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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Last Watergate Mystery
The Truth about Lies 
Wine Karl Rove Don't Mix
Can We Match Their Intensity?
H'wood wins file sharing case 
PETA Loves Rick Santorum 
Vulgar Pigboy hits new low
Rove's Monkey Lies Tonight 
Paula Abdul to the rescue 


 Quote of the Day

"Freedom from torture is an 
  inalienable human right...
   -- George Bush, as he signed orders 
        to fly suspects to Egypt and Jordan 
        to be tortured because it'll illegal here.



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Volume 1573 - Mock the Monkey - Contest 

         Tuesday   June 28,  2005        Visit...RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"Those who wrote the Constitution believed that morality was
  essential to the well-being of society and that encouragement
  of religion was the best way to foster morality."
     --Justice Antonin Scalia, tearing down Jefferson's wall between church and state,
        so we can all worship the one true God - The Catholic God,  Attribution


 The Last Watergate Mystery
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 What were the Republican burglars seeking when they bugged the Democratic
 headquarters and what, if anything, did they do with that information?

 ...the mystery turned to two other questions that went up the chain of Nixon's command:
 Who authorized the operation and who organized the cover-up?

"Don't you see what a marvelous opportunity for the committee," Nixon said on July 2, 1971.
"They can really take this and go. And make speeches about the spy ring. · But you know
 what's going to charge up an audience. Jesus Christ, they'll be hanging from the rafters·
 Going after all these Jews. Just find one that is a Jew, will you."

 My good friend G. Gordon Liddy has an amazing take on the burglary.
 He says John Dean organized the whole thing, and the true mission of the burglars
 was to locate the Watergate office of a Madam (call girls) and remove records
 that proved Dean's wife was one of the prostitutes.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 Vulgar Pigboy hits new low
  Selling "fun" Gitmo t-shirts

  Click  Here

 OxyContin quaffing, Bush worshipping, torture apologist Rush Limbaugh
 has plumbed a new low in both sickness and inaccuracy.

 Limbaugh has been hawking a new line of caps, T-shirts and mugs that depict
 the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba as a holiday home.

 One T-shirt reads, "Your Tropical Retreat from the Stress of Jihad."
 Another reads, "I Got My Free Koran and Prayer Rug at G'itmo"
 and another, "My Mullah went to Club G'itmo and All I Got Was
 This Lousy T-Shirt" and a fourth, ""What happens in G'itmo Stays in G'itmo."

 Limbaugh has been promoting the products on his radio show in an attempt to
 bolster the Bush administration's recent assertions that Camp X-Ray really is a
 nice place to stay, in the face of its critics calling for the camp's closure.

 Recall, this is the same Rush Limbaugh who last year said the Abu Ghraib prison
 guards were "just having a good time" and "blowing off some steam."


 Subject: letter to the LA Times

 A recent CIA report states that Iraq has surpassed Afghanistan as the leading motivator
 and training ground for anti-American terrorists. In a separate press appearance, CIA Director
 Porter Goss made a similar observation. Clearly, an isolated dictatorship has mutated into
 a lethal academy that did not exist between 9/11 and the Bush's invasion.

 The war's defenders argue that it's better to fight them there than here, but it's a delaying action
 at best. And if the war in Iraq has inspired new jihadists, while the occupation prepares them,
 it is no stretch to conclude that every dollar we've spent on that war has paid for a program to
 recruit and train our enemies, with American troops as live targets. That's enough to indict Bush
 as Osama's most effective fundraiser and the world's leading sponsor of  anti-American terrorism.

