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       Weekend-Monday   Aug 6-8,  2005        Volume 1597 - World Gas Tax 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Stopping their Crusade 
Voting rights march 
Robin Cook, 59, dies 
$70 Million To BFEE? 
Rove Montana protest
See no Monkey 
1945 Nuclear poker 
Rice: We're winning
Nicole Kidman Invasion 


 Quote of the Day

"I apologize for my conduct 
  ...and I'm sorry I did it." 
      --Bob Novak,   Attribution

 He apologized for using the "s" word,
 not for being betraying his country.


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"A new poll shows Americans haven't forgotten about Karl Rove's involvement
  in the Plame incident.   Over 35% of those polled believe Rove's actions were illegal
  and/or unethical. If that number gets any higher, Bush may nominate Rove for a Nobel prize."
       --Doran,    Attribution

 In Bush's America, the more you screw up serving him highness,
 the more soldiers that die, the more billions of dollars that go missing
 only increase the likelihood that Bush will give you n Medal of Honor
 to blunt the wimp Democrats, who are afraid to raise their voices.


 Evangelicals in America: Stopping the Crusade

  Click  Here

 Then came the resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor.  We already know what kind of candidate
 we're going to get.  We're to get one that James Dobson wants.  Dobson wants one who can't
 tell the difference between the bible and the United States Constitution.  He'll get what he wants,
 the Democrats will filibuster, the nuclear option will be passed, and the Republicans will have
 carte blanche for every justice they want at every level they want with no minority input.

 The Democrats will filibuster?
 My, somebody has a lot of faith in today's Senate Democrats.

 As if they need them.
 They already have bills in both houses of Congress which put the matters of religion out of the
 hands of the Judicial Branch of government.  It's called the Constitutional Restoration Act.
 Did that one get by you?  Yeah, in a badly worded bill, they're actually proposing legislation
 which bypasses our court system in matters of religion.  Prayer at the football game?
 Sorry that'll be off limits.  The Judicial Branch won't agree, of course, but at that point the best
 you can hope for would be a full blown constitutional crisis between two branches of government.
 Or maybe three, once the White House sides with Congress.  Care to place a bet on who wins?
 Last time I checked the Supreme Court didn't have guns.



"It's a dirty trick campaign, yes, but on a deeper level, I think it's projection.
  When a group's entire philosophy is based on war and testosterone and kicking ass
  and its members stay home while others fight, the unconcious mind has to defend
  against their own "cowardice."
       --Diane, on the Swift Boating of Paul Hackett,     Attribution

 The cowardly pussies have shrapnel in their ass from Vietnam.
 The war heroes deserted their post to get drunk and do cocaine.

 As long as the press agrees, those statements are true.


 Thousands march for Voting Rights in Atlanta

  Click  Here

 Thousands of Americans that Bush hates streamed down MLK Jr. Drive chanting, singing
 and marching on Saturday in support of extending the 40-year-old Voting Rights Act.

"Forty years later, we're still marching for the right to vote," said U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Sac),
 who participated in the civil rights struggles that helped secure passage of the law in 1965.
 Lewis marched wityh Jesse Jackson Jr. John Conyers, Randi Rhodes and thousands more.

 The networks barely covered this because it makes Bush look bad and the job of the press
 is to prop up the fraudulent puppet and tell us how great his wise policies are doing.

 Why is the GOP trying to stamp out voting rights for people in the South?


 Subject: pathetic

 What is truly pathetic is how stupid and mindless the American public is.
 If you need to rely on a Will Ferrell sketch to convince you that the Monkey is
 really a liar and a sadist you are seriously idiotic and should have no right to vote period.


 Dude, voters are extra, super-stupid.  In 2000, pollsters said people voted for the
 alcoholic coke monkey because he was "the type of guy they'd like to have a beer with."
 Gore was ridiculed because he was seen as a "brainiac" who was "too smart."

 Voters are so extra, super-stupid, they refuse to vote in their own self-interests.
 Bush ran on a platform. "The rich need more money" and he carried the 30 poorest states.

 You can't go broke underestimating the stupidity of the average voter.


 War protestor Robin Cook, 59, dies 'while walking'
  Not liking Bush can shorten your days on this Earth

  Click  Here

 Former Cabinet minister Robin Cook, 59, has died after collapsing while hill walking in north-west Scotland.
 Mr Cook quit as Commons leader in March 2003, in protest over the war in Iraq.

