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Weekend-Monday   Oct 1-3, 2005   Volume 1629 - GOP's bad week 

Pro-abortion - if it's black

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Can Bush Be Ousted?
The Real DeLay Story
Steno Sue's Jailbreak
Bush lies ruled Illegal 
Bush: Bennett was wrong 
Probe of N.O. Police 
A nation on bicycles 
Last Marine Mourns 
Paris Hilton dis-engaged


 Quote of the Day

"I'm getting sick and tired of people 
  like me and Bennett being tagged 
  with this racism bunch. (What?)
  I know Bennett. He's not a racist. 
  Bill Bennett doesn't have a racist 
  bone in his body and neither do I."
    -- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, who is as
    openly racist as he can be and remain
    on the taxpayer-owned airwaves  Link

  Hey Rush, aren't you the guy who got
  fired from your "dream job" after five
  weeks for being a racist bastard on the air?

  Besides, YOUR president said he was wrong.
  If you want to argue with YOUR Monkey
  be sure and include the lies and personal slurs
  you use when you "debate."


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"This president, frankly, sometimes acts like a king. He's imperious.
  He believes he controls Washington and controls our country,
  and does so sometimes in a way that, it's his way or the highway..."
      -- Sen Ken Salazar, Republican from Colorado,   Link


 Can Bush Be Ousted?
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


Can American voters impose any meaningful accountability on George W. Bush,
including possibly removing him and his team from office?

That's a question - implicit in our recent stories about his administration's failures - that has
attracted skepticism from some readers. Several have sent e-mails expressing strong doubts
that anything at all can be achieved through the electoral process, given the cowardice
of the Democratic Party and the complicity of the mainstream news media.

Liberals and the Left have been remarkably slow in recognizing the danger from this
media-driven conservative juggernaut. Though progressive talk radio and Internet bloggers
have begun to challenge the Right's media dominance, those efforts are still grossly
under-funded and lack anything like the reach of the conservative apparatus.

In such an imbalanced media environment, most national Democrats prefer to play it safe,
staying close to the political herd. That timidity, in turn, demoralizes the liberal base,
which is desperate for someone to emerge as a courageous leader.


The Real Tom DeLay Story
   by Allan Lichtman

I was the expert witness for Democrats in the Texas congressional redistricting case and most
other major redistricting cases of the past two decades. I am now running as a Democrat for
the Senate seat being vacated by Sarbanes in Maryland. I'm also a political historian at American
University and was the political analyst for CNN Headline News until I began running for Senate.

Here is an article based on my experience in the Texas case that explains the real story behind
the DeLay indictment. I'd be happy to have a dialogue on my progressive Senate campaign, of course.
As you know the Republicans have trageted Maryland for next year.
Allan Lichtman


Bruce Yurgil

 Steno Sue's Jailbreak
 Bush apologist agrees to testify


After nearly three months behind bars, NYWT reporter Judith "Steno Jude" Miller was released
after agreeing to testify about the Bush administration's disclosure of a covert  CIA officer's identity.

The administration committed this felony?

I don't think so.
I think the AP doesn't have the credibility to use the accurate words.
I think the AP would do anything to help Bush.
I think the AP would ask us to ignore our lying eyes and trust their version of the "news."

If you're a new reader, realize that the AP is a whore-infested cesspool of BFEE incest felonies.
The AP will tell you at 7 AM what Bush said at fucking noon that day, how brave and clever he was,
how impressed the guests were at his clarity and vision, ... and Scotty the Liar will provide the transcripts.

Her source was Cheney's chief of staff, "Scooter" Libby, reported the Whore Times,
which supported her contention that her source should be protected.

Wait - so Cheney's Chief O' Sleazebag sent Steno Sue to prison?
Why isn't she angry about that?

Cheney's Sleazebag says he made it real clear tpo Steno Sue a year ago that she could talk.
Yeah - like Steno Sue's gonna do time because she misunderstood what you made real clear?

Steno, you're stupid.
You went to prison for 90 days, you only had 4 weeks to go, and you bail?
You crazy BFEE slut - if you're gonna bail, bail the night before you go in?
Don't they teach you anything back at BFEE Crime School?

That's why I've always said I'll talk if they threaten to take away my Chinaco.
Why endure months of cattle prods and electrifried genitals if you're gonna end up talking?


