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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's gas is highest ever
Peter Jennings & lung cancer
The Pope's legacy
Chuck pushes wedding back 
Open letter to God
Russians verify Oct Surprise
Giuliani 'Too Busy' to Run
NPC welcomes Bush's whore


 Quote of the Day

"Well, I really think that he shatters the
  myth of white supremacy once and for all..."
   -- Charlie Rangle (D-NY) on The Monkey

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Volume 1527 - Cloudtown   

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  Tues-Wednesday   April 5-6,  2005                                     Mike Malloy  - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"...we seem to have run through a spate of courthouse violence recently and I
 wonder whether there may be some connection between the perception in some
 quarters on some 
occasions where judges are making political decisions yet are
 unaccountable to the public, t
hat it builds up and builds up and builds up to the
 point where some people engage in - engage in violence."
    --Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) who seems to be seconding Tom delay's suggestion that
       judges need to be taught a lesson for not being radical-right sons of bitches,    Attribution


Bush's gas prices are the highest in history
  It's going over a hundred - bet your savings on that

 Click  Here

"World oil prices hit fresh historic highs, climbing above 58 dollars a barrel in New York
 on tight supplies, as OPEC began consultations to consider raising output by 500,000
 barrels per day. New York's main contract, light sweet crude for May delivery, struck a
 record intra-day high of 58.28 dollars in early deals amid worries over US refining capacity
 and the continued fallout from a study that indicated prices could hit 100 dollars, analysts said.




 Prince Charles pushes wedding back a day    

  Click  Here

 Prince Charles' wedding to that woman — beset by problems since it was first announced
 — now has been postponed a day to avoid conflicting with the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

 The wedding, which had been scheduled for Friday in Windsor, will be held Saturday,
 Buckingham Palace announced Monday after the Vatican set the pope's funeral for Friday.

 Hey Chuck, I got a hot tip for you - nobody likes this marriage.
 It's the most unpopular celebrity marrige in decades.  You should've hopped a
 Southwest Airlines flight to vegas and boom, it's over with and everybody'd happy.



"You never know..."
  --Newt, when asked about a run for the White House in 2008     Attribution


Have a passion party at your house!

 Subject: the pope's real legacy

 The other legacy of John Paul II I don’t see the media talking about: how his medieval policies
 on birth control perpetuate a system of poverty and disease in poor Catholic countries. 
 The one thing that goes with poverty the world over is the inability of women to control the number of children they have. 

 Tampa, FL

For twenty five years progressive Catholics like my wife and I have tried to hang on to an old faith because of community and the love it brought to many. But the more I read and the further to the right this vatican circle-your-wagons went the more we became disillusioned. My studies have lead me to the writngs of the Jesus seminar in California. The old and new "testaments should be abandoned as the pinnacle of reverence. They are fictions and political statements made to protect an all male hierarchy. Is it not interesting how W. used his appeal to most Vatican efforts to his political advantage.
Right wing evangelism has been used by powerful interests in this country to destroy democracy. This head pastor, with his strange and tragic upbringing was not what "Christianity" needed to break from its two thousand year shackles. The Rabbi Yeshua never meant for this to happen to religion. Joanna Manning is right about this Polish bishop in her book "Take Back The Truth: Confronting Papal Power and The Religious Right". After his quest to destroy Communism he goes after secular humanism and feminism??? What a shame to have a deranged pope to take us into the 21st century. How easily he fit into the power structures of the world.

This vatican would certainly have handed over Jesus to Texas governor W. Bush to be electrocuted. W. would not have recognized him.   I know Bart would have.

 Jim H


 Thanks for some sane commentary about the Pope. My mind is boggling at the news coverage he's getting.
 He interfered in the internal affairs of foreign nations (all the while being under no democratic control) while refusing
 to acknowledge any responsibility on the part of the church for the crimes committed by its priests. 
 And he was such a friend to women, the poor, etc.
 Nice to know someone in the media was paying attention over all those years.
  John Fitz

 dear bart

 i've been waiting for someone to finally come out and say it and you did.   thank you.
 We now have to listen for a month at least while they bury and elect a new one.   who cares.
 Anyway i can always count on you to say the things i'm thinking.


 Sample of BCR Show 72

  Click  Here

 Contains some language



"Bush was asked about the literacy problem.  He said, 'We can solve the literacy
   if every American picked up just one piece of paper every day and put it in the trash" 
       --Jay Leno,     Attribution


 Russian Report on 1980 October Surprise
   by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 This document -- a "confidential" cable from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow -- is a translation
 of a report sent on Jan. 11, 1993, from the national security committee of the Russian legislature
 to a U.S. House task force that was then investigating the so-called "October Surprise" controversy.