 I wonder if they'll "honor him" by not doing an autopsy?.
 If they did, they might find the puncture wound from the dart.


 Subject: sarcasm and ridicule? Goodbye!

 I asked what I thought was a legitimate question about a problem I was having posting
 comments to your site.  I don't have much money, but I  sent a nominal contribution and
 display your logo and your "Worst Pres. Ever" sticker on my car.  What do I get in answer
 but sarcasm, ridicule, and your (not exactly) trademark schoolyard taunts.
 You are just another Michael Graham, a guy who thinks he is an influential web 'thinker',
 and like Graham, you also think you are a comedian.  You are too limited and fratboy
 thickheaded to be able to do an act onstage, so you browbeat people on your site,
 friend or foe, and think you have 'sack' because of it.  It's your choice to be an asshole.  Adios.

 Here is the letter that he's so pissed off about - from 1594:

 Subject: I don't understand


 I have tried to post a few comments recently and the
 transmission is extremely slow, so much so that I usually just bag it.

 Are you blocking my stuff?
 If so, why?
 Did I write something really bad?
 Or is my browser screwed up?

 Jaby, I'm guessing you're talking about the BartCop Forum?
 That's run by some BartCop readers - I don't get in there a lot.
 Odds are if you screwed up, you'd know about it.

 As a rule, it never hurts to "empty your cache," when there's a problem.
 I've gotten mail asking, "Why haven't you updated the page this week?"
 when there was a new issue every day - so some people do have that problem.

 Also, posting this here means the forum moderators will see this.
 Maybe they can create an account for questions like yours...

 ...and thanks for writing.
 I imagine there are others who hit a wall and thought "Screw them,"
 when it's real possible it was just a technical hitch of some kind.


 ...does anyone see the "sarcasm and ridicule" that pissed him off?
 Can someone point me to the line where I acted like "an asshole?"
 Which line had the "schoolyard taunts" - can someone clue me in?
 Seriously, that was about as nice as I can possibly get.

 I even changed his signature to protect him - so why the hell is he pissed off?
 I can't write anything without pissing people off and losing subscribers.


 Random thought...

 I filled up the Bartmobile yesterday and I stopped pumping at $35.
 It used to cost me about $22 to fill up the tank - under Clinton.
 The BFEE is stealing that extra $13 from every tank, every family, every week.

 They have leveled an "energy tax" on everyone on the planet.
 They're stealing that money from us why?
 Because the Democrats haven't raised any objection.

 I can't really blame murderers for steqaling - that's what criminals do.
 But why isn't there any outrage that we have dying soldiers AND
 we're paying more for gas than we did in Clinton's Peacetime Paradise.

 No, I blame the Democrats.
 They're sitting on their hands while Bush rapes (and murders) the world.

 Why aren't families outraged?
 People who are living check-to-check say they like Bush.
 How can poor families enjoy Bush's ongoing rapes and murders?

 It makes no sense.



 Subject: Two Okla. Children Die of Rare Infection

 Any Chance these were your kids?
 I hope so, so I can celebrate if there are 2 dead liberals.

 Larry Richards

  Click  Here

 No, those kids were most likely Republican children
 Oklahoma is almost all Republican.

 Only a Republican would celebrate dead kids.



"I saw Novak stand up and walk out - it seemed to me that he was just responding
  to Carville's abject rudeness. I didn't blame Novak. I thought, "Good for him.
  Maybe this will teach Carville to keep a civil tongue in his mouth and to learn
  that all is not permissible in partisan debate."
    --Cliff the right-winger, sticking up for his teammate,  Attribution

 I haven't heard from Bill Bennett and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson squeal about how
 disgusting it was for Novak to lower the broadcast decency standards like Janet Jackson did.

 No, Novak gets a pass because these men are whores and their feigned outrage is for sale.
 They are religious whores, selling God at inflated prices to the extra-stupid racist party.

 On the other hand, had this been a Democrat who got flustered and buss open?
 The religio-fraud whores would be, literally, stuck pigs and the Democrats would be
 right there with them, condemning one of their own - agreeing with the liars and whores.

