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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
A Lawyer & NS Cover-ups
Halliburton asked to Explain 
Colin Powell's feet of putty
Pigboy's heroin appeal denied
Must-Flee TV: The GOP on PBS 
Jack the Ripper in the news
Comments on the Coach 
Polio trying for a comeback 
Review of The Clinton Wars


 Quote of the Day

"There are still some in Iraq who aren't happy 
  with democracy. They want to go back to the 
  old days of tyranny and darkness and torture 
  chambers and mass graves."
   --the Bloody Monkey with the same old crap.
   Hey Monkey, is it possible that they simply didn't 
   like being invaded by Bloody Oil Snatchers?


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Volume 1545 - Putty Feet

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         Tues-Wed    May 3-4,  2005                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"I don't think this is a right-wing nation. I don't think the public in general is in favor
  of most of the policies and priorities of the Bush Administration. I think that, if the
  other side fights a little harder and a little smarter, there may be a chance to reverse
  what have been some significant losses over the past few years."
       --Bob Herbert, optimist at the NYWTimes     Attribution


 A Lawyer & National Security Cover-ups 
  by you-know-who at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The House task force report "debunking" the October Surprise allegations was accepted by
 Official Washington as the final word on the controversy. But subsequent discoveries have shown
 that the Barcella-led task force hid substantial evidence pointing toward Republican guilt as well as
 the involvement of some Barcella associates in the scandal.

 In an interview for my book, Secrecy & Privilege, Barcella acknowledged that some evidence was
 kept from the public and that the task force's exculpatory findings were issued despite the late arrival
 of incriminating evidence that was not fully evaluated.

 One of the hidden pieces of evidence supporting the October Surprise allegations was a 1993 report
 produced by the Russian government about its intelligence information on the 1980 hostage crisis.
 The Russian report stated that then-vice presidential candidate George H.W. Bush and other Republicans
 met secretly with Iranian representatives in Europe, as several October Surprise witnesses had alleged.

 The Russian report, which was classified as "confidential" by President George H.W. Bush's administration
 during its final 10 days in office, was never officially released to the American people. I found a copy in
 House task force files that had been boxed away in a Capitol Hill storage room.

 The BFEE, getting away with murder, treason and global crimes that made them tens of billions of dollars
 while the whore press hunted Bill Clinton because somebody thought he might've had a girlfriend.

 We don't have a free press in America.
 We have a gaggle of whores on Bush's payroll with word processors.


 Subject: liberal bias

 I cannot understand why conservatives want to get rid of 'liberal bias' in the media.
 With all this alleged liberal bias they've succeeded in securing a majority in the House
 and Senate, control the Executive, and are far along in packing the Judiciary.

 They've been so successful with 'liberal bias' I can't for the life of me imagine
 why they'd want to change what is obviously a winning situation for them.

 Unless, of course, it really does not exist...
 Jim in Red Bank


 Halliburton asked to Explain...
 Discrepancies Between Testimony and Indictment

  Click  Here

 Halliburton representatives testified that the Halliburton employees being investigated for
 taking kickbacks under the LOGCAP troop support contract were not managers but were
"administrative people." Yet according to the Justice Department, a Halliburton manager has
 now been indicted for this kickback scheme.

 On March 17, 2005, the Justice Department announced an indictment against a Halliburton
 official and subcontractor for "major fraud against the United States" under Halliburton's
 LOGCAP contract to provide support for the U.S. Army in Kuwait and Iraq. The indictment
 alleges that Jeff Mazon and Ali Hijazi, the managing partner of a Halliburton subcontractor,
 billed U.S. taxpayers more than $5.5 million for work that should have cost only $680,000
 ÷ a markup of more than 700%.

 The BFEE is stealing billions and billions of dollars (using Bush's bloody war as cover)
 and the whore networks are busy with the senseless stories like that runaway bride?


 Colin Powell's feet of putty
  What did Powell bring to the Bloody administration?

 Colin Powell was once though of as a genius, a man any administration would like to have.
 Besides being black, which legitimized even the most horribly racist sons of bitches,
 Powell was a war hero (of sorts) who knew how to run a battlefield campaign.