 That case centered on allegations that, during the summer and fall of 1980, the Reagan-Bush campaign
 conducted secret negotiations with Iran's Islamic fundamentalist government, which was holding 52
 Americans hostage. The lingering crisis sapped Jimmy Carter's political strength and cleared the way for
 Ronald Reagan's historic victory. The hostages were freed immediately after Reagan became President.

 The Russian assistance was requested on Oct. 21, 1992, by the House task force chairman,
 Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind. The Russian report asserted that the allegations of secret Republican
 negotiations with Iran were true. But the Russian report was never released by the task force,
 whose public findings reached the opposite conclusion.

 Lee Hamilton is a traitor who has been helping the BFEE commit crimes for 25 years.
 Why do you think Bush made him the top democrat on the 9-11 Commission?
 So Hamilton could once again lie to the public and cover up Bush's crimes.


 Peter Jennings has lung cancer
  Click  Here

 Jennings, 66, told ABC News staff members of his diagnosis Tuesday morning
 and said he will continue to anchor the broadcast when he feels up to it as he begins chemotherapy.

 He last anchored "World News Tonight" Friday and was too ill to work Saturday during the network's
 special report on Pope John Paul II's death.

"There will be good days and bad, which means some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky,"
  he told ABC News employees in an e-mail.

 Sounds like he's taking it like a man - good for you, Peter.  


  Subject: BCR Show 72


 I loved 72.  Your inciteful take on things continues
to make me happy I am a member! Why can't we get the
rest of the country to look at you and AAR and the
daily Kos and Consortiun news? Let's make the world wake up!


 Aide: Giuliani Too Busy to Run for Office
   Another lie from a man who can't stop lying 

  Click  Here

 Giuliani's top political aide said Monday it won't be possible for him to run for governor
 or challenge Hillary's re-election bid next year.

"Right now, with all the commitments he has here ... I just see the commitment as too great
 to undertake any sort of run within the next year," aide Anthony Carbonetti told The whore AP.

 But,  Carbonetti cautioned: "Rudy is someone who never says never."

 First, if Rudy ran against Hillary you know what the result would be?


 Second, Rudy might be someone who "never says never," but his party says "never" all the time.
 Rudy can't run for office anywhere except New York because he's pro-choice, he's anti-guns and he
 doesn't think gays are some horseshit "abomination from God" like his monkey party leaders.
 Rudy can't run because he's a little too sane for the 19th Century Republican party.


 The National Press Club welcomes...Jeff Gannon?
   Why does Bush's hooker get a press pass?  What does he have on the BFEE?

  Click  Here

"The Press Club's Web site, however, does not tout the event as focusing on Gannon
  but rather the differences between "bloggers" and "journalists." John Aravosis at
  Americablog, which first reported the Press Club event, wrote: 'What is GannonGuckert
  doing there at all? Like he's an expert on the difference between blogging and journalism?
  How so? He thinks journalism means parroting press releases and transcripts. As for blogging,
  again, he started a so-called blog 3 weeks ago and now he's representative of all bloggers?'"





"The essence of civilization is to ensure that you protect the weak against the strong.'
  And you say, if that's the criteria, you've got a highly uncivilized administration."
      --Cornel West, on America's murder monkey,     Attribution   


 The death of Gonzo and other musings
by  JK58

  Click  Here

 The last election, I’ll admit, was the first election I’ve voted in. I’ve never trusted politics or politicians,
 but then again getting Bush out was a prime motivator. Previous to casting my ballot I was a Dean supporter
 and agreed with the Good Doctor’s views at the time.
 Then the scream, the merciless media edit that they
 pummeled everyone with  for days till he was relegated to the sidelines.  The shift of support was then put
 behind Kerry, but he got caught in all the wrong photo ops.


 Subject: bartcop on book cover 

 Hey, you probably already know this, but your site's URL appears on the cover
 of a fantastic (yeah, right) new book.  Check out this link to DailyKos:


 Kos is talking about a new book by Byron York of the National Review entitled
The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy" in a post from April 5, 2005.  If you look at the
 picture of
the book cover just by the name of the author you can make out 'BARTCOP.COM'
 behind the
'YORK'.  So, now that you've been outted, how can I become a part of this?


 Clayton, whoever this sackless writer is, if he mentions  bartcop.com  and fails to mention that
 I've been waiting years for some Bush sympathizer to get in a live chat room to defend said bastard,
 it'll just be more proof that they can't win without lying.

 Republicans are gutless fools who win debates by turning down the other guy's volume.


 Bono and the Pope

  Click  Here

 Bono discovered another facet.

"He had mischief in his eyes as well as godliness," he says. "If the Catholic Church is the glam rock of religion,
 this guy was just the most vivid of performers."

 While they were seated together, Bono noticed the pope staring at him. Concerned that his powder-blue "fly shades"
 were an offensive accessory, Bono removed them. When Bono approached, the pope continued eyeing the sunglasses.

