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Sept 28, 2005     Volume 1627 - Delay indicted

"I'm nuts about prison!"

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Squirrel indicted 
Brown: Don't blame me 
Brownie lies under oath
Russert's Purpose in Life
Gov't: Greenhouse up 
Abramoff is no lobbyist
Number two killed? 
Pigboy's legal troubles 
Kelly Ripa as Farrah 


 Quote of the Day

"I've been a Democrat all my life, but I'm 
  considering switching to another party"  
     --Larry Flynt, after the Democrats 
        returned his $2500 check     Link

 So, the Democrats have so much money
 they're returning $2500 checks?



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"This Bush administration, which already held the world record as the most deluded
government in history, has now taken denial to unprecedented highs by blaming Syria
and Iran for its "Iraqi problem." Why didn't Americans realize that it is dangerous to
put a buffoon in charge of the US government who hasn't a clue about the world around him,
what he is doing or the consequences of his actions?
   --  Paul Craig Roberts, Republican who worked for Reagan    Link


DeLay Indicted in Campaign Finance Probe
 Honest people all over the world are dancing in the streets


A Texas grand jury charged Tom DeLay (R-Squirrel) with conspiracy in a campaign
finance scheme, an indictment that could force him to step down as Reichmaster.

The indictment against the tiny bug man came on the final day of the grand jury's term.
It followed earlier indictments of three of his political associates.

The grand jury action is expected to have immediate consequences in the House,
where DeLay is largely responsible for winning passage of the reverse Robin Hood program
House rules require leaders who are indicted to temporarily step aside from their leadership posts.

Delay has never had to follow thw rules before because the democrats have always been
too cowardly to call the fascist bastsrd on his crimes- will this be any different?

Hey Tom, I did a shot of 30-year Chinaco because you might be going to prison.

ha ha


Brownie: "Don't blame me - I was in charge"
  Why do Democrats blame the driver when the bus crashes?


Former FEMA director Michael Brown blamed others for most Katrina failures, especially
Gov. Kathleen Blanco (Vagina) and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (Negro).
He aggressively defended his own role.

"My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional,"
two days before the storm hit, Brown said.

If only the darkies were smart enough to elect white men, all lives would've been saved?
His efforts to shift blame drew sharp criticism from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike.

"I'm happy you left," said Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT)
"That kind of look in the lights like a deer tells me you weren't capable of doing that job."

Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS), told Brown: "The disconnect was, people thought there was
some federal expertise out there. There wasn't. Not from you."

Bush has full faith in this loser because he feels like he was "chosen by God" to lead America
and God doesn't screw up.  If only the Democrats had the first clue about how to fight back.

Each day, we see Barney Fife rough up Mike Tyson - because Tyson won't fight back.


 Brownie Falsely Smears Blanco Under Oath
  It's legal for the GOP to perjure when it's life & death, right?


Rep. Buyer:  Blanco excluded New Orleans from the president's emergency declaration?

In fact, Blanco requested the President to declare a disaster in "all the southeastern parishes,"
which includes Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines. See the request for yourself HERE.

When the testimony was about a blow job, they screamed "Rule of Law!"
But with over 1,000 dead, will the Democrats let Brownie perjure his way out of this?

   "Again with the negative stuff, Bart.    Can't you let it go?
         Mr. Rove won't like it if you point out the facts!
         By the way, isn't John Roberts smart and nice?"


Subject: pink tutu Dems

You took Levin off too quick. He is going to vote FOR Roberts.
So maybe you could have a picture of all those Dems that vote FOR Roberts,
and then once they have done something meaningful then maybe take them down one by one

Great pictures.
Great Americans all.
Great Signs....

Last Liberal in Ms.

David, if we included all the cowardly, pink tutu Democrats in the graphic
the picture wouldn't fit on the Internets.


Russert's Purpose in Life
  by Donald P. Russo, as seen on  Buzzflash.com


For the last handful of holdouts who may have harbored any doubt about Tim Russert's purpose in life,
we now know for certain: He is a bought and paid for Republican corporate shill placed there to do the
bidding of his masters, Jack Welch [GE's former CEO] and George W. Bush. What a truly reprehensible
and loathsome human being this guy Russert is. It was sad, truly sad, to watch the once-venerable and
once-respected program Meet the Press this Sunday as it was being usurped in a seedy and sordid effort
to grind away at the credibility of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, a man who had the temerity
to accuse Bush's federal government of wrongdoing during Hurricane Katrina.