 Powell was considered such a genius in 1991, they named his war suggestions "The Powell Doctrine."
 And what was The Powell Doctrine?   Powell laid out simple goals for any military invasion.

 Set an attainable goal - which in this case was stealing Saddam's oil
 Make sure the invading force was overwhelming - he forgot to tell Bloody Bush about that
     and Rummy told the Oentagon to shut up because he knew fewer troops could do the job
 Ensure unioted public support - which they did by lying thru their f-ing teeth about WMDs
 Have a clear exit strategy, which even the pro-Bush handjobs admit doesn't exist

 So, what the hell good was Powell if he allowed Bloody Bush to kill all those soldiers in a quagmire?
 Why didn't Powell threaten to resign, and thereby send a signal to the whole world that Bush was crazy?
 By agreeing to stay, by agreeing to lie to the UN, but agreeing to be Bush's little stateside poodle, Powell
 got almost 1600 soldiers killed (so far) and there's no end in sight to the endless blood and carnage.

 So what good was Powell?


Used with permission


"The most sobering aspect of the ongoing wave of terror in Iraq is not that things have
  changed, but that they haven't...Neither the Jan. 30 elections nor the formation of a still
  fragile and fractious coalition government has proven any kind of magic solution to make
  the insurgents' support, resources and infrastructure vanish. The U.S. forces in Iraq and
  their allies are still only at Step One on the long road to that destination."
      --Martin Sieff, "Back to stage one in Iraq",  Attribution


 Subject: hey from P Benny

 My dear Mr. Bart,

 Some of der Cardinals haff told me how funny dey tink you are!
 I hope to zee you in Vegas for der Garbage tour.

 In Our Lord's Name,
 Pope Benedict XVI


 Pigboy's heroin appeal denied by FL courts
  Has the BFEE discarded Rush like yesterday's trash?

  Click  Here

 The Florida Supreme Court Thursday declined to review a lower court's ruling that
 Pigboy Rush Limbaugh's right to medical privacy was not violated in an investigation
 into possible misuse of prescription painkillers. The court gave no reason for its
 decision not to hear the case.

 Limbaugh's lawyers had asked the court to overturn a ruling last year by Florida's
 4th District Court of Appeals that said Palm Beach County prosecutors acted legally
 when they seized Limbaugh's medical records in 2003.

 The prosecutors were investigating whether Limbaugh, a Nazi gasbag if there ever
 was one, went from doctor to doctor to obtain multiple prescriptions for his nasty-ass
 "Hillbilly Heroin" narcotics, a felony known as ''doctor shopping.''

  Click  Here  to listen to Rush's cute comment about this.


 Subject: drug rip-offs


 We had to find new health insurance recently and we could only afford a plan
 that did not have prescription drug coverage. Our daughter needs to take Zyrtec
 (a Pfizer product)  daily for her allergies and we were shocked to find out that it
 would cost us about $70.00 for a 2 week supply.

 After some research my wife found that in Canada Zyrtec is available over the
 counter (it's called Reactine, also a Pfizer product) for $7.00 a bottle!
 My daughter swears it works even better, allowing us to reduce her daily dosage.
 If this isn't a prime example of one of the many ways we are being ripped off I don't know what is.



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"That skank has to spend three hours with makeup in the morning ...
  Who's she kidding? . . . Plus, she's dumber than dirt ... Oh, my God, what a pig."
    -- Don "Mr. Class" Imus, about his former news reader Contessa BrewerAttribution



 Subject: coach fired for racist remarks


 When commenting on another's character, why would anyone need
 to differentiate between a black, yellow, red, or white, person?

 If there's a call to distinguish one man from another in a non judgmental situation, tho,
 there is a clear advantage in noting skin color which I don't consider racist. For example,
 if Cochell had to dispatch a medic to the outfield because 3 players collided (Dunigan and
 two Asian players), he might shout, "get this oxygen to the black man fast."

 Or used as a non-racist, identifying adjective in your example... one might say,
"Dunigan is a good kid. He's the black man in that group standing over there."

 BTW, the news story I saw quoted Cochell as saying, "There's no nigger in him."
 Would that prompt an expanded debate?


