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       Monday   August 1,  2005                       Volume 1593 - Stupid & lazy 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Drunk with Power
Frist: Murder for Hire 
Judy Miller: How Deep?
The good old days 
Put Down That Law Suit
Ready for Pres. Hillary?
Why is CBS pro-Rove?
Failure is an Option 
Carrie sexiest veggie


 Quote of the Day

"If Dick Cheney runs for president, 
  I'll kill myself. All we need is one more liar."
       --Helen Thomas,     Attribution

  Helen, don't do that.  You can live 
  with me & Mrs. Bart in British Columbia


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"Bush's approval rating has fallen from 49%
   to just 44%, a new low for the Monkey."
          --Jeffrey M. Jones, "Bush Approval at 44%",   Attribution


 Drunk with Power
  Harry Reid: "The President is not a man of his word."

  Click  Here

 He said almost two years ago that if anyone in his Administration was caught being involved
 in this, they would be fired. There is no question Karl Rove is involved in it. Evidence is heavy.
 The President, after finding that Rove's involved, changes his standard from "being involved" in it
 to having committed a crime. Well, crimes are hard to prove, and then you go through the
 appellate process. What does this mean? It means the President is not a credible person.



"The government has refused a request from the municipality
  to allocate enough funds to rid Baghdad of this fresh water crisis.
  We asked for $1 billion but only got $84."
         --Alaa Tamimi, head of Baghdad municipality,    Attribution

 Dude, you might want to watch your mouth.
 That missing billion dollars?

 It went in the pocket of the most powerful gangster in Earth's history.
 If you want to stay alive, you might want to forget about that missing billion dollars.



 Frist involved in Murder for Hire

  Click  Here

 Breaking with his Monkey, Bill Frist said Friday he now supports legislation to remove
 some of the administration's limitations on embryonic stem cell research.

 Frist's flip-flop on what Bush calls "a life and death decision" was done for no other reason
 than to increase corporate cash contributions, says Bay Buchanan on Friday's "Inside Politics."
 Accepting cash to cause what Bush calls the death of a human being is , put simply, murder for hire.

 Reaction to Frist's cash-for-murder decision:

"Frist cannot have it both ways. He cannot be pro-life and pro-embryonic stem cell funding.
  Nor can he expect endorsement from the pro-life community in 2008."
     ÷ Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition.

"Treating living human embryos as mere fodder for experimentation crosses a
  vital ethical line and contravenes the sanctity of human life."
    ÷ David Stevens, Executive Director of the Christian Medical Association.


 Judy Miller: How Deep?

  Click  Here

 For starters, of course, we have her still unfolding involvement in the Plame leak. Earlier this month,
 Howard Kurtz reported that Miller and Libby spoke a few days before Novak outed Plame
 -- and I'm hearing that the Libby/Miller conversation occurred over breakfast in Washington.
 Did Valerie Plame come up -- and, if so, who brought her up? There is no question that Miller
 was angry at Joe Wilson· and continues to be. A social acquaintance of Miller told me that, once,
 when she spoke of Wilson, it was with 'a passionate and heated disgust that went beyond the
 political and included an irrelevant bit of deeply personal innuendo about him, her mouth twisting in hatred.'"


 Subject: Hillary

 It doesn't matter WHO runs in '08.

 No one can win if the machines are set to select Jeb.

 It doesn't matter.

 Hillary could part the Red Sea, cure cancer and AIDS, create World Peace
 and shit gold bricks to end poverty, homelessness and world hunger......

 Everyone on the planet could vote for her - and it won't matter
 if the machines say 60% voted for Jebbie.

 End of debate.

 There is no hope unless we get rid of e-voting.

 I agree 100 percent.
 Think we can interest any Democrats?



"We have the media now."
     --Ann Coulter on Hannity's hate show, admitting the 13-year obvious  Attribution


 Remember the good old days?

  I had to check a back issue (October 2000) for something and I ran into this.

> Early the next morning, I saw three headlines:

> 1 - Surplus Up to $218,000,000,000 Dollars
> 2 - Poverty at 20 Year Low, Household Income at All-Time High
>      and
> 3 - Poll Says 53 Percent of Americans want a New Direction.

> I agree.
> "F" Peace and Prosperity!
> War and Recession builds character!

 That's what America needs now - character!
 Character is important, just ask Henry Hyde's ho'er.

  ...and 60 days later, Bush and his crooked court stole power and intentionally
 dragged us into this war so they could steal hundreds of billions of dollars.


 Yes, I  remember the good old days when the anti-Hillary people say,
 "Please, anything would be better than repeating the Clinton disaster."


 Subject: Hillary in '08  or '12?


 All these people shouting on your site about Hillary
 show the very  reason she should run -- she'll bring out the vote!


 ha ha
 Do you mean for or against?

