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  Thursday  July 21,  2005                    Volume 1586 - The last beam up 


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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Grimmer Vision 
Brits blame Blair 
Gore wimps out 
Tally's Tour de Lance
Roberts: Partisan Hack
'White Peoples Party' 
Rove - playing dirty 
Unraveling of WH Liar  
LFB moves to Vegas


 Quote of the Day

"We're fighting them there so we
  don't have to fight them here."
    -- the lying Bloody Monkey

  Tell it to the Brits, George.


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"We sit back and allow Bush to pull out 9/11 like a cheap handgun in a bar fight.
  Okay? "9/11."
  There's a drought in the Midwest. "9/11."
  The deficit's up. "9/11"
  I think they did a piss-poor job of defending us, and their strategy was always
"We'll fight them over there so we don't fight them here."
  Well guess what - bin Laden didn't get the memo."
       --Paul Begala, often a Democrat,   Attribution


 Bush's Grimmer Vision
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Already, the Iraq War has deformed the democratic process in the United States,
 even as Bush claims that his goal is to spread democracy in the Middle East. At home,
 his operatives have demonstrated that when fear-mongering isnt enough to scare the
 American people into line, bare-knuckled bullying is in store for those who speak out.

 That is the real back story of the investigation into whether Karl Rove and other senior Bush
 aides unmasked Valerie Plame in retaliation against her husband for being one of the first
 mainstream figures to accuse Bush of twisting the intelligence about Iraq and nuclear weapons.

 Bush's "grim vision" always recognized that the "war on terror" abroad would require
 restricted freedoms at home - as well as expanded powers for the police and military.
 So, just as in 2002, when the "Bush Doctrine" on preemptive wars laid the intellectual
 groundwork for invading Iraq, new doctrines are now being promulgated to justify the
 creation of a full-scale security state inside the United States.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


was down again today

They should be on Perkel's server.

 Brits Blame Blair

  Click  Here

 Almost two-thirds of British people believe Tony Blair bears some responsibility
 for the terrorist attacks on London, according to a poll released today.

 And a report from Chatham House suggested that Blair's close association with US policy
 may have contributed to the recent attacks in London and to other risks. But Jack Straw,
 the Foreign Secretary, led a government rejection of that analysis, insisting that there was
 no connection between the war and the attacks.

"The time for excuses for terrorism is over," he said, skiring the obvious issue.

 Gore wimps out
  Says TV network won't be Democratic

  Click  Here

 Al Gore insists his new television channel won't be partisan.
"It's not intended to be partisan in any way," said Gore.

 Doesn't that figure?
 They have FOX News posing as "fair and balanced," so Gore launches a
 neutral network that FOX will savage with every breath the bastards can suck in.

 Why are Democrats so afraid to fight back?
 Does Gore think his country is in good hands with the BFEE?

 What will it take for a Democrat to stand up?


 Subject: John Roberts and Feminists for Life

 Robert's wife is an officer in the anti choice group, Feminists for Life.
 The chairperson of Feminists for Life is Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond.

 She is also the spokesperson for Albertsons' market. Guess I won't shop there anymore.
 The only vote that still counts is our pocketbook.



Ground Zero for douchebaggery


"Nixon was ultimately pushed out of office by Republicans.
  Republicans today will not separate from their president on
  important issues, on issues of conscience. And that's a big difference."
      --Carl Bernstein, on "The Daily Show"   Attribution


 The BTK Killer killed ten and loved watching them suffer.

 George Bush  killed a hundred thousand and giggled while doing it.


 Zell Miller returns stolen loot

           "I hate myself!"

  Click  Here

 Zell Miller said he has paid $156,668 to the state to resolve questions about money
 he kept from an entertainment allowance he received when he was governor.

 Miller, who retired in disgrace from the U.S. Senate earlier this year, said he obeyed
 the law, but returned $112,956 plus interest to erase any doubts.