 I agree, that's a damn clumsy way to pay a fella a compliment.
 Here's another interesting take on that story:

 Bart, I work with a big OU baseball fan who knows most of the staff and players there.
 The linked story didn't have what he said and I didn't know if you knew what it was
 so I thought I'd pass it on. apparently it was a comment along the lines of a Chris Rock bit...

 She said Cochell said (may not be exact wording) "There are honkies and whites and
 there are niggers and blacks, and Dunigan is a good black kid."  Poor guy probably
 just saw the Rock bit and tried to recycle it...  I agree his wording was poorly chosen
 (and apparently he made the same comment to two different reporters, not too smart)
 but I don't think it was something to be fired over.


 I think that proves comedy should be left to professionals.


 Jack the Ripper may have killed abroad
  Have modern forensics uncovered new clues?

  Click  Here

 Jack the Ripper  -- who was never caught -- might have been a sailor who interspersed
 his London murders with crimes in other countries, a report said on Tuesday.

 The theory, detailed in the Guardian newspaper, is the product of research by retired
 British detective Trevor Marriott, who used modern police methods to solve the crimes.

 His conclusions, published in a book called "Jack the Ripper: the 21st Century Investigation",
 challenge the long-held assumption that the murderer was a skilled surgeon.

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"Maybe this is too difficult for you to understand,
  but the Geneva convention does not apply to terrorists..."
    -- a Monkey TheFlynDutchman@aol.com

 Hey Dude, you're missing a few things.
 A - America signed an agreement not to torture people.
        Bush decided America would go back on that promise and torture people while he was president..
 B -  Since Bush and Chief Torturer Al Gonzales decide who's a terrorist and who's not,
        your statement in innaccurate on its face.  You should be saying,
       "The Geneva Convention doesn't apply to suspects Bush thinks are terrorists."


 Subject: Show 74

 Show 74 was great Bart. Cannot wait for 75.
 Keep up the good work.
 Loved the bit about the Florida gun law.
 It was the logical conclusion for the gun nuts, now everyone
 has a gun, so they had to give them something to shoot at.
 Thanks Bart for all the time you put in.
(membership is magrand)


 Indonesian Polio Strain Raises Concerns

  Click  Here

 A strain of polio circulating in parts of Africa appears almost identical to one that has
 reached Indonesia, raising the prospect that a migrant worker may have brought it back
 to the Asian nation, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

 An 18-month-old girl in the West Java village of Girijaya was diagnosed with polio on April 21,
 becoming the first Indonesian to contract the disease since 1995. Another seven children in her
 village have become paralyzed and are being treated as polio cases pending confirmation by
 test results. Experts believe the cases all have the same source.

 However, the U.N. health agency said it is confident the isolated import will not result in
 a major outbreak in Indonesia because the country's children are well protected by the
 Youngner polio vaccine and cases are quickly detected due to strong surveillance.

 Indonesian Polio better watch his ass.
 A good friend of mine has already kicked Polio's ass once.

  Dr. Julius Youngner - made polio
   his bitch over fifty years ago.

 Can I mention one other thing about polio?
 I wondered how in the world they could convince parents, back in the early fifties,
 to let their children try this new and scary polio vaccine and I was floored by the answer.

 Parents were pushing ahead in line, demanding that their kids get Youngner's vaccine
 because a lifetime in the iron lung was worse than cancer, worse than death, worse
 than f-ing aything, so they begged them "PLEASE give my kid the shot - please?"

        Can you imagine the rest of your life in one of these steel caskets?
            Thanks to Juli the Genius, polio went home a loser.

 BTW, that was Dr Youngner you heard in BCR Show 74.


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 Review of Sid's The Clinton Wars
   by my good friend Bobby Wits

  Click  Here

 ...as I read I became enraged because "The Clinton Wars" proves in a splendid and extremely
 well-written manor all that I had believed but could never elucidate because I wasn't there like
 Blumenthal. He tells the brilliance of Clinton; his desire to do well by the American people..
 to make Government work for all of us...to work in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
 ...to not have us work against each other.

