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       Wed-Thurs   Aug 3-4,  2005        Volume 1595 - He's sold our country 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush shoots too quick 
Rove aides Testify 
Jimi breaks an ankle? 
How did the war start? 
LAPD shot toddler 
God lets all 309 live 
Hackett loses in Ohio
Sweeter sweet corn 
Lindsay Lohan vs H. Duff


 Quote of the Day

"George W. Bush would sell rope 
   to Klansmen and ovens to Nazis."  
         --David Allen, thoughtcrimes.org

.Don't forget:
 Bush gave China a spy plane in 2001.


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"Nixon broke everything and brought a new level of criminality to the presidency.
  Bush lies like he's going after a record·Nixon tried to start seven or nine wars
  one night when he was drunk at 3am, but at least you can talk a drunk out of things.
  Bush starts wars when he's sober!"
     -- ( we dare not print his name )     Attribution


 Poll: Bush too quick to go to war

  Click  Here

 Americans are anxious about the direction of U.S. foreign policy and how we are perceived
 overseas and a majority believe the government has been too quick to go to war, a survey says.

 Some 63 percent of Americans say Bush had been too quick to go to war and three-quarters
 worry about losing trust abroad and about the growing hatred of the US in Muslim countries.

 After 1820 soldiers dead, now the public thinks maybe Bush is a war-mongering, murdering bastard?

 They really need to do a better poll.
 The first question should be, "Do you follow the news closely?"
 If they answer, "No," what the hell good is their opinion?

 Historians will read  bartcop.com  and say, "He was right, but off by 5 years."
 No, I was right back in 2000, that Bush is a war-mongering, murdering bastard.

 Most people took five years to catch on to the obvious because they're too busy
 trying to figure a way to keep some damn food on their family until pay day.

 If people don't follow the news closely, they can't have an informed opinion.



"Bush xpressed faith in Karl Rove, Rafael Palmeiro and the theory of Intelligent Design.
  He has faith in Rove, even though he's been caught. He has faith in Palmeiro - after he was
  suspended for using steroids. And he has faith in the "theory" of Intelligent Design, even
  though it is unsupported by scientific evidence.  These examples show how unprepared Bush
  is to run the country. The rest of the world must be is certainly terrified."
         --One Thousand Reasons Editorial,     Attribution


 2 Rove aides Testify in Impeach-gate
  We need a Democratic congress to put the guilty in jail

  Click  Here

 Two aides to Karl Rove testified last Friday before the Impeach-gate grand jury.
 The aides, Susan Ralston and Israel Hernandez, were asked about Cooper's testimony.
 Cooper testified about a July 2003, conversation with Rove where Plame was discussed."

 Boy, if we had a free press or an opposition party to the Bush Family Evil Empire,
 ...this would be one hell of a dramatic story - "Justice in America!"

 ...but no.



 Islamic Jihad-BFEE,
  Religious Right-BFEE,
 etc., etc., etc.,


 Subject: BCR Show 79 - well, whaddya know?

 A man could get rich just betting ol' Bart was right.
 Did the psycho dad shoot his toddler like he threatened?
 Or was it the ever-law-abiding members of the LAPD who,
 ironically, were there to save here life?

 All the cops, who have years of training and experience, and the
 benefit of actually having been there, said it was Psycho Dad.

 Bartcop, a low IQ Okie who only read about it on the net,
 he says it was the LAPD. So who ya gonna believe?


  Click  Here  to listen to a G-Rated, 11-minute clip from  BCR 79

 Autopsy: Toddler hit twice by LAPD fire

  Click  Here

 A toddler girl suffered two gunshot wounds from LA cops -- one of them blowing out
 most of her brain -- during officers' standoff with her father last month, an autopsy report
 has concluded.  Authorities haven't determined which officer's weapon killed the infant.
 The medical examination found no projectiles in the girl's body.

 In earlier statements, new LA Police Chief William Bratton blamed Pena solely for
 the death of his daughter and found no evidence in the preliminary investigation that
 pointed to any criminal wrongdoing by police officers.

 Cops aren't supposed to execute toddler hostages.
 The LA cops are out of control, like the murder-crazy BFEE.


 Dueling Quotes

"Rafael Palmeiro is a friend. He testified in public and I believe him.
  He's the kind of person that's going to stand up and say he didn't
  use steroids, and I believe him. Still do."
     --Our stupid and crooked president,  Attribution

"It's like listening to a small child. He doesn't want to believe it,
  so it isn't true. This is the man currently running our country."
      --Kevin Drum,  Attribution



 God lets all 309 in Toronto jetliner crash live
  His plan for all 309 involved surviving for another day


  Click  Here

 A jetliner carrying 309 people skidded off a runway while landing in a thunderstorm Tuesday,
 sliding into a ravine and breaking into pieces but everyone aboard survived by jumping to safety
 in the moments before the plane burst into flames because Jesus had other plans for them.

 ha ha

 I have to say this now, because how often does a jet crash with no fatalities?
 Jets crash, ...and if there are only three survivors ...and 330 dead, ...it's not "God's plan."

