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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Five Pointers for a Left Media
How Cheney Fooled Himself 
More Halliburton Corruption
Why Bush Took Us to War 
Bush's Road Gets Rougher 
The Flames of Impeachment 
Santorum Dead Fetus Story 
White Scout Found Alive 
Jennifer Aniston - dateable?


 Quote of the Day

"In the senate, it's heresy to say 
  you want to vote your conscience." 
     -- Arlen Specter, signaling to KKKarl Rove
          that he will no longer be Rove's puppet 


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Volume 1569 - Corn 2005 

         Wednesday   June 22,  2005        Visit RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"Bush, speaking after a meeting with the Vietnamese Prime Minister,
  announced he will visit Vietnam in 2006."
        --Hoffmania, "Obviously, It'll Be His First Time There",  Attribution


 Five Pointers for a Left Media
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 1. Outlets and content are the keys
 2. Beware an emphasis on "media reform"
 3. Put media where it makes the most sense
 4. Concentrate on information over opinion
 5. Don't view the Internet as a panacea

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 How Cheney Fooled Himself
  Isn't Cheney supposed to be the smart one?

  Click  Here

 The notion that the president led the country into war through indirection or dishonesty
 is not the most damaging criticism of the administration. The worst possibility is that the
 president and his advisers believed their own propaganda. They did not prepare the
 American people for an arduous struggle because they honestly didn't expect one.
 How else to explain the fact that the president and his lieutenants consistently played
 down the costs of the endeavor, the number of troops required, the difficulties of
 overcoming tensions among the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds? Were they lying?
 The more logical explanation is that they didn't know what they were talking about."

 Personally, I would rather our overlords be crooks than idiots.
 At least the crooks would have the brains to do their jobs while robbing the Treasury.

 Is it possible we have the worst of both worlds?
 Crooks with no brains running the country?


 Subject: Administration Exploits The Iraq War


 My local paper, the arch Conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch, printed my letter
 to the editor on today's (6/21/05) editorial page. They supplied the heading.
 Thought you'd appreciate it. Just doin' my part.

 Keep swingin',

 Click  Here

 Scroll down two clicks to  Administration Exploits The Iraq War



"Graveyards in this town (DC) are littered with the bodies
  of those who have under-estimated George W. Bush."
      --Alan Lichtman,   Attribution

 It's impossible to under-estimate George W. Bush.
 Nobody in history has ever been as stupid or as worthless.

 Show me someone who ran a decent, half-ass campaign against him and lost!
 Kerry laid down, Gore laid down and I didn't follow Ma Richard's Texas campaign.

 I know Bush screamed "Lesbian!" at her 1,000 times - did she every try to fight back?
 Or did she stupidly count on the Texas Klansmen to see thru Bush's hate-filled campaign?

 When people see Bush coming, they tremble and fall apart, like boxers did with Tyson
 in his prime. But all it took was 42-1 underdog Buster Douglas to show how easy it is
 to destroy the "champ."

 All you gotta do is throw a punch and he falls.

 It's so damn easy, but nobody ever tried it with Bush - not ever...


 Subject: Hillary's health care plan

 Hi Bart,
 Here is a link for the executive summary of the Clinton Health Care plan
 (it also has some other goodies for exploration):
 A very simple summary of the plans reception can be read at
 Keep swinging the hammer,
 The Farmer


 dailykos.com did a poll

 Who should be our nominee in 2008?

 Evan Bayh             339 votes - 2 %
 Joe Biden              513 votes - 3 %
 Wesley Clark      3573 votes - 26 %
 Hillary Clinton     1489 votes - 10 %
 John Edwards      1118 votes - 8 %
 Russ Feingold      1468 votes - 10 %
 John Kerry             349 votes - 2 %
 Bill Richardson      675 votes - 4 %
 Mark Warner        705 votes - 5 %
 Tom Vilsack             93 votes - 0 %
 Other                    1036 votes - 7 %
 No Frickin' Clue  2367 votes - 17 %

 I'm surprised Biden got any votes.
 I'm surprised Kerry & Edwards got as many as they did.