 For example, I shake my head in sadness when I read the 20 or so pages about the efforts that
 went into preparing the 1997 State of the Union address; the brain-storming sessions; the historical
 background; the directions from Clinton himself; the 'thinking dinners' with several historians from
 universities around the country with Clinton both listening, directing, leading, taking notes, encouraging
 vibrant debate; directing groups to break up and come back with even more specifics; all the time
 willing to listen, but always in control.

 Can you imagine Bush doing any of this?



 Subject: your use of the N word


 What did that word "sand Ni94er" gain for you.
 I don't get the necessity.


 Lonzie, how do you think Bush talks when the mic's not on?
 Do you think he has respect for the hundred thousand people he killed in Iraq?
 Did you want me to candy-coat Bush's hatred and his genocide with sugar?



Featured book

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God's Politics by Jim Wallis

Thanks to Terry

 Long live the king
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Seizing a narrow advantage now could eventually have explosive repercussions. Nobody understands
 that more clearly than Al Gore, who, yielding to a badly reasoned Supreme Court decision in 2000,
 gave up his presidential hopes in deference to the rule of law. "I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever,"
 Gore emphasized in a speech last week, "that if the justices who formed the majority in Bush v. Gore had
 not only all been nominated to the court by a Republican president, but had also been confirmed by only
 Republican senators in party-line votes, America would not have accepted that court's decision."
 The so-called nuclear option has nothing to do with conservatism; it's radical utopianism in a religious disguise.


 Subject: Franken, Somersby, Lyons & Conason

 Bart -

 This may not be original, but why is it the 2 leading debunkers of the Vast Right Wing
 Conspiracy are comedians - Al Franken and Bob Somersby?  Gene Lyons wrote a
 great book - Fools for Scandal - and was it discussed anywhere but Harper's and C-SPAN?

 Lyons and Conason wrote another great book - The Hunting of the President - and America's
 premier media whore, Tim Russert, asked Conason if there really was a conspiracy - even though
 David Bossie had "co-opted" one of Russert's crews and Russert had to tell the crew not to do it again.
 Seems the only thing that the Media Whores will respond to is barbed satire.

 John K
 Springfield, IL

 John, you can't blame Russert.
 His mind only has room for one thing.



Marty's Entertainment Page

 Billy Jack vs The Monkey
  Bush Creates a Nuclear Crisis


  Click  Here

 By mismanaging the war in Iraq Bush has stretched our military so thin, he has given North Korea
 and Iran a license to openly build nuclear bombs, and has brought America to the brink of its
 greatest nuclear danger since the October Missile Crisis · only this crisis is even more dangerous.

 Today, by his lies, incompetence, and Messianic ambitions, and his illegal invasion and occupation
 of Iraq for oil, Bush has brought America to the brink of its greatest nuclear crisis since the October
 Missile Crisis!  Though few Americans are aware of it, this nuclear crisis is even greater, because the
 Kennedy/Khrushchev crisis was between two rational world powers, two of the world's richest nations
 who had everything to lose by not finding a solution.  Today the world is filled with terrorist groups and
 suicide bombers who have nothing to lose but believe they will go to paradise if they destroy the Infidel
 -- it's only a matter of time before terrorists will be able to put nuclear bombs in their pick-up trucks and
 suitcases -- unless we can stop it now - which can never be done if Bush is President.

 When Billy Jack thinks about what Bush has done to this country - he goes berzerk!


 Subject: BCR Show 74 good

 Hi Bart,

 Liked # 74.

 I agree with your assessment of fearless Repugs.
 They act like they KNOW they can't lose in the voting booth.

 $hrubya's outburst during the debate, "...it's not going to happen..."
 when Jim Leher asked him about a possible Kerry win was very creepy.
 It looks bad for us good guys.




"Today's news is designed to make a profit.
   If the news doesn't make a profit they change the news."
    -- Randi Rhodes, Air America Radio


 Subject: Nancy Grace

 Nancy "No" Grace on CNN is as embarassing as anybody on FOX news.
 She is downright awful.

 She reminds me of a girl who used to be on Saturday Night Live.
 The chunkier blonde who always played the dumb blonde.
 I just cannot take Nancy Grave seriously.
 Am I the only one who sees this?

