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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Rudolph pleads guilty to bombings 
US fought oil war and lost it? 
Liberals kill noble experiment
Italian says US lied about shooting
Big Dog bites gay Republican   
Aide's tie to October Surprise
Rummy's surprise tour of Iraq 
The Truth about Halliburton
Woman won't sue Wendys

 Quote of the Day

"Democrats should save their money.
  Why murder someone who is committing suicide?" 
     --a senior GOP lawmaker, about Tom DeLay,

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Volume 1532 - Boys wanna fight   

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  Wednesday   April  13,  2005                                          Mike Malloy  - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"I heard a minister the other day talking about the great injustice and evil of the men in white robes,
 the Ku Klux Klan, that roamed the country in the South, and they did great wrong to civil rights
 and to morality. And now we have black-robed men, and that's what you're talking about." 
    --James Dobson, (R-Religiously insane)  likening the GOP Supreme Court to the KKK,   Attribution


  Eric Rudolph pleads guilty to bombings

  Click  Here

Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty Wednesday to an abortion clinic bombing that killed a cop,
 in the first of a string of bombings that will send him to prison for life.

 Why doesn't this coward demand a trial so he can screech his "pro-life" views?
 Like McVeigh, he's passing up the biggest soap box of his pitiful life - why?
 I was hoping he'd plead innocent so the right-wings "murder for Jesus" views could get the spotlight.
 Plus, after he was found guilty and executed, he could play gin rummy in Hell with Paul Hill.
 You play gin rummy, Eric?

Sidebar: Remember Richard Jewel?
 He was originally charged in the Atlanta Olympic bombing.

 Besides Patsy Ramsey and John Kerry, can you think of anyone
 who mismananged the media worse than Richard Jewel?




"There's a difference, when Lincoln prayed, he talked to God.
  When Bush prays, God talks to Bush." 
      --Mario Cuomo, to Bill Maher,    Attribution


 Subject: whipping boys

 Sam Parry's question sort of answers itself, I guess.  But it points up a bigger mystery. 
 Nobody in American politics is acting normally -- not for years now!  I mean, it's as outlandish
 that the Dems would give a deserter a pass in an election in which the Dem candidate is a decorated hero,
 as it is that the Republicans would run the alchoholic, illiterate pansy in the first place.

 The strange thing about the Dem pols is not that they're wimpy, it's that they act like they have
 a guilty conscience.  I mean, what do you make of someone who doesn't angrily deny it when
 he/she's called a traitor or "soft on national defense"?  What do you make of someone who fails
 to treat accusations like that as beyond the pale, and those who make them as the unscrupulous,
 traitorous snakes that they are?  It doesn't make sense.

 Speakin' of which, what do you make of a party which goes into the '02 elections, during which
 "W-stands-for-war-criminal" is blatantly lying the country into a disasterous and incomprehensible war,
 agreeing to "take war and taxes off the table"?

 Batavia, NY
 Neal, you're right.
 The Dems lost that election at least 100 days before people went to the polls.
 Was Kerry a sellout for Skull & Bones?     We'll never know.

 Let's just hope we don't run a pink-tutu quitter three cycles in a row.
 The Dems really, really, really need me on their team, but I think they'd rather lose than listen
 to some advice from some nobody who has a little fight in his blood, after all, fighting isn't polite.


  US fought oil war and lost it? 
   by Ian Rutledge

  Click  Here

 Sir, Your recent report that oil prices have reached an all-time nominal high and that Goldman Sachs
 has suggested the possibility of a "super spike" in prices to as high as $105 per barrel ("Crude at all-time
 high despite Opec's efforts", April 5) should be of no surprise to anyone who has studied the informed
 opinions of US energy experts in the period leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Nor, for that matter,
 to anyone who has seen my own observations on future world oil prices in my recent book
Addicted to Oil.

 ...or anyone who reads  bartcop.com


 Subject: Halliburton's goon squad
 WTF? I guess I should stop acting like Claude Rains in Casablanca (I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you,
 to find out that thuggery has been committed by Halliburton!) every time the BFEE pulls stunts like this.
 As you continuously ask: What will it take for the Democrats to grow a pair and stand up to these vicious brutes?
 Sorry for the shrill tone, but I've been busy scanning your site, and the rest of the "Internets" for material
 for my new blog,  and I'm a bit testy at the moment.
 But you help keep me sane here in the "liberal" state of Massatucky. Yours has been a favorite stop of mine
 for quite a while, and for all you do to fight the forces of bullshit, I am sending a long overdue donation.
 Keep the hammer swinging!
 Mike in Leominster

 Mike, tell me when your site's ready and I'll give you a free plug.



