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Sept 7-8, 2005     Volume 1616 - Lake George

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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Apex of Pres. Power
Bush: The Blame Game 
Bush's Culture of Greed
Oil-For-Food Handjob
BartCop FlashBack 
Juli and Hiroshima
Letter to the Monkey 
Bush's Katrina probe 
Alias without Jennifer? 


 Quote of the Day

"So many of the people in the arena here, 
  you know, were underprivileged anyway so this 
  (she chuckled) - this is working very well for them." 
       -- Barbara Bush, chuckling at their misery  Link

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"If any good comes from the catastrophe, it will be that it signaled the beginning of the media's 
reassertion of aggressive, in-your-face reporting, in which it confronts government wrongdoing, 
rather than just swallowing the government's public-relations handouts..." 
    -- Paul levinson, communications professor at Fordham University      Link

The media do their damn jobs?
I won't believe it until I see it.

American media whores don't cover GOP murders, invasions and multi-billion dollar thefts.
No, they can make an extra nickle if they print lies about Bush's "greatness," instead.


 Roberts & the 'Apex of Presidential Power'
  by Nat Parry as seen on consortiumnews.com


What's at stake is not only how the United States deals with abortion and other social issues 
but whether the President will be granted broad authoritarian powers over the nation's future 
and the civil liberties of people worldwide.

While much of the focus on Bush's choice of  Roberts has centered on his life-long conservative 
ideology, including his hostility toward women's rights, a sleeper issue has been Roberts's support for 
giving the Executive nearly unlimited authority, at least when the White House is held by a Republican.

That past support for an Imperial Presidency is even more significant now that Bush has picked 
Roberts to replace Rehnquist, creating the prospect of a Roberts Court that may extend for decades. 
Bush next plans to fill the O'Conner vacancy with another nominee, who is expected to consolidate
right-wing control of the high court

           "Not a problem - Bush is a great president!"


Bush: Leave Blame Game for Later
  Then we can say, "That's old news, water under the bridge"


Criticized for going AWOL for days after Katrina, the White House said Tuesday that "we're not 
going to engage in the blame game" but instead would keep the focus on rescue and recovery efforts.

Scott McClellan (R-Lying Bastard) said Bush was not satisfied with the response and that there are 
problems that need to be addressed. But he would not talk about Brown or say whether any officials 
had offered their resignation because of the widespread criticism.

"This is all looking at the blame game," McClellan said.
"We're not going to engage in the blame game."

Isn't this a little like the White Star shipping line saying they "were not satisfied" with the way
The Titanic's maiden voyage went?

It reminds me what they did with Iran Contra.
For a year or two, Reagan said, "I want to tell you my side, but I can't comment
on anything but trust me - once I'm free to talk you won't be able to shut me up."
Then, when he was free to talk, he said, "I don't remember anything. I'm an old man."

Bush and his gang of felons have never been held responsible for any of their crimes,and it looks 
like they'll skate their way out of responsibility for the thousands of dead due to Katrina, too.


 Oil-For-Food Probe Faults Annan, Others 
  While Bush steals $150M a day, they look into penny crimes


A probe handjob of the Iraq oil-for-food program faults handjob U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan, 
the Security Council and some United Nations member states for "egregious handjob lapses" that 
allowed handjob corruption and handjob incompetence to cripple the handjob operation, according 
to a preface of the final handjob conclusions. 

Neither the Security Council nor the Secretariat leadership was clearly in handjob command," the handjob
preface said. "When things went handjob awry and they surely did when troublesome handjob 
conflicts arose between political handjob objectives and administrative handjob effectiveness, decisions 
were handjob delayed, handjob bungled or simply handjob shunned."

The handjob preface called for four central handjob reforms, including the creation of a chief handjob
operating officer. The U.N. should demand that the handjob changes go into force no later than a 
year from now, the handjob preface said.

Ain't this a bitch?
Bush went to sleep (or colluded with the terrorists) during 9-11 and he got 
his Dad's cover-up expert Lee "Whitewash" Hamilton to absolve him of all blame.

Then Bush lies us into a bloody quagmire - got almost 2,000 soldiers killed and stole $150 million 
every damn  day, then went to sleep again for Katrina and they fuss over the missing pennies at the UN?

Why is it time to play the blame game for missing pennies but we must ignore Bush's crimes?

If only we had a Democratic party in America.
If only we had a free press.


