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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Lessons from London 
Group claims beheadeding 
Paul Harvey - senile bastard 
Tally's Tour de Lance 
London's Bombing 'Exercises' 
Calif. to sick: Drop Dead 
Does MTV read  bartcop.com ?
Conason:  Get out of Baghdad 
Jessica Alba ends 2005 slump 


 Quote of the Day

"We were defeated. Our military was humiliated. 
  ...and that's what we're getting into again."
     --Mike Hunt,  history professor on Bush's Vietnam


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Volume 1580 - Reverse vain 

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"Not only is there much to support a theory that genetics prevents a Bush from
  admitting mistakes, this same postulated strand of DNA also keeps them from
  saying they're sorry, or acknowledging they're vindictive (tell me why we are in
  Iraq again?), overblown morons with supernatural powers of denial. Jeb's All-Star
  Vendetta Against Michael Schiavo is surely an integral part of the hypothesis."
   --Trish, "Scientific Probe Needed of Bush Mindset",   Attribution


 Lessons of the London Bombing
   by on-the-scene Robert Parry from  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 ...right-wing radio station that was already drawing lessons from the London bombings.
 George W. Bush's wisdom and resolve were vindicated again, the radio voices told us,
 while American liberals were cowards and traitors for wanting to coddle terrorists.

 We were back in the USA.

 As Bush said in his June 18 radio address, "Our troops are fighting these terrorists
 in Iraq so you will not have to face them here at home."

 This argument has always flown in the face of both logic and U.S. intelligence analyses,
 which have concluded that hatreds stirred up by the invasion of Iraq have been a recruiting
 boon for al-Qaeda, strengthening Islamic extremism, not weakening it.

 But Bush's case for the Iraq War was never strong on logic.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 Group claims it beheaded U.S. Commando
   Another family destroyed by Bush oil greed

  Click  Here

 A Taliban spokesman said Saturday that the group has killed a missing American commando,
 but he offered no proof and the U.S. military said it was still searching for the Navy SEAL.

 This morning, the Taliban killed the American soldier and cut his head off," said the spokesman.
"We left the body on a mountainside in this area so Afghan or U.S. soldiers there can find it."

 Maybe if Bush hadn't sent 150,000 troops to rape Iraq we would've had enough
 soldiers to prevent being overwhelmed by the locals.


 Subject: London attack

 Hey Bart,

  Some odd things have struck me about these attacks.

 1. Since we have been in Iraq, both Spain and now Britian have been attacked.
     These are/were two countries that went along with us on the invasion of Iraq.
     I have yet to hear of France and Germany being attacked by terrorist.
     Maybe that is because they opposed us going into Iraq in the first place? I don't know!

 2. The name of the group that claimed responsiblity, the secret organization of al-qauda in europe.
     If you were a "secret group" would you take claim for this attack? They had to know that the
     media would automatically assume this was the work of al-qauda, so why give away that you
     are out there? It seems kinda funny to me.

 3. All of these attacks so far have come on mass-transit systems. Why attack the mass-transit?
     I thought one of the reasons that terrorist don't like us, is cause our need for there oil has caused us
     to prop up brutal regimes in those countries. So why attack mass-transit systems? The only thing that
     does is make people fearful of using the mass-transit system and using their own personal vechiles.
     That drives up our need for foriegn oil, making the likelyhood that we will leave those countries less so.

     This whole thing is funny. Also with it coming on the heals of the Karl Rove thing. Not to mention the
     Big 8 being in Scotland, and even now with the whole thing with the supreme court up in the air.
     This may have been designed to take some light off the White House in the upcoming months.
     It is evident they needed to do something after Bush's Failed speech last week. It is sad that the rest
     of the world needs to suffer, cause some knuckle dragging, slacked-jaw yokels in the south could not
     get their heads out of their asses and see past Bush and the GOPs lies.


     If Bush had been willing to tell the truth about 9-11, maybe more people would trust him now.



"Military families know their loved ones are ready targets for car bombs and RPGs.
  But that's how they prefer it, instead of their families being the targets in America.
  Yes, we've lost almost 2,000 men and women in uniform in Iraq. And the death toll
  again is rising in Afghanistan. But these men and women did not die in vain. They died
  to preserve the blessedness of ordinary life here in Tennessee and America."
      --Tim Chavez, caught in the Murder Monkey's spell of illogic  Attribution

 Tim, is there such a thing as "reverse vain?"
 Those brave soldiers died and we're worse off than we were.


