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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Baiting, Not Debating
Bloggers Fight Regulation 
Liar caught linking 9/11 and Iraq 
Moron in the White House
Bloodshed in Iraq Is 'Worth It' 
Lyons: Pump Up the Cult 
Is Geldof another John Kerry? 
McCain Targets Indians 
Liz Hurley sucks a thumb 


 Quote of the Day

"When you deny God, you slowly lose 
   your rights to life, liberty and property."   
     --Judge Roy Moore Thumper (R-Insane)



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Volume 1574 - Murder in the sand 

         Wed-Thursday   June 29-30,  2005        Visit...RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"My name is Molly Ivins, and I can speak for myself, thank you. I don't need
  Rush Limbaugh or Karl Rove to tell me what I believe. Setting up a straw man,
  calling it liberal and then knocking it down has become a favorite form of "argument"
  for those on the right. Make some ridiculous claim about what "liberals" think,
  and then demonstrate how silly it is. Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and many others never
  seem to get tired of this old game. If I had a nickel for every idiotic thing I've ever
  heard those on the right claim "liberals" believe, I'd be richer than Bill Gates."
         --Molly Ivins,  Attribution


 Baiting, Not Debating
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 There should have been no doubt what would happen to anyone who questioned Bush's
 case for war. The dissenters would be baited, ridiculed, marginalized, and drowned out
 by accusations of disloyalty as well as epithets about "Saddam sympathizers."

 Which is, of course, what happened. War critics were treated like fringe nut cases, while
 nearly every major Washington pundit fell for Bush's deceptions about Saddam's WMDs.
 Just look at the editorial pages on Feb. 6, 2003, the day after Powell's speech to the UN.

 Now, amid the rising death toll in Iraq, a hopeful new line from some pundits is that the nation
 is on the cusp of a serious debate about the war's future - as Bush finally levels with the
 American people, regains their trust and enlists them in the sacrifices ahead.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 Bloggers Fight Regulation

    Our good friend Atrios

  Click  Here

 Web log founders who built followings with anti-establishment postings are now lobbying
 the establishment to try to fend off government regulation. Some are even working with a
 political action committee, lawyers and public-relations consultants to do it.

 They say they have no choice.

"There's a certain responsibility I have to help protect the medium. I have the platform,
 the voice to be able to do so," said Kos of  www.DailyKos.com.

 Duncan Black ÷ who founded the www.atrios.blogspot.com blog ÷ featured a headline
 Monday on his Web site, "Bite me, Congressman," that linked to criticism of a Republican
 House committee chairman over global warming.

 Asked whether testifying at hearings and organizing PACs are a signs that bloggers are
 adopting mainstream political techniques, Black said he and his colleagues do not have much choice.

"I think once you do achieve a certain degree of traffic, influence, notoriety ÷ however you
 want to call it ÷ eventually the outsider label is not perfectly applicable anymore," said Black,
 who describes himself as a "recovering economist." He too planned to testify before the FEC.

 ha ha
 Can you imagine Ol' Bart testifying before these congressional handjobs?
 Does C-Span run what was said?
 Or do they clean it up to "protect" citizens?

 If I could get a written guarantee that every word I said would be televised
 I think we could have one goddamn entertaining afternoon testifying!


 Subject: Reagan voted greatest American?

  Click  Here  scroll to bottom of the page


 Dueling Quotes

"I think it's also important for the president to lay out a timetable
  as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn."
     -- Killer Monkey, 6/3/99, criticizing Clinton for not setting a timetable in Kosovo,  Attribution

"It doesn't make any sense to have a timetable. If you give
  a timetable, you're conceding too much to the enemy."
      --Killer Monkey, 6/24/05,  with another flip-flop the media won't publish,   Attribution


 Liar Criticized for Linking 9/11 and Iraq
  Lies, lies and more lies from the Giggling Murderer

  Click  Here

 People with brains criticized Bush for again raising the Sept. 11 attacks as a justification
 for the protracted fight in Iraq after the president proclaimed anew that he plans to keep
 U.S. forces there as long as necessary to ensure peace.

 Urging patience on an American public showing doubts about his Iraq policy, GigMur
 mentioned the 9-11 attacks five times during a 28-minute address Tuesday at Fort Bragg.

 Dean hater Nancy Pelosi accused Bush of demonstrating a willingness "exploit the sacred
 ground of 9/11, knowing that there is no connection between 9/11 and the war in Iraq."