 Bush's culture of greed 
   Bush riots tears away our affluent mask for all the world to see


Instead of the much-celebrated American can-do machine that promises to bring freedom and prosperity to less
fortunate people abroad, we have seen a callous official incompetence that puts even Third World rulers to shame.
The well-reported litany of mistakes by the Bush administration in failing to prevent and respond to Katrina's 
destruction grew longer with each hour's grim revelation from the streets of an apocalyptic New Orleans.

the symbolism of New Orleans' flooding is tragically apt: Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Louisiana Gov. Huey Long's ambitious populist reforms in the 1930s eased Louisiana out of feudalism and toward modernity; the Reagan Revolution and the callousness of both Bush administrations have sent them back toward the abyss. 

Now we have a president who wastes tax revenues in Iraq instead of protecting us at home. Levee improvements were deferred in recent years even after congressional approval, reportedly prompting EPA staffers to dub flooded New Orleans "Lake George."


Subject: Maureen Dowd 

All things in moderation are in order, including your name calling about Dowd. 
You have her wrong, Bart, but I'm curious what made you sink spurs into her in the first place.


Richard, with all due respect, I don't have anything wrong when it comes to Dowd.
I can only assume you haven't been reading this page very long. Examples are in the back pages
She is a serial whore and a liar and she wouldn't know the truth if she was floating in it.

What you have to remember is this:
Her job is not to reveal corruption or tell the truth.
Her job is to attack someone using cutesy phrases that'll get re-told again and again.

That's how you win a Pulitzer in today's American Whore Media system.
You write cutesy attack pieces on whoever people are talking about.
Facts and truth are the very last thing on her mind.

Of course, whores can redeem themselves - David Brock did it
But trust me, Dowd hates Hillary's f-ing guts with every bone in her body
and she semi-sorta doesn't like Der Monkey and his ongoing serial murders.


Random thought...

I'll do my best to avoid getting graphic, but I saw this headline:
New Orleans braces for what lies underneath

"What lies underneath" is an unspeakable horror like we've never seen - and it's getting worse.

Maybe you've noticed, but we've avoided the sensational horror stories.
There are thousands of sensational horror stories available on other sites.

But I read a story by a guy who said he waded thru waist-deep water for a few blocks.
Then he corrected himself and said, "It wasn't water, it was human waste and body parts and oil."

Under Bush, we've lost an American city for the first time.

They (Dowd, Limbaugh, NYWT, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. assured us, 
"There's no need for the president to be smart."

Would the New Orleans victims return a high five to that? 


Please visit brooklynposters.com

BartCop FlashBack

From BartCop Volume 365 - The Clampdown

December 23, 2000 

 ...but that idiot Smirk will still lead us into war and recession like his daddy, 
 and he'll only appoint judges who will help steal future elections, too. 

Cain't nobody predict the future like Ol' Bart.


Subject: Hillary 


You say that you want the BFEE out of the white house. Well, I got bad news for you, 
and I thought you would be able to see it by now. Bill and Hillary  are part of the BFEE. 
Do you think Barry Seal ran drugs for the CIA through Mena Airport without Bill knowing? 

Sure, Clinton was nobody then.
If the CIA calls and says, "We need an airport," the Gov will say, "OK."

So if you get Hillary then you get more BFEE. Have you noticed how much Bill and Bush
daddy hang out. You think that is an anomaly? Come on Bart wake up! 

If only I had the courage to open my eyes...

As for naming some one else. I say Howard Dean, Wes Clark, Mike Easley or just about 
anyone on Earth outside of our country's career politicians would be a better candidate. 

Hell I'd even vote for you Ol' Bart over the current trash offered up as candidates.


Hillary has the charisma and she can raise money like no other Democrat.
And why do people insist the Clinton are part of the BFEE?
Why would they pay a hundred million to impeach a partner?



The art of Sandra Flood

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"The primary responsibility of the media is accountability of government,
  whether it's about lying under oath, which upset Democrats, (zero dead)
 or the mismanagement of responding to a hurricane, (thousands dead, 
 maybe tens of thousands dead) which upset Republicans."
     -- Tim Russert, Bush's boy at NBC     Link

 Russert, you continue to be one of the worst press whores.
 You pretend you don't understand the difference between a blow job and 10,000 dead in New Orleans.

Can't you take off your whore hat for just this once?

 Clinton lied about sex which was nobody's f-ing business.
 Bush stole the 2000 election, he went to sleep (at best) on 9-11,
 started a war based on lies and then played guitar and golf while
 thousands of people were dying of thirst - and you can't get the 
 difference between 9/11, a war and Katrina and a blow job.

 You're lying, Russert and you know you're lying.

 BTW, why are you trying so hard to "burn down" the Democratic party?

Were you sexually molested by Patrick Moynihan? 
 Is this your revenge?


 Subject: the Red Cross

The Red Cross is a Worldwide relief organization.  When you donate, you can 
specify where your money goes and it will be spent on that region.  So, if 
you want your money to go EXCLUSIVELY to the Gulf Coast, you need to say so.

