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Friday  Sept 9, 2005     Volume 1617 - Wet Baghdad

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Rehnquist's Legacy
The search for Snowball  
MS to Cheney: GFY 
Bush and Katrina
Hardy Jackson struggles
Survivors to W's doorstep
Search for Snowball
The unfeeling president
Lindsay Lohan hosts 


 Quote of the Day

"Letting George Bush investigate his
  Katrina mess  is like letting a pitcher
  call his own balls and strikes."
     -- someone on CNN


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"The stench of death and suffering overwhelm the senses.
Try to think about all the worst possible scents combined; it's worse.
Your mind goes numb during that brief inhale and you can only try to
imagine what these abandoned citizens went through.
Being in New Orleans is like soaking yourself in unthinkable despair."

   -- Kyle  Link  


 If only we had a president who cared about black people and poor people...


 Rehnquist's Legacy: A Partisan Court


As the late U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist is warmly remembered for his 
conservatism and his defense of judicial prerogatives, a troubling part of his legacy is being ignored
- his unprecedented politicization of the American courts, at times making them little more than
an enforcement arm for the Republican Party.

When the chips were down for Republican leaders - from George H.W. Bush on the Iran-Contra 
scandal to George W. Bush in Election 2000 - Rehnquist worked behind the scenes with other 
right-wing judges to make the federal courts the GOP's last line of defense. In doing so, these jurists 
made a mockery of their sworn duty to enforce the law impartially and to protect the Constitution.

Much of this history of Rehnquist's partisanship is being forgotten amid this week's eulogies about 
a respected Washington figure who supposedly mellowed in his later years. But the reality is that 
Rehnquist always remained the Republican partisan that he was in his early days in Arizona politics.



"And consider Bay High School in Bay St. Louis, Miss. It was an unofficial shelter 
turned cesspool, the sight of which Gary Turner, Trudy Roberts and Felix Ruiz said 
should be considered a crime. The three strangers became a rescue team of sorts 
when they fled to the high school themselves and found people in their 70s, 80s 
and 90s wallowing in their own waste on the auditorium floors. They had been 
brought to the school and abandoned, most unable to move without help. 
Rats wouldn't even go in there."
    --Vicki Smith   Link


 Monkey offers Katrina families $2,000 each


Bush is offering dispossessed Katrina families debit cards good for $2,000.
Der Monkey is working to recast a relief effort drawing scant praise from 
Republicans and scathing criticism from top congressional Democrats. 

Bush is "oblivious, ...in denial, ...dangerous," when it comes to the plight of the storm's victims, 
says Nancy Pelosi.   Harry Reid asked pointedly whether Monk impeded relief efforts by 
playing golf and jerking with country music stars while the storm murdered black people.

Two thoughts:
This story hides the truth - when Pelosi said, "Things went wrong," Monk looked at her and said, 
"What things went wrong?"  That's why she called him "oblivious, in denial and.dangerous."

Second, isn't $2000 too much for those darkie families?
After all, the senior Bush bitch said, "So many of these people were underprivileged anyway
so this (she chuckled) - this is working very well for them." 

If the BFEE were honest (should I finish this sentence?) they'd just take out an ad that says,
"We hate black people - we don't care because they don't vote Republican."


 Bush and Katrina
   by Darrow

Watching the horror that is New Orleans unfold has left me even more depressed and saddened 
about my country. Even more depressing than the wholesale rape and looting of my country by the 
powers-that-be are the Americans who have enabled this train wreck on two legs to unleash yet 
another four years of death and destruction on the world - even after they'd witnessed the first four. 
They don't just enable, they excuse and try to deflect any and all criticism of their Dear Leader.

To those people who have supported Bush and his policies, especially the so-called "Pro-Life Christians"
who support a "Culture of Life" I'd like to ask Dr. Phil style, "How's that working out for you?" 

You fucking shameless, self-righteous, heartless bastards. You have every bit as much blood 
on your hands as the disaster team that you elected. Fuck you and fuck your merciful, all-powerful,
all-loving God. If this past five years hasn't proved to you that "He" doesn't exist 
then what
the fuck will it take?



