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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush & the Death of Reason
Halliburton in bed with Iran 
Bush criticizes America
GOP Sex with a mule
The Rapture of Rove 
Pressure on Chappelle
Confessions of a Listener
When Army Pay is AWOL 
My Sunday and Monday 


 Quote of the Day

"TIME Magazine has become a publication that 
  believes Al Gore is unhinged...and Ann Coulter 
  is not. It boggles the mind."  
     --David Craig Simpson,  Attribution

 Note: TIME has been a whore for many years.


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Volume 1549 - Hot in the City

      Tues-Wed      May  10-11, 2005                                       Mike Malloy on AAR


"The Republicans' hands aren't clean on this either. What we did with
  Bill Clinton's nominees - about 62 of them - we just didn't give them
  votes in committee or we didn't bring them up."
       --Chuck Hagel (R-Diebold) on This Week with Judas Maximus,    Attribution


 Bush & the Death of Reason 
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The congressional probe took place in 1992 when George H.W. Bush was still president
 and his Republican supporters - aided by neoconservatives in the Washington press corps
 - were determined to demonize the October Surprise suspicions before they could destroy
 the legitimacy of the Reagan and Bush presidencies.

 The Republicans were pleased that the Democrats named Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind.,
 known as an accommodating consensus-builder - not a hardheaded investigator - to lead
 the task force. Hamilton picked former federal prosecutor Lawrence Barcella - who was a
 close associate of several suspects in the October Surprise case - as the chief counsel.



 Subject: Ann Coulter

 It has been my experience that the absolute worst thing you can do to someone is ignore them.
 By reacting and responding, you fuel their fire.

 ..or encourage them to go farther by showing weakness.

 Why bother with someone who is much to insignificant to spend a moments thought on.
 In the end, she will crash and burn like everyone else.


 On the cover of TIME Magazine?

 We disagree on this matter.
 I say we marry Bush to every nasty insult she hurls.


 Halliburton in bed with Iran

  Click  Here

 Halliburton reported today that it received a subpoena from a grand jury investigating its
 business ties with Iran, a nation President Bush says sponsors terrorism. The Treasury
 Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has been investigating Halliburton
 since 2001 to determine whether it violated the ban on U.S. companies doing business
 with Iran. The OFAC referred the case to the Justice Department in early July 2004,
 prompting the subpoena from the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas.
 The subpoena requests Halliburton provide company documents pertaining to its business
 relationship with Iran.


 Bush criticizes America
  But it's OK, he's a Republican


  Click  Here

 Whoever said George Bush hates FDR just doesn't have his facts straight.
 He hates America.  But not today's America; it's the World War II era America Bush hates.

"I just think we could've done more," he observed.  "The United States' performance in
 World War II was okay, but it's important to acknowledge we were capable of
 accomplishing so much more accomplishments."


Your source for flouride and toxic free personal use products



"This is kind of my solidarity, to say I'm with the soldiers. I'm just trying to give
  people the idea, without shoving it down their throats, that there are too many
  people dying. I just kind of got fed up with it."
      --Scott Blackburn, of Chicago, ringing a bell for each soldier who died in Iraq,  Attribution


 Subject: gutless Democrats

 RE; Harry Reid,

 Of course the dems always apologize.
 the repugs called clinton a rapist, a perjurer, etc and jesse helms said
''If he comes here he better watch his back.'' - any apologies there?

 the dems make me puke!!!
 patricia from little rhody

 Pat, I agree.
 Apologizing is one thing the Dems do very well.
 That, and whimper like Bernard Shaw under a table in Baghdad.



"What is Lynndie England's relationship with Graner now?
  During a break in his testimony, England glanced at a court
  sketch of Graner and said, "Don't forget the horns and goatee."
        --Mitch Frank,    Attribution

    "I just followed Rummy's orders..."

 Subject: who begat who blogging

 There's a lot of talk right now about who begat who blogging, but this post
 seems to give you the credit for the Rise of Atrios/Eschaton by one Miles Standoffish:


 Miles Standoffish ::: (view all by) ::: May 09, 2005, 07:23 AM:  I'm pretty sure Atrios's
 proto-blogging career began when he became a frequent correspondent of BartCop,
 who would often feature snippets of his (Atrios's) emails on the site.



