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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Real Lessons of Watergate
GM to Cut 25,000 Jobs 
Court to Sick: Drop Dead 
CA AG: Ignore the whore court 
WA Judge Upholds Dem Victory
  9000 Dead GIs In Iraq?
The Erin Hart Radio Show 
Bush dis-assembles Iraq 
Cheney undaunted by reports


 Quote of the Day

"There has never been an administration more 
  intent upon consolidating and abusing power to 
  further their own agenda.  It's hard to stop people 
  who have never been acquainted with the truth."  
     --Hillary      Attribution

  We need a Clinton-Clark ticket in 2008. 


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Volume 1559 - Lemonentry 

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         Tuesday    June 7,  2005        Visit RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"We can't ever, ever give in to the Republican agenda.
  It isn't good for New York and it isn't good for America."
     --Hillary, saying things I like to hear   Attribution


 The Real Lessons of Watergate
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 ...the bitter experience of Watergate taught the conservatives the need to control the flow
 of information at the national level.

 Following Nixon's resignation in 1974, conservative leaders began pulling together the resources
 for building the right-wing media infrastructure that is now arguably the most intimidating force in U.S. politics.
 A key goal was to make sure they could protect future Republican presidents from "another Watergate."

 Meanwhile, liberals largely treated the Watergate scandal as manna from heaven and assumed that similar gifts
 would be delivered by the mainstream news media whenever future Republican governments stepped out of line."

 Note: Consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the internet.


 GM Plans to Cut 25,000 U.S. Jobs by 2008
  Bush tax policy is killing the American economy

  Click  Here

 General Motors Corp. plans to eliminate 25,000 jobs in the United States by 2008
 by closing additional assembly and components plants, part of a plan to revive its
 struggling North American operations.

 What did they do with the billions Bush gave them for no reason?
 What benefit did the country get from Bush's welfare for billionaires?



 Subject: I'm with you

 It scares the faith out of me that so many people really believe that soldiers are murderers.
 We as a society have been so sheltered, for so long that we can't see the reality in certain situations.
 And we can't use common sense when we are faced with reality.  Politics and political belief are one thing,
 but to pass guilt on to someone that is willing to risk their skin for you and me is crazy...yes crazy.

 It's rare that I get a letter like yours - thanks.
 Either the Democrats are 80 percent anti-soldier or the pro-soldier Democrats don't write.

 If you have a doubting soldier in battle, it puts ALL of the soldiers at risk. The machine breaks.
 Everyone dies, the bad guy wins.  AND "Blow that building up" is a legal order that must be followed.
"Kill that woman and child over there" is an illegal order both of which the UCMJ covers very well.

 That's common sense.
 Too bad our president ordered these young men to die for Halliburton.



"The press is missing in action, with all due respect. Where are the
  investigative reporters today? Why aren't they asking the hard questions?
  It's shocking when you see how easily they fold in the media today.
  They don't stand their ground. If they're criticized by the White House,
  they just fall apart. I mean, c'mon, toughen up, guys, it's only our
  Constitution and country at stake. Let's get some spine."
      --Hillary. proving she's the candidate for the other dems to (try to) beat,  Attribution


 Wash. Judge Upholds Demo Victory

  Click  Here

 A judge on Monday upheld Washington's 2004 gubernatorial election, rejecting
 Republicans' bid to nullify the 129-vote victory of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire.

 Republicans were seeking a new election in November.
 They plan to appeal Bridges' decision to the state Supreme Court.

 Of course they do. 
 When a Democrat loses a close one (or wins and doesn't fight for it)
 they apologize and call for unity "for the good of America."

 When a Republican loses a close one, they fight like hell because they want to win.

 Democrats will accept victory if it's forced on them, but they won't fight for it.


 Subject: SC and marijuana

 The Supreme Court has voted 6-3 that federal drug laws override any state's opinion
 about medical marijuana.  Only to be expected.

 What made me sit up was who the three dissenters were: Rehnquist (thyroid cancer),
 O'Connor  (breast cancer), and Clarence Thomas (no cancer I know of -- maybe it's a family member).

 So, like a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged; a liberal is a conservative who's facing chemo.

 It figures that we could count on the SC lefties to cave
 and the SC righties to fight for what they believe in.

 ...and is this the first time Slappy didn't vote with Scalia?



