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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Wall Street's worst day
The History of Vatican Insanity
Clinton gives $10M to AIDS kids
Tim Russert vs Abe Lincoln
Hagel might deny Bolton
Bolton - 'Serial abuser' of staff?
Rockefeller & October Surprise
John Rocker's apology
Maloney to play Amber Frey

 Quote of the Day

"Our coalition is strong. It will remain
so long as I’m the president." 
      -- Monkey Dubya,   Attribution

 But Monkey, the whole world hates you.
 You might have a real coalition if you weren't a
 money-grubbing whore and punk-ass oil snatcher.

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Volume 1534 -  When to let go   

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  Tax Day Weekend   April  15-18,  2005                                          Mike Malloy  - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"...our founding fathers had the superior vision to separate church and state.
 It is a fundamental principle that has allowed our great, diverse nation to grow
 and flourish peacefully. blurring the line between church and state erodes our
 constitution, and our democracy. it is a blatant abuse of power. participating in
 something designed to incite divisiveness and encourage contention is unacceptable.
 I would hope that sen. frist will rise above something so beyond the pale.”
     --Senator Harry Reid (D-NV, trying to reason with a foaming, rabid dog,    Attribution


 Wall Street's worst day in two years

  Click  Here

the Dow Jones industrial average falling 191 points for its third straight triple-digit loss, deepening
 concerns over economic growth and higher prices that led to the worst week of trading since August.

 The Dow fell 191, th Nasdaq dropped 36 and the Standard and Poor lost 19 and change.
 All three indexes set five-month lows for the second straight session. It was the first time the Dow
 lost 100 points three sessions in a row since late January 2003 
Bush's last record economic free fall.

 Giving America's future to the super-rich caused this disaster.
 Bush, Kerry and the networks say we voted for a falling dollar and a crashing stock market.
 Are they right?




"Guys like Bolton may be hard on the outside, but they have a soft, chewy center.
  People sometimes ask why George W. Bush makes these horrific Bernie Kerik type
  appointments. I suspect there is no why. Bush is not a guy who thinks things through;
  he relies on what "feels" good. So, he appoints people he feels in sync with. And we see
  the result: subconsciouly, Bush is re-creating his own dysfunctional family within the
  executive branch. And from the far end of the idiot spectrum, we find Rich Lowry at
  Town Hall calling Bolton a "multilateralist." Yeah, and I'm the Virgin Mary."
     -- The Virgin Mary, once known as blogger Maha,    Attribution


 Subject: Russert on Lincoln

 Bart - In the next few days we here in Springfield, IL will be in the national news.

 And from the mediareports of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum (the general public
 has not been allowed in - select groups of insiders, media, and school children have been used
 for "shakedown" tours), there is a MAJOR embarrassment that reflects badly on Springfield.

 One of the exhibits is how TV would have covered election night 1860 - and it is anchored by
 America's premier media whore, Tim Russert.

"Hi, Cowboy - my name's Tim!"

 From the accounts, he reads the historical script. But if Russert had covered the 1860 election
 like he covered "Monica" the questions would have been something like these:
"Mr. Lincoln, is it true you really loved Ann Rutledge and only married Mary Todd because her
 brother-in-law's father, Ninian Edwards, is a former Illinois Territorial and State Governor?"
"Mr. Lincoln, your law partner, Billy Herndon, is an atheist - doesn't your association with him
 prove your unfitness to hold the Presidency?"

"Mr. Lincoln, you are sympathetic to drunks, tolerate the Irish, and have a barber who is descended
 from slaves - doesn't this show you are outside the mainstream of God fearing Americans and nothing
 but a liberal elitist?"

"Mr. Lincoln, your mother died after a cow ate some poison weed and contaminated the milk - isn't it
 true you were responsible for keeping the cow out of those weeds, and caused mother's death?"

 For all who may come to this museum - and please do - be aware we did not pick Russert - he was
 picked by Richard Norton Smith, who has worked at Republican Presidential libraries.