Subject: text wrap

Hey dude, your text wrap is still loopy sometimes -seems to happen most on your cut-and-paste items. 
Here's an example:

>  Excerpt:
>Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera were livid about the situation in NOLA as they appeared on Hannity and
>When Hannity tried his usual spin job and said "Let's get this in perspective," Smith chopped him off at
>the knees 
>and started yelling at him saying, "This is perspective!" It was shocking.


Lee, I don't know about these things, but my tech people tell me that's a monitor setting.
In Control Panel, click on Display and shoot for 1024 x 768.  I hope that helps.


Gulfport to Cheney: "Go fuck yourself"


Cheney was confronted by an irate heckler when he toured Gulfport, Mississippi.

Cheney, who was sent to the region by his Monkey amid intense criticism of Bush's
response to the disaster, was briefing reporters when he was interrupted by a bystander.

"Go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney!" the unidentified man shouted.
He repeated: "Go fuck yourself!"

Asked by a reporter if had encountered similar protests during his tour,
Cheney replied: "That's the first time I've heard it."
- then blamed John Kerry!

Audio in the next BCR.


Subject: The Life of the Chief Justice

When a person passes we reflect upon the life of that person and how he changed society. 
I think that most people would agree that Justice Rehnquist's most enduring legacy will be 
the 5th vote that appointed Bush president, substituting his judgment for the will of the 
American electorate. Had he not joined in appointing Bush we would not be at war in Iraq. 
We would not have gone from the most prosperous nation on the planet to the biggest 
debtor nation on the planet. And - it would have cost less than half to fill our gas tank 
than it does today.

When a person passes they leave a legacy behind. What a person does in life often affects 
generations to come. It's just too bad Justice Rehnquist couldn't have taken his legacy with him 
because life in this world is far worse today because of his bad choices. His passing reminds us 
that when we face the judgment of history, if we want to be remembered well, we have to 
accomplish good things in our lives.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

In a recent radio show, I mentioned the outright lies that people tell when someone dies.
CNN (who scored a lot of points with me during Katrina) keeps talking about "the love"
the American people had for Rehnquist that has come gushing forth.

That's pure bullshit.
How could anyone love Rehnquist?  Nobody knew him.
The only times I ever saw him move or speak was swearing in the president and
presiding over that horseshit, kangaroo impeachment farce in 1998 - so what's to love?

Nobody loved Rehnquist except some people who knew him personally, so CNN,
do us all a favor and stop lying.


The art of Sandra Flood

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"Texas is just shining here. Texas is doing everything right down there."
  -- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, comparing Texas' performance to Bush's


 Subject: Chinaco Anejo


I am in Mexico City in a 5 Star Hotel with a tequila bar. 
I asked the bartender about Chinaco and he said that it is NOT 100% Agave. 

ha ha
Ask him if he's a gamblin' man...

He said that you can put 100% Agave on the label and it doesn't have to be true. 
BUT, if it has these two little items on the label, it IS 100% Agave. 

Perhaps he's jealous because most, if not all, the top stuff goes to the US.
I'm not sure you can get Chinaco Anejo in Mexico City - can you?

Those 2 things are CMT or CRT and a little green plant that is supposed to be the Agave. 
I have seen other bottles that try confuse with a lots of similar little plants but they aren't the real deal. 
I'd check it out if I were you.

Keep hammering,

The CMT and CRT is just shorthand for which distillary it came from, like the NOM number.

In a way, I wish he was right because that would mean there were better tasting nectars 
in the world and I'd give anything for that rumor to be true.
If Chinaco is the bad stuff, can you imagine how good the real deal is?  :)

I say call his bluff and raise the bet.
I don't know much about liable laws in Mexico, but he better watch his ass.   


 Biloxi man still struggles 
  After watching wife be swept away,


The day after Katrina wiped out Biloxi, viewers across the country were moved 
by the story of Hardy Jackson. 

A Pensacola TV crew happened across Hardy not long after Hurricane Katrina's 
storm surge swept away his house, then his wife. 

"I held her hand as tight as I could, but she told me, 'You can't hold me,' " he sobbed 
as he wandered the street with his grandchildren. "We ain't got no where to go. 
I'm lost. That's all I had." 

Days later, Hardy's T-shirt was still in the tree he grabbed onto in the middle of the storm. 
He pointed to it as he recalled his struggle. 