 Keith Cornell



"The Supreme Court is issuing several major decisions today, but the biggest may be
  in the case it didn't take: In an order issued a few minutes ago, the court said it will not
  hear the appeals of Time's Matthew Cooper or the New York Times' Judy Miller in the
  Valerie Plame case. Cooper wrote a story on the Plame case. Miller didn't.  That means
  that both Cooper and Miller will soon be in jail. Meanwhile, Robert Novak and whoever
  it is that leaked Plame's identity to him continue to go free."
        --Tim Grieve,   Attribution

 Novak helped Bush get even with Plame's husband, so Bush ordered his whores on the
 Supreme Court to let the felon with the broken hip off the hook and screw the others.

 America has shed all pretense that we're a nation of laws.
 Laws only apply when a Democrat's zipper is involved.
 Then we are a nation of laws and the law must be upheld or the flag falls.

"The flag is falling - as I diddle another man's wife with my left hand."



 What if we use reverse engineering on this?
 Who or what was in the WTC that needed to be destroyed?



 Subject: BCR feedback

 Bart, your shows do keep getting better.

 I'm not sure what you can do about the current state of affairs but I'd advise you
 to just keep saying what you've got to say, because that's the job you've chosen.

 If we ever escape the nightmare in the Middle East that Bush has gotten us into and
 the nightmare here in America that Bush has gotten us into, maybe we could have a
 discussion on the role of soldiers in conflicts.  While the conflict is raging evidently is
 not the best time.  Live and learn.

 Re the Democrats.
 1.  They couldn't find their "courage" (ahem) with both hands and a flashlight,
 and if they did stumble upon it, they wouldn't know what to do with it.
 2.  Mr. Rove must have the hottest collection of polaroids in the history of politics to render them all so terrified.

 I don't know what it's going to take to get our country back, but I'm getting the feeling
 the solution will be a revolutionary one, as in one that hasn't been tried yet.  I hope we're
 smart enough to recognize it when it comes along.

 Keep swinging, Bart.

 Mir, thanks.
 BTW, I got a complaint - from a chronic complainer - that all published radio reviews are positive.
 Could somebody please write with a a negative radio review so I can publish it?

 (Must be a subscriber)

   I can Bart! - I can!

 Can We Match Their Intensity?
   Religious insanity is a powerful tool, so is W

  Click  Here

 Why have conservative Christians so vehemently backed George W. Bush?

 It's not because they want their social security handed over to Charles Schwab.
 It's not because they want their children to pay for the war in Iraq.
 It's not because they love missile defense systems, or arsenic in their drinking water.
 It's not because they support no-bid contracts for Halliburton.
 It's not because they want to drill for oil in wildlife refuges.
 It's not because they want Usama bin Laden to go unpunished.
 No, it's none of these things.

 The conservative Christians support Bush because they
 want a conservative Christian (religiously insane) judge.


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 Wine Coolers and Karl Rove Don't Mix
   saw it on  fauxnewshannel.com

  Click  Here

 Rove conveyed to an audience of GOP supporters liberalism is dying in America because
 the left isn't prone to lump all Muslims into the same category as 19 deranged Arabian and
 Syrian hijackers.  "I actually managed to say most of that stuff with a straight face," he joked.
"If the press didn't spin it as a brilliant, calculated maneuver, I'd probably regret saying it,"
 chuckled the chubby cream puff.


Who is Johnny-Gosch?

 Subject: Supreme Court - Kelo v. New London was Correct

 Regarding the Kelo v. New London decision

 I wrote to Buzzflash the morning after the decision (they were blasting the progressives like
 everyone else) and posted a short analysis on Americablog that the Court actually got this
 decision correct.  In the first place, anytime Rhenquist, Scalia, Thomas and O'Connor are on
 the dissent in a property case you can (bet) that the decision was a correct one.

 All of this nonsense I have been reading about Joe buying out Dick, and Dick screwing Joe's wife
 for Bob's Goofy golf interest, etc, is pure horse manure and is exactly what O'Connor was arguing.

 Eminent Domain is only to be exercised in conditions of necessity with regards to the welfare
 of the community; and this necessity must rise to highest of judicial burdens known to courts.
 The problem with Emient Domain in your community is not the power to exercise it legally,
 equitibly, and fairly, it is with corrupt officials who abuse this most sacred trust.