 John K.
 Springfield, IL


  The History of Vatican Insanity

  Click  Here    now with working link

One of the most bizarre loose ends was the "cadaver synod" after the election in 896 of the
 insanely vengeful Pope Stephen VI.  He harbored so much anger at a predecessor, Pope Formosus,
 that he had his corpse exhumed.

 Formosus' decomposing body was dressed in papal vestments, propped in a throne and put on trial
 for crimes against church law, including perjury. Unable to mount a defense, Formosus' ghastly
 remains were convicted. As punishment, the three fingers Formosus once used to bless the faithful
 were hacked from his right hand. His body was dragged away and thrown into the Tiber River.

 Hmmm, sounds a lot like the foaming, mad-dog Republicans of today.
 Mark my words (you can) both Clintons will have to be buried at sea to keep these insane
 religio-bastards from digging them up and re-trying Bill for Monica over and over.

 All they have is their hate.


 Subject: Why should Eric Rudolph fear death?
Eric Rudolph - a pro-life terrorist plead guilty to being a serial killer in exchange for
 immunity from the death penalty. What confuses me is why does he fear death?  

 If he truly has faith then being dead is an opportunity to go to Heaven.
 If God really wants Christians to assassinate the heathens then shouldn't they welcome
 death so that God can reward them?  
 Muslim mass murders don't fear dying because Muslims terrorist are true believers.
 I don't think Mr. Rudolph is as strong a believer as he claims to be.
 He's only pro-life when it comes to saving his own sorry hide.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.



"We are at the dawn of a glorious, delicate, revolutionary moment in the Middle East.
  It was triggered by the invasion of Iraq, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and
  televised images of 8 million Iraqis voting in a free election."
   --Charles Krauthammer   Attribution   

 If only the Democrats had the brains or the courage to fight back.
 I've shown them how 1,000 times, but they're too afraid to act.
 All they have to do is repeat crap like this.
"Bush claims he's solved the Middle East problem," and then Bush can either confirm
 or deny that he's done that - either way he's screwed, but the poor Democrats can't figure out
 how to construct an argument - how can they be so unable to learn, year after year?

 Clinton showed them the map in 92 and 96, but they act like they can't f-ing read.
 How did I get in a party of scared bunnies who enjoy losing all the time?
 BTW, Democrats, mark your calendars for October 2008 to file a lawsuit asking some judge
 to investigate the Diebold Machines.  Don't do it before then, because that might work.
 No, wait until the election is three weeks away like you did in 2004.
How did I get in a party of scared bunnies who enjoy losing all the time?


Clinton gives $10M to AIDS kids in Africa
   Has any Republican ever given a dime to an AIDS victim?
  Click  Here

 The Clinton Foundation will donate $10m to provide AIDS-suppressing paediatric drugs
  to infected children in Asia, the Caribbean and Africa.

 The money, which the foundation hopes will increase with donations from other donors,
 will also fund a new programme to help Aids sufferers in rural Africa, Clinton said.

"One in every six Aids deaths each year is a child," Clinton said. "Yet children represent less
 than one of every 30 persons getting treatment in developing countries today. These children need hope."

 Meanwhile, the rabid dogs in control of America's Treasury decided only Terry Schiavo should "live,"
 because she's white and the religiously-insane Republicans save on the basis of skin color,


 Bolton accused of being 'serial abuser' of staff
  Another Republican rescues the hopeless, helpless Democrats

  Click  Here


 A former State Department chief  castigated Bolton as a "kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy"
 who had abused analysts who disagreed with his views of Cuba's weapons capabilities.
 "I have never seen anyone quite like Mr. Bolton," Ford testified under oath.
 "He abuses his authority with little people."

 Contradicting Bolton's assertion Monday that he never tried to have officials who disagreed
 with him discharged, Ford charged that Bolton tried to sack the analyst Christian Westermann
 and was a "serial abuser."

 Well sure, that's the only type of guy Bush would nominate.
 He might be a cruel, phychopathic idiot, but he's loyal to the BFEE.