 The pessimist would ask why God killed the 330, but no, ...not me.


 Subject: why I love Lance

 When asked Lance Armstrong if he thanked God for curing his testicular cancer,
 he replied "No, because then I'd have to blame him for giving it to me in the first place."

 David B



"John Roberts is a very conservative man
   with a strong paper trail that proves it."
     --Judas Maximus, Bush's boy at ABC News   Attribution


 Subject: Bill and Hilary in Africa

 Bart, you said

> Young women were walking 20 miles barefoot for a chance to see Hillary.

 When I was in South Africa last year, they were STILL talking about Bill and Hillary's trip.
 But they told me it wasn't just young women--it was older ones too.
 And it wasn't just women. And it wasn't just to see Hillary, either.

 One man named Oupa (pronounced Opa) told me there are three people in South Africa
 who are looked at with as much awe and reverence as is possible for anyone this side of Jesus:

 1. Nelson Mandela (Called Madiba, which loosely translates as something close to "Man of the people."
     If you go to South Africa and refer to Mandela, call him Madiba and watch the respect level
     of the person you are talking to go stratospheric)
2. Bishop Desmond Tutu a close second
3. Bill Clinton (who didn't promise $15 billion in funds for combating and treating AIDS, then renege)

 ...in that order.

 Isaac Peterson

 Dude, I printed your address because I know you have fans.


 How did Jimi Hendrix escape the military?

  Click  Here

 Jimi Hendrix might have stayed in the Army. He might have been sent to Vietnam.
 Instead, he pretended he was gay. And with that, he was discharged, launching a musical career.

 Hendrix's subterfuge, contained in his military medical records, is revealed for the first time
 in a new biography, "Room Full of Mirrors."  Hendrix claimed he was discharged after
 breaking his ankle on a parachute jump, but his medical records do not mention such an injury.

 S'cuse me, while I kiss this guy.



"Democrats don't like Bolton, by the way,
  because he's tough.  -- plus they don't like his mustache."
    -- Rush, Bush's boy on talk radio,   Attribution



 Subject: brilliant rant in BCR 77

 I had just finished listening to about 60% of BCR 77 when I thought, "Bart is a cunning linguist".
 It struck me that your casual yet perfectly timed and placed usage of the "f" word and other
 colorful cuss words added a credibility to your show that I had obviously never ever heard
 before on radio. The best radio personalities are those that come off as a regular person that
 the listener might want to have as a friend; you know, someone with whom it would be fun to
 shoot the shit over a beer--or multiple shots of Chinaco, for that matter.
 Scant seconds after that mental assessment of your genius, you came out with "you know,
 a semi-rare straight out fuck you to Robert Bianco!", the writer you were quoting from
 USWhoreToday. Without missing a beat, yet utilizing a milli-second perfectly timed pause,
 you calmly continued your rant defending Paris Hilton.
 Not even Howard Stern can offer this kind of highly entertaining and informative radio!
 You're someone I'd like to have as a pal, although perhaps second in line to Paris Hilton.


 Subject: Elvis sticks it to Bush in St Louis

 Hey Bart,

 I just got in from the Elvis Costello concert here in St. Louis.
 The very last song of the night was "The Scarlet Tide" to which he had added the line,
"Admit you lied, and bring the boys back home."

 He sang that verse twice, and each time he sang that line, he got a huge cheer and applause
 from the crowd.  We may be stuck in a "red" state, but STL is mostly a "blue" town.

 Craig in STL

 A shot of Chinaco for Elvis Costello.


 Overheard Quotes

 Lou Dobbs: "Rove's testimony suggests he may not have been the original source
                        Rove says he learned about Plame from Bob Novak.  Dana Bash reports."
 Female voice (not Dana Bash), whispering near an open microphone: "That's bullshit."
                  ÷ Lou Dobbs, Bush's boy at CNN,   Attribution


 Subject: Shaq

 Bart, your rubeness is showing.
 Rich men don't give strangers $100,000,000 for nothing.
 If it's so easy to "drop" a ball in the net, why don't  you try out?

 If I was eight feet tall I would.


 How did the war with Osama get started?

  Click  Here

 I'll give you one hint:
 His ninkname is "Red Ink" and he was a puppet of the BFEE.




"This White House called charges that they leaked the name ridiculous.
  Can anything said from the White House podium be taken at face value?"
       --Bob Schieffer, Bush's boy at CBS News,  Attribution



Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

  Subject: abortion is OK if she was raped?


