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Thurs-Fri  Oct 6-7, 2005     Volume 1632 -  Harriet Brown 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
22 Indictments Coming? 
Anon Bloggers OK 
BFEE Warns Nic 
Will Miers Protect Bush?
Busted for homework 
Pope: The Bible lies  
Hey, Big Spender
Hex on Level 3 
Katie pregnant by... 


 Quote of the Day

"The invasion of Iraq will turn out to be 
  the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history."  
     --General William Odom,   Link


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"I hope Bush doesn't have any more office wives tucked away.  There are only 
  so many powerful jobs to give to women who are not qualified to get them."  
     --Maureen Dowd, who hates everybody


Rumor: 22 Plame Indictments Coming


The D.C. Rumor mill is thrumming with whispers that 22 indictments are about to be 
handed down on the outed-CIA agent Valerie Plame case. The last time the wires 
buzzed this loud - that DeLay would step down  - they were right.

Can it be a coincidence that the White House appears to be distancing Bush from Rove?


Court Rules for Anonymous Blogger


In a decision hailed by free-speech advocates, the Delaware Supreme Court on Wednesday
reversed a lower court decision requiring an Internet service provider to disclose the identity 
of an anonymous blogger who targeted a local elected official. 

The justices said a Superior Court judge should have required Smyrna town councilman 
Patrick Cahill to make a stronger case that he and his wife, Julia, had been defamed before 
ordering Comcast to disclose the identities of four anonymous posters to a blog site operated 
by Independent Newspapers Inc., publisher of the Delaware State News.



"I will not forgive Fitzgerald for what he did to you."  
      -- Lou Dobbs, trying to get into Steno Jude's pants   Link


U.S. Warns Nicaragua Coup
 They paid protection money to the BFEE mob


America's No. 2 diplomat said Tuesday that Nicaragua is "threatened by a creeping coup"
and warned its opposition leaders - including a former U.S. ally - that their political
scheming could cost their country international aid and trade.

While doing all they can to destroy democracy in Venezuela, the BFEE outright plays
mother hen to Nicaragua because of a press-ignored thing called "Iran-Contra."

Dep. Sec. State Robert Zoellick's declaration was the strongest support yet for President Bolanos,
whose anti-corruption campaign drove his own party's lawmakers to oppose him.

...because the BFEE won't tolerate corruption in any form, in any country...

ha ha
If there weren't so many tortured-to-death Bush victims, it would be funny.

The Liberals, pressing for Aleman's release, have aligned themselves with their historic enemies,
the Sandinista Front, (Hmmm, sounds like a Clash album) to pass laws stripping Bolanos of power
while splitting control of appointments to the courts, electoral agencies and comptroller's offices.

I admit, I don't know Bush about this situation.
But I know Reagan and Bush financed death squads that raped and murdered people and nuns
so they could run cocaine to Oakland and finance their hanky-panky with the terrorists in Hezbollah.

If my choices are Joe Strummer or the BFEE, I'll go with The Clash's version of truth.

Ever heard U2's Bullet the Blue Sky?

In the howling wind comes a stinging rain
See it driving nails into souls on the tree of pain
from the firefly, a red orange glow
See the face of fear running scared in the valley below

In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum
Jacob wrestled the angel and the angel was overcome
Plant a demon seed, you raise a flower of fire
See them burning crosses, see the flames, higher and higher

And I can see those (Reagan sent, US ) fighter planes
Across the mud huts where the children sleep
Through the alleys of a quiet city street
Take the staircase to the first floor
Turn the key and slowly unlock the door
As a man breathes into a saxophone
Through the walls we hear the city groan

Outside it's America
Outside it's America

Shit - I wish could write that good...

If my choices are Joe Strummer's The Clash and Bono's U2 or the Murder Monkey's BFEE version of truth.
I'll take the rockers over the blood-thirsty Butcher of Baghdad any f-ing day.

After all, Joe and Bono never killed any American soldiers.


