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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Moussaoui to Plead Guilty 
P. Benny muscles in
John Bolton & Reality 
Shemp Hannity Sees Gray
Halliburton Gone Wild 
The Ann Coulter Whore 
Largent had a stroke? 
The Copy Cat Effect 
Eldrick and Nugent Mail  


 Quote of the Day

"If you don't stand for anything,
  ...then you don't stand for anything."
   -- the ignorant Monkey, trying to read a speech


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Volume 1536 - Joey Rats

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         Wednesday    April 20,  2005                                               Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"I am personally convinced that the constant presence in the press of the sins of Catholic priests,
  especially in the United States, is a planned campaign, as the percentage of these offences among
  priests is not higher than in other categories, and perhaps it is even lower. In the United States,
  there is constant news on this topic, but less than 1% of priests are guilty of acts of this type.
  The constant presence of these news items does not correspond to the objectivity of the information
  nor to the statistical objectivity of the facts. Therefore, one comes to the conclusion that it is intentional,
  manipulated, that there is a desire to discredit the Church. It is a logical and well-founded conclusion."
     -- The new Pope,, 12/05/02, "Ratzinger sees media vendetta" Attribution


 Judge to Accept Moussaoui's Guilty Plea
  These days - nobody wants a trial?  Nobody?

  Click  Here

 A federal judge plans to accept a guilty plea from Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person
 in the United States charged in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

 How does Bush's Justice department get every "terrorist" to plead guilty?
 It seems like it's all part of a "9-11 never happened" BFEE scenario.


 P. Benny 16 muscles his way into power
  Former Atwater protege plays hardball to victory

  Click  Here

 Bene, a very, very old man, was a trusted advisor of Pope John Paul II and the murdered John Paul I.
 Bene's skills at Catholic attack politics has brought him to the pinnacle of his career - total global power.
 His opponents characterized him as "the Darth Vader of the Vatican," "the hardball hatchet enforcer,"
 and "the guy who went negative for the sheer joy of it."

 But Wolf Blitzer interviewed Catholics off the street who just totally love the guy,
 ...as if they had ever heard of him before noon yesterday.



"It's not Wesley Clark's uniform I'm counting on; it's his record and his persona.
  Kerry was a war hero, but Kerry was also a dove. That was what the Swifties
  couldn't forgive, and the some otherwise Democratic voters couldn't stomach.

  Clark, by contrast, is a hawk, with owlish tendencies. More important, in addition
  to his thoughtfulness, he carries a strain of unreflecting flag-and-country patriotism
  that most post-Vietnam liberals find it hard to match.
      --Mark Arkleiman,   Attribution


 John Bolton & the Battle for Reality
  by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Bolton, as an undersecretary of state, and Reich, as assistant secretary of state for Latin America,
 teamed up to pressure WMD intelligence analysts to sharpen - or some might say, hype - accusations
 that Cuba was developing biological weapons. In the post-Sept. 11 climate, this alarmist intelligence
 was a sure bet to raise Fidel Castro's Cuba as a more urgent priority for regime change.

 But intelligence analysts objected to what they saw as Bolton's exaggeration of the evidence, forcing Bolton
 to tone down his warnings. Furious at the interference, Bolton sought to have one CIA analyst, Fulton T.
 Armstrong, reassigned, according to Bolton's Senate testimony. Bolton was joined in that effort by Otto Reich.

 Reich justified the targeting of Armstrong on the grounds the analyst gave "the benefit of the doubt" on
 human rights violations and security issues to left-wing governments, such as those in Cuba and Venezuela.

  Click  Here

 Subject: United Defense Industries


 In yet another page 22 of the "news"paper story - a British company, BAE Systems was just given clearance
 by US "regulators" to buy United Defense (or is it now "Defence"?) Industries (article sent in separate email.)

 This is the first time a large foreign company is being allowed to actually produce our weapons to this degree.
 Meanwhile we're bitching at Europe over arms sales to China?    Blair the poodle must be getting ready for
 retirement after his probable upcoming final term (or defeat in the early May election.)

 Remember United Defense? They are owned by The Carlyle Group since 1997.
 Given heueueueueueuege contracts for the "war" in Iraq. They are so brazen they even had
 Monkey Codpiece  speak read there with the weaponry positioned behind in May '03


 If there were any real reporters left don't you think some of them would be looking into this?
 I can only imagine all of the BFEE ties on both sides of the Atlantic in this deal.

 But thank goodness we uncovered that heinous UN oil for food scandal...

 Carlyle Group just bought the Hawaiian Phone Company, too.
 That sounds like they're up to something, but what?


 Shemp Sees Gray
  Sean Hannity walks a thin line


  Click  Here

 The only thing Shemp Hannity hates more than hypocrisy is people who paint with broad strokes.

"Every liberal I've ever met is forever doing that," says FOX News Channel's second-most popular pundit.
"They always, always do it.   All the time.   Doesn't matter when or where."