""I'm not into funny." 
    --Dick Cheney, hinting he might run for president in 2008,   Attribution   

 That's damn scary.
 That means we'll have the same illegal president
 for 12 years in a row and 24 of the last 32 years.

 ...or were you thinking Reagan was calling his own shots?


  Science-hating liberals kill noble experiment
  Left spoils EPA's effort to test pesticides on babies

  Click  Here

Appropriately called CHEERS (Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study), the exhilaratingly
 imaginative program former administrator Mike Leavitt left behind at the EPA is now in its dying days.
 The program that rewarded impoverished mothers for subjecting themselves and their children to
 pesticides is what some  goodie-two-shoes call "atrocious."


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  Italian journalist says US lied about shooting
   See the interview on Sunday's 60 Minutes
  Click  Here

"Journalist and former hostage Giuliana Sgrena says that the American military is lying about the
 shooting at a security checkpoint in Iraq that wounded her and killed an Italian intelligence officer.
 Days before the Pentagon is expected to release the results of its investigation into what happened
 at the checkpoint, Sgrena tells Correspondent Scott Pelley that shortly after her release by insurgents,
 American soldiers in Baghdad opened fire on her car without any warnin


 If the military did nothing wrong, why can't they tell the truth?


 Subject: John Bolton's world 
Some people don't understand why President Bush wants to send John 
Bolton to the United Nations. John Bolton is a man who understands the
New World Order. He understands that there are two kinds of people in
the world - Americans - and foreigners. And it's up to us Americans to
help bring civilization to the poor ignorant foreigners. We give them
loin cloths, teach them English, build them a Wal-Mart, and teach the
heathens some religion. The Bush administration is truly confused as to
why the foreigners aren't welcoming John Bolton's help.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


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 Big Dog bites gay Republican
  Click  Here

Bill Clinton unleashed an attack against a gay Republican strategist who plans to work against
 the re-election of Hillary, suggesting that, to work on behalf of the GOP, the man may be
"blinded by self-loathing."  He was reacting to reports that the strategist, Arthur Finkelstein,
 was setting up a political action committee to defeat Hillary in 2006. Republican officials close
 to Finkelstein have said that he hopes to be able to finance an advertising campaign similar to
 the one orchestrated last year against John Kerry by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth."

 The Clintons will chop those Swift Boat liars into little meatballs.
 If they make the GOP eat it big time in 2006, would you Hillary haters join the fight in 2008?



"The College of Cardinals has set the date of April 18th for the secret vote ..what they do
 is an elite group of robed figures meet behind closed doors  and they choose the new leader.
 Today Bush said 'yeah that's how I got elected the first time.'" 
       --Jay Leno, with another formula joke.

  Jay, in your career, have you ever told an original joke?


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  Rockefeller's Aide's tie to October Surprise
   saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here 

 The third batch of documents are from a "secret" deposition with former CIA officer Charles Cogan.
 On Dec. 21, 1992, as the Task Force was wrapping up its work, Cogan described a conversation that
  he recalled from early 1981 between Joseph Reed and William Casey at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.

 Reed, who had just been named U.S. ambassador to Morocco, entered Casey's office as Cogan was leaving.
 Knowing Reed, Cogan said he lingered at the door and had a "definite memory" of a comment Reed made to Casey
  about disrupting Carter's "October Surprise." But Cogan said he couldn't recall the precise verb that Reed had used.

"Joseph Reed said, 'we' and then the verb [and then] something about Carter's October Surprise," Cogan testified.
"The implication was we did something about Carter's October Surprise, but I don't have the exact wording."

 One congressional investigator, who discussed the recollection with Cogan in a less formal setting, concluded that
 the verb that Cogan chose not to repeat was an expletive for sex - as in "we f--d Carter's October Surprise."

Robert Parry broke the Iran Contra story and has been paying for it ever since.


  Al Franken on Tour

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 Here's Al's schedule:
 Wednesday 4/13 Chapel Hill, NC
 Thursday 4/14     Charleston, NC
 Friday Tax Day    NYC 


 Subject: Question
 I ran a google search for an old friend of mine, Barbara Hartwell,
 and found a photo that I think is her, in www.bartcop.com/0958.htm


 Do you know Barbara, and where I can locate her?

 That's Barbara Hartwell, but I don't know how to reach her.
 Maybe she'll see this and write.



 Rummy's surprise tour of Iraq
  Click  Here

 On a whirlwind tour of Iraq, Rumsfeld urged the emerging national government
 on Tuesday to avoid politicizing the Iraqi military.