 The Rocker

 Rocker, if you've been accused of a crime you'd better take her seriously, because she
 rails on with her guaranteed guilty rants in (apparently) an entertaining way.

 What's most disgusting is her callers:
 "Oh Nancy, you're the greatest - I love you - You're always right!"
 Nancy's gotta be a big Pigboy fan - she stole Rush's schtick and converted it to TV.

 I sure hope Scott Peterson is guilty.
 Nancy Grace personally convicted him nightly on at least three networks.


 Must-Flee TV: The G.O.P. on PBS
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 With all the subtlety of an old-style Soviet bureaucrat, C.P.B. chairman Kenneth Tomlinson
 is extending partisan political control over public television. As a former Reader's Digest editor
 and Republican appointee, Mr. Tomlinson clearly understands what he was appointed to do.

 Several weeks ago, he hired a Bush White House communications flack named Mary Catherine
 Andrews. She quickly set up a new "office of the ombudsman" that will oversee the content of
 public TV and radio broadcasts. Ms. Andrews was so eager to get to work that she began while
 still under the watchful eye of Karl Rove, the President's chief political advisor and a pal of Mr. Tomlinson.



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 Powerful TV

 On The Shield, the evil-doing bad guy told major screw-up, on-the-take Detective Shane that if he didn't
 murder his mentor, Vic Mackey, and deliver his dead body to them by sunrise, they would pin a child murder
 on him (the clip will explain) and "visit" his wife and kid while he was helpless and alone doing time for a murder
 he didn't commit. Shane's hands were tied, he had to kill Vic, but Vic knew this - he had a camera in Shane's car.

 Anthony Anderson is a funny stand-up comic who makes a great bad guy.


 Shane calls Vic and says "We have to meet, come alone,"
 so Vic figures this is it.  It seems to be a clear-cut case of Vic or Shane.

 This is good TV.

 More Powerful TV

 The Vanessa Marcil Show (some call it NBC's Las Vegas) is a show we like to watch.
 It's Vegas, it's gambling, it's "stays in Vegas," it's 007 spy gadgets and fabulous babes,
 but it's mostly silly and stupid.  But now & then they get all hardball and it's very confusing
 to a small-minded Okie like myself.

 On Monday, a lesser cast member got drafted and was killed in Iraq the same week he got there.
 On background, "Danny" the pretty boy was a Marine who got drafted last year and then discharged
 with a Silver Cross (that's a guess) soon after for calling in an F-16 strike on his own position.
 He came back "different" and broke up with his childhood sweetheart and couldn't sleep. 

 For a dumb, silly, fluffy, lightweight bit on TV-Vegas escapism, they know how to smack a Bush.

 At the military funeral, Pretty Boy united the dead man's son with his grandparents - it was moving stuff.
 Then, before they lowered the casket into the ground, Pretty Boy put his Silver Cross on the casket,
 in effect "awarding" that guy the honor that Pretty Boy felt he didn't deserve because when he called in
 that F-16 strike, he was the only guy in his group to survive.

 For a dumb, silly, fluffy, lightweight bit on TV-Vegas escapism, they know how to smack a Bush.


 Subject: cochell's not worth banging your hammer over

 Bart, love the work you do on your website.

 i've been a fan for about a year and a half now, but this is my first time ever
 commenting on anything you've posted. You wrote:

>>Well, if nobody dares to say it, it must've been the dreaded "N-word."  The irony is, he was
>>trying to say good things about the kid and apparently the wrong word slipped out.

 it's been a while since i've taken philosophy 1000, but i believe they call this a freudian slip.
 he tried to say something good about the kid, but the word "nigger" kept coming to mind
 and subconsciously managed to slip out.

 gee, i wonder why that was...

 seriously, how does a slip like that even happen?
 why was the word even on the tip of his tongue to begin with?
 there's probably only two cases where a white man would even consider the n-word
 a viable word choice when he's talking about a black person:

 case 1: he's really friendly with black folks who are comfortable with him using the word
 case 2: he's a bigot.

 i'll let you make the call on which case applies here.

 Phil, thanks for writing.
(Bart steps into the mine field.)

