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         Weekend  July 23-24,  2005                 Volume 1588 - Stick stone 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bolton was the source?
World War III Likely 
Can loyalty be treason?
Tally's Tour de Lance
Plamegate on Page One 
Roberts: A year of work 
Carefully Coordinated 
Ripples on a pond 
Jennifer Aniston racy 


 Quote of the Day

"So far as Bush is concerned, it's 
  always either the day after 9/11 
  or the day before his Iraq invasion." 
      --Sid Blumenthal, (D-Fighter)  Attribution


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"Eric Rudolph has been sentenced to life in prison for bombing
  two abortion clinics and a gay club. If he weren't going to jail,
  he'd have been the religious right's top pick for the Supreme Court."
      --Comedy writer Jake Novak, (no relation)  Attribution


 Bolton was Steno Jude's source?
    so says The Washington Note

  Click  Here

 A witness who testified at the grand jury say the memo was written in July of 2003, identified
 Valerie Plame, as a CIA officer, and cited her in a paragraph marked S for sensitive.

 According to lawyers, former Colin Powell and undersecretaries, including John Bolton, gave testimony
 about this memo. And a lawyer for one State Department official says his client testified that, as Bush was
 flying to Africa, Ari Fleischer could be seen reading the document on board.

 The timing is significant, because the president's trip on July 7 was one day after Joe Wilson's column was
 published criticizing the administration. In other words, on July 6, Wilson's column comes out. On July 7,
 the State Department memo about Wilson's wife is seen on Air Force One. And, on July 8, Karl Rove had
 a conversation with Novak, but says it was Novak who told him about Valerie Plame, not the other way around.

 Think of the feeding frenzy we would have if a Democrat betrayed America. The networks would
 stop programming and go on "Demo Death watch" until they succeeded in getting him impeached.


 Poll: Americans Say World War III Likely
  Bush can't make any money with peace

  Click  Here

 Six in 10 Americans said they think a new world war is likely.
"Man's going to destroy man eventually. When that will be, I don't know,"
 said Gaye Lestaeghe of Freeport, La.

 Some question whether that war has arrived, with fighting dragging on in
 Afghanistan and Iraq as part of Bush's war against populations living on his oil.

"I feel like we're in a world war right now," said Susan Aser, from Rochester, N.Y.


 Subject: Mike Savage


 I happened across 'The Savage Nation' on the radio Thursday night.  I have never listened
 to him before, but after seeing the front of Vol. 1585, I thought I would give a little listen.

 Mostly I consider the Righties on the radio a bunch of hot air, but last night Savage was
 advocating Executive Order 9066.  That's the order Roosevelt signed interring foriegn
 nationals (not just Japanese) during WWII.  He is calling for the interrment of ALL muslims
 in America whether or not they are citizens.  He also citied some details as to who could be
 interred (which I have been unable to locate) "suspected saboteurs" and what not, to which
 he claimed that "under this, the leaders of the ACLU, MoveOn.Org, and some other similar
 organizations, could also be "rounded up".

 He claims all of this under the heading of "protecting America
 from another 9-11" and "from the disease of Liberalism".

 Now, on the one hand you might think that rounding up this group of people may be a
 preventative measure as it is obvious that the terrorists move and hide in this subset of our
 society, but calling for the wholesale collection and interrment of ALL muslims in America...

 Bart, I nearly went off the road.  This is nothing more than Naziism in the guise of American Patriotism.
 He has the nerve to claim to be a "good American"?  The sad part is, I could see it happening in the
 not too distant future.  All it would take is one terrorist attack here like the ones in London and my
 bet is they would be opening camps the next day.  Koresh, I hope we really aren't coming to that.

 Burbank, CAa

 Savage is a sane man, mocking the right the same way Rush does - by pretending to be a right-wing psycho.
 They don't get the joke.

 One day, Rush and Savage and the rest will say, "Come on, I was playing a role.
 People got the joke, they knew I was kidding. Nobody's that crazy in real life."



"Good comedy has to have an element of truth in it or it's not good."
    -- the vulgar Pigboy, explaining why Bush saying "strategery" is so funny,   Attribution


 Can loyalty to the President also be treason?

  Click  Here

 Let's imagine for a moment that a member of the Bush Administration was pardoned by the
 president after being indicted for say, leaking a CIA undercover agent's name to the public.
 And let us also say for the purposes of this question that the Executive Clemency order was
 issued after the indictment was proffered but before the case was prosecuted. The very timing
 of this pardon would virtually steal the golden fleece of justice from American citizens before
 our Justice system could work its magic.