But most people donate to the general "Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund."  
Simply put, this is the Red Cross' cash reserve that is in place so that they can respond 
to a disaster immediately in any part of the World.  Need to airlift food to Rawanda, 
it pays for the planes.  Need to truck water to the Gulf Coast, it pays for the water and trucks.  
Need to get hospital tents to Sri Lanka after a Tsunami...You get the point.

The Disaster Releif Fund is precisely why the Red Cross is the first releif organization 
on the ground in EVERY disaster in EVERY nation under ANY circumstances.



 Big Katrina fight at FOX Whore News


Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera were livid about the situation in NOLA as they appeared on Hannity and Wimp.
When Hannity tried his usual spin job and said "Let's get this in perspective," Smith chopped him off at the knees 
and started yelling at him saying, "This is perspective!"  It was shocking.

Who knew Shepard Smith had a human streak in him?
Better watch it, Shep.
At FOX, you get a raise if you lie and spin for Bush, but if you tell the truth
you'll find you're not getting as much camera time as you once did.


Click  to  Order

Thanks to Terry

Subject: Clinton fathers black baby with prostitute 


Can you specify the date of the Times article "Clinton fathers crack baby?" 
I've searched pretty hard and no luck.


Wal, what - no attack?
Dude, you feeling OK?  :)

Years ago, maybe '98 or '99, somebody called me on that so I asked our dozens of readers
to help me search for the NYWT headline/story of Clinton and the crack baby ...and it's gone.
The ass-for-rent New York Whore Times took that vulgar accusation off their server.

In America, our "best" newspaper has to hide their crooked past.
At  bartcop.com  we don't change back issues because we haven't told any lies.

Can you believe ANY newspaper would hide their recent past?
During Monica, Matt Drudge and the vulgar Pigboy acted as the NYWT editorial board.

The story they ran said, "Clinton fathers black crack baby," says Drudge.

The Old Grey Lady has turned into an old whore nobody wanted to be with. 
I'm so old, I remember when there was a difference between the NYT and the National Enquirer.

Tequila-fueled  bartcop.com  has more credibility than the New York Whore Times.



is a


...and the BFEE makes a


at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

We're having some signs made. 

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here  to donate to the sign fund 

So far, we have $2205 in the sign fund.

Do you have any extra cash for signs?

It's not tax deductable, but
think of the money you'll lose 
if those bastards win again. 


 Subject: donation

Bush must go!  
Those who continue to support this man can no longer claim ignorance. 
Love the show, love your passion. 
Keep swingin'! 
Mike in Washington State

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Pink  wearing her  bartcop.com
"Worst President Ever" shirt

My good friend Juli and Hiroshima 


Private Youngner still had no idea where he was ultimately heading, or why. He was exhausted, 
so he found an empty bench in the station, set down his duffel bag beside him, and fell asleep.

An hour later, Youngner awoke to see a man in civilian clothes standing beside the bench, peering down at him. 
Like the man who had answered Youngner's phone call, this one did not identify himself. He just asked: 
"Are you Private Youngner?"

"Yes," Youngner answered, groggily.

"Come with me."

Youngner accompanied the man outside the station to a civilian car and got in on the passenger side. 
The two rode in silence until Youngner finally asked: "Where are we going?"

"To a place called Oak Ridge."

"What's that?"

"You'll find out."


Entering the Rochester train station, the Youngners heard the shrill voices of newsboys hawking extra 
editions of newspapers. Excited people crowded around, snapping up copies. Youngner walked over to 
the newsstand. In the instant it took his eyes to scan the headlines, Youngner realized for the first time 
the true nature of the project on which he had been working.

I got goosebumps reading that article - I think you might, too. 
Like our Monkey president, Juli helped change America's future - more than once.
But unlike Bush, Dr. Julius Youngner changed America in positive ways.

At last Sunday's PittsburgH Steelers game, they had Dr. Youngner's picture  on the scoreboard
while he was being interviewed - live in the stadium. When PittsburgH realized they had a real hero
in their midst, the 60,000 in attendance gave him a standing ovation - that must have been fantastic.

Does anyone have a tape of that?

  I do, Bart!  I do!

Bush promises Katrina probe 


Bush promised to investigate "what went wrong" with the government's response to 
Katrina but turned a deaf ear to calls for holding anybody responsible.

"What I intend to do is to lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong," 
he said after a cabinet meeting. 

Once again, Bush will investigate his thousands-are-dead mistakes.
Or he might get his good friend Lee "Whitewash" Hamilton to declare him innocent.

When Clinton was president, we had $1.50 gas, peace and prosperity - so what did the bastards investigate?

Did Clinton try to get Monica a job? 
   This is serious stuff and we have a right to know!