Subject: Kerry on Mier's nomination

Kerry is speaking like the Brahmin senator he is - it's all show and stage acting and
bullshit and senatorial winking and so forth. it's the same reason he got whacked in the
election--everyone thought he was a self-righteous prick who couldn't relate to them.

When Gov. Dean makes a public statement on Miers, it will be akin to:

"This is cronyism, plain and simple. She has no business being on the Supreme Court, just as
Michael Brown had no business being in charge of FEMA. Do we want another Michael
Brown-type flunky making decisions that will affect our lives for the next generation? Hell no."

I'll bet you're right.
Sometimes I think Dean reads  bartcop.com



"She is on the extreme end of the anti-choice movement.
   I suspect she is of the same cloth as the president."
         --Lorlee Bartos, who managed Harriet Miers' first and only political campaign   Link

"I have to say without any qualification that
  I am very happy that we have someone like her."
       --Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, gushing praise for anti-choice Harriet Miers,     Link

Why did the Senate Democrats elect anti-choice Harry Reid to lead them?

Is it part of their "We don't care about women" platform?
Or does it make surrendering faster and easier?

Women are the number one voting block in America, more than Catholics,
more then the elderly, more than anybody so, of course, we abandon them.

Great going guys!
What's next, a partnership with NAMBLA?


Will Miers Protect Bush?
  Why else would she get that job?


At some point, "someone" in the Bush White House made the decision to retaliate against
Joseph Wilson. Wilson exposed as utter nonsense the Bush claim that Saddam was shopping 
for uranium in Africa. Wilson's op ed in the NYW Times blew the neocon case for an attack on Iraq.

To punish Wilson, Team Bush decided to out his wife, now the least covert operative in CIA history.

The legal gravity of this crime is up for grabs. 
Patrick Fitzgerald's mandate to investigate it runs out at the end of this month. 
He says he was awaiting testimony from Steno Jude who just emerged from jail. 


Subject: Democrats

Hey Bart,

I hear you when you conclude that the BFEE and Osama must have arranged some 
sorta deal, judging by the total lack of terror events since 911, the freedom of Osama 
and the anthrax killers, and the obviously transparent nature of our nation's "security'. 

But I keep wondering when you are going to apply similar thinking to the Democratic Party?
After a while it seems to me that it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that they have been 
secretly bought and sold by forces working for the Right. They have been extremely clever 
about it, financing loser candidates or Republicrats who pretend to be of the opposition but
secretly support Big Business... and working with shills and moles to sabotage the Dems from within. 
Is it only me or is a pattern beginning to emerge, one that is too obvious to ignore? 

Your claims to the contrary, you're a pretty wise cat; surely you've begun to suspect something 
rotten in the whole Democratic party. Yes, the party is an existing structure already in place in 
the national arena, but what good is it if it is subverted, rotten? 

I predict that in spite of everything, eventually even you will be forced to give up on 
the Dems as a lost cause, and advocate going Independent or whatever.
MW in CT

People who ask these questions never explain why, if the dems are on the 
GOP team, why do the GOP and the oil companies spend millions to crucify the Dems 
every year and $200M to call Kerry a "treasonous traitor who didn't earn his medals."

Does that sound like a partnership to you?

As far as "loser candidadtes," how did we know Kerry would take a dive?
Kerry was ten times the candidate Bush was - he just didn't want to be president.

We barely lost the last race while the Independents got what, one percent?
The smart move is to slap the cowardly Democrats harder and harder till they wake up.



"The wisest course for journalists might be to begin sustained investigations of 
why leading Democrats have failed so miserably to challenge the occupation of Iraq. 
The first step, of course, is to establish as conventional wisdom the fact that the war 
was never in the U.S.  interests and has not become so."  
       --General William Odom,   Link


Subject: Raul Grijalva


I read where Representative Raul Grijalva was one of only six democratic members of congress at
the 9/24 rally in Washington, D.C.    Raul is proving himself to be a man of uncommon courage.

I live in his district, which consists of 50% hispanics.  This is his first term in Congress, but I predict
it will not be his last.  We should all learn his name, because he may be one of the few we will be
able depend on as the republican neofascists tighten their grip over this once-great country of ours.

