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         Friday  July 22,  2005                  Volume 1587 - Quite a standard 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Talk Dirty to me 
Chicken or the Egg 
Tally's Tour de Lance
Iran executes gay teens 
Musclehead  at  34% 
The Right to Privacy 
Ho Malpractice 
Eva owns Hollywood 


 Quote of the Day

"Bush's nomination of Roberts is a setback 
  for American women, just has his policies in 
  Iraq have produced a setback for women's 
  rights in the Arab world. Indeed, Bush has 
  been bad for women all around the globe." 
         --Juan Cole,   Attribution


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"Bush talks about the need to protect our national security. If the White House was serious
  about defending our country, it would not allow the information in top secret memos to be
  leaked for partisan political gain.  We call on Bush to release the memo's distribution list."
     --Howard Dean, fighting Bush and the pink tutu Democrats, Attribution


    by my good friend Alan Bisbort at  smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

 The talking point for the next election: Republicans stand for Treason; Democrats stand for Reason.
 This was established during a Senate vote this week for an amendment to a homeland security
 appropriations bill that would deny access to classified material to any federal employee who
 discloses a covert CIA agent's identity. The bill was defeated, the vote breaking down along
 straight party lines, 53 to 44. The ruling party -- the Ruling Class -- has ossified, a sure sign of a
 government that will soon (but not soon enough!) collapse under the sheer weight of its own bullshit."


 Kneel Bush: Talk Dirty to me
  "Prostitutes just came to my room..."

  Click  Here

 Brown: "And you were married to Mrs. Bush?"

 Kneel Bush: "Yes."

 Brown: "Is that where you caught the venereal diseases?"

 ha ha

 Kneel came back from Thailand with a dripping you-know-what.


 Subject: Liberal Media Bias


 One of my most treasured possession is a tape of myself talking with Frank Zappa in 1988,
 on the Larry King Show.  Zappa was hawking his autobiography. I remember dialing over and
 over until I actually got through. I spent the ten or fifteen minutes till they picked me up furiously
 paging through the book looking for a topic. We talked about the last chapter, Liberal Media Bias
 and Spin Control. I started by saying that I though the press was dangerously sensational.

 Frank seemed to agree. (gratifying, I'll admit it!) I asked him to speak about the chapter, which he did,
 and to which King took exception. Frank's point in a nutshell was that liberals don't own media outlets etc.
 Anyway, I was live, coast to coast with Frank and Larry for about 4 minutes.

 Art Tursh



"The first of the Republican talking points is now no-longer operative. The first talking point
  was 'There's no crime here. She wasn't undercover. This wasn't secret.' "
       --Paul Begala, saying the memo with Valerie Plame's name was marked "(S)" for secret,  Attribution


 The Chicken or the Egg of Jackassdom

  Click  Here

 What struck me most about the president's introduction of John G. Roberts was his emphasis
 on the nominee's purported qualities of "wisdom, fairness and civility." It seemed clear that given
 the multiple problems Mr. Bush is experiencing as a result of possessing none of these qualities
 himself, the president hopes to improve his image by at least associating with them.

 There's a huge problem with that tactic, though. Roberts is the great judicial White Hope only
 because he has practically no paper trail. He may, or may not, be wise, fair and civil in future
 deliberations. But there's no hope for Bush. He has a paper trail of human wreckage that's
 easy to read and no amount of association with another's wisdom, fairness and civility can
 overcome the staggering fact of his absolute poverty of these qualities.


 Ted Bundy killed 36 women before he was caught.

 George Bush  killed thousands of Iraqi women - and he's still at it.


 Subject: luxury tequila

 Bart, you said,

>  "No lime, no salt, don't chill the glass."

 I disagree·go ahead and chill the glass·

 Jim, did they revoke the laws of physics?
 Does cold no longer disguise flavors?

