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Tuesday  Oct 18, 2005   Volume 1638 - The Angel was Overcome 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush caught in Iraq
Bush's Latest Lies  
Big Ed pulled off AFR 
GM in big trouble
War on the poor
Random Thought...
Last gasp indictments
Rove caught lying? 
Posh Spice in court


 Quote of the Day

"If you don't want to work, become a reporter. 
 That awful power, the public opinion of the nation, 
  was created by a horde of self-complacent simpletons, 
  who failed at ditch digging and shoe making, and 
  fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse."  
        --Mark Twain, my hero,     Link

  Or, if brevity is wit - "Fuck the press."
        -- Joe Dimaggio, who came out of a coma
            on his deathbed to say that.


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"When I saw the quote today from the New York Times about Judy Miller, I blew coffee 
through my nose. "Judy is an intrepid, principled, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who 
has provided our readers with thorough and comprehensive reporting throughout her career."

I don't care how many awards Judy Miller has, she is a miserable failure who has irreparably 
harmed her country with bad journalism and by allowing her own beliefs to infect her reportage."  
     --James Moore, co-author of "Bush's Brain",    Link


Iraqi's catch Bush rigging the vote
 Even under fire, they're smarter and braver than our Democrats


Iraq's election commission announced Monday that officials were investigating "unusually high"
numbers of "yes" votes in about a dozen provinces during Iraq's landmark referendum on a new
constitution, raising questions about irregularities in the balloting.

Word of the review came as Sunni Arab leaders repeated accusations of fraud after initial reports
from the provinces suggested the constitution had passed. Among the Sunni allegations are that...
that some "yes" areas had more votes than registered voters.

...the official with knowledge of the counting process said the unexpected results were not isolated
to the Shiite and Kurdish provinces and were "all around the country."

Just like in Amerikka, the clumsy-ass BFEE tries to steal an election in broad f-ing daylight.
but our Democrats laid down when the Diebold results showed that they lost by 3000 votes
in a county with only 1200 people in it.  Again and again and again.

County after county, state after state, the Democrats have been losing and instead of fighting back,
they f-ing tried to surrender EARLY, but they couldn't - because the Cheater of the Free World was
already beddy-bye in his hot new Superman pajamas.


Bush's Latest Iraq War Lies
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


Recent intelligence assessments on the Iraq War -- and a letter purportedly written by al-Qaeda's
second-in-command -- suggest that George W. Bush is back to his old tricks, exaggerating threats
in the Middle East. To justify staying in Iraq until "complete victory," Bush is painting the scariest
pictures he can and ignoring possible routes to a more limited success.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


General Motors in big trouble
 Bush broke world's biggest carmaker


General Motors has signed an initial agreement with unions to reduce its healthcare expenses
by $3 billion a year, sending its shares up 11%.  The jump in its share price came despite the firm
also reporting a $1.6 billion third quarter loss, compared to a $315 milliong profit a year ago.

GM had long sought to reduce its expensive healthcare obligations, with talks starting back in the spring.
The US giant on Monday also reiterated plans to cut 25,000 jobs by 2008.

Years ago, we told you GM was spending more on health care than they were on steel.

The Clinton's tried to fix this, but GOP greed (and Dem cowardice and backstabbing) killed it.
"That'd be socialism, so forget health care," we were told.
The Democrats ran like cockroaches when Tom Delay switched the lights on.

That's probably what got Clinton impeached in 1998.
The GOP knew the pink tutus would bend over and let them impeach Clinton, so they did.
They were always going to impeach Clinton, but first they had to fabricate a crime.

         "But Bart, Clinton is a bad man, ...ask anybody."

I think you four should turn in your Man Badges.


Chapter Two:
"Liberal Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik
reunites with his mentor, Professor Gar Reynolds."

