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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Conyers nails it to Bush's door
Schiavo Autopsy: GOP lied 
M Jackson  or  GW Bush? 
Dean acts like a liberal?
Bi-Parts push for Iraq pullout  
Bart's BIG bet with Rush 
House Curbs Patriot Act 
Bush's millionaire helpers 
Keri Russell joins MI3 


 Quote of the Day

"'Dr. Frist never made a diagnosis." 
    -- Frist spokeswoman, rewriting Schiavo history

  Dr. Frist intentionally made an improper, incorrect
  diagnosis to better his political chances. That has to 
  be a gross violation of his oath,  so why do religious 
  types accept crap like that from their leaders?


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Volume 1566 - Two Arms! 

         Thurs-Friday    June 15-16,  2005        Visit  RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR

    BIG DOG on Dave tonight   thanks to Marty E!


"Based on the footage provided to me, which was part of
  the facts of the case, Terri Schiavo does respond."
      --Doctor Bill Frist, lying/mis-diagnosing Schiavo for political gain,   Attribution

 This insane Monkey is running for president under the "I'm insane" banner.
 The bad news is, that party won the last two elections because the Democrats won't fight.


 Conyers Nails It to the White House Door
   Is this a moment history will record?   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church,
 initiating a sequence of events which forever altered global religion, politics and power.
 "Out of love for the truth, the following propositions will be discussed at Wittenberg."

 Another document is going to be nailed to another door on Thursday, June 16th.
 This door opens not to a church, but to the White House. This document is freighted
 with hard truths, stern demands and nearly a million names. This document, once nailed up,
 likewise carries with it all the possibilities of change.

 After an embarrassing gap of silence from the news media, the American people have come
 to hear about the Downing Street Minutes. This document describes how Bush and Blair
 planned to manipulate their way into Iraq.

 WHO: Rep. John Conyers

 WHERE: The White House, West Appointment Gate on Pennsylvania Avenue

 WHEN: TODAY, Thursday, June 16, 4 p.m. EDT

 Will the networks and cable Nazi's cover history?
 Or will they, once again, choose to help Bush cover up his crimes?

 The Downing Street Memo
 John Conyers chairs a meeting on the Downing Street Memo and pre-Iraq War intelligence.
 Witnesses: Joe Wilson, CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen American soldier,
  and constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz.

 TODAY, Thursday., 2:30PM ET, C-SPAN3

 Click  Here  then click on WATCH next to Conyer's picture


 Subject: BCR Show 76 feedback

 I have only had time to listen to the first 2 segments, but I loved the Best Buy story.
 You need to take it esay on your mouses. ;^)
 Keep hammering


 Schiavo Autopsy Shows Massive Brain Damage
   But Frist and Delay said she was merely "disabled"

  Click  Here

 The autopsy of Terri Schiavo backed her husband's contention that she was in a persistent
 vegetative state, finding she was severely and irreversibly brain-damaged and blind as well.

 The findings vindicated Michael Schiavo in his bitter battle with unhinged handjobs like
 Tom Delay, who insisted she could pitch for the Yankees if people would just vote GOP.

 White House liar Scott McClellan said the scientific findings did nothing to change Bush's
 position that Schiavo could've been the Yankee's fourth starter because, "he knows baseball."

 This just in from Rude Rich:
"That's not funny."

 Click  Here  to listen to Randi Rhodes tear the GOP up on the Schiavo horseshit

 Another hueueueueueuge loser in this was Jesse Jackson.
 He just had to go to Florida and grandstand in the spotlight and give Bush political cover.
 Why did he help Bush?
 To the GOP, Jesse's "that crazy nigger," so why help them?

 Shame, shame, shame on the insincere, grandstanding showboat - Jesse Jackson,
 who was on my good side for over nine years of  bartcop.com  - until this stupid stunt.

 Jesse, what does that giant "W" on your forehead stand for?


 Subject: Americans abroad

 I had the good fortune to travel throughout Ireland for six weeks last fall and partake
 in numerous great conversations in inumerable pubs.  Very few of the people I had the
 opporutnity to speak with could understand what the hell the US was doing.
 A common refrain was America has gone mad.


 Yes, the whole world hates us like never in our history.
 Absolute power corrupts Republicans absolutely.

 Democrats just want to score a little tongue.
 Republicans want to steal all the wealth and power in the world.


 Question from E Green

"Which is more horrific?
  Giving your male child to Michael Jackson or George Bush?

 Bart clears his throat, ...thinks for a second

 Odds are, in both cases, you'd get your kid back, but he'd be really screwed up.
 The difference is, ...with Michael, ...he'd still have all his arms and legs.