Subject: Debate

I hardly agree you are up to a fair debate.

For everythime I try to debate you.
One of your disciples or room montiors kicks me out.
again hardly fair.

The debates I have had I have won.
However since when does a liberal ever awknowledge that they have lost.

certainly not in 2000-2002or 2004 and soon 2006 or in your chat room.

See you online.

I'm so old, I remember when I could win a debate.
Turns out, I can't convince people that the sky is f-ing blue.
I'm not as good as I thought I was...

I was once so arrogant, I told ditto-monkeys to assemble their own jury.
I told knuckledragging fascists to gather their friends because my arguments were so good,
I said I could convince card-carring Klan-members that my political views could be held to a higher scrutiny.

Boy, was I wrong.

ha ha

That kicks my ass every time I think about it.
I need a drink...



Subject: confused okie

Bart, you wrote:

> "If only the Democrats had an ounce of courage or the brains to realize that if they're
>   going to lose anyway, it would be better to lose fighting than smiling like a wooden duck."
      -- BartCop (one seriously confused Hinterlander)

How in all the logical universe can you square this statement with your usual sniveling whine,
"But if we act like the real democrats, McGovern, Dukakis, and Mondale, WE CAN'T WIN ELECTIONS"?

You have me on record saying we need Candidate McDukakadale?
That'd be a great surprise, but maybe that's why you're writing...

Maybe you're confused.
Maybe you agonize over pink tutus 'cuz you support cowards (centrists) as a matter of principle.

Maybe you're Ted Kennedy, but I doubt it.
You can hug the left wing, and lose 75 states if you want to.
I'd rather win an election now and then.

I really wish you'd post this one and answer it.
4ever your grrl,

ha ha
Be careful what you wish for.

You somehow conjoined "ultra-leftist" with "fighting back."

The Republicans keep winning because every time they bet, we wet our pants and fold.
The John Roberts sellout-giveaway was the perfect example.
The GOP said "He's the smartest man in recorded history."
They placed that bet.

How did the Democrats answer that handjob bluff?  They sang, "He sure is!"

Excuse me....

How in the wide, wide world of sports could you confuse "ultra-leftist" with "fighting back?"
How does that equal fighting for the non-rich, being fair, being honest and less government?

This isn't directed at you, but facts are facts.
You can't not agree with a fact, unless you work for Bush.
We're right - they're wrong.

If the Democrats had any brains at all...
(Should I bother to finish this sentence?)
They'd run against Bush's gigantic, Big Brother's Watching, big government in '06
Will they?

No, because it's be imprudent to take tips from seen-as-radical websites.
They'd rather f-ing lose again than let someone besides Bob  (O-for-7) Shrum advise them.

...where's my Chinaco?...


Subject: you done it again

You refer to "ultra-fem" democrats as an insult--is that supposed to mean that
being "fem" is a bad or lesser thing?    Then you are being sexist.

In the same paragraph you support women's rights.
Which I appreciate.

Just please get it straight--you can't use references to things female as a pejorative
if you are really for women's rights. It's like calling someone a pussy as an insult,
as if being a female is a negative thing.

Tells me you may be evolved, but you still rely on regressive stereotypes.

I'm not perfect either, but I'm forgiving, and I'm here almost every day,
appreciating your humor. Just tell me you get what I'm trying to say.

She-Devil from the Mountains

She-Devil, I think you might could pick your fights better.
I already get it - you should be aiming all your guns at those who don't.

We're talking about a knife fight.
If I go up against Jodie Foster in a knife fight, who would you bet on?
If Paula Abdul fought Simon Cowell, who would you bet on?
If Scully fought Mulder, who would you bet on?
If Lynn Cheney fought The Dick - wait, bad example...

Testosterone equals agreession, wouldn't you agree?

If I say, "Women are too stupid to be surgeons," then come after me.
If I say, "Hillary can't be president because women can't lead," then come after me.

We need a pitbull on crack to fight the Delays and Roves in this world.
We need a nasty-ass, trench-fighter who doesn't mind spilling blood.

...not Miss Manners.



"It wasn't Mr. Earle that indicted Tom Delay.
  It was the 12 members of the grand jury."
   --William Gibson, foreman of the grand jury that indicted The Bug Man,  Link


Subject: Flightplan


I saw "Flightplan", and it's safe to say that if you didn't like "Panic Room," you'll HATE "Flightplan."

ha ha -  you mean it's worse than I think?