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"In an interview yesterday,  Joseph Wilson said that once the criminal questions are settled, 
he and his wife may file a civil lawsuit against Bush, Cheney and others seeking damages for 
the alleged harm done to Plame's career. If they do so, the current state of the law makes it 
likely that the suit will be allowed to proceed -- and Bush and Cheney will face questioning 
under oath -- while they are in office. The reason for that is a unanimous 1997 U.S. Supreme 
Court decision ruling that Paula Jones' no-proof suit against Clinton could go forward immediately, 
a decision that was hailed by conservatives at the time." 
         -- Richard Keil,     Link


Feds declare war on the poor
 New bankruptcy laws attack the sick, the hurt


The path into bankruptcy is now rougher, the path out is steeper, and the change could hardly
come at a more difficult time for many US consumers after being financially raped by the BFEE..

Bush's ultra-severe bankruptcy code - in effect now - means that Americans will face higher fees
and higher burdens of proof before having any debts wiped clean in court.

This used to be at the discretion of a judge, now it's out of the judge's hands - it's the law.
The judge would put you under oath, get a list of your finances, assets and debts and he'd order
you to pay "X" amount of this and "Y" amount on that and dismiss unsecured credit cards.

Under the old system, the bankers made so much profit
they bought a congress - and they paid cash, too.

Think of the power they'll have in the years to come.

David Spade asks, "What's in your wallet?" about a hundred times a day if you watch mich TV.
They advertised like crazy because they're making billions  - but they wanted more, like oil men.

They said, "We have to charge 30 percent interest because of our big losses."
Do you think rates will come down now that they have their monopoly?

These greedy bastards may have just killed the economy.

Thinking about buying a new car or a house?
Better not, cause of you do, if you go into debt and then you get sick or get hurt and can't
work for six months - your car and house are gone along with your credit AND when you
finally get well enough to work, they garnish your wages and you'll never, ever get out of debt.

Each time you send them $300, they'll apply $280 towards interest and $20 toward your loan.
If you owe $40,000 you'll end up paying back $300,000 because Bush (and the Democrats)
sold out every non-rich person in America.  

I heard some unknown Dem senator on Al Franken last week. Al asked him why he voted for it,
saying "90% of all bankruptcy filing are due to severe illness, divorce or loss of job, etc."
leaving only ten percent that was being abused. 

They punsihed everyone in debt because of that ten percent.

The senator refused to address Al's questions.
Anybody know what that was?


Credit card payments to rise


If you make minimum credit card payments, watch out.

The smallest amount that consumers pay on their VISA cards could will double has doubled
under federal guidelines that take full effect Jan. 1. Meanwhile, new bankruptcy rules that kicked in 
Monday will make it harder for debt-ridden consumers to wipe their financial slates clean.

''It's a double whammy,'' said Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Roman Rector. 
''People are going to have higher monthly bills and a harder time dealing with them.''


Resist the Tower! Fight Media Power!

Click to watch the movie

Don't let the FCC regulate your media behind closed doors.

Subject: Sleazy on Meet the Whore

Of course, the real story were Rice's statements to Tim about choosing not to go after
AlQueda after 9-ll, in favor of taking a broader approach by going after Iraq instead.

Her rationale was pathetic, but Tim, being the whore that he is, asked no follow-up questions
---but that is his MO when Bush folks are on his show.

David H

I heard about that on Springer, but I don't watch Meet the Whore.
Like you said, Russert is a whore - he's all-Bush all the time.
His Catholic faith tells him we must bomb Baghdad to demonstrate Bush's greatness.

I'm so old, I remember when Russert was a Democrat.



"The important point is not that a law was broken, but that our country is in the hands of 
a President who is willing to tolerate people in his Administration who are admitted liars 
and who played a direct role in compromising our nation's security. Bush is sending a 
clear message--it is more important to protect cronies than protect this country.'"  
       --Larry Johnson, "The Law is On the Side of Valerie Plame",   Link


 Last gasp before indictments
   Miller and Gannon both look like tops


It's clear now that Libby provided Miller with her name. Plame's name appears at least twice in her
Libby notebook although she pretends that she cannot remember whether or not he furnished the name.

It's also clear that Libby tried to coerce Miller into silence by dispatching his lawyer, Joseph Tate, to tell
Miller that she "was free to testify" but that Libby "had not told Ms. Miller the name or undercover status
of Mr. Wilson's wife." In other words, Libby lied to the Grand Jury and was signaling to Miller to shut up.
If Miller told the truth Libby would go to jail and the BFEE would be exposed as plotting to disgrace Wilson.

