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       Friday-Weekend   July 29-31,  2005                        Volume 1592 - The Crazies 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Investigative Reporting
Troops are depressed 
Pullout before Elections 
Finally - justice for OJ 
Bastard on Vacation 
Pope: Churches Dying
Lennon memorabilia 
CIA Analyst Roasts Bush 
Kate Moss Court Win 


 Quote of the Day

"Americans are dying in Iraq 
  because of people like Hanoi Jane." 
        --L.A. radio handjob Paul McGuire 
           who thinks Jane Fonda is stealing
           Iraq's oil         Attribution


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Breaking News

 In England, they arrest terrorists.
 In America, Bush gives a speech saying, "They can run, but they can't hide"
 but instead of arresting the terrorists, they just raise the price of gas.


"We did not need to use a secret military tribunal, detain the defendant indefinitely
  as an enemy combatant or deny the defendant the right to counsel. The message to
  the world from today's sentencing is that our courts have not abandoned our
  commitment to the ideals that set our nation apart."
     -- the judge who sentenced the millenium terrorist to 24 years,    Attribution


 Why We Need Investigative Reporting
   by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Investigative reporting is to journalism what theoretical research is to science, having the
 potential to present new realities and shatter old paradigms - how people see and understand
 the world around them - which, in turn, can transform politics.

 That is why investigative journalism is so important to the health of a democracy. A dramatic
 set of new facts - as in Watergate or Iran-Contra - can overcome long-maintained lies and
 shake a corrupt government to its foundation.

 Investigative reporting also can strip away the pleasing façade of a deceptive leader or it can
 expose flaws in a "conventional wisdom" that is taking the nation in a dangerous direction.
 Done right, investigative journalism is a huge threat to powerful elites trying to manipulate a population.

 These are some of the reasons we have worked so hard over the past decade to keep
 Consortiumnews.com going. It is also why a greater capacity for producing independent
 investigative journalism is crucial for changing today's U.S. political dynamic.



"Karl Rove is a liability in the war on terror.
  Rove did more damage to your safety than the most thumb-sucking
  liberal or guard at Abu Ghraib. He destroyed an intelligence asset
  like Valerie Plame merely to deflect criticism of a politician."
      --Keith Olbermann, that rareest of breeds, a non-Nazi cable show host,   Attribution


 Gen Casey: Pullout before 2006 Elections

  Click  Here

 The top commander in Iraq is scheduling a "substantial" pullout before the 2006 elections.
 "My Monkey boss will get impeached if the GOP loses the House next November, so we'll
 turn that hellhole over to Zarqawi in an attempt to save his guilty ass from going to prison."

 So, it's OK for thousands of soldiers to die in odd-bumbered years?


 Troops in Iraq depressed

  Click  Here

 More than half of American troops in Iraq are rated low or very low in morale, according
 to a report released by an American psychological consulting agency on July 20.
 It says 41 percent of the soldiers fear they will not be able to go home as scheduled;
 The report said suicide rate is increasing among the US troops in Iraq. The rate not only
 tops armies in the world, but also is unusually high in the history of the American army."

 Tens of thousands of families will be/have been torn aprt by Bush's insatiable oil greed.
 The heartless bastard makes a dollar each time a soldier slaps his trembling wife.


 Subject: war casualties - the economy


 I am old enough to remember that the original predictions from the Bush administration
 for the war in Iraq was something like 1 to 1.5 billion per month and the rebuilding of Iraq
 was to be paid by the Iraq's oil. But we all know that they missed that mark by at LEAST
 a factor of 3 or 4.

 Soooo taking the four multiplier and applying it to the "estimated" additional 450 billion over
 ten years and we can start to approach a more realistic estimate of 2 trillion dollars (I rounded it
 off on the high side).  This mess is going to cost Americans much more than they bargained for,
 in lives and money, since most Americans don't have a fucking clue as to what is going on.

 Anyway I thought there was a Bartcop rule on government spending.
 Keep the hammer swinging.

 Tman, you are correct.
 I think the BartCop Rule was multiple their original estimate by three
 and then get ready for the cost overruns.

 See Big Dig another billion-dollar BFEE ripoff.



"This bill is simply a failure. It's a huge waste of money."
    --Henry Waxman, (D-Sac), on the energy bill,   Attribution

 Too bad Waxman isn't a senator.
 I think he'd "stand up" quite a bit.

 Why can't we have just one senator with the balls of Henry Waxman or John Conyers?


 Pope Laments 'Dying' Churches in West

  Click  Here

 Pope Benedict XVI lamented the seemingly "dying" church in Europe and the United States.
 He said the West was "a world that is tired of its own culture, a world that has arrived at a time
 in which there's no need for God, much less Christ, and in which it seems that man alone can make himself."