 At issue is the $40,000 annual allowance Georgia governors receive for entertaining at
 the executive mansion. Miller had kept and reported as income thousands of dollars that
 he did not spend from that allowance when he was governor from 1991 to 1999.


 Subject: spotted your web site



 I think we've seen that before.
 It seems to be updated.


Click to see Betty Bower's Yellowcake Road

 One Partisan Hack for Another
   Roberts worked for Bush-Cheney 2000 in Florida

  Click  Here

 Karl Rove is a lifetime Republican operative. John Roberts has been filing briefs and
 providing legal support for recounts (Roberts worked for Bush-Cheney 2000 in Florida,
 and he also worked with Ken Star) on behalf of Republicans for two decades. John Roberts
 is a partisan hack taking the heat for another partisan hack. He has only been a judge for
 two years. He has been a partisan Republican hack for twenty years.

 The Bush administration was elected by the Supreme Court, and now it is now trying to
 elect a member of its campaign team to the Supreme Court in order to deflect attention
 away from ethics violations by Karl Rove. This is partisan hackery at its best. Bush has
 decided to treat the Supreme Court as an ambassadorship.


 Subject: spineless Democrats

 I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 last night and it re-ignighted my rage that
 not one single Democratic Senator signed on with the Congresscritters.

 Any Dem Senator that was in office in 2000 should be replaced in 2006.
 Where are the Democrats with spines?
 That was their defining moment and they blew it.
 Keep up the good work, Bart!


 Subject: Queer as Folk = repugnant

 Dear Bart,

 Can't tell for sure as I haven't seen all episodes, but I'd guess Martina would find
 the fact that Lindsay (one of the two permanent lesbian characters) falls madly in lust
 with a boorish artist and has passionate against-the-wall sex with him.

 I don't know what happened after that, as I quit watching television,
 but I'd bet if I was a lesbian I'd be pretty ticked off by that.


 If a gay person has sex with a straight, that's considered a betrayal of sorts?


 'White Peoples Party' forms in Nevada
    Group expected to siphon votes from all-white GOP

  Click  Here

 A new political group, called The White Peoples Party, whose goal is to eliminate
 affirmative action and other government programs that help minorities, is trying to
 form in Nevada. The organization has filed with the secretary of state's office as the
 first step for qualifying to have candidates on the 2006 ballot.

 Michael O'Sullivan, head of the party that won't allow Jews or minorities to join,
 says he anticipates a lot of criticism, but said politicians have been catering to blacks,
 Hispanics, gays and other minority groups.



 Tally's Tour de Lance

  Click  Here



 Subject:  How would you reply to this Monkey?


 The problem with the war in the middle east is oil.

 So far, so good...

 Too many of the rest of the countries are intimidated by the fact if they get
 involved they could be cutting off their sole means of fuel resources.

 Nothing can stop Bush from stealing that oil except Demo Sac.
 If any Arab countries disagree, Bush will just invade them, too..

 Look at what China is doing.
 Creating a strong navy to guard their pipeline from the middle east to Hong Kong.
 ha ha
 A navy operates on water.
 China's pipeline runs on land - trust me.

 China will invade Taiwan in the next few years and will be the start of World War III.

 I don't know Bush about the China-Taiwan problem, but I would let Taiwan go
 before I'd risk the lives of 300 million Americans to intercontinental Chinese nukes.

 Unfortunately all the left wingers chose to treat Iraq and Afghanistan as if it were Vietnam all over again.

 Problem is, Iraq IS Vietnam all over again.
 Land wars in Asia are bad because they have more people than time.
 Even if we kill 25,000 Asians a day, they'll never stop coming - ever.

 It's not. There are far greater implications. The war should be supported by all loyal Americans
 as victory in the middle east would cause China to back off its plans for total country those sea ways.

 I'm not familiar with this new language.

 This war would have already been won had Clinton not depleted the military and defense intelligence
 in order to balance a budget that no one really cares is ballanced or not.