Fortunately, Broussard is not a panty-waisted Washington Democrat, and he was not afraid to go toe to toe
with the corpulent Bush defender, Mr. Russert, all the while giving as good as he got. When the fifteen rounds
were over, I scored most of the rounds as going to Broussard.

Russert kept referring to "bloggers" who had criticized the timing of Broussard's story about the death of an
assistant's mother. So this is where the great NBC News organization gets its information these days:
From nut job right wing blogger nerds sitting in their parents' basements, plucking away at the keyboard of
an old computer. Sorry Tim, but you made me laugh, and laugh out loud. Aren't these the same whackos
whose muddled and malicious "Swiftboat" internet meanderings you allowed to besmirch John Kerry last fall?


 Iraq's Al-Qaeda number two killed?
  Another impossible-to-verify "victory" for Bush


 Iraq NBC's Brain Williams claimed a major coup with the killing of "Al-Qaeda's number two"
as bombs continued to explode throught Baghdad.

Abu Azzam, also known as Abdallah Nahim, was "the second-most wanted Al-Qaeda person in Iraq",
according to the US military and Bush's legion of shills throught the American whore media..
White House propagandists lauded his killing as "a major coup" for Bush the Invader.

Wait a minute - how many times have we heard Bush, Cheney and Rummy say, "Capturing or killing
bin Laden won't stop the terrorists" when they're spinning Osama's ability to elude them after four years,
but Azzam (who we never heard of) constitues a "major coup?"

Why can't NBC just give us the facts?
Why to they have to spin for Bush and his illegal occupation of Iraq?

Could it be because NBC's parent company, GE, makes a profit from this bloody quagmire?


Bush's "I'm on top" hooker sighted
at Sunday's "More dead troops" rally
(He's the balled guy)

Subject: Amber Frey child support stopped

Hi Bart,

Amber's child support was stopped (I did not know she had a child) the reason?
A paternity test proved that the poor sap writing the checks was not the dad.

How tough is it to narrow down the daddy?
I hear it is a lot tougher for some than others,  I wonder why that would be.

ha ha

You think the sap with the most money was the winner of the Amber lotto?
If  she lied, she should be taken out into the San Francisco Bay and............

Thanks for all you do Bart,
 John    (subscriber)


Bible + meth = 'For you ...anything.'
 Atlanta killer wasn't as Bible-struck as the media claimed


Ashley Smith, the woman who made courthouse killer Brian Nichols  release her
by talking about her faith, now claims she gave him meth during their time alone together.

The way I read it, that's a lie.
Maybe it's cause I grew up Catholic, but the way I read the story he tied her to the bed
and searched her home and found some speed so "she gave him" is whore media bullshit.


Subject: re: Denise Richards

Good lord, could the girl be more beautiful? WTF is wrong with Charlie Sheen?
Is he that much of a sexaholic that Denise couldn't satisfy him?

Anyhoo, the show is on UPN.
Not a whole lot better than WB but the bar is real low on this comparison.

Out of everything on both channels, the only thing that appeals to me is Smallville,
and 90% of that is because I'm " in lust " with Kristen Kreuk. Damn, to be 25 again.
John P

Dude, you're right - Kristen Kreuk is a hottie, but if I was a still a kid
(and single, and rich) I'd be chasing Leighton Meester from Surface.

Hell, on 24, she played the dead girl and still stole the show  :)
That's what I call acting!

...but then, she's probably a Republican, with deep lust for Bush.



"His eyes are so close together he could use a monocle."
     -- Christopher Hitchens, forced to tell the truth about Dubya,   Link


Subject: $200 billion goes to...?

When OSU Tulsa was built it was called (in some circles) the "negro removal program,"
where local tax money was used to take really choice land in the name of urban renewal.

Now we have a large part of the Gulf coast about to get a lot of urban renewal tax money.
Are there any safeguards out there to make sure the cash does not go to major corporations
or investment people that buy out the displaced evacuees at 10 cents on the dollar?


Cris, yes, it's called "the brave Democrats," so no,
those people are going to lose evrything and the super rich get free land.


I can't say much,

...all words are mine and nobody else's...

 ...but a friend I trust, said he heard from an impeachable source,

that our good friend from   mediawhoresonline.com was well and in good spirits.

The report mentioned a still-on-bush's-ass attitude,
but I'm not able to mention in which medium it might manifest itself., if any.

..but to my good friend at mwo,

Dude, we're right here for you.
There are dozens of people who miss you.

