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Thurs-Fri  Oct 13-14, 2005    Volume 1636 -  Stay the curse 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Mob gave Pirros $10K?
Dick's Stocks at $9.2M 
Miers Panic hits WH 
Politics and terror 
Whores caught again 
Random Thought...
Exorcism school
Bush faked soldier talk 
Paris Hilton Jobless


 Quote of the Day

"Hillary is never going to be president. 
  There is no more divisive figure in the 
  party, much less the country, than her."  
    --Susan Estrich, once a Democrat, now on 
       her knees for FOX News and Bush     Link

  Susan Estrich is the "political genius" who 
  put Micharl Dukakis in the tank for photos.


  Susan Estrich,
  Donna Brazile,
  Mary Jo Cahill,
  ...anybody see a pattern?



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"What the Democrats have concluded in their wildest speculation is that Mr. Rove laid out
for me a detailed promise that Ms. Miers would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and revealed
all the other judicial opinions that she has supposedly prejudged. It did not happen, period."
    --James Dobson, calling himself a liar   Link


Mob Boss gave Hillary foe Pirros $10K?
  Not just on the take - on the take cheap


An Albanian mobster, Mo Sanginiti ( ha ha - quit it ) testified yesterday that he paid $10,000
to a Westchester politico Yonkers GOP Committee Chairman Zehy Jereis in 2001 to ask the
husband of Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro for help making an investigation go away.

ha ha

bartcop.com  is hereby calling this election for Hillary Clinton 13 months before the election.

If they use Dubya's  "never change course" strategery, this election is over.
Hillary must be the most electable Democrat in America.
The GOP puts up a corrupt mob wife in their fake attempt at a challenge?

I think America would welcome a smart woman president.


Cheney's Stock Options at $9.2M
 They steal more than that in their sleep each night


Senator Frank R. Lautenberg reiterated his call for Cheney to forfeit his continuing financial
interest in Halliburton, in light of the surging value of  Cheney's Halliburton holdings.
He continues to hold 433,333 Halliburton stock options, now worth $9,214,154.93 (as of Sept 14)

"As Halliburton's fortunes rise, so does the Vice President's, and that is wrong," said Senator Lautenberg.
"Halliburton has already raked in more than $10 billion from this administration for work in Iraq, and now
they are being awarded some of the first Katrina contracts. It is unseemly for Cheney to continue to benefit
from this company at the same time his administration funnels billions of dollars to it."

Suddenly Frank Lautenberg has a pair?
What's up with that?

After five years of, "Sure Monkey, anything you want," he grows a pair?


Subject: Don Imus

I remember well how Imus kept repeating "We're gonna invade Iraq, because we can"
during the buildup to that.  Around then I finally shut him off & didn't listen to him until a couple
months ago - finally fed up with classic rock & NPR during my commute.

I was surprised how full circle he'd come,  but not having sat through the months of apparent
awakening,  I chalked it up as Imus going with the flow and claiming it his own.

You're right - him & his pals (especially Beau Deedull & the "bald headed stooge") can
stay on the side they took way back when...

One of these days I'll send some money - still have one in college & one in the wings...
Please understand.

Peter D

Pete, good stuff, and no need to apologize.
God fixed it so decent people stay broke and die early,
while all the fascist sluts and gasbags get rich and die of old age.

BTW, did you hear Margaret Thatcher turned 80?


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"Do you honestly believe that Harriet Miers would have been nominated to the
Supreme Court if she had been Jewish, or an atheist, or Muslim? Of course not,
because the president and Karl Rove, or Andy Card, or whoever's really running
things these days, knew that such a choice would not pass muster with the radical
clerics who sit on "the board of directors" of Bushco."
     --Attytood,      Link


Miers Panic hits Chimp Central


The BFEE tried Wednesday to patch a growing fissure in the GOP over Harriet Miers by
talking about her religious beliefs. "Part of Harriet Miers' life is her religion," Der Money said.