 Whore Court to dying: "Drop dead"

  Click  Here

 Federal authorities may prosecute sick people whose use marijuana to ease pain,
 the Supreme Whores ruled Monday, saying state laws don't protect users from a
 religiously-inspired federal ban on the harmless drug that helps millions.

 Justice John Paul Stevens, said that dying people should start a 20-year initiative to change
 the minds of the religiously insane, and get them to accept science and logic instead of their
 belief in silly, non-existent ghosts to allow medical use of marijuana.

 Drug dealers around the globe hailed the decison is a money-maker.
"Now we don't have to compete with Wal-Mart and other retial drug outlets," they said.
 We can set our own prices and claim our own private sales territories. Without regulation,
 the marijuana business will continue to be run by thugs and gangs who make millions from it.

 Meanwhile, congress will pass special legislation to enable Rush Limbaugh to use hillbilly
 heroin because he's an America institution and his desire to use illegal drugs is acceptable.


 Calif. AG: Don't Panic Over Pot Ruling
  We don't care what the Nazi Monkey says...

  Click  Here

"People shouldn't panic. There aren't going to be many changes," California Attorney General
 Bill Lockyer said. "Nothing is different today than it was two days ago, in terms of real-world impact."

 The ruling does not strike down medical marijuana laws in California, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine,
 Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont or Washington state. State and local authorities in most of those
 states said they have no interest in arresting people who smoke pot for medical reasons.

 The whore court's decision "leaves us protecting ourselves from a government that should be protecting us,"
 one woman said, wondering why the GOP's "less government" only applies to making money, not staying alive.

 Gov. Arnold Pussy, who has previously supported use of pot by sick people, said only:
 "It is now up to Congress to provide clarity. I take my orders from KKKarl Rove - whatever he says!"


 Will President Monkey gamble with his 40-something approval ratings by arresting old, sick people
 who use marijuana to keep their food down and relieve pain?  I hope he does, because the outrage
 would make the Terri Schiavo matter look small by comparison, and then the Giggling Murderer
 might find his approval ratings in the 40s and people might remember at election time.

 If the Democrats get the House back in 2006, we could see impeached charges filed against
 America's maddog killa, the giggling murder Monkey, the /imprisoned war criminal.

          "Who you talking about, Bart?  We love our Dubya!"



"Brilliant. Under Clinton the economy boomed -- deficits turned into surplus
  -- and more than 22 million jobs were created. Along with the character flaws
  and the subpoenas came peace and prosperity."
      --Matt Lauer, describing Bill Clinton,   Attribution

 Matt, you had to mention Clinton's "character flaws?"
 Can you list the presidents who had no character flaws?
 Were Clinton's "flaws" actually filthy lies that killed 1700 soldiers?
 Matt, you're a multi-millionaire, so you like Bush and Rush and FOX News - we get that.
 So why not move to FOX and stop pretending?



 Subject: Memo shows Bush lied

 The senators and congressmen who voted for the war were played for fools,
 and the time for impeachment is now.

 For those who've missed it, the "Downing Street Memo" proves what those of us
 not blinded by fear already knew: Bush is a liar.

 The administration knew Iraq was not a threat and did everything in its power to deceive
 the American people into believing it was. No longer can Bush supporters say, "He didn't know"
 (their excuse for everything Bush does), nor can they say the intelligence was "wrong."

 If one were to look for the memo in the American press, they might have a hard time finding it,
 proving the state of journalism in this country is pathetic, so I will quote the most pertinent lines:
 "Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military
 action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were
 being fixed around the policy."

 Bush was lying, and he knew he was lying. Iraq did not possess WMD and had nothing to do
 with the 9/11 attacks. Bush and his vile cabal knew this and lied to the American people to
 justify their war to steal oil.

 I realize Americans who do not believe in the Constitution will still support "Bush the liar,"
 and I would like to ask them: Does honor mean anything at all to you? I would also like to ask:
 How many of your children have died because of Bush's lies?

 Tell us you support "Bush the liar" even though you're progeny has been killed fighting a "war"
 that was based on his deceptions because that will verify some Americans have sunk so low
 they will exchange the very lives of their own children for nothing but lies.

 Michael Handy


 Steve G in Santa Rosa,

 I sent you a pack of BCR CDs and stickers,
 but they were returned with a note "Forwarding Order Expired."

 Lemme know...


