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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Passing the Bankrupt = Jail Act
Disabled girl's sexual attack
Top 11 reasons to hate U2
DeLay’s ‘Moral’ Defenders
Look for the media labels
Embracing the Irrelevant
Negroponte's 'Friendly eye'
Congress OKs Halli-swindles
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 Quote of the Day

"When does he start up this stupid network?
  August?   Yip yip yip yahoo. You know what
  Gore said about this? It's going to be liberal.
  It's going to reflect the view of young people.
  What the hell is the view of young people?
  Blow jobs, that's what they're doing out there.
  They're out there getting oral sex all day long."
-- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, ranting like,
        ...well, ...he's ranting like an insane pig

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Volume 1533 -  Lay my burden down   

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  Thursday   April  14,  2005                                          Mike Malloy  - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


 "DeLay's problem isn't with the Democrats, Delay's problem is with the country.
  And so Delay has a challenge to lay out a case that the country comes to believe."
         --Newt Gingrich, caught telling the truth for once  Attribution


 Congress close to passing the Bankrupt = Jail Act

  Click  Here

Bankruptcy legislation that could make it impossible for thousands of people
 to wipe away their debts is nearing passage by Congress.

 After eight years of failed efforts, the banks and credit card companies finally have
 purchased congress, so we're facing the biggest overhaul of bankruptcy laws in a
 quarter-century and that's bad news for non-rich people who get sick or have an accident.

 The monstrosity has been catapulted toward enactment by a Republican majority
 buttressed by the rigged fall elections that the Democrats didn't care to challenge.
 The legislation, which garnered some Democratic votes, cleared the Senate last month 74-25.

 This truly is one of the worst things Bush has done to America's non-rich.




"Exactly three years ago today, James Traficant (I-JAIL) was found guilty." 
       --Hotline's Wake-up call! 

"I was railroaded!"


 Subject: The DLC


"DLC CEO Al From: "You've Got To Reject Michael Moore And The MoveOn Crowd."
 (NBC's "First Read," March 1, 2005)

 "Rank-And-File Democrats `Are More Like Us Than MoveOn,' which Al From called a group of `elites,
 people who sit in their basements all the time and play on their computers.'"

 So that's my problem!  I've always thought that the "elite" were folks who ran huge corporations,
 had several vacation homes, and had chauffeurs drive them wherever they go.  Sort of like Al From. 
 I just didn't understand that "elites" were people "who sit in their basements all the time and play on their computers."
 Jim H.

 I thought we were supposed to be fragmented and fight when we were winning...
 Should we have a debate about this?
 The DLC has produced the only two-termer since FDR.
 Should we reject theie ideas and go with the lose-49-states crowd?


...and you're afraid to own a gun?

  Disabled girl victim of sexual attack

  Click  Here

 A 16-year-old disabled girl was punched and forced to engage in videotaped sexual acts
 with several boys in a high school auditorium as dozens of students watched, according to witnesses.
 Authorities are investigating and no charges have been filed in the alleged attack last month at Mifflin High School.
 Four boys suspected of involvement were sent home and have not returned to class. The principal was suspended
 and will be fired for not calling police, school officials said. And three assistant principals were suspended and will
 be reassigned to other schools.
 An assistant principal cautioned the girl's father against calling 911 to avoid
 media attention, the statements said. The girl's father called police.

I realize "boys will be boys," but any boy who would force any girl, let alone a
girl confined to a wheelchair, to perform oral sex
on him should have to endure
a jail term with an agressive, oversexed cellmate and be taught a lesson.


 Subject: Garbage concert mini-review
 OH BOY!!!! What a babe!!!!! She was true to your word!!! . . . and even better.
 She "poured her misery out on us."

 This was their first concert in 2 1/2 years.
 They had the flu and missed the previous two concerts, so I feel pretty excited.
 I will send you the pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it.

 From the Carpenters to Shirley Manson, . . . who knew?
 Sheryl P


saw it on nuderepublicans.com


"You have to be very careful before you start tinkering with the rules. I mean the rules have been changed before.
  You have to think down the road. The senate's not always going to be Republican. History shows that." 
   -- Bob Dole warning Republicans that what goes around comeas around, ,   Attribution   

 The problem is - Republicans can't f-ing think.
 They impeached Clinton for having a girlfriend while they were screwing their secretaries.
 Trying to reason with a Republican is like reasoning with a crack whore who needs a fix..