It's beginning to look like Miller is the pivotal figure in investigation and her role could be the undoing of the
Bush regime. In one telling comment, Millers notes that (2 days before Novak's article appeared in the WaHoPo

Really? Two days before Novak's momentous article Miller was giving out Plame's name?!?

So, perhaps Miller was the ONLY reporter who got Plame's name from Libby and spread it around to
everyone else? That puts Miller at the very center of the Bush administration's biggest nightmare.
Miller already admitted that Libby had told her that Plame "worked at Winpac. .

I like this movie!
I want to see more!


Bush aide pulls Ed Shultz off Armed Forces Radio
 Are they afraid some troops might desert if they hear the truth?


Armed Forces Radio (AFR) is a station that broadcasts right-wing handjob Rush Limbaugh
to American troops overseas  There is no comparable progressive program.

Today, that was supposed change. Liberal Ed Schultz was supposed to start on AFR.
Jones Radio, Shultz's producer, got an e-mail 9/29 from an AFR official confirming that
one hour of Schultz's program would begin airing today, October 17.

But Monday at 6AM, Shultz producer James Holm, received a call from Pentagon aide Allison Barber.
She told Holm that she was calling so early to let Schultz know his show would not be on AFR today.
You'll remember Barber as the aide caught coaching troops before a faked photo-op with Herr Monkey.

Here's the really interesting part. Barber told Holm she heard Ed announced that he would begin on
AFR during his show Friday. Schultz's show Friday began with audio outtakes of Barber sounding foolish
as she rehearsed the troops "Q&A session" with Bush..


Rove caught lying?
 His version has "discrepancies"


The grand jury pressed Karl Rove yesterday to more fully explain his 'Plame' conversations
with reporters, including discrepancies between his testimony and the account provided by
a key witness in the investigation, according to a source familiar with Rove's account.


Subject: expanding the gun argument

Why is defending Case de Bart and it's surrounding dirt in Oklahoma with a Glock
any different than Jews defending their houses and surrounding sand with an uzi?

When someone broke in the front door, if you took your own advice,
you should run out the backdoor and not stop till you reached Kansas.

Mike C

Mike, we're not surrounded on all sides by people who would gladly strap explosives to
their bodies so they could take us out. If every trip to the store was a gamble - bombs
and land mines and snipers - we would've been out of here decades ago.

It's crazy to risk your children's lives for a non-existent Invisible Cloud Being.


Take Back The Media and their Hollywood Award winning
director/producer Symbolman is proud to present the Definitive Chronology
of the Rove/Plamegate outing in DVD format, "Roves War."

Click  Here  to see a video preview.

Subject: Frist

Unfortunately, Bart, all of the Frist stuff won't come to anything. 
The SEC has to approve any enforcement action, and their new chairman, Chris Cox, is a Bush toady. 

He replaced William Donaldson, a rich old Republican but an old-school Republican straight-shooting 
ex-Marine officer who at least believed in honest markets. The same thing will happen as in Chimpy's 
Harken Oil insider trading case that Poppy's toady, SEC chairman Richard Breeden, swept under the rug. 

The White House is in too much trouble to take this hit now.

Pete, I wish you were wrong, but you're probably right.


Live near San Marino, CA?
BCR's   Tally Briggs gives good Poe!


Subject: I'll bet today, Josh Holloway owns a gun...

Bart, you wrote:

>I'll bet today, Josh Holloway owns a gun - what do you think?

Er, no.  The last thing you want a burglar to suspect is that you have a gun as well he does.
Because then he will shoot you for his own safety.  This is a good deal more immediately
rational, and therefore more likely, than raping the wife plus forcing you to watch.

After all, the purpose of burglary is (a) to make money, and (b) to survive.  Gratuitous sex and
violence can better be obtained elsewhere, for example, paid for with the cash that been stolen.