 So then let's further imagine that the federal prosecutor had no choice but to challenge the
 legality of the executive branch's pre-empting the full and fair prosecution of the law.

 Now, finally, here's the question to be posed to Judge Roberts...- "If the President issued
 this imaginary pardon BEFORE the conviction, and the resolution of this imaginary case
 came all the way down through the system to end up on your docket, how would you,
 as a Justice of the Supreme Court, likely rule?

 Bush build an tire government (not to mention the secret, shadow government) on loyalty
 and loyalty only. No matter how bad you screw up, no matter how many Vietnams you get us in,
 you'll always get a medla from the boss - but for loyalty, not for a job well done.



 Famous historical murderers

 The Boston Strangler killed 13 women before he was caught.

 George Herbert Herbert Bush  kills 13 women before noon each day - and he's still at it.


 Subject: Judith Miller - let her rot

 From what I can gather, Miller was a willing conduit for Bush/Rove propaganda.
 She may be in the Rovegate affair up to her eyeballs, as a part of the conspiracy.

 She doesn't want to give up a "source?"
 She doesn't want to give up a partner in her own crime.
 The same for Novak.

 Real "sources" try to get the truth out to the people by contacting a journalist.
 They don't plant lies with the cooperation of the "reporters."

 That's my uneducated opinion.
 Don the Day Trader

 I'm all for anything that keeps a Republican streetwalker in jail.



"Every Republican I talked to said, 'Thank God they're changing the subject.
  We'd much prefer to fight over the Supreme Court than watch Karl Rove
  be talked about in the press with a CIA investigation.'"
      --Tim Russert, still with just one thing on his mind,   Attribution



 Whoops, 'Plamegate' Back on Page One

  Click  Here

 When the White House rushed its decision on a new Supreme Court justice forward to get
 Karl Rove off the front pages, most pundits dutifully hailed it as a brilliant tactical move that
 would surely bury the "other" story for days if not weeks.

 Hello John Roberts, goodbye Karl Rove.

 Actually, the Supreme scheme started falling apart within hours, thanks to a fair amount of
 attention on the testimony on the Hill about a federal shield law. One of the recipients of
 Rove's CIA leak, Matt Cooper, got some face time on TV for that.

 Now along comes the Washington Post on Thursday morning, led by top guns Walter Pincus
 and Jim VandeHei, trumpeting on A1 (ouch) a story that brings attention right back to Rove,
 not to mention to Ari Fleisher and, possibly, a cast of thousands. Score it News Values 1, Pundits 0.


 Subject: Santorum/Stewart

 Bart, looks like Sen. Rick Santorum will be a guest on the Daily Show Monday.


 I'm there, Dude.


 Subject: Musclehead

 Bart, you wrote:

> If California Democrats had any balls...
> Nah, I'm not even going to finish that sentence.

 What were you going to say?

 I was going to say, "Why not set up a recall vote for Musclehead?"
 but Democrats would say, "That's not polite!" and Mr. Rove wouldn't like it.




"He's a very nice man, he's a very brilliant attorney, but he is at base a very
  consistent and predictable conservative vote. And so we're looking at doctrines
  changing in areas from abortion to environmental law to employment discrimination,
  prisoner rights. It really covers the entire legal landscape. It's quite breath-taking
  how many doctrines could change with this one vote."
     --Jonathan Turley, on John "women are stupid" Roberts,  Attribution


 Subject: new day coming?

 It appears Americans are getting smarter all the time in spite of the Administration's dizzying spin
 and diversion. Fox news viewership is down 58% from OCT 2004 to APR 2005 in the key 25 to 54
 demographic.  Apparently viewers are getting tired of the missing teenager in Aruba, it's time for the
 MSM to find another attractive white woman who's been the victim of a heinous crime to flog.

 The president has his worst approval rating ever and the worst rating for all second term presidents.
 National Guard and Army Reserve have raised the maximum age to 39 hoping to fill their ranks.
 Digging in the GOP cesspool you'll find RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has given up spin and resorted
 to bald-faced lies to continue the attempt to smear Joe Wilson and his wife. Bush rewards John Roberts
 for his help in squelching the 2000 Florida vote recount with a Supreme Court nomination.