  Top 11 reasons to hate U2
A list for those who need a reason

  Click  Here

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2 - A Man And A Woman

 Great song, if you ignore the ho-hum music and the fact that "romance" doesn't rhyme with "distance."
 This song exemplifies the reason I hate songs with lyrics. Listen you dolts: if a song has a "message,"
 then it probably doesn't matter because more often than not, song writers compromise their message
 for the sake of making a song that sounds good, or they compromise the music for the sake of pushing
 their shallow agenda. Maybe U2 wouldn't suck so hard if they stopped preaching and started rocking instead.
 Of course, that's difficult to do with Pantera holding a near monopoly on all things that rock.

  And - When was the last time U2 had a hit?

 ha ha

 If only U2 were as big a band as Pantera.

 Thanks to Rude Rich, who scours the net for anti-U2 links :)


Please visit  sprogcatdesign.com

  Look for the media labels
   by radical peacenik Ted Rall :)
  Click  Here

Labeling bias works to marginalize political outsiders while powerful elites receive their full honorifics.
 Howard Dean was antiwar firebrand Howard Dean but George W. Bush was never referred to as
 pro-war crusader George W. Bush. The press calls the founder of the Moral Majority "the Reverend
 Jerry Falwell," not "radical cleric Jerry Falwell."  Even the word "cleric" implies foreignness to a
 xenophobic public; American religious leaders are the more familiar "ministers" rather than clerics.
 Instead of telling readers and viewers what to think with cheesy labels, why not let public figures'
 quotes and actions speak for themselves? Besides, well-known players like al-Sadr and Falwell
 don't require an introduction.


 Subject: polio 
 yes, I took my 2 little boys down to the firehouse where they were giving out 
the sugar cubes with the vaccine in it.  I had two worries: would the vaccine
work and would it make the kids sick (like other vaccines at the time did). 
thanks to Dr. Younger they did not get sick or get polio.

I went to school with kids who had polio, one in a wheel chair, one with crumpled feet. 
my parents wouldn't let my brother or me swim in public pools or go to carnivals or
wherever there was a crowd - because of polio.

hugs and kisses to you Dr. Younger

Key West
america, the country that tortures

Barbara, I'll be sure he sees that. As crazy as it sounds, swear to Koresh,
Dr Youngner has been known to take an occasinal glance at bartcop.com

Attention PittsburgHers: In the next few days, one of your local TV stations is
running a special on the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Youngner's kicking Polio's ass.
I really, really would like to see that TV special.

Could someone tape that and send me a nice clear copy?

Yes, Bart, I can

donate if you can

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Tulsa, OK 74155 

  Embracing the Irrelevant
  How Iraq's occupiers justified their bloody invasion 

  Click  Here

the occupying powers are still so desperate to create a moral framework to justify the war
 that embracing the irrelevant and ignoring the inconvenient has become the only viable strategy left to them.

 We have entered a world where reality - like the photographs of torture or the absence of WMDs - is just a
 minor blockage in a flood of official, upbeat declarations and statements. Each new dispatch from the departments
 of irony on both sides of the Atlantic suggests that truth can be created by assertion, principle can be established
 by deception and democracy can be imposed through aggression. These people would claim credit for the good
 weather and deny responsibility for their own signature if they thought they could get away with it.



saw it on  maddox.xmission.net


"When you find a bear in your cabin, it's not smart to try to burn him out." 
    --Former Senators Jim McClure (R-Idaho) and Malcolm Wallop (R-Wyoming),
       agreeing with Dole that changing the rules to where the minority has zero power
       might come back to haunt the GOP - sooner than they think,      


 DeLay’s ‘Moral’ Defenders
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here


 As the rhetoric of the radical right turns shrill and even violent, the stunning moral
 emptiness of its leadership can no longer be ignored. Pious politicians and political
 preachers may hope to divert attention from their disgrace by threatening judges or
 denouncing the media. But what has emerged from the scandals surrounding Tom
 DeLay is a dark portrait of Washington’s conservative elite, whose behavior should
 repel every American honestly concerned about "moral values."


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  Negroponte's 'Friendly eye'
   saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here 

 ...by the time George W. Bush named Negroponte to be ambassador to Iraq in 2004, Dodd and other
 Democrats had stopped asking tough questions about the past. The U.S. press corps also treated
 concerns about Negroponte’s role in the Central American bloodshed as old news.

One of the few publications still reporting on these controversies was the National Catholic Reporter,
 which had covered the right-wing persecution of Catholic clergy in Central America during the 1980s.