 Army Pay: AWOL as Bush was in 1972

  Click  Here

 My niece's husband is serving his second tour of duty with the U.S. Army (3rd ACR) in Iraq.
 I thought I'd share with blog readers an e-mail she sent to her Congressman, Rep. Joel Hefley,
 on Thursday about a little difficulty he is having: The Army isn't paying him. I'm not usually one
 to criticize the U.S. Army (no doubt this is in part because I have never been in it), but I do think
 it is not too much to ask that we actually pay our combat soldiers...I know we don't pay our
 soldiers much, but we surely could do better at making sure they actually get their money."


Bush as Fiddy Cent


 Subject: Bush says FDR was wrong

 Hey Bart, a few words about MonkeyMan's remarks at Riga, Latvia.

 Bush: U.S. Had Hand in European Divisions

 Dubya has finally done it.
 By repudiating FDR's (and Churchill's) post-WWII policy he has shown himself to be the
 right-wing extremist many have known all along.  Does Dubya think the Russian people
 would have welcomed our troops with garlands as Rumsfeld and Cheney so wisely
 believed the Iraqi people would?  Or would we still be dealing with the resentment of
 the Russians and other peoples today, having an even bigger hurdle to vault than an Iron Curtain?

 Hindsight is always 50-50, which is why it is so reassuring to know Dubya and his advisors are wiser
 and morally superior to FDR and his.  Dubya states seeking stability in the aftermath of the most terrible
 war ever fought was a "vain pursuit" because it left so many Poles, Czechs and others in Stalin's grip.
 Yet  without the Russians the cost of defeating Hitler would have been much higher, and assuredly
 taken much longer.  Can one be so confident of the outcome of a war never fought to allow these
 beliefs to direct U.S. foreign policy today?  Do Dubya and his people ever consider other possibilities?

 Of course we should have taken MacArthur's advise and marched into Beijing as well, dropping
"the big one" if we had to.  Wasn't that Goldwater's solution for ending the Vietnam war?  And didn't
 Nixon consider it too?  What kind of world would we have today if we conquered Moscow and Beijing,
 would our troops still be there now?  Is this how we deliver our message of "freedom" to the rest of the world?

 John C


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 Sex with a mule
  The right wing has the strangest sex habits

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 Last night, anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley was a guest on The Alan Colmes Show.
 The topic was an interesting one - whether or not an internet service provider should allow
 Horsley to post the names of abortion doctors on his website. Horsley does that as a way
 of targeting them and one doctor has been killed. In the course of the interview, however,
 Colmes asked Horsley about his background, including a statement that he had admitted
 to engaging in homosexual and bestiality sex.

 Horsly: "When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule."


 Subject: Las vegas real estate

 Dear Bartcop:
 I can tell you for a fact that the Las vegas housing market is seriously overvalued, and that
 not only is the entire Vegas metro area is in a major housing bubble, but that it may have burst already.

 Thousands of new homes were built in the area in the last year and a half and sold from $300,000 to
 $500,000, yet only 10% of those homes are occupied.  Half of those newly built houses have "For Rent"
 or "For Sale" signs posted in the windows, indicating a speculative market which has already peaked.

 Granted, unskilled workers like waitresses, barmaids, and hotel cleaning staff can make up to $60,000
 a year in Vegas compared to under the poverty line in other cities, but when the bubble bursts, fewer
 people are going to head to Vegas to play, and these jobs will be eliminated as a result.

 Without these jobs, these workers can't afford to rent these homes or pay mortgages, which will
 cause a foreclosure wave not seen since the Great Depression.
 Patrick R. H

 Patrick, if I could get a few hundred people to subscribe to  bartcop.com
 Mrs. Bart and I could move there right after that bubble bursts :)

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 Once I'm there, maybe I can straighten out Harry Reid.


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 Subject: garbage on Dave?

 Dear Bart
 What is this all about?

 Is Letterman having Rush on?

 You are the best Bart.
 Never quit, please.

 Doug, thanks.