 Subject: David Broder, shut up about Howard Dean

 Dear David,
 You disgrace yourself with you continued attacks on Howard Dean.
 Frankly I think you've ossified into a husk of your former self, when you actually
 seemed to know what was going on. Where are your strident denunciations of the
 outrageous lies Bush used to launch this war; the corrupting, marginalization, and
 intimidation of the press; or the brutality, cruelty, and extremism of Republican policies?
 Instead, the big problem is that Howard Dean is rightfully kicking Republicans in their
 corrupt teeth with a few comments. On Meet the Press you should have spent 75%
 talking about the criminality and extremism of the attack on the Filibuster, or the
 impeachable lies brought to light in the British Memo (which your paper ignored).

 Your comments sound like a tired old man who is completely out of touch with the
 deeply chilling changes right-wing extremists are causing in America. Some get wiser
 with age, some get more rigid, some more stupid, some more conservative.
 Sadly you aren't in the first category.
 Michael Hammerschlag


 Dean Acts Like Anything but a Liberal
     saw it on fauxnewschannel.com

  Click  Here

 DNC Chairman Howard Dean reiterated his recent critique of GOP
 leadership this weekend.  "I'm not backing down," the former governor
 of Vermont insanely proclaimed, foolishly adding, "people want us to fight!"


 Subject: Re: Bart does a shot at 10:40 in the morning

 Ha Ha!
 It's getting harder and harder not to take that drink earlier in the day.
 I spend my work day with people who can tell you what each of the Idol contestants
 wore the night before but don't know how many American's died in Iraq that day.




"The president believes we should stand on the side of defending and protecting life."
        --White House liar Scott McClellan, about the autopsy report on Terri Schiavo, Attribution

 McClellan is lying for the man who hold the current western hemisphere record for most murders.
    "I kill for oil and fun, got any?"


 Subject: Bart, I AM an Architect, and a Civil Engineer...

 I am a licensed architect and civil engineer.  In 1972 I worked for the Port Authority of NY
 and New Jersey as an intern.  Part of my work was to check plans for the final stages of the
 WTC construction.  I know more than the average person about the buildings and their problems.
 When the twin towers collapsed, I not only observed that it looked like an engineered demolition,
 but I voiced my suspicion that the entire 9/11 tragedy was a creation of the Bush administration.
 At the time, my friends thought I was insane.  Now, they sheepishly admit that I may have been right.
 9/11 was so incredibly beneficial to Bush and his cronies that one must suspect that it just might be
 possible that they set it up.  The timing and the effect were a perfect storm, a "trifecta" in Bush's
 jargon if you will.  There are too many facts about the disaster to ascribe it to chance.  There was
 never a genuine investigation, in spite of what the whitewash 9/11 report put out.  Nobody was
 allowed to ask the right questions, and then there were those who would have laughed serious
 engineering professionals out of their jobs.  So, we saw three enormous steel framed structures
 collapse as though engineered by a professional demolition company - and nobody thought it
 strange but me?  Now other engineers are coming out of the woodwork, and maybe someone
 will find that one unexploded charge somewhere in the tangle of wreckage.
 I think there needs to be an independent investigation involving an archaeological excavation at
 the WTC site to determine just how those charges were set.


 Lawmakers Push for Iraq Pullout
  1700 dead - how much is enough?

  Click  Here

 Two Republicans and two Democrats introduced a resolution that would require
 the president to announce by the end of this year a plan for withdrawing troops
 and steps for following through on that plan.

 It is the first such resolution put forth by lawmakers from both parties. Bush says
 a timetable for withdrawal can't be considered until Iraq's oil field are dry.


 Hear Randi Rhodes beat up the lying bastards who swore
 Terri Schiavo was healthy and responsive just so they could
 fool the religiously insane into voting for their side.



 Bush's millionaires work for peanuts and power  
  Click  Here

 Bush's closest advisors don't have to work, but they signed on for menial jobs
 because by making pennies now, they can change the rules and screw the helpless
 and the unsuspecting and make billions on the other end.


 Subject: BCR Show 76 feedback

 Hi Bart - I haven't listened to ALL of #76 yet (there's a lot to digest) but I
 know how you're always asking for feedback so here's some for you.
 Firstly, welcome back - I definitely missed the page updates and the radio shows
 - one of the best values I spend my hard-earned dollars on each week.
 Secondly, I wanted to comment on your Best Buy experience, with which I could definitely relate.

 Just some thoughts on the first half of #67 - hope to finish up tomorrow.
 Thanks for being there for us all.
 Bob in K-drag, South Carolina



"I'm sorry my wife isn't here. Yes, I know, most people are sorry
  -- she's not here instead of -- she's here -- she's not here instead of me.
  But she is doing great. I'm a lucky man when Laura said, I do."
     --Too Stupid to be President, Jun. 14, 2005,   Attribution



 Yesterday's list of the pro-lynching senators?

