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Subject: 16 year-old sailor


You are way past wrong on this one Bart. 
I lived on my blue water yacht for years, I was out in the Gulf during Katrina, and that girl 
is about 1000x safer in the middle of the Pacific than she would be driving on any street in America. 
Statistically, that cannot be argued.

As for her age, so what? In the Napoleonic wars, the Royal Navy shipped midshipman as young as 12. 
They were not only at sea under enemy fire, they commanded men and received the same rum ration as everyone else. 
They also nailed just as many whores on shore leave.

I applaud this guy for raising his daughter to seize the world by the throat with both hands, 
and I wish my parents had had that much faith in me at that age. After all, she did survive the wave. 
Could you? And you're HOW old?
 Capt. S/V Shazam

Captain, you are crazy.

Her boat, a thousand miles from anywhere, was broken up by 30-foot waves.
What part of that says "Safe" to you?

My monopoly on sanity continues.

Subject: 16 year-old sailor

I agree with the dad. 
If a kid can drive a car at 16, she's probably a lot safer 
sailing around the world than driving around the US. 

As a CG veteran though, I do think it was pretty stupid for her 
and her parents to even consider sailing across the southern ocean 
in the winter storm season.  That part isn't forgivable. 
 Mike in Cheney

So, except for the part where she's 1,000 miles from help in 30-foot waves,
you think her trip was a good idea?

Did you know she was so far from help, it will take her 10-14 days to get home? 
I didn't know that there was any place on Earth that isolated.

Besides, if she had succeeded, a 15-year old would try it next, then a 14 year old, 
then 13, then 12...   all so the parents can brag about how cool their kids are..

Subject: 16 year-old sailor

Bart, you wrote:

> This crazy Dad also said, "Besides, she's a life-long sailor."
> Really
> How long has your 16 year old daughter been sailing, 30-35 years? 

Hearing rumors on the MSM news that the father was trying 
to float a new REALITY series...think BALLON BOY....they have a website somewhere.
 Tomz1 in Santiago, Chile

One big difference:  Balloon Boy's dad didn't put his kid in the damn balloon.

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