 I got into an interesting debate with a Right-o-Religio Freak about abortion... here's what she said:

"We believe that an embryo once fertilized is a human life... life begins at conception.
 We do NOT believe in abortion, except in the cases of rape or incest."

 OK let's break this down here.... the Right doesn't believe in killing babies and believes life
 begins at conception--but they'll gladly kill the baby in the instance of rape or incest, this gal
 further explaining to me that the pregnancy wasn't wanted.

 So, using that logic, it's ok to kill a fetus if you're raped or a victim of incest--in that case,
 God doesn't mind if you kill a baby... and let us not forget the "wasn't wanted" rationale.

 Wouldn't that make every abortion ok with the Religio Wacko Right?  After all, let's be honest,
 I think it's safe to say, most women who seek abortions don't want the baby, and who wants a
 baby as a result of rape or incest?  Killing a fetus is ok if you don't want it, as long as you're
 not poor, I guess.  Not to mention that the fetus is a "viable life form" and "innocent" from any
 wrongdoing, meaning they have no idea if they're the product of rape of incest--what did THEY
 do to deserve the abortion?  If that Christian notion is true, why kill it?

 Further.... IF you are the victim of rape of incest, is your Uncle Johnny going to come to the
 family planning clinic WITH you to say "yeah, I raped her," hence, allowing you to fulfill the
 Right's idea of the CORRECT abortion decision?  Are they crazy?  Apparently so.

 Unbelievable...and if you bring their "logic" to them?
 They go ape shit calling you a babykiller.
 So, does that make incest and rape victims babykillers, too?

 Keep Swingin'
 Sano in Sunny CA

 I think the best position is to be pro-choice.
 If you're a man, you shouldn't even have a vote.
 Second-best position is being pro-life.
 At least that can make sense if you're consistent.
 Worst of all positions is the "sometimes" position.

 They'll allow for abortions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
 but not the other days of the week which is, like you said, crazy.

 The pro-lifers have another problem:
 Barb, Jenna, Pickles and screech-in-law Babs are all "Baby-killers."
 Honest pro-lifers know their Godly hero Monkey Bush is the son of
 a baby-killer, he married a baby-killer and he raised two baby-killers."

 ...and he believes in a "culture of life?"


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

We're having some signs made.

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

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So far, we have $225 in the sign fund.
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 Subject: Donation

 It's been a tough year Bart, thanks to our "wonderful" economy.
 For all that your page has done done for me, have a beer or two.

 Keep hammering!

 Robert, thanks for that.

 You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Big Apple, here I come

  Click  Here

 Bush poked a thumb in the eye of Senate Democrats by his recess appointment of  Bolton as
 America's UN ambassador  - and triggered wholly predictable responses from the foreign policy community.

 Ted Kennedy called it a "devious maneuver" that only "further darkens the cloud over Mr. Bolton's credibility."

 Chris Dodd said, "The president has done a real disservice to our nation by appointing...


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 Iraq vet Paul Hackett loses in Ohio

  Click  Here

 A Republican former state lawmaker has claimed a seat in Congress by narrowly defeating
 an Iraq war veteran who drew national attention to the race with his military service and a
 series of harsh attacks on President Bush.

 But Democrats said they, too, had reason to celebrate, pointing to the close race as a sign
 of promise heading into next year's midterm elections.  With all precincts reporting, Jean Schmidt
 had 52 percent of the vote in the heavilt Republican district.


 Subject: Bixby corn

 In the 24 years I lived in Tulsa before retiring to Florida,
 I always felt that butter was rendered superfluous by the natural sweetness of the Bixby corn.

 Butter on Bixby corn?  Unnecessary!

 Bobby Sac
 Orlando, FL

 Dude, how could you move away?


Call the

...as heard in BCR Show 79 78

Usually we get about 25 calls per show.
For BCR 79, we only had one.

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Air America was so hard up for money they were embezzling an organization for kids.
  You don't find this story or others like it in the mainstream media whatsoever."
     --Rush, who'd get sued if he told that lie about me.

 Remember Rush stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Toys for Tots program?
 It was October 1992, we were driving in the Gunnison area of Colorado on vacation.

 Rush had a phoney phone poll:  Who will win Bush or Clinton?

 Of course, his biased crowd had Bush the Smarter winning 92% to Clinton 7% (ha ha)
 but Rush promised to donate 90 cents from every phone call to the Toys for Tots.
 He also said he got "hundreds of thousands of calls."

 We both know if Pigboy gave Toys for Tots "hundreds of thousands of dollars"
 he would still be bragging about it every day even now, but noooooooooooooooo.

 I never heard on sliver of news about Rush giving those kids "hundreds of thousands of dollars."
 I don't think he actually stole"hundreds of thousands of dollars" but I think he lied
 about how many calls he got - so what happened to that money, Rush?


