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Sept 14, 2005     Volume 1620 - It ain't pretty

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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Iraq Explosions kill 160 
BFEE Profits at all levels
FAA Alerted in '98
Why We Shouldn't
Reality finally bites Bush
March w/Cindy on 9/24
Cost of Buying "Idol" 
Katrina shakes America
Kimberly Williams is 34 


 Quote of the Day

"My attitude is this: The storm 
  didn't discriminate, and neither 
  will the recovery effort." 
     -- our simplistic, racist Monkey president


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"Judge Roberts, since you're not answering any questions, you're asking us
   to roll the dice with you. We know nothing about you, and you're asking us
   to confirm this lifetime appointment."
       -- Sen. Joe Biden, from my memory

Joe, you just screwed up.
You just painted yourself into a corner, Einstein.

Either Roberts starts talking OR you have to filibuster his nomination.
If he doesn't talk and you don't filibuster, that means you admit that you're
rolling the dice with the civil rights of every American for the next 30 years and Joe,

...that's not yours to gamble with.

Time to be a man, Joe.
Time to stand the hell up.
It's time for you, (for the first time since the 2000 elections) to do some damn work,

Stop cashing your paycheck and resign immediately if you're not willing
to do your damn job and stop John 'women-are-stupid' Roberts.


 12 Explosions in Iraq Kill at Least 160
  Did Katrina teach the US what a disaster Bush is?


A dozen explosions ripped through the Iraqi capital in rapid succession Wednesday,
killing at least 160 people and wounding 542 in a series of attacks that...

No need to read the details because the story is the same every day.
Iraq is a hellhole run by religio-crazies who love to kill.

This is proof that we've lost this war.
Our military had some successes Monday so the "insurgets" retaliate, is essence saying,
"Every time you make some gains we will wipe them out with 160 murders."

How man we ever win when they're all willing to die?

If only John Kerry hadn't been such a coward.
He could've changed the history of the planet - for the better - but I guess
that's not as important as keeping your word to a fellow Bonesman..

John, please announce that you'll never run for any office again - please?


Bush Cohorts Profiteering at all levels
  Why start a war if you can't make billions from it?


"Brownie" told a reporter that the removal of bodies from New Orleans was being handled by
a company called "Kenyon".  Kenyon International bills itself as "Worldwide Disaster Management."
How convenient for GWBush to have a disaster management company that enriches his friends
and supporters to clean up after him as he spreads disasters worldwide.

Kenyon is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCI Corp., "the largest provider of funeral, cremation,
and cemetery services in North America." SCI Corp is owned by major Bush contributor and
friend Robert Waltrip, who was at the center of the scandal known as "Funeralgate".

If Grandma falls a breaks a hip, the BFEE will find a way to make a profit from it.


 FAA Alerted in '98, says whitewash panel
  They kept that secret until after the '04 elections


American aviation officials were warned as early as 1998 that Al Qaeda could "seek to hijack
a commercial jet and slam it into a U.S. landmark," according to previously secret portions of
a report prepared last year by the Sept. 11 commission. The officials also realized months
before the Sept. 11 attacks that two of the three airports used in the hijackings had suffered
repeated security lapses.octors

Good thing the democrats didn't object to Lee Whitewash Hamilton represent the oppostion
when in fact, he's been working for the BFEE since he covered up the Iran-Contra scandal.


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 Reality finally bites Bush


Reality has finally caught up to George W. Bush. The bubble in which the president has been
governing has finally burst, or, more aptly, has gotten so waterlogged it is too heavy to drag around.
Cindy couldn't do it, but Katrina did. Bush has been shoved awake from his long national daydream
to find that, to his surprise, the country cannot be governed effectively by giving high-ranking officials
cutesy nicknames and engaging in determined wishful thinking. Welcome to the real world, Mr. President.
Any ideas on what to do now?"


Subject: monkey debate

I am having an email debate with a local Bush monkey.  I need to know where to find
documentation on the fact that President Clinton never lost a service man or woman in combat.


Dude, you're doing it all wrong - make the monkey do the work.
Insist that he list the men who died after Clinton sent them into battle.

The best he can do is to say "Somalia," then remind him Bush the Smarter
sent them there without armor KNOWING Al Qaeda ran the place.

That's a Bush family tradition - get a bunch of men killed so they can scream "Outrage!"
which gives them the excuse to invade and make billions off the dead heroes.


(Now with correct link!)

Subject: Clintons know more about politics

Hello Bart,

Listen, I think you are a confused okie.  Where in heck do you stand?  T
his bs you sling about how being "in the center" puts you in tune with "most voters" really gets on my nerves.
A goodly portion of "most voters" voted for Bush.
Stop with this centrist crap, will you?