 Rumsfeld can't visit Iraq in any situation other than a surprise.
 Bush and the networks keep telling us what a stable democracy Iraq has become,
 but Rummy can only sneak in because the insurgents have actual control of that country.

 If Iraq was as stable as Bush and the networks tell us, our soldiers could come home.


Marty's Entertainment Page

The best in Hollywood news

 Subject: Youngner, Salk and history
 I too grew up in the shadow of polio . I too remember lining in school up for
 that first sugar cube ( of many more to come with a totally differen't effect in store ! ) .
 I didn't personally know anyone with the death sentence of polio , but my parents had.
 I'll see your double shot , and raise you  2 bowls of the Very Best , to the man, and anyone on that team.
 That was a war we won , and not a day too soon. 
 And double that , to the people fighting today's war, against Aids, Hep. C, Cancer and worse, like Ebola !

 Unrelated sidebar:  I was drinking Dr. Younger's elixer in the basement of my Catholic prison
 on Nov 24, 1963, when someone ran in the room and screamed, "They just shot Oswald."

 So in my small brain, I always equate polio with Oswald.
(these auto-changing mystery fonts are killing me)

  The Truth about Halliburton

..greedy bastards

  Click  Here

 The trouble with Halliburton goes way beyond its misadventure in Iraq, which is just the most
 visible example in a string of self-inflicted fiascos. Federal prosecutors are now investigating how
 the company sidestepped U.S. sanctions against doing business with Iran as well as a former KBR
 chairman's alleged involvement in a Nigerian bribery scandal and possible bid-rigging overseas.
 There was an ugly encounter with the SEC dating back to 1998, focusing on the failure to disclose
 an accounting change that allowed the company to hit its quarterly earnings targets; Halliburton settled
 the case last year after paying a $7.5 million penalty, reflecting the SEC's view that "unacceptable
 lapses" in Halliburton's cooperation had delayed the investigation. Then there's the company's
 attempt to cut off promised health benefits for 4,000 retirees÷which a federal judge has now blocked.



"He's like all of us - he may have a mixed legacy." 
    --Bill Clinton, discussing John Paul II,   Attribution


 Clinton was the only politician to speak the truth about JPII last week
 which caused the right-wing whores jump out of their skin.


Woman won't sue Wendy's for finger
  Click  Here

"A woman who claimed she got a finger with her chili at Wendy's
 has decided not to sue them due to
"great emotional distress
Looks to me like the cops are getting close to an arrest.



"I'm getting fed up with people like Rick Santorum who is a conservative
  one day, decides he wants to be president then starts moving to the left." 
      -Rush the vulgar Pigboy

 Rush, I agree with you.
 We're all fed up with that Santorum bastard.


 Garbage, Bleed Like Me (* * *)

         Click  to  Order

 After 10 years and four albums in the can, Garbage is as fresh as ever.
 Like a tough moll nursing a bruised heart, Shirley Manson sings with a fiery snarl
 that isn't quite harsh enough to camouflage hurt and humiliation. Her voice rides on
 thickly textured hard pop and glam-rock created by three rhythm-savvy producers
 with a passion for old-school guitar bluster and sprinting beats. There's enough dirt
 and grime in the electro-sheen finish to lend Bleed an aura of decay and decadence.
 Also offsetting the chill of hi-fi precision are the gutsy tales Manson so brutally relates
 on the ominous title track, Boyfriend (featuring Foo Fighter Dave Grohl on drums) and
 the confrontational Why Do You Love Me. ÷Edna Gundersen, USA Today

 Subject: BartcopSports on Tiger Woods

"I don't understand Tiger-haters. He seems like a good
  guy and we're fortunate to see such an amazing player."
         -BartCop Sports

I noticed you didn't give any commentary on Tiger's fourth Masters win.
Also his return to #1 in the world rankings. Is the Hex dead?


 Matt, those comments are in the soon-to-be-uploaded BCR #73.
 The radio shows have different content than the page.

 Besides, all the headlines said "Tiger's drought finally ends."
 He's won one major in the last three years (by one stroke).
 I wish I has a Buick for every "Goddamn" Tiger yelled last weekend.

 Looks the the hex is working pretty good.

 Note: We need to get BartcopSports working again - any volunteers?



Bush's body count in Iraq

1538, 1542, 1547 dead soldiers under Bush

Another five deaths since the last update.

How many more destroyed families can we afford?


  I lied, I AM pregnant with that ne'er do well's baby
   Sorry to all those tabloids I slurred


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