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 Arrest warrant for Tom Delay! "Purp walk" when he surrenders - Get to a TV!
Personal note to Tom: "Don't let them take you alive, buddy!"
Wolf the Whore: Hurricane Wilma "Biggest in Atlantic history"
US Whore and News Report: Cheney to resign?

Wednesday  Oct 19, 2005   Volume 1639 - Twerp Walk 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
When Journalists cover up 
Cheney to resign?
2 Cheney aides talking? 
Miers to withdraw? 
Bush = more wood stoves 
Random Thought...
Lunch w/ Der Monkey 
Casualties of Bush 
Tara Reid 'Top party animal'


 Quote of the Day

"They have a senior cooperating witness
  -- someone who is giving them (everything)." 
        -- unnamed source who says a top Cheney
            aide is blowing the whole mess wide open 

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"There are 22 files that Fitzgerald is looking at for potential indictment in the Plame matter.
These include Stephen Hadley, Rove, Libby, Cheney, and Mary Matalin, plus others.
Hadley tells friends he expects to be indicted. No wonder folks are nervous at the White House."
     --Larry C. Johnson, "A New Tidbit on the Plame Affair",   Link

If this happens, expect a major terrorist attack.
Then, Cheney et al will be "too busy" and they'll "suspend" these indictments.
A long court case will eventually work its way to the Supreme Court where,
surprise, surprise, thw court will rule that "protecting America" is more important
than some silly felonies that were about to bring down this illegal administration.

If/when that terrorist attack occurs, wouldn't that then prove Bush and Cheney are behind
the order for Al Qaeda to stand down and not attack America (until they give the order)?


When Journalists Join the Cover-ups
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


Miller - and many other prominent Washington journalists over the past quarter century - largely built
their careers by positioning themselves as defenders of supposed American interests. Instead of tough
reporting about national security operations, these reporters often became conduits for government
spin and propaganda.

In that sense, Miller's prominence at the Times - where she had wide latitude to report and publish
whatever she wanted - was a marker for how the "patriotic" journalists had overwhelmed the competing
"skeptical" journalists, who saw their duty as bringing a critical eye to all government information,
including national security claims.

For her part - both in the credulous reporting about Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction
and protection of a White House source who sought to discredit a whistleblower about a key WMD lie
- Miller has come to personify the notion that American journalists should tailor their reporting to what
is "good for the country" as defined by government officials.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet
By contrast  bartcop.com  is a Tequila Treehouse where political trench-fighters can blow off a little steam


Rumor: Cheney to step down, Rice in as VP
 Bush (or President Rice) will then pardon everybody before the trial


Sparked by stories that suggest Cheney's office "is involved in the Plame-CIA spy link investigation,
government officials and advisers passed around rumors that the vice president might step aside and
that Bush would elevate Sleazy Rice." according to 
The rumor spread so fast that some Republicans by late morning were already drawing up reasons
why Rice couldn't get the job or run for president in 2008."
        -- U.S. News and World Report,    Link

If you live in New York City, or have friends and relatives who live there, you might advise them
to take a vacation because this gang will not be taken into custody - expect a terror attack.

...or, will Bush could announce that they've finally killed his old partner, Osama...


Chapter Two:
"Liberal Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik
reunites with his mentor, Professor Gar Reynolds."

Click to Enter


"Please God, promise you're not just toying with me." 
     --Eric Alterman, on rumors that Cheney's getting frog-,arched in leg irons soon  Link


Second Cheney aide helping with the noose?
 You do not want to be in New York City this week


A second Cheney aide is cooperating with the special prosecutor's Plame probe, 
those close to the investigation say.

Late Monday, several sources familiar with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's probe said John Hannah, 
a key Cheney aide and one of the architects of the Iraq war, was cooperating with Fitzgerald after being told 
that he was identified by witnesses as a co-conspirator in the leak. Sources said Hannah was not given immunity, 
but was likely offered a "deal" in exchange for information that could result in indictments of key White House officials. 

 "Unka Dick - is it true? Are we all going to jail?
  Will I have to blow a whole bunch of fellas?"


Harriet Miers is going to withdraw

 Click  Here   to listen to why I make that prediction.

You can't be confirmed after you screw the pro-choice Republican Chairman on the Judiciary Committee.
We have enough liars and whores on the Supreme Court - we don't need another one.

           "Bye, Harry!"


Resist the Tower! Fight Media Power!

Click to watch the movie

Don't let the FCC regulate your media behind closed doors.

Subject: Shirley and Conyers

Damn, that was the best Shirley yet....I'm smitten...

As far as any Dems on the voting machine tip, what about Conyers?
Rashard Z

Conyers is one of the few gems in the latrine, but besides trying - he has to
accomplish something or we'll lose 2006 and 2008 before we get there.