I understand if you can't get back back, and it hurts to lose you.
but even Brando on the island sent an occasional message in a bottle.

If you would, Horse...

- You OK?
- You retired on your terms?
-  Can we help?


Subject: WPE sign on Australian TV

hi Bart,

footage of the DC march was shown on the primetime news in Australia and
right in the centre of shot was.... a clearly readable WPE poster

aaaahhhh made me so happy

and gave me a great chance to spread the word about my favourite site

bart on, Bart

Biddy, that was nice - thanks.


 White House shrugs off  'WPE' label

 ha ha

This is the actual picture in the column on Yahoo.
Suck on that, Scotty the Liar!


The White House shrugged off the people's dissent as "Worst President Ever" signs flooded DC.

This is a global war that we're engaged in. I know that there are some that would argue that we should withdraw from
Afghanistan and that we should withdraw from Iraq and we should withdraw from the Middle East," said McClellan.

But the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 "showed us in a very vivid way that we are engaged in a global war,
and we must take the fight to the enemy so that we're fighting them there, not here," McClellan lied.


Subject: TV Stuff

Bart - WTF is up with "West Wing"?

It premiered on SUNDAY night?
No ads, I missed it!!!!
Any scoop on why NBC is giving up on it?


Heather, NBC is punishing Sheen for being right about Bush's bloody quagmire.
Sheen knew he was gambling with his job when he took a stand, and that takes guts.
NBC (GE) is making a killing on Bush's bloody quagmire, so Sheen had to be put down.

...a shot of Chinaco for Martin Sheen's bravery.



"The best way to think of news is to don't think of it as news. It's a product
  that they're trying to sell just like anybody else puts a product on the shelf to sell."
     --Rush Limbaugh, apparently talking about the whores at FOX News


Subject: re: Amber Frey

Is there any proof to substantiate the accusation that Amber Frey was a prostitute?
There is such a thing as legitimate massage therapists. But that's all beside the point.
Even if she was/is a prostitute, it does not make Scott Peterson innocent.
That's what you're tryng to achieve, isn't it?

I am a fan of this site, but character assassination based on rumor is unbecoming,
and even if she were a full-blown criminal, it would have no bearing on Peterson's guilt
or the nature of his relationship with her as established by recorded phone conversations.


Shea, you are correct, "*I* have no proof.
There's also no proof that Osama and Bush are working together.

...but I get suspicious when one person "makes a killing" when another person
comes into their life and provides a springboard for them to hit the big home run.

Every night before she goes to sleep, I suspect Amber Frey thanks God that most people
think Peterson killed his wife because if he hadn't, life would've been very different for
Amber Frey the way Bush's life and crimes would've been different without Osama..


 Abramoff is no lobbyist
 and this is no administration


On paper, Jack Abramoff was a lobbyist. And he made a great deal of money for himself.
But if you think of Jack Abramoff as just a crooked lobbyist most of the facts coming out
about what he did don't make a great deal of sense. He was a key player in a very big
political machine and he was managing a slush fund.

Look at the pattern.

Notice how all Abramoff's clients seemed to get 'bilked' out of large sums of money that
ended up going to other conservative foundations, consulting firms, Ralph Reed, lobby shops,
Grover Norquist, astroturf organizers, politicians, etc.? All of them part of Washington's
Republican infrastructure?


Subject: Oil

Bart, you can't make gasoline without crude, a lot of which
comes from the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
A lot of refineries were shut down in anticipation of Rita.
Restarting one takes time, at least a week, and many may
opt to make repairs during this down time.

I agree, there is NO excuse for price gouging,
but there may be valid reasons for short supplies.

Jimm in Texas

OK, but are there valid reasons for one oil company
to make $7,000,000,000 profit per quarter during wartime?



 Subject: donation

Hi Bart
I'm disabled and unemployed.
Two things help me go on.
My public access horror show and you showing
the public the excess of horror brought by the BFEE.

Proud to share a country with the likes of a Bart.

We have WPE stickers!    Free with any donation

Four stickers for one donation!

(If you don't miss Clinton, tell me and I'll leave that sticker out.)

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Subject: Mandy Moore's  "Greatest Hit"

Hi Bart,
Excellent coverage of the protest.
I know where to get the news and it ain't from the big three.

About the Mandy Moore "Greatest Hits" album.

