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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Silly Superstitions 
Probe of Delay announced 
Kneel Bush's education scam 
Smoke Gets in Our News
Man spits in Fonda's face 
More billions for Halliburton  
Frist Uses Piety for Profit 
Lyons: It's a man thing  
Smoke gets in our News


 Quote of the Day

"Everybody knows everybody in the news
  business has an opinion. It is people who are 
  denying they have an opinion. It is people who 
  are denying they have an interest in the outcomes 
  of the events that are not fooling anybody anymore.
      --Rush Limbaugh, who seems to be calling
         'fair and balanced" FOX News liars. Attribution


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Volume 1537 - They control it

Today's  bartcop.com  is brought to you by...

Get your Joey Ratz caps and beer mugs right here

Warning: If you change "Papist" to "Rapist,"
your flesh will surely burn in hell for all eternity.

...and after all, it's the only soul you have.

         Thursday    April 21,  2005                                               Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law,
  not the Constitution of the United States? That's just outrageous. (and not true)
  And he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous."
     --Tom DeLay, attacking anything in a black robe,  Attribution


 Ethics Chairman Proposes Probe of Delay
  Will the Texas Bug man finally have to pay for his crimes?

  Click  Here

 In an ethics stalemate that is rivaling the most partisan legislative struggles, House Republicans
 are proposing an investigation of Tom DeLay and several Democrats under scrutiny as well
 Some House Republicans have acknowledged the Democratic attacks have made them nervous.
 In a radio interview with Limbaughesque broadcaster Sean Hannity, Hastert said there were
 "four or five cases out there dealing with top level Democrats." He did not name them.

 Personally, I think Delay is too big to bring down.
 Every monkey in the House owes his career to delay, because if you're his friend,
 he gives you millions of dollars. If you're not his friend, he gives your opponent
 the millions of dollars he was going to give you.

 What congressman will vote against getting millions of dollars?


 Smoke Gets in Our News
  Click  Here

 The white smoke yesterday signaled that the Vatican thinks what it needs to bring it into modernity
 is the oldest pope since the 18th century: Joseph Ratzinger, a 78-year-old hidebound archconservative
 who ran the office that used to be called the Inquisition and who once belonged to Hitler Youth.
 For American Catholics - especially women and Democratic pro-choice Catholic pols - the cafeteria
 is officially closed. After all, Cardinal Ratzinger, nicknamed "God's Rottweiler" and "the Enforcer,"
 helped deny Communion rights to John Kerry and other Catholic politicians in the 2004 election.

The only other job this pope would be qualified for is "60 Minutes" anchor.

 Yes, Joey Rats is the guy who said you can't be a good Catholic AND a Democrat.
 Looks like we'll have to be hammering this right-wing extremist Pope.


 I'll Take Silly Superstitions For $200 Alex

  Click  Here

 In the "You Ain't Gonna Believe This Shit" category, we have a Russian astrologer who is
 attempting to sue NASA for... oh, just read the story I cut and pasted from space.com:
 Russian Astrologist Sues NASA
 NASA has been taken to court in Russia over its plans to crack open a comet.

 Marina Bai, a Russian astrologist, filed a lawsuit last month with the Presnensky district court
 in Moscow, demanding that the U.S. space agency call off its $311 million Deep Impact mission.
 Bai is also asking for 8.7 billion rubles ($311 million) in compensation for moral damages.



"The judiciary has become so activist and so isolated from the American people that it's our job
  to do that. One way would be for the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the clause in the
  Constitution that says "judges can serve as long as they serve with good behavior". We want to
  define what good behavior means. And that's where you have to start."
      --Tom DeLay, saying any judge who doesn't rule his way is guilty of "bad behavior,"   Attribution


 Subject: Will the bankruptcy bill kill Christmas?