When possibly-qualified John Roberts was up for conformation, Bush said,
"John Roberts's Roman Catholic faith should not be a factor in his confirmation."
(USA Today 10/12 Page 4A, but it's not on their website, the cowards)

What was Bush saying?
"Don't hold a crazy Catholic's religion against him?"

Bush defended his nomination, saying Miers "had a good heart," and "hated minorities,"
in an attempt to appeal to his KKK base. He claimed Harry would strictly interpret the Constitution
- something his conservative supporters want evidence to support. He said his advisers' comments
about Miers' churchgoing were meant to give people a better understanding of his insane friend.

The poor Monkey.
His religiously-insane base wants him to appoint a "No rights for women" caveman.
But Bush is so weak, he's afraid the sacless Dems might actually fight back.


Subject: Bartcop Radio

Bart, your last couple of shows had me crying they were so funny.
Keep up the great work hammering away at the BFEE!




"The Bush political family, is at war with itself inside the White House. My sense is,
it's Andy Card, the chief of staff, and his people against Karl Rove, the brain. And that
runs through a whole lot of things, whether it's Harriet Miers or Katrina. But it all starts
with Iraq. And some submerged, but now emerging divisions within the administration
over why we went into that war, how we went into that war and what was done to sell it.
There are people [who] are out for Karl Rove inside that White House, which makes
his situation even more perilous."
       --Howard Fineman,   Link


Nutty Catholics open Exorcism school
  Insanity runs rampant with the sex abuse crowd


The devil is intervening more in the life of man these days," Father Paolo told the students,
most of them priests who want to learn how to tackle the demon if they encounter him.

"It is indispensable that every priest knows how to discern between demonic possession
and psychological problems," he said.

ha ha
Make them stop!

Are we in the tenth century?
These people, with a straight face, are preparing to meet the Devil?

Guess what - there is no Devil.

Kids need to learn how to tackle a rapist with a collar, not some pretend devil.
The Catholic Church is a for-profit organization run by slightly organized sex offenders.

...but wait - it gets worse.

Vatican OKs Gay Priests


The Vatican stops short of banning homosexuals entering the priesthood,
allowing those who have lived chastely for three years to be candidates for the clergy.

The document, in the works for at least three years, updates Vatican policy, which had
held that gays or men with homosexual tendencies should not be ordained, regardless
of whether they can remain celibate.

First, I don't think "gay" is the problem - gays don't molest - I think "celebate" is the problem.
Second, the rules say they must be celebate, no options, so what's with the three year rule?
Third, if they can't stay celebate, why are they signing up to be priests?
Fourth, this three year rule is suspicious plus, the rule is about three years old.
It sounds like somebody had a giant sex orgy in 2002 and said, "That's it, never again,"
but we've established that they can't control their sex drives, so who's lying to who?

Bottom line - a priest should never be left alone with a young person.


While at a phoney Katrina photo op,
Bush searches for the trigger to make the hammer go bang.

Subject: I am confused-- what's new?

I do not recall anyone proposing outlawing guns for home or for hunting and practice.
Assault weapons that fire 100s round per minutes. You are darn correct.

Guns carried in public. No.
In church. No.
In Bars. no.
At ball games. no.

clarence swinney

Clarence, the lack of cops in New Orleans started this latest round of gun talk.
Once the bomb-goes-off/earthquake-hits/flood-destroys-your-city, you won't be able to buy a gun.
One needs to have the gun before the shit hits the fan, in my opinion.

Of course you're right about the assault weapons.
A Glock fires three bullets a second, holds 14 rounds and reloads in seconds.
If someone needs more firepower than that, they can buy a second Glock

They say the crime rate dropped drastically in Florida after they passed their wacky gun law.
I can't verify that, but that's what Ben Affleck told Bill Maher two weeks ago.
If that's true, it'll be hard for us to to argue with less crime.

Please don't go buy a gun on my say so.
If your son shoots your daughter, I'll be blamed.
If you buy a gun, it should be because you weighed the evidence
and you calculated the odds and decided a gun was the right way to go.