 There is another case: Those who are older than 50.
 When I was a kid, "nigger" was just a word people used.
 Not on TV or in the newspaper, and certainly not where they could hear you, but people used it
 because it was a word, like "shoe" or "door."  Remember, they weren't allowed to do things that
 "people" did, like eat in restaurants or, Koresh-forbid, drink from a white water fountain.
 They had no civil rights. They were "less than" people.
 You could murder them in places like Texas, and the sheriff "understood," so no charges were filed.

 In 1965, the Democrats turned them into "people" and the politically correct movement was born.
 They were no longer "niggers," they got a raise and became "people," thanks to the Democrats.

 So when I hear an older person slip, I give them the benfit of the doubt, but, of course,
 the benefit is not actually mine to give.  But a slip CAN be a slip.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1576, 1586, 1592, dead soldiers under Bush

That's six more funerals that Bush won't be attending.
As you know, raping, pillaging and looting is hard work.


 David Dover (my good friend) plays OKlahoma Bluesfest


  Click  Here  to see my good friend's page.

 David played at my club, The Hard Rock Island from 1985-1987.
 He's a rockin' sombitch, he just wears that cowboy costume because this is Oklahoma.

 This weekend, he's playing the Oklahoma Bluesfest with Kenny Wayne Shepherd,
 Indigenous, Bugs Henderson, Eric Sardinas, Eric Johnson, the Arc Angels and
 some super-hot local guitar players - Peter Banfield and Michael Vines - they are some
 bad-axes on guitar, but of course, they're not in the same league as the Del Castillo brothers.


 Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 74

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Judy Woodruff

 Funny, after dubya called her husband a fucking son of a bitch in front of
 her 4 year old son at a Dallas restaurant, I thought she would not be his
 cheerleader but she was during the 2004 election and still remains one.


 Lee, I was under the impression Bush called Al Hunt a "mother-effer,"
 but I've been wrong before.  Either way, Judy loves her Bush.


 David Letterman, CBS

 Mo 5/9: Will Ferrell, Robert Plant
 Th 5/12: Billy Crystal, Garbage
 Robert Plant was in Tulsa recently, doing some warm-up gigs before the SXSW Festival in Austin.
 We went to see him and were very disappointed. Instead of sounding like a Zeppelin tribute band,
 he sounded like a Zeppelin parody band. How sad - Robert's lost that "cosmic energy" he mentions
 in The Song Remains the Same.

 One good thing happened, tho...
 Prior to the gig, we did some shots of mas fina tequila at a nearby bar and saw Roy D Mercer there.
 I didn't want to bother him, but later we saw him (actually, Roy is a 'them') at the bar of the Plant gig
 so I figured God wanted us to meet, so I introduced myself and gave him my business card.

 In the car today, I heard Roy calling Barcelona, Spain, and he was asking this poor Spanish lady if he
 could bring his prize Oklahoma bull to Barcelona and let him run with the locals. ha ha  The poor lady
 couldn't understand Roy's extra-think Oklahoma drawl, but it made for some funny radio.

 Phil & Brent are the best morning radio team I've ever heard.
 They do better work than Stern or Opie and Tony and they're light-years ahead of toothless Imus.
 Gee, I thought BatCop Radio Show #1 was better than anything I've heard from Imus in years.


 Eva Longoria: 'I'll have Brad's babies'

  Click  Here

 Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has offered to replace
 Brad Pitt's estranged wife Jennifer Aniston and mother his first children.



 Poor wording got me in some time trouble Monday.
 The "Worst President Ever" stickers are moving at a fast pace, but I failed to put a
 minimum on the donation amount and I've had a run of smallish donations that require
 hours of office work and since I don't have help, I had to do that myself.

 Plus, BCR CD orders are picking up, so that's more office work.
 I wish  bartcop.com  would grow big enough to where I could hire some part-time help.

 Somewhere out there, there's a Hollywood lefty who needs a tax deduction.
 Please, Mr or Mrs Hollywood, help us get over our growing pains.
 Please send $10K or $20K or $50K so I can be free to do important stuff.
 That, or change things to where there are 40 hours in a day.

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Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 74

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Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 74

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Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 74

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