"A wave came up, she came up and I slid -- Lord you know it's true -- and I slid 
right on down there," he explained. 

A massive wall of water, more than 20 feet high, crushed his neighborhood and 
swept his wife Tawnee away. Hardy said it was actually two waves from different 
directions that was finally too much. 

"I saw that big monster wave coming this way, that big son of a gun coming this way, 
it hit that house there and -- wham," he recalled. 

"She said, 'Take care of the kids and the grandkids,' " then she let go.

You know what's really sad?
Bush has missed some of his bike riding - because Karl made him go pose with the darkies.


Imagine 10,000 Katrina survivors on Bush's doorstep



Subject: Hillary

Well, Bart, if she is "not like the others" 
why dooen't she do something different from the others?

Many Kind Regards
Norm in Rome (Italy)

Norm, in my opinion, and maybe Hillary's too, her job is to avoid 
making headlines until she starts her official run for the White House.
Sher's got to keep her powder dry until she's ready to attack.

A year ago, Howard Dean looked like the sure nominee, but he peaked
too soon and he most people considered him a has-been the day after Iowa.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Hillary probably can't run for president twice.
And if the BFEE retains control of everything, we'll lose what's left of our country.

Don't forget - she's married to the smartest politician in our party.
I hope the Hillary haters don't give the BFEE another four years.


Subject: Please, Bart; just explain it to me.  Please!

The other day during that absurd press conference in Houston, with the Bushies and 
the Clintons, again, side by side, a rather rude question was thrown at Poppy as he was 
walking away from the podium, and I heard Bill say to him, " I got your back." 

Why should Bill Clinton give a flying rats ass about these people?

I don't blame Bill and Hill for hating the MSM for what they did to them, but g--damn 
do they have to help try to bail Junior's butt out, every time he has one of his ADHD 
spells when he should be running the country?  Could Bill Clinton, just once, start out 
on his own, before a call from the BFEE, summoning him to the Court of fools?.

Bart, it is not helping the country or Hill's political career 
to be so tight with America's biggest crime family.

I disagree, but go om.

Please, Bart, just explain why the Clintons keep buddying up with the BFEE? 
It isn't good for the country. It does not bring about unity (and I hope to Koresh 
it doesn't, as long as the BFEE is in power). It makes me doubt the Clintons big time, 
and it is having the same effect on many others. 


Please, just give me an explanation, if you know one. 

I think I have the answer - but you've asked a lot of questions :) 

First, the thing that makes you mad probably makes the country happy.
When the tsunami hit, there was hundreds of thousands of dead and Clinton
accepted a request to help - not a bad thing for him to have done, and yes,
I would rather see Clinton fighting for our side - but look how reasonable 
both Bill and Hillary are looking these days. 

Viewers see Bill working with Bush the Smarter and Hillary traveling with McCain
and they want more of that. Plus, the comparison makes Bill look great, don't you think? 

The whole country is seeing an inept, arrogant, phoney, partisan liar self-destruct on TV
and they see the wise, elder statesman Bill who led us to the best peace and prosperity ever. 

I think it's a brilliant strategy.

I wonder how many subscribers this next paragraphs will cost me?

If Hillary had gone to visit Cindy Sheehan - think what they would've done to her.
"There was Hillary, attacking our soldiers with Code Pink and moveon.org
and Joan Baez and the kooks and even Jane Baghdad Fonda was there!"

Hell, if  bartcop.com  was bigger, they'd say, "Hillary was photographed holding a sticker
for BartCop, the web guy who calls our dear president 'Der Monkey' ...and worse!' 
Is that what we want in the White House?"

Bottom line: We have three choices.
Accept that the BFEE will run Amerikkka from now on.
Get behind the Clinton/Clark juggernaut - and keep nutjobs like Nader out of the race.
Take a chance that Dean, Gore, Kerry, Edwards, etc. will catch fire. 

I'm betting on Number Two.


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
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         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

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It's not tax deductable, but
think of the money you'll lose 
if those bastards win again. 


 Subject: donation

Wanted to throw a bit of coin in the tip jar, sorry it isnt more. 
Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work and your strong spirits. 
One reason I like you so much, Bart, is that you are as honest as the day
is long and not afraid to admit mistakes. 