 So, if Joe buys out Bob to stick Jack, its your local officials who should be hung, not 2,000 years of Law
 that has proven necessary for a government's survival.  What is good for the bee, is good for the hive.
 Applied in a "fair" and "equitible" way w.r.t. soveriegn welfare, it works out just fine.

 So the decision was correct; all this crap I hear over the blogs is worthless trash
 -- you have a problem with Eminent Domain, don't vote thugs to run your city council.

 Jim J
 Milton, FL

 Jim, did you really write that?   I think you just said,
"Politicians are honest and will generally do what's right for the people."

 That sounds to me like crazy talk.

 From your point of view, maybe that was good law.
 But I don't think men with power can be trusted to do what's right.

 That's why business transactions come with a receipt.
 That's why there are contracts, that's why there are laws.
 That's why so much business is done C.O.D - because you can't trust people.

 It would also follow, then, that Bush & Cheney stole power to help weakest of us?
 I don't think so...


Click to force the issue

 Hollywood wins file sharing case
   The court, as always, ruled for the billionaires

  Click  Here

 Hollywood hailed a US Supreme Court ruling that gives the greedy billionaires
 more power to crack down on the fans who enjoy listening to music and watching films.

"Today's unanimous ruling is an historic victory for intellectual property in the digital age,
 and is good news for the people who can no lobger enjoy the arts," said a lackey for
 the greedy billionaires. "The Supreme Court sent a strong and clear message that
 they will stand by big business at the expense of the little guys. "

 What they don't seem to get is only the super-rich are affected by this.
 Speilberg, Geffen, the Weinsteins etc can never spend all their money, but the
 court-for-sale has ruled they need more money, and fans need less music.

 I know Lars Ulrich is changing pants every five minutes today.
 Now Lars can have Johnny Law put his fans in federal prison, not just his lawyer.


  Subject:  "Clinton lover"

 I recently graduated from OSU getting my degree after 20 yrs in the military.
 I retired in October of 2000, one month before dipshit Bush took over and
 before the mess we are in now.

 One of my favorite I guess you could call it sports was being in political science
 or other class with the junior Bush Youth Corps. I go after them with a vengeance
 about their heroes like Reagan and the Bush's. Then to top it off as they were sputtering
 and calling me a "Clinton lover" (actual quote) I say, "Oh btw I'm retired military," and
 flash my ID. I swear Bart it was like watching bobble heads in an earthquake!

 ha ha

 I tell them look 9-11 may have happened no matter what or we may have stopped some of it.
 There is no 100%.  I never liked the Bushes, yet I was willing to back King George II and felt
 we should go after Osama, but then the SOB went in half assed and with just one eye on the ball·

 Anyway keep up the work!
 Draft Howard Dean in 08!

 Dude, thanks for that, and a shot of Chinaco Anejo for your 20 years...



 Animal Groups Praise Santorum
   Thumping handjob gets a humanity makeover


  Click  Here

 Santorum, (R-HJ), has won high praise from the Humane Society for pushing
 legislation aimed at ending breeding facilities known as puppy mills.

 PETA also finds him a friend. "He's a man with a heart," guessed Mary Sweetland,
 director of research and investigations for the Norfolk, Va.-based PETA.

 Santorum, kudged insane by a majority of Americans, said those who think of
 animal rights as a liberal cause should not be surprised to find him in this camp.
 He said having pets makes for a healthier home.

 Yep, he must be starting his 2006 re-election campaign today.
 They're spending money trying to tie a "human" ribbon to this ugly, self-hating thing.



How the world sees Bush's Amerikkka

 The Wallace family vs the LA Cops

 Monday - the court recessed until Thursday at the request of Wallace family attorney
 Perry Sanders Jr. because the Judge found that previously undisclosed tapes in the LAPD's
 possession indicated that David Mack and Raphael Perez worked for Death Row Records.