Some website bigger than  bartcop.com  needs to start a movement telling the Democrats
that we won't contribute until they address the crooked voting machines.

Why contribute to a lost cause?
Why contribute to a race that's already fixed?



"President Bush's vision, his discipline and relentless dedication, his hard work 
and his likability...these qualities in President Bush make a brighter future for 
our nation and people all around the world possible." 
      --Harriet Miers, gushing over Der Monkey last June,  Link

"She's right, Meester Bush is loved
 and respected by the whole world!"


 Returning soldiers getting screwed
   If you lose your legs, you owe them for your lost boots


"The last thing on his mind, he said, was whether the Army had correctly adjusted his pay rate
... or whether his combat gear had been accounted for properly: his Kevlar helmet, his suspenders,
his rucksack. But nine months after Loria was wounded, the Army garnished his wages and then,
as he prepared to leave the service, hit him with a $6,200 debt. That was just before last Christmas,
and several lawmakers scrambled to help. This spring, a collection agency started calling. He owed
another $646 for military housing."

Yet they still volunteer to risk their lives for Bush and Halliburton.


Prepare to be Crushed
 They have not yet begun to rape us


All you Americans out there who love the feel of cashmere: Enjoy it while you can still afford it, 
because pretty soon you'll feel like a hapless Pakistani wearing a different kind of Kashmir. 

I don't give a shit if you don't want to plow through documents or even sit still long enough to absorb 
financial information. Here's the situation: You've hired Tom DeLay as your financial planner, like it or not. 
And as the Washington Post reports this morning, in a frightening but far from complete account, DeLay 
and his henchmen are about to loot you as if you were some Native American tribe. Among your other 
monumental blunders is not taking a pickaxe to pols like Dick Cheney, who enriches himself and his pals 
at your expense, and Karl Rove, who has a history of peddling judgeships.


Bush oil prices = more wood stoves


The traditional wood-burning stove, which had been relegated to the corners of antique shops
and rustic cabins, has suddenly become a hot item as the BFEE continues their never-ending
onslaught on the budgets of hundreds of millions of poor and middle class American families.

Since few families can afford $1,500 or more on fuel to heat their homes this winter, they are
turning back to the wood pellet stove to stay warm for a tenth the price of the BFEE gouge.

Factories are scrambling to meet the bartcop.com-predicted spike in demand after Bush went
wild with his energy rape of defenseless people who don't control a superpower military.

"We're seeing a tremendous increase in wood pellet stove purchases," said Leslie Wheeler,
who's busier than Ollie North selling Hillary targets at an NRA fundraiser for Tom DeLay.


Subject: Feds declare war on the poor

Bart, the senator voting for the bankruptcy bill was none other than Harry Reid.

He made some sniveling comment about how he tried to include some amendments
that would lessen the bill's impact on the poor, but those mean old GOP turned them all down.
So he voted for the bill anyway.

Whose side are you really on, Harry?

Peter, I believe Hillary voted for that monstrosity, too.
I'd sure like to see some aggressive reporter-with-follow-ups ask her why.


Click  Here  to see a video preview.

Subject: losing subscribers

Bart, last issue you wrote:

> How many subscribers will that comment cost me?

Bart, you have a reputation for speaking the truth in your own inimitable way.
If you lose any subscribers, you don't want them here anyway.
My guess is you'll collect a few more.



Live near San Marino, CA?
BCR's Tally Briggs gives good Poe!

Subject: Shirley fan at 53

Bart, been reading your webpage for more  than a trip or two around the sun.
Since then i've become a Garbage fan, and am thinking of getting a weapon for home protection.

My mother was the victem of a home invasion robbery today (luckily she was unhurt) so that explains
the gun part, but is it normal to enjoy those daily pictures of Shirley Manson so much at 53 years old?

Steve in Perris, CA

Steve, I sure enjoy those pics and I'm 51 :)
Plus, Shirley is 38, I think - it's not like she's Jamie Spears.




 Subject: donation

A short note to say thank you for my stickers.
I felt like a child on Christmas morning.

I have my Worst President Ever sticker proudly displayed on my car.
I will send you a photo of where I will put my Bartcop sticker once
I have found the right spot or the right person.

Thank you again for making my day.
Keep Hammering,
Erin in Dallas

Erin, when you send that picture, if you're not already a subscriber
I'll fix you up with a month of BCR membership.

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actual size

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Bono lunches with Der Monkey
 His political talents are Clintonesque (Bono, not Bush)


In town for a concert, Bono was invited to lunch Wednesday with the president.
Scottie the Underbear said the White House meeting would be a follow-up on talks
he had with President Satan in July at the G-8 summit in Scotland.

"They had a very good discussion," said Gannon's Underbear.
"Bono has a deep commitment to combating AIDS, preventing malaria and expanding trade
to lift people out of poverty and Bush pretends he does, so they sorta have that in common."
The Underbear laughingly told reporters that Bush was not planning to attend the concert.