 In the excerpt from USA Today, Benny the Rat rags on other religions:
 "At least the Catholic Church is not doing as badly as the Protestant Churches,"
 as tho it was a race, and the caths are losing but that's OK because the Prots are behind them.


Click  to  Order

Serious comedy by 
Randi Rhodes's Rob Petrie

 Subject: Damn, I was too late


 Sorry I was too late to warn you (re: Arab-Jew/Israeli thing).
 Take it from me, you can't win.

 I know, and I've been saying that for years.
 I'm not trying to win and I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything.
 Both sides are too crazed with hate to think.
 That's why I don't get into it.

 A number of years ago I said my piece in a letter to the ed; I thought I was balanced
 and reasonable, going out of my way to make a fair, even-handed yet positive comment
 regarding the whole sorry mess between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

 You know what?
 I still got absolutely massacred in the next issue, by both sides,
 so much so that I almost sent MYSELF to Nuremburg.

 Long story short? Can't win with either side.

 Dude, I'm hip to that.
 I've seen normally sane people go crazy in mere seconds
 after the subject comes up and I want no part of that.



"This is a huge giveaway for the oil and gas industry.
  The bill just tips the American consumer and taxpayer upside down
  and shakes money out of their pockets. This bill is a historic failure."
      --Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass     Attribution


 Bastard on another Vacation
  Why steal a job you don't want?

  Click  Here

 Imagine you're the CEO of a company. The last several major decisions you've made
 have gotten a large number of your employees killed. The company you're working with
 overseas is taking a beating in its infrastructure. The customers you tried to entice with
 your product are arriving in morgues by the busload.

 Several of your executives are about to get nailed to the shed for obstruction of justice
 and perjury, while words like "Treason" are whispered behind cupped hands. Your company
 is hemorrhaging cash from every pore, and your big plan for the future has turned out to be the
 largest threat to the continued existence of the business to come down the pike in a few generations.

 I think Bush just wanted to be president so he could invade Iraq, turn it into a Texas-sized
 hellhole of murder and violence so no accounting could be done on the unmetered oil pumps.

 And what did it cost us, besides a billion dollars a day?







  ...about 1800 soldiers' lives and 15,000 arms and legs.



 Yesterday, I was
 Clearer than Lake Concha
 about not taking sides in the nutty religious wars that drive people crazy.

 Still, I got mail like this:

 Here's hoping the cancer metastasizes
 and you can soon spend eternity burning
 alongside Hitler, who also hated Zionists.

 Ellen Marie

 Ellen, you send mail like that to people without thinking?
 You don't even read it a second time to verify that it
 doesn't say whatever the hell you thought you might've read?

 Tell me you don't have kids.
 How sad, that you'd pass this on to another generation.

 When some people see the word "Israel" or "Zionist" or "Palestinian,"
 they lose all control and shoot whoever is in the room at the time.

 Think how insane she'd be if I'd taken a side in her 4,000 year old handjob.


 Subject: Arnold's wife

 Bart, you published,

> "Things that were said to me as a child growing up about my family,
>   the Kennedy family, are far worse than anything said about Arnold."
>      --Maria Shriver, rubbing it in that the Democrats refuse to fight

 Democrats refuse to fight?
 We've kicked sand in his botoxed face and mopped the floor with him, you idiot!!!

 Damn, I'm sorry.
 I thought Arnold was still governor of Cully-fornia.
 When did you guys throw him out of office?
 Can you send me that link?



 CIA Analyst Roasts War Monkey

  Click  Here

 Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst, unleashed a scathing indictment of the Bush's administration's
 handling of an array of intelligence, military and human rights matters in the context of the U.S.
 invasion and occupation of Iraq. He said the people that are currently running U.S. foreign and
 military policy were affectionately known as "The Crazies" during the Reagan and Bush Sr.
 administrations, and were "kept at arm's length," never permitted to rise above middle
 management levels of influence because of their radical proclivities. However, with the
 election of the current Bush, they took over all the top positions."


 Subject: Hillary

 Voting for Jeb over Hillary is crazy talk.
 But y'see, crazy talk like that is exactly why I can't support her.

 People hate Hillary - you know that better than anyone.
 She inspires complete disgust in Republicans and Democrats alike.
 And the most likable candidate wins every single time.

 Steve, they'd do that to Jesus, himself.
 There are NO Democrats they wouldn't savage with all their money and hatred.
 They made our Purple Heart winner a cowardly backstabbing traitor, remember?
 Kerry could've won if he'd shown some interest in winning.

 Since they're going to do it no matter who we nominate, why not go with a fighter?