 Hey, Democrats, what's Rule #1?



 Subject: abortion


 It makes me sick that whenever I say that I'm pro-choice, I am considered to be pro-abortion.
 Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am anti-abortion and pro-life, but that's me...what I think
 has nothing to do with you or anyone else, even my own daughter. That's where the choice comes in.

 How ignorant is it to try and legislate morality to the detriment of personal and civil rights.
 The "christian" right has so far successfully turned pro-choice into a black and white, no compromise,
 evil position. Supposedly "god" gave us all free will...why do the "christians" fight so hard against what
 "god" supposedly gave them? That was rhetorical.


 Chris, you can either be pro-choice or pro-coathanger.
 I prefer to be pro-choice.


 Nuclear poker

 Sixty years ago, America leveled Hiroshima with the first big bomb.
 America said:
"We hit Hiroshima with a new kind of bomb.  Do you surrender?"

 Japan refused, so Truman raised the bet by quite a bit, and leveled Nagasaki.

"We hit Nagasaki.
  We can keep this up forever.
  Do you surrender?"

 They had to say yes.
 Truman was bluffing, he was playing nuclear poker with Japan - and he won.


  a shot of Chinaco for Truman's poker skills




"How can Bush go on a monthlong vacation when our troops are at war and
  fighting what appears to be a losing battle? Has he no compassion for the
  families that are not going on vacation because a loved one is in Iraq?
  Or the families that have lost a member in the fighting?"
        --Marilyn Mulcahy,     Attribution



 Subject: Bush's time off

 Bush enjoyed his 321st day of vacation yesterday since taking office in January 2001.
 Rumors that the president is attempting to honor each and every fallen G.I. in Iraq by
 taking a day off in their honor have been flatly denied.

 A statistician from Cal State has shown any such attempt would be impossible.

"Bush could take the rest of his second term off starting tomorrow and it wouldn't begin
 to approach the number of fallen soldiers. This is not counting the number of our military
 members who will die between now and the end of Bush's remaining term!" he added.

 Bush has been on vacation all his life.
 He's never worked a day - and the super-poor voted for him.

 I wonder why...


 A $70 Million Gift To Halliburton?
    editorial in Bush's hometown paper

  Click  Here

 Our Federal government is out of control.
 Not that this is news.

 Two announcements regarding Halliburton last week do qualify as news:
 • Halliburton's KBR division responsible for carrying out Pentagon contracts in Iraq
   showed a 284 percent increase in operating profits during the second quarter of this year.
 • Much of this profit was due to the payment of lavish "award fee" gifts amounting to $70 million,
 in light of highly questionable "good work."


 Budget-minded number crunchers now have solid proof that a few more beds are needed in the insane asylum.
 Think about it.
 A $70 million gift.

 Has it suddenly become legal for Pentagon officials to steal your money and give it away
 to a big corporation?  And this amidst the Pentagon concealing from the public critical reports
 by military auditors of alleged "unsupported" expenses totaling millions of dollars by KBR,
 which are "under investigation."

                  "We want it all..."


 Rove protested in Montana

  Click  Here




"Rush scoffed at the tour of duty Hackett served, voluntarily. Hackett re-enlisted
  and served a seven-month tour in Iraq, just last year. But those who haven't the guts
  to put their own lives on the line, for a war they support, don't respect those who do.
  Rush said that, as a civil affairs officer, "Hackett didn't actually see combat in Iraq."
  (Hackett did, in Fallujah.)   The drugs have obviously addled Rush's brain. Most officers
  don't see "actual combat", which he would know had he veen military. The vast majority
  of soldiers killed in Iraq have been young men and women barely old enough to drink."
          --Kathy Flake,   Attribution


 Subject: your website

 Bart, you truly seem to be a bit racist, but that doesn't mean I don't like you.

 Tiger and Shaq are among the best ever in their sports and your continued rants
 against them paint you as a racist. Other than that, your site is great, I mean it.

 The Rick Man

 So if I thought Shaq was worth $30M a year, I would be free of racism?
 What if Shaq averaged four points a game - would I still have to think he was worth $30M?