Keep swinging that big ass hammer! 

Yer pal, 

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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Beating Around the Bush

Kurt Vonnegut, Art Buchwald, Paul Krassner, and Barry Crimmins.
Wise and incendiary political satire at its best.

Oct 6 in New York


The unfeeling president should be held accountable

    by Carla Binion


The spin has also been that the president will later conduct his own investigation to
determine what went wrong, as if the above information weren't already widely known.
We don't need further investigation to show Bush bears responsibility.

For the first two days of the crisis, Bush piddled around his ranch. He gave a speech
comparing the Iraq war to World War II, and laughed while playing guitar with a country singer.

He gave silly, out of touch speeches, saying at one press conference on the fourth day after
the flooding began, "Hopefully, most people have gotten themselves onto roofs and have
been picked up. But, as I said, rather than give you a guesstimate, I can tell you that as long as
there is someone on a roof waving a flag, we're going to be sending a helicopter out there to get them."

All Americans who voted for Bush, and those in Congress and the mainstream media who have
placed confidence in his leadership, should remember this fact: The signs were there all along that
this man didn't have the mental acumen or depth needed to lead the country.




"This morning, it seemed an entire city was reduced to begging the President for help."
   -- ABC's Chris Bury, five days after Katrina hit   



 Saddam did not confess
   Bush gang gets caught lying again

Saddam attorney denied that he confessed to ordering executions and killing Kurds.

"There was no confession by Saddam. The investigations in this case do not implicate him,"
Khalil Dulaimi said in a statement sent to Reuters.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said that an investigator who questioned Saddam told him
he had extracted important confessions from him and that Saddam had signed them.

Talabani did not say whether Saddam had actually admitted to committing any crimes,
or had merely acknowledged that he was head of state and commander in chief of the
army at the time of various military operations.

The second I hear Saddam had confessed, I knew it was horseshit but I couldn't
get my opinion in print before the truth was revealed. No way Saddam is confessing.

There isn't going to be a trial.
They'll murder him in his cell, or have a military doctor whack him.
Former BFEE partners don't talk - they die.



"No More (football) Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. 
No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 
17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. 
No Fun -- for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. 
Relax -- This won't hurt."
  -- Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note, via Rolling Stone



Subject: Katrina victims 


To all those affected by hurricane Katrina, our thoughts and prayers are with you
and your loved ones. We have been so saddened by the events that have occurred
that it is hard to put into words. The shock that we are going through can only be a
fraction of a fraction of what you, the survivors, must be feeling at this time.

We can not forget and will not allow anyone to forget this tragedy.
We are standing with you and behind you in support and will follow your lead
in rebuilding your lives and your communities.

Richard and Jennifer




 The search for Snowball


Among the thousands of crushing moments from last week, one image brought the anguish home
to many: a tearful little boy torn from his dog while being shuttled to safety.

It tugged at the heartstrings, prompting an outpouring from around the country of people on the 
hunt for both the boy and his dog Snowball in hopes of a reunion.

"Everyone wants to know about Snowball," said Laura Maloney, executive director of the 
Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The boy at the Superdome after the hurricane. But when he went to board a bus to Houston, 
a cop took the dog away. The boy cried out "Snowball! Snowball!" - then vomited in distress.

They say that's the number one reason people chose not to evacuate - their pets would die.
Trust me, that would be the case as Casa de Bart.  Mrs. Bart likes those cats more than me.
If we had to evacuate, and there was just enough room for either the cats or me, ...well, 
...let's just say I've always been a good swimmer.


BTW, they found Snowball. 


 Report: Barge caused flooding
   Saw it on  waynemadsenreport.com

   Link   Then scroll down to "barge" 

WMR has just been informed by evacuees in Baton Rouge that the flooding of the city 
was caused by a loose barge striking the levee on the 17th Street Canal thus weakening 
the retaining wall. The breach was not caused by rising flood waters.

Distraught evacuees want to know why the Coast Guard or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 
did not secure the barge. The evacuees who witnessed the barge striking the levee also want 
to know why the major media is not covering this story. It is not known what company owns 
the barge but if it is a major campaign contributor to the GOP, the answer is self-evident.


