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Weekend-Monday  Oct 15-17, 2005   Volume 1637 -  Martyr Monkey 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Letter Belies Bush Claims 
Subpoena for Frist 
Baghdad votes in dark 
Rice: "No means no" 
'Lost' dude faced gun 
Random Thought...
Pigboy attacks Bono
Bird Flu nears Europe 
Selma KOs Keira


 Quote of the Day

"It was raining so hard in Washington, D.C., 
  Tom DeLay didn't have to launder his money." 
    -- Dave Letterman


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"The nomination of Harriet Miers has split conservatives unlike anything
  I can remember. The debate will not end, in fact it will become more intense."
      -- Gary Bauer, a famous, religiously insane Reagan conservative  Link


'Al-Qaeda Letter' Belies Bush's Iraq Claims
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


Less than two months before invading Iraq, George W. Bush fretted that his war plans could be
disrupted if United Nations weapons inspectors succeeded in gaining Saddam Hussein's full
cooperation, possibly leaving Bush "looking weak," according to "notes written by a secretary
to Tony Blair marked "secret and personal."

At the time, Blair wanted Bush to seek a second resolution from the U.N. Security Council that
would have judged Iraq to be in violation of U.N. disarmament demands and would have
authorized military action. According to the notes, Bush agreed that "it made sense to try for
a second resolution, which he would love to have."

But Bush's deeper worry was that chief U.N. arms inspector Hans Blix would conclude that
Hussein's government was cooperating in the search for weapons of mass destruction, thus
delaying or blocking U.S.-led military action. Bush's "biggest concern was looking weak,"
the British document said.

We have 1976 dead soldiers because Bush didn't want to "look weak?"
Is that the "just and noble cause" Cindy Sheehan has been trying to extract from the president?

In any other administration, 1976 dead soldiers for a profit-making lie would be impeachable.
Good thing for Bush that the Democrats act like they're castrated.



Subpoena issued for Frist's stock records
 Have you heard what's behind this?


Feds looking into Frist's well-timed sale of HCA stock earlier this year have issued a subpoena
seeking any personal records or correspondence that the bastard has pertaining to the transaction.

Sen. Frist has been fully cooperating with the fedsand will continue to do so. ... A subpoena would
be an expected and normal part of that process," Frist spokesman Bob Stevenson said in a statement.

Actually no, it's not.
If Frist is giving them everything, they wouldn't need a subpoena.
A subpoena is generally for what they refuse to give investigators.

If you walked up to Lenny on Law & Order and give him the gun used in the murder,
he's not going to run to a judge to get a subpoena to search the guy's house for that gun.

Al Franken said (best I can remember) that the rumor was Karl Rove is leaking all this stuff about
Frist and siccing the SEC on him for reversing himself and challenging Bush on stem cells.

Shakespeare said, "Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off fascist in the BFEE."


Subject: Bush's sincerity

There's an old saying,
"The most important thing in politics is sincerity.
 Once you learn how to fake that you have it made."

President Bush demonstrated that principle with a fake teleconference where Bush
pretended to do an unscripted interview with troops in Iraq. However they forgot
that the cameras were on while the troops were being coached as to what would be
asked and what to say.

A fake interview to sell a fake war to an American audience who wants to believe that
they aren't being suckered into sacrificing the lives of their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers,
sisters and brothers for no reason at all. I believe that when someone has to lie that they are
admitting that the truth is something other than what they are trying to get you to believe.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


Chapter Two:
"Liberal Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik 
reunites with his mentor, Professor Gar Reynolds."

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"As I told Mr. Fitzgerald, I simply could not recall where ["Valerie Flame"] came from,
when I wrote it or why the name was misspelled."
     --Steno Jude Miller, on the names "Valerie Flame" and "Victoria Wilson" appearing in her
        Scooter Libby notebook, claiming Libby was not her source for Plame's identity but that she
        "cannot recall" who gave her the biggest story of her whore career,    Link

Steno Jude - we get it.

You love Bush, you love his war and you love all the crimes he's committed 
and you will do anything to protect him, including going to jail.

Now go write your book - I even thought of a title for you:
"Martyr Monkey."


Baghdad votes in darkness


Insurgents sabotaged power lines, knocking out electricity across Baghdad Friday
and plunging the capital into darkness on the eve of a landmark vote on a constitution
aimed at defining democracy in a nation once ruled by Saddam and Hammurabi.