 "The president's numerous references to September 11 did not provide a way forward in Iraq,"
 said Harry Reid. "They only served to remind us that Osama is still on the loose and al-Qaida
 remains capable of doing this nation great harm nearly four years after it attacked America."


 Another thought about file-sharing

 In my line of work (I have a radio show) I need to get my hands on certain songs.
 There's not one online service who can deliever even half-assed service.

 If the monkey lawyers and greed-meisters could pull their heads out long enough
 to deliver a produce, maybe, just maybe people would respond with their wallets.
 But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!.

 All of Hollywood can't find anybody as smart as then-19 year old Shawn fanning.
 They can't figure anything out because they're too greedy.

 Their punishment should be the loss of billions in revenue.
 Imagine that - they're so greedy that can't make a buck?

 Years ago, maybe 2001, Fanning offered the big five whores $1 billion top go away
 and let him distribute music and video to people, but greedy Hollywood refused.

 They thought they could do it better.
 Why accept a billion dollars when you can pay your idiot lawyers hundreds of millions
 of dollars to invent a myriad of ways to block the music from getting to the people?

 I need some certain songds right now, but I'll be damned if I'm going to
 buy their entire CD for a minute-long clip of a certain song.

 Screw you, Hollywood.
 You're too greedy to make money,
 you're too stupid to make money.
 No wonder business is down - way down.




 Did Bush delay the rescue of the 20 men in that helicopter crash in Iraq
 so we wouldn't have another 20 confirmed dead the night of his speech?

 Did the survivors (if any) spend the night freezing at 10,000 feet
 so the monkey bastard wouldn't look as bad while he was lying last night?

 Don't act like he wouldn't do it.
 He's killed 1744 brave soldiers just to steal some oil.



 Set Love Free


 When Tommy Mack (D-Wizard) flies from LA to Dallas, he can't fly on Southwest
 From Dallas, SW doesn't even offer LA or Las Vegas - but Tulsa does.
 You can fly from Tulsa to Vegas direct, but not Dallas to Vegas

 The Wright Amendment prevents Southwest from flying Love Field to most cities.
 I know nothing about why, who or how, but that's un-American, stifling competition.

 Click on the link for more info.
 Help little Tommy get back home.


 Bush: Bloodshed in Iraq Is 'Worth It'
   ...as long as someone else's kids are dying

  Click  Here

      President Bush on Tuesday appealed(Sidebar:that's past tense - as of right now,
 it hasn't happened yet. Bush hasn't opened his mouth as of 7:06 Eastern)  for the nation's patience
 for "difficult and dangerous" work ahead in     Iraq, hoping a backdrop of U.S. troops and a reminder
 of Iraq's revived sovereignty would help him reclaim control of an issue that has eroded his popularity.

 In an evening address at an Army base that has 9,300 troops in Iraq, Bush was acknowledging
 the toll of the 27-month-old war. At the same time, he aimed to persuade skeptical Americans
 that his strategy for victory needed only time ÷ not any changes ÷ to be successful.

 If King George had lost Barbara or Jenna in his bloody oil snatch, we might believe him.
 But how dare he tell the families of the dead "It was worth it!"

 And why do they file stories before they happened?
 So they can proclaim Bush victorius ahead of time, and even if he falls off the stage,
 history will record "another great speech" by "America's greatest war hero."

       "Follow me to victory!"


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Who is Johnny-Gosch?

 Subject: Ten Commandments decision

 As the founder of the Church of Reality  - a religion based on believing in everything that
 is real - I consider both the decisions made by the Supreme Court to be a victory for religious freedom.

 The Texas case correctly allows the Ten Commandments to be displayed among other historical
 images and is distinguished from the Kentucky case where the Ten Commandments was clearly
 an endorsement of a specific class of religion. This was an important victory for religious freedom
 because we only have religious freedom as long as the government remains religiously neutral.
 There must always be room in America for a reality based religion because if the government
 takes reality away from the people, what do you have left?

 Marc Perkel
 First One - Church of Reality
 San Francisco, CA.