"Garbage" is a rock group that has a cute chick singer.
 Check Shirley's picture at the bottom of each page.
 (today's picture is R-rated)

 More at  garbage.com


 The rapture of Rove
  Click  Here

 George Stephanopoulos should not have been surprised on the May 1 This Week when
 Pat Robertson opined that liberal judges are a far greater threat than are terrorists.
 Pat is telling the truth; he is, however, fudging the context of these facts. Those facts reveal
 that liberal judges are a threat to Pat's second job, the one that has made Robertson and
 Ralph Reed both politically powerful and wealthy.

 Both support this administration no matter what it does. Why is that?

 For more than a generation Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed have worked covertly as political
 operatives for the powers of and behind this administration. Or they believe that the Rapture is
 coming and that it is their responsibility to make sure all of the Jews return to Israel to die so
 that Pat and Ralph and George Bush can be bodily lifted up into the arms of the Almighty.
 Do they all believe this? If Bush really believed this he would have been far less likely to install
 off the grid solar technology at his 20,000 square foot ranch house in Crawford, Texas.
 And they would be planning a meet up with the Almighty in the Rose Garden.


Marty's Entertainment Page


 RUSSERT:  Mr. Black gave you specific instructions on what he wanted you to bring home.

 SCHROEN:  That's true.  He did ask that once we got bin Laden and killed him, that we
 send his head back in a cardboard box on dry ice so that he could take it down and show the president.

 RUSSERT:  Where would you find the dry ice in Afghanistan?       Attribution

 Have you seen Russert's new look?



 A Band's Return to Yesteryear: The 90's


  Click  Here

 Of all the bands that prospered during that alt-rock heyday, perhaps none was colder than Garbage.
 The band is led by a well-connected industry pro (the producer-drummer Butch Vig), fueled by a
 snarling but precise guitar sound and fronted by a Scottish singer, Shirley Manson, who seems icy
 and tough even (or especially) when crawling on all fours or lying flat on her back - two things she did
 during her appealingly feline performance on Tuesday.

 Back in the 90's, when moody irony was all the rage, Garbage seemed to epitomize an era.
 Even the band's name meant the opposite of what it said, and the band's biggest hit celebrated
 incongruity. In "Only Happy When It Rains," Ms. Manson sang, "I feel happy when things are
 going wrong," adding a beseeching refrain: "Pour your misery down on me." Ah, the 90's, a decade
 when a singer could order a mug (or is that a bath?) of misery without cracking a smile.


  Confessions of a Listener
    by Garrison Keillor

  Click  Here

 You twiddle the dial, and in the midst of the clamor and blare and rackety commercials
 you find a human being speaking to you in a way that intrigues you and lifts your spirits,
 such as a few weeks ago when a man spoke about his mother, in Houston, who as she
 was dying of lung cancer made a video for her severely retarded daughter to watch in
 years to come, which the daughter does not watch, being too retarded to comprehend
 death, which in itself is a mercy. It was very graceful, a fellow American telling a story
 unlike all the other stories. Pretty amazing. And all the more so for showing up on a
 dial full of blathering idiots and jackhammer music.


 Subject: credit at Sears

 Hey Bart,

 I work in the Washer/Dryer department at Sears and while we are under pressure
 to get credit applications, our credit department is now owned by Citicorp so unless
 your credit score is good you will not get a card.

 I went through a bankruptcy 3 years ago due to a business failure and even though
 I have been perfect on payments since then, I can not get a Sears card.

 BTW, since Sears was purchased by K-mart, it has been going downhill in a hurry.
 Look for the Sears that we all know to be a memory within the next 18 months.

 Keep on hammering!

 The Ump
 Charter Subscriber


 Subject: feedback

 I like what you say and do, and am on the same side.

 That being said, I've long been looking forward to you bringing your site
 into the 21st century technologically speaking...or even close.

 Not looking for whiz-bang graphics or other bells and whistles...just simple links
 in the table of contents to the articles down the page that they refer to. I'm all for
 content before style, but the site is really a pain to navigate since it lacks basic links
 to things it advertises in text.

 Dude, you want a link to a story that's inches below the headline?
 I guess we could do that - nobody's ever mentioned it before.