 I remember one Thanksgiving, I let my bottle of Chinaco Anejo get a little
 close to the oven exhaust while the turkey was baking and it warmed the bottle.


 I need to do further research on that, but meanwhile, if you're into
 killing the flavor, why not save the money and [choke] buy Cuervo Gold?



"I hate bullies...And I have this urge to kind of step in front of
  my client and say, "Don't you dare do that stuff to him.'"
       -- Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, masturbating in public  Attribution


 Iran executes gay teenagers
  Maybe Bush should invade?


  Click  Here

 Two gay Iranian teenagers  identified as M.A. and A.M., were hanged this week
 for the "crime" of homosexuality. Consensual gay sex is a hanging offense in Iran.
 Those charged with love-making  are given a choice: being hanged, being stoned,
 halved by a sword, or dropped from the highest perch.

 According to Iranian human rights groups, over 4000 gays have been executed
 since the Ayatollahs seized power in 1979. Last August, a 16-year-old girl was
 hanged for 'acts incompatible with chastity.'"

   "Why can't people be more liberal?"


 Subject: Queer as Folk = repugnant

 I may be as ignorant as you are about the world of Gay People.
 Some of my best friends are gay, but I wouldn't want my sister to marry one.
 I think what Ann is suggesting...

 Lindsay (one of the two permanent lesbian characters) falls madly in lust
 with a boorish artist and has passionate against-the-wall sex with him

 ...is that such actions are not just unlikely, but are simply not possible.
 Such unchacteristic actions suggest that lesbianism is only a role that one plays,
 and that the player has the option to step in and out of that role at will.


 Is a bi-sexual considered gay?   I'd have to think so.
 If I see two men kissing, they're definiteoly gay, no matter if
 one of them is married and has six kids - but then, what do I know?



"Bush talks about high standards, accountability and personal responsibility. While Bush
  expects students, school systems and future retirees to toe the line, his friends get an
  easier deal...Now that Rove's involvement in leaking information has been confirmed,
  the president has decided to modify that pledge. Bush let it be known on Monday that
  he would fire any staffer who "committed a crime." Schoolchildren, take note. There will
  still be high standards for you, your teachers and your schools. But at the White House,
  the rule is a little different: No pal left behind. Unless, of course, he is an out-and-out
  criminal. That's quite a standard."
            --Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial,   Attribution


 Tally's Tour de Lance 19

  Click  Here



 Subject: last issue's "L" word question

 Perhaps Martina is mad because there is a character who is a professional tennis player who had
 a hard time "coming out." The gal that plays the tennis player has the skinniest anorexic arms I have
 ever seen. There is no way that woman is a tennis player, let alone  an athlete. Get over it Martina!

 As for depravity: Martina dumped Rita Mae Brown to break up a marriage (Judy with two kids)
 and then dumped Judy to have a "secret, but not really" affair with Nancy Lieberman. Pleazzzz.
 Remember when Nancy Lieberman and Dr. Renee Richards sat together during Martina's matches?


 You're saying they named the bad lesbian tennis player's character "Martina?"
 Yeah, ...I think that would piss me off if I was Martina - and I wouldn't want
 my name on a show that called me an evil home wrecker.

 ...others mentioned "water sports," but that could've been Queer as Folk.
 Talk of water sports doesn't advance the gay agenda with middle-America voters.


 Subject:  the best in radio

 Bart, did u know you can go to whiterosesociety.org and you can listen to
 Randi Rhodes and others and it's also saved, so you can hear past shows (even today's).
 It loads pretty fast, so you can hear Randi's entire 4 hour show in three hours.

 Friday, Randi had John Conyers on second half hour..
 Randi was on a roll wrapping up all the points....7/15/05..
 Rick Far

 When Randi gets on a roll, it's like nothing I've ever heard.

 Dude, I'm there all the time.
 That's run by my good friend Master Ben. (sounds kinky :)
 I'm going to make that a perma-link, starting today, because that site rules.

