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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Katrina on New Orleans
21 Bushies in leak
Cindy calls DeLay out
Phelps at GI Funerals
If Kerry had fought...
Question deserves answer
Goucho Bishop sex
Chicken hawks squawk
Ashlee Simpson sings?


 Quote of the Day

    "...mother-fucking traitors..."
   -- Godly Bush, referring to war protestors    Link


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"My discharge date was 31 October, 2004 and I'm still here..."   
    -- Mark Maida in a letter to Russ Feingold eight days before his death in Iraq,


 Katrina on New Orleans
  Massive Hurricane could dump 15 feet of water

  Link to CNN




"If they feel the troops are worth it, why not spend the money? It's human life.
You can't put a price on it, so I don't see why they're putting them in this position."
  --Chris Maida, on the troops in Humvees (instead of fighting vehicles) feelling expendable,

Typical Bush behavior - putting troops on hostile land without armor.
Remember Blackhawk Down?


 21 Bush bastards in Plame leak
   I'd like to see them all behind bars


Karl Rove
Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Condoleezza Rice
Stephen Hadley
Andrew Card
Alberto Gonzales
Mary Matalin
Ari Fleischer
Susan Ralston
Israel Hernandez John Hannah
Scott McClellan
Dan Bartlett
Claire Buchan
Catherine Martin
Colin Powell
Karen Hughes
Adam Levine
Bob Joseph
Dick Cheney
Giggling Murderer Bush


 Cindy calls DeLay into the Street


Cindy Sheehan said on Friday she plans to focus on Congress, starting with Bush
bastard and fellow Texan House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Squirrel)

Cindy plans to bus from Bush's ranch to Washington DC starting Thursday.
"I think our first stop might be Tom DeLay's office," she said, surrounded by supporters.
"I just wanted to let him know so he'll be in his office when we get there."

I like her tactics.
She already proved Bush is too cowardly to meet her, now she wants to
prove what a cowardly bastard that little squirrel from Texas can be.

Will DeLay make the same mistakes as the cowardly Chief Chickenhawk?
Or will he use his head and invite her in for donuts, coffee and conversation?

"I ain't nuts about
meeting this Peace Mom."


Subject: Democrats

Democrats are like the fearful co-dependent mom who holds a spare belt
while our raging out-of-control alcoholic Republican daddy continues to
whip the hell out of our collective asses.


Ron, you are correct.
What the hell's wrong with them?


So it's one, two, three - what are we fighting for?


"I think this administration now understands
   they have a losing hand in Iraq.”
  -- Rep. David Obey, D-Wis,      Link    


It won't make a difference.
Bush will stay with the "course of disaster" even if thousands more die.
The alternative, admitting he was wrong, is more than he can bear.


 Subject: Democrats

It is clear when a lower middle class Steelworker (that’s me) could out argue the
republicans with their own hypocrisy and lies, that the democrats don't want to win.
They are part of the same corporate game that the republicans are supporting,
good cop bad cop, you get me. This two party political system and corperate
finance of political campaigns seems to be a race to the bottom.

But if that was true, the GOP wouldn't put bullets in our best guys.

As far as I am concerned the democrats lost my vote for two reasons.
The first being what they did to Howard Dean (whom I still like)
and the second being that John Kerry was completely spineless when it
came to defending himself from the lies (stupid lies) that the right was
smearing him with, which resulted it the reelection of the Monkey.

It made me feel betrayed - like they wanted to lose?????

I will continue to be politically active but not as a Democrat.
Maybe as a Secular Humanist and or a Conservationist.

Keep up the good work on your websight!

Andy, let's say you were on a sinking ship.
You grabbed a lifeboat and pushed away from the sdinking ship.
You spot an island in the distance, so you row towards it.

As you near the shore, your boat hits a jagged rock and sinks
but you're close enough to make it and even save the boat.

Now, to get off the island, you're gonna need a boat.
So you scour the island and look for a tree that's big enough
but you'll have to figure out a way to cut that tree down.
If that works, then you gotta figure a way to hollow it out.
If that works, then you gotta figure a way to close up each end of the trunk.
If that works, then you gotta figure a way to plug the holes where branches were.
If that works, then you gotta figure a way to stabilize the trunk from tipping over.
If that works, then you gotta figure a way to attach the paddles so they'll move the boat.
That could take months, assuming it was possible in the first place..

...or, you could patch the hole in your lifeboat.

I'm a busy man.  I got shit to do.
I say let's repair the hole and set sail in two hours.

I say we drum the "fighting is wrong" weenies out of  our  party.

             "We love Dubya, because he's smart and honest!" 



 Fred Phelps at GI Funerals

  Link .

Fred Phelps says God is punishing American soldiers for defending a country that harbors gays,
and they brought that message to the funerals Saturday of two Tennessee soldiers killed in Iraq.

"To do this at a funeral is disrespectful of a family, no matter what your beliefs are," said Cinnie
  Ditmore, tears streaming down her face.