 On the cover-up front, the DOD has refused to cooperate with a federal judge's order turn over
 photographs and videotapes that purport to show a child being sodomized and a woman being raped
 in Abu Ghraib among other war crimes.  The Administration may have effectively covered up the
 Valerie Plame leak, unfortunately for them perjury is a crime too. It's time for citizens to make up
 their mind, corruption, fear and war or a representative  democracy.

 DC Madman


 Tally's semi-final Tour de Lance

  Click  Here



 Subject:  Queer as folk

 I have known several young women whose experiences with men, usually someone older and abusive,
 to temporarily enter into a lesbian relationship. The two I know personally are married to men now.

 If anyone studies biology and psychology and sociology, then they would most likely come to the
 conclusion that there are as many possibilities as there are people.

 Some people have very fluid sexuality, while others, very strictly defined sexuality.
 I think some are biologically determined, and some are socially determined.

 Underneath it all, it is none of my business on a personal level. And, I can never understand why
 I should care unless it involves a child being victimized or an adult being forced into a sexual relationship.

 It is not disgusting to me, and if I wanted information about sex or sexuality,
 I certainly would not get it from the likes of Ann Coulter.

 Society tells us it's OK for women to enjoy other women.
 Women's magazines have women on the cover ...and so do men's.

 On Friends, it was plenty acceptable for Rachel and Winona Ryder to
 get drunk and "bang coconuts" back in college - that's what fun girl's do, right?

 But if it had been Joey and Ross that fooled around in college?


Bush has stolen/thrown away over $300B.

Clinton could've given every American health care coverage with that,
but the GOP and the gutless Democrats called that "socialism."

 A Year of Work to Sell Roberts to Conservatives
 He lied again - saying he'd look around for the "most qualified" person

  Click  Here

 For at least a year before the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court,
 the White House was working behind the scenes to shore up support for him among its
 social conservative allies, quietly reassuring them that he was a good bet for their side in
 cases about abortion, same-sex marriage and public support for religion.


 Subject:  reply to 'Friends of John Kerry'

 The name John Kerry is no longer synonymous with credibility in my eyes. I was one of the 49%
 that voted against GW Bush when you rolled over on Election night 2004. This was during an ongoing
 controversy regarding election fraud in Ohio that has subsequently been swept under the rug, even after
 the Conyers investigation.You won the debates, were ahead in popularity and won the exit polls.
 Considering the tricks that were pulled in 2000, Diebold's vow to 'Deliver Ohio' to George W Bush,
 and the Republican controlled state election system in Ohio, conceding while the votes were still being
 counted was uacceptable.  It was however, a fitting end to a campaign where you made halfhearted
 attempts, if any, to refute any allegations the ReThugs made at you.

 In 2008, the Republicans will most likely be running a candidate to repair the damage that 8 years of
 Bush has done to this country and what their party stands for. If you were unable to beat the current
 occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as previously described, what makes you think you can win
 against anyone else that presents a vision for our country other than 'Its hard work"?

 Your currrent "Issue Statements" from friends of John Kerry, Inc., are a "day late and a dollar short".
 Your candidacy in '08 will only serve to distract voters from more credible Dem candidates.
 Please, for the good of the country, stay out of it.

 Until such time as the congressional elections of 2006, when I hope, the Democratic Party regains
 control of both houses, any e-mail I receive from your organization serves only to pour salt into
 a wound that will not heal.

 Please remove my name from your mailing list.

 I agree 100 percent.
 Each time I get an e-mail - "Join me in fighting Bush" -
 I wonder, where the hell were you, John, when your country needed you?

 He was sleeping, wind-surfing, playing football, playing nice, telling people "Don't fight back,"
 and he was so, so eager to concede at the first whif of defeat.

 Kerry tried to concede while they were still counting Ohio ballots,
 but the Monkey had gone to sleep and Kerry didn't want to wake him.

 "Kerry" is synonymous with failure and quitting.
 "Kerry" is synonymous with cowardice and refusing to fight.
 "Kerry" is synonymous with running away when his country needed him.

 John, you disgust me.
 Please retire so a fighter can take your place.