  Hagel might deny Bolton
   Sen Diebold has a spine? 
  Click  Here

"We need a uniter," he told CNN's "Late Edition." "We need a builder. We need
 someone who will reach out to our friends and our allies at the United Nations."

Hagel said he was disturbed to learn of allegations that Bolton tried to intimidate an analyst
  — a State Department employee — who is now a temporary staffer in the senator's office.

Hagel deemed the allegations "a disturbing pattern of things that have come out about Bolton's
 management style, this intimidation. We cannot have that at the UN [or] in our government."

 Is Chuck Hagel's conscience bothering him?
 Diebold helps Bush steal two elections but now Hagel threatens to stand in his way?


Hey Katie - how's Bush doing?

 Subject: DLC Debate

 Bart, you must be forgetting that the DLC is all in favor of the bankruptcy bill
 in congress and so is the NDC. These people are not our allies.
 They are repugs in sheeps clothing.Anthraxsleuth.
 John in Carolina


  Wendys finger finder sues often

  Click  Here

Anna Ayala, 39, has been involved in at least half a dozen legal battles in the
 San Francisco Bay area, according to court records.  

 She brought a suit against an ex-boss in 1998 for sexual harassment and sued an
  auto dealership in 2000, alleging the wheel fell off her car. That suit was dismissed
 after Ayala fired her lawyer, who said she had threatened him.

 Speaking through the front door of her Las Vegas home Friday, Ayala claimed police
 are out to get her and were too rough as they executed a search warrant at her home.

"Lies, lies, lies, that's all I am hearing," she said. "They should look at Wendy's.
 What are they hiding? Why are we being victimized again and again?"

Hmmm, sounds like one of Rush's ditto-monkeys.
 When you get caught, scream, "The world is against me" and start crying.
 That mother after Michael Jackson is in court a lot, too.


"Nothing has changed. The only difference is that we were
  once ruled by a dictator and now we are ruled by clowns." 

         --Awada Dakil, an Iraqi   Attribution

 "I have solved the Middle East!"


  John Rocker's apology    

Click  Here

 John Rocker has put the ugly New York comments he made six years ago behind him, and hopes they can, too.

"I don't have any ill feelings [toward New York], and it would be nice to think that the New York people
 can be as mature as I think I am now and bury the hatchet and move on," the Bush voter told the Whore Post.

 Rocker, who signed a contract with the Long Island Ducks (ha ha) of the Atlantic League last week,
 became the center of controversy in 1999 when he made disparaging comments about New Yorkers,
 gays and minorities while pitching for the Atlanta Braves. He later retracted the comments and apologized.

"Everybody is a lot different person at 24 than they are at 30," Rocker said.
"There's been a lot of growing that's been done, a lot of maturing that's been done."

 Since he's now playing for the Long Island Ducks, that's punishment enough, right?
ha ha

John Rocker is a Duck.
 Quack, quack!

ha ha


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David Rockefeller & October Surprise
  saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 When the hostage crisis wasn’t resolved in the first few weeks and months, the attention of
 many disgruntled CIA Old Boys also turned toward the American humiliation in Iran, which they
 found doubly hard to take since it had been the site of the agency’s first major victory, the
 restoration of the Shah to the Peacock Throne.

 A number of veterans from that operation of 1953 were still alive in 1980. Archibald Roosevelt
 was one of the Old Boys from the Iranian operation. He had moved on to become an adviser
 to David Rockefeller at Chase Manhattan Bank.

 Another was Miles Copeland, who had served the CIA as an intermediary to Arab leaders,  including
 Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser. In his autobiography, The Game Player, Copeland claimed
 that he and his CIA chums prepared their own Iranian hostage rescue plan in March 1980.

 When I interviewed Copeland in 1990 in the English countryside, he said he had been a strong supporter
 of George H.W. Bush in 1980. He even had founded an informal support group called “Spooks for Bush.”