 I've never been able to figure out what the "radio show" is all about.
 What you're asking me to pay for.
 Something that even a kindergarten webboy would be doing clearly and consisely.

 Dude, dozens of people listen to the radio show.
 Subscribers get a password.
 When you click on a radio link, you enter your password and magic happens.

 Click  Here  to listen to a new clip from the latest BCR show, #74.
 This is a 10 minute clip, you get 10-12 times more audio in each show.

 Hey...sorry to be so blunt. I know your intentions are great and I have no criticism of that.

 It's just that when it comes to the web and how it typically communicates information,
 your site seems to be stuck in the 1970's.

 Dude, there was no internet in the 70, or 80s.

 I wish that someone who knows how to construct a basic web page would volunteer
 their services to you. I wish I could, but don't have the time myself.

 Oh well...just my "100 million dollars scammed away in Iraq's worth".

 Best wishes,
 Cliff in Fresno

 Cliff, I hope things turn around for you.
 It sounds like you're having a tough day.


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"I love it. Being a liberal is the best thing on earth you can be. You are welcoming
  to everyone when you're a liberal. You do not have a small mind. You want to
  welcome everyone...I'm total, total, total liberal and proud of it. And I think it's
  outrageous to say the "L" word.  They should be damn lucky that there were
  liberals here. Liberals gave more to the population of the United States than
  any other group...Don't knock the liberals."
      --Lauren Bacall, on LKL,  Attribution


 Subject: Bixby Corn

 Please tell me how I could have Bixby corn shipped to me.
 It would really mean a lot.

 Thanks you,

 Bruce, not sure what to tell you.
 One of the best things about Bixby corn is the freshness.

 I guess it would be possible to wrap up some corn real good and send it overnight,
 but that's not the type of thing a fella like me can squeeze into their day.

 Maybe ask conradfarmsmarket.com  if they can help you
 It's one of the best places on Earth from June 20-July 31.

Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1594, 1603, 1609, dead soldiers under Bush



That's six more families donating to
the "Bush Forever" campaign.

Too bad John Kerry couldn't make an issue out of the
senseless deaths and maimings of thousands of brave soldiers.

No, the idiot said he would've done just what Bush did.



"It is an insult that this president is coming to visit our war cemetery. He is the cause
  of a lot of agony in the world that is feeding fear and anger. Bush is not the one to go there.
  It is not right that a president who has begun a war is the one to pay tribute to the victims."
     --Nina Bocken, on Bloody Bush at a Dutch battlefield cemetery,  Attribution


 Pressure Behind 'Chappelle' Delay

  Click  Here

 Newsweek says Dave Chappelle is under pressure. He is exhausted due to tension,
 partying and creative differences with Comedy Central, causing last week's halt in the
 show's production, the report said.

"I saw him start trippin' when the buzz started to get real loud," one unidentified celebrity
 friend told Newsweek. "I think he was in shock after the first season, and then (during)
 the second, it hit him that he was the man. That freaked him. And then came the pressure
 of living up to expectations for the third season. He's never been there ÷ where something's
 so good and you got to come even stronger the next time. It was too much."

 Y'know, I like Dave, and I especially love his use of the "N" word and his race humor.
 (Did you see the one where he visited the white family whose last name was "Nigger?")
 but he's not the man, and if telling him he was the man sent him into a spiral, he needs to
 be told the truth.  The crown belongs to Chris Rock and he's not in danger of losing it.
 Chris might make bad movies, but his stand up hours are Pryor-worthy.

 Dave, until you've done an hour of uncensored comedy on HBO, your application for
"the man" status can't even be considered.   I am not aware of an uncensored Chappelle hour.

 Perhaps it was a mistake giving him that $60M and "the man" status.
 Click  to  Order

 Chappelle's first season is the
 biggest-selling TV DVD of all time.


 Subject: harry reid

 Bart, yes it was refreshing to find a democrate demonstrating that he had a pair of balls
 by pointing out that Dim Son court-appointed Boy President is an incompetent and a loser.