 In 2008, the GOP will be screaming "gay marriage" again, and that brings out
 all the religio-loons, so we need someone who can inspire the masses and that's Hillary.

 Remember when she & Bill went to Africa?
 Young women were walking 20 miles barefoot for a chance to see Hillary.
 (They won't walk across the damn street to see Pickles Stepford.)



"...a candidate that believes in the destruction of life would have
   a very hard time appealing to the vast majority of Republicans."
        --Tom Delay, telling Frist he's out of the 2008 presidential race  Attribution


 Put Down That Law Suit
  ...and no one gets hurt

  Click  Here

 Like the company that sells cigarette rolling papers in quantities far outstripping sales
 of legal tobacco, gun manufacturers have a nod-and-wink understanding of where
 their products end up. Their market models cannot account for half the gun sales in
 loose-law states such as Georgia.

 Nor can industry executives fail to have noticed the 800,000 requests to them from
 the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency to trace guns recovered from crime scenes.

 The Fox case jury found a dozen gun makers guilty of negligent distribution.
 The shooter's gun was never found. Unable to determine which company made
 the gun that fired the bullet into Fox's head, the jury ordered all the makers of
 .25 caliber weapons in the case to pony up $5 million for Fox's care and pain.

 Even if I didn't own guns, I'd think that was an example of craziness.

 It sounds a lot like, "Unable to determine which website threatened the
 president, the jury ordered all webmasters to serve some time in prison,"

"Unable to determine guilt" sounds like "Let's go home" to me.

 I forgive Greg, ...living in England an all   :)
 (I wonder if Greg's ever debated guns with a sane gun owner?)


 Is America ready for President Hillary?

  Click  Here

 US culture may constantly throw up images of powerful females, but they are always seen
 as lacking something vital - not brains, nor guts, but heart. From Lara Croft to Catwoman,
 from Condi to Hillary, the power of the superwoman always seems to come at the expense
 of her perceived humanity. When commentators say that Hillary Clinton is too cold to win
 over voters, what they are really saying is that she is too powerful to be a real woman.
 Behaviour that would be forgiven in a man - wariness of confiding in others, self-belief
 - is seen as evidence of a hyper-ambition that makes her less than fully human.

 I'm all for Hillary vs Sleazy in the next election.
 A woman who tried to give all kids health care running against
 the woman who cheered when her Monkey dropped the MOABs on Baghdad.


 Subject: long time, first time

 Just wanted to know why, with the Israel/Palestine issue, you don't have an opinion.
 No matter what other people may think of that opinion, or even if you know it and
 don't say what it is ever to anyone, isn't it better to read about from sources you trust,
 the ones you think get the rest of it right, so that you know how you feel about it?
 If it's so important to so many people, isn't it odd that you don't even have an opinion?

 It's healthy to have an opinion, and it's even better to be reasonably knowledgeable about
 as many subjects as possible.  I know that I have a definite opinion about just about everything,
 and my opinions have sometimes changed over time, the more I learned about the subject.

 Honestly, and don't take offense at this, I find it highly suspect, and it makes me think
 you're not telling the truth about the whole subject.

 So what gives?
 Yours truly,

 Mona, the subject makes good people lose their minds completely.
 Even you, asking me why, called me a liar.
 You see how it poisons people?
 And you want that poison in me?
 No thanks.



 CBS - pro-Rove with no Rebuttal
  Why would whore CBS would play fair?

  Click  Here

 CBS' Sunday Morning featured commentary -- without rebuttal -- from Ben Stein,
 who defended Karl Rove despite mounting evidence that Rove may have been illegally
 involved in the Plame affair. Stein, a fascist without a conscience, compared Democrats
 to bloodthirsty wolves and advised Bush to stand by Rove because "he did nothing wrong."
 Stein asserted that Rove committed no crime."

 How could Stein possibly know?
 That's like me guaranteeing that Bush never touched cocaine.
 Who could possible know for sure?

 Whore CBS, reaffirming their bias with every newscast.



 Subject: clearer than Lake Concha

 Never heard of it, and I passed a time in New Mexico...

 Had no idea what you were talking about, so I googled it, and fortunately
 the search ["lake concha" clear] only had 2 hits, both of which linked to Bartcop.
 I thought "oh shit", all I'll get is the same reference twice, with no explanation.

 I was pleasantly surprised to find an explanation  that was Lake Concha-like in its clarity.
 Those are great stories but are hard to come by - I know you can't link to them when you
 are blogging on the fly but are these all categorized or listed somewhere?

 Keep pounding.

 Back in the day, we'd sometimes go a week between issues.
 That left time to develope stories and re-write half-funny bits and even spell-check.
 I think there are some good stories in the old issues, but who has time to go thru the
 back issues and pick out the occasional gem?