President Mondale, is that you?

Listen, Clinton (the politician) was indeed successful, POLITICALLY SPEAKING.
But he did a number of things detrimental to us.  "Us" being you and me, average Mercans.
He passed NAFTA, a Bush-Reagan initiative that had no chance of passing through Congress on its own.
He de-regulated the banking industry (is this good centrism?).  And, his sins to not limited to this,
he de-regulated the fucking ELECTRIC INDUSTRY!
WTF, Bartcop?  Kenny Lay.  Enron.  Halliburton.

I can't answer a question until you ask it.

Dude: You gotta get a grip.
When you say McGovern and Dukakis are the future of the opposition, you concede the whole left's agenda.

I don't know what that means.

Fuck it, Bartcop, why don't you just concede everything?
Clinton and all you "centrists" are simply a slower way of doing the BFEE's will.

I like you, Bart.  But I still think you are kinda stupid.

trust me, you're not the only one with that opinion,
and you're not the first to tell me that.

Being with most voters don't make you either smart or democratic: it makes you... nothin'.

-- Fern

Fern, would you rather be "nothin'" and control
the White House,
the senate,
the House,
the military,
the courts,
the media and
American's foreign policy?

Or would you rather be "sombody" and have what we have right now?



"...if the collapse of the Soviet Union and 9/11 bookend a major shift in international politics,
  then this is a period not just of grave danger, but of enormous opportunity. Before the clay
  is dry again, America and our friends and our allies must The BFEE will move decisively
  to take advantage of these new opportunities."
      --KindaSlutty Rice, April 29, 2002,    Link


 Subject: BCR Show 81


I like the audio out takes in 81 sec 1, I don't know what direction you plan
on taking with your radio program but the audio clips are always excellent.
Sometimes its best to let these fools hang themselves with their own words.

Thanks for all your hard work.


Rick, thanks for that.
It's always good to get feedback, good and bad.

BTW, Show 81 is finished, finally.
As always, Tommy took a decent show and made it great.
I might keep him when I hit the big time.


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 Why We Fight, and Why We Shouldn't
     by Rep. Ron Paul, Republican from Texas


Many reasons have been given for why we fight and our youth must die in Iraq. The reasons
now given for why we must continue this war bear no resemblance to the reasons given to
gain the support of the American people and the United States Congress prior to our invasion
in March of 2003. Before the war, we were told we faced an imminent threat to our national
security from Saddam. This rationale, now proven grossly mistaken, has been changed.

Now we're told we must honor the fallen by "completing the mission." To do otherwise would
demean the sacrifice of those who have died or been wounded. Any lack of support for
"completing the mission" is said, by the promoters of the war, to be unpatriotic, un-American,
and detrimental to the troops. They insist the only way one can support the troops is to never
waver on the policy of nation building, no matter how ill-founded that policy may be. The obvious
flaw in this argument is that the mission, of which they so reverently speak, has changed constantly
from the very beginning.sama


Subject: raise taxes on the rich

The tax cut that Bill Gates alone got under the Bush administration would have paid for levies that
could have saved New Orleans.  Ross Perot's tax cut could replace all the bridges that were destroyed.

When we hear about the government not having enough money we have to wonder why they are
giving such big tax cuts to the rich. I think it's time we went back to taxing the rich and not making
the middle class bear the brunt of paying for everything.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.



is a


...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

March with Cindy Sheehan 

We had some signs made.

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here to donate to the sign fund

So far, we have $3165 in the sign fund.

The total printer bill was (I think) $3700and change.
(He's printing up our new bumper stickers, too)

We gambled BIG that we'd have a hueueueuge turnout,
and that was BEFORE Bush screwed New Orleans.

We expect that every sign made will get carried Sept 24th..

Do you have any extra cash for signs?

It's not tax deductable, but
think of the money cities we could lose
if those bastards win again.


 Subject: donation

Bart, I just moved to f-ing Orlando.
If I see one more Jesus fish or 'W' sticker, I'll gouge my eyes out.

Your the oasis in this god-forsaken place.

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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There's too much at stake.
We can't let the bastards win

 Buck stops w/ the Monkey


The federal government's response to what happened in New Orleans is a national disgrace,
and the buck stops with Bush. From the White House to the FEMAgency to the National Guard,
all concerned have either failed to appreciate or deliberately ignored the simple facts: Men, women,
children, the elderly, were dying in squalid conditions, armed thugs had taken over the city, police
were deserting their posts because they no longer had the ability to restore order.

Shame on Bush for failing to live up to his obligations to the people of this country.