 Why did Bush start an unnecessary war if he knew Clinton "depleted" the military?

 From a financial perspective I know that during Bush's tenure my salary has doubled,
 I've purchased new vehicles, a new home and have never been more financially stable.

 Objection - there's no evidence to support this anecdotal claim.
 Only the super-rich have done better under Bush.

 Reason being my life is not tied to the tech industry that inflated Clinton's financial standing
 as corporations all across America were hiring tons more people than they needed in that field.

 Non sequitur, illogical and wack.
 He just said everyone not in the tech industries had their salary doubled under Bush.
 That's not true.

 Once the realization occurred that those weren't needed,
 Layoffs began and the so-called recession went into effect in 1999.

 He's calling Bush a liar here.
 When Bush ran in 2000, he said the federal government was drowing in excess money
 and he used that fact as justification for returning money to the people via tax cuts.

 When you compare Bush's recession to Clinton's boom, there's no doubt that all sane people
 would rather have Clinton's peaceful paradise than Bush's war, terrorism, death and recession.


 Karl Rove - a  history of playing dirty


  Click  Here

 1970: Rove pays visit to Chicago campaign headquarters of Alan Dixon, a Democrat
 running for state treasurer. Disguised as a volunteer, Rove steals official campaign letterhead
 and sends out 1,000 invitations to people in the city's red-light district and soup kitchens,
 offering "free beer, free food, girls, and a good time for nothing" at Dixon headquarters.
 When hundreds of homeless and alcoholic Chicagoans show up at a fancy Dixon reception,
 Rove succeeds in embarrassing the candidate. Dixon still wins the election.

 1971: Rove drops out of college to devote full time to College Republicans, where he
 becomes protégé of dirty trickster Lee Atwater, the group's Southern regional coordinator.
 Rove becomes executive director, then national chairman.

 1972: Under mentorship of dirty trickster Donald Segretti (who later went to jail for Watergate),
 Rove paints McGovern as "left-wing peacenik," in spite of McGovern's World War II stint piloting
 a B-24. Rove also works as staff assistant to George Bush Sr., then chairman of  RNC.


 Subject:  Bart, check the BFEE crime chart



 The Unraveling of Scotty the Liar


  Click  Here

 Scotty's beat-down over Rovegate by the White House press corps was something to see.
 The excerpts and sound bites from the endless S&M session simply don't do it justice, so
 fortunately there are multiple unedited videos of the exchange, originally broadcast in full on
 C-SPAN, floating around online, including this one here - which is totally worth watching
 in the same way that, say, the torture scene in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs is totally
 worth watching. Mr. McClellan, meet the suddenly rabid White House press pack, wielding
 verbatim transcripts of your own previous prevarications like switchblades.


 Subject: Leslie Van Houten participated in killing the LoBianco's

 Leslie Van Houten stabbed and killed Mr. LoBianco.
 She was not involved in the Tate murders.
 She should not go free.


 Pat, it's my opinion the evidence showed she got involved after the fact.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

Who painted this?

  I know!  I know!!

 A Viler Barbarism

  Click  Here

 On 8 July I wrote that the London bombings were the result of Blair's participation in the Iraq war.
 The next day the entire media was united in refusing to accept there was any link. They loyally
 echoed the Government. Blair said there was no link and tried to prove it by arguing that 'President
 Putin opposed the war in Iraq but his country has been subjected to terrorism'. He must have
 thought that British citizens had never heard of Chechnya (Blair had supported Putin's offensive
 against the Chechens and applauded Russia).

 But why did these attacks happen?
 That is the key question which the entire media and the entire political class in this country tried
 to ignore. They did so because the government and the main opposition party know perfectly
 well why it happened. They have a guilty conscience. To accept the link meant that the pro-war
 politicians and newspaper editors were, at the very least, partially responsible.



