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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Alternative Speech
Ex-Hostages ID terrorist 
Hope I die B4 my next refill 
Rove rides again, Dems help
War of the Worlds - Review
Big egos clash before Live8
Dems buy into Bush's war 
Double shot 'o Monkey Mail 
Shana Hiatt leaving WPT 


 Quote of the Day

"If Nixon had this court, he might well be a 
  venerated president now and "Deep Throat" 
  just a high-class porno flick."
      -- Seattle Post-Intel. Editorial



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Volume 1575 - Sandy 'Oh, no!' resigns 

         Fri-Sat   July 1-2,  2005        Visit...RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"I'm still waiting for Barb and Jenna to go sign up-considering he made an unusally
  shameful plea for our youngsters to run right down and sign up. I just wonder if we can
  make it another three years. This country is pretty much down the tubes thanks to
  president smirky smirk chicken hawk. China will own us anyway, so what the heck..."
     --Jan,   Attribution


 Bush's Alternative Speech
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

"My fellow Americans, let me explain to you what really went wrong with the Iraq policy
 and why so many young Americans have died in what looks like a futile war without end.

"First, you must know that I have long obsessed about getting rid of Saddam Hussein, taking
 care of some unfinished business from my dad's presidency. There's also a lot of oil there
 and my neoconservative advisers wanted to project American power into the Middle East.

"So when the Sept. 11 attacks occurred, I saw my chance. Cheney and I began merging references
 to al-Qaeda and Iraq. That way, the casual listener would start associating Iraq with 9-11 subliminally,
 even if there was no real evidence to support that connection.

"We also decided to exaggerate the shaky intelligence we had about Iraq's WMD because we knew
 that would scare the American people into supporting a war against a country that wasn't threatening us.

"Next, I got rid of officials, like Paul O'Neill and Gen. Eric Shinseki, who had doubts about the war.
 To keep Tony Blair on board, we agreed to go to the United Nations, but only because we hoped
 that Saddam would reject a demand for U.N. inspections and give us a better pretext for war.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 Ex-Hostages Say Iran Leader-Elect was a Captor
  That means he worked with the BFEE 25 years ago and probably still does

  Click  Here

 Former hostages told The AP that after seeing Ahmadinejad on television, they have no doubt
 he was one of the hostage-takers.  A close aide to Ahmadinejad denied the president-elect
 took part in the seizure of the embassy or in holding Americans hostage.

 The hostage-taking enabled ther BFEE to take power in the 1980 election when they painted
 Carter as a wimp while secretly and illegally and treasonously making their own deal to arm the
 terrorists with weapons of the future.

 When they got caught, Bush the Smarter pardoned everyone to bury the truth and then they
 turned their media on "Clinton's girlfriends" so the whole Iran-Contra crimes wave would be
 dropped from the headlines and forever be considered "old news."

 And who was their biggest ally in the cover-up?



 Subject: keep your eyes on Roger Waters Saturday


 I think Geldof is just saying "Don't bash Bush."

 He knows he has booked some loose cannons, and I would be extremely surprised
(and disappointed) if Roger Waters of Pink Floyd didn't make some kind of statement,
 comment or jab.  Just listen to The Final Cut and Amused to Death (his response to
 the Gulf War), and try to imagine him not making some sort of statement.  He will have
 the world's attention.  I think that is the only reason he agreed to reform with the Floyd.

 The performance would be an impressive vehicle for anything he wants to say.  He just hasn't
 had the leverage as a solo performer, and, if he doesn't take advantage of this opportunity,
 my respect for the man will be hit hard.  Below are some examples to illustrate my point.
 Keep hammering!


 Alan, it would be so cool if you're right.

 As far as I know (that's very limiting) XM Satellite Radio is the only one
 doing this right, and, of course, being radio there will be no picture.

 Live Global Coverage - XM Channel 40 / XM 200
 London - XM Channel 41 / XM 201
 Philadelphia - XM Channel 42
 Berlin - XM Channel 43
 Rome - XM Channel 44
 Paris - XM Channel 45
 Toronto - XM Channel 46

 The networks plan to hack the show into thousands of pieces, offering 15-second
 "highlights" while they talk over the bands and make snide comments, tha bastards..
 TV Guide doesn't even know this is happening, so what channel do we watch?

 MTV has nothing on their web site, all VH-1 has is a link to http://www.live8live.com/
 which doesn't help because Geldof isn't running those networks.

 Are they going to screw this up as bad as it seems?