 In an April 2004 article, the magazine recalled a statement from Society of Helpers Sister Laetitia Bordes,
 who had gone to Honduras and approached Negroponte about the “disappearances” of 32 women who had
 fled rightist death squads in El Salvador after the assassination of Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero in 1980.

 After reaching Honduras, these women, including one who had been Romero’s secretary, “were forcibly taken
 ...pushed into a van and disappeared,” Sister Laetitia Bordes said. “John Negroponte listened to us as we
 exposed the facts. … Negroponte denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of these women. He insisted
 that the U.S. embassy did not interfere in the affairs of the Honduran government.” Click  Here

Robert Parry broke the Iran Contra story and has been paying for it ever since.


  Al Franken on Tour

Go see Al, tell him "Bart says Hey!"
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 Here's Al's schedule:   
 Friday Tax Day    NYC 


 Subject: disgraced Cardinal at Pope funeral
 bart, i was insulted by the role cardinal law played in the pope-a-thon, 
but this particular shame wasn't necessary to clearly see into the dark
heart of this catholic "hero". endorsing child rape is no worse than
banning condoms and damning millions to death by AIDS. i think i'd rather
live with memories of priest sex, instead of dying with AIDS. I don't know.

What henious pope crime would you prefer being victimized by?

it all sort of falls into place when one considers that this is the religion
chosen by Robert Novak. he converted to Catholicism. what else can one say?

chris from boca


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty had her 1,000,000th  hit yesterday

A million people went there because she's the best!

The best in Hollywood news

 Subject: Polio comment 
 Bart, I was a little boy in the first grade when I saw the headline in the Detroit Free Press.
 It was in the super large font like we've only seen in old papers announcing the end of WWII.  

 My mom cried with joy.  I knew it was big.  
 My bottle of Chinaco is empty but when I find another I'll join you in that shot to honor Dr. Julius.   
 Now if we spent money on research like the Republicans spend money on killingjust think what might be done.
 Bob in Cadillac Michigan

 Bob, thanks for that.
 Also, I'm proud of the  bartcop.com  readers.
 I didn't see one e-mail saying "Knock off the polio crap!"

  Congress rejects proposal to investigate war profiteers
   This way crooked companies like Halliburton can continue to steal

  Click  Here

 A U.S. Senate committee approved a proposal last night from Bush for an additional $80.5 billion
 to fund the war in Iraq. At the same time, it voted against a proposal from Sen. Dorgan (D-ND) to
 investigate the numerous allegations of fraud and profiteering by military contactors in Iraq.

 At least ten military audits have criticized Halliburton's Iraq spending. Pentagon auditors reported
 that 43 percent of the company's expenditures could not be verified by normal accounting procedures.
 The Pentagon ignored the auditors' complaints and agreed to pay all the costs to Halliburton anyway..

 Since Halliburton has official permission to loot the Treasury until the end of Bush's war (which is forever)
 we can't
really blame them. After all, stealing from Social Security is what Halliburton does - it's who they are.



A wake-up call for the Sane Majority
by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

Vieira insisted, Kennedy upheld "Marxist, Leninist, satanic 
principles drawn from foreign law."

And the solution? If not impeachment, Vieira said that his "bottom-line"
solution for renegade judges was Stalin’s: "He had a slogan, and it worked
very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty: ‘No man, no problem.’"

The audience reportedly didn’t gasp. They laughed. "‘No man, no problem,’"
he repeated for emphasis. "This is not a structural problem we have. This
is a problem of personnel."

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank supplied the full Stalin quote, which
is quite famous: "Death solves all problems: No man, no problem." He
speculated that Vieira couldn’t possibly be urging the killing of Supreme
Court justices. But he put the remark in the context of recent threats by
DeLay, who said that "the time will come for the men responsible for
[Terri Schiavo’s death] to answer for their behavior," and Sen. John Cornyn,
R Texas, who mused that unpopular judicial decisions could lead people to
"engage in violence."


  BCR Show 73 is in the oven - it'll be out in a matter of hours.

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Bush's body count in Iraq

  1542, 1547, 1549 dead soldiers under Bush

Two more deaths since yesterday.

Why are they so eager to die for Halliburton?

Why are they so eager to widow the wives?

Why are they so eager to orphan the kids?


"I like her breasts, but ..."
   -- Shirley Manson, when asked by MTV if she liked Lindsay Lohan's CD


   Full  Story

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