Subject: Garbage/Niners


Had a great weekend.  Saw Shrl and the boys on Saturday night.
They sounded great, Shrl was in great voice, unlike the last trip to SF.
Man, that band is tight.

Sunday took in the Niners near loss to your Lambs.
After last year, I'll take anything, so even if they lost, they entertained.

Great music, great weather, and a win, albeit an ugly one.
Keep hammering, and your radio show continues to get better and better...


I'm look forward to see Shrl, myself.


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The art of Sandra Flood

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 Katrina shakes America


"In America, we do not abandon our fellow citizens in their hour of need," said the president, finally,
between complaints about the "blame game." But that's what he has done repeatedly. His White House
pays lip service to compassionate conservatism while looking at government as the "beast to be starved."
Now, in disaster, we all remember the need for this beast of burden. I remember what the president said
during a campaign debate in one of his endless attempts to link 9/11 to Iraq: "I have a solemn duty to
protect the American people." Abroad in Iraq, that duty is shaken to the core. At home in the Gulf,
that duty was devastated. And now, with empathy and anger, with generosity and dismay, we begin
the long and uncertain recovery for the victims of Katrina and for the belief in America.


Marty's Entertainment Page


"Bush equates disagreement with disloyalty. After five years in office,
  he is surrounded largely by people who agree with him."
     -- Evan Thomas, "How Bush Blew It"      Link

Did you ever see that Twilight Zone where the spoiled little boy had to have his way?
Where anyone who dis agreed with him got turned into a frog or something?

That's what America has instead of a leader.


Subject: Roberts dog and pony show

Senor Batholomew:

The Dems can piss and moan and drag this shit out and grandstand
for their constituents, but the deal has been made.
This is for entertainment purposes for C-Span only,
the rest is a waste of taxpayers dollars.....


I don't think a deal was made.
I think the Dems are too yellow to do their damn jobs.
They need a Bartcop transfusion real fucking bad....


Call the

...as heard on BCR 80

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 High Cost of Buying "Idol"


Thirty-second commercials on Wednesday's American Idol run $705,000, a new record for a series.
The typical network 30-second ad will cost $150,000 this season

Other big-ticket shows: CSI ($465,000); Grey's Anatomy ($440,000); and ER ($400,000).

Most of American Idol is crap - show tune-singing losers who sing like I do.
People tune in to see what shitty things Simon says to the lamers who mostly can't sing a lick.

Meanwhile, Rock Star INXS, which has real rock singers singing real rock songs goes nowhere.
Who said, "You can't go broke underestimating the bad taste of Americans?"


 Subject: there you go again, Bart

Gore did not lose the election, Rove stole the election.
The last two presidential elections were stolen.

You must internalize this.
Respectfully yours,

You have a point - I was using shorthand.
But Gore could've won outright if he had just tried.


 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is   $69.47 $63.34 a barrel
makes $126,680,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1895  1897 have died



Wait, the price of oil is going down?
They said they lost 64 drilling rigs in Katrina, and oil prices are dropping?
How is that possible?

I have theory:
With Bush's approval in the toilet, I think the
greedmeisters decided to throttle back on the gouging.

|Checkmate in 10 days:
Fire George on 9/24


Spread the word: www.firegeorge.org

Bushville, DC and the 9/24 March will join in an

Act of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

TV Corner

House - excellent show as always - great drama that makes you scream with laughter
Rock Star INXS - I think JD won the job last night. Marty was the fave, but they want JD and his song.
World Music Awards on ABC - didn't have enough VCRs hooked up

Rescue Me  Christ - what a show!  Standing ovation.  F-ing wow - First, they get the tears running,
 then they show you something so stupid -  you have to laugh - even if you're not in the mood.
 I wouldn't be surprised to hear some of that on BCR 82., especially the religious debate between
 the little girl and the two firefighters. And how about that "You're just a girl" speech?   Incredible.

 Right now, I'd say Rescue Me is king.   TV keeps getting better. I've been a fan of TV for decades.
 It was a sea of crap, then we got  Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, LA Law, NYPD Blue, Homicide,
 The X-Files, The West Wing, The Sopranos, C.S.I.,The Shield, and since I believe in Darwin,
 Rescue Me might be the best of the lot.  Did you see that conversation he had with Jesus in the pickup?

 Does anyone else on TV even try to aim that high?

 This episode was probably the best dramatic hour I've ever seen on TV,
 and if I've said that before, this was better.

 Note: This great, great show repeats Sunday night on FX.
 Trust me - set the VCR (for 63 minutes) and catch this best-ever episode of a great show.
  You won't believe how good TV can be.


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 Kimberly Williams turns 34





 Next issue, I'll tell you about my weekend with Shirley.

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 It had  everything.

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