For most of the day, Iraqis were hunkered down in their homes, with the streets of
the Iraqi capital almost empty hours before a 10 p.m. curfew and the country sealed off
from the outside world as borders and airports were closed for Saturday's referendum.

he po


Resist the Tower! Fight Media Power!

Click to watch the movie

Don't let the FCC regulate your media behind closed doors.
Turn up your speakers and tune in!
Then sign our petition calling for the FCC to hold
at least 10 public hearings across the country.

Subject: you are being duped

Bart, how does a reader get to talk with you?

Sam helps me with mail.
A letter goes into "news" or "Personal" or "urgent," etc.
If it's real important, sometimes she calls me,

You are being duped.  You have accepted the Right's re-positionment of the political spectrum.

I hear that a lot, but people rarely follow up with examples.
This might be the most vicious anti-Bush site on the web,
but every day I get mail calling me "Bush's water boy."

Your resulting take on things really makes you look ridiculous to those of us who have a grasp.

Like I said, every day I get mail like that - without specifics.

From this comes your admittance from all the sites that really matter.

"admittance from?"
What does that mean?

Just tryin' to help,

Specifics would help more than calling me a "dupe" and "ridiculous."

Lots of tin foil-types see me helping Bush's side.
I'm just doing what I can, trying to tell the truth.
Sometimes my opinions don't fit in the left's cookie-cutter.
Some people don't like that.



"I assumed Mr. Libby did not want the White House to be seen as attacking Mr. Wilson."
     --Steno Jude Miller, on why she agreed to lie about the biggest story of her whore career
        and claim her treasonous Scooter Libby leaks came from a "former Hill staffer."  Link


'Lost' actor victim of home invasion
  Actor and wife temporarily "owned" by another man


An actor on ABC's "Lost" and his wife were robbed at gunpoint at their
Hawaii Kai home early yesterday morning.

Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, and his 28-year-old wife, were awakened
about 4:10 a.m. by a man who confronted them at gunpoint, demanding money.
The man took cash from the couple and fled in their vehicle, using the vehicle's keys.

Holloway's costar, Maggie Grace said that the couple's "sense of safety was shattered."

They're very unclear as to what happened.
Did he awake to a gun in his face?
Or did he hear glass breaking and then get up,
and look around for a golf club or baseball bat or something,
and then confront the burglar who was standing there with a gun?

That burglar could have raped his wife, forcing him to watch.
Or, he could've tied them up and set the house on fire.

I'll bet today, Josh Holloway owns a gun - what do you think?


Slappy Blocks Prison Abortion Order
 America's stupidest judge made a decision on his own?


Clarence "Slappy" Thomas on Friday blocked a federal judge's ruling that ordered
Missouri prison officials to drive ta pregnant inmate to a clinic on Saturday for an abortion.

The woman is running out of time because she is 16 weeks to 17 weeks pregnant, and Missouri
bars abortions after 22 weeks. Slappy handles appeals from the 8th Circuit, which includes Missouri.
He could lift the stay over the weekend, after reviewing more legal arguments. Scalia tells him what to do.

Full Court: Slappy, we're reversing you



Big Dog has a CD coming out


A sampling of his favorite tunes is on a new CD, "The Bill Clinton Collection:
Selections From the Clinton Music Room," that showcases his tastes in music.

John Coltrane on "My One and Only Love"; David Sanborn doing "Harlem Nocturne,"
and Zoot Sims doing "Summertime" and Igor Butman's moody "Nostalgie."
No, you won't find Mitch Ryder's "Devil With a Blue Dress On."

The CD, which lists for $15.95.


Subject: the Dunkin Donut man died?

"By the way, did you cry when the Dunkin Donut man died?" 

I must be stupid...but I don't get the joke here. 
I even Googled the above phrase and....nothing about a joke.

Mr. G

G, this happened several years ago, when Rush weighed about 330 pounds.

Asking a fat man if he's sad about the donut man dying isn't funny per se,
the real joke was Rush not understanding that he was playing the fool for a caller
who thought he'd be thrown off the air the second he asked the question.


Take Back The Media and their Hollywood Award winning
director/producer Symbolman is proud to present the Definitive Chronology
of the Rove/Plamegate outing in DVD format, "Roves War."