 Now that the credit card companies have their bankruptcy bill it makes me wonder if they
 are going to be happy with what they got. This bill might result in people changing their behavior
 and becoming more responsible. And what do I mean by more responsible? I mean - people
 spending less money. No more impulse buying. After all - if you are going to protect yourself
 against bankruptcy, it means that you are going to be a lot more careful in your spending.
 The bottom line is - it's going to hit the economy hard,. The law goes into effect in October
 and that's when people will really stop spending money,. We'll see if they are happy at Christmas.
 Looks to me like Christmas has been cancelled.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.


 Neil Bush raising millions in education scam
  Click  Here

 Neil Bush's Ignite! Inc., which develops educational software, is hoping to raise a second round
 in the near future, says Pamela Richardson, chief operating and strategic officer for Ignite!
 The company raised more than $5 million in first-round funding last year, she says.

 Richardson declined to name previous private investors, but documents filed with the SEC indicate
 the company raised $7.1 million from 53 investors and is seeking $10 million in additional funding,
 according to online newsletter Private Equity Week, which covers private equity filings with SEC.

 Hi, I'm Kneel Bush. Buy my softeware or your company will never get another government contract
 and we can have the IRS put your ass right out of business - how many copies would you like?



"I've heard enough today that I don't feel comfortable about voting for Mr. Bolton."
    --Republican Sen. George V. Voinovich, who held up Bolton's vote as UN ambassador,   Attribution



 Subject: Wes Clark

 If you'll remember alright, it was Clark who mimmed Dean all the way to Kerry's nomination.

 If I knew what "mimmed" meant, I'd have a reply.

 Because of Clark we got swift boated right into a second monkey administration.
 So please ease off the Clark parade.
 He is a phoney, huckster who did as he was told, and helped nominate the most incredibly boring,
 worst candidate in the field to lay down for Dubya, and kerry on this insane agenda of global domination!
 Yes, there is a conspiracy!


 Andy, what you have are vague and somewhat indecipherable charges.
 The way I remember it, the nutbags in Iowa gave Kerry his big victory
 and Clark wasn't even a player in Iowa last year.

 If you have a legit case against Clark, let's hear it.


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"My wife made the call this morning. That felt good. Really, if you still have a subscription
  to TIME, it's time to call it quits. I'm not saying boycott Time because of the Coulter cover.
  Every publication will run something offensive to someone at any given time. I'm saying
  boycott TIME because it has systematically shut out liberal voices from its pages.
  And there's no reason our money should make its way into their pockets."
     --Kos, "Cancelled Time subscription" Attribution


 Subject: Ann Coulter

 In Australia, and I suspect in the rest of the world, Anne Coulter would be treated as the psychotic freak
 that she so obviously is. That she should be featured in a supposedly reputable news magazine as a reasonable
 voice of the right is unbelievable. She would not be granted any airtime in my country.
 Just when we think your media has hit rock bottom, you are able to plummet to formerly unreachable depths.

 Why don't the population who are not to the right just boycott all biased media?
 Believe me, if any free to air network lost half their viewers overnight, there would be an immediate
 re-think of their coverage. It's not called commercial television for nothing.
 Do not be deceived, the rest of the world are horrified and incredulous
 at the gross manipulations of your  extremist government.
 Keep Hammering,



"It has become clear to me that we are frogs being slowly boiled to death. And the media
  are enjoying the hot tub party so much that they are helping to turn up the heat. Ann Coulter
  is not, as Howie Kurtz asserts today, the equivalent of Michael Moore. Michael Moore is is
  not advocating the murder of conservatives. He doesn't, in other words, issue calls for violence
  and repression against his political enemies. That is what Ann Coulter does, in the most coarse,
  vulgar, reprehensible way possible."
       --digby, "Flame On High"   Attribution


 Subject:  Donation

 Bart, this is for turning me into a Garbage fan :)


 Dude, that was cool, thanks.


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 Pentagon gives Halliburton another $1.16 billion
  They're stealing hundreds of millions of dollars at a time

  Click  Here

 The U.S. Army will pay $1.8 billion to Halliburton for food services in Iraq and Kuwait
 (How did an oil field services company get a food contract?)


