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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
President Self-Centered
Pentagon & Halliburton 
Bush raids SF Pot Center 
Prime Place to Train Militants 
Un-Testimony in B.I.G. Case 
Club Gitmo is Paradise 
Lyons: Liberal Media at Work 
Arcata Police Roster 
Beyonce: 'It's not a break up' 


 Quote of the Day

"Even politicians should have some 
  protection from things of this nature."  
      --Paul Mirengoff, co-author of the right-wing 
         blog Powerline  on Ed Klein's hatchetfest: 
         The Truth About Hillary Attribution 



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Volume 1570 - Badgeholders 

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         Thursday   June 23,  2005        Visit RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR
 Howard Dean on Daily Show tonite


"The Clintons, and I include Mrs. Clinton in this ... have a full-time,
  24/7 war room to intimidate and dissuade people from speaking to
  the media without their prior approval and vetting..."
     -- scumbag Edward Klein, on why no accusations were leveled at the Clintons in the 90s,  Attribution


 President Self-Centered
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush has announced, "I think about Iraq every day, every single day."

 As the "message: I care" remark came to crystallize the elder George Bush's lack of
 genuine empathy for common Americans, the "every single day" comment shows that
 the younger George Bush may be growing desperate to convince Americans that he's
 on top of the deepening crisis in Iraq and feels for the dead and wounded.

 But the comment, made at a press conference with European leaders on June 20,
 also suggests a disconnect between Bush's self-image as an in-charge leader worrying
 about his troops in the field and a more troubling picture of a self-centered politician who
 flaunts his sacrifice when all he's doing is thinking about the mess he created.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 Pentagon & Halliburton sitting in a tree...
   Isn't anybody going to stop the looting?

  Click  Here

 U.S. lawmakers took aim at the Pentagon on Tuesday for hiding information from
 U.N.-mandated auditors about U.S contractor Halliburton, with Republicans calling
 it an embarrassment.

"This is a self-inflicted wound, a needless failure to meet transparency obligations,"
 Rep. Christopher Shays, a Republican from Connecticut, told a House panel.

 The hearing was called to look at U.S. management of Iraqi funds after the 2003 invasion.
 An audit found the U.S.-led authority there could not account for $8.8 billion of Iraq's money.

 I can tell you where that $8.8 billion went - it went in Cheney's pocket.
 Why else would a super-rich old oil geezer with five heart attacks be working so hard?
 Oil greed is stronger than self-preservation for these monsters.


  Subject: Ma Richards vs Dubya


 Ann Richards laid down.
 I worked West Texas for her campaign.

 She didn't fight like she did before to beat
 dumb ass Midland's Clayton Williams.
 T from Lubbock



"Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves
  when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians..."
     --  Rep. John N. Hostettler (R-Nazi) who didn't have to apologize like Durbin,   Attribution


 Subject: that does it - I'm gone


 So long, adios.
 Your site has completely degenerated into the toilet.

 I gotta warn you, I'm not in the mood for this.
 I've been taking shit like this for months and I'm losing patience.

 First it was the "support the Democraps" nonsense.

 What alternative do we have, Einstein?
 You want to start a new party that might be viable in 40 years?

 Now you are actually buying the "Official Myth of 9/11"
 that the lying bastards that you try to discredit every day are feeding us.

 What would make you say such a crazy-ass thing?
 Have you ever read this page before?

 There is no common sense or consistency here any longer.
 The cartoons are funny, that's about it.  The logic is impossible.
 How can you believe the very people you are so quick to accurately portray as liars?

 You'd have to be crazy to think I believe anything Bush says.
 What are we drinking today - Bacardi 151 -straight?

 I suppose you think they wouldn't do something like that?
 Sure they would, and laugh!

 You're explaining to bartcop.com that the BFEE is an evil organization?
 You were in diapers when I first wrote that, Cubby.
 What crazy thing will you say next - fire is hot?

 The slobbering over the military and the belief in Democrats were hard enough to tolerate.

 I respect those willing to die for their country because I'm not.
 You are the Monkey who replaced "respect" with "slobber."

 Now citing that piece of trash from Popular Mechanics as an "authority" to support
 the "made for Hollywood" production that was 9/11 is too much.  I'm going to delete
 your site from my "favorites" list and good riddance.

 Livid Larry

 You jumped to the conclusion that I agree with every word in the Popular Mechanics story.
 It would follow, then, that I agree with you, because I published your words?
 You've fallen into logic hell and you can't get up.

 You made a mistake and you want me to explain why you made it.
 I can't do that.

 Tell you what - go register your 'Bart loves Bush' idea with the New York Stock Exchange.
 Take that "Bart loves Republicans" shit public, like Google did.
 Let's see you get rich betting that people will accept your 'Bart loves Bush' idea.