 Paul Harvey's Tribute to Slavery, Nukes and Genocide


  Click  Here

 Paul Harvey presented his listeners on June 23 with an endorsement of genocide and racism
 that would have been right at home on a white supremacist shortwave broadcast.  Harvey's
 commentary began by lamenting the decline of American wartime aggression.

"We're standing there dying, daring to do nothing decisive because we've declared ourselves
 to be better than our terrorist enemies--more moral, more civilized," he said. Drawing a contrast
 with what he cast as the praiseworthy nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in
 World War II, Harvey lamented that "we sent men with rifles into Afghanistan and Iraq
 and kept our best weapons in their silos"--suggesting that America should have used its
 nuclear arsenal in its invasions of both countries.

 Religio-cons are so eager to murder the darkies for Bush.



"God knows where Osama is. We don't know...He is not in Afghanistan."
    --President Hamid Karzai, CIA tool following BFEE orders,    Attribution

 Hamid, what's your piece of the BFEE pie?


 What Rove told Cooper

  Click  Here

"It was July 11, 2003, and TIME's Matt Cooper was tapping out an e-mail to his bureau chief.
"Subject: Rove/P&C," (for personal and confidential), Cooper began. "Spoke to Rove on
 double super secret background for about two mins before he went on vacation ..."
 Cooper proceeded to spell out some guidance on a story that was beginning to roil Washington.
 He finished, "please don't source this to rove or even WH [White House]" and suggested another
 reporter check with the CIA.

 Rove told Cooper that Wilson's trip had not been authorized by  George Tenet - or Cheney.
 Rather, 'it was, KR said, wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on wmd issues
 who authorized the trip.'"

 How does Newsweek get a scoop on what Rove told TIME's guy?

 By the way...

 Don't get too excited about rumors that Karl Rove will be "frog marched"
 into a police van in front of the White House for outing Valerie Plame.
 If it looks like a handjob and feels like a handlob - it's a handjob.

 He is invulnerable.
 He cannot be touched.
 He will not be arrested, the whore papers are just being whores again,
 pretending that's a possiblibilty to avoid talking about Bush's bloody quagmire.

 If you disagree, please put up the amount you wish to wager.


 Subject: Bono's One fit the message

 ...except that the song stinks.

 Sappy and over-emotional,
 like everything that greasey Irishman does.

 - Fern

( You're correct about his great works for charity, however.)

 ha ha


 Tally's Tour de Lance Stage 8

  Click  Here



Thanks to grower

 Bombing 'Exercises' same time as real attack

  Click  Here

 A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise
 for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed
 at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.

 On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed
 Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a PR firm.   Peter Power is a
 former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch.

 Power told the host that at the exact same time that the London bombings were taking place,
 his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground
 being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.


 Calif. to Cancer patients: Drop Dead
  Bush says you deserve pain and misery, so you get pain and misery

  Click  Here

 California health officials suspended a program Friday that had begun providing patients
 who smoke marijuana for medicinal reasons with state-issued identification cards.

 State Health Director Sandra Shewry has asked the state attorney general's office to
 review a recent whore Court ruling to determine whether the ID program would put
 patients and state employees at risk of federal prosecution.

"I am concerned about unintended potential consequences of issuing medical marijuana
 ID cards that could affect medical marijuana users, their families and staff of the
 California Department of Health Services," Shewry said.

 America continues to lurch backwards, into the darkness.
 If pot can help the dying live in peace, fuck 'em - God hates it when there's no pain.
 Bush is going to please God if he has to kill every last being on the planet.


 Get out of Baghdad
  The London bombings should spur Bush and Blair to
   pull out of Iraq and renew the fight against our real enemies
       by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 We were told that the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime would deprive
 the terrorists of a friend and sponsor, and make the world safer.

 We were told that the war would concentrate the Islamists in Iraq,
 allowing us to confront them in warfare that guaranteed their destruction.
 We were told that the war in Afghanistan had ended in victory for democracy.

 We were told that overthrowing Saddam and installing a friendly government in Iraq
 would be cheap and easy. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives have put the lie to
 those false assurances -- and no one has been held accountable..

 There is no need for Bush and Blair to confess their grave error in Iraq. There is an
 urgent need for them to extricate us from that destructive distraction -- and to mobilize
 the resources and alliances we will need to defeat our real enemies in the years to come.


 Do they read  bartcop.com  at MTV?

 Saturday, they played five uninterrupted hours of Live8.
 No commercials, no talking, which is a lot more than we asked for.