My position is this:
*I* won't go crazy and shoot someone for no reason.
*I* don't have children who could get into my guns and screw up.
*I* will stop and ask myself, "What will this look like to a jury?" before I pull the trigger.

If I see a couple fighting in a parking lot, I'll dial 9-11.
If he's beating her with a baseball bat, I'll fire a shot into the air.
But if I don't own a gun, I don't have the option to intervene and the woman dies.



"I'm sure the right wing will go into orbit over an out-of-control prosecutor who seems
bent on pursuing a personal vendetta rather than getting at the truth, which was nothing
more than that Karl Rove or somebody had a slight lapse of judgement when they talked
to a reporter. After all, it wasn't like a real estate sale in Arkansas that went bad or
anything like that. And it's so typical of the liberal media like the Wall Street Journal
to unleash attacks on the president and his staff when the real evil-doers like hurricanes
and earthquakes are still out there wreaking havoc."
         --Mustang Bobby,      Link


Subject: sane gun talk

Bart, here are some times I wish I'd had a gun.

The night two guys followed me into my driveway, I wish I'd had a gun.
The night someone tried to break into our hotel room in Birmingham.
The night my father-in-law was robbed outside a wedding at a swanky art gallery.
The many times when I was attacked by dogs while working as a FedEx courier out in the boondocks.
My grandmother, who was never without her Smith and Wesson, fended off a home invasion
    back before home invasions had a fancy name. She was sure glad she had a gun.
Once I got lost in the woods - I had a gun and I was glad cause there was bears in them woods.


Jeff, thanks for that.
When the big civil war starts, it's me and you against 130 million Republicans.


Thanks to Helldog

Random Thought...

As we watch every elected Republican stay with Bush, no matter how many soldiers die,
no matter how many disasters he causes or mismanages, no matter how far into debt we go,

...I'm reminded of those disgusting, back-stabbing Democrats who, when Clinton got caught
with Monica, rushed to every mic and camera they could find to scream "Disgraceful!" at him.

Again and again we hear from the GOP, the whore media and the gelding Democrats that
a blow job was so much worse than killing 2,000 soldiers for a lie to steal some Arab oil.

I'll also never forget that it was Judas Maximas,

 Hi, I'm Judas the traitor

who first brought up the subject of impeachment.   The GOP didn't think things were that serious,
but after Judas grabbed some headlines with his snotty impeachment remark, they started saying,
"Even George Stephanopolous thinks it's bad enough to impeach Clinton."

I'm still pissed off that Democrats constantly refused to stand behind our president, and now we're
in the horrible mess we're in because the sacless, clueless Democrats refuse to fight these bastards.

Oh shut up!

And stay out of the 2008 race, would you?



 Subject: donation

Bart - it ain't much, but it should help.
Keep it up,dude!

Don't let the bastards wear you down!

Dude, thanks for that.
Small donations count because more people send them.

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if you send a dollar, (not talking about RLRUss) remember that PayPal
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I'm not complaining - I'd be crazy to do that...
I'm just saying sometimes I have to take a day off to do secretary work
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I'll bet Rush and Hannity and O'Reilly never take a day off to mail out stickers.

Plus two bartcop.com ovals and "I Miss Clinton" bonus sticker.
Four stickers for one donation!

(If you don't miss Clinton, tell me and I'll leave that sticker out.)

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Politics and terror
 Keith Olbermann tells the truth


On May 10th of this year, after his resignation, former Secretary of Homeland Security
Tom Ridge looked back on the terror alert level changes, issued on his watch.

Mr. Ridge said: "More often than not we were the least inclined to raise it. Sometimes we
disagreed with the intelligence assessment. Sometimes we thought even if the intelligence
was good, you don't necessarily put the country on (alert)· there were times when some
people (He means Karl Rove) were really aggressive about raising it, and we said 'for that?'"

Please, judge for yourself.

Then he lists thirteen times where Karl Rove needed a distraction so he raised the terror alert.
When Clinton retaliated against America's enemies in 1998, the all-GOP media screamed
"Wag the dog" because there was always some manufactured "crisis" going on.