Ron in Tucson

Ron, thanks for that e-mail.
I want to make a point, and I need to be sure you don't think this is aimed at you.

This gets back to the "Where was Hillary that day?" question, but let me ask you:
Do you know the story about the Stones and Altamont?

I wasn't there, nobody I trust was there, but the Stones caught the blame for a murder at a
concert they did at Altamont Speedway? in California. Apparently, the idiot Stones hired some 
Hell's Angels gang members to run security at their concert, and when some handjob rushed the stage,
some drunken biker "did his job" and stabbed the guy to death.

IF the Stones did hire the Hell's Angel's gang for security, which I think is a fact,
they share responsibility for the drunken biker's murder of a fan who got out of line.
(This is the way I remember it, if I'm wrong don't come heavy.)

In the same vein, *I* would counsel my candidate to avoid the 9/24 march.  Like with Altamont,
the whore press would make everything out to be Hillary's fault if she were there and shit happened.
(Don't be angry, Raul Grijalva isn't Hillary)

If just one sign said, "Chute Bush," the entire American whore media would've headlined the event 
as "Hillary's murderers call for Bush's assassination," and our destiny would change.

So far, I'm the only guy (besides Hillary's handlers) who understand this basic fact.
It boggles the fuck out of me that I'm the only one who sees this.

To disagree with me, you'd have to commit to these two "can't happens."

Can't Happen #1 - Nobody would ever bring a sign like that to a rally and things never go wrong..
Can't Happen #2 - The American whore press is too committed to the truth to allow such an unfair 
      characterization of Hillary's dignity to make money on a headline like that.

It boggles that I'm the only one who sees this.



ha ha


 Subject: donation

Bart, sorry i can't send more, 
I'm a college student from Georgia who definitely needs some 
WPE stickers to combat all those damn dubya stickers down here! 
~Julie from GA

WPE stickers!    Free with any donation

Plus two bartcop.com ovals and "I Miss Clinton" bonus sticker.
Four stickers for one donation!

(If you don't miss Clinton, tell me and I'll leave that sticker out.)

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 Tulsa, OK  74155

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Pope: Bible not all true
 Millenia-old Church catches up to  bartcop.com


The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has published a teaching document 
instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true.

The Catholic bishops of England, Wales and Scotland are warning their five million 
worshippers, as well as any others drawn to the study of scripture, that they should not 
expect "total accuracy" from the Bible.

"We should not expect to find in Scripture full scientific accuracy or complete 
historical precision," they say in The Gift of Scripture.  

I'm assuming the "hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church" 
didn't declare this without checking with "Mr. Infallible."


Subject: message from Randi

As Republicans FINALLY break ranks with King George I scratch my head 
(and other various body parts) trying to figure out two things. What took so long? 
And why grassroots Republicans think George is ONE OF THEM.

King George is here to steal. That's it. No need to over-think this one. He is here to steal.
The US Treasury is little more than a taxpayer filled ATM for Bush cronies in the private sector.

He has bankrupted the nation, started wars with repercussions that will last generations, 
installed crooks and cronies in high positions of power, and remains a dangerous, 
reckless threat to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Yet notice no matter how bad things get for Americans, no matter how much proof that the 
same pack of thieves always seem to get their hands on YOUR money, Americans still 
BELIEVE they know his heart.

Share this with your hard to convince Republican friends. 
Because you CARE.

Love ALLways,

...it's like I have a twin.



"Bush 41 lied by expressly stating he would not raise taxes.
Conservatives fear Bush 43 has done the same by failing to nominate well-known 
conservative, strict constructionists to the Supreme Court.  Bush has presided over 
the largest growth in government since LBJ, and now he appears willing to lose all 
credibility with conservative voters by failing to fulfill his campaign vow to nominate 
an openly Scalia or Thomas-like justice. Conservatives will now begin to consider why 
they should continue to give their support - money, labor, and votes - to Republican 
politicians who take their conservative base for granted by continually lying to them."  
      --Richard Viguerie,      Link


Subject: the moon story

So I clicked the link to all Moon's front companies and that's fucking scary. 
And I think my dislike of Moon dates from watching that very NBC Nightly News, 
transcripted on the site, in 1990, too.