 We don't mind the handjob commericials, just don't play them
 during the damn songs and we won't complain - too much.

 And we don't mind your airhead Britney wannabees with their
 "Which one's Pink?"

 We know you want to/need to make money, and we understand that.

 ...which makes me think you put the real concert on a week late, so you
 wouldn't have to bother giving a cut to those damn whining, starving black kids.

 Shame on the greedy Republicans who bought MTV.


 Great new toy

  Click  Here

 Satellite pics for you and me.
 They finally made it work like it should.
 You can read the license plate numbers on the top of Nixon's head.
 Look up your house - you can see your car parked out front.

 How clear are these pics?

                                     Bottom of the eighth, two on, nobody out.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

 Feeling any safer after invading Iraq?

  Click  Here

 Staggered and made to feel helpless by the Sept. 11 attacks, the nation needed something to hit.
 So we hit those that needed hitting - the Taliban, which had sheltered Osama bin Laden - but we
 didn't stop there. Apparently, we bought into the xenophobic notion that taking down a Muslim
 tyrant who wasn't threatening us was the same as taking down the Muslim extremists who had
 hurt us so badly. Hopping mad and led by a president spoiling for a fight, we attacked the wrong guy.
 And many of us didn't care because it gave us the sense that we were doing something. It gave us
 false comfort. It is past time we faced that fact.


 Subject: Saddam

 Bart, you wrote:

> "...and now we're fixing his trial to make him look guilty? "

 Everything was just "jim dandy" with the US as long as he was our thug.
 You hit the nail on the head with the poison gas comment.
 At the same time Saddam was gassing the Kurds, Rummy was shaking hands with him.
 This trial may never happen, and if it does, it will no doubt
 be a pathetically laughable kangaroo court at best.

 Scott, BC Canada

 Scott, Saddam will never make it to trial.
 He's got nothing to gain by pleading guilty, and the cowardly BFEE
 never gets in a fight that's not fixed up-front, so look for Saddam to "have a stroke"
 and the US military doctors will follow their orders and nod in full agreement.



 Subject: Donation


The new name in thrillers is 'Maitland'
by James Patrick Hunt.
One of Booklist's Top Ten debut mysteries of the year.

(Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)

Click  Here to order

Coming in 2006, 'Maitland Under Siege.'


"We all feel profound pain over atrocious terrorist attacks in London last Thursday.
  We pray for the people who were killed, for those who were injured and their loved ones.
  But we pray also for the attackers: that the Lord will touch their hearts. To those who
  foment hatred and those who carry out such repugnant terrorist acts, I say:
  God loves life, which he created, not death. Stop, in the name of God!"
     --Pope Joey the Rat (BFEE) who cannot bring himself to criticize Bush,           Attribution
        who has killed over 100,k000 Iraqis and maimed countless thousands more

 Do we really have a Pope who winks at the Giggling Mudrerer's atrocities?



 Subject: the economy

 Was over at a friends house tonight visiting and met this wing-nut blowhard.
 He started saying the economy was going great but the Liberal media was bad-mouthing it.

 That was too much, after biting my tongue and letting someone else reply first..

 I said I knew someone whom all his children have college degrees and none of them
 can get a job, they have all been unemployed for over a year now. That doesnt sound
 like a great economy to me.

 And this loudmouth moron pipes off with ... 'Well, I'm not surprised you know someone
 like that, thats just like some lazy ass Liberal, they are probably on welfare, sit around
 drinking and eating pizza all day while the rest of us pay for it. And the socialist scumbag
 parents would still say they are good kids!'

 Well my friend, you may have half of it right.and I think you may know these people too, its ..
 President George Bush and Laura Bush!

 All their kids graduated college over a year ago and none of them has a job!!


 Yeah, I baited him, but holy cow he swallowed it hook, line, and sinker...
 Ate his foot all the way up to the kneecap!!
 His girlfriend was even laughing!

 Kelley K


 To bypass all those pesky website registrations,


 North Korea Links Nukes to U.S. Threats
  No Monkey threats - no nukes

  Click  Here

"We do not intend to possess nuclear weapons forever," Lil Kim said.
"If the U.S. nuclear threat to us is removed and its hostile policy to 'bring down
 the system' of the latter is withdrawn, not a single nuclear weapon will be needed."

 "Find a way to leash your Murder Monkey and we can all live in peace."