"The Government of the United States is in no sense founded on the Christian religion."
      --  Washington in the Treaty of Tripoli

"This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it."
      --  Adams in The Jefferson-Adams letters

"I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature. It has made
  one half the world fools, the other half hypocrites."
      --  Thomas Jefferson, who I would really, really like to buy a shot of Chinaco

  Quotes from Lande


 I Hope I Die Before the Next Refill
    by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 I was in the drug store, an old guy in front of me was picking up prescription.
 The lady behind the counter handed him a credit card slip and said, "I'm sorry."
 She was sorry because the bill was over $1,200.

 The old man said, "I hope I die before I have to pay for the next re-fill."
 And I was thinking, "I wonder if he voted for Bush?"

 Was he a blind soldier in Karl Rove's army
 who would rather vote against himself,
 for deadly high drug prices dictated by Big Pharma
 and for no national health insurance?

 American do it again and again.
 The BFEE gets their bumbling pumpkin to say "Aw, shucks, it's your money,"
 so people vote against themselves.  Once elected, the hustler steals their money,
 sends their son to die in Iraq for Halliburton and generally fucks the populace to death.


 Rove rides again
   With help from Democrats, of course

  Click  Here

 Rove managed to link Iraq with 911 again, and to delegitimate the
 Democrats in the process. And he did it with the Democrats' help.
 Rove achieved this brilliantly - in one sentence!

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war;
  liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments
  and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers." [NY Times, 6/23/05]

 When the Democrats took the bait, Rove reeled them in.

 How can our party be so damn stupid again and again and again?
 Each time we try to kick the football, we're surprised when Rove pulls it away.

 Seriously, we won't win another election until they start reading bartcop.com
 Rove will continue to surprise them - every time.


 Subject: John O'Neil

 Your mention of John O'Neil prompted me to contact you.
 Mr. O'Neil was head of the FBI counter terrorism division in NYC and left out of
 frustration to go to work at the WTC. His first day on the job was 9-11.
 His story was on Frontline on PBS; http:// www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/knew/view/



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 Dick Durbin, man of dumb words
    by  bartcop.com  regular Don the Day Trader

  Click  Here

 Dumb as that Illinois man's remarks were, how do they really jeopardize our national defense?
 Iraq was not and is not attacking the United States, but the other way around. So the real
 answer to our troops being in danger is to get them out of danger, which means getting out of Iraq.

 Iraq is blowing up and out of control -- certainly out of US control, and we don't have any further
 business there. I say this as a proud Army combat veteran, Democrat, father and taxpayer.


 Subject: Molly Ivins

 Molly Ivins is one of a handful of journalists who have the courage to speak he truth.
 Another is Bob Herbert, who in his latest N.Y. Times column hot the nail on the head
 when he said that if a Democratic President were esponsible for the debacle in Iraq,
 the Republicans would be rushing to impeach. The same Republicans who were so aghast
 at the success of Clinton, that they finally had to resort to a blow job to impeach him seem
 to have no difficulty in putting loyalty to part above loyalty to country.

 They blindly obey the giggling murdering monkey as he happily deconstructs the nation
 while Fox News collectively cum every time Nazi Bush spews his lies.

 George in Fort Wayne, IN

 The bastard Republicans impeached Clinton when they knew he was innocent.
 The scared-bunny democrats don't dare impeach a guilrty bastard - they're too afraid.

 It's just like a poker game.
 We can never win if we fold and cry every time the bad guy says, "Boo!"

 Will the Democrats ever grow some balls?
 Or will they just get voted out, one after another?

         "We just want to please Godly Dubya, our war hero!"

 I forget - how did I get in a party of limp losers?


 13 bodies, 7 missing from "speech" copter
  Was rescue delayed until after Bush's speech?

  Click  Here

 The bodies of 13 U.S. troops were pulled from the wreckage of a U.S. helicopter
 in eastern Afghanistan, but seven more U.S. soldiers are unaccounted for
 and some may have been captured, a news report said on Thursday.

 The copter, which crashed during an anti-al-Qaeda operation, was probably struck by
 a rocket-propelled grenade. The stepped-up fighting and increased use of roadside bombs
 and suicide attacks have raised fears that insurgents are importing Iraq-style tactics to Afghanistan.

 Looks like Bush is going to lose two wars this year.

 I'll bet the Democrats are busy searching for issues to use against Bush in 2006.
 Think they'll remember to mention the war this time?



