, 
 you can be sure they are covering up for someone's death, and if they evoke "life", you can be sure 
 they are trying to take away your freedoms." 


 Subject: Schiavo 

 So then they show an old lady holding up a sign that says, "Are Jews next?"

 Please explain to us simple minded idiots what the fuck THAT has to do with anything!!!

 Well, Hitler killed millions of people in World War II
 and some people are afraid Bush is trying to break his record.


 Pat O'Brien in Rehab

"Please don't listen to BCR Show 72"

  Click  Here

 Pat O'Brien checked into rehab, just as an embarrassing string of dirty voice-mail messages, which 
 expressed a taste for hookers, cocaine and adventurous (if possibly unhygienic) sex, became public. 
 His reps do not deny that O'Brien made the calls.

 ...well then they should be fired.

 These tapes are downright awful.
 He sounds like he snorted a six pack of Viagra - in the next BCR!



"The old American republic is truly dead. The institutions that we thought were eternal 
  proved not to be. And that goes for the three departments of government, and it also goes 
  for the Bill of Rights. So we're in uncharted territory. We're governed by public relations. 
  Very little information gets to the people, thanks to the corruption and/or ineptitude of the
  media. Just look at this bankruptcy thing that went through--everybody in debt to credit cards, 
  which is apparently 90 percent of the country, is in deep trouble. So the people are uninformed 
  about what's being done in their name." 
      --Gore Vidal,  The Undoing of America

 I think most of America doesn't realize that things are very, very different.  We can talk tomorrow 
 about the changes being good or bad, but today we need to win the argument that America is very, 
 very different than it was five years ago, and it's got nothing to do with bin Laden.

 Goodbye to Social Security.
 Goodbye to Medicare.
 Goodbye to the safety net.
 Goodbye to starting over when you're bankrupt over unexpected surgery.
 Goodbye to your kids when Bush starts drafting them.
 Goodbye to gas costing less than $75 a tank, then $100 a tank.
 Goodbye to checks and balances on evil men drunk with power.
 Goodbye to veterans benefits, the sons of bitches.

 ..and we haven't seen freedom of the press in over five years.

 This isn't America - this is the BFEE's concentration camp.

 Would evil men start wars for unlimited power?


Marty's Entertainment Page


 Subject: Pigboy going to hell? 

 Limpbaugh just admitted at 12.22 cst that he has a medical directive that will keep him alive at all costs.  
 He claims that anyone in his will who takes part in the decision to unplug his sorry ass will be cut out of the will.  
 Apparently, knowing he will be eternally shoveling coal for the big red machine inspired Limpy to be plugged in forever.
 i suppose i would be at the end of a long line of folks more than willing to pull the plug.


 Sports Update 

 I don't know who won the basketball tournament that screwing up Mrs. Bart's TV schedule.
 Why don't I know?   Because it's a short-pants sports, that's why.

 But I did check the golf scores to see how Mr. Perfect was doing.
 T52  Tiger Woods means he's tied for 52nd place.
 Tiger's good alright, but he's no Luke Donald - he's no Joe Durant.

 It's gotta suck being Tiger Woods, one of the most famous people in the world having a years-long slump. 
 Everywhere he goes he must get a lot of "Hang in there, Tiger," and "Don't worry, you'll win again..."

 TV Ketchup

 We watched the premier of Kojak, starring Ving Rhames.
 I think Kojak cries too often. 
 People want to see Ving get tough with the bad guys, not cry like a little girl.

  ...and then he murders one of his detectives on the first show?
 The new Kojak is a cold-blooded, murdering vigilante who cries a lot?

 The Shield continues to shock and provoke. 
The new boss (Glenn Close) thinks Vic is a damaged, loose cannon (he is) but still she puts him
 in charge of every gang-related or drug-related murder in the precinct. That'll be good TV.
Meanwhile Shane, Vic's former #1 thug cop, is begging to be killed by several vicious gang leaders.
Dutch tells Claudette, "I'm not racist - I'd do Halle Berry in a heartbeat," and the captain, who last year 
 had to give "prison sex" to a thug at gunpoint, discovers he likes watching rape videos while he masturbates.
 If they're saying the attack made the captain realize he's actually gay, that would be not OK.
 Why would FOX say, "Once you've tried homosexuality, you might really like it?"

 They cancelled Point Pleasant, the soap opera where the Devil was always sexing people up.
 In its place, starting Thursday, Tru Calling returns.
 Hey, take a hot babe, add in some space monkeys and you got yourself a TV show. 

  Eliza Dushku's Tru Calling premiers Thursday


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Bush's body count in Iraq

1524, 1525, 1528 dead soldiers under Bush

Another three dead on Bush's watch.

How many can we afford to let Bush kill?


 The Terri Schiavo Show
   by Betty Bowers

  Click  Here

 I thought The Swan was bad enough (mainly for its cruel refusal to book Barbara Bush), 
 but this new Terri Schiavo Show is truly America's most crass foray into that siren call for 
 opportunists everywhere -- Reality TV. Perhaps, my exasperation with this abysmal new 
 program is exacerbated by the fact it appears to have been syndicated on every single station.

 Parading one's piety on cable television has replaced NASCAR as America's favorite talentless sport.


 They're back!


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  Subject:  Hypocrisy

  Hey "Bartcop"-

 I've noticed in reading your blog that you, along with other liberals, state that had Jeb Bush 
 used state police powers to take custody of Terri Schaivo, it would have been equivalent to 
 Nazi tactics from the '30's. 

 I think you have me confused with someone else.
 Sure, the Bushes almost always act like Nazi bastard stormtroopers,
 but I haven't accused Jeb's Nazi ass of Nazi tactics "from the 30's." 

 Yet when Janet Reno and Bill Clinton used federal police powers to seize Elian Gonzalez in 
 violation of the decision of a federal court in Florida, all of you liberals were ecstatic. 

 We liberals support a boy living with his father, not his celebrity-driven third cousins. 

 You said "Elian will be his father," when of course he is not. 

 *I* said a ten year old boy was a father?
 Sorry, your monkey-ism is getting the best of you.

 He is currently Fidel's personal puppet. 

 You mean he's living like a king?

 Liberal hypocrisy is the reason Bush got another term. 

 Greg George

 Gee, I thought it was those Ohio Diebold machines they refused to let us verify.

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