Great work by the guys at



"The situation in Iraq is miserable with all these bombs.
  We want to leave to escape it all."
     -- engineering student Al-Harith Hatem, trying to stay alive under 'Bush democracy', Attribution



 Subject: Paul Hackett - a dem with guts

 Hey Bart,

 How's it going? I don't know if you saw Paul Hackett on Hardball last night,
 but he really showed what a good democrat should say, it was awesome.

 While he was civil, he didn't shy away from saying that, while he had to pledge
 alliance to the office of the President, he still thought that the monkey was a
 chickenhawk, who knows how to talk tough but would never put his own ass on the line.

 The only thing that didn't please me about Hackett's appearance on the show was that
 it was announced with "will his military record help him or hurt him in his bid for office?"

 I mean, would they ever have asked that question about a GOP candidate who served
 in the military? Maybe they'd never be able to, since Republican candidates with military
 experience are an ever rarer kind of politician these days.


 Dam, many Democrats hate the military - can't stand the sight of them.
 There are a lot of Ted Rall's in our party.



"People are scared of Karl Rove. If you oppose Karl, you're on the
   enemies list.   You become the enemy even if you're not really one."
     --Tom Pauken, who croosed Rove when he headed the Texas GOP,   Attribution

 Why didn't the Democrats know that the first time you bend over for a bully,
 you're promising to bend over every time he wants some until one of you is dead?

 The first time you give the bully your lunch money, that money is his
 every day at least until the end of the school year - maybe next year, too.

"Give me your money."

 Why didn't they know that?
 How can you not know that?

 But no, not our Democrats.
 They bent over for Rove in the summer of 2000 and they've been bent over every day since
 - and what did it get them?  Less power, less money and the disdain of most Democratic voters.

 How did they not know that?


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

 Subject: More Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

 At a time when oil companies are drwoning in money and showing the highest
 profits in the history of the world, and at a time when we have record deficits
 and the government is asking people to sacrifice their children's lives for a
 fraudulent war, Congress just gave away another 14 billion dollars to big oil.

 As they say, America has the finest democracy that money can buy.
 We are a nation that is living the lie.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

Maybe we could have some large signs made.

It worked great last time...

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs
published, I believe, on Yahoo News.

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

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So far, we have $110 in the sign fund.
Thanks to all who donated.


 Subject: Donation

 I've got a Bartcop sticker on my bass guitar and at gigs,
 I often get the "What's a bartcop?" question.

 I straighten them out (seems lots of rock-n-rollers
 don't want to be ignorant! Who'da guessed.)

 Keep raising it Higher,
 Gil Danoon

 You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Willie Nelson Live
  A HollywoodLiberal.com production

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 We had a party here in Hollywood last night. It was for the opening of a new movie,
 at Graumans Chinese Theatre. H.L. Lives right behind the theatre, and last night Willie Nelson
 was playing at the party. I live on an 8th Floor Balcony that faces toward the stage they had
 set up in the parking lot. So I got out the camera and taped the whole show.
 Which means its time for the long awaited return of  H.L.T.V.


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 For Bush, Failure is an Option

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 Two days after he won election to a second term, Bush told the nation he intended to spend
 the "political capital" he had amassed on ambitious goals: An overhaul of Social Security that
 would replace safety net guarantees with an "ownership society;" rewriting the Byzantine tax code;
 and revamping the legal system to crack down on medical malpractice lawsuits.

 Six months into Bush's second term, none of those goals has been realized.



 AMPOL's Pundit Pap

  Click  Here

 George Stephanopoulos spent the first segment of  This Week interviewing astronauts aboard
 the space shuttle. How appropriate: the guests in zero gravity, the host with zero gravitas.
 Steph also interviewed Sen. John Glenn, NASA engineer Don Nelson and Buzz Aldrin.
 There wasn't much to satisfy our appetite for political red meat -- plenty of talk about
 shuttle safety and the future of the space program, though.

 Then -- arf! arf! -- Rick Santorum! Little "Senator Man-on-dog" Ricky was so overcaffeinated
 that he was practically shouting and screaming at some points during the interview -- but then,
 you too would scream if Young Steph had little trouble making you look like the extremist zealot
 you actually are -- not to mention an unhinged idiot. Here's the whole mess in shorthand:


 Subject: Bart-bashing

 Dear Bart,

 You haven't heard from me in a couple of months so I thought I'd drop a line,
 just to say "hi" with not a single disparaging comment/slur about your page.

 ha ha
 ...that's a path not often taken

 If my recollections are correct, Bartcop was founded as a humor column.
 I was aware of your column for several years prior to my owning a computer and
 so I eagerly logged on and "made you mine",  so to speak, very soon after buying my laptop.

 Bart., I have never known you not to admit an error when you very occasionally make one - not ever!!
 I have NO CLUE why in the world bashers would even log onto a humor column and choose YOU,
 of all people, to go all "monkey political" on, do you? Granted, you have had to drift into a somewhat
 more politicized vein of humor, due to being an American citizen who loves his country no doubt,
 but I fail to see where such action on your part warrants tawdry name calling.  As you point out,
 if one doesn't care for your column, why do they read it?!