 You'll find out how they blew Plame's undercover status to protect
the Saudi ARAMCO oil company -- (oil tanker "Condoleeza Rice")
in which many in the Bush administration have an interest.
The outing wasn't just to punish Joe Wilson, it was meant to send a message
to other whistleblowers. A shockwave radiated through the CIA and spies
all over the world, putting hundreds of lives at risk, on just a political whim.

Click  Here  to see a video preview.
Maybe Symbolman will do some TV spots?
Jon Stewart, give Symbolman a call!


"Bush's poll numbers are going from bad to worse. His job approval rating has fallen to ...just 29%.
A majority believe that Bush will be viewed as an unsuccessful president."
      --Pew Research Center,    Link


Subject: gun talk

I thought you were a thinker...

Don't let my IQ of 64 fool you :)

...but I've had to change my mind based on your irrational stance on guns. 
The fact is that guns make people "feel safer" they don't actually make people safer. 

I strongly disagree.
If you put a man and his Glock in a room with a angry marine with a black belt in karate, 
the Glock man is going to win ten out of ten fights. How can you disagree with that?

The FBI statistics speak for themselves on that matter. 

You ever see an FBI agent without a gun?

After almost 20 years in law enforcement I can't think of any incident where a gun protected 
someone although I'm sure there are a few.  On the other hand I've lost count of the number 
of murders, attempted murders, suicides, aggravated assaults, and accidental shootings. 

In some neighborhoods there are gunfights every night, so "statistics" might not give you
a clear picture of what might happen with a gun inside my house. 

Additionally, if guns keep people safe why does our country have such a high homicide rate 
compared to other countries that have strict gun control laws and almost no homicides? 
Florida Cop.

There were probably 170 million guns in America the year you and I were born.
Guns laws work - I've said that 1,000 times - but only in countries with fewer than 200M guns.,

By the way, when you get home at night, do you leave your gun locked in your patrol car?
Or do you bring it in your house and set it on your nightstand?


Random Thought...

Just when you think you've heard the dumbest thing in the world,
some gasbag media whore comes along and breaks into new territory.

Damn, I wish I'd been recording, maybe she'll say it again, but probably not.

Just after posting the last issue Friday, CNN's Daryn Kagan,

...who sleeps with the vulgar Pigboy


said,  "What's the worst part of being a victim of hurricane Katrina?
According to a USAToday/CNN Poll, losing everything is the worst part."

If you wrote to me and said, "Bart, I just heard Daryn Kagan say this...,"
I probably wouldn't print it because it's just too stupid to be true, ...but I heard it, myself.

Who would've thought losing everything  would be a bad thing?

Pigboy, you've got a winner there - she's a smart cookie.



 Subject: Fighting Satan in the White House

Hi Bart,

Here's a small donation, I enjoy your insights and hope this money can help.
Please send Worst Pres. and Bartcop.com stickers.


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Pro-Saddam Turnout High at Iraqi Vote


Sunni Arabs voted in surprisingly high numbers on Iraq's new constitution Saturday,

Oh f-ing please.
Do we have Der Monkey's word on that?
Is that what he "official record" said?

If they can rig the Diebold machines in America - how hard could it be in Iraq?

...many of them hoping to defeat it in an intense competition with Shiites and Kurds
over the shape of the nation's young democracy after decades of relative peace.
Turnout was more than 66 percent in the three most crucial provinces.

Yeah, and we can trust that figure because it comes from the BFEE.


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com   HERE

Deadly Bird Flu in Romania, Turkey
 What is Brownie's plan to save America?


Tests have confirmed a link between the bird flu found in Romania and the deadly virus
that has devastated flocks in Asia and turned up in Turkey, the European Commission said.

The virus in Romania is the deadly H5N1 strain. Romania has quarantined the area where
the infected fowl was found and thousands of birds have been slaughtered as a precaution.

What is Bush's plan for Bird Flu?
Does he iignore it, "because we'll all be dead, anyway?"

If someone in Manhattan is confirmed with this H5N1 strain, which I think does not
respond to drugs (which means you die) is Bush going to quarantine Manhattan?

Is that possible?
Will Bush handle this crisis like he handled 9-11 and Katrina?

  Bird Flu? I want to read my Goat book.

 Bird Flu? Look, Pickles, I play gee-tar!

I wish we had a president who wasn't a religiously insane little boy.


Subject: BCR Show 83


Great rantage in Part 1, dude!
Many laughs, man.


Thanks, Dude.


How stupid is Bush?