"I found out that someone I believed was my surrogate father, my brother,
  my blood figure turns out to be the true Uncle Tom, the true nigger, the true sellout.
  He did more bad to black fighters than any white promoter ever in the history of boxing,"
    -- Mike Tyson, talking about Bush friend and contributor Don King  Attribution


 Subject: Greatest American?

 Bart -

 Here's a great example of how our educational system has failed us.
 Billy Graham - just behind FDR??
 REAGAN ahead of LINCOLN!!!!!!!
 What idiots.

 The American people have no memory.
 This list is proof that this was a "popularity" contest.
 People still watch Oprah, so of course, she's a GREAT AMERICAN.
 What did she ever do to promote liberty in this country?

 We have on the list an impeached President,
 a President who SHOULD have been impeached,
 and a President who still MIGHT be impeached.
 Although we'd end up with Snarl Cheney.

 If I'd known Amerikkka would look like this in 2005,
 I might have gone ahead with suicide in 1976....

 Mike in Des Moines,

 ha ha
 Dude, you get good corn in Iowa?


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
this Sunday night, starting at 9pm Pacific

Click  Here  to listen to Erin and Marty

 Big egos clash before Live8 event
  McCartney 'demanded' to open and close

  Click  Here



 Subject: Donation

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 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155


 Subject: blogs

 Bart...yours was the the first blog I found on the net...back in '97
 ...way before Kos and Atrios and Josh Marshall...but wisely you
 branded the site as a tequila treehouse which should effectively shield
 you from congressional oversight..let freedom ring and shut up and deal.


 I could always do the page and radio show from Vancouver.
 They have the internets, right?


  New Feature
 Great Bible Quotes

"Let your women keep silence in the churches:
  for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they
  are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
  And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home:
  for it is a shame for women to speak in the church"
      (1 Corinthians 14:34-35).


 Subject: comment

 Bart, you wrote:

> Why did Bush need protection from the truths of 9-11?
> Why did he need Cheney there to hold his hand?
> Why did he fight the idea of testifying until he could fight no more?

 Then there's also why didn't he sign on to the International War Crimes Tribunal?

 I just remembered (maybe we're talking about the same thing) before the war,
 Bush twisted the arm of some world body (UN?) to make it illegal to charge
 any American with any war crime - does anyone else remember that?
 I'm sure it's in the back issues...

 I think Bush was looking forward to some torturing.

 Why else would you, up-front, change the law to
 make it legal to commit war crimes and atrocities?


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Fourth of July is just days away

What better way to honor the few freedoms we have left than...

Bush's Magic 8 Ball Iraq Strategy

Click  Here

A flash movie by Symbolman at  takebackthemedia.com

 Democrats buy into Bush's war

  Click  Here

 After the president's speech, Bob Costas asked John kerry if he and other Democrats
 were ''too docile and too compliant" in the weeks leading up to Bush's bloody invasion
 and failed to ask tough, skeptical questions in the run-up to war.

 Replied Kerry: ''Many of the questions were raised, but not enough. I plead guilty.
 And I think a lot of people in the party would."

 John, you're actling like a coward.

 Don't blame "a lot of people in the party" for your refusal to fight.
 YOU were at the top of the ticket - all by yourself.
 YOU set the tone of laying down and turning the other cheeck when attacked.
 YOU decided that the best way to win a war was to surrender early and often.
 YOU promised us, just like Gore did, that you were going to fight.
 YOU betrayed the majority of Americans who wanted Bush's crimes to stop.

 Was it always a secret Skull & Bones deal, John?
 Did you mortgage your house so you could throw the election to Bush?

 But, when Kerry was asked by Costas, ''Is Bush getting an unfair shake?" Kerry ran to his
 Skull & Bones brother's rescue.

''To some degree, I think that's true. And I've said that publicly. We've made progress."

 Kerry also rejected Ted Kennedy's labeling of Iraq as ''an intractable quamire."
 Said Kerry: ''No, I don't believe it is that today. But it could become that if we don't make the right choices."

 John, did you really say that?
 Iraq is not an intractable quagmire?
 You'd rather run to Bush's side to help with his lie than tell the truth and stand with
 your fellow MA senator, your party and the majority of Americans - again?

 How did we get stuck with you, John?
 How did such a spineless loser become Mr. Democrat?

 We can't afford to have you, Mr. Democrat, reject your party and run to your favorite
 Skull & Bones brother's side every time he drags America in an intractable quagmire.

 Please, John, do your country a favor.
 Your country is asking you to step up, one last time.