 Let the crap roll off you back like water off a duck and keep that hammer swinging
 - we need some levity in our lives!!

 Kat in Lake Worthless


 CIA: Rove Leaked

  Click  Here

 If a former government official came forward and said that Plame's cover was essentially
 nonexistent and that her CIA identity was an open secret throughout the capital, then Fitzgerald
 would have less a case and Rove, Libby and any other leakers would have less to worry about.

 But no such source has come forward. And May has not identified his source. May works for
 the neoconnish Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a pro-Iraq war outfit that features
 as advisors James Woolsey, Newt Gingirch, Richard Perle and Bill Kristol. That is, May is
 surrounded by people with close ties to the White House and the intelligence community.
 Who can know which one of his comrades, if any of this crowd, shared the supposedly
 open-secret secret with May?


 Subject: Benny the Rat

 Mr. Bart,

 Benny ragrat has it all wrong as to why churches are dying  - the world isn't
 "tired of its own culture" -  it's itred of staid old guilt-ridden pseudo philosophes
 spouted by uptight irrelevant whitebreads who pontificate over churches which
 push too much religion and not enough (none?) spirituality.

 He and his inflexible political minions of organized religions of all stripe are obsolete
 and can only draw in the non-thinking who want to prostrate themselves before
 underpasses and burnt toast displaying blurry images of Jesus.

 Someone should clue in this guy.
 T Quigly

 T, I disagree.
 You say Benny is "guilt ridden?"

 I see no evidence of this.
 He loves Bernard law and wants those who were raped to get over it.


Call the

...as heard in BCR Show 79

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Singh tames Eldrick, wins Tiger's Buick

  Click  Here

 After making a putt for birdie at No. 17 to pull within two shots, Woods did his best impression
 of Tom Cruise and jumped on a couch for his fans. Woods' drive at the final hole was wider to the
 right than John Roberts on women's rights, while Singh, birdied to take a three-shot lead.

 Woods bogeyed the final hole and fell another shot back.

           Will Eldrick change his nickname to 'Sandy?'


 Subject: next president

 Wes Clark is the only person truly qualified to command on all fronts during
 this incredibly complicated time in our nation's history.

    * We need a Commander-in-Chief who precedes monumental decisions with intense thought
    * Someone who has a firm grasp on the tactical aspects of modern military warfare
    * Someone who has been in combat and knows its horrors
    * Someone who understands death, and truly values the lives of our soldiers and the innocent in harm's way
    * A Commander-in-Chief who would weigh carefully our reasons for launching any more preemptive military
      actions with the profound human tragedies that result from such actions before sending our loved ones into that hell.

 How could a majority of Americans possibly look at such credentials, and then choose Jeb?
 [Assuming that DIEBOLD voting machines and the like are not allowed in the next presidential election... ]

 I really think Wes Clark is our man this time.
 Just my two cents. Keep Hammering, Bart!

 Gene R

 Gene, sure, I could get behind a Clark-Clinton ticket or a Clinton-Clark ticket.


 Forgotten Victims of America's Plutocracy
    by Jason Miller

  Click  Here

 Sadly, the reality is that under Bush's proposed budget for 2006, the mentally ill will suffer.
 As they have in many areas, the Plutocrats continue to turn back the clock on the social
 reforms of the Twentieth Century. Despite its inadequacies in some areas, Medicaid is still
 the largest source of public funding for the mentally health services. Bush has proposed
 $60 billion in Medicaid cuts over 10 years, which would dramatically reduce access to
 sorely needed services for the mentally ill. The axe is set to diminish the budget for the
 Center for Mental Health Services, which sponsors PATH (a program providing services
 to prevent homelessness amongst the mentally ill) and federal services aiding the mentally ill
 in asserting their rights. Programs mandated by the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities
 Education Act, a federal law requiring states to implement special education services)
 will be significantly short-funded.


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 2005 Corn Season
  June 20-July 30

 The corn season has ended - with an ugly thud.
 They said they'd have the world's finest corn until August 1.
 We drove to Bixby on the 30th, and got some corn for the weekend.
 When we went there Sunday to re-stock, something was wrong.

 Outside, there were no stacked bushels of different kinds of corn.
 Inside, instead of the strain-specified bins,


 ...there was just one bin.

 It said, "corn."

 I bought a half-dozen, but knew by the color I was probably throwing money away.
 It was "good corn," but the Great Sweet Bixby Corn Season of 2005 was over.

 The good news?
 There's only 326 days until the Great Sweet Bixby Corn Season of 2006.


 Carrie Underwood voted 'sexiest veggie"
   Apple's Dad was mentioned, too


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