It started off good, lots of potential... and quickly devolved into stale cliche and nonsensical storytelling.

Love the site,
DG in L.A.

Dude, thanks for that.

My problem with Jodie started with "Contact."
Like you said, it started off good, tons of potential...and then went to shit.

At the end, she had a chance to redeem herself and strike a blow for science and logic
(which would've added credibility to the entire science fiction community AND perhaps
opened some closed minds)  but she went all Senate Democrat at her hearings and struck out.
It's like doing an "Apollo 13" movie where they all die in the end.

Jodie - let me help!
OK, OK, let someone else write, direct and edit, but at least let me be there the next time
you're about to sign a mega-millions contract for a film unless I have script approval.

Like the DNC, you got nothing to lose by hiring me.


Bush buying of News Ruled Illegal
 Why pay for misleading Bush's propaganda?


Federal auditors said on Friday that Bush violated the law by buying favorable news coverage of his
bad-for-kids education policies, by making payments to the conservative whores such as Uncle Tom
Armstrong Williams and by hiring a public relations company to analyze media perceptions of the Republican Party.

In a blistering report, the investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, said the administration
had disseminated "covert propaganda" in the United States, in violation of a statutory ban.

Funny, we can't get one Democrat to stand up and say that...
We had to wait for the GAO to take a stand for honesty and against BFEE, stolen-money propaganda..

The contract with Uncle Tom and the general contours of the public relations campaign had been known for months.
The report Friday provided the first definitive ruling on the legality of the activities.

Lawyers from the accountability office, an independent nonpartisan arm of Congress, found that Bush
systematically analyzed news articles to see if they carried the message, "Bush committed to education."

The American whore press, always the pro-Bush puppets, stayed silent to help him on this.


Subject: cat autopsies

You are assuming that there is even ONE Republican
gives a damn that Republicans brazenly break the law.

If Frist runs, he will start with 45% of the vote (100% of
all Republicans) - even if he runs from a jail cell!


Dude,   ...sorry.
I was waiting for you to say something I disagreed with.

It would be illogical to say "All Republicans are evil."
It's like saying "All Germans were guilty" in World War II.

There are Republicans that tolerate him, but some hate Bush, some openly.
Tucker Carlson, Bob Novak (*) Bill Kristol, John McLaughlin and more.

The first big Republican to stand up and say, "Bush has gone too far,"
is going to be real, real, real, real popular with a whole lot of American voters.
(Too bad we can't get a Democrat to say that!)

Take away the super-rich and the oil companies,

...does anybody really like George Bush?


Bush says Bill Bennett wrong
  Whites-only Bush says "Still smoking" is racist


The White House on Friday criticized Bill Bennett for remarks linking
the crime rate and the abortion of black babies.

"The president believes the comments were not appropriate," said White House
liar Scott McClellan. "The president is relieved that someone else said this, not him."


Subject: Hypocrisy


The terrorist Luis Posada Carriles' won't be deported to Venezuela for blowing up Cuban civilians.
Immigration allowed Carriles into Florida where he lived comfortably until people started questioning
why a known terrorist was allowed entry and still free.  Embarrassed officials had no choice but to arrest him.
The immigration judge reasoned Carriles might be tortured if extradited to Venezuela.

Meanwhile the CIA and Navy have leased planes to ferry suspects and in one case an innocent
Canadian overseas to be tortured. Maher Arar returned from a family gathering in Tunisia, landing in
New York for a connection to Montreal.  Immigration arrested him turned him over to the CIA who
flew him to Syria for 10 months of torture.  He was finally released and returned to Canada.

The only way for me to make sense of  this hypocrisy is that blowing up Cuban planes loaded
with civilians is OK and torture is only OK if endorsed by the Bush Administration.

Am I wrong about this?
DC Madman



Subject: Amber Frey

Bart -

I wasn't sure that Scott was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt because the case
against him depended upon Amber - who was represented by Gloria Allred ... .
While matters should be decided by the merits of the case, the appearance on one side
of the (cable TV-wise) odious Ms. Allred makes me think the other side is correct.

John K

Nancy Grace REALLY wanted her own TV show.
She had Limbaugh-esque vision on this case, riding it into Reagan's "Shining City on the Hill"
by insisting the state of Callifornia murder a man without a motive, a witness, a crime scene, no forensics etc.