Did Mike Espy ride a Tyson plane to the Cowboy football game?
   This is serious stuff and we have a right to know!
Did Clinton get a $250 haircut that delayed some flights? (He didn't.)
   This is serious stuff and we have a right to know!

 With Bush the Butcher of Baghdad, we get:
Bush's 9-11 cover-up, 
Bush's bloody quagmire in Iraq cover-up
Bush's "Let's not play the blame game" handjob when he killed New Orleans.

 The press gives Bush a free ride and the Democrats quake like little scared bunnies.

 It should make you want to f-ing puke.



Subject: a couple dim-ericks 

There once was a man with no brain
Who started a fight with Hussein
Many troops were deployed
Corporate profits enjoyed
While the problems that were...remain

The president, or so it might seem
Shows a streak that is pure mean
A storm blasted the nation
He stayed on vacation
And poor people died in Orleans.

Wolf the cartoonist


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 Gilligan Dies at 70



 Letter to the Monkey 

New Orleans is underwater. Thousands of people are missing and/or dead. Scores more 
have lost their homes permanently, and are suffering in squalid conditions.

The Mayor of New Orleans has called this the largest disaster in the history of the country. 
But what's more disastrous, the hurricane, or the slow-as-molasses response from the 
federal agencies for which you're responsible? 

You seem to be more interested in getting a tan and going on vacation than running a country 
that's falling apart-- and no, not Iraq. I mean running this country.

But perhaps your preoccupation with (and of) Iraq is part of the problem. It's not as if you 
didn't have any warning that this would happen: In early 2001, FEMA ranked this possible 
disaster right up there with a terrorist attack on New York City. So with a need for $250 million 
to shore up hurricane and flooding-prevention projects, you slashed the funding to almost nil.


Marty's Entertainment Page


"In Katrina, CNN learned from Jon Stewart how to use simple juxtaposition to make a point. 
  Clip of a federal official explaining how no one anticipated the strength of the storm. 
  Clip from the Weather Channel proving plenty of people did."
       -- Jay Rosen, journalism professor at New York University    Link

I love that - because Jon Stewart and Air America and a few web sites are all journalism has left.
As my missing associate at  mediawhoresonline.com  used to say, 
"We set out to bring the media to their knees, only to find out they were already there."

That's a great line, mostly because it's so true.
Jon Stewart, with his tiny show, made the entire "We love Bush" American media look like fools.

Our whore media refuses to tell the truth, so Jon Stewart does their job for then.

A shot of Chinaco Anejo for Jon Stewart,

...and a heartfelt, "Fuck you" to the press whores who assist the Butcher of Baghdad with his 
never-ending, taxpayer-financed, worldwide rape and murder spree every time they file a story.


Subject: guns


It's like I've always said, you never know when you'll need a gun. 
Usually by the time you realize you need one, it's too late to get one.

That's why I have two. 

One for picking off zombies from a distance, 
and one for mowing them down when they're smashing through the windows. 


Funny, before I bought my Glock, I asked myself what kin\d of gun I'd need.
I thought of Michael's Thriller video - the goons coming in the doors & windows
and I thought, "I need a gun that can rapid fire about a dozen bullets."

I have a 357 S&W Magnum that I kept in my desk at the car lot because it looks like a real gun.

At the lot, it's a whole different legal story than inside your home.
Inside my home, anyone taller than a cat who's not Mrs Bart won't get a hearing.
I can't afford to give some burglar the benefit of the doubt when he's inside my house.


Call the

...as heard on BCR 80

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message. 


"And most chillingly of all, this is the Law and Order and Terror government. 
  It promised protection against all threats: conventional, radiological, or biological. 
  It has just proved that it can't save its citizens from standing water." 
   -- Keith Olbermann 


 Subject: Who else is there? 


 I love your website.  Thanks for all that you do.

 I think you were right on in your response to Rob Mahon regarding Senator Clinton 
 and Dowd (who has hated Clinton for years).  But when you close by asking 
 'because who else is there?',  I feel moved to respond:



Will, I liked Gore, but he laid down.

He refused to fight back. As a result, he lost to the stupidest criminal who ever ran for office. 
Kerry is worse, losing to the stupid criminal  with 9/11and a war of lies on his resume.

Our side needs to remember how to fight back,
I want to see a Hillary/Clark ticket, but I'd settle for half that.


 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade) 
 times today's oil price which is   $69.47 a barrel
makes $138,940,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1884  1893 have died


|Subject: Guns are bad - well, maybe not... 

'Yup, I stand corrected. With Bush in charge, ain't gonna BE 
no law and order, so I better buy a shotgun.
Well, what do you know? 
Bush turned me into a 'law and order' Conservative!
Can I have a big tax cut now?

Keep up the good work......



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