 Subject: Misslehead Bart

 From you, I'll take that as a compliment.
 People like you make me want to vote for Kissinger.

 you probably think this guy should be in jail, i guess...
 you probably have some sort of ridiculous hard on for this hero

 Chris from Boca

 First, you're not making any damn sense.
 How could I want the guy in jail and have "a ridiculous hardon" for him?

 Second, are you going all-monkey, all-the-time on us?
 Do I need to run the Monkey graphic when I print your stiff?

 Let's get to your whine...

 Deserter Fled Iraq for New Life in Canada

  Click  Here

 Brandi is the wife of Joshua Key, a 27-year-old former soldier who deserted the US Army.
 They are driving across Canada with their four kids in search of a home, and Canadian refugee status.

 The Keys are living in a van because of Joshua's opposition to the war.  Key's opinion is based on
 what he witnessed when he fought for eight months in Iraq's Sunni Triangle.

 Key never thought he'd end up in Iraq in the first place.  When he first enlisted, he signed up to be a
 bridge builder in a non-deployable unit.  Despite this, the Army trained him in explosives and landmines,
 and sent him to Iraq in April of 2003.

 I don't like this particular guy, (sounds like a whiner) but we might have some common ground.

 Can the doves and the realists both agree, that any soldier who is given an order that he thinks
 is illegal and immoral should refuse to obey that order - we agree there, right?

 And if illegal and immoral orders are given repeatedly and there is no other escape,
 I think anybody would agree desertion is called for - in really extreme circumstances.
 To me, this guy's story didn't seem that extreme.

 And he seems to be roaming Canada, "in search of a home,"
 dropping by each town's newspaper to tell his sad story.

 Hey Josh, I have an idea that may help.
 Stop driving, stop with the sad stories and get a job.
 You have a family and four kids who needs Dad - act like one.

 and you, Chris from Boca, you watch your ass.


Republicans and religio-crazies
say Bush's war is acceptable.

1820 families where Dad's not coming home.
Tens of thousands where all of Dad didn't make it back.



 Judge orders refund for Mel Gibson's "Patriot," others
   Sony caught pretending they make good films

  Click  Here

  A judge approved an agreement calling for Sony Pictures to pay $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit
 accusing them of citing a fake movie critic in ads for several films, an attorney said Tuesday.

 Moviegoers who saw the films "Vertical Limit," "A Knight's Tale," "The Animal," "Hollow Man"
 or "The Patriot" during their original theater runs must file a claim to be eligible for $5 per ticket.

 Bush gets caught faking (or paying for) endorsements all the time.
 Bush regularly pays people like Armstong Tom Williams

  "I make shit up when Massa pay me
    ...and you can call me 'Tom'."

 ...to fabricate praise for BFEE ideas that hurt black people
 and nobody ever charges Bush with fraud - why not?

 Washington is where our representatives meet and spend our money.
 We deserve honesty from Washington and we can't get it.

 ...but Hollywood is the land of make believe - yet they have to be honest?


           Click  to  Join

  ...make money - players are drunk.

 Deposit $50 and the'll give you a $25 bonus.

 You can also play for pretend money.


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 Stalking a sweeter sweet corn
   It's so tender you don't need teeth to eat it - ha ha

  Click  Here

 The corn was discovered by accident at Twin Garden a decade ago by a plant breeder
 searching for a more disease-resistant variety. With its high sugar content and unique genetics,
 it has raised the bar for improving the taste of corn in this country, experts say.

"I do remember that corn. It was very tasty," said restaurant manager Bruce Wysong.
"Everybody loved it, but it costs too much to give it away forever."

"The corn is real sweet. It's crisp, not chewy," Felda said. "There's a definite taste to it."

 Road trip.


  Subject: PenTeleData doesn't like BartCop!

 Dear Bartcop,

 My local internet provider  PenTeleData  continues to target my web pages for various issues.

 First I had to remove a picture comparing Bush to Hitler
 ...which I'm pretty sure I copied from your site.

 Then I had to remove a Gay-oriented WebRing.
 Now PenTeleData wants me to remove Buy Blue, and get this

....the banner for BARTCOP.COM.....the management does not accept!!

 Can anyone tell me what are my rights in this instance?

 Lisa in Pennsylvania

 Lisa, do you mean the PenTeleData whose toll-free number is 1-800-281-3564?

 I read their Mission Statement.
 They brag about their, "moral principles of honesty and integrity,"
 but I didn't see any mention of censorship, book burning or repression.

 I wonder if they object to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's nude pictures?


 Lindsay Lohan vs Hillary Duff


  Click  Here

 An Australian paper says Duff's new movie features famed porn star
 Ron Jeremy as a pimp who has a whore named "Lindsay Lohan" in his stable.

 Boy, I'd like to get me a piece of that lawsuit.


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