 Subject: crooked LA cops

 After reading all this about the people who are supposed to "serve and protect"
 the citizens of L.A., I'm having seconds thoughts about believing that O.J. was guilty.
 He still looks guilty to me but it does make me wonder.

 Dave, Cincinnati

 Dave, those crooked LA cops (How high up does it go?) make all cops look bad.
 You know who had the missing evidence?     LAPD Internal Affairs.  They withheld
 the public records of the meeting where the witnesses were threatened.

 Public record means the public has a right to see it, but IA thought the evidence was too hot.
 When the cops that watch the crooked cops are crooked, that's a shame.

 Looks like the Wallace family lawyers are better at routing out corruption
 than the LAPD, LAPD Internal Affairs and the FBI put together.


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 Subject: Saddam's trial

 Bart, you wrote,

> "If Saddam was 10 percent the monster Bush made him out to be ..."

 An alternative ending to that sentence could be, "... there would have been furious 'insurgent'
 uprisings in the streets like there are today against FuriousGeorge's illegal invasion and occupation.

 The Iraqi people have proven that they can protest mightily."

 T Q

 TQ, a thing to remember:
 When Saddam was in charge, the borders were secure.
 When Bush invaded, they failed to secure the borders, so every religiously insane
 handjob with a pound of C4 was welcome to stroll into Iraq and murder an American soldier.

 Why did Bush take so many steps to ensure there'd be chaos for years?

 It might have something to do with the unmetered oil pump gauges.


 Tally's Tour de Lance Stage 9

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New in the Bart-Store


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Let the world know that you know
that the murderer has been caught red-handed.

 Blair's Alliance With Bush Bombed

  Click  Here

 It's no use Blair telling us, "They will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear."
 They are not trying to destroy "what we hold dear." They are trying to get public opinion
 to force Blair to withdraw from Iraq, out of his alliance with the United States, out of his
 adherence to Bush's policies in the Middle East. The Spanish paid the price for their
 support for Bush -- and Spain's subsequent retreat from Iraq proved that the Madrid
 bombings achieved their objectives -- while the Australians were made to suffer in Bali."


 This week in music history...

 1967, in one of the strangest rock and roll pairings ever, Jimi Hendrix joins The Monkees'
 tour in Jacksonville, FL. ... the teenybopper crowds don't know what to make of Hendrix's
 great and wild performances, resulting in his leaving the tour after only a few dates...

 1980, Led Zeppelin plays their last show in West Berlin ... a couple of months later
 John Bonham will be found dead ... the band had planned to tour North America next...


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

  Just 5 days away...4 until the Roof Party!


 Last chance to get in
 Your name has to be on the list to get in. (Except for Vegas Dave)
 If you haven't pre-paid, you can't play
 because we'll handle no money at this event.

  Click  Here  for updates

 The St Louis Wild Bunch is coming,
 and they're bringing Pete Fascistan with them!

  Click  Here  to reserve your seat at Pokerfest Chicago 2005


Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 77

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 Subject: you didn't like that Playboy picture?

 Bart, how long you goin' STAY out of your mind?!?
 That Playboy pic!


 Sex!  SEX!  SEX!
 I can just imagine    (having sex with that woman)
 Wayne the near-sighted horn-honker in Georgia

 Wayne, you thought that torture victim was sexy?
 What do you think when you see a sexy picture?

                         "No Gitmo for me!"


 Hillary Attacks Monkey Over Tax Cuts

  Click  Here

"I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," she said.
 She drew a laugh from crowd when she described Bush's attitude toward tough issues
 with Neuman's catchphrase: "What, me worry?"

 When it came to the economy, Clinton accused Bush of focusing on helping the wealthy
 while hurting the middle class, which she said has been key to Americans' success and stability.

 She said the middle class is now being threatened by an ailing economy caused by the growing
 national debt, growing health care costs, the loss of pensions and the loss of manufacturing diversity.
 She also said we need to focus on exploring alternative energy sources to become less reliant on oil.

 Hillary may be the only candidate who could win without my services.
 General Clark: I'll work for you for free.
 Have your people contact my people.


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 Jessica Alba movie rakes in $56M
  'Fantastic Four' Snaps Hollywood Slump


  Click  Here

 It took four superheroes to end this slump, and Hollywood is grateful," some dude said. "
 Comic-book movies are what mainstream audiences want to see in their summer movies."

 The movie bumped the Cruise disaster, "War of the Worlds," into second place with $31.3 million.
 "War of the Worlds" raised its unjustified 12-day domestic total to $165.8 million.


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