 An Image Carefully Coordinated

  Click  Here

 It has been a long time since so much syrupy nostalgia has been in evidence at the White House.
 But when Bush announced his choice for the Court, it was hard not to marvel at the 1950s-style
 tableau vivant that was John Roberts and his family. There they were -- John, Jane, Josie and Jack
 -- standing with the president and before the entire country. The nominee was in a sober suit with
 the expected white shirt and red tie. His wife and children stood before the cameras, groomed and
 glossy in pastel hues -- like a trio of Easter eggs, a handful of Jelly Bellies, three little Necco wafers.
 There was tow-headed Jack -- having freed himself from the controlling grip of his mother -- enjoying
 a moment in the spotlight dressed in a seersucker suit with short pants and saddle shoes. His sister,
 Josie, was half-hidden behind her mother's skirt. Her blond pageboy glistened. And she was wearing
 a yellow dress with a crisp white collar, lace-trimmed anklets and black patent-leather Mary Janes.

                     The John Stepford Family



 Subject: standing up

 Bart, you asked:

> "What will it take for a Democrat to stand up?"

 * Postman arriving with the welfare check?
 * Impromptu protest?
 * A terrorist being denied his constitutionally guaranteed daily massage?
 * Someone "bogarting" the joint?
 * A chance to sound shrill in front of a camera?
 * An ovation for the latest conspiracy theory? - "We got him this time!"
 * To keep from accidentally peering under Hilary's skirt?

 Thanks for this opportunity, helped me kill some downtime at work.

 John, eat your banana - it's turning brown.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

 Subject: Leslie van Houten

  Click  Here

 Sharon Tate may have been a very nice and forgiving woman, but she's dead
 and we can't say what she might or might not have wanted for those who killed her
 and her unborn child, for whose life she begged to no avail.

 Full disclosure: I knew Jay Sebring; and these scum killed him with the intention of
 starting a race war which would result in Charlie Manson ruling the world.
 Fuck 'em.



"Perjury? Sort of ironic, when you consider the GOP's
  past "anger" towards those they considered to be lying under oath."
     --Oliver Willis, on Rove and Libby facing perjury charges,  Attribution

 When Ollie North got caught lying to Congress, the right said,
 "Who cares?  Those fools in congress deserve to be lied to."

 When Clinton tried to hide his girlfriend, the right and their whore press called it,
"The Crime of the Century" and Henry Hyde screamed, "the flag is falling."

 But now that they're caught lying again, they can't say, "Who cares?"
 because it's their party who lied and their party who got lied to.


 Subject: Lime and tequila

 Bart, you qrote:

>>  Matt, the citrus is used to bury or disguise the taste of
>>  something awful. That's why fancy eating places have
>>  lemon wedges in finger bowls after eating fish.

 Nothing will mark you as a rube faster than eating the lemon in your finger bowl
 -- even if you don't like the taste of the fish.
 Desert Bear

 Bear, this rube doesn't eat the lemon wedges.
 I meant the citris gets the fish smell off your fingers.



is a


...and the BFEE makes LOTS of money at it.


 Subject: Donation

 Hey Bart,
 I've just been reading your site again and wanted to shoot something your way.
 Things are still tight, but I feel guilty reading, knowing I used to subscribe and no longer do.

 I landed on my feet after the layoffs a couple years ago.
 We're doing okay now, so don't lose any sleep over us.

 Keep up the good work.  I hope you still enjoy it.

 Joe, I have a good time every day.

 You can donate with PayPal or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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Will Hillary vote "Yes" on Roberts and opt out of 2008?
Or will she fight for women's rights?

 Laura the Unloved launches one-hag show

  Click  Here

 Schlessinger's new show will offer an intimate look into her mind and character
 and reveal personal secrets that she has never before shared with the public.

 Like what was going thru her mind when she straddled that camera lens?



 Subject: Bartcop Hex

 So let me get this straight- you put some kind of hex on Tiger Woods and George Bush.

 Yes, you need to be set straight.
 I hex Tigers, not Monkeys.

 In the meantime, despite a slump, Tiger is one of the most highly compensated and respected
 athletes ever, and now he's even winning again.  And he's boning a swedish supermodel.

 "Despite a slump?" - It's called 'The Hex,' and I take that as a compliment.

 And that Bush guy?


 Between winning an election and
 the absolute collapse of the Democrat Party,
 I'd say he's doing pretty well, too.

 Lucky for you I'm into science, logic and the truth.
 Yeah, you got me there.
 Democrats collapse whenever Rove barks at them and that makes me f-ing sick.

 I keep challenging them to step up - but they are afraid.
 Yes, you're right - the Democrats are shaved sissies.
 They live to earn Karl Rove's favor.

 Please Bartcop- hex me.  Hex me with all your pinheaded might.

 You sure you can me more of a loser?
 You8 might be at life's cusp right now.