Robert Parry broke the October Surprise story and has been paying for it ever since.


West Wing's Maloney to play Amber Frey in CBS movie


  I guess she needs the money...


 Subject: U2 sucks

 I agree.
 U2 is one of the worst bands out there and Bono acts like an old fag.  
 The band did a TV concert about 7 years ago and it got the lowest ratings of any show during the week. 
 Hollywood and the music industry needs to stop pandering to these lamers.

 Eric in Tampa

 Eric, you're certainly free to hate Bono and U2.

 I'll bet Bono has been called "a fag" before and he's probably used to it.
 And yes, rock n roll does poorly on TV, that's why we never get live concerts. 

 I'll bet they break up when their CDs no longer go multi-platinum on release.
 That'll give you something to look forward to.


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Marty's Entertainment Page

The best in Hollywood news

 The luckiest golf shot you'll ever see

  Click  Here

 How absurd and dishonest of Eldrick to pretend that wasn't a fluke.
 I imagine some people will believe that horse hockey.


 Subject: Viewing dead bodies - BCR 73 t

 It's always good to hear you comment on things no one else comments on.
 That's because no one thinks like you. Actually, because no one thinks.

 I agree that our wonderful custom of viewing dead bodies in funeral homes is absurd.
 It's only a fucking corpse.
 The soul ostensibly has moved on and we can connect with it anywhere.
 That's why I don't visit my mother's, father's, or brother's graves.
 Like I'm supposed to pay respects and talk to bones?
 This culture of ours is really fucked.

 Tainted conservative
  Though charity may begin in the House, few have so brazenly
  blended the altruistic with the self-serving as Tom DeLay.
  by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

For the past 17 years the DeLays have also operated their own charitable outfit,
 the DeLay Foundation for Kids, which aims to  raise $10 million to build the Oaks
 at Rio Bend, a special faith-based housing subdivision for a small number of foster
 families on 50 acres near Richmond, Texas. (Interestingly, the homes are to be
 constructed by Perry Homes, the company whose enormously wealthy founder,
 Bob Perry Jr., was the largest donor to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.)
 Evidently this activity allows DeLay to cut food stamps, children's health insurance,
 federal housing and tax credits for the poor while remaining certain that he is a
 compassionate conservative, doing God's work. According to DeLay, the intention
 of his charity's "biblical" project is "to show that you don't need a government
 program to take care of kids."

"My god is money and power."


  Iraq war "stupid"

  Click  Here  lost the link - I need a vacation

In response to “‘Because we gave our word’” about people who are dodging military service
 and refuse to serve overseas: Yes, I did give the oath, I did swear to uphold the Constitution
 against foreign and domestic enemies. I swore to preserve freedom, but what they left out was
 to preserve freedom of other countries. Iraq had nothing to do with Sept. 11. I understand
 fighting for freedom when it’s necessary, and Afghanistan was necessary, but not Iraq.

 How many troops are left in the United States? If there were an attack on U.S. soil right now,
 God forbid, they’d get all the way to Iowa before we could attempt to stop them. By the time
 we could get all our troops back home, the entire country would be lost.

 I also made a promise to my country, and I stand by that promise. Don’t bash others because
 they think this mission is complete crap, because it is. It’s stupid and we’re risking other soldiers’ lives.
 For what? Iraqi liberation? WMDs?  Neither one of those has been even close to being found.


Dr Julius Youngner - kicked polio's ass.

Have a polio story?
Know someone who was affected?

Write to Dr. Youngner.


Who knows - he might even write back.

  BCR Show 73 is up.

  Click  Here  to hear what's in it

Standing ovation for this one...

Bush's body count in Iraq

  1547, 1549, 1556 dead soldiers under Bush

Seven more dead since friday.

Why are they so eager to die for Halliburton?

Why are they so eager to widow the wives?

Why are they so eager to orphan the kids?


  Mariah Carey longed to be kidnapped

                   "Tommy Matola is one mean mutha..."

   Click  There http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/entertainment/38212004.htm

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