 Iraq - Prime Place to Train Militants

  Click  Here

 Bush's CIA says Iraq may prove to be an even more effective training ground for
 Islamic extremists than Afghanistan was in Al Qaeda's early days, because it is
 serving as a real-world laboratory for urban combat.  It made clear that the war was
 likely to produce a dangerous legacy by dispersing to other countries Iraqi and foreign
 combatants more adept and better organized than they were before the conflict.

 The war in Iraq was helping combatants learn how to carry out assassinations, kidnappings,
 car bombings and other kinds of attacks that were never a staple before Bush's invasion.
 It was during the anti-Soviet campaigns of the 1980's that the United States Reagan and Bush
 created and armed Osama bin Laden and other militants, who later formed Al Qaeda.

 It keeps getting worse and worse and nobody will even mention it, much less condemn it.
 We're going to have to live (or die) with Bush's greed and screw-ups for decades, and
 nobody has the balls to stand up and say "Stop this madness right now!"



"Far too many accusations are coming from people
  who are settling grudges in a cowardly way."
     --Bill O'Reilly, of all people, saying Ed Klein's hatchetfest against Hillary is unfair   Attribution


 Ex-FBI Informant Un-Testifies in B.I.G. Case
  Did the LA cops assist B.I.G.'s murderer?

  Click  Here

 A former FBI informant and key witness in the Notorious B.I.G. wrongful death trial
 has backed away from a previous statement linking a rogue cop to Death Row Records.

 Kevin Hackie's turnaround was a blow to B.I.G.'s family, which has filed a wrongful death
 lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. Hackie, a former bodyguard for Tupac, denied several
 remarks attributed to him in a June 2004 declaration prepared by plaintiffs' attorneys, including
 an assertion that a former officer, David Mack, "was a covert agent" for Death Row Records.

 The family claims a number of off-duty officers associated with gang members while providing security
 for Death Row Records, home of B.I.G.'s West Coast rival, Tupac Shakur.

 I guess it would be cheaper to pay the witness than pay the family.


 Bush raids San Fran Pot Center
   Bastard acts like this is Osama's hideout

  Click  Here

 Federal authorities raided three San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday,
 and investigators arrested at least 13 people as part of an alleged organized crime operation
 using the clubs as a front to launder money.

 The raids were the first in the Bay Area since the U.S. Whore Supreme Court dealt a blow to
 doctoirs and patients everywhere by ruling that the federal government had the authority to
 prosecute people whose "crime" is trying to live without pain.

                Bush's out-of-control federal jackbooted thugs attacking the sick and the dying

  More pictures of Bush's "screw the dying" pot raid


"Being tortured at Club Gitmo is Paradise"
  The vulgar Pigboy wants to know why the sand niggers are whining?

  Click  Here

 Limbaugh contends that the individuals being held at the military prison are not only being
 treated kindly, but in fact are living in a "vacation paradise."  Furthermore, he has denounced
 anyone who has dared to compare the conditions at this facility to those at famous concentration
 and POW camps throughout history.  Indeed, in Limbaugh's mind, what is going on in Cuba is
 not only justified and moral, but obviously also a laughing matter.


 Subject: Your Hawaii trip report in BCR 76

  Click  Here

 You sound a bit Republican-greed-like when you express concern over how the locals
 could increase there earnings substantially be doing business as we know it in the continental US.
 The Hawaiians are more interested in the current fishing conditions, the surfing conditions and
 kicking back and enjoying the beauty of their land.    Speaking of the beauty of their land,
 I don't know if you were being facetious in the billboard thing (your waste management
 observation was amusing), but again we have what is most important to native Hawaiian's;
 preservation of the beauty of the land.


 Arcata Police Roster
  Arcata is in Humboltd County, CA

  Click  Here

 8:35 p.m.
 A woman's washing down pills with alcohol may have had something to do
 with the nonsensical 911 calls she was making from New Moon Avenue.

 1:54 p.m.
 A Fickle Hill Road resident reported two people sitting in a black car in her driveway.
 Police searched the car, finding dope and an Oregon warrant for one of the occupants.

 11:38 p.m.
 Discriminating nightlifers passed around a bottle of a distilled grain refreshment in the alley
 behind Tavern Row. Police found one soul so refreshed as to be inert and unresponsive.
 He was hospitalized and a colleague jailed on a drunkenness charge.

 BTW, I saw an article in Rolling Stone that said British Columbia grew some killer pot
 in their province and that it sells for top dollar because everybody says it's the best.

 I don't believe that's true.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 Have you ever seen that commercial where the lion can't find the steak because it's
 wrapped in can't-smell-jack Saran Wrap?   Trust me, if you don't want the lion to
 eat your steak, use Saran Wrap, not their 30-cents-cheaper competitor.



"They tell me there is something wrong with me, and they 'raised me wrong.'
   I'm not on the path God wants me to be on. So I am sitting here in tears."  
      --Zach, a gay teen who is being held against his will by religiously insane
         Christian fundies who are trying to "de-gay" him      Attribution



"Adios, mofo."
     --TX Gov. Rick Perry (R-Handjob), into a live mic after being interviewed,  Attribution

 For the old: "Mofo" is slang for "mother-effer"


Marty's Entertainment Page

Ain't none better.