 They have archives shows by Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Guy James, Cup-O-Joe,
 and another half-dozen people who think like we do - and it's all free!

 So go to whiterosesociety.org and listen.


 The Right to Privacy is in the Constitution
  by Marc Perkel  as seen an  ampol

  Click  Here

 Is a right to privacy in the United States Constitution?
 Yes, it is -- but not where you think it might be.

 Many people look in the amendments to the Constitution for something that can
 be construed as privacy. Others say that it's just not there. But it is there -- and it's
 right in the original Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7:

"To establish Post Offices and post Roads;"


 Subject:  Tiger Woods

 I for one relish imagining all those WASPy old silverback country clubbers rending
 their KKK robes every time Tiger's adoring and adorable young (white) wife kisses her hero.
 There's not a few who wouldn't rather give him a noose than a green jacket, you know.



 Musclehead's approval drops to 34%
  So disliked, he makes Bush seem popular by comparison

  Click  Here

 Musclehead's approval rating dropped to a new low even before he was caught taking
 bribes from drug dealers who mostly sell to kids, according to the latest poll released.

      "I get high and dream of da tiddies..."

 If California Democrats had any balls...
 Nah, I'm not even going to finish that sentence.

 How did I get in a party of spinless girlie-men?


 Subject: last issue's whack job

 Unbelievable how anything that has ever gone wrong can always be traced back to Clinton.
 Sure, whatever.
 And let's all thank bush for saving us from that tyranny of peace and prosperity.

 And I guess depleting the military in the middle of a quagmire and "war on terra" makes sense.
 And how does the asshole thank the veterans?  By slashing their benefits, of course.
 It's just like a mindless, follower of a repug to make statements like this guy:

> From a financial perspective I know that during Bush's tenure my salary has doubled,
> I've purchased new vehicles, a new home and have never been more financially stable.

 In other words, "as long as I'm doing ok - f--- everybody else."

 It's no use.  As long as we don't have somebody to compete against faux news,
 they will continue to produce people who are full of hate and intolerance.

 Love your site, Bart.
 One of these days I'll send some $.  Hopefully soon.
 Mike F


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific


"The media's outrage over the supposed campaign to discredit Joe Wilson
  would seem a lot less contrived if they had shown the slightest bit of sympathy
  when Team Clinton used illegal leaks to malign Linda Tripp."
       --Rich Noyes, whores for Bush   Attribution

 Rich, when will you bastards admit there's a difference between
 a blow job and lying to get 1800 soldiers killed to steal $100M a day?



  Who painted this?

 Subject: Koko the gorilla

 That's my guess.
 Love your website!
 Or, as Koko would say, "gorilla heart bart".

 JR, you have won 60 days of BCR!
 Thanks for playing "Who painted this?"

   Koko reads

 Did you know Koko has read more books than our Monkey president?



 Subject: Donation

 You can donate with PayPalor snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Bush knows who to ask about CIA leak
   by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

 Bush apparently is going to have to wait for special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to tell him
 about the involvement of key White House aides in the CIA-leak affair. Bush told reporters
 earlier this week that he doesn't "know all the facts" but that he wants to. Of course, he could
 invite Karl Rove to an Oval Office meeting where the president could say, "Karl, what happened?"

 Or he could ask I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's chief of staff, to come clean. Both Rove and
 Libby have been publicly identified as sources of information about an undercover CIA officer.
 Fitzgerald is investigating whether they or anyone else in government violated the federal law that
 makes it a crime to out someone with that status. But Bush says he'll wait until Fitzgerald completes
 his investigation -- now in its second year."


 Subject: Leslie Van Houten

 Even Vincent Bugliosi was not able to refute the medical examiner's testimony that the
 stab wounds Leslie Van Houten inflicted on Rosemary LaBianca were postmortem and
 in any event probably would not have been fatal in and of themselves.