 Unfortunately he fell off and rolled down his pants leg when he called Rove and apologized.
 And join me as we sing "God help American, land that I love . . . ."
 Lucullus, New York City


 Call the 

...as heard on BCR Show 74

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 TV Stuff

 The final Amazing Race is tonight.
 Can Rob & Amber pull it off?

 Thursday 5/12: Letterman hosts Garbage


 My Sunday-Monday

 Woke up, drove to the Cherokee Casino for the 10AM sign up
 to play in the World Series of Poker (preliminary qualifying round.)

 The game started at 2 PM, and I'm a busy dude with shit to do,
 so I didn't give them that four hours that they hoped I'd stay and gamble.
 Drove home, Mrs Bart was up and about and it was thundering outside.
 So gathered up some of God's finest work and we sat on the back porch
 and enjoyed the storm with the occasional gust of mist in our face.

 After that, I got in some quality work on the page, as you no doubt noticed.
 When I do the page after a nature jag, it's a different kind of entertaining.
 2 PM drew near, so I'm back at the Cherokee, looking at a pair of Aces.

 I can no longer claim to be the smartest man in Oklahoma. (BCR 74)
 So I'm looking at this pair of Aces, so I go "all in."
 The idiot next to me has a 6-7, and HE goes all in.
 Swear to Koresh, the flop is 6-7-J and I lose with the two Aces.

 The last hand, I had two Aces. I went "all in" again.
(You only get 2 Aces once every 221 hands, but I got 'em twice in the WSOP.)
 The handjob to my right has Q-6, he calls me and the flop was Q-Q-2.
 The worst hands I had all day were pocket Aces.

 She never asks for anything, so I give her everything she wants.

 About 30 days ago, Mrs. Bart said she wanted to see Billy Idol in concert on May 9th.
 He was to play at The Brady Theater, probably the best concert venue in America.
 Sound familiar?

 My friend Teri the Ghost-Buster was featured at the Brady Theater on The Travel Channel.
 This is the famous landmark opera house haunted by Enrico Caruso!!


 It's the perfect place to see a concert (we saw Zappa, Heart, Yes, ELP, Kansas, ZZ Top,
 The Pretenders and many more)  It's only holds 2,000 or so - the acoustics are to die for and
 every seat in the house is a winner.  Koresh, it's an opera house!

 So that Saturday morning, we drove to the Brady to get Billy Idol tickets.
 We got there just before ticket time - 10 AM - and saw three people, one a couple.
 The box office opened, and we were third in line.
 The Okie in front of me said, "Where can I buy tickets?" and she said, "Front row good enough?"
 Being third, even Bart the Catholic could do the math, so we got first row tickets, too, to Billy Idol.

 We left at six, went to the Mexicali Border cafe, which will do.
 It's not great, but it doesn't suck, and it's just a block from The Brady.

 They sell margaritas this way:
 IF you pay extra, you can get a marg with Cuervo Gold or Cuervo 1800.
 Cuervo Gold is to tequila what George W Bush is to brains and integrity.
 Cuervo 1800, on the other mano, is 100 % pure agave, and more than twice the cost.

 But since people are tequila ignorant, some say,
"It's our wedding anniversary, we want the best, so bring us the Cuervo Gold..."
 ...and, to me, ...that's a hate crime.

 We made that happen, and now we're off to the big Billy Idol concert - front row tickets.
 On the way in, I saw the set list posted at the sound dude station (what's that called?)
 Using my head, I clasped both hands behind my back as I approached the mixing board.
 I read the song list, was impressed, then some black usher caught me.
 (Why did I mention his race?  Because I'm a racist - ask around.)

 I said, "Dude, I'm just checking the song list."
 With my hands clasped behind my back, he couldn't charge me with tampering.

 Minutes later, heading towards our front row seats, that same usher asks to see my tickets.
 I play stupid (Nobody does this better.  I could out-stupid Kato Kaelin.)
 I hand him my ticket and he looks at it, then it dawns on him what the numbers mean,
 and he says, "Oh, front row tickets?" ...and then he stands there, waiting for me to answer.