Question for all:
If your state wanted to execute your spouse with no motive, no crime scene, no forensics,
no witnesses, no murder weapon - and on and on - would you object if I spoke up for your spouse?



"Judith Miller sat in jail for 12 weeks to protect a very senior White House aide
-- even though the aide repeatedly made it clear he didn't want protecting?
Note to reporters: There is nothing intrinsically noble about keeping your
sources' secrets. Your job is to expose them. And if you're going to go to jail
for "journalistic principles," make sure those principles really apply."
  --  Dan Froomkin   Link


Subject: Dave Chappelle in Michigan

Hey Bart -

Saw Dave Chappelle last night in nearby Ypsilanti (he had a lot of fun with that one), MI.
He was on for nearly three hours, and was *way* funny.
His time off hasn't dulled his edge a bit, and he seems pretty happy about the whole thing.

He made a funny comment about the Iraq war, though -- something about it
being "about the money". Now where have I heard that before ...

Keep swingin' it!
Brad in Ann Arbor


 Probe of N.O. Police Conduct Begins
   Forget Bush's crimes, let's hang a black cop


The police department said Thursday it is investigating a dozen officers in connection
with looting during the lawlessness that engulfed the city after Hurricane Katrina.

News reports in the aftermath of the storm put officers at the scene of some of the
heaviest looting, at the Wal-Mart in the Lower Garden District. Some witnesses,
including a Times-Picayune reporter, said police were taking items from shelves.

"Once we actually got the video, we started our investigation," Warren Riley said at
Po-Lice news conference. "The investigation does in fact show police officers with some items."

This reminds me of that handjob "Oil for Food" investigation.
Why look into Bush's 100,000 dead civilians if Saddam made a buck when he shouldn't?
Why look into Bush's 1,000 dead in Nawlins if some black cop steals diapers from a Wal-Mart?

I'll bet my money that the percentage of New Orleans cops who are crooked is less than
the percentage of Republicans that get into their mythical Heaven - and a third party holds the cash.

ha ha
We've lived off my gambling winnings since 1972.
If your baby needed formula, and Wal-Mart was closed for the hurricane,
you'd let your baby go hungry and maybe die for the principle of law and order - right?

Is that what you'd tell your baby in Heaven?



Subject: Help me

To the brilliant staff at Bartcop:

Can you direct me to someone who can provide me with proper retaliations
to idiotic e-mails I get from right wing "friends" -- here is an example:

World's Thinnest Books

by Jacques Chirac

by Jane Fonda

by Janet Reno

by Mike Tyson

by Bill Clinton

Thank you for any help you might be able to give me in this matter.

Tom, there are times when a simple, "Blow me," works best.
This is one of them.



 Subject: donation

Bart, thanks for a great service Bartcop.
Glenn in Missouri

WPE stickers!    Free with any donation

Plus two bartcop.com ovals and "I Miss Clinton" bonus sticker.
Four stickers for one donation!

(If you don't miss Clinton, tell me and I'll leave that sticker out.)

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 Subject: It's not the lies, it's the illegality


So many people miss the point that the lies are only a small issue.  As the quote says,
lying a nation into war is nearly customary.  Politicians lying in general is nothing new.

What is new, on a historical scale, is the UN Charter of 1948.  The lies that linked Iraq to
terrorism were intended to incite the people.  The lies about WMD's were intended to provide
a legal justification for an act of aggression which was clearly illegalaccording to the charter.

Consider that if Bush classified the real reason for the war a secret.  In so doing he would
have legally obligated himself and every government employee to repeat the official cover story.
One can't keep secrets without telling lies.  On the other hand, the illegality of the war makes
everyone involved in it a war criminal and an enemy of the human race, not to mention the
harm done to our national reputation, honor, and security.

San Jose


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com   HERE

Last Marine Mourns 11 Lost Friends
 Victim's of Bush's oil greed and blood lust

Marine Lance Cpl. Travis Williams, right, takes a break with
Capt. Christopher Toland, and Sgt. Don Owens, on May 29, 2005.


Cpl. David Kreuter had a new baby boy he'd seen only in photos.
Lance Cpl. Michael Cifuentes was counting the days to his wedding.
Lance Cpl. Nicholas Bloem had just celebrated his 20th birthday.
Travis Williams remembers them all ÷ all 11 men in his Marine squad ÷ all now dead.