 I'm not surprised Clark is leading the pack.
 Looks like non-Kos Dems like Hillary better than Kos-Dems.
 "No Clue" and "Other" got 24 % - that's probably not good news.


 Subject: updated Lynching Hall of Shame

 Hey Bart,

 Here's an update on the Congressional lynch mob:

 The senate resolution that apologizes for sitting on their asses on the
 lynching issue is now up to 89 sponsors and cosponsors, leaving 11 hold-outs.
 If my accounting is correct, the remaining Lynch Mob Eleven are:

   Lamar Alexander (R-TN)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
   Robert Bennett (R-UT)
   Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
   Thad Cochran (R-MS)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
   John Cornyn (R-TX)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
   Michael Enzi (R-WY)
   Judd Gregg (R-NH)
   Trent Lott (R-MS)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
   Richard Shelby (R-AL)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
   John Sununu (R-NH)
   Craig Thomas (R-WY)

 Once again, Republicans are leading the way ...toward the 16th century.

 All the best,

                           Vote Republican?

 Next time the GOP makes the claim that they're not racist pig bastards,
 we'll remind them of this...because the Democrats are afraid to remind them.


Trust me, when you get there,
click "YES"

 Halliburton bribes: Most corruption in DC
  Cheney ran a totally corrupt company?  Who knew?

  Click  Here

 Investigators say some of the bribe money was found in the bank account of KBR
 chief Albert Jack Stanley, who was later fired by Halliburton on grounds that he
 accepted "improper personal benefits" related to the Nigeria contract.

 Last year, Halliburton's lawyer James Doty found incriminating company documents
 which, he says, show "people may at the time have been planning or contemplating
 the necessity of money for the purpose of making bribes."


 Fanning the flames of impeachment
   by Bev Conover at  onlinejournal.com

  Click  Here
"...neither the flames nor the smoke in the reality-based community have yet gotten through to
  Bushworld, where reality is whatever he and his necons says it is. Bush's delusional thinking
  allows him to believe that the Planning Scenarios dreamt up by the Homeland Security Council,
  coupled with making permanent, and adding to, the dreadful PATRIOT Act, will provide him with
  all the tools and protections he needs against dissidents (terrorists in his parlance) foreign and domestic."


 Enron: Why Bush Took Us to War
  Kennyboy's greed multiplied by Bush's greed = war

  Click  Here

 The top story of first eight months of 2002 was one that made the Bush team nervous.
 Corporate corruption, especially the Enron scandal, had the full attention of the media and
 the public. Polls showed that the public was outraged over Enron's excesses, and Enron had
 close ties to the Republican Party, all the way up to the President himself. If this story stayed
 on the front burner, the Republicans might fail to take back the Senate and might even lose
 control of the House in the November congressionals. Bush and his political adviser Karl Rove
 knew had to change the subject. And nothing changes the subject like announcing the imminent
 and unprovoked invasion of another country."


 Subject: Feinstein = sellout


 Today the House is voting for the umpteenth time for the smoke-screen handjob
 that is the "flag burning amendment." First is the fact that the "legislature" has time to
 debate and vote on this meaningless and ridiculous amendment in the face of all the
 other problems and injustices we face.

 Then note that we have congress pushing for yet another amendment that takes AWAY
 rights rather than protecting them (like the horseshit "marriage" amendment - par for the
 course under of the religio-corporatist neo-CONs.) Top it all off with the fact that because
 of sell-out wealthy political fakes like Senator Diane Feinstein who will vote FOR an
 amendment that bans flag-burning (along with 4 other Dems!), this thing actually has a
 chance of passing this time.

 Its time for Californians to stop advertising that we should all come out there and spend
 our money and have some "fun" in superficial land. Instead how about reclaiming their
 long standing reputation as a trend-setting, liberal center of new ideas and justice.

 Start by throwing out Feinstein and Arnold out on their hypocritical asses and get
 someone in there who actually looks out for the good of the citizenry.