If they were protesting the government, I might even join them," Danny Cotton, 56, but for them
to come during the worst time for this family — it's just wrong."

It's George Bush's America.
From Willie Horton to Clinton's mom is a KGB agent to Clinton raped teen virgins to McCain
being "insane" and fathering black kids all over the world to Ann Richards is gay to the "damage"
the last administration did to the White House to swift boating never-been-to-Nam John Kerry."

The BFEE has proven that's how you win.
Personal slurs, vicious rumors and unnamed sources with salacious gossip.
They feed the paranoia of handjobs like Fred Phelps and they both profit from it.

But they couldn't be the most destructive political cabal in our history if the Democrats
would just stand up and say, "That's enough!" but they can't muster the will to do it.


Subject: If only John Kerry had fought for us...

From your link about Bush's ugly, pathetic expletives:

"To see that fear emerges, Dr. Frank says, all one has to do is confront the President.
To actually directly confront him in a clear way, to bring him out, so you would
really see the bully, and you would also see the fear,”
he says.

When I read this, I again wanted to SCREAM at John Kerry for not putting it to Bush.
Could you imagine if one of these cowardly outbursts happened on TV during a debate?
Pres. Kerry would today (hopefully) be cleaning up this miserable Bush war.


Elizabeth, you should be angry with John Kerry.
He gave Bush the power the screw the world.

Kerry swore he'd fight for us and theh he broke his promise and took a dive
so the stupidest, most unqualified and most crooked president in American history
could continue the looting, the warring and the killing that has defined his presidency.

Shame, shame on John Kerry, the quitter.  

Cindy Sheehan has more courage and more love for her country these days than Kerry. 
Like Cindy - more than, even - Kerry had history in his hands but he made the conscious
decision to turn his back and let the evil Bush bastards change a once-great nation into a
massive killing machine that every nation in the world now fears.



Seen in New Zealand, a blue country

Subject: I am powerless over bartcop


Just when I'm convinced that I have had enough of Bartcop,
you give me Karl Rove in Latvia. I laugh so hard, I nearly pee myself.

And then another day rolls around and I'm back to my old habits.
I swear you are worse than smack.
Damn you!



is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

We're having some signs made.

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here  to donate to the sign fund

So far, we have $1777 in the sign fund.
Do you have any extra cash for signs?

It's not tax deductable, but
think of the money you'll lose
if those bastards win again.

 Subject:   donation

Note: We're gaining steam on the big protest march.
Watch here for important details soon!

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Hamster powered cell phone charger

                           This kid needed a hobby.


Peter Ash attached a generator to his hamster's exercise wheel and
connected it to his phone charger.  Elvis does the legwork while Peter
charges his phone in an economically and environmentally friendly way.

Watch out,. Peter, the BFEE might steal your idea and disappear you
 to prevent your "hamster technology" from replacing fossil fuels. 


Subject: gas prices, not lives


It is disgusting to see that the price of gas is more important to the American people
than the loss of lives in Iraq. I think that Americans secretly or overtly want to use the
military presence in Iraq to steal Iraqi oil. They don't seem to care about the lives that
are being lost. But threaten their precious automobiles, well that's a different story.
We're all part of this "lives for oil" conspiracy.

It seems the only thing that REALLY matters to Americans is what matters to Giggles Bush;
that we steal their oil. It's "stay the course", that is, until it becomes evident that the oil we are
stealing isn't reducing the price of gas. Then it's a big deal. Greed knows no bounds.

We are all part of this hypocrisy as Americans. We should all be ashamed.

...and on top of that, gas has gone UP a dollar a gallon, so dirty Bush bastards gets to steal
$20 from every family in the country until a Democrat calls for hearings on his gouging.


Click Here for Cindy Updates

 A question that deserves an answer


"I want to ask George Bush: Why did my son die?'' -- Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan will get her wish to meet with Bush the day winged donkeys perform
an air show in the skies above the South Lawn. In other words, never.

In part this is because the president is famously intolerant of criticism and notoriously
fumble-tongued when working without a script, (Translation: Bush can't think or talk.)
so his handlers would rather chew glass than send him out to confront an angry protester
who knows exactly what she believes and why.

Sheehan's protest has galvanized opponents of the war, given face and voice to their anger
over a costly conflict whose resemblance to Vietnam is becoming inescapable. They have
coalesced around her, suggesting a movement that had only been waiting for a leader.

Yes - if only the Democrats had a leader. All we got was Kerry the Coward.
The pink tutu Democrats are wetting themselves with fear while this nobody Mom who's
$1200 overdrawn in her checking account proves what a coward the president is.

Sidebar to the Hillary haters:
Friday, Big Ed Schultz used the phrase I've been grappling for regarding Hillary.
He said "She's keeping her powder dry."

There may come a time when we have to "straighten out" Hillary, but I'm betting
she's got a plan to be president and it's hard for me to bet against a Clinton.

Because people who bet against the Clintons lose and I'm a better gambler than that.


 Subject: Russell Crowe

I guess you folks missed the fact that this settlement never happened.
It was the Enquirer. There is no settlement.