Whenever I make a political comment my conservative opponent didn't like, 
they shoot back with,  "We don't let no foreigners tell us what to do."
And at the same time, all their points and all their ideas came from Fox News,
which is owned by a foreigner, and the Washington Times, also owned by a foreigner.



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"Miers may turn out to be a great justice. But she's never been a judge, never written 
seriously on constitutional issues, never been a litigator on such issues etc, etc. But if you 
want to make the case that none of this matters,  ...would you have the same reaction if 
Hillary Clinton nominated her longtime personal lawyer under similar circumstances?" 
     --Jonah Goldberg, son of bad seed     Link



Subject: Harry Reid

It might not be as bad as you think.  
Harry might just be jerking Bush's chain.  

He did NOT say she was qualified, or that he'd vote for her, 
he just suggested somebody like her might be okay.  
And his praise of her was all personality type, not judicial.
I'm letting this one play out for a bit before I get too worried.

Dude, Reid also had the option to say nothing at all, but our Democrats,
when faced with an option to praise Bush or remain silent usually praise Bush.

I f-ing hate that about Democrats.


Hey, Big Spender
  Is Bush a conservative?


In the Rose Garden on Tuesday morning, a reporter asked President Bush, 
"Are you still a conservative?"   The president's reply: "Am I what?" 

Lately, the burgeoning federal deficit has some critics on the right practically 
threatening to kick the president out of the club and change the secret handshake.

Bush's promise of a seemingly open checkbook to Katrina victims has amplified those 
complaints. For example, talentless whore Peggy Noonan wrote a column last month saying: 
"We did not understand [Bush's compassionate conservatism] to mean never vetoing a 
spending bill. We did not understand it to mean a historic level of spending."

It needs to be said as often as possible:
Bush is the biggest spender in Earth's history.


Subject: world peace


I know it's morally reprehensible, but if your sole purpose was to cut down 
on world crime and wars, I know a way that would do just that: 

if you aborted all Bush fetuses it would go a long way toward reducing the wars, 
global crime spree, and destruction being perpetrated on the inhabitants of this planet.


Busted for doing his homework


Jarvis had assigned her senior civics and economics class "to take photographs to illustrate
their rights in the Bill of Rights," she says. One student "had taken a photo of  Bush out of a 
magazine and tacked the picture to a wall with a red thumb tack through his head. 

Then he made a thumb's down sign with his own hand next to the President's picture, and he 
had a photo taken of that, and he pasted it on a poster." 

According to Jarvis, the student was just doing his assignment, illustrating the right to dissent. 
But there is no Bill of Rights at the Kitty Hawk Wal-Mart, where he took his film to be developed. 
They called the Kitty Hawk police and they called the Secret Service."


Subject: so damn stupid

Do you guys really expect W to nominate a liberal to the Supreme Court?  
Clinton got away with putting a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist on the court and 
we never whined until your senators expected John Roberts to answer 
questions that they gave Ms. Ginsburg a pass on.


Ken, Bush ran as a "compassionate conservative," implying he wasn't the 
mad-dog radical that Ronald Reagan, his father and Bob Dole seemed to be.

Once he stole power, we saw the real George W. Bush - a religiously-insane,
power-hungry, blood-thirsty moron who would invade and murder just for kicks.

As far as answering questions, why bother with hearings if the nominee is going 
to repeat, "I don't think I should answer that question," again and again?

...by the way, your fly is open.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"Without Bush's patronage, Harriet Miers is nothing more than a fairly obscure lawyer 
from Texas who served as president of a relatively minor law firm and served in state 
government on a lottery commission for five years."     
       --John Podhoretz, "Crony Calamity",   Link


Call the

...as heard on BCR 82

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $62.79 a barrel
makes $125,580,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Notice the price coming down?
That's how much trouble Bush is in...

1942 1945 have died for Halliburton


John Edwards on Stewie

Jon asked if he and Kerry were still friends, ...and still talked.