 Was Leslie Van Houten totally innocent of committing any crime? Of course not. Has she been
 unjustly treated the same as those whose crimes were far worse? Clearly, the answer is yes.

 What she did deserved to be punished, and she has been locked up for 30 years now.
 But Linda Kasabian actually drove the killers to both the Tate and LaBianca houses so they
 could murder their victims. She got off scot-free with immunity in exchange for testifying for
 the prosecution. Is that fair?

 Ms. Van Houten has indeed been a model prisoner. She is no longer the same person she was
 back in that awful summer of 1969. Keeping her locked up now has nothing to do with justice.
 It's all about politics, and vengence, and the need for the parole board to show that it's being
"tough on crime," while elsewhere powerful thugs like George Bush and Ken Lay go free.
 They are more of a threat to society today than Ms. Van Houten could ever be.

 I grieve for Manson's victims, and especially for Sharon Tate and her unborn child. But that
 doesn't make vengence right either. From what I've read about Sharon, she was a very kind
 and forgiving person. I don't think she would want someone who changed their life for the
 better to be eternally punished in her name.



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"Reporters are obligated to the truth"
    -- Sam Smith, making me laugh out loud   Attribution


 Subject: Patrici Heaton

 I've had it in for that sanctimonious little bitch ever since she went on O'Reilly a couple of years ago.
 They sat badmouthing two Oscar winners, Susan Sarandon and Barbra Streisand, two ladies
 who have more talent in their pinkies than Prissy Patty has in her entire body.

 She wrote a book (didn't sell) about Hollywood being a cesspool, yet she has had as much
 plastic surgery as Michael Jackson, wears gowns cut down to the ying-yang to award ceremonies/

 I remember when she opened her big yap during the Terri Schiavo affair and they had to take down the
 comments section of her website because everyone was telling her where to to get off.

 Terry C



"Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled."
     -- Bush's boy John Roberts, 1991    Attribution

 The pink tutus can't wait to confirm this guy.  And when the whore Supreme Court
 denies a woman's right to make her own reproductive decisions, the Democrats will say,
"How did this happen? We were taken by surprise!!!"

         "But it's what Dubya wants and we live to please him"

 Will Hillary end her run for the White House with a "yes" vote?



 Reporter Malpractice, Texas Hold-em & the Plame Game

  Click  Here

 For a legitimate confidentiality claim, there are at least three conditions that must be met.

 First, the reporter must be acting in his/her capacity as a journalist.
 Second, the source must be acting in the context of story development.
 Third, the source must be providing information on an actual story.

 Fourth. if your sources lies to you, you don't owe him a damn thing.


Call the

...as heard in BCR Show 78

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 It's What We Do

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 Three new studies, by very different authors taking very different tacks, reach much the
 same conclusion about modern terrorism: that its practitioners, especially its foot soldiers,
 are motivated not so much by Islamic fantasies of the caliphate's restoration and the
 snuffing of freedom, but rather by resistance to foreign occupation of Arab lands."


 Subject: white people's party

 Hey, at least they're honest about it.

 When anyone (like Howie Dean, for instance) calls the GOP on being an almost exclusively
 white party in both candidates and membership, they always respond with "Uh· um· J.C. Watts."

 Then they follow this up by calling the accuser racist for overlooking how diverse the GOP really is.

 Tulsa, OK

 Uncle OJ Watts might still vote GOP, but he's out of politics, leaving the GOP lily-white.
 May Koresh have mercy on Uncle OJ's soul for what he did to his people.


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 Eva Longoria Shrugs Off Emmy Snub


  Click  Here

"I'm new. I just arrived. I didn't expect at all to be in the minds of the Academy,"
 she lied to the TV show "Extra" in an interview set to air Friday night.

 She and Teri Hatcher are why people watch that show, ...but - the truth?
 She young, she's gorgeous, her show is white hot and she currently owns Hollywood.
 Remember what happened to Icarus.


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