So, since one's life is more valuable than any single thing one owns, it's best not to take chances
by giving anyone an excuse to take it away from you, by threatening them with a gun, for example.

What matters is what's most likely, not what is most vividly imagined.


JT, I admit you didn't use the word, "surrender," but that's what I read in your remarks.
You want the burglar to know you're unarmed?
That way, he probably won't rape your wife ...because he can pay for sex elsewhere ...if he wants some?

I think this is the second time I've been speechless...

My eyes must be lying because...
You're saying you're safer if the bad guys know you're defenseless?

Wouldn't it then be a good idea to put a sign on your lawn saying,
"Take what you want, I won't try to stop you?"

Dude, I think you mean well, but I'm glad you're not my Dad.



 Subject: donation

If you have any WPE stickers left, it would be appreciated.  
Keep up the great work! 


Greg, we have plenty left - watch your mailbox and thanks.

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Subject: BCR Show 83

That was the best show I have heard yet.  
I love it when you bash the monkey and the pigboy like that.  
Made me ill to listen to the lint ball for a second, though.  

Nice job, that.
Ron in Tucson

Dude, thanks


Mark Wilson, 
Democrat for senate from the state of Washington 

Charles Rocket slits his own throat
 Former SNL Weekend Update anchor dies at 56


Charles Rocket, who gained notoriety for dropping the "F" bomb on SNL in 1980, committed suicide.

The incident sparked complaints from viewers and prompted NBC to issue an apology.
Rocket was later dismissed with other cast members amid weak ratings at the time.



"Twenty years ago, Harriet Miers was a Catholic and a Democrat. 
  Today, she's an evangelical Christian and a Republican. 
  In 20 years, she changed her entire view of the world and the Lord!"
        --comic Larry Miller, former Bush fan    Link


Subject:  Josh Holloway

I'll bet that if Josh had owned a gun previous to the burglary and gone for it, 
he and his missus would be dead.


If a burglar sees a Bush poster in one yard, and a Kerry poster in the next yard, 
he's going to attack the Democrats because he knows they surrender easier.

(How many subscribers will that comment cost me?)



"Why are conservative Republicans so vulnerable to the phenomenon of criminalization? 

ha ha

Is it simple payback for the impeachment of Bill Clinton?

No, Henry Chalky-Thighs Hyde admitted Clinton was impeached by you crazy bastards
as payback for the GOP senators calling for Nixon to step down 30 years ago - stop lying!

Or is it a reflection of some deep malady at the heart of American politics? 

Stop it!
Your boys got caught, that's all.

...2005 will be remembered as a time when it became clear that a comprehensive 
strategy of criminalization had been implemented to inflict defeat on conservatives 
who seek to govern as conservatives. And it is clear that thinking through a response 
to this challenge is a task conservatives can no longer postpone."
    --Jeffrey Bell and Bill Kristol, two full-of-shit crazy bastards, ruling out the possibility           Link
       that these murdering invaders might actually have some evil in them

Yeah, "the liberals" made Libby tell Miller to rat out Plame.
"The liberals" made Karl Rove call Novak and rat out Plame.
"The liberals" made Bush invade Iraq so he could steal their oil.
"The liberals" made Frist sell his secret stock just before it crashed.

Have you ever read such horseshit in your life?
If Bush, Cheney, Rove, Frsit, Libby and Delay are guilty of crimes, it's not their fault?
It's the fault of  "some deep malady at the heart of American politics?"

When Clinton got a BJ, was that "some deep malady at the heart of American politics?"
Or was he just horny and not using his damn brain?  

You offer bullshit excuses because you refuse to accept the truth.
Lying to yourself is the stupidest of crimes - or, as Billy Shakespeare said in hamlet,
"To thine own self be true, asswipe!" 

You heroes belong in prison for war crimes and theft and murder and more theft.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

U2 continues US tour


They were in Philly last night - nobody went?

Next is DC, PittsburgH, Detroit, Houston and then Dallas and then
they're closing out this leg of their American tour in Los Angeles.

Send in your U2 concerts reports

 Didn't anybody go to those shows?
 Did they play for empty houses?