Today, whenever Bush gets caught, he screams "Osama is coming" and the all-GOP media
helps him change the big, bad headlines because they are whores who will screw America for a nickle.

This is double huge for at least three reasons:

They can't say Ridge is an unstable liar because Bush picked him to save us in our darkest hour.
Ridge was right there - he's not some budget clerk testifying about Building #7.
Ridge is Catholic, and Catholics only lie about molesting children.

I hate America's whore media, ranked 24th in the world* for being free.

* It's either 24th or 27th, but it f-ing galls me to think there are 23 countries where the press
tells fewer lies than the I'll-say-anything-for-a-nickle, sell-out, sons-of-bastards we're stuck with.


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

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by entering bartcop.com   HERE

Bush faked soldier talk
 Why didn't they cover up for him like always?


It was billed as a conversation with U.S. troops, but the questions Monkeyboy asked
on a teleconference call Thursday were choreographed to match his goals for the war
and Saturday's vote on a new Iraqi constitution.

A brief rehearsal...

"OK, so let's just walk through this," Barber said. "Captain Kennedy, you answer
the first question and you hand the mike to whom?"

"Captain Smith," Kennedy said.
"Captain. Smith? You take the mike and you hand it to whom?" she asked.
"Captain Kennedy," the soldier replied.

The soldiers all gave Bush an upbeat view of the situation.
The president also got praise from the Iraqi soldier who was part of the chat.
"Thank you very much for everything," he gushed. "I like you."

It was all faked, just like everything this never-worked-a-day-in-his-life liar has ever done.
But now that he's down to the thirties in approval ratings, press scumbags are coming to work?
After six years of lying to help Bush lie to us?

You can trust a stranger on the street more than the Americam whore press.


Subject: Hollo who?

If I had to bang Harriet Miers first to get to this little scamp, I'd be all over it.
(This next sentence censored by the  bartcop.com  Decency Committee)

I've never heard "Holloback Girl"....thank you XM.
Bart, you must have it on a f-ing loop, you little girl you.

How is it?
Is it your ringtone?

Rude Rich

Gwen sells a million 'Hollaback,' downloads


Rude Rich, yeah, I've heard that song.
I own a TV and a radio and I don't live in a bar.

...and for the record, my phone goes, "Ring, ring."



"George Bush must meet some new people. You know, when Americans see their
president giving every job to the same old cronies, they use words like "stubborn"
and "close-minded," "sock-puppet," "asshole." "Worst president ever."
       -- Bill Maher, ...did he see our signs?


Subject: New York Subway Threat

This had to have been bogus.
Why on earth would someone bomb the New York subways
on a SUNDAY, the day before a minor holiday?

What, were they kinder and gentler terrorists,
and didn't want to harm too many people?
It was Columbus Day, which shut down banks & federal offices,.
That's counter-productive if the terrorists want to make a major impact.

Why don't more people ask questions like this?
Have their brains all turned to mush from too many years of Faux news and Rush Limbaugh?
Or has organized religion dulled their reasoning skills?
Perhaps both?

Pam in Pendleton

Pam, the rejection of science and logic causes lots of major problems.
These days, every country is more sophisticated than the United States.
It the world's eyes, America loves Bush and we'd elect him again if we could.

...can you believe we lost two elections to the "science is lying" moron?


Whore CNN, Whoremax and NY Daily Whore caught again
 None of them have the credibility or BS detector of  bartcop.com


On Oct 11, CNN's Ali Velshi reported as fact an Internet rumor that U2 was "set to perform in
Philadelphia at a $1,000-a-seat fund-raiser for Rick Santorum (R-Pervert)."  Velshi's report -- which
quoted a false article on NewsMax.com -- cited a claim by the "organizer of the fund-raiser" that both
Santorum and Bono "have strong religious convictions and are passionate in their beliefs" as an explanation
for Bono's "new and perhaps surprising cause."  Kyra Phillips (R-Whore and Stupid) asked,
"Why is Bono teaming up with a religiously insane fascist like Santorum?"