 ...but retain a portion of payments suspended during a long-running billing dispute. 
 (That'll teach them to stop stealing.)

 Halliburton said it had reached definitive agreements on $10.5 billion in Army troop support
 contracts besides the agreement with the Army on the dining services

 Another $10,500,000,000 for the BFEE?
 They steal these billions, right under our noses, for a war that Bush lied to get started because
 the BFEE can't make any money during peacetime. If a few thousand troops have to die to
 make the BFEE richer, then that's a price the BFEE, and the soldier's families, are willing to pay.




"Tell me that Bob Jones has been nominated as chairman of the Civil Rights Commission.
  Tell me that Father Dan Berrigan had just been named commandant of the Marine Corps
  or that Sir Elton John will be the new president of the Teamsters Union. But don't tell me
  that the senate will vote to confirm John Bolton to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations."
      --Mark Sheilds, "Bullies need not apply" Attribution


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Man spits in Fonda's face
   If only Jane would listen to BCR # 73

  Click  Here

 A man spit tobacco juice into the face of Jane Fonda after waiting in line to have her sign her new memoir.
 Mike Smith, the new darling of the right-wing fascist war machine, was arrested Tuesday for disorderly conduct.
 He was released on bond and is due to appear in court on May 27 and on FOX News all next week.

 "She spit in our faces for 37 years," he lied.
 "It was absolutely worth it. There are a lot of veterans pro-war facists who would love to do what I did."

 They don't mind that Reagan/Bush stole the 1980 election thru treason.
 They don't mind that Ollie North supplied terrorists with planeloads of weapons.
 They don't mind that Reagan lied to America about arms for hostages.
 They don't mind that Cocaine George deserted his post during wartime.

 But smiling with the enemy?
 That they cannot forgive.

 Maybe if Fonda had apologized 2,489 times instead of 2,488?

 She could listen to BCR #73 and solve her problems, but nooooooooooooo.
 Maybe she likes the hell she's made for herself?


 It's a man thing
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Having dinner at a restaurant table is a man date; having a burger at the bar is not.
 Two guys going to a movie is a man date; ball games are out. A walk in the park is
 a man date; a jog in the park is, like, so last year. According to Lee (and no, I don't
 know why her middle name is an Arabic numeral), "' Sideways, ' the Oscarwinning
 film about two buddies touring the central California wine country... is one long and
 boozy man date." And here I thought "Sideways" was mostly about getting drunk
 and chasing babes. That's what made it so funny. All that touchy-feely, winetasting
 stuff turned out to be nothing but an excuse for acting like the young George W. Bush
 on a road trip to Tijuana.


 Subject: I don't get the Tiger Hate!

 I don't get your obession with bashing Tiger. Are you jealous?

 I would not trade places with Eldrick the Perfect!
 Well, maybe for a couple of hours, but that's all.

 He has earned all the credit he gets. He's transformed golf from the country club
 white man's sport into something that everyone can enjoy.

 ...unless you're a woman trying to get into Augusta.

 75% of americans could give a shit about golf until Tiger came along.

 Who gives a shit about golf now?

 Your website seems to be liberal, but I'm having a hard time following you
 on the Tiger thing. You say he hasn't won a major in three years....so what?
 The "so what" is there are people who say Tiger is God.
 Would God come in 66th in some golf tournament?

 Is he supposed to turn in his clubs and quit?

 I like the sound of that.
 Think we can convince him?

 You're throwing hate around without any justification.
 This is really Republican of you...you blindly hating something that you have no reason to.

 Did I say I hated the guy?
 I just think he's about 30 percent of the golfer they say he is.

 I don't even play golf and I may go buy a set of Nike clubs just to justify my point.

 That's why they ranked Eldrick #1 when he couldn't win anything,
 so people like you would spend money on a sport that you don't even play.
 It's not about the sport - it's about the money.

 Aren't you insulted that they would take advantage of you this way?