"It is not the Ten Commandments that form the bedrock of American values.
  It is the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution. If anything should be chiseled
  in stone on our public buildings, it's the Bill of Rights."
      --Harvey Wasserman, fighting the bloody president's takeover   Attribution


 Subject: BartCop Radio

 I have been waiting for you to again offer the 90 days of BCR for the $25 subscription
 - I see that you have it again for June. But the last few times you've offered 'snippets'
 (e.g.,  'Part 4 of BCR 75), I've 'clicked here', RealPlayer comes up, but no sound comes out
 (I have no problem listening to Democracy Now on RealPlayer).

 I am afraid that if I subscribe that I won't be able to listen to your melifluous melodious tones
 for the next 90 days - super disappointment.
 Got any suggestions on this?

 As always, thanks for the Truth.
 T Quigly

 T, it ought to work with Real Player, but it works for sure with WinAmp and Windows Media.
 Maybe there's a teenager nearby who could configger it for you?

 It's my opinion that you'll also bet better sounds with one of those, over Real Player.

 If someone knows why T's RP works but not WinAmp, could you let me know?


 Erin Hart Radio Show

  Click  Here

  Now featuring Marty from on selected Sunday nights.
  I'll run an update when her "appearance" is upcoming.


 Subject: they ain't pillars...


 They ain't pillars if they bail on you just because they disagree with you.
 Just because you are off base on this military issue is no reason to quit reading your site.

 The other stuff is great. You just happen to be off base on the military issue.
 Not entirely wrong, mind you, because for the most part you are right.

 ha ha
 Dude, you helping Tara tomorrow night?     ...10PM Central?     ...in the chat room?

 Seriously, I've taken on a losing bet just because some things need to be said.
 When I kick Tara's butt, they'll say, "Sure, but who was Tara?"

 Tara is not going to be a pushover.
 Matter of fact, I screen-named "Tara," and later realized the name sounded feminine, but Tara
 actually has a scary, three part name that starts with something like that city in Texas, Nachedoches,
 and then another word, maybe "Mamoud." but it's not a Texas kind of name - know what I mean?
 So chances are he's coming to the fight armed with facts.

 I kidded about the top ten BartCop-reading doves coming together to form a "super-dove conclave"
 that could organize an attack on my positions, so if I somehow get lucky and eek out a victory
 - it might mean something more than, "Sure, but who was Tara?"

 If you're not able to witness the debate live, we plan to provide a transcript
 which I will doctor to make me look good because I lose most of these debates.


Click  Here  to order books


 Subject: Chinaco Anejo - yum!


 I'm finally sold. I thought the whole premium tequila thing was a gag,
 but I sampled my first-ever shot of Chinaco Anejo last week while
 vacationing in the foreign destination of Port Aransas, Texas.

 It didn't even taste like tequila.

 Or maybe it's that all that nasty Cuervo I've consumed over the years
 is what "doesn't taste like tequila."

 Thanks for awakening me to the joys of Chinaco.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Used by permission mnftiu.cc/

 Bush dis-assembles Iraq
  Halliburton gets in the tent business?

       "Thank you, Meester Bush, for 'saving us' from Saddam."

  Click  Here

 It seems that the trade in tents in our land has peaked, with hundreds of thousands
 of Iraqis currently living in tent cities due to ongoing U.S. military operations.

 But the media are barred from covering bombardment and shelling by U.S. tanks, warplanes and
 helicopter gunships. We still lack any pictures of the destruction that took place in Qaim. But we are
 certain of one thing: U.S. military operations, despite the use of massive fire power and bombs
 weighing more than 500 kilograms, have failed to defeat the insurgents.

 You and I are paying a billion dollars a day for Bush to kill people and steal that oil.
 I can't afford a billion a day - can you?



"During the Clinton administration, we used to talk about building a bridge to
  the 21st century. This administration wants to build a bridge to the 19th century.
  They want to undo and turn the clock back on the progress of the 20th century,
  whether it's the right to organize, whether it's the right to be able to have a choice
  when it comes to the most private and intimate decisions that a woman has to make,
  whether it is to protect the environment." 
       --Hillary   Attribution

 Subject:  HI from Brew

  Click  Here

 Since my name is getting splashed all over this debate, I would like to state a few facts.
 I would appreciate it if you would publish them for the record:



 Subject: Donation

 Howdy Bart,

 Great site.  Wish I could send ya more, but times are tough.
 Love to get a bartcop and "worst" sticker if you have any left.
 I'll put 'em on the 'cycle and car -- which I still drive occasionally
 when I can afford paying double for the Bush-o'-line to fill them.