 Many people wrote to say Conrad (the Democrat) signed the no-lynching resolution later,
 and they also said that piece of crap Kyl from Arizona should be added to that I-love-lynchings list.

 bartcop.com  regerets the error..


 Subject: BCR Show 76 feedback

 Bart,  I agree with Mags. Show 76 is the best yet.
 Of course, I like them all but this had  a good energy to it.
 I gave it a 98.

 Much love to you and Mrs. Bart.
 All the best.....

 Subject: Republican war?

 Bart, you wrote,

> "Why wasn't Biden smart enough to also say that we are
>   going to need a draft because of the 'Republican war?'

 He can't call it a Republcan war because most of the Democratic senators
 gave Smirkey the thumbs up in the first place. How soon we forget that point.

 Nobody forgot anything - at least not on this end.
 Perhaps you forgot that Bush had the CIA give the senate a special briefing where
 the CIA told them Saddam had WMDs and unmanned drones that could reach the East Coast.

 If the CIA told you, Senator Sorren, that Saddam could hit us in less than an hour,
 would you be a good dove and say, "Let's not protect the East Coast?"

 It's easy to blame Bush for going into Iraq but he never would have been able to do it
 if Democrats had a spine. It's time for some poeple to look in the mirror and see the truth.
 Yes, it is an ugly truth but the facts speak for themselves.

 Senator Sorren

 Senator, we don't agree on the "facts."
 If that briefing did not happen, somebody straighten me out before I err again.


Marty's Entertainment Page


"We don't have to protect the environment, the Second Coming is at hand."
       -- James Watt, Secretary of Black Lung in the Reagan Admin.,  Attribution,


 House Votes To Curb Patriot Act

  Click  Here

 The House handed President Bush the first defeat in his effort to preserve the
 broad powers of the USA Patriot Act, voting yesterday to curtail the FBI's
 ability to seize library and bookstore records for terrorism investigations...
 The measure was supported by 38 Republicans and opposed by 186.
 Among the Republicans who voted for it were Reps. Jack Kingston (Ga.),
 Ron Paul (Tex.), C.L. "Butch" Otter (Idaho) and Ray LaHood (Ill.)."


 Subject: BCR Show 76 feedback

 The first segment of #76 had me rolling on the floor

 You and the Simpsons speak truth to power .
 Keep hammerin'



 Subject: for bartcop and WPE stickers


 57 yr. old unemployed viet nam vet,
 I love your website man,

 Keep the HAMMER Down,

 Moose, stickers on the way and a shot of Chinaco Anejo for you


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 Subject: can't get enough of that torture talk

  Click  Here

  Let's torture each other with debate until one of us gives in...


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"Don't use the word 'gay' unless it's an acronym for 'Got Aids Yet?'"
    --former Rep. Bob Dornan, as sane as any Republican, Attribution,


 Subject: Bart, when you 'support the troops,' you support this

 Objecting Soldier to Face Larceny Charges
  Click  Here

 A soldier who refused to go to Iraq will be court-martialed for accepting unearned combat pay,
 despite an Army investigator's conclusion that an accounting error was to blame.

 another lawyer,
 Chris Mac
 We're sinking into the ooze with a wacky charge like that.
  Odds are you "support" travel by car - does that mean you support this?

 Odds are you "support" travel by plane - does that mean you support this?


 I should've been a lawyer.


 You didn't need to know...

 Did you know DA Tom Sneddon had a giant photo of Michael Jackson's penis
 that he wanted to display on a giant easel in the courtroom so the jury could look at it?

 The judge denied Sneddon's request.

 Hey Mike, I have some free legal advice for you:
 Move to a county wheere Sneddon doesn't decide who to charge with crimes.

 No charge...


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005


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...as heard in BCR Show 76

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 Great money-making Quotes

"We can let terrorist prisoners pray all they want, but not school kids."
      --the lying, vulgar Pigboy, pretending it's possible to stop prayer     Attribution

 Hey, Pigboy,   ...you a gambling man?

 I'll bet you $1,000 you can't stop me from praying.

 C'mon, let's give this a try - and you don't even have to give your "winnings" to charity.
 You can keep the money for your own greedy, can't-get-enough ass, but let's do this, OK?

 I'll give you $1,000 and I'll go dark for a year - if you can stop me from praying.

 C'mon, Rush, put your money where your vulgar, lying mouth is.

 ...or, just admit you're lying and you don't have to pay me.


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 Keri Russell joins Mission Impossible 3
  Hired by you-know-who for you-know-what


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