 Please resign your senate seat.


 Subject: set Love free

 the wright amendment was developed to protect american airline's
 dominance of gates and arrival slots at DFW (dallas-fort worth) airport.

 if southwest were able to create a rival airport at love field, with flights to all
 of their destination cities, from manchester, nh to san diego, ca, and 59
 destinations in between, they would run AA out of business!

 it's all to protect big business, republican supported of course.
 AA has always had killer lobbying.  now, southwest is getting
 powerful enough to hire some lobbyists of their own.

 i love it how social security is socialism, but when the government
 does all that i can to protect a big business, it's as american as apple pie.

 andrew in bal-more


 From: John Kerry

 Subject: 12 hours, 1 decision

 Dear Icavedin, (My name with the Kerry people)

 We have less than 12 hours to act.
 The critical June 30th fundraising deadline arrives at midnight tonight.
 We need to act today to stop the Republicans from trying to completely
 take over the Senate and shut out those who fight for you every day.
 I'm urging you to act by rushing an immediate donation.

 John Kerry

 John, how about you using some of those millions
 you didn't bother to spend in your "great battle with Bush" in 2004?



 Subject: negative radio review

 I have a stupid idiot &*@# friend who is a liberal.

 Most of my real friends recognize him as a stupid left wing stooge
 be cause he listens to AAR and other left wing crap.

 Anyway I said I would listen to one of his stupid radio cds
 that was from bartcop 26 or something.

 Gee, that would be from January 2004.
 Hopefully, we've gotten a lot better since them

 Anyway it was just boring and stupid and completely commie crap but one thing
 I noticed was the anti black focus of  the supposedly pro leftist slant of bartcop.

 ha ha
 You sat thru two hours of  "boring and stupid and completely commie crap?"
 That's gotta be tough

 There was the hatred of Tiger Woods and all he tries to do
 along with a joking refererence to the  "memphis niggers" as a
 baseball team with reference to the redskins.

 I see the stinging reference stayed in your mind - that was the whole point, Spike
 People accept "Redskins" as tho it's OK, but when you hear "Memphis Niggers" people say,
"Whoa, that's out of line" which then brings home to you the racial indignity of having "Redskins"
 for your team nickname.  Sounds like my communication and analogy skills we in full flight that day.

 I can see that you bartcop are a southern dixie racist hypocrit
 as you try to portray true conservatives as racists.

 That's what you see, eh?
 Long ago, I realized that I can't stop people from jumping to wild-ass conclusions.
 Many of my regular readers think I'm for Bush's bloody quagmire, even tho I've told them
 maybe a thousand times that I'm 100 percent dead set against it.    People are funny.

 I can't stop people from jumping to wild-ass conclusions.

 Liberals are the true hypocrits.
 You Bartcop are a liar of the worst kind
 You should be ashamed of yourself


 When one is confident in their opinions, they can defend them.
 It's also why your Murder Monkey Dubya screens people who can ask him questions.
 He's living a bloody lie and he knows it, so he only allows friendly folks to speak to him.

 That's what they call "a coward" in Texas.


 The WPT World Championship Season III

 I just finished my TIVO of the biggest TV poker game of the year.

 We started with only one big name, Phil Ivey, the 'Tiger Woods" of poker.
 They call him that because he's black, he's on TV a lot and he can't win the big one.

 This tourney was so big, it took three hours because of all of the twists and turns.
 The chip lead changed hands again and again.
 To start, Hassan Habib was waaaay ahead, but he lost back-to-back "all ins"
 and had to retire to the bar with the others, winning "only" $400K or so.

 We saw a great example of "poker fever."
 One guy had a 6-5, which is an extra-terrible starting hand, but his opponent
 had 4-3, which is an inconceivably bad starting hand - so what did they do?

 The guy with 6-5 made a monster bet, like $2M, and the crazy with 4-3 went
 "all in" for about $6M and chased him out.

 Like Vince Van Patten said, "Take your poker book back to the store for
 a refund because what these guys are doing, you can't learn from a book."

 It got down to Paul, the amateur from England and Tuan Le, who had been
 a twenty-to-one underdog earlier in the evening.  Crazy stuff happens in poker,
 and Tuan Lee outlasted Paul the amateur and took home the $2.8M first prize,
 which is more than the Master's and Kentucky Derby purses combined.

 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

  Just 14 days away...13 until the Roof Party!