 Here's my concert review, Bart

Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio 

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Subject: guns, guns, guns

Hey Bart!

As far as I've been able to tell, you've yet to oppose reasonable gun licensing and regulation which 
would A) not take away your Glock and B) reduce the chance a punk or a nut-bar could get one.  

I've yet to oppose it because it hasn't come up.
The more-radical-than-me gun people think if the government has a list, they can more easily
go door-to-door and confiscate guns when Bush's fascist bubble pops and he shows his true self.

Me? I think having a record outweighs those concerns because half the gun owners will fire on
anyone who tries to take their guns and the government would soon abandon their fascist gun grab.

Going further, I think when you buy a gun, they should fire a round for ballistics ID, get your
fingerprint on file AND make it a felony to fail to report your gun lost or stolen. If you can't
keep up with your gun, you shouldn't be able to own one.

You've stated your reasoning for ownership clearly and reasonably and have made a good case 
as to the benefits and risks you and your wife face with regard to having a gun in the house.  
Personally, I think your opponents are making a mountain out of a molehill.

I find your lack of faith in police a bit unfortunate (Clinton's program to increase the number of 
beat cops paid off big dividends in reduced crime).  But, considering the pathetic lack of manpower
in today's police forces (and the appalling amount of time they are forced to waste on the vice beat), 
I don't think your position is without reason.

just my two cents,
--joe in Japan 

I've been put on hold after dialing 9-1-1 and trust me, I don't call them that often.
If your town has a Katrina, or even a mid-level storm, cops will likely be unreachable.

Like with a lot of subjects we kick around, I've morphed into "Mr Guns," and I'm really not.
I've also been "Mr. Torture" and "Mr. Military," but remember the trouble I got into when I 
refused to be "Mr. Urine" for the far left?    Those who unsubscribed never came back.

Not me, but a guy with my politics could actually win in 2008, (if they fix the voting machines.)
The "I hate guns and the military and I love Urine art" Democrat won't win anytime soon.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.36 a barrel
makes $128,720,000  Bush stole just yesterday

1976 1979 have died for Halliburton

They got  THREE MORE yesterday.


Subject: guns

I don't know the answers to your questions, but you sound like Limbaugh here.
Based on absolutely nothing, you suggest he should go out and become a gun owner
- I presume because that would have changed things.
He might have 20 of them now and couldn't get to them!  
He might have a handgun by his bedside, but was surprised and didn't get a chance to use it!
You have NO IDEA!
Mark S

I can afford a burglar alarm - why can't he?
They cost about $35 a month - to safeguard your lives and your stuff.

If they don't come thru a door (sets off the alarm) they gotta break glass.
Breaking glass often causes one to awake.

If you're wife is dialing 9-1-1 while you and your gun are hiding behind a wall corner,
pointing the weapon in the direction of the noise, your odds of surviving the invasion
go way the hell up and I'm all about increasing my odds when our lives are at stake.

With this issue, let's phase out the gun talk for a while.
My smart mouth and my confrontational style is expensive and creates enemies out of friends.


Random Thought...

BTW, has anybody heard of any Democrat doing anything about the Bush-rigged voting machines?
All the strategery in the world won't help us until we get a fair vote.

I was talking to Perkel last night - I predicted the Democrats will, once again, wait until the month
before the election to remember how we lost the last two and file something in court.

Perkel corrected me and said, "No, they'll probably wait until after the 2008 election for that."
Perkel is almost always right, dammit.

Why can't our side think?
Why can't they plan ahead?
Why do they step in the same hole in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008?


ha ha

Subject: Frist subpoena

Bart,  notice the SCLM buries this story on the business pages?  
If Frist were a Democrat, this would be front page news.



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Posh Spice sues tabloid
 Wife of "Mr Short Pants" angry



Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and short pants star David Beckham are taking legal action 
against a British tabloid that claimed their "happy marriage" is a sham.   Posh and Beckham, the world's 
most recognized short pants player are seeking libel damages against the News of the World newspaper 
over an article that carried the headline: "Posh and Becks on the Rocks." The case will be heard before 
a judge and jury at London's Law Courts in December.


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