 Get your BCR stickers and a WPE sticker   FREE with a minimum $5 donation.

 Click Here  to support  bartcop.com  with a sticker purchase.

 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

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 9000 Dead GIs In Iraq?


  Click  Here

 U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals
 have not previously been counted. They total about 6,210 as of 1 January, 2005.

 The ongoing, underreporting of the dead in Iraq, is not accurate. The DoD is deliberately
 reducing the figures. A review of many foreign news sites show that actual deaths are far higher
 than the newly reduced ones. Iraqi civilian casualties are never reported but International Red Cross,
 Red Crescent and UN figures indicate that as of 1 January 2005, the numbers are just under 100,000.

 Is there any way to check the accuracy of this story?
 If would be great if we had a free press in this country, because it would take an organization like CNN
 or the AP, which has people in every big city and state, to count the dead. Is this why the dead only fly in
 at night - under cover of darkness?  Is this why they don't want the coffins photographed?


 Subject: Dave the stand-up comic

 Bartcop, thanks!


 I would love to get a plug for my shows but with Bush the Stupid in "charge"
 I am a staying north of the border in my quest to make people laugh.  (He's Canadian)
 You are doing a great job.

 When the Gannon/Gucket stuff hit the net, I thought, "This is it! Finally a sex scandal
 to make the MSM drool and point."  A gay hooker in the white house! Sadly it did not happen.
 Yawning was all I heard on Tee-vee, and the the Jackson trail, of course.

 Yeah, it throws a wrench in their "whatever the market will bear" theories.
 Bush is busy tossing the salads of various, anonymous "on top" military studs - and they don't care?
 It's not as juicy as a Democrat with a fat girl.
 BIG media can't be bothered with a right-wing, homo-military-sex scandal in the White House.

 My hope is that the Downing Street Memo will be the nail in the coffin and your democracy
 will be saved from Rummy and the gang of thugs. Don't let up!
 Canadian Dave



"You can be damned sure Dick Cheney will get this treatment even if he
  has to have the stem cells harvested at gun point from pregnant Iraqi women
  with a butcher knife. After all, it''s not like they're human."
      --David Allen, "Stem Cells Reverse Heart Disease",   Attribution


 Subject: I support the troops

 I am working class. I pay my taxes.
 I don't support a war based on lies.
 Saddam was only as bad as we (U$A) made him.

 Bush is a gangster and his friends are gangsters, too
 George Bush is a gangster, gangster - through and through.


 BC, thanks for that.
 The BFEE could easily have been the BFEG.


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 Subject: loss of a pillar

 Geez that's too bad Bart.

 You got me ticked too with the silly ducking and jiving you did on the torture debate,
 but I don't see how that's that big a deal.

 My "silly ducking and jiving" could save 10M lives.  That's ten million lives.
 Your rejection of ideas that would save those lives is illogical.
 Plus, remember we didn't have that debate.

 Your big error was to latch on to the logically undefendable position of some of the extreme doves.

 My mistake was noticing that 80 percent of my mail says, "Screw the troops?"

 Several of the rest of us were trying to point out that that was a strawman argument, but you were on
 a roll and not to be distracted.  I can understand that as I do it myself now and again.  You're making
 a similar mistake with the same extreme doves again.  Back off a bit and address the issue of war crimes.

 Dude, I'll address any subject you want to throw at me.
 If my mail is an indication of where our party is (words mean things)
 Democrats are anti-soldier - and you want me to address what about war crimes?

 Where is the line for the poor guys standing in the line of fire?
 At what point do you think they should be held personally responsible?
 At what point does ignorance become willful?
 At what point does "I'm just following orders" become a lame excuse for sadism?

 The bottom line is self-defense.
 If they're under fire, no rules apply.

 I admit, It's not fair to innocent Iraqis - that if they knock over a trash can
 in the dark they might get shot.  I admit that's not fair.  But that's Bush's greed, not the
 poor bastard who signed up for 2 weeks a year and one weekend a month.

 I don't want to hang some nervous American kid who made a schoolboy mistake with a gun,
 a kid who thought he'd be in freshman geometry right now, not f-ing Fallujah with his life on the line.
 He's going to err on the side of "staying alive."  Wouldn't you?

 Buck up Bart, I just sent you a check last week,
 joe in Japan

 Joe, I appreciate your check as long as you know it's not buying anything.