      Click to redeem your sorry soul


 Moron in the White House
    by Salmon

  Click  Here

 What would happen if a complete idiot managed to get into the White House? Suppose some
 big shot's kid needed a job and the corporate culture and war profiteers needed another
 Reaganesque puppet to pave the way for obtaining more riches at taxpayer expense. Suppose
 this kid was a ne'er do well playboy who pissed away years at school, partying and fraternizing
 with the frat-rats, stacking up cars and smoking pot, no, let's make it even more sinister: snorting
 cocaine. Some patrician punk who could afford to piss away 7 years in grad school. Suppose this
 patrician brat also had a drinking jones and a knack for mischief - an embarrassment to his corporate
 CEO daddy. No, wait - let's make him the son of a Senator. Oh, hell - let's make him the son of a
 former president, a rich boy who, despite incredible business connections, couldn't seem to make
 anything work for him. Someone who couldn't find oil in Texas or who dabbled in upper-class
 investments like a baseball team and then traded away the second best home run hitter of the decade.


 How did the Monkey do?

  From CNN's unscientific opinion poll on their webpage:

  Which word best describes President Bush's speech?

  Reassuring        16%     7040 votes
  Uplifting              7%      3039 votes
  Worrying           77%    33908 votes

 Thanks to Zepp News service.
 To subscribe (for free) send e-mail to zepp@finestplanet.com


 Is Bob Geldof another John Kerry?

 I'm very disappointed to hear that Bob Geldof has issued orders that nobody
 is allowed to mention the Giggling Murderer or his ongoing genocide in Iraq.
 I get pissed as hell every time I think about Kerry laying down for that bastard.

 John Kerry - you're not a man - you're a weinie who lied to 50 million of us.

 When you have the world's attention, why is it so wrong to mention a global disaster?
 And how does Bush, again and again, get his enemies to lay down their arms?

 I'm so old, I remember when rock n roll was about rebellion.
 Today's groups have so many millions of dollars to worry about, they've lost
 any kind of soul or sense of self or individualism - it's all about the cash.

 I say screw Bob Geldof's instructions.
 I remember a Grammy show a while back, they were all given orders to grovel
 before Godly Bush and every damn one of them did - excepr Avril Lavigne - a Canadian!
 How sad that today's rockers take a back seat to a teenage girl in rebellion.
 The day after, I drove to Best Buy in the snow to buy her newest CD.

 I'll buy a CD by any band who lands a televised anti-Bush blow.
 The nationwide genuflecting to our Giggling Murderer must come to an end.

 Also, any Democrats scheduled to apologize and bend over?



"(Those are the facts.) You and (your newspaper) are hereby put on notice
  that anything you write or print that infers anything  to the contrary, ...is a lie."
     -- a citizen, fighting back against the smug, know-it-all, on-whitey's-payroll paper-punks
         who think they can scare people because they buy their ink by the barrel.

 ha ha

 Guess what, Chuckles?

 Some of us have
 no ink costs,
 no paper costs,
 no payroll and
 no distribution costs.

 Can you really afford this fight?


 Subject: standards of proof

 I became somewhat perturbed that you require high standards of proof where 911 is involved.
 Not so, seemingly, when you accuse the head, asshole-coward (and family) of looting millions
 of dollars per day from Iraq's oil monies. (I agree with that assumption)

 Dude, excellent question.
 I've been waiting for it a loooong time.

 Wolfowitz said Iraq pumped $2M a day.
 I don't have a case to prove, because Wolfie made my case for me.

 Click to hear Wolfie back up Bart

 A trial trick:
 Make the other guy do the work.
 It leaves more time for the fun things in life.

 I do feel that events on September eleventh, 2001 did NOT EVEN go-down as the official, rat-bastard,
 story-book version would lead, unsuspecting-world-citizens to believe. I have no proof of that either,
 but I consider that some of the theories have merit and the brain-dead public needs to be reminded
 about them, yesterday's news, or no. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

 At the very least, you say and publish material that does need to see the light-of-day.
 Thanks for that. If I were bux-up, I'd assign some money to speak my gratitude.


 Rick, if you were here, I'd buy the first shots.
 As far as the BFEE and 9-11, all we know for sure is that they are lying.
 Bush refused to testify under oath - meaning he could lie and never be charged.

 Why did Bush need protection from the truths of 9-11?
 Why did he need Cheney there to hold his hand?
 Why did he fight the idea of testifying until he could fight no more?

 All we know for sure is that they are lying.

 We know they're guilty of Iran-Contra crimes from 25 years ago.
 Bush the Smarter pardoned everyone to hide the truth from the American voters.
 The Monkey hired his Dad's convicted ex-spooks for the biggest "global" handjob, ever.