It's my understanding that was an offer Crowe made the scratched.

In any event, no lawyer with half a brain would recommend that Crowe pay this.
The damages are minuscule. Punitive damages, if proven (and that would also be
very tough), wouldn't come anywhere near this amount.

The Supreme Court has regulated PD to be closely related to actual damages.
It's not like they'd be buying silence or anything.
Everybody knows this story.

Dave the Lawyer

Dave, Crowe is a "foreigner."

If convicted, he could be barred from America.


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 Goucho Bishop sexes man on video
   It's a bad year to be Catholic


The scandal broke over the weekend with newspaper reports that the Vatican had received
a copy of a videotape showing Juan Carlos Maccarone, 64, the bishop of Santiago del Estero,
having "intimate relations" with a 23-year-old male chauffeur.

Now Maccarone and other church officials say the bishop was set up. They suspect
Maccarone was targeted for his work on behalf of the poor and his opposition to the clan
of a former governor who ran the province much like a private fiefdom for nearly 50 years. 
"Everything points to
. . . political revenge," said Rev. Marco, with a straight face.

Yeah, he was "set up."
He went there to buy a coat ...and his penis just flew into the young man.
I hate when that happens.  
Bishop, that's the dumbest lie since Palmiero's.

At least it wasn't a kid this time.


Subject: Hold On There, Bart...


Come on, man, you are not a Republican.
You can't just take a made up story and hammer it to score points.
You are not that kind of guy.

I should say not.

Russell Crowe hasn't paid any settlement to the guy he hit with the phone...

I believe you are right.
I didn't mean to imply it was in the past tense.
I think the story said the $15M offer had been made, or was "on the table."

and there is no way on this earth that he is ever going to pay anything in seven figures
for an assault that did not result in death or serious, debilitating injury.

Hmmm, I'm not sure you can say that for sure.

He will pay something, but it won't be a reflection of 'what is it worth to get smacked with a phone." 
The figure will be calculated on a formula of 'what is Russell Crowe's time worth?' or more accurately,
'what is Russell Crowe's time worth to a film studio that has cast him in a film that is scheduled to
start shooting soon?'

I have been an attorney for over twenty years, I've worked both sides
of personal injury cases. The really odd ones are few and far between.

James EP

Odds are terms will be "undisclosed" so we'll likely never know how this turns out.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific



“We are at a crossroads in this country. 
  It's time for the Democratic Party to become Democrats again.
  If they do, our nation will rise up and put Democrats in office."
-- Al Sharpton, speaking the truth
- are the Dems up to it?     Link


 Chicken hawks squawk
  Cindy has Bush hiding like Bernard Shaw


Cindy Sheehan was supposed to wilt in the cruel Texas heat, give up and go home. Instead, she
became a magnet, drawing scores of like-minded men and women: Other Gold Star mothers,
war widows and veterans of the Iraq fighting, as well as anti-war activists.

The true measure of her mission, though is in the desperate counter-attack by a legion of right-wing ideologues: Intellectuals such as George Will and Christopher Hitchens; hacks like Bill O'Reilly,
Sean Hannity and Fred Barnes and the rest of the Fox News Network propaganda machine,
and America's most famous drug addict, Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh likened Sheehan to Bill Burkett, the Texas Air National Guard officer who fed 60 Minutes
those apparently forged records about Bush's Guard service. "Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett,"
the junkie proclaimed. "Her story is nothing more than forged documents."

Including, perhaps, the document that begins: "The Secretary of Defense regrets to inform you ..."?


Call the

...as heard on BCR 80

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Anybody who confronts this Administration or Rumsfeld or the Pentagon 
   with a true assessment, ...their career comes to an end."

   --  General Janis Karpinski, (I-Scapegoat)    Link


 Subject: Russell Crowe

 Bart, you asked,

> Should the day the phone hit the clerk be the lukiest day of his life?

Yes. Why not?

Paul, you're kidding, right? 
What will happen when every other underpaid bellhops hears that the bags he's carrying
belong to the guy who has to give you $15M if you can taunt him into taking a swing at you.

I understand punishing the rich - I even kinda like it, but this is too close to Bart's Law #2..

I wonder what it would be like to be eating in a restaurant with your wife and have five different
people walk up to your table and say something really, really horrible about your wife's genitalia
because they know if they taunt you long enough - some judge will hand them a bushel of cash?


 Today's oil theft total

 2,000,000 barrels of stolen Irqi oil,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is   $66.13 a barrel  
$132,260,000  Bush stole just yesterday

...while he is "hard at work."

Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.


1873  1877 have died for Bush's greed



"If anything happens to me, the man responsible will be Bush.
   He will (have hired) the assassin. This is pure terrorism."
    -- Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, who knows his enemy well,    Link


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 Ashlee Simpson to 'perform' on Oprah
    Why doesn't that read 'sing?'

           "talented performer"

Ashlee Simpson, busted for lip-synching on SNL, will do Oprah this fall.


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