Two months ago they shared a cramped room stacked with bunk beds at this base in northwest
Iraq, where the Euphrates River rushes by. Now the room has been stripped of several beds,
brutal testament that Lance Cpl. Williams' closest friends are gone.EMA

...and Bush still has the support of those military families?
After he lied those boys into an early grave?


Subject: marc perkel

Mr. Bart,
Poor Marc is wishful-dreamin' again!

"It is my hope that now that Tom Delay has stepped down that
his replacement, Roy Blunt, will take the Republican party in a new direction,
back to smaller government, balanced budgets, and fiscal responsibility. ..."
Blunt is a bad man

T Quigly

TQ, I should know better than to try to speak for someone else,
but I've known Perkel for a decade and I think he was kidding.

He was daring Blunt to act like a Republican.
You know, "less government" and all that?

Bush's federal government is four times bigger than anything Clinton ever envisioned.
Perkel is pulling your lariat.
He wants Blunt to bring the GOP back to Goldwater sanity.
He wants Blunt to bring the GOP back to "pay as we go."
He wants the GOP to stop spending money like Bart on a casino per diem.

Trust me - bet on Marc Perkel.
Next to me, he's the guy who's right all the time :)



Catherine Susan Vecchio 1959-2005



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"We told her lawyers it was not coerced.
  We are surprised to learn we had anything to do with her incarceration."
       --Joseph Tate, Cheney's Chief o' Staff's lying scumbag lawyer,      Link


America - a nation on bicycles
 What Bush has done to our once-great country


More bicycles than cars have been sold in the United States over the past 12 months,
with rising gas prices prompting commuters to opt for two wheels instead of four.
Not since Nixon's oil crisis of 1973 have bicycles sold in such big numbers.

When Bush first stole power, he was giving $100,000 tax breaks to anyone who
was thinking about buying a gas-guzzling giant like a Hummer or Ford Expedition.

Now those people are screwed with $1000 fill ups each week.
Not a problem? ...because those people have money, anyway?
They had money under Clinton - they lost their jobs and business under Bush.



When we first moved into Casa de Bart, she made me go with her to buy a chiminea.


Saturday morning, we had "severe" thunderstorms in K-Drag.
First thing we did was we "cleared our schedule."  I built a fire in the chiminea
on the covered back porch patio and she made herself a screwdriver - rare for her.

I got me a half-shot of Chinaco Emperador Tequila and a half-shot of
Don Julio 1942 because you should always drink great tequilas side-by-side.

I said I was only gonna drink that Chinaco Emperasor Tequila when the Democrats
did something right - and Koresh knows that didn't happen this week - but the Republicans
had such a bad week I just couldn't help myself.

Bush's bloody quagmire blew up worse than usual.
Brownie showed how uncool he could be under pressure,
                just the guy we want to be in charge when another 9-11 hits us.
Tom Delay gets indicted
Steno Jude Miller agrees to point the finger at Cheney's "Scooter,"
Bill Frist got caught selling 'blind trust' stock just before it fell

We waited for the second line of severe thunderstorms to come thru town.
The lightning, which once hit maybe 100 yeards away, and the thunder.
The smell of the pinion wood (it smells Catholic, like frankincense)
The temperature was perfect - about 73 - and sometimes the mist blew into us.

The roaring fire, the pounding thunder, the flashes of lightning that kept getting closer,
all the while sipping on alternate sips of Chinaco Anniversary Tequila and Don Julio 1942.

Plus, the Canadian geese are back, and for some reason I get points with Mrs. Bart whenever
they fly over the house and honk, fifty at a time.    Women - Gee, I dunno...

Everybody should have a Saturday as nice as that was.


Subject: Bill Bennett's comments

Bennett can make all the excuses he wants, but what he said is that
black babies are inherently more prone to crime than other babies.

That is an outright lie and racism of the first magnitude.

Lar by the River,


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Coming Monday, October 10th


A serialized novel of terrorism,
treason and Republican treachery

The year is 2007. The economy is in shambles; gas prices are nearing $8 gallon;
and millions are unemployed as a result of the expanding Islamic War raging
throughout the Middle East and South Asia.   Republicans are desperate to hold
the White House in the following years election in order to conclude the Reagan
Revolution of privatization, tax cuts and dismantling social and environmental progress.