When a band, artist (or a face with no talent) signs a contract, it's usually a 3-5 album deal,
with a option to renegotiate at the end of the contract. Usually the last album of the deal
(that BIG contractual obligation album) is a "Greatest Hits" or a "Live" album while the
artist and label negotiate for that humongous multi-million dollar deal

All the best & keep hammerin'

25 year music industry vet


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Subject: whore news

Hey Bart,
Those bastards at the Atlanta-Journal had 2 equally sized articles
about the protests, side by side.   As if they were any where near equal.

You're right about the whore press.
Keep up the good work.



Click  Here

Then wait for a few seconds
Thanks to Roger in LA

Subject: BCR Shows 81 and 82


You've got the best radio show I have ever heard on ANY media.  Show 82 is a masterpiece.
The pacing, the quick back and forth between you and the clips is perfect!  You have done it my man.
And very nice editing when you cross over to those awesome musical interludes.  Perfect pacing, perfect.

Dude, I was an sound editor for 7 years and I know how this shit is supposed to work and I am
telling you, you got it!  This is broadcast worthy stuff.  Someday you should go after a satellite radio slot!

All praise to The Wizard, Tommy Mack!
He turns my sow's ears into silk panties.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that withering moan that escapes your throat as you scan the Papers and your notes.
I think this just started in show 81  It is part coping strategy, part bleak commentary and all BART.

I found myself almost crying with laughter and understanding.  Man you make my day dude - everyday!
You are REAL, you don't hold back, you just say it like it is and its BEAUTIFUL!!!

You kick major interdimensional ass Bart!  God bless and keep on a'swingin!
-Buck in LA

Dude, I need your adress to mail the check :)


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"The government's response to Hurricane Rita was relatively smooth,
  especially when you consider that the response to Hurricane Katrina was
  littered with faux pas. Or, as President Bush prefers to call them 'freedom pas'"
       -- Jon Stewart


 Subject: San Diego

dems are lazy pussies.
go kill yourself please.

 David Swan


Subject:  TV sucks


You don't even mention Scorcese's biography on Dylan.
Just the moronic swill foisted on us by the networks.
I seriously doubt many of your readers give a shit what's on.
I would dare say most prefer reading and movies to the lamo
shit of corporate media (Simpsons of course execpted).

TV sucks, keep swinging the hammer!
Tim in Utahi

Tim, a lot of TV sucks, but it's like the Internets - you gotta wade thru the crap.
That Rescue Me finale was better than most movies I've paid to see.
With Rescue Me gone for the season and The Sopranos coming back next year,
House must be the best show on TV.  I dare you to watch this drama and not
laugh out loud at least ten times per house (after baseball is over)


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Gov't: Effect of Greenhouse Gases Rising
  But Der Monkey says there's no such thing...


The effect of greenhouse gases on the Earth's atmosphere has increased
20 percent since 1990, a new government index says.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide accumulate in the atmosphere as
a result of industrial and other processes. They can help trap solar heat,
somewhat like a greenhouse, resulting in a gradual warming of the Earth's atmosphere.

The Earth's average temperature increased about 1 degree Fahrenheit during
the 20th century. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that
continuing increases could have serious effects on crops, glaciers, the spread
of disease, rising sea levels and other changes.

Gee, could it, ...say, ...make a hurricane stronger?


Call the

...as heard on BCR 82

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Pigboy prosecutor seeks subpoenas again


Prosecutors renewed their request to a judge Tuesday to interview the vulgar Pigboy's
doctors and their employees as part of a doctor-shopping investigation of the Nazi liar.

A judge previously struck down Florida's request to subpoena Limbaugh's local ear doctor.
Martz notified another judge Tuesday of his intent to issue further subpoenas, writing in a
motion that the earlier limitation was "absolutely inapplicable." The earlier ruling by the judge
was also made "ex parte," before prosecutors could present their argument, Martz wrote.

 Click  Here  to hear Rush defend himself.


 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $65.07 a barrel
makes $130,140,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1920  1926 have died for Bush greed,

six more in the last 24 hours

I say we impeach the lying bastard


 Subject: I told you so...


I predicted to you last May that DeLay would be indicted.
Ronnie Earle is no one to fuck with.

As soon as the corporations were indicted, it was just a matter of time.
When the corporate doners had to choose between friends or money, the outcome was predicable.

The headline should say "RATS DESERT SINKING SHIT".

Ken, I gotta admit, I never thought it would happen.
Is the Squirrel powerful enough to beat the rap?


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 Kelly Ripa as Farrah Faucet
   No story, it's just a nice picture

                Click for hi-res version



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