"Tom DeLay is the poster child for corruption in Washington."
    --Paul Hackett, on his right-wing opponent accepting $10,000 from Tom DeLay,  Attribution



 O.J. Slammed for Satellite-TV Swiping
  No, not Uncle J.C. Watts, the other one...

  Click  Here

 A federal judge in Miami on Tuesday ordered OJ to pay $25,000 in
 damages to DirecTV after allegedly pirating satellite TV signals.

 They sued Simpson in March 2004, accusing him of piracy after government
 agents raided his Miami mansion in 2001 and turned up "bootloaders,"
 illicit devices used to unscramble DirecTV's satellite signals.

 If you steal a $30 tool from Ace Hardware, you might be fined $250.
 If you steal a $30 tool from Ace Hardware, you might be fined $250.
 If you steal a $30 worth of DirecTV, government agents raid your home
 and hold you at gunpoint until you pay Rupert Murdoch $25,000.

 Why is that?
 Because Rupert Murdoch owns this congress and they make the laws.



Click Here to see if reality
 is a good fit for your life

 Subject: Bart will be president before Nader

 Can I be ambassador the the cayman Isands when you are president?
 Mike R.

 Sure, $10K and it's yours.
(Bush charges $275K for that position)


Karl Rove's Monica

Thanks to stilbo

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

 Subject: Hillary continues to sink on dKos...


 The reality is that she's becoming more like Lieberman every day.

 You don't mean that.

 Yes, she's showing she has the ability to fight· AGAINST US!
 Doesn't impress me.  It's not going to win my vote.

 Would I vote for her against Jeb?
 Yeah.  But I'd vote for Lieberman against Jeb too.

 Fact is, I'd vote for Benji the dog against Jeb.
 If Jeb were the only choice, I wouldn't simply leave, I'd flee the country.

 We're not going to go anywhere but down if we continue to deny
 who we are, and to pretend that we hold beliefs which are repugnant
 in order to attract the masses is just wrong.  It's not leadership.

 I don't care what they call it, we can't live with more fascism.

 The idea is to lead people to understanding that "liberal" does not equate with "Satan."
 Jim H.

 No, the idea is to get rid of the Giggling Murderer.

 I confess I don't know much about Dailykos.
 Is it mostly a Forum where thousands of people contribute?

 Or is there someone in particular over there I can straighten out?


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

Maybe we could have some large signs made.

It worked great last time...

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs
published, I believe, on Yahoo News.

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here  to donate to the sign fund

So far, we have $20 in the sign fund.
Thank you, Francis.


 Subject: Donation


 We saw Lewis Black in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

         Lewis Black with Pokerfest Chicago 2005 winner Big Tom

 You would have loved his show. He is truly the angry comic.
 Lewis said he left the country this summer because he couldn't take the news anymore.
 What drove him over the edge was watching Bush smile as he talked about the war in Iraq.
 Couldn't the moron at least put on a serious face as he spoke to the country about war??

 On the drive home I started thinking about how few people have the wherewithal to take on
 this illegal and immoral administration. I thought of you and the Bartcop Hammer and decided
 that it was time to re-instate my subscription.

 Due to financial considerations a couple of years ago I had to give it up.
 Things haven't gotten much better financially, but I think it's time I started contributing again.
 Day after day, week after week, year after year - I don't know how you manage
 to keep going - but I sure am glad that you do.

 Thanks for being there and please keep the hammer swinging!
 Your fan and friend,

 D the P

 D, that was nice - thanks.

 You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

  Click  Here to subscribe or donate



 Lennon lyric sheet sells for $1 million

  Click  Here

 A handwritten lyric sheet for "All You Need is Love" used by John Lennon in 1967
 was sold for $1.04 million at an auction in London on Thursday, organizers said.

 The lyric sheet was used by Lennon during a TV performance by the Beatles and
 could be seen on film footage dropping to the floor after the song was performed.

 Also sold were a military-style tunic worn by Lennon that inspired "Sgt. Pepper's
 Lonely Hearts Club Band" record cover and a pair of Lennon's round wire spectacles.

 When you order BCR CDs, they come wrapped in newspapers that just might have
 red circles around certain headlines and hand-written notes in the columns.
 Buy your BCR CDs today and someday you might be offered a million dollars for them if I was another John Lennon.


Get six CDs (the last three shows) delivered for just $24.

Currently shipping...

BCR 77  2 cds
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 Garbage on Leno

 Steve, I like "Bleed" just fine, but I was hoping for a different song,
 maybe "Boyfriend" or "Why Do You Love me."

 ...and when are you guys playing the Hard Rock in Vegas?

 I've gotten some Garbage shows from this tour on CD and I love
 the new arrangements of the old songs - they're as tasty as fresh Bixby corn.
 We want to see you guys, but you gotta release some tour dates!