 Subject: Donation


 Maybe it's the fact that I am a product of the NYC public education system.
 Maybe it's the fact that I had the lack of foresight NOT to do several shots
   of Chinaco Anejo prior to setting up my Firepay account.
 Maybe it's the fact that I am old, and Tucker Carlson just sucked the last
   bit of intellect out of my already drug adddled brain.
 I have deposited money in my Firepay account in an atempt to donate.
 The funds are sitting there, instead of helping you slay the powerful BFEE.
 Please explain to me how to hook me up with all the benefits of membership.
 The sooner you get my donation the better I will feel.
 Thank you for help, and for your wonderful site.

 John. I made a mistake putting that  Firepay.com  link on the page.
 I contacted them and asked "Where is the 'send money' button?"
 and they said, "We're not in the 'send money to someone' business.

 So we're left with PayPal and snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 If you say you're sending, I'll turn you on today.

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 Safire: courts "chilling" US media
  Since the Dems are too afraid, maybe the GOP will save us

  Click  Here

 Veteran New York Times whore/columnist William Safire said he was afraid to
 rigorously condemn a "chilling" assault on journalism by the courts, fearing reprisals
 against a colleague jailed for contempt of court.

 Safire told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, probing a bill which would shield
 reporters who refuse to reveal their sources, that the threat to the media was a result
 of "unchecked abuse of prosecutorial discretion."

"I cannot blaze away at the escalating threats of a federal judiciary that is urgently
 in need of balancing guidance by elected representatives of the people," he said.

"For the first time, I have to pull my punches. The reason is I'm afraid.
 I'm afraid of retaliation against Judith Miller."

 Bill, trust me, Steno Jude is going to be OK.
 The BFEE won't hurt their #1 asset at the New York Whore Times.


 Subject: Tiger

 It'll be funny when that 16 yr. old girl beats him.
 She's killing all the men and they don't like it one bit.

 Golf expert RR


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 Memo spells trouble for Bush

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 A classified State Department memo that may be pivotal to the CIA leak case made clear
 that information identifying an agent and her role in her husband's intelligence-gathering mission
 was sensitive and shouldn't be shared, according to a person familiar with the document.

 The memo's details are significant because they will make it harder for officials who saw the
 document to claim that they didn't realize the identity of the CIA officer was a sensitive matter.
 Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, may also be looking at whether other crimes -- such
 as perjury, obstruction of justice or leaking classified information -- were committed.

    "Karl Rove has a good heart."

 Wouldn't it be so cool if the guilty actually had to pay for a crime?
 Wouldn't it be something if the press actually did their jobs?


Pray very hard, my son, that Allah
will save us from Bush democracy.


This is what the rest of the world sees.
Have you ever seen this picture before?
 No, because the American whore press "protects" you from the facts.

 Subject: Rally point

 All this bitchin' and complain' and accusin' amounts to about nothin'...

 So? Where is our leader? Who, exactly do we have that we can rally to?
 Answer me that, Mr. Smart Guy?...

 My money is on Hillary and the General.

 You seem to like the General, but yet you kneel to Hillary...
 Isn't this the time to take a stand?

 I need to take a stand?
 For or against what?
 Are you saying my shyness keeps me sitting on the fence all day?

 Or, are you holding your cards close to your chest,
 as you say the junior NY senator is doing.

 Most people don't see me as "afraid to speak up."

 And why would she and you do that?

 Why would we hold our cards close to our chest?
 ...to prevent others from seeing them?

 It's called politics and if you deny it you are as bad as they are...

 What's called "politics?"
 Making veiled charges?
 Speaking in tied-tongues?
 Not getting to the point?

 Crass Politicians...
 Take a stand or ya got no balls...

 Take a stand against what?.

 Global warming?
 I'm against it.

 Equal rights for gays?
 I'm for it.

 Only for the sane.

 No, thanks - don't have a uterus.



"...sizeable majorities of Republicans, Independents and
  Democrats alike  -- 71, 74 and 83 percent, respectively
  -- believe Rove should be fired if he leaked classified information."
          -- new ABC News poll,     Attribution

 Maybe Bush will remain loyal to Rove and the bastard Republicans
 will lose 80 House seats and a dozen senators in 2006.