 PS - Some links - the first two are her own sorry justifications for why she will vote for
 a flag burning amendment. Proof again that a rich, seat-warming, sell-out politician can
 rationalize anything in this day and age.


 http://www.esquilax.com/flag/index2.html - The flag burning page
 http://www.zpub.com/un/un-df.html - Di-Fi watch


 Bush's Road Gets Rougher

  Click  Here

 'The political capital he thought he had has dwindled to very little, and he overstated
 how much he had to begin with,' said Al Lichtman, a historian at American University in DC.
"Congress is like Wall Street - it operates on fear and greed," Mr. Lichtman said.
'The Democrats don't fear him anymore, and they're getting greedy, because they think
 they can beat him. The attitude you see among Republicans in Congress is, my lifeboat first.'"

 The country is waking up to the fact that they've been lied to.
 Things could get very lonely for the Murder Monkey as his troops jump ship.
 I'd sure like for Bush to take the mother of all beatings for the next 3.5 years.
 In my lifetime, nobody has deserved it more than "Mr. The-World-Owes-Me-Everything."


 America wises up

 A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows 59% oppose Bush's Bloody Quagmire   Attribution
   But the Democrats STILL refuse to call it that.

 A Field poll shows Gov. Musclehead job approval at 31% among adults. Attribution
   California thought it would be fun to sleep with a movie star.
   They woke up the next morning next to a monster.



 "I thought Durbin was totally out of line. I watched some of his comments
   on the floor of the Senate. For him to make those comparisons was one of
   the more egregious things I'd ever heard uttered on the floor of the Senate."
     --Dick Cheney, hoping you forget he told Leahy to "Go fuck yourself" on that same floor   Attribution

 As always, the Democrats totally mismanaged this "bruhaha."

 Durbin said, in effect, "Torturing suspects make us no better than the Nazis."
 If Cheney wants to take that as an insult, it means he's confessing to the torture.

 Why can't the Democrats ever get it right?
 And when are they going to call me?




 Subject: Frank Zappa showed them

 In the late 80s, they had Frank Zappa on Crossfire.
 They tried to hang society's ills on Frank.
 Frank refused to play their stupid games.

  Click  Here and watch a good example of how to debate a Monkey. (it's in the first 90 seconds)

 I miss Frank.
 He'd have a lot to say able the gelding Democrats and their acceptance of GOP domination..



"Tom Friedman, columnist for The New York Times, recently wrote that "liberals"
  no longer want to talk about the war because we were against it to start with and
  probably hope it ends in disaster.  Does this man actually think we are out here
  cheering every time another American is killed?    Mr. Friedman, real, actual liberals
  are out here in the heartland, and we know the kids who are dying in Iraq. They are
  from our hometowns. We know their parents. That's why we hate this war. That's why
  we tried to tell everybody else it was a ghastly idea.  We are not gloating because it is
  the horrible mess we said it would be. We're in agony."
        --Molly Ivins, "Dismissing Downing Street",    Attribution


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty was on Erin Hart Sunday, the 19th.

Anybody get a copy of that?

 Dueling Quotes

"We are going to be much tougher and in your face with the Republicans
  when they say things that aren't true. We can't win if we don't fight."
      --Howard Dean, rallying thre troops with the damn truth,   Attribution

"Be silent, Howard Dean, for you do not speak for us!"
     --cowardly Democrats who live to please KKKarl Rove


 Subject: Rick Santorum dead fetus story

 Hey Bart,
 Here's the link you wanted for the story about Rick Santorum's dead fetus
 that he brought home to show off to the young-'uns, in the WaHoPo, no less.

 Keep Swinging That Big Hammer Of Truth!
 Bartfully Yours,

 Insane Senator warps the minds of his children


 Upon their son's death, Rick and Karen Santorum opted not to bring his body to a funeral home.
 Instead, they bundled him in a blanket and drove him to Karen's parents' home in Pittsburgh.
 There, they spent several hours kissing and cuddling Gabriel with his three siblings, ages 6,
 four and 18 months   They took photos, sang lullabies in his ear and held a private Mass.

"That's my little guy," Santorum says, pointing to the photo of the fetus, in which its tiny physique
 is framed by his biological father's hand. The senator often speaks of his late son in the present tense.
 It is a rare instance in which he talks softly.