 Monkey Lands in Grapevine, TV

  Click  Here

 Roads were shut down Wednesday and residents living in nearby apartments between Dooley
 and Ruth Wall Roads were warned not to look out of their windows Wednesday. School busses
 from Grapevine-Colleyville ISD formed a perimeter around the site where Bush was scheduled to land.
 No one was going to get a glance of the president on his way to the Gaylord Convention Center.

 Were they going to arrest people for looking at Der Monkey?

  or is  dailytexanonline.com  a gag web site and I'm the last to know?


This week's featured book...
The Truth with Jokes

$17.13 - Click to Order

Thanks to Terry K for running

 Subject: Paul Hackett in Ohio

 Hey Bart,
 He got 48% in Bush country.

 How about we support him for the Senate in 2006 or 2008?
 Don the Day Trader

 Sounds good to me.
 Hackett needs an experienced, smart-ass, political knife-fighter on his team.
 Someone who'd advise the campaign for free, with strategery and fire-with-fire tactics.


Check  twofatghouls.com

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

ha ha
Rosie, I haven't checked this week:
Do you love Bush or hate him today?

 Protest in Crawford
  "The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us"

  Click  Here

 The angry mother of a fallen U.S. soldier staged a protest near Bush's fake ranch on Saturday,
 demanding an accounting from the president of how he has conducted the war in Iraq.

 Supported by more than 50 shouting demonstrators, Cindy Sheehan, 48, told reporters,
 "I want to ask George Bush: Why did my son die?"  Sheehan arrived in Crawford
 on a bus emblazoned with the words, "Impeachment Tour."

 Sheehan said she decided to come to Crawford a few days ago after Bush said that
 fallen U.S. troops had died for a noble cause and that the mission must be completed.
"I don't want him to use my son's name or my family name to justify any more killing," she said.

  Click  Here

 the Secret Service has been telling protesters that if they stay there they may be hit by
 Secret Service vehicles. Cindy says, "They've told us this at least ten times. There isn't
 much room between the side of the road and the fence, and they go zooming by far over
 the speed limit." Cindy reports the Secret Service already ran a mother and her six year-old
 off the road. She believes the Secret Service's actions are a clear attempt to coerce her
 and the other protesters into leaving.



  Subject: Novak

 CNN suspends Novak, not for outing a CIA agent, but for using a two-syllable word
 that sums up his entire career and that everyone over the age of six is familiar with.

 Dennis C


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

We're having some signs made.

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here  to donate to the sign fund

So far, we have $305 in the sign fund.
Do you have extra cash to help buy signs?


 Subject: Donation for consistent hammer swinging

 Seems the Dems in Ohio took you up on your advice and decided to do something
 by setting up a strong grassroots campaign with a pretty liberal candidate.
 Yeah, Hackett lost, but only by a little.
 If only our party would do this in the places that are just barely Republican,
 we'd have Kerry (or Gore) nominating a Supreme Court justice instead of the monkey.

 I'm in college and part of the lower 99%, so money is tight,
 but I want that hammer to keep swinging and so I give my paltry 5 bucks to you.

 Keep swinging,
 Rich in Bethlehem,

 Rich, thanks for that.

 You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

  Click  Here to subscribe or donate



 The Green Acres Supremecy
   saw it on  thoughtcrimes.org

 Since Hollywood seems unable to make anything new, it continues to remake
 TV series from the 1970's (like, "The Dukes of Hazzard") best forgotten.
 Here is my suggestion for the casting for the inevitable "Green Acres" movie:

 Oliver Douglas - John McCain
 Lisa Douglas - Arianna Huffington
 Eb - Tucker Carlson
 Mr. Haney - Tom Delay
 Mr. Kimball - George W. Bush
 Mr. Ziffel - C. Everett Koop
 Arnold Ziffel - Rush Limbaugh
 (We'll take him off the oxycontin to fatten him back up)
 ha ha
 Sam Drucker - James Carville
 Alf the plumber - Andrew Sullivan
 Ralph the plumber - Mary Cheney

 Remember when Rush lost all that weight and said it was "easy?"
 He credited his live-in cook for preparing low-fat meals.

 Turns out Rush was on the Scott Wieland diet.
 Has the druggie bastard ever told the truth about anything?