Shit, that though never entered my liberal pointed head.

Sure, *I'm* pissed a Kerry an 8 on the scale of 1-10,
but I'd still talk to him, so why wouldn't his running mate?

Stewie pressed him about "What went wrong?" and "What's different next time?"
and it made me think I need to clarify my pitch to the certain-to-lose-without-me Democrats.

I don't want a salary.
I don't want a title.
I don't need to be recognized, hence yesterday's MI example.

If you have any sense at all...
(should I bother to finish this sentence?)

...if the Democrats choose to surrender at 10 PM,
give me until 10: 07 to explain why surrender is the wrong option

I'm asking for seven minutes to straighten your lost asses out.
Next time you guys want to surrender en masse (in Mass) give me seven minutes.
The least you should do is let me chime in when it's time to answer an attack.


Pearl Jam, Robert Plant unite for Katrina


A thousand dollars is a lot for a concert ticket, but Pearl Jam and Robert Plant justified the 
price Wednesday during a benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims at Chicago's House of Blues.

Proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and the Jazz Foundation
-- none of whom, joked Eddie Vedder, are subsidiaries of Halliburton.

ha ha

Plant opened the show, then he and Vedder traded verses on Elvis's "Little Sister," then doing
Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain," with Vedder and Plant sharing a lyric sheet since, shockingly, 
the latter had never played live. Following a gorgeous "Thank You," with Plant's voice in fine form, 
he and Pearl Jam returned for "Rockin' in the Free World." 

Plant singing songs that don't suck?
I'd pay to see that - maybe it'll surface on DVD.


Subject: are you OK?

Mr. Bart,
Are you okay?  
I have tried to get your website but get the 'operation timed out' message 
I hope this is just a temporary glitch and not the beginning of censorship of great pro-truth websites.
T Quigly


Dear Computer Tyme Customers,

The interesting situation I told you about yesterday is not resolved. The Internet itself is broken. 
It appears as of today that the Internet itself is now two separate networks and some parts of the 
Internet can not talk to other parts. This is not a temporary outage. A major communication company, 
Level 3 has cut all traffic with another major communication company, Cogent Communications.

I'll be surprised if someone isn't in court today asking for an emergency injunction to get this fixed.

The bottom line is that for now people who get their service from providers using Level 3 can't go 
to the web sites who get their service from Cogent and vice versa. This also affects peer to peer 
applications like Chat and some kinds of voice over IP connections between Level 3 and Cogent customers.

The decision to disconnect is that of Level 3. They are the ones who pulled the plug fracturing
the internet. I send out an alert to 1200 newspapers last night to alert them to the story.

This fracture affects tens of millions of people directly and every internet user indirectly. 
It is going to disrupt email delivery in unpredictable ways. This is a very serious situation 
that is out of my control. For those customers of mine at the Electronic Frontier Foundation
- I have reports that EFFs site is affected by this so if you want to file an emergency injunction
- this is a good time to do it. There are national security implications here. The idea that some 
company can fragment the internet on a whim is scary. But there are no laws governing this - yet.

Computer Tyme Hosting gets it's bandwidth from a mix of providers. That's why I chose a 
data center (Nectartech) in the Market Post Tower building. For us - not all the protocols 
are cut off. So you can still ping the server and SSH and FTP upload to it. But the web 
interface (Port 80) is down for Level 3 customers. People who have Level 3 service 
can not access any of the web sites we host.

Slashdot Article:


Cogent Communication Statement


I am on top of this as much as I can be and I will keep you all posted as to what is happening.

Marc Perkel
Fearless Leader
Computer Tyme Hosting 

Funny tht Yahoo News doesn't think this is worth reporting, 
but then again,
Perkel is so far ahead of the curve he can see tomorrow.

Marc Perkel is the best.
If you were smart, you'd have your site hosted by him


TV stuff

U2 on Conan tonight.
Jon Stewart on Letterman.


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 Katie Holmes pregnant
  ...by the sperm of L.Ron Hubbard?

    "They drugged me and I woke up pregnant."



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