 He and Karen brought Gabriel's body home so their children could "absorb and understand that
 they had a brother," Santorum says. "We wanted them to see that he was real," not an abstraction,
 he says. Not a "fetus," either, as Rick and Karen were appalled to see him described -- "a 20-week
 -old fetus" -- on a hospital form. They changed the form to read "20-week-old baby."

 Uh, ...Senator?
 A twenty week old "baby" would be a baby that lived sixty weeks after conception.

 You can be as crazy as the Constitution will allow, but you can't hijack math.



 Subject: $25 Donation

 Bart, keep kicking ass!
 Send me a "worst president ever" sticker.
 Larry in Texas

 Larry, for that much money, you get stickers and 6 CDs of BCR
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 Subject: You may know about tequila...

 ...but you don't know shit about golf.
 You need to lay off the Tiger-bashing, dude.
 He may not have won the Open, but he's still one of the best there is.

 What is it about him that gets to you, anyway?

 Anchorage, Alaska

"One of the best?"
 I might agree with that.

 My problem is with the "Tiger is God" crazies.
 I'll bet God could beat the legendary Mike Campbell at golf.

If your erection lasts longer than four hours,
see your doctor immediately.

 At the Bixby Corn Festival, they have these giant hardwood-charcoal-burning grills
 like the Boy Scouts use when they cook 200 hamburgers at a time.

 They throw on about 100 still-in-the-husk ears of picked-five-minutes-ago sweet Bixby corn.
 Once the corn is roasted to perfection, they pull one out, strip off the husk, then lower the ear
 top-down into a gallon jug of liquid butter and then   (Bart chokes up...) they hand it to you.

 Maybe there is a God...

 Subject: Susan Estrich

 Sue says, in her worthless defense of Fox News:

"Three times as many people watch Fox every day as watch CNN."

 Well, this would explain why so much of the country is so fucking stupid.
 Ryan in Tampa


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Fourth of July is just days away

What better way to honor the few freedoms we have left than...

  Geragos vs Grace postponed because...
 Missing White Scout Found Alive in Utah
  God chooses to let this one live

  Click  Here

 An 11-year-old boy who vanished from a Boy Scout camp was found alive and well
 Tuesday after spending four days lost in the rugged Utah wilderness. The sheriff said Brennan
 Hawkins was "a little dehydrated, a little weak, but other than that, he was in very good health."

 The boy was found near Lily Lake, five miles from the camp where he was last seen Friday.
"It's a bona fide miracle" gushed Nancy Grace, who's paid to hype the drama, over and over again.

 Five miles?
 Hey kid, they would've found you Saturday if you had just sat down.

 Didn't you want to be found?
 I'm surprised Nancy Grace isn't calling him, "the runaway scout."


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

 The cut off date for our room block at the Days Inn is this Saturday.
 After that they will let any unreserved rooms go back to the public.

 So if you're planning on playing some poker in Chicago on July 16th
 make your reservation now and save the cab fare after the game.


  Click  Here  for updates

  Click  Here  to reserve your seat at Pokerfest Chicago 2005

Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 76

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 Subject: Santorum's baby

 Hi there Bart,

 Love the site, longtime reader, yadayada, but: Your statement

> "... Doing something as monstrously morbid as Rick Santorum bringing a dead baby to his house."

 struck me as a really cheap shot. I read about the circumstances regarding the death of the baby
 and I honestly couldn't find anything morbid about that. Death is a part of life, and when your baby dies,
 there's no need to discard it like garbage in a hospital. When an older person dies, and the family wants
 to have a wake at the house, is that morbid too?

 That's why I think, as much as an asshat this Santorum guy is, your remark was out of line.

 Jerry, I understand, but why is it that you and I even know about this incident?

 How many reporters did Santorum call to be sure his constituents knew
 he was going to do this to pander for more votes from the religiously insane?
 Also, why couldn't the family say their goodbyes at the hospital?

 You're assigning human motives to a Republican.
 That's a mistake.


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             Is she damaged goods?

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 Yes, we've all been there: Rejected. Dumped. And horribly humiliated.
 And maybe that's why people are squirming at the sound of Jennifer's name.


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