Did Denny take a Turkish bribe? : )

 The 9/11 Key to Political Transformation

  Click  Here

 There is now an enormous amount of scholarly evidence and expert testimony that
 a) clearly demonstrates the official 9/11 story is a sham, and
 b) supports the millions of New Yorkers who, according to a recent Zogby poll,
 believe that top US officials "consciously" allowed the attacks to happen and that
 we desperately need a new investigation now.

 We need an investigation of unlimited scope and unlimited money and subpoena power
 but most of all, it needs to be headed by someone who is more loyal to America and
 the rule of law than they are to the Bush Family Evil Empire.


 If arthritic, old Bart can wake up at 9 AM, get dressed, brush his teeth and drive to
 the other side of town and actually be early for a 9:30 dental appointment, why the hell
 can't our air force pilots get a jet fighter the the air in less than 70 minutes?

 Hamilton's fake investigation only asked the questions the Bush bastards agreed to answer,
 and he did that NOT under oath, in private, off-the-record with his baby-sitter helping him.

      "It's not right to bother a sitting president with trivial matters."


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 Subject: news flash

 Pssstt.   You are not only a loser but a sorry f-king loser.

 The proof is in the FACT that Bush has won not only everything = he continues
 to win and you loser pukes continue to ............... well, you might be able to figure it out.

 I love it so.

 Monkeyboy, you love it so?

 You love record unemployment?
 You love a falling stock market?
 You love record national debt?
 You love paying $35 for a tank of gas?
 You love 30 soldiers killed last week?
 You love Arlington Cemetary filling up?
 You love 1830-plus soldiers who died for Bush's greed?
 You love Bush being asleep on 9-11?
 You love that we're the most hated nation on Earth?
 You love that Bush got mega-richer from his fake war?
 You love that Bush read the goat story while the WTC was burning?

 I loved the paradise that Clinton's peace and prosperity gave us.


Call the

...as heard in BCR

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

If only Kerry hadn't sold us out...

 Rice: We're winning in Iraq

  Click  Here

 Rice argued against viewing the war solely through the rising death toll.

 Pay no attention to the 1830 coffins behind the curtain.

"It's a lot easier to see the violence and suicide bombing than to see
 the rather quiet political progress that's going on in parallel," Rice said.

 Like Jon Stewart says: Think of all the cars that don't explode.

"If you think about how to defeat an insurgency, you defeat it not just militarily but politically,"
 she said, reminding us how Bush is beloved by citizens around the globe.

 Our Idiot Monkey took the worldwide sympathy and cooperation we had after 9-11
 and turned it into worldwide scorn, fear, hate and ridicule towards his oil-stealing ass.

 That Bush-lover you work with?
 Do me a favor, ask him, "Remind me, why are we in Iraq?"

 They won't say, "because Saddam was about to launch his WMDs."
 No, that's what they'd say if they were honest about the subject.
 They might say, "To free an enslaved people," and if they do,
 ask him why Cuba is still enslaved.

 We'll print the funniest replies you get.


 Subject: Novak and CNN

 It figures that CNN suspends Novak for using a naughty word on the air,
 but they left him on for over two years after he outed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent.


 Dude, it's not about ethics - it's all about the mighty dollar.
 CNN wants to please Tom Delay's religio-crazies.

 1830 dead soldiers is not indecent.
 The "s" word?
 That is indecent.


Slaughter in Iraq...


...and Bush is all about 'hard work.'


Republicans and religio-crazies
say Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

For 1820, 1833 families,
Dad's not coming home.



 From: sam@bartcop.com

 Subject:  Forum issues

 The email address for forum moderators is: bartcopforum@yahoo.com

 Sam, thanks for setting that up.
 Youse dudes can reach the forum moderators at that address,
 but Jaby is still pissed as hell that we set that up..


Click Here to Search Bartcop


 This will be a strange week for the page - we're kicking things up a notch.
 Monday, I'll be doing radio work and getting ready for Tuesday and Wednesday when
 I'll be in school for the first time in 28 years, learning how to post this page without help.


 For the last hundreds days or more, I've needed help posting each day because I'm still
 using an Amish browser to compose and that won't fit with some of the newer technology
 so I'm going to actually learn a skill.

 So we'll be back Wednesday night or Thursday with new technology.
 I don't think the page will look different (unless I screw it up) but this way,
 I can correct errors and post more than once in a day if called for.


 Nicole Kidman to star in 'Invasion'


  Click  Here


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