"So I asked if he wanted them," Bono said. "He not only nodded, but he put them on and made the wickedest smile.
 It was a great moment for a lot of reasons, and one of them was, I thought, 'We'll be on the front page of every newspaper.'
 I don't mean me, but our issues. I knew what a picture of the pope in sunglasses was going to do."

 Many photos were taken. None surfaced.  "The Vatican courtiers didn't have the same sense of humor as the pontiff,"
 Bono said.  "They could imagine the T-shirts. We'll never see those photos."


 Open letter to God 

 Dear God,

 I realize I don't have any right to ask you for a favor, because over the years I've kinda,
 sorta said a few things about You that You might not have liked, such as denying You existed,
 but I need a favor and I'm hoping that You're as kind and forgiving as Your believers say you are
  - and I really need this one because this is important.

 Do you think you could see your way to break off some summer heat for Oklahoma this year?
 We could really use some heat this year, Lord, like in June and July, if You don't mind?.

 Last year, it barely got above 80 degrees the whole summer (and this is Oklahoma, Lord!)
 and the corn came in small, as You know, and we need some BIG corn this year, if You don't mind.

 So if You could, in Your glorious and magnificent way, remember to send some heat to the greater
 Knuckledrag, Oklahoma region, I would really appreciate Your doing that, Lord.    If you could
 manage to allow some serious heat to come to an area once known as 'Baked Potato, USA'
 I would, in return, deny Your existence less often - if that would do You any good at all, Lord.
 As You know, the Tequila Treehouse gets dozens of hits each day, so denying Your existence less often
 could result in an increase in population over the long run for that little cloudtown you run up there.

 Thank you and all praise...

  PS. If You had anything to do with making corn, it's some of your best work.



"Maybe somebody's long in the oil market." 
      --Dick Cheney's non-denial that oil prices could soon be $105 a barrel,      Attribution


 Bart's Law #4 - Nothing is easy 

 I'll tell ya, I'm OK now but yesterday I was in rough shape.
 One of the cats had a problem, so I took her to the vet.
 I had to grab the cat early, because they somehow know when it's vet time.
 We get to the vet and I'm standing there 20 minutes waiting for some candy striper
 to acknowledge that I'm there.  Finally, one shows up and says they got slammed
 and everything is running behind so things will take a little longer.

 100 minutes later, we're done (It was only $225) but I still need to visit
 another vet because this one has a "no compete" clause to get referrals
 so here I go to the other side of town to wait on yet another vet.
(BTW, if the vet's making $200 an hour, and has people waiting days to get in,
 why can't the vet hire more candy stripers so we can get back to our jobs?)

 By now it's 4 PM and I'm finally headed home when I get stuck in the mother of all hail storms.
 I've been in hailstorms before (this is Oklahoma) but never one like this. It sounded like
 the Yankees were beating on my car with baseball bats. I was driving like a drunken Bush,
 trying to either get thru the damn storm or out-run it, but nothing worked.  For about 20 minutes
 I drove and drove while the car was pummeled like it was a dark skinner at Abu Graib.

 Finally, finally, I drove past a Sam's Club that sells gas, and I spotted an empty stall under the roof
 of the Sam's gas station where I stayed for another 25 minutes as the hail pounded the whole city.

 Good thing I drive an old clunker because my car got the shit pounded out of it.
 But I hear you asking, "Bart, who gives a rat's ass if Tulsa had a hailstorm?"

 I'm just explaining that this is why the page is late.
 Everything has to go right for me to have enough hours in a day to put a page together.
 A one-hour trip to the vet lasted 4.5 hours - just like my Bart's Law #4 example, enough to kill
 the page for the day. When I get that far behind, all I can do is combine two days and tell myself
 I have a jump on the issue after this one.

 Mrs. Bart's car was beat to hell, too, so now I have to drive both cars to the can't-trust-anybody
 insurance adjuster thief so he can (hopefilly) make me whole again.  It's true - nothing is easy.

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Bush's body count in Iraq

1533, 1538, 1542 dead soldiers under Bush

Another four added to Bush's death pile.

How many more destroyed families can we afford?



 %&@%@& Bitchin', Dude

 Paris Hilton and Jayson Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) to star in "Bottoms Up,"
 a low-budget
comedy from Blue Collar Films.  Mewes plays a midwestern
  bartender who falls for Hilton's
character while working his way to Hollywood.

 I like Jayson Mewes, the most foul-mouth in all of movie history.
 But if they muzzle him, the movie won't be very funny. He should be free
 to say every g-damn, lick-my-balls, mother-effing thing he f-ing wants.

 ...and it should be rated at least an "R."



 Subject: Your tip jar 

 Bart, here's a suggestion:  Display the tip jar on every page. 
 I looked thru 3 pages and couldn't find the jar to send a tip.  
 I have it bookmarked now, but it'd be great to have easy access
 for readers and listeners who want to send some extry every once in a while.  




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