Saw it on Moxiegrrrl.com

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific 

 Bush-Katrina timeline


8 p.m. – Condi takes in a Broadway show: "On Wednesday night, Secretary Rice
was booed by some audience members at Spamalot!, the Monty Python musical, at the Shubert,
when the lights went up after the performance [New York Post].”

9 p.m. — FEMA Director Brown claims surprise over storm size:
"I must say, this storm is much, much bigger than anyone expected [CNN].”

Cheney remains on vacation in Wyoming: The vice president has not said a word
publicly about Katrina as he remained on vacation all week in Wyoming.

They stole power so they could play hooky while thousands were dying.


Call the

...as heard on BCR 80

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there. 

You have two minutes to record your message. 


Random thought...

Recently, Pat Robertson asked God to smite the sodomites.
He also asked God to kill a Supreme court justice.

We're all in trouble if God is follow Pat Robertson's orders.


 Subject: Dowd

Dear Bart

With all due respect to Richard, (last issue) you are spot on about Dowd. 
For a more complete history about her columns, check the archives of The Daily Howler. 
However, I'll just give you one example of how she shilled for Buh in 2000.

One of the lies the mainstream media told repeatedly about Gore was that he was a serial liar. 
This was greatly helped by Dowd who wrote a column ridiculing Gore for saying that he and 
Tipper were role models for Erich Segal's "Love Story". Gore had not claimed any such thing, 
but later on it was learned that both Gore and Tommy Lee Jones were both role models for t
he character of Oliver. 

In addition, a few years before, Dowd had herself written a column recounting the entire 
Segal story in writing the book in which *she* reported Segal saying that Gore was one 
of his role models.. 

When she wrote her first Bash Bush column, I sent her an e-mail saying she had noone 
but herself to thank if she didn't like bush, since she helped put him in office.



 Today's oil theft total

 2,000,000 barrels of stolen Iraqi oil,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade) 
 times today's oil price which is   $64.49 a barrel 
makes $128,980,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1893  1895 have died for Halliburton 


Rescue Me 
It was the best show on TV all summer, on a par with The Shield and The Sopranos.

Surely, the most difficult feat to pull off is to have dead-serious drama mixed with
comedy that makes you laugh out loud again and again.

Denis Leary should get an Emmy for acting.
Denis Leary should get an Emmy for writing.
Denis Leary should get an Emmy for producing.
The Rescue Me cast should get an ensemble Emmy, too..

All year, FDNY firefighter "Tommy" has been battling a monster alcohol problem,
a pill problem and severe depression over surviving 9/11. His dead best friend keeps
appearing and punching him in the chin so hard he knocks him off his feet.   Jesus also
appears, usually dripping blood on hard-luck Tommy who's trying so hard to survive.

On Tuesday's show, a drunk driver ran over his 8 year old son.
Tommy's trained to act in an emergency, so he scooped up his son's super-bloody and
lifeless body and yelled "Get in the truck - he's going to be OK" to his wife.

It looked so real - the kid's broken legs were flapping like a flag in a strong wind.
The entire rest of the show was done without dialog. The look on the ER doctor's face
told Tommy his son was gone, and the look on Tommy's face broke the news to his wife .
A masterstroke of story telling.

The episode ended with Tommy closing his dead son's eyes, and his wife, in shock,
slapping his face hard - twice - for buying his kid a bike. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Previews from next Tuesday, the season finale, show the hit-and-run driver being
arrested and Tommy, apparently, pulling a "Jack Ruby" on his son's murderer.

Will his dead best friend stop him?
Will Jesus stop him? 

TV doesn't get any better than this.


 Michael Brown's fake resume 
  Failed FEMA director resume was padded

Before joining FEMA, his only previous stint in emergency management, was "serving as an
assistant city manager with emergency services oversight." The White House press release
from 2001 stated that Brown worked for the city of Edmond, Okla., from 1975 to 1978
"overseeing the emergency services division." In fact, Brown was an "assistant to the city
manager" from 1977 to 1980, not a manager himself, and had no authority over other
employees. "The assistant is more like an intern," she told TIME.

"He was very loyal. He always had on a suit and a starched white shirt."



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Lindsay Lohan helps Bush victim 



Lindsay Lohan has opened her house to a complete stranger,
after discovering a young girl couldn't return to New Orleans.




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