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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Downing St. Memo Shock II
Democrats Against Dean 
Mike Tyson flames out 
Dean told them the truth
Cheney agrees with Dems
Faith-based fascism 
Bush numbers in the Toilet 
The GOP's poverty gambit 
Pitt-Jolie rule box office 


 Quote of the Day

"I've got some juicy details on this Hillary book.
  It has to do with sexual orientation..."
      --Rush the vulgar Pigboy,    Attribution

 I have a question: 
 Did Hillary hire a gay hooker under a fake name,
 and get by the Secret Srvices with that fake name, 
 to ask her fake question at a TV press conference?  

 No, President Codpiece did that
 but nobody cares about the facts anymore.

 How do we win in a world where facts don't count?


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Volume 1563 - Tethered and chained 

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         Weekend-Monday    June 11-13,  2005        Visit  RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"Southern culture, blue-collar culture, NASCAR culture -- overlaps with evangelical culture.
  Certainly one tenet they all share is this: When somebody punches you in the gut, you don't
  smile, stride halfway between his position and yours, and say that maybe the guy has a point.
  That's what made the Democrats look unsympathetically unfocused and confused to so many people."
     --Rick Perlstein,  at Atrios's blog      Attribution


 Downing Street Memo Shock II
   Brits were told of need for Gulf war ‘excuse’

  Click  Here

 Ministers were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an
 American invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.
 The warning, in a leaked Cabinet Office briefing paper, said Bush's Poodle agreed to back
 military action to get rid of Saddam at a summit at Bush's ranch three months earlier.

 The briefing paper, for participants at a meeting of Blair’s inner circle on July 23, 2002,
 said that since regime change was illegal it was “necessary to create the conditions”
 which would make it legal.

 Will the crooked GOP and the whore media continue to help Bush cover this up?
 If only this was as serious as the president having a girlfriend..


 Faith-based fascism

  Click  Here

 After Hitler was elected in 1933, Thomas Mann said that he was witnessing a revolution
“without underlying ideas, against ideas, against everything nobler, better, decent, against freedom,
 truth and justice.” Today's Hannitized hordes are every bit as eager as Hitler's little helpers to
 sell out their own political and economic interests for the privilege of basking in the reflected glory
 of those who talk loudest while carrying the biggest stick.  Their “mobilizing passions” are not stirred
 by a philosophy beyond a suspicion that their entitlements are being encroached upon by some
 demonized minority -- a point that Democrats and their cohorts in the corporate media have yet
 to grasp as they seek ways to accommodate them by purging their own institutional bases of
“offending” doctrine. So far, they have only succeeded in emboldening the cross-bearing Brownshirts
 to violently upgrade their methods of rooting out dissent."


 Subject: Why are Republicans against federal money for stem cell research?

 They're afraid the Democrats will use it to grow a spine. (ba-da-boom)

 Neil the comedian



"The war in Iraq was sold under a lie,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Newsweek was discredited to divert attention from Gitmo,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Bush has nominated Bolton who opposes the existence of the UN,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean. 

  Osama is still at large,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Extreme judges are being rammed through the Senate,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Social Security is in grave danger,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Global warming is being ignored,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  The media has surrendered integrity,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Gas prices are crushing us while BOG OIL drowns in profits,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Republicans conduct class warfare through the tax code,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean.

  Liars, crooks, and worse run amok in our government,
  but Democrats are speaking out against Dean."
       -- adapted from what Mike said, "Let Dean Be Mean",   Attribution

          "We must worship our Godly war hero, Dubya!"


 Subject: Sensenbrenner

      "I'm human waste"

 I saw all the testimony for this hearing live on C-SPAN.
 Mr. Sensenbrenner was rude to witnesses/experts on several occasions.
 Several times he cut them off before they could even finish a sentence.

 He adjourned the meeting in a huff and walked out like a toddler having a temper tantrum.
 Mr. Conyers was great.  The last speaker was Sheila Jackson Lee who gave a moving speech
 about the obligations of this committee to shine a light on the abuses of the current administration.

 I would highly recommend watching the program @ www.cspan.org, then click on
 "House Hearing on Patriot Act Reauthorization" under the heading recent programs.