 I hope that came out right...


 Cheney undaunted by number of reports to disregard

  Click  Here

 AI's 2005 report another damning document, but Cheney vows to keep up the ignorance.
"I'd tell 'em to go fuck themselves, but I'm too busy ignoring them to know who they are."


 Subject: "I'm fighting for Dave"

 Hey Bart...


 *I* was stirred.

 thx for that


 Subject: Bart served with sep papers

 It all started with Jessica Lynch, you went "all in" on that load of Karl Rove bullshit!

 Please copy-and-paste my very bad "all-in" on Lynch.

 You seem to hate the Democrats more than the lying Nazi bastards!

 Is your middle and end game any better than your opener?

 "to the point that you will play deceptive semantic games in order to defend your position,
 and ignore or reduce to a caricature the valid counterpoints being made by those who disagree with you."

 You use the snippet like Boortz uses the cut-off button. Both of you then proceed
 to rant on about how stupid the other guy is and how you just proved it.

 You often overlook the obvious, ignore the facts (or you're ignorant of them),
 and your memory of recent history is at best flawed.

 You're making a lot of wild charges without providing any examples.

 You are wrong about Kobe, Tiger, torture, and guns.
 (You have a name for your Glock? What kinda punkass shit is that?)

 ha ha

 Junior, before you were born, Barney Fife called his gun "Baby" on the Andy Griffith Show.
 It's a joke that you're too young to get, Son.

 Here at  bartcop.com  we're into the humor thing.
 If calling my Glock "The Baby" makes me Ted Nugent in your young eyes, then I'll live with that.

 Beyond that, me & Mrs Bart have a thing that, if I ever look at her when a third person is in the room
 and I ask her to "Check on The Baby," that's a signal to her that something really bad is about to happen..
 Of course, I don't expect that to happen, but it's good to have a plan for the unexpected.

 Your wrong in general about what it takes to be a hero! The only heroes I've seen in
 the past five years are the NYFD and others who rushed into the fucking burning towers!

 Did you forget which side you were on in this argument?
 I'm the pro-soldier, pro-fireman, pro-law & order guy in this argument.

 OUR troops may soon have to make some really tough choices. Most of them have been brainwashed,
 along with the 51% of other Americans. They are committing atrocities everyday and will have to live
 with the horrors for the rest of lives. When it's over no one except their families will care. If this bullshit war
 was on TV, every night during dinner like Viet Nam, things would be different!

 So, ...you're to my left or to my right on this?

 But given all that, you need to pull your head out of your ass!
 Your killing your own business!

 Harry S.

 Harry, yes, honesty is f-ing bad for business ...
 because I'm too stupid to remember Rule Number One.

 Bart's Law #1
  Don't EVER  tell the truth in a political campaign.
  People want  to be lied to.

 There's a reason why this rule was the Number One rule.
 People want to be lied to.

 I'd need a degree in handjob to explain it,  ...but people want to be told what to do.
 Adults are just kids who miss their parents. Everyone is scared and afraid.
 Everybody wants a guide, a parent, a guardian angel - someone to tell them what to do.

 Most people want to go to sleep in the back seat knowing that they'll make it home safe
 because Mom & Dad will see to that.  We're all "safe" when someone else is taking care of us.

 Not me.

 I don't want anybody taking care of me, 'cept Mrs. Bart.
 I want to make my own decisions and I'll live with the results.


Bush's body count in Iraq

  1668, 1672, 1677, dead soldiers under Bush

Another 5 deaths Bush and his media want us to ignore


 Chicago Pokerfest 2005

 Days Inn Lincoln Park North

 4 PM Saturday, July 16th with a party on a tall roof Friday night.

 Seats are limited.

 If you plan on coming, you'd better let us know.
 The hotel is sold out and we can't accomodate a large crowd.
 Final details and sign-up info tomorrow.

 Comments?  (Put 'Poker' in the subject box)

Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 75

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


 "Guantanamo "has become the greatest propaganda tool that exists for
  recruiting of terrorists around the world and it is unnecessary to be in that position.
  We should end up shutting it down, moving those prisoners. Those that we have
  reason to keep, keep.  And those we don't, let go."
    -- Joe Biden, one of Bush's greatest supporters,    Attribution


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 Angelina Jolie has boasted that she is an expert in lesbian sex.
 Angelina says she knows what women like.


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