An elite group led by the Vice President settles on the ultimate October surprise
to overcome devastating poll numbers: a terrorist attack on the homeland - this one
under their direction, control and intended interdiction.

Watch for this serialized novel torn right from todays headlines in Bartcop starting
Monday, Oct. 10 by political columnist Martin Grekso, and follow his biweekly column,
Sun Strokes in the St. Petersburg Post


Call the

...as heard on BCR 82

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $66.24 a barrel
makes $132,480,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1933 1935 have died for Bush greed,

How many more will we tolerate?

Impeach the bastard


 Subject: Bill Bennett (R-Asshole)


The thing that bothers me the most about the whole Bennett Quote isn't that he said it,
but that so many commentators and people on the street seem to take the underlying idea as fact.
The truth is that if every black fetus were aborted, then a new underclass would develop to take
the place of the generation of African-Americans never born.  This underclass would have the same
disadvantages of discrimination and lack of upward mobility that black people currently face.
This can be proven merely by looking to history and reading up on the discrimination of the
Irish, Jews, and Italians who each felt the sting of oppression in their time.

It's a shame so many of them can't remember the torment of their ancestors and learn the lessons offered.
Keep up the good work,
Ken in Lincoln Park


Subject: Al who?

Hey Bart:
Long time no see (read).
Why hasn't Al Qaeda attacked again in the last four years?
Because there is no Al Qaeda,silly.

After bombing the piss out of their Muslim brethren for four years (Afghanistan and Iraq),
we're to believe they got even with the British, Spaniards???, and Aussies (Bali) and
left us the hell alone. Yeah, right.
As you alluded to, it is nigh impossible to prevent a motivated crazy from blowing themselves up
in any shopping mall in the US, and yet, not a peep out of the most sophisticated terror organization
the world has ever known (according to the Bush cabal and their media lackeys).
Bart, you've really got to get behind the 911 truth movement.
Haven't you the time to visit at least a couple of the myriad excellent websites devoted to
illuminating (double entendre intended) the glaring fallicies of the "official" 911 fairytale.
C'mon Bart, get with it. Try 911truth or 911proof for starters. This is the most critical issue of
our lifetime and you have a voice and an audience. Don't you feel a resposibility to use both to
expose the BFEE for not only being murderers of brown-skinned people (New Orleans included),
but of innocent White Americans as well.
Lately, I have visited your site less often then I have in the past because of your abject refusal to
broach the subject or to educate yourself on the facts as to whatreallyhappened.com  (another fine site).
If you were authoring your site in 1964 would you equally ignore the fairy tale that is the Warren Report?
I would think not.
In any case, I hope you are well and look forward to the next Pokerfest.
Johnny G

Johnny, I remember you.
You're from British Colombia, right?

Dude, it's not your fault, buit we've been over this many times.
In my opinion, those sites either offer no proof or they offer 100M pages of proof.

I'll get behind anything I can understand and explain - with 9-11, I can't do that.
Recently, some Bush accountant "admitted" 9-11 was an inside job.

He said WTC #7 was blown down with explosives - but how does Budget Boy know that?

If I asked you to tell me about "the 9-11 smoking gun," could you?
Or would you send me a bunch of links with 50 sub-links each?

If anyone knows what the 9-11 smoking gun is, explain it to me in 200 words or less.
If I get understand what's being said, and I agree with it, I'll set my hair on fire, too.

...but don't send me 50 links and say, "All the proof you need is buried there."


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                   shirley ...and her band?

From Garbage.com
Garbage makes official statement online
Rumours, rumours everywhere, and hardly any truth!
See what the band has to say about rumours of their breakup HERE.

Hey, take it from a semi-professional who wants to help.
The "rumors" will continue until the band speaks with one voice
and that voice has to say the same thing she said yesterday.

If you need help assembling a message, I can help.

> Certain journalists have taken the liberty of...

It's a mistake to dignify their lies.
YOU have an internet presence.
YOU can refute any lies told about you, so fuck the press.

So, Garb, (are we close enough that I can call you Garb?)
Rule #1 - Fuck the Press
Rule #2 - If you don't write your story, they'll write it for you.

Call me - besides the Clinton/Clark '08 run, mi tiempe e su tiempe.


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