"Dean's statement is factually true...
  Republicans are, ...in fact, ...about 99 percent white."
    --Kathleen Parker, DNC chairman,  Attribution


 Subject: Conyer's letter to Junior

 I urge your readers and listeners to sign this petition ASAP.
 They're nearing 500K, if they haven't already passed it!
 The more signatures he gets the harder the press will be able to ignore it.

 Also, I urge everyone to tune into Randi Rhodes on Thursday to hear about
 Rep. Conyers' trip to the White House. If anyone will have to up-to-the-minute info, she will.

 I also urge every America loving Democrat out there to call 1-877-762-8762 and ask for
 your favorite back stabbing Democratic Senator, as in Joe Biden or Joe "republican-lite" Lieberman etc.,
 and remind them that they have a "D" after their names and to please show some party unity!

 Michael A S


 Subject: Would you torture to save 10 million people?

 Anyone who answers no to that question has their morals mixed-up.
 Even though torture is wrong, it does not compare to allowing 10 million innocent people die.


 Brian, you, me and Jack Bauer (24) are the only ones who think that way.
 Many people say, "I don't care if 50 million die - torture is always wrong!"


 Mike Tyson flames out for the last time?
  Click  Here

 "I don't have the stomach for this anymore. I most likely won't fight anymore.  I'm not going
 to disrespect the sport by losing to this caliber of fighters. I felt like I was 120 years old..."


 The sixth round was bizarre even by the Tyson standards.
 Tyson tried to break McBride's arm in the final round, then tried to hit him low. When all else failed
 he aimed his head at McBride's forehead, butting him and opening a cut next to his left eye.

"I was desperate," Tyson said. "I wanted to win.""

 When Tyson ruled the boxing world, I said he was a paper champ and I was right.
 Tyson had a mystique built up that so terrorized his opponents, they just forgot to fight.

 All those first round knockouts were bogus but he got away with it until the mighty
 Buster Douglas gave the world a blueprint on how to beat Tyson - kinda like what
 Clinton did in '92 and '96, but politics isn't boxing and you can tell because in boxing
 people watch how a winner beat the loser and they do what he did - and then they win.

 In politics, Clinton gave the Democrats the blueprints for how to win, but Gore and
 Kerry are unable to read, remember or imitate so they fell into the dustbin of history.




"Ten dead and twenty seven wounded in a car bomb attack this morning.
  I'm glad we have a president who levels with the American public and tells us the truth."
      -- Chris,   "Iraq insurgency continues to crumble"


 Dean Just Told Them The Truth
  ...and they thought it was Hell

  Click  Here

 The simple truth is that corporate interests have hijacked our nation, theocrats want to
 take us back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials (with gays playing the part of witches),
 and the "stars" in the corporate "mainstream" media have been so terrified by Bush
 administration threats of loss of access (which could then lead to the loss of their own
 6- and 7-figure income jobs) that they perpetuate administration lies and tremble at the
 thought of actually asking a tough follow-up question when Bush prevaricates.

 Howard Dean points out these uncomfortable truths


 Subject: get your facts straight

 my senator dick durbin from illinois, did not vote for the iraq war unlike hillary.

 I don't recall saying that he did.
 What I said was every senator who refused to stand up
 (besides Hillary) is guilty of enabling Bush.


 Bush’s Approval Rating In The Toilet
  So how did he get re-elected?

  Click  Here

 When “news” organizations like Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. release poll numbers
 concerning the murdering mumbling death monkey, you can be sure that they are either skewing
 the results as much in favor of Bush as possible, or they are outright lying and changing the data in a
 very unsubtle way.

 According to the new poll only 35% think the nation is heading in the right direction, That would mean
 that 65% of the people think the nation is headed straight into the pit of hell, but no, that would be incorrect
 according to the AP, because 43% think that Bush “is doing a good job.” Well lets see 35 plus 43: 5 plus 3
 equals 8, 3 plus 4 equals 7, that means that only 78% of the people in the poll had an opinion either way and
 a full 22% said “Gee I can’t give you an answer to that question.”