 ...all we know for sure is that they are lying.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Rove's Monkey Lies CONTEST

  Our third place winner - Zendaba

  Our second place winner - Daoud

 Our Grand Prize winner - by 2manycats

 2manycats, Daoud and Sendaba - send me an e-mail.

 You can get the Disaster Monkey t-shirt... ($20 value)
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 Subject: Donation

 ...for hammering those Bush bastards,



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"Right-wingers are the useful idiots of our times and while they have their
  occasional left-wing counterparts, the lefties will not buy essentially the same
  book over and over again - if only because they lack the funds. Maybe Klein
  has taken this as far as it will go. I hope not. My book on Hillary's romp with
  Paris Hilton will be out soon. It's hot."
       --Richard Cohen,   Attribution


 Subject: the vulgar Pigboy

 If you were a Muslim, what would infuriate you more?

 A Senator reading about the prisoner abuses from an FBI document,
 or a major supporter of the president treating the abuse of Muslims
 and their holy book as a big joke?

 Keep swingin the hammer!


 Pump Up the Cult
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Ask Karl Rove for an apology? Not me. Apologies are appropriate for foolish remarks
 made in the heat of argument. Rove read from a script. The White House handed out copies.
 Besides, what would an apology from that flabby little apparatchik be worth? He's the human
 equivalent of a fear-biting dog: His Master's Voice. "Conservatives," Rove said, "saw the
 savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war. Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11
 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.
 In the wake of 9/11, conservatives believed it was time to unleash the might and power of the
 United States military against the Taliban. In the wake of 9/11, liberals believed it was time to
 submit a petition. I am not joking."  No, he was fabricating.


 Subject: Can't hear radio

 Bart, been trying to get thru to you for weeks-no can do-and I ain't even drinkin' 151!!!
 Got a username and password but can't get thru to forum.
 Whats up???????


 Milo, to see what's up, I need the e-mail address you signed up with.
 We don't have you listed under that 25299 address.
 Lemme know...


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Fourth of July is just days away

What better way to honor the few freedoms we have left than...

Bruce Yurgil

 Fine tequila as medicine

  Click  Here

 A friend of mine who's something of a tequila connoisseur recommends a fine (and expensive)
 tequila called Chinaco Anejo. I doubt if he's ever put it to use for medicinal purposes, but he
 insists that the typical tequila found in most liquor stores is junk. He enjoys his Chinaco in very
 small servings, like a rare cognac.  Which brings us back to Dr. Douglass' note: "Don't overdo it."


 Subject: Grego's BCR 77 feedback

 Grego said "I'm glad you explained the reason you don't
 put dubya's KIA count on your site anymore."
 Any chance you might explain it to us financially challenged non-subscribers?

 Kenda, sure.

 Click  Here


 Subject: Reverse engineering?

 Gadzooks, Man ... sometimes your bullheadedness is really creepy.

 I've sent you emails on this before and won't rehash
 -- it obviously doesn't do any good, anyway.

 Nothing personal, Dude.
 I have 12,470 unread e-mails in the main mailbox.

 But your "reverse engineering" comment demonstrates your inability to grasp the 9/11 debate
 and what many of your loyal readers are trying to get you to get.

> "Who or what was in the WTC that needed to be destroyed"

 -- Huh???

 Bart, that sort of thinking is a distraction -- just like wacko stuff like
"were those really jumbo jets that hit the buildings", yada, yada.

 How so?

 As previously asked of you ... use your logic and eyes as to what occurred that day;
 and think about how quickly that event was used to utterly change our country into the
 fascist state it now is. 9/11 is the Bush Cabal's Reichstag Fire.

 Do you think I don't know that?

 Here's what seems clear to me: The August 6th memo about "Bin Laden determined to
 attack the U.S." was not ignored. The attack was allowed to happen. Investigators that
 got too close were blocked or misled. When the event went down, safeguards were in
 place to allow it to be not just successful but far more devastating than it should have
 been (such as the very real possibility that the buildings were rigged to be demolished).

 As always, we can agree to disagree - but it'd be better if you just stopped discussing
 the issue if all you're looking for is a reason to disrespect your readers.

 Matt from Wisconsin

 Am I the only fella on the Internet who disrepects his readers by asking a question?
 If you're done being snippy, allow me to explain.