 To quote Randi Rhodes... "Oklahoma..........please."   (BCR 74)

 Because I am a professional comedy writer   (That's what it says on my taxes because
 Leader of the insurgency against the fascist BFEE regime  looks bad on an IRS form)
 I replied, "We looooove Billy," so he allowed us to proceed to our lawfully assigned seats.
 So, Billy comes out, and he's dy-no-mite.
 He's Billy Idol all over that stage.
 The place went nuts, and Billy owned the audience.
 Remember, we're on the front row - and Billy is front-row friendly.
 She would murder me in my sleep if she knew I was telling you this,
 Mrs. Bart was the senior lady in the front row - and Billy kinda "adopted" her.

 ha ha

 Mrs. Bart had one of the great nights of her life.  Dozens of you have met Mrs. Bart,
 and trust me, she hates attention more than I do, but I didn't hear her complaining last night.

 OK, so Billy Idol is all first-row friendly at his concerts,
 (I can only assume) and in the second song.
 "Dancing with myself,"

 ...he grabbed Mrs. Bart's hand and sung a verse to her.

 ha ha

 Mrs. Bart's cortical islands were shooting Roman Candals in every direction.

 Billy Idol was so much fun to watch.
 He's like William Shatner, he knows his public image, and he mocks himself.
 He would do a sexy pose, and then laugh real big to let YOU know HE knows it's just a joke.
 He would do the silly/sexy lip snarl, but he would always laugh afterwards, telegraphing to the
 crowd that this was just his way of neing a nut, so let's have some fun and party!

 Are you sitting down?
 Brace yourselves, (which is what Pigboy said when he swore Hillarty murdered Vince Foster)
 we saw Robert Plant in Feb at the haunted Cain's Ballroom (Okla has lotsa haunted shit)
  ...Billy Idol was better than Robert Plant.   That vibration you feel is the teutonic plates shifting...

 Billy has that cosmic energy that Plant threw away in the early 90s.
 Billy was playing for the crowd, and when Plant plays, he's playing what he likes
 and he hopes you like it, but who the hell likes If I were a carpenter  by Tim Harden?

 A smile behind the snarl.

 Billy played more hits than Plant, even tho Plant wrote about 60 great songs.
 The crowd had a great time, and you know the best way to tell?
 You know the show was killer when T-shirts sales are crazy after the show.
 Everybody wanted a Billy shirt after the show.

 The only thing that didn't work was Steve Stevens's guitar solo.  He did a Bolero/Flaminco
 guitar solo that sounded like we was losing an audition for Del Castillo.
 He closed his solo with a barely recognizable Over the Hills and far Away, which is funny
 because Rick Del Castillo used to play that at my Hard Rock Island in the old days.

 Funny, when we got home, there was Robert Plant on Letterman, playing a very boring song.
 He's become Pat Boone, the poor guy, but it goes without saying that Jimmy Page is still the one, true God.

 So if you get a chance to see Billy Idol - do it.
 It's good, old-fashioned party rock and you won't be disappointed.

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 May 10 05 Wichita, KS   The Cotillion Ballroom
 May 12 05 Chicago, IL  Congress Theatre  
 May 13 05 Cleveland,OH  Scene Pavilion
 May 14 05 Baltimore WHFS Festival
 May 16 05 Verona, NY  Turning Stone Casino
 May 17 05 Providence RI   Lupos At The Strand
 May 19 05 Hampton Beach, NH   Hampton Beach Casino
 May 20 05 Boston, MA   Bank of America Pavillion
 May 22 05 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
 May 26 05 Reading, PA  Sovereign Performing Arts Center
 May 27 05 Atlantic City NJ Borgata Hotel Casino

 Tell Billy that Mrs. Bart's husband says "Hey!"


 Subject: the new page look

 Hey Bart
 Since i've been doing html in my sleep since the web's infancy,
 the old saying 'simple is better' is what i tend to stand by.

 I've been a fan of your site since day one and the new look is subtle,
 yet pleasing to the eye, a bit more symmetrical, same great taste, less filling :-)
 And anything you can do to make your life easier, well got for it.
 Hammer on Bart

 Ray, thanks.
 BTW, we have increased the font size after multiple requests.
 We're going to attempt the first new change over the weekend.

 Also, I'm doing radio tomorrow, so next page is Wednesday.


 Heidi Klum marrying a Seal today?


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