"Fox News broke the story with the stunning words 'We Have A Pope'
  ... Apparently Fox News is officially a diocese"
        --Jon Stewart,


 Subject: P. Benny's comments on "media distortion"

 Sorry, Benny, but the reason the rape of children by priests has been in the news so much is
 1) It's a big fucking deal, and 2) a lot of children have been abused in this manner.

 Think of it this way:
 Is the rape of a single child by a priest a big enough deal to make the front page of a paper?
 I think it is.

 So let's say the NYT just ran one front-page story for each child that was raped or abused,
 and ran them consecutively. I think we could easily have a whole year's worth of reportage,
 even if only, say, ten priests were responsible for this. And oh, if only it were ten priests...


 The Catholics have paid out over $900 million is sex claims,
 which makes Michael Jackson look innocent by comparison.

 They could let the perv priests go, but apparently, there are SO MANY perv priests that they
 wouldn't have a church without them, so they chose to pay the BILLION DOLLARS in hush money.

 I wouldn't want my faith money to be used a hush money in a rape - would you?

 Shame, shame on the rapists who control the Catholic Church.
 (And if they don't control them, why don't the bishops sign that no-rape pledge?)


 Frist Uses Piety for Profit
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Next Sunday, Bill Frist will illustrate the threat posed to traditional American values by the
 combined forces of the Republican Party leadership and religious fundamentalism. By lending
 the prestige of his office to a telecast from a Kentucky Baptist church that will mobilize "people
 of faith" behind his effort to outlaw the filibuster, the Senate Majority Leader continues his party's
 destructive strategy of dividing the nation along religious lines and empowering the radical right.

 This is a disturbing moment for Americans who wonder where Republican hegemony will take us.
 Senators and Congressional leaders utter threatening language, brandish weapons and sound as if
 they're excusing violence against sitting judges. Ministers share the stage with demagogues who
 mutter Stalinist death threats against Supreme Court justices. "Conservatism" is becoming a radical
 ideology that discards constitutional balances for the pursuit of unchecked power.



"Bush was in Carolina to push his plan for people to invest their
  Social Security money in the stock market. The stock market -- good timing!
  What was the second choice? The national bank of Iraq?"
    --Jay Leno,


     Bush gave our Social Security money to the super rich - and the market reacts.


 Poker corner


 Daniel Negreanu is fun to watch because he thinks out loud.
 While he's trying to make up his mind to fold, call or raise, he'll run thru the possible
 hands than can kill him so a 64 IDer like myself can learn from watching him.

  Click  Here


  Bartcop.com reader stage alert

  The Heidi Hensley Band


  April 23rd - Tasty World, Athens, GA  6-9pm  with Granian, and Forest Glen

 "Energetic, rocking, and captivating! The best show I've seen all year!"
   - Alan Tibbets, Magic 102.1fm.

 "...a talent that deserves attention"
   - Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer magazine.

 "I was knocked out by the songwriting."
   - John Keane, Producer [REM, Indigo Girls] and musician.

  Listen to some sound clips

  I wish I could be there.


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 Subject: Eva Langoria


  Hey Bart,
  That same Esquire article said Eva Longoria's first political campaign was for Kerry.
  She's a Dem!
  That shouldn't be a surprise since she's from Corpus Christi, TX.
  Mexican-Americans in South Texas are a MAJOR Dem stronghold.
  So more Eva Longoria!!!
  Daniel in H-Town


  Slapping the Conrad monkey

  Click  Here

Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1556, 1560, 1562, dead soldiers under Bush



It's depressing counting dead soldiers.
I wonder why the public doesn't agree with me?


Should we save the

I'd sure like to hear from you so I can
put your comments in the next radio show.

If you call - say something!
Bush lovers welcome.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do something.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Paris Hilton looking for new TV partner
  Nicole out, "no longer a friend"


  Click  Here

"It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends," Hilton, 24, said in a statement.
"Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it."

   ...it's all about party building.

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