And they have the gall to call themselves "news organizations?"
When I heard that rumor, I laughed out loud - why didn't they?


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Subject: Bush and 9/11


A friend of mine just visited a sister in NY city.
She says many New Yorkers do not believe that Bush did not know.

They just do not tell others because of the reaction.

However, I am with Randi Rhodes who says,
"Why not just work with the facts we got, they are enough."



BCR flashback

Click  Here to listen to Part Two of a very old BCR Show 23,

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Features a great rant by Barry Crimmins, Randi Rhodes's comedy writer
and a Rick Del Castillo promo for BartCop Radio - thanks to Barry and Rick!

Remember, lower your expectations and assume later shows get better.


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Subject: Harriet Miers

What Would you think of G.W. as a Supreme Court Justice, considering his lack of
experience in using good judgement, plus the fact that he isn't that familiar with judicially
defending the Constitution of the United States, and that he be appointed for life?

Not much, huh?

Then why would we consider his appointee to be any better qualified, when he describes
her as having the same philosophy as his, and like him, she has never written an opinion
concerning a constitutional question, nor has she sat under judicial scrutiny?

Certainly the qualifications of becoming a Supreme Court Justice, FOR LIFE should be
of a higher standard than what President Bush recites hers to be.  He is demeaning the
Supreme Court by lowering entrance to it, with such minimums.

Oct., 11, '05
Earl in Tucson

Dude, great point.
Can we let a moron pick the person who will affect all our lives for 30 years?


 Bartcop.com  flashback   (back when we were funny)
   Volume 104 - Promise Keepers - Losers, Weepers

Friday, a liberal got past Bo Snerdly and STUCK old Porky!

First, he went into a pretend ditt-rant about how his wife
went scooters after reading some "feminazi" articles.
Rush was very interested in this... this "proof" that anything
related to equality for women will destroy a marriage.

After the guy talked for a while, he said,
"By the way, did you cry when the Dunkin Donut man died?"

ha ha
Rush, you big, fat, deserves-everything pig.

Swear to Koresh,
Puerca says "What? ...Died? ...who...?"

Porky ate it, live on his own radio show.
Ate it, I tell you.

ha ha

Poor Fat Bastard.
He didn't get the damn joke, so he asked the guy to REPEAT it!

The caller thought he'd be thrown off right away, so he was
startled when Fatboy asked him to slash him a second time.

The caller couldn't believe his luck.
"Did you cry when the Dunkin Donut man died?" he asked again.

"The...(sputter)...the Dunkin...what?
...I didn't even know the guy!"  whaled Limba.

ha ha

Not only was he rubbing the big bully's nose in dogshit,
the big bully asked him if he'd please do it again!

So the guy REPEATS the donut joke, and Porky STILL doesn't
understand that he's playing the fool for his 4 million sheep.

Eventually, a staffer handed Rush a note telling him to dump the guy,
then it FINALLY dawns on Rush that he's been made into the big, fat tool.

He stammered a minute, then suggested the guy
"might want to get a brain transplant."

Sharp comeback, Moby.
Why the slow-witted response?
Is the auto-slur broke?


Subject: gun thought

In Canada, the idea of owning a gun is absurd.
We barely support the idea of having an army because, afterall,
the only country likely to invade us is the largest military power
in the world, led by the world's most insane leader.


Freezin, you bring up a great twist:

This issue or last issue or somedamnwhere I said,
"Gun laws work in countries with less than 200M guns"
That changes the whole gun debate - if you live in a non-200M gun country.

What do you do when you hear glass break at night?
Do you hope your burglar is a lightweight?
Do you gamble that your baseball bat is bigger than his?
How do you protect your family in a non-gun country?

A fella once broke into George Harrison's house with a knife.
Seems like he stabbed George and his wife hit him over the head with a lamp - is that right?