 The family dropped comprehensive subpoenas on Internal Affairs Monday morning, (to which
 the City objected and the Judge overruled) and ordered the information produced. Finally the judge,
 in the middle of trial, has determined that the plaintiffs have shown enough evidence that they have
 not been provided everything they are due under the law.

 In other words, the city of LA is hiding something.
 Are they hiding something because they're guilty?

 Sanders is taking four depositions simultaneously and he, personally, is taking the depositon
 from the top Los Angeles Police internal affairs officer.

 Bottom line?  U.S. District Judge Cooper doesn't like liars in her courtroom.
 If it can be proven the the LAPD ordered witnesses to remain silent
 to protect crooked, murdering cops and the police chief's daughter,
 a large check may have to be written to Mrs Wallace.
 A very large check...



That really should be called "screwing the troops"
because Bush put tax cuts for the super-rich
ahead of armor for the troops he lied into battle.


"People are skeptical of what they're hearing out of the Pentagon.
  I think Rumsfeld's credibility has been damaged by serious misjudgments."
       --Gen. Barry McCaffrey (Ret.), to Keith Olbermann, 6/23/05,   Attribution


 Subject: World Trade Center Demolition

 Bart, this link will provide much insight into the actual fabrication of the towers
 and provides many more photos taken from the construction archives of the towers.

 In addition it gives some basic specs for the ability of the towers to withstand the
 impact of the type of aircraft claimed to have struck that day.

 Good reading,
 Mad Vet

 Mad Vet, thanks for that.

 Y'know, the WTC did survive the impact.
 Did they study the effects of a plane freshly-loaded with jet fuel?


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Rove's Monkey Lies Tonight  CONTEST

 We both know that Bush is going to tell lie after lie tonight.

"The war's going great, and we're winning!"

 So before he starts lying, get your sign-making materials and use your imagination

 Remember how we did them in 2003?

  Our third place winner - Ollie

  Our second place winner - Allen H

 Our Grand Prize winner - Cynthia H

 So get a magic marker and some cardboard or paper streamers - whatever
 and Mock the Monkey while he spews his bloody, deadly lies to steal more oil.

 Winner gets a Disaster Monkey t-shirt or BCR subscription,
 second and third place get other valuable prizes.




 Subject: Donation

 Hi Bart,
 Just a quick donation that is the only one that I can afford right now.
 If you can get me a "WPE" sticker, great.
 Keep da hammer hangin', dude!

 Dude, you're from Indiana?
 I'd better send two WPE stickers, you'll need them.

 When Tulsa holds a KKK rally, they import their haters from Indiana,
 even tho we have thousands of Jim Inhofe's right here, locally.

 Get your BCR stickers and a WPE sticker   FREE with a donation.

 Click Here  to support  bartcop.com  with a sticker purchase.

 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

..- just a couple more days...

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Not only that, but the guy who cooked the books
to make global warming seem harmless?

He just took a job at Exxon-Mobil.

 Dueling Quotes

"Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to
  prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."
       - Karl Rove, 6/22/2005

"I am gratified that the Congress has united so powerfully by taking this action.
  It sends a clear message ÷ our people are together, and we will prevail."
       - Rove's Monkey, three days after 9-11.

 The Senate voted 98-0 and the House voted 420-1 for a resolution authorizing Bush
 to use "all necessary and appropriate force" against those responsible for the terrorism
 and what did they get for standing with Rove's Monkey?
 Condemnation, ridicule and name-calling.

 Why are the Democrats not capable of learning?


 Subject: WTC Demolition

  Click  Here

 As an explosives engineer (ex-military, ex-NASA), I reserve judgment.
 It could have been done.  But it didn't necessarily need to be done.
 The conspiracy nuts jump straight to "proof" of pre-planted explosives, saying
 the twin towers couldn't have collapsed just from impact, and the five-sided
 puzzle factory had to have been hit by something else, and....