Bruce Yurgil
Not a Paris Hilton fan


"According to the latest poll, only 2% of blacks think Bush is doing a good job.
The number would have been higher, but Condi Rice has a very small family."
       --Conan O'Brien,


Subject: feedback

It's very important to point out the spineless Democrats and to question their motives
because you're helping so many people learn to think logically and realistically.

It would also be helpful to point out the few Democrats who are trying.
Give people a little hope.

Of course my primary example is Gen. Wesley Clark,
who lowered himself to become a Democrat.
He's my hero.


Jane, Wesley Clark is the man.
I wonder if Team Clark needs another stealth advisor?

Guys, in the whole campaign,
I might have one idea or one smart-mouthed comeback that could make a difference.

I have experience at smart-mouth comebacks, and fighting these bastards so trust me,
you need a low IQ Okie to help you understand how to fight on their level.


Dozens   will see your banner

Rice: I Don't Want to Be President
 No support for the black Harriet Miers


For Secretary of Sleaze Condi Rice, no means no — and no again — whether she will run for president.
"It's not what I want to do with my life, it's not what I'm going to do with my life," Rice said on "Meet the Whore."

"I'm not somebody who wants to run for office. I haven't ever run for anything," Rice told NBC.
"I think I'm doing what I need to do, which is to try and promote American foreign policy,
American interests, the president's democracy agenda at an extraordinary time."

Pressed by Tim the Whore, Rice said, "I don't know how may ways to say no."

Translation: "I had to be appointed to power because the GOP hates blacks."


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Subject: you are wrong

I accidentally hit your site while searching around for information on a comment made by Rush.
However, I did read your rant about all of the people who would go out and dispel anything
negatively stated about the president.   and felt compelled to write you.  Well, by now (much later
than when you made your assertion) you must realize that there have been hundreds of defamation
attempts against the president with whatever seems possible or available to throw out there by many
individuals who thought they could achieve a change of "popular" opinion without the "TRUTH".

That is the problem with liberalism.

<much blather>

I challenge you.

God, I love a challenge.

Of all of the accusations made about the president to date, which of them has been proven to be true?
It cannot be what you believe, but what you KNOW is true backed up with fact!
I would love to hear your answer(s)!

Bush has never been investigated.
Even last week, when federal investigators wanted to talk to Cheney & Bush about
the Plame affair, they agreed to talk ONLY if they were not under oath.

That's the same crap in their rigged-in-advance 9-11 Commission testimony.
It had to be in private, with no written records, no cameras or recorders, but most important,
neither of them was under oath and they had to testify together or there would be no testimony.

We're talking about their role in the deaths of 3,000 Americans - but not under oath?
They forced Clinton to testify about Monica and paula Jones and it had to be under oath,
it had to be with cameras everywhere so they could release Clinton's embarrassment
when they spring their surprise questions on him.

Bush has 9-11 on his watch,(2800 dead) but he has never been asked to explain.
Bush has the Iraqi quagmire on his watch, (1966 dead) but he has never been asked to explain.
Bush went AWOL for four days after Katrina, (1400 dead) but he has never been asked to explain.

But Clinton had a girlfriend, so we demanded answers!

That's why Bush looks clean to you, because he's never been investigated.

There are still several people out there (minus Dan Rather) who are willing to create illusion
or outright lie to people, just not many people listen to them anymore.
Fred Smith

Fred, can you explain why nobody saw Bush in the service for those years?
Can you explain why Bush didn't take physicals in the service for those years?

In 2000, maybe still, Doonesbury offered $10,000 to anybody who could prove
Bush showed up and nobody took that money home.

OK, I answered your question, can you amswer mine?

Why are men dying in Iraq right now,
and is that reason different from the reason they originally gave?


ha ha
I love this toon.


"This was a White House that did everything right, in terms of imagery, and now they just
seem to have completely lost their mojo on fairly simple things...It is tempting to say that none
of this would have happened if Karl Rove were still alive..., and there's a bit of a panic setting in.
They don't really know how to get out of this. They don't know how to run it from behind."
     --Dana Milbank,    Link


Subject: Guns are for pussies


ha ha

Looks like somebody is itching for a fight.

Subject: keep up the great work

Bart, you're being a little easier on traitor Kerry than I would be, but I'm probably too cynical.
Maybe you're right and the explanation really is as simple as a combination of laziness and a liberal tutu.

The issue of whether he took a dive was discussed in Bartcop issues 1449 and 1450.
(Search for 'Milpitas'.)
Worth looking at.