 VCR Alert

 DL Hughley has a new show Weekends at the DL
 that premiers tonight on Comedy Central.


 He's promising to "Mess with Texas," which is code for "I ain't no bandleader."

 It's my opinion he dislikes Bush more than Chappelle and Rock combined.

  Click  Here  for a DL audio funny.

 His first guests are Al Sharpton and Lewis Black
 I'd watch.

 Bill Maher has a special on HBO Saturday - "I'm Swiss."
 It's hard to be America with a Murder Monkey in charge.


 Subject: BCR Show 79

 I listened to Show 79, parts 1 & 2.....

 Great stuff.   You're back!
  Ron in Tucson

 Ron, thanks for that.
 Parts 3 and 4 are up now.


 Oil and Blood


  Click  Here

 It is now generally understood that the U.S.-led war in Iraq has become a debacle.
 Nevertheless, Iraqis are supposed to have their constitution ratified and a permanent
 government elected by the end of the year. It's a logical escape hatch for George W. Bush.
 He could declare victory, as a senator once suggested to Lyndon Johnson in the early
 years of Vietnam, and bring the troops home as quickly as possible.

 His mantra would be: There's a government in place. We won. We're out of there.

 But don't count on it. The Bush administration has no plans to bring the troops home
 from this misguided war, which has taken a fearful toll in lives and injuries while at the
 same time weakening the military, damaging the international reputation of the United States,
 serving as a world-class recruiting tool for terrorist groups and blowing a hole the size
 of Baghdad in Washington's budget.

 After Bush suddenly pulls out (just before the 2006 elections) what will Zarqawi
 do with the first $100M he gets from Iraq's oil fields?

 Or will Bush "pull a Saddam" and set fire to all the wells?


 Subject: a question:


 I posed these questions to someone on dKos, and as of now, they remain unanswered.
 I thought it would be a good question to pose to you and your readers.

 It simply must be recognized that well over half of the eligible voters in this country refuse to vote.
 Is this because of the laziness that exists in the hardest working country on Earth, or is it because
 the majority of people have realized that they have no hope of competing for their representative's
 ear against vast corporate money?

 Lots of people don't "do" politics the way I don't do soccer and Nascar.
 I'll bet less than half watch the news or read a newspaper.

 You ever see those people on Leno's "Jaywalking?"
 They see a picture of Cheney and guess it's the Pope.

 If the latter is true, what is the sense of an organization which pushes the notion that the road
 to success for the Democratic Party is to infuse it with more corporate money?

 Since the GOP has more money than we do, Dems have to raise as much
 as they can or surrender before the fight (instead of during.)

 What is the likelihood that a candidate who embraces that organization's philosophy
 will inspire those who don't vote to support him/her?

 I'll guess she has a 50/50 chance of getting people to wake up.
 For instance, the non-pols who have a friend in Iraq - they might vote
 against the Insane War Monkey just to try to save their friend's life.

 Now, fair's fair, Bart.
 You kept insisting that everyone wanted to change the "torture question" before answering it.
 I trust you to answer my question directly. ;-)

 Jim H.

 Dude, when I get stumped by a question I say, "I don't know."


Call the

...as heard in BCR Show 79

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

George, suck on it.

 Subject: Hillary hysteria


 I can't understand all the naive Hillary talk in today's issue.
 Nobody knows what kind of a president Hillary would be.
 But by all evidence, she'd be pretty liberal.  Hell, even the Republicans know that
 (which explains why they are actually *horrified* by the prospect of a HRC presidency).
 Your long time readers should harken to the "Bart's Law" which states something like,
 "When running for office, never tell the truth.  People want to be lied to."

 You have learned well, Grasshopper.
  'Never tell the truth' is Bart's Law #1 for a reason.

 Our leaders, if they are liberals, daren't say so and, as you make plain, there is good reason for that.
 Also, remember Nixon's formula: "Run from the center, then govern from the right."
 And look at Bush in his 2000 campaign.
 If he'd have told the people what a far-right extremist prick he really was...


 I got an e-mail from PartyPoker.com
 "We miss you, here's $50."

 My current balance is $105.

 If you have no "gambling issues..."

              Click  to  Join

  ...can make you money even in the Bush economy
 Most players are drunk - stay sober and rake in the money.

 If you deposit $50 with them, they will give you a $25 bonus and they'll
 buy me a car (if you say "bartcop" sent you) but you gotta play 50 hands.

 If you tried those other poker rooms, give  PartyPoker.com  a try.

 I could use another car.

 You can also sign up and play for pretend money,
 but I won't get the car if you do that.



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 Kate Moss Wins Drug Libel Case
   Johnny Depp's ex shoots, scores


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