"We fell to the floor," George Harrison said. "I was fending off blows with my hands.
He was on top of me and stabbing down at my upper body."  (Five stab wounds to the chest)

Mrs Harrison said: "There was blood on the walls and on the carpet. There was a moment
when I realised we were going to be murdered - I realised that this man was succeeding."
Mrs Harrison threw the lamp at him and ran downstairs to find that police had arrived.

Is that what they do in no-gun countries?
Take a multiple stabbing and hope your wife is handy with a lamp?

There's that old, old cliche - better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.
...and I'm undefeated in court.

 Not excerpted:
Harrison said all he had was the element of surprise,   (what?)
so he shouted "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna" at the attacker.
That failed to distract him sufficiently to avoid the five knife thrusts into his chest.

Sorry, that's not what would happen at Casa de Bart.
I don't care to go there and neither does Mrs Bart.
I'm not liberal enough to accept five knife thrusts to the chest.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

U2 continues US tour

U2 played Boston last this week, did anybody go?

They're in New York this week, selling out five nights at the Garden - did anybody go?
I'll bet Rude Rich is there - with bells on - hoping to get Bono's autograph.

Next is Philly, then DC, PittsburgH, Detroit Houston and Dallas on October 29th

Send in your U2 concerts reports

U2 Concert Report   by Jamie


Call the

...as heard on BCR 83

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.12 a barrel
makes $128,240,000  Bush stole just yesterday

1964 1966 have died for Halliburton


Subject: Mike Malloy radio bit

I'm Spitfire from the Mike Malloy message board.
I extracted this brilliant clip by Kathy from Mike's show and
thought you might enjoy it enough to share with your readers.
Ben Burch now has it posted at  whiterosesociety.org

Spitfire, thanks for that!


Subject: Kerry

Bart -

I guess Kerry supposedly "losing" (and refusing to contest the Ohio vote fraud issues) are
reasons for many of us to "ponder" why didn't he contest it and did he maybe "throw" the election?

Point of clarification:
I don't really think Kerry made a Skull & Bones deal to throw the election, but I could be wrong.
I don't think he "took a dive" like a fifty's boxer in a bad movie on the Spike Network.

Sidebar within a clarification:
Did you hear my good friend Kurt Vonnegut ask:
"We have almost 300,000,000 people in this country - so how did
our choices in 2004 come down to two Skull and Bones brothers?"

I think his campaign manager, Mary Jo Cahill, was a testosterone-free, "voters hate a fighter" consiglieri.
I think Gore's campaign manager, Donna Brazile, was a testosterone-free, "voters hate a fighter" consiglieri.
I know Michael Dukakis's campaign manager, Susan Estrich, is a whore for FOX News now.
I think if we don't "test up" in 2006 and 2008, we'll just fade away and watch Bush murder the whole world.

Is Dean the only person who "speaks American" that could tell us the whole story?

No, he's one of the few who have, but he's not the only one who could.
Give me 24 hours with a sacless Senate Democrat and I'll make him meaner than Chris Hitchens with a hangover.
I'll make him tougher than living with Laura the Unloved for a week.

Of course, that's ancient history, but it does still concern me.
I'd like to hear the "real explanation" of the events that happened.

CP, me too, but we never will.
For some damn reason, we can't get the damn truth in this country.
JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK JR, Sonny Bono (just kidding) we can't get the truth in this country.


VCR Alert

Sunday, October 16 at 1:00 am and at 11:00 am on C-Span2
My good friends Kurt Vonnegut and Barry Crimmins (Randi Rhodes Show)

Description: From New York City, a panel discussion on political satire in America.
The panelists share samples of their work and collectively answer audience questions.
Taking part are: Kurt Vonnegut, author of "A Man Without a Country";
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and Barry Crimmins, author of "Never Shake Hands with a War Criminal"; and others.
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 Paris Hilton Show cancelled
   If only Nicole hadn't hosted that "Paris video" party

           Paris Hilton - jobless


Fox Network has canceled the Paris Hilton-Nicole Richie series
after the show's two stars no longer proved compatible.

"She knows what she did," said Paris, stung by her childhood friend's betrayal.


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