I'm known for being too kind and too fair :)


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

U2 continues US tour

Been watching a lot of U2 video lately, and it's so cool when they're onstage and Adam Clayton 
and Larry Mullen look at each other and then they look at Bono and then they look back at each 
other and roll their eyes as of to say, "He's such a wanker" and then share a laugh.

They were in New York last - anybody else go besides Jamie?

Next is Philly, then DC, PittsburgH, Detroit, Houston and then Dallas and then 
they're closing out this leg of their American tour with some final shows in Los Angeles.

Send in your U2 concerts reports

 Here's my concert review, Bart

Vulgar Pigboy attacks Bono, then retracts


Limbaugh grunted: "Bono also has a mistress! They conveniently leave that out.
That his wife knows about. She's cool with it. I guess that's part of being an ubersexual."

Bono is married to Ali Hewson, and the couple from Dublin have four children.
Within minutes of making his lying slurt, Limbaugh issued an on-air retraction, explaining:

"OK, it's half mea culpa time and half going to cover my bets the other way time.

ha ha
Pigboy, what language are you trying to speak in?
Remember a decade ago, when you spoke English?

The person who confided in me long ago about the extramarital status of the
rock 'n' roll super crooner Bono has just now sent me a clarifying note saying,
"Ah, maybe that was just speculation. I wouldn't say it on the air."

Click  Here to listen to Rush attack Bono

Poor Rush.
He's got all those hundreds of millions of dollars and he can't pay a women enough to stay with him.
Marta stayed ten years because their pre-nup gave her $10,000,000 if she lasted that long, 
but the day her ten years was up, she fled like Karl Rove running from a special prosecutor.

Since all three of his marriages have failed, he attacks happily married couples.
That's what Nazi pigs do.


Call the

...as heard on BCR 83

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Subject: Harriet Miers

I find delving into an appointees religious beliefs singularly distasteful, but since the
Religious Right has opened the door on Ms. Meirs religion as a reason for supporting
her appointment, all of us might as well walk through.

Are conservative Catholics supposed to react with approval to all the ethusiasm about Ms. Meirs
"finding Jesus" by leaving the Catholic Church?  It raises questions as to whether she was a devote,
cafeteria, or lapsed Catholic.  These are big differences between Catholicism and Protestant religions,
but the centrality of Jesus is not one of them.

Kathy S

Kathy, maybe she left the Catholics because she didn't like their stand on abortion.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $62.63 a barrel
makes $125,260,000  Bush stole just yesterday

1966 1976 have died for Halliburton

They got  ten more  since the last issue.


Subject: Cheney's Halliburton stock options at $9.2M

Cheney's got a conflict of interest that you could drive an unarmored vehicle through

ha ha

and he still refuses to admit to any financial ties to his old company.
I'm reminded of the debates when Kerry mentioned the Cheney's lesbian daughter,
prompting Lynn Cheney to exclaim: "This is a bad man!"

Well, no Lynn.
Someone like er..I don't know...your husband??
Someone who knowingly profits from war and misery and death?
Thats a bad man.  A very very bad man.


One reason Cheney gets away with those lies in the debate he had with Joe Lieberman.
Cheney said, "I made my fortune without any help from the government,"
and Lierberman smiled and laughed and the subject pretty much got dropped.

"...but Unka Dick - I mean
 Mr Cheney is my friend."


Subject: The Shield


I Just watched The Shield for the first time.

Gene in Champlin, MN

I remember watching the pilot for Hill Street Blues.
Bobby and Renko were shot - big time - in the pilot.
That set the tone for the whole series, letting you know that anything could happen.
The Shield has that same feel, plus they get to curse a little.
It's so stupid for a cop-killing druglord to say "Darn it" when he gets shot.
On The Shield, he'd say, "Son of a bitch - I'm gonna kill that piece of shit!"

TV ain't like it used to be - it's better.


Click Here to Search Bartcop

Selma Blair has a great weekend
'The Fog' takes top spot at the box office


Keira Knightly's 'Domino' - not so much

              Maybe the hair scared people away


The weekend's other new wide release - Tony Scott's "Domino," with Keira Knightley -
flopped with $4.7 million, coming in sixth.   Critics called it loud, frenetic and shallow.
Domino is the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey, who left modeling to become a bounty hunter.

...but I'm looking forward to Pirates of the Carribean II.


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 It had  everything.

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