 Pray that Bush remains loyal to Rove.


 'Scotty's ashes to be sent into space
   No, McClellan is still alive...


  Click  Here

 Actor James Doohan, who transported the crew of the "Star Trek" television series
 through space on the command "Beam me up, Scotty," has died at the age of 85.

 Doohan was born March 3, 1920, in Vancouver, Canada. He served as a Canadian soldier
 in the Allied force that landed in Normandy on D-Day.  Doohan was shot six times and lost
 a finger on Juno Beach, but he returned to duty to become a military pilot,


 Shot six times on D-Day?
 That's good for a shot of Chinaco.


Call the

...as heard in BCR Show 78

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 GOP Must Choose Bush Or America?

  Click  Here

 "Rove is loyal to Bush," a correspondent wrote as Treasongate broke. "Isn't that a form of patriotism?"
 Not in a representative democracy. Only in a dictatorship is fealty to the Leader equal to loyalty to the nation.
 We're Bush's boss. He works for us. Unless that changed on 9/11 (or 12/20/00).

 Rove had no right to give away state secrets, even to protect Bush...Rove may avoid prosecution under
 the Intelligence Identities and Protection Act, says John Dean. "There is, however, evidence suggesting that
 other laws were violated," he says.  The "leak of sensitive [government] information" for personal purposes
 --say, outting the CIA wife of your boss' enemy--is a very serious crime. If convicted under the anti-leak
 statute, Rove would face ten years in a federal prison."


 Subject: Bart knows what a Gand Slam is

 My God people, do you really think Bartcop doesn't know what a golfing grand slam is?
 He is effing with you.
 You ought to realize he is writing a humor page.
 He doesn't like Tiger Woods the way some baseball fans don't like the Yankees,
 the way some NASCAR fans don't like Jeff Gordon.
 He openly despises my Atlanta Braves. But I don't care.
 He isn't writing a baseball blog. It's a political humor blog and it's a damn good one.

 As near as I can tell Tiger Woods has everything in life a man could ask for.
 If he can accept that he will never have Bartcop's fawning adoration why can't you?

 Bart, I don't how long I've been reading your page but it's been many years.
 I remember when you could go a week or two without an update.
 I seem to recall something about Dark Side and the Wizard of Oz.

 Thank you for your fine efforts.
 If you ever find yourself in Atlanta drinks are on me.

 Brian, thanks.
 I respect the Braves but I don't like them because they always beat my Cardinals.
 And that Dark Side issue had to be taken down because of the complaints.

 ...and Tiger has never won a Grand Slam.


 Save America's Redrock Wilderness
  Tell Bush to keep his bloody f-ing hands off Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
   That sick, greedy bastard wants to change this...


  ...into this.

  Click  Here

 The proposed well would be drilled amidst national treasures that deserve to be left the fuck alone.
 I urge you to please treat them as such and reject this ill-advised and destructive proposal.
 Tell that greedy, bloody Monkey to ruin something else, not America's most beautiful trasures.



 Subject: what's the lime for?

 I usually drink scotch neat, but when I order a shot
 of sippin tequila I never know what to do with the lime.

 Eat it?  Lick it?  Squeeze some into the tequila?  Throw it out?
 Matt C

 Matt, the citrus is used to bury or disguise the taste of something awful.
 That's why fancy eating places have lemon wedges in finger bowls after eating fish.

 If you're needing to bury the flavor of rotgut tequila, use the lime.
 If you're sipping fine tequila, tell your waiter, "No lime, no salt, don't chill the glass."


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was down again today

They should be on Perkel's server.

 Laura Flynn Boyle moving to 'Vegas'


  Click  Here

 Lara Flynn Boyle will join the cast of the NBC drama Las Vegas this fall.
 Flynn Boyle will portray the new owner of the Montecito.


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