 None of which is a fact.  Resonance amplification is a bitch, and without
 going into the math, try this simple experiment:  take a block of wood, and
 hold a match next to it.  The block of wood is not impressed.  Now take two
 blocks of wood, at a finger width or so apart, and put a match between them.
 Both will ignite.  Energy is a wave, and it reflects.


 Al Franken - The Truth about Lies

  Click  Here

 His three-hour radio show over for another day, Al Franken - to many liberals, one of
 the Last Great Hopes of the American Left, and "an obnoxious prick" to his rightwing
 detractors - steps out into the blistering New York City heat and wilts. A sore back
 explains his painful-looking waddle to the coffee shop.

 Is Franken, 54, over-doing it? His goofy features seem to adorn every third taxi in the city.
 There are the bestselling books, the TV appearances, the political street-fighting, the corporate
 event pay-days, entertaining US troops abroad, and - perhaps, above all - his seemingly solo
 jihad against what he tactfully calls "the greedy, evil, warmongering bigots and scumbags of
 the American Right". Oh, and next year he will be moving his radio show to his home state of
 Minnesota as he gears up for a possible run for the US senate in 2008.

 I would soooo like to see Al run and beat that soulless bastard Norm Coleman.
 He's easily the most obnoxious freshman senator there is, unless you count Saxby Chambliss.

 Al, if you run, we'll have you perma-linked here.
 We'll run tons of Franken-Coleman stories, and if we can help with some poison darts,
 there's nobody more deserving than this turncoat bastard who peed on Wellstone's memory.

 One other thing - advice for Norm the worm:
 Norm, tell your wife to keep her knees together and closer to the ground.

        A senator's wife's knees should
         be below her elbows - in public.

 And what this all about, Norm?
               ...paying back a big donor?

 Thanks to http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/ for the pics


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Fourth of July is just days away

What better way to honor the few freedoms we have left than...

Norm Coleman trades his soul
for a kiss from a bloody Monkey.

 Los Cabos

 Mrs Bart had heard about a new Mexican restaurant at "Tulsa River Parks."
 Hell, I didn't know Tulsa had a Riverparks.
 We warmed up with cold and warm salsa and queso with fresh cilantro
 plus a couple of margaritas made with El Tesoro de Don Felipe Anejo.
 She had the sweet corn tamale cake cornbread w/ avacado and tomatillo sauce.
 I had the usual, beef enchiladas.

 Towards the end, I glanced up at this handsome man and his pretty date/wife.
 The way he carried himself was very James Bond.
 His haircut might've cost him $100, his dark sunglasses looked like Bono's.
 He was in terrific shape, I'd guessed his age to be late 20s or 30.

 He was wearing shorts and I noticed he had a plastic leg and I'll bet nobody
 else noticed because it was a very realistic-looking plastic leg.

 Being in his position, how cool it must be to be able to walk into a crowded
 restaurant and not have everybody stare at you like you're some kinda freak.
 ...that's gotta be f-ing priceless.

 My poker-trained mind snapped to attention and estimated the odds that
 he lost that leg serving our country in the military - recently - at 9-to-1.

 There was always that 1-in-9 chance that he was run over by a train,
 but this guy screamed military, or maybe more elite, ...like James Bond.
 I thought, "I should pay his Los Cabos bill - buy his dinner,"

 I had three ways to make this happen:
drop 3-4 twenty dollar bills on his table and say "Thanks!" as I walk by.
    That'd seem kinda cheap and flighty...
secretly tell a waiter, "I'd like to charge Table 10's tab to my Visa..."
    That had disaster written all over it.   Cubby could just steal my money.
Ask him, "Did you lose your leg in our current war?" which isn't
   something you talk about if you're eating dinner with your fiance.

 ...so I did nothing and I felt bad about it.

 So I'm asking you Disabled Vets...