Marty's Entertainment Page

Used by permission mnftiu.cc/

 Liberal media discovers Downing St memo I
  Five weeks after the rest of the world had it, now II is here

  Click  Here

 The "smear Bush first" crowd of radical journalists has desperately jumped to conclusions
 about the three-year-old document.  First reported in England last month, the memo says
 evidence for Saddam Hussein's threat was "fixed around the policy" of ousting the Iraqi dictator.



 Subject: Donation

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 In the meantime send bumper stickers.
 And Howard Dean speaks for me!!


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 Subject: cancelled O'Reilly cruise

 Just because people like to watch the monkey in the zoo
 doesn't mean they want to get in the cage with him.

 Steven B

 ha ha


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Yes, it's all Dean's fault.
If only he would defend Bush
like the rest of the Democrats...

I really, really with Dean would resign in disgust.
Why should he stay around when his yellow-ass
party would rather back Bush than him?

 The GOP's poverty gambit

  Click  Here

 The poverty  pimps ripped us off again. We are not talking about those folks who are vilified by
 conservative politicians for running off with federal dollars for poverty programs. They are almost
 out of business. There are hardly any federal poverty dollars left to plunder. Today's pimps are
 conservative politicians who run off at the mouth about poverty-stricken nominees of color.
 Janice Rogers Brown, the black conservative judge, was finally confirmed this week. Her confirmation
 came after a host of Republican senators made her childhood part of her qualifications for the job."


 Cheney agrees with Dems: Dean no Good

  Click  Here

 I think Howard Dean's over the top. I've never been able to understand his appeal.
 Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does,"
 Cheney said in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow on Fox News.

 The Democrats continue to pile on Dean, the Fascists continue to pile on Dean,
 the media loves to pile on Dean and it's all because he told the damn truth.

 Cheney saying "Maybe his mother loved him," is a shitty, childish thing to say, but the
 GOP won't call him on it because they're not a bunch of pansy-ass backstabbers.

 Dr. Dean, you deserve better than these back-stabbers.
 Call Bill - he'll tell you.



 Subject: You're right about Hillary, Bart,

 It disguists me to see these Democrats like Harold Ford Jr, who can't
 run to a microphone fast enough to condemn Howard Dean, but refuses
 to criticize the war or the Cons destruction of the working class.

 Hillary actually fights back.
 Isn't it a shame that the only Dems in the Senate with balls are women?
 Clinton/Boxer '08!


 Subject: Sirius radio

 I am hoping that since AirAmerica radio left us Sirius listeners high and dry,
 they will need to plug up the void and give you a call.

 a real life medical doctor

 I didn't know Sirius and Air America split up.
 They're still going strong on XM Radio.

 Maybe after they hired Liddy and Laura the Unloved,
 they couldn't allow any lefties on thier channel anymore.


Bush's body count in Iraq

  1685, 1692, 1702, dead soldiers under Bush

10 since the last issue.

How long, America?
How many more?
How many barrels does he need?

Bush's one, true God.


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005


  Click  Here  for up-to-date details

 Subject: non-poker players

 I understand you'll be in Chicago for poker, but I don't play...unfortunately.
 You should host a party for non-players.

 Best wishes,
 Tom M

 Tom, we plan to do that this year, in Chicago.
 Non- players are invited, too.

 We're levying a "tax" of $20, (after all, we're liberals) for the room, for mixers, for chips, dips
 and miscellaneous party favors, maybe even some hot munchies if the math allows it.

 Of course, the is predicated on more than two people signing up :)

Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 75

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Your delusional outbursts have forced senior members of your own party to
  distance themselves from you. While I agree that you're "not very dignified"
  I sincerely hope you refrain from further personal attacks. These attacks are
  contrary to the respectful  political debate the public deserves."
      -- Sensenbrenner (R-Human Waste), empowered by Democrats to slur Howard Dean,     Attribution

        "I'm human waste"

 How did I get in this party of spineless back-stabbers?


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 Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie spark $51M

   Click  Here

 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made a golden couple at the box office
 as their thriller "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" topped the weekend rankings.
"Smith" made more than the next three films combined.


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 It had  everything.

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