 I figure if the hex works out for me even half as much as those other guys,
 I'll be drinking single malt (as opposed to that white-trash swill you drink)
 out of Wes Clark's skull before Christmas!!!

 Have a great day!

 Did you just threaten the life of a presidential candidate?


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"No matter what else happens, this will turn the media permanently against
  the White House.  They clearly are trying to send reporters to jail to cover up
  their treason. The cliquish media will not forgive them for that."
     --Chris Bowers, who thinks the press whores have a brain, a conscience or a memory   Attribution


 Subject: Musclehead

"The chairman of the state Democratic Party filed a complaint against Schwarzenegger
 on Tuesday with the state's political watchdog agency and raised the possibility the
 dispute over outside income could result in jail time for Schwarzenegger."

 No tutus on that guy!

 I like the idea of that handjob doing time, but it'll never happen.
 I've always been a big fan of using their tactics against them.

 Since he got the job thru trickery and bullshit, they should file for a recall election
 while his numbers are mired in the low 30's  ...but that would take courage and we
 all know the Democrats are too polite and wouldn't ewant to anger Mr. Rove.



"Saddam was a brutal scumbag, but he was a secular brutal scumbag and women's rights
  were one of the few bright spots of his years in power...What irony. Here we are in some
  kind of "war" against Islamic extremism and what do we do? We knock off one of the region's
  only secular governments, leaving a vacuum that Shiite fundamentalists  (AKA 'values voters')
  are only too happy to fill. The result is that now, more than $200 billion dollars and countless
  lives later, we have a Shiite-dominated government cozying up to Iran's leading Mullahs.
  And there's just no satisfaction in the fact that we told you so beforehand."
      --Joshua Holland,    Attribution


 Will Hillary end her run for the White House
with a "yes" vote for John (women are stupid) Roberts?

 Tequila an intoxicating success

  Click  Here

 Once considered a low class hooch, tequila has become the toast of
 Mexican high society, giving a heady euphoria to their drinks industry.

 Made from the hearts of blue agave plants in Jalisco, production is this year expected
 to hit a record 55 million gallons, according to some dude at the Tequila Regulatory Council.

 Look at how badly that sentence is written.
 He just said "Production was made from..."
 ...and who writes "...production is this year expected..."

 Do I have to teach proper English to the entire journalism industry?


 Subject: bisexual females

 Did I get your attention? ;)

 Bart, you said:

> Is a bi-sexual considered gay?   I'd have to think so.
> If I see two men kissing, they're definitely gay, no matter if
> one of them is married and has six kids - but then, what do I know? "

 So from that line of reasoning, are two women kissing definitely gay as well?

 Unless they're kissing hello/goodbye, on the cheek, yes.
 I mean, aren't all women a little bit gay?
 Women are curvy, clean and smell good - everybody wants a bite of that, right?
 But men are hairy bears with questionable hygeine - yuck!

 Or is there a different standard for women, since girl-on-girl sex is
 one of the hottest and most popular fantasies for most straight men?

 I'd say yes.
 BTW, what do uptight, right-wing wackos think when they see cute lesbians?
 Do they fake outrage in case someone from their church is watching?

 Or are straight men just into gay women?

 Hmmm, what would be the point?


Call the

...as heard in BCR Show 78

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Ripples on a pond

  Click  Here

 The president and his apologists want us to concentrate ONLY on Valerie Plame.
 They want us to rant and rave about Karl Rove, because then the assumption is that
 it was just one single CIA operative whose name was revealed, and it didn't really hurt anything.
 However, just how many ripples are on that pond? Was a helicopter downed in Afghanistan
 because the intelligence the troops relied upon was compromised because the intelligence officers
 had been seen with Valerie Plame? Or was an operative who was working on the cells in London
 compromised because if his affiliation with an operative who had an affiliation with Plame? And did
 a bomb explode in a resort town in Egypt because international intelligence was compromised by
 association by association by association? And most eerily, how much has the Iraqi insurgency
 been aided by a compromised intelligence community?


 Subject: First Amendment

 Journalists should never have to "do time" for protecting their sources.
 These whores, (Miller,Cooper, Novak, Russert) however, should be put away for life.

 John Johnson


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 Jennifer Aniston's racy new movie


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 In 'Rumor,' Jennifer needs to sort out a few family secrets.
 She learns that 'The Graduate,' might have been based on her grandmother.
 Could history be repeating itself?

 Is she old enough to play the older woman?


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