 There was a fella named John O'Neill, I think, who had some dirt, I think, on the BFEE.
 He was in charge of security at the WTC (it may have been his first day on the job) and it
 seemed possible (sorry if I'm offending someone again) that he could have been a target that
 would help the BFEE kill a dozen birds with two planes.  I believe O'Neill died on 9-11.

 More broadly, if we had a list of what and who was lost that day
 it might tell us why the WTC was chosen if it was an inside job.



 Subject: WTC

 Bart, you wrote:

> Y'know, the WTC *_did_* survive the impact.
> Did they study the effects of a plane freshly-loaded with jet fuel?"

 Of course they did.   Jesus do a little research before you go off and make an ass of yourself,
 which seems to be happening more often lately.  Too much  Chinaco, perhaps?

 Bob, no reason to be an asshole, is there?

 The buildings were designed to withstand, without subsequently collapsing,
 the impact of a fully fueled and loaded 707.
 The fuel capacity and load capacity are virtually identical to the 767.

 First, that wasn't the sentence I responded to. Words mean things, y'know?
 You don't get to change the sentence and then ask why I answered like I did.

 Second, what makes you think I have time to research every goddamn subject that comes up?

 Third, when you come in here acting like a prick, don't expect me to apologize.
 I'm not Dick Dirbin.

 By the way, the central core steel beams, anchored in bedrock, were some 4 feet thick,  so how did
 they break away from the bedrock?  Just one of many questions regarding the near freefall collapse
 of the towers.  Another quick one, where did the energy come from to pulverize the concrete and
 cement in the floors, etc.  Hint:  the jet fuel just didn't have enough enery to do the job.

 You have been slipping lately Bart old boy.
 Bob S

 Bob, I suggest you watch your ass.
 I won't be as nice next time.


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

 Tonight, the biggest poker night of the TV year!

 The WPT World Championship Season III

 This is a lot better TV than the World Series of Poker
 The WSOP announcers are extra-obnoxious, always making lame jokes and
 semi-off-color remarks like a couple of teen girls gossiping on their first phones.

 The WPT is just the opposite: on-target, why-he-did-that analysis plus humor.
 Poker wouldn't be half as big if it wasn't for Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patton.

 Oh, and Shana Hiatt gives good interview.
 (I found a picture of
  Shana with her top on.)

 Wednesday night, the final six of the $25,000 buy-in go at it.
 What's the prize pool?


 What's it like to tell a bald-faced lie with millions at stake?
 I should write the White House and ask.

  Just 17 days away...16 until the Roof party!


  Click  Here  for updates

  Click  Here  to reserve your seat at Pokerfest Chicago 2005


Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 77

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 McCain Targets Off-Reservation Gambling
  Hey John, worry about that bloody War Monkey you helped elect

   John's Kabbala bracelet
    courtesy of Madonna

  Click  Here

"None of us ever anticipated that there would be casinos in the Catskills," McCain
 told a tribal leader from New York who's pursuing such a project.

"We're seeing casinos in downtown Oakland and downtown Denver. ...
 If we have enough off-reservation casinos set up in America we're going to see a
 backlash against Indian gaming, because that was not the intent of the law," he said.

 Hey John, supply-and-demand, Mr Republican.
 Why don't you leave the market alone and go play with yourself?

 Why don't you try and save a few hundred or a few thousand Americam troops
 instead of hassling the Indians for making a buck - what's wrong with you?

 Don't you have a super-important flag-burning crisis to attend to?
 Don't you have a super-important homo-bashing rally to attend?

 Guess what, John - you're NOT going to be president,
 so stop lying to us and mind your own damn business.


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 Why have a page if only a few people see it?


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 Liz Hurley sucks a thumb in public?

      "Naughty Elizabeth Hurley"

  Click  Here

 Humiliated Jemima Khan dished out a torrent of four-lettered abuse to boyfriend Hugh Grant
 at a posh Elton John bash, claims The Mirror.  The cause of her anger? Only his ex Liz Hurley
 flirting outrageously by seductively sucking his finger in front of dozens of A-list celebrities -
 according to the paper.Jemima saw red - actually, change that for crimson - at Elton John's
 White Tie & Tiara dinner at his mansion in posh Windsor, Berks last week.

 Guests looked on open-mouthed as Liz - who Hugh dated for most of the 1990s before he
 was caught with a hooker - performed her saucy show on him.


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