 Dueling Quotes

"Greed seemed to be the only explanation for the outlandish book deal."
         --Ed Klein, author and whore, on Hillary accepting money for her biography,  Attribution

"If any book in recent memory reads as though it has been written out of greed ÷ a greedy
  hunger to separate millions of conservative book buyers from their hard-earned 25 bucks
  - it is Ed Klein's "The Truth About Hillary." This is one of the most sordid volumes I've
  ever waded through. Thirty pages into it, I wanted to take a shower. Sixty pages into it,
  I wanted to be decontaminated. And 200 pages into it, I wanted someone to drive stakes
  through my eyes so I wouldn't have to suffer through another word."
         --John Podhoretz, "Smear for Profit",     Attribution



 Subject: Donation

 Thank you Bart, for your anger and insight.
 They make wonderful fuel for your excellent website.

 Hopefully someday some badass Democratic "leader" will find you and take you on
 as a strategist.  Maybe then they'll learn how to fight instead of pussin' around like babies.

 I hope you know this donation cuts into my "escape fascist America for sunny France" fund.
 But not by much.  I wish I was a Bush, then I could give you all the cash you want, plus get you
 a fat job and invade some poor third-world country at your whim.

 Keep hammering.  Let's fix this mess.
 See you in France,

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 Someone from Michigan wrote to say they were
 coming to the Bixby Green Corn Festival.


 Ex-Klansman Gets 60 Years for 1964 Murders
   Will the GOP go dark for a day in support for their brother?

  Click  Here

 A judge sentenced Republican Edgar Killen to 60 years in prison for masterminding the
 1964 slayings of three civil rights workers. The murdering bastard, dressed in a gay yellow
 jail jumpsuit, sat impassively and stared straight ahead as Circuit Judge Marcus Gordon
 sentenced him to 20-year terms on each of three counts of manslaughter. Gordon said
 the terms will run consecutively.

 Die in prison, asshole. 
 Think about those innocent men you beat and then shot and buried for the rest of your
 miserable racist life and wait for these think-alike assholes to join you in Hell.

  Lamar Alexander (R-TN)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
  Robert Bennett (R-UT)
  Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
  Thad Cochran (R-MS)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
  John Cornyn (R-TX)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
  Michael Enzi (R-WY)
  Judd Gregg (R-NH)
  Trent Lott (R-MS)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
  Richard Shelby (R-AL)  where hundreds (or more) lynchings took place
  John Sununu (R-NH)
  Craig Thomas (R-WY)


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Fourth of July is just days away

What better way to honor the few freedoms we have left than...

 Liberal Media at Work
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 No recent issue better exemplifies the paralysis of one-party government than the so-called
 Downing Street memos. For readers who have been either vacationing on Mars or getting all
 their news from the so-called mainstream media, those are minutes of the British government's
 July 2002 deliberations about its then-secret agreement with the Bush administration to invade Iraq.
 A brief primer: Downing Street is the British equivalent of White House. Marked "Secret and strictly
 personal--UK eyes only," the memos constitute the official record of meetings between Tony Blair
 and his cabinet; the equivalent, that is, of a get-together among Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld,
 Gen. Tommy Franks and then-CIA Director George Tenet."


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

 The cut off date for our room block at the Days Inn is this Saturday.
 After that they will let any unreserved rooms go back to the public.

 So if you're planning on playing some poker in Chicago on July 16th
 make your reservation now and save the cab fare after the game.


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Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 76

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: come on, Bart

 I'm sorry Bart, I finally had enough with all the lynching stories.
 Do they still happen?
 NO they don't, there for we should be able as a nation to forget about it.

 Dude, lynchings happened in my lifetime, (1968) so don't think this is ancient history

 If people who were in congress back then are still ALIVE -- have them appologize.
 I'm not going to apologize because my great grandfather did something wrong.

 Would you feel the same if your grandfather had been lynched?
 And after they murdered him, the white people cut off fingers, toes and maybe his
 penis to take home as souveniers?   ...that's not easy to forgive or forget.

 I'm only responsible for myself, that's part of the United States problem today
 -- we worry about offending people.
 FUCK IT it's time we pissed people off and stopped being so damn PC in this country.

 ps -- keep swingin
 Jeremiah - VA --

 Dude, PC is when someone demands you say "personhole" instead of "manhole."
 Lynching is when a Republican hates another human being so much they have to kill him.

 For decades, the senate let this happen and the Democrats feel bad about it.
 To the GOP, it's "just a nigger problem" so they don't care.


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 Beyonce: Don't Call 'Destiny' a Breakup


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 We don't like the word `breakup,'" said Beyonce.
"We'd like to say that it's the end of a chapter in our lives."


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