  Click  Here  for updates

  Click  Here  to reserve your seat at Pokerfest Chicago 2005


Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 77

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject: nega

 Say Bart, the clip you play here of Wolfie simply states
 the production capacity of Iraq's oil wealth.
 A prediction per se`.  Not actual numbers.

 Not actual numbers?
 Dost thou have shit in thine ears?

 Click  Here  to hear Wolfie say "$100 billion in 2-3 years."

 That's what they could do before Halliburton took possession.
 Are you saying the newest technology and unlimited money can't pull more oil
 out of the ground faster than whatever technology poor, sanctioned-Saddam had?

 Anyway, could you help me out with something?

 I'm always willing to help a Monkey make something out of himself - usually an ass.

 Where is all the oil Bush is stealing?

 Remember Kuwait?
 It borders Iraq, that's why Bush the Smarter started a war there in 1990.
 After Saddam stole Kuwait, Bush stole it back and returned it to them.
 Kuwait owes Bush their lives, their land, their wealth, their dignity, their everything,
 so if the BFEE needs a favor, do you think Kuwait would refuse them?

 Why do you think the first thing Halliburton did when they arrived in Iraq was to build
 a pipeline to Kuwait?   After Baghdad fell, when all the museums were being looted,
 our soldiers were guarding what was important - Bush's precious pipeline to Kuwait.

 We had 150,000 soldiers there - and none to guard the center of Baghdad?

 Where is the million(s) a day he is pocketing?

 It's $100,000,000 each day - get your facts straight.
 Everyone agrees Iraq pumps at least 2 million barrels a day.
 Yesterday's USAhoToday shows oil at $57, so Bush is stealing $114M today,
 and $114M tomorrow, and $114M on Sunday and he's been doing this for 770 days

 Why do you think they stole power?
 To help the little guy get his fair piece of the big pie?

 ha ha
 Even monkeys are smarter than that.

 Can you give me a realistic source to point me in that direction?

 Did I use words that were too big?
 I tried to keep it simple...

 Is he hiding it in the White House?  At his Ranch??

 It would be pointless to drag that stolen oil to the White House or his ranch.
 A wire transfer is much neater and besides, Poppy wears such fine silk suits.

 Where, pray-tell, is it?
 Either provide the location, or provide a legitimate source, or shut the hell up.
 You keep making this claim over and over and over, much like your lie about
 Mogadishu, and Clinton's failure there, not Bush I's.

 Where's the oil, ole Bart??
 Don the Monkey

 Don, the oil is in your tank and in my tank.
 We're paying the highest prices in history for it.
 Oil company profits double this year, and they doubled last year, too.

 Bush is stealing $114 a day, (plus the $11B missing from Gore's lockbox)
 Kuwait gets a commission for handling the stolen goods and they get to keep
 their oil underground for later when the oil starts to run out.
 Make no mistake, Bush is going to bleed Iraq dry, then let them have it back.

 Lately, the BFEE is making $57M each time a soldier dies.
 They can afford to live like this forever.


 War of the Worlds
  King of all 'disaster movies' review    w/ spoilers

  Click  Here

  Excerpt: That contains no spoliers
 1. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
     I take it back. 'Panic Room' wasn't that bad.
 2. Dakota Fanning deserves a 'Best Actress" nomination
 3. Tom Cruise can't act.  There's a scene about 25 minutes in,
     where he's running in a panic - and even running, he can't act.
     Repeat. When Tom Cruise runs, you can tell he's a really bad actor..
     And they're billing this as "his best acting ever!"    ha ha
 4. When a movie has dialog like this, it's a total loser.
     "Get in the truck."
     "Get in the truck."
     "I said, get in the truck."
     "Get in the truck."
     "Get in the truck!!."
    "Get in the truck!!!"

 If you're not Bobby DeNiro saying "You talkin' to me?"
 repeating a line again and again is the kiss of death.
 I'll bet there are 50 sentences in this movie that are repeated again and again.

  "You can't do that."
  "You can't do that!."
 "You can't do that!"
  "I said you can't do that."
 "You can't do that!"
  "I won't let you do that."
 "I won't let you do that."


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 Shana Hiatt leaving the World Poker Tour


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 Shana's decision will be unpopular with mainstream fans of WPT, and even amongst
 some hardcore poker players. Hiatt has served as a nice complement to Mike Sexton
 and Vince Van Patten on the show. She does an excellent job transitioning in and out
 of WPT's "personal interest" segments, as well as having the ability to carefully interview
 emotional players who may have just busted out of some very big money.


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