"That's the problem, you know, Republicans eat their own.
   Democrats stand by their own until hell freezes over..."
    -- Trent Lott, explaining why Reagan, Bush and Bush were impeached
        while the Democrats banded together to protect Clinton   Attribution


 Subject: sports & drugs

 Gator-Ade can be seen as a performance enhancing drug

 Ole Zenferret


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"My only regret with McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building."
    --Ann Coulter, wishing for the murders of the "liberals" at the Whore Times   Attribution


 Subject: Wes Clark

 Hi Bart,

 Great news if Clark runs. I think Hillary as a running-mate would be more hinderance than help.
 Just too many people hate her. A Clark/Obama ticket would be an ass-kicker.

 You think they're going to play fair and go easy on Clark/Obama?
 Look what they did to kerry, a war hero with shrapnel in his ass.
 They made HIM the deserter and made the AWOL Monkey the war hero.

 I'd give odds on McCain being the GOP candidate.
 If it's another pink tutu rather than Clark, I'd vote for McCain (even though he's been W's plaything).

 McCain can't be the nominee - he's not on the BFEE payroll and they will not give up their $100M a day.
 As sure as Coulter gives it away on the first date, the next GOP president will be a Bush loyalist.

 I'll be kind of pissed if it's Clark against McCain, if, after two elections with less than awe-inspiring
 candidates from both sides, we got two candidates who could actually be good Presidents.

 Rick in Germany

 Rick, you'd vote for a man you admit is "W's plaything?"
 Not me, I'm sticking with the pink tutu, scared little girls and wimps.
 They're so easy, my Democratic takeover should be easy pickings.



"Bush says that we Americans need to learn fiscal discipline. He says that as a
  young man he only carried one credit card and that was just to chop up the blow."
       --Bill Maher,


 Subject: Tiger's Statistics

 You are starting to look really dumb on this whole Tiger Woods thing.
 This is why Tiger is the best golfer in the world:


 I am not sure why you continue to beat-up on Tiger.
 Do you just object to someone who is succesful?

 Bob in San Diego

 Bob, it's not the kind of thing that's supposed to upset people.
 If you don't like Shirley Manson, should I come after you?
 Should I say you're "really dumd" if she's not your favorite singer?
 If you didn't like her, would it be because you object to successful women?

 Besides, Tiger has only won one more major tournament than I have
 in the last three years and I don't even play golf.


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 Pentagon can't control Halliburton war spending
  Halliburton can't build wheelbarrows big enough to tote the cash

  Click  Here

 The Defense Department is unable to track how it spent tens of millions of dollars in Iraq,
 Afghanistan and elsewhere in the U.S. war on terrorism, Congress's top investigator said on Wednesday.

 Walker heads the Government Accountability Office, Congress's nonpartisan audit and investigative arm.
 He disclosed the accounting gap as part of a broader indictment of Pentagon business practices.

 Congress approved $25 billion in extra defense spending for fiscal 2005, which ends on Sept. 30.
 Lawmakers were moving to approve $81 billion more this week outside the normal budget process,
 including about $75 billion for war-related Defense Department operations.

 The BFEE is stealing so much money, they give this stolen $25 billion to the little cogs in the wheel.
 The big boys are working that $100M a day in Iraqi oil proceeds.



"Bush threw out the first pitch at RFK Stadium. The umpire called it a ball
  and Bush appealed it to his friends at the Supreme Court and they made it a strike."
         --Jay Leno


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Why I'm such a whore
    by Ann Coulter in TIME Whore Magazine

  Click  Here

"They're terrible people, liberals. They believe÷this can really summarize it all÷these are people
 who believe you can deliver a baby entirely except for the head, puncture the skull, suck the brains out
 and pronounce that a constitutional right has just been exercised. You don't want such people to like you!
 ...Maybe I'm a little drunk."


 Steve Largent May Have Suffered A Minor Stroke

  Click  Here

 The Tulsa World says former Rep Steve Largent (R-Jesus Twin) may have suffered a minor stroke.
 Largent underwent tests for nearly two days last week after complaining he didn't feel well. He was
 released from the hospital on Friday and has returned to his job with the Cellular wire industry.
 Doctors are waiting to see if there's any change in his personality.


 Subject: Ted Nugent - child rapist?

  Click  Here

 Ted Nugent's crowning achievement occurred in 1978, when Nugent became the legal
 guardian of a 17-year-old Hawaiian girl in order to have sex with her. He argued that this
 legal loophole was actually less sleazy than the alternative, although this logic suggests that
 the possibility of not having sex with 17-year-old girls was never even considered.

 Why did the NRA have a child rapist speak at their convention?

 Thanks to Jonny on the Spot



"Bush says 'we're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here.'
  And I always thought this is really one of the stupider things he's said.
  And that's saying a lot. I mean, that's close to, 'They hate us for our freedom.' "
      --Bill Maher,    Attribution


 Subject: Wes Clark

 It will be very interesting to see how the repugs can convince
 the public that a four star general is an unpatriotic coward.