 The next time I run into a disabled, probably-veteran in a restaurant and I'd
 like to offer to pay for his dinner, how would you suggest I approach him - if at all?

 If you're a vet, put "vet" in the subject line when you reply.


 Revised Tulsa Forecast

 Tuesday - high of  98  99
 Wednesday - high of  96  102
 Thursday - high of  95  100 and rain

 Bring it on, Lord.
 We're talking ...big, ...fat, ...juicy ears of the best corn ever.

 Monday, I went to Conrad Farms, fine, luxury corn central and they
 had a totally new strain of corn called "Peaches and Cream."

 Hey, I know it's a dumb name - what should they call it "Strain 96?"

 Like fine tequila, each strain has a different, Heavenly taste.
 These were small ears with small kernels and tons of silk.

 Corn silk is good for you.  especially if you suffer from
 the horrors of gonorrhoea, so listen up, Bill O'Reilly!

 So thank You, Lord, for sending the 100-degree, stifling, suffocating heat - that's OK.
 Thank You also, Lord, for the thunderstorms that bring torrents of leak-causing monsoons.

 100 degrees and raining?
 This year's corn will rock like Shirley on St. Patty''s Day.



"I picked exactly the wrong words."
   -- Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who cannot stop apologizing       Attribution

 Note: I'm in Oklahoma and I can't reach Durbin.
 Could someone in Washington slap him and send me your address?
 I'll send a smll check right away.


 Subject: refelecting on yesterday's arcticbeacon.com question

 One might ask "Who is Bartcop and what is bartcop.com?"

"Can we depend on him without a doubt?"

 No, you can't.

 Anything you see on  bartcop.com  should be checked out.
 I make mistakes and sometimes I spin the news like O'Reilly does.

 If you see it on buzzflash.com or consortiumnews.com or tbtm.com or other real sites,
 assume it's true, but with  bartcop.com  you never know, it might be an attempt at humor..

 There are no guarantees.
 Some times one must rely on common sense and intuition.
 William Rodrigeuz is making public speaking engagments telling exactly what happened to him.

 Who do you choose to believe is the question.
 William Rodrigeuz

 I'm cool with that, but one can't hold up some unknown Dude's intuition as "proof."

 Hey, aren't you that janitor dude from the World Trade Center?



 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

  Just 19 days away...


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Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 77

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 World sees Uncle Sam Bush as the bad guy

  Click  Here

 America's reputation continues to suffer around the world because of the
 giggling murderer George W. Bush, according to a new worldwide poll.
 China has a better image than the US in most of the European nations surveyed.
 The poll illustrates a vast gulf between the way America sees itself and the way
 the rest of the world does.

 Well sure, the American media refuses to report what the world thinks.
 They also censor the bad Iraq news so we think we're winning that war.
 They continue to protect Bush at all costs - after hunting Clinton like a dog
 for ten long years, constantly INVENTING "scandals" to feed their viewers.

 Then Bush gets us into a bloody quagmire with his lies so he can loot the world and
 the damn press jumps into bed with him. The New York Whore Times, the WaHoPo,
 the networks and magazines - they all protect Bush and they refuse to list his crimes.


 Subject: does it pay to advertise on  bartcop.com?

 Bart, in the three weeks before you posted my ad, the site
 averaged a bit over 200 hits per day. Here's the breakdown since then:

 Day 1  4035 hits
 Day 2  4892 hits
 Day 3  5687 hits
 Day 4  1964 hits
 Day 5  1972 hits

 Thanks a bunch,
 Satusfied ad buyer

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 Why have a page if only a few people see it?


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 Abdul Demands Tough Nail Salon Standards
  Paula takes on the most urgent problem facing America today


   Click  Here

 Paula Abdul told California legislators all about her unsanitary manicure.

"The pain was so excruciating that even my hair touching my thumb
 caused me to scream," Abdul said with a straight face.


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