 Mike R.

 Mike, they'll do it - look what they did to Kerry?
 The difference is Clark will fight back.


 The Copy Cat Effect

  Click  Here

 Again and again you hear of some massive school shooting, or workplace rampage, or type of suicide;
 which is followed within weeks by more of the same- same type of person, same type of place, same type of event.
 The media, as one, repeats the same stock vapid phrases even as it sensationalizes the event: "he'd been having
 trouble at home", "co-workers said he was strange", "they didn't understand what could have set him off".
 Unspoken, of course, is the fact that he was simply copying some previous horror·  and the media culpability in
 mindless promotion of all of them. If It Bleeds It Leads, says Loren Coleman, author of an important new book,
 THE COPYCAT EFFECT. "Death and the fear of death are the dominant forces behind the news."



"We're very important nine months before an election and we're not very important
  nine days after that election. There is 'a lot of disappointment' among those who voted
  for Bush expecting him to make his primary focus in a second term a constitutional
  amendment banning gay marriage and other social values issues."
      --Don Wildmon, 67, religio-psychopath who lives to gay-bash  Attribution


 Poker corner


 Phil Ivey is one of the best poker players in the business, they say.
 I say "they say" because I've never seen him win.

 He's called the "Tiger Woods" of poker, but that seems to be skin-color based,
 or maybe it's because he hasn't won a major tournament in the last three years.(snicker)

  Click  Here


 Subject:  The History of Vatican Insanity

 Bart - The Oxford Dictionary of Popes by J. N. D. Kelly says that a deacon
 (or priest) stood behind the corpse of Formosus and answered questions - of course,
 that person's "skill" mainfested itself in the 21st century when William Safire wrote his
 column about Bill Clinton and the Marc Rich pardon ... .

 John K
 Springfield, IL

 ha ha


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 Subject: Eyes of the Tiger

 Bart, you wrote:

> If Barry Bonds gets blackballed, Tiger should get blackballed, too.
> Agree?

 Not for the reasons you may think, and certainly no such conclusion can be made using the tortured reasoning you posit.

 There was no torture involved. I merely asked a series of questions.

 Surgery to improve one's eyesight is a common occurrence, and is an elective procedure chosen by thousands of regular
 folks every day. If a side effect of this surgery is to improve one's "performance" while driving a car, reading a book,
 watching a play, or golfing, it is an improvement that works to the overall benefit of a person in his or her everyday life.

 I think you just said steroids wouild be OK if they were more common.

 Anabolic steroids have specific medical applications as well, and are regularly prescribed for such; however, their use
 to improve athletic performance gives an athlete a decidedly *unfair* advantage in that the only reason those substances
 are in use is to enhance that performance. That enhancement is *not* a mere side effect of their use, but the *specific* effect sought.


 ha ha
 Lasik gives Eldrick improved athletic peformance - he sees the ball better.
 You're calling that a "side effect?"
 That "side effect" puts millions in Eldrick's bank account every year.

 As for your reference to "Tommy John surgery" giving someone the ability to "throw with the strength of a leg,"
 uh, *please* cite competent medical literature to support that weird claim. A ligament taken from one limb and
 transplanted to another is merely a piece of tissue moved from one part of the body to another, right?
 How the hell can an arm become a leg by the mere transplant of a freekin' *ligament*?

 I've enjoyed your obsession with poor lil' Tiger Woo, but please...you're *really* reaching, this time...

 Clearwater, FL

 Did I really say, "the arm becomes a leg?"
 It was my intention to say, "throws with the strength of a leg. "

 Tommy John surgery is removing a tendon from the patient's wrist or hamstring and grafting it into the elbow.
 Is it your opinion that leg ligaments are smaller and weaker than arm ligaments?


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1556, 1560, 1562, dead soldiers under Bush



It's depressing counting dead soldiers.
I wonder why the public doesn't agree with me?


 Eva Longoria's female kiss shocker!


   Click  Here

 By the way, the reason we runs pictures and stories like this?
 I'm doing it for the Democrats.

 What do the Democrats need most?

 Who has the most testosterone?
 Teenage boys.

 What attracts teenage boys?
 Pictures of hot babes.

 So you see, it's all about party building.


 This Just In...

 New Pope P. Benny 16 said to have "slight case of the flu."
 Vatican spokesman Cardinal Robert Gibson said it was "nothing to worry about."


Should we save the

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that I could use in the radio shows.

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Challenge me, scream at Bush or do something.
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You have two minutes to record your message.

Help save the BartPhone die,
Call today and say something!

  Subject: Ted Nugent

 As a student of guitar for over 37 years..
 And an active player and teacher of Jazz·  I must say..

 Ted Nugent could not play his way out of a used condemn.

 Keep up the great work..

 Mike McKinley


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