Subject: BCR Show 83

Bart, you can tally another "job well done" for BCR Show 83 -- it was a hoot!.



Mark Wilson,
Democrat for senate from the state of Washington

Casualties of the Bush administration
  What happens when you cross the bastards


In late August 2005, after 20 years of service in the field of military procurement, Bunnatine ("Bunny") Greenhouse,
the top official at the US Army Corps of Engineers in charge of awarding government contracts for the reconstruction
of Iraq, was demoted. For years, Greenhouse received stellar evaluations from superiors - until she raised objections
about secret, no-bid contracts awarded to Cheney's Halliburton. After telling Congress that one Halliburton deal was
"the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have witnessed during the course of my professional career", she was
reassigned from "the elite senior executive service ... to a lesser job in the civil works division of the corps".

When Greenhouse was busted down, she became just another of the casualties of the Bush administration - not the
countless (or rather uncounted) Iraqis, or the ever-growing list of American troops, killed, maimed, or mutilated in
the administration's war of convenience - but the seemingly endless and ever-growing list of beleaguered administrators,
managers, and career civil servants who quit their posts in protest or were defamed, threatened, fired, forced out,
demoted, or driven to retire by Bush administration strong-arming. Often, this has been due to revulsion at the
president's policies - from the invasion of Iraq and negotiations with North Korea to the flattening of the FEMA
and the slashing of environmental standards - which these women and men found to be beyond the pale.

Since almost the day he assumed power, George W Bush has left a trail of broken careers in his wake.
Click  Here for a list of but a handful of the most familiar names on the rolls of the fallen:


Subject:  Posh Spice?

Bart, you have a positive genius for posting pictures of sexless women...hahahaaaa.


Charles, I'm not sure, but I think you just said Posh got into the Spice Girls
not because she's attractive, but because she has real singing talent.

Are you sure you want to attempt to defend that position?



We ran some disrespectful graphics showing how much Bush is like Hitler.
Such comparison's are ...inacurate, because Hitler drew so much bigger crowds.

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

U2 continues US tour

They were in Philly last night - nobody went?

Next is DC, PittsburgH, Detroit, Houston and then Dallas and then
they're closing out this leg of their American tour in Los Angeles.

Send in your U2 concert reports

Concert review

Hey Bart,

My wife and I saw U2 Sunday night. Had nosebleed seats.
I thought maybe I would be the oldest geezer there, (I'm 51) but right in front of us was
a 60-something guy grooving to the music and lighting up a big bone during the encore.

Bono comes off a bit self indulgent and preachy at times but his heart's in the right spot.
I only wish I could be as optimistic as he is about ending poverty and war.

Great show altogether with The Edge blasting away through all the hits and even strutting around
this long oval walkway that circled the stage above the crowd. An amazing guitarist to be sure.
Best songs: Where the Streets Have No Name, and Bullet and the Blue Sky.

Dude, no doubt.
You didn't mention their best song, "Until the End of The World," - they didn't play that?

Bono urged the crowd to sign up to "One", the group he founded to end poverty and got a lot of support.
A bit too much religious imagery for my taste used during a new song called "Yahweh" with crucifixes and
star of David's flashing on a light screen.

The only better show would be what I pray to Koresh for every day.
The sight of Bush, Cheney, and Rove, all being frog-marched out of the White House.

Keep swinging the big hammer,
Terry in New Jersey

I say more power to 'em.
If they can fill venues/stadiums by preaching and praising their God, all power to them.

Sunday night, I was watching my baseball Cardinals get swept into history, losing 4-2.
It was their last game of the year (if they lost) it was bottom of the ninth, two outs, two strikes,
and some little white guy on our team (Who are all these new players?) hits a single to left.

Next up, wants-to-be-the-hero Jim Edmunds, who remembered that less is more, so he let
the cocky Astro pitcher walk him, and then came the best hitter in baseball - Albert Pujols.
Behind by two, with two out and two on, Pujols hit a homer about 40 feet higher than the bleachers.

In closing... (Crowd does the wave) ..they interviewed Pujols and he first had to thank God.
Good for him.

When he had the spotlight on him, if he wants to praise the I.C.B., good on him.
On this point, I'm as consistent as Old Faithful on Milk o' Magnesia.

Years ago, as much as I hate the Cowboys, when Deion Sanders intercepted a pass and ran it back
seventy yards for a touchdown to win the game in double overtime, they'd interview him and he'd say,
"All praise to Jesus for the yada, yada, yada," ...but I was with him in principle.

It's called free speech.

If you do something amazing and the whore press puts you on TV and says, "What's on your mind?"
you have every right to go crazy about whatever foolish religion they scared you into before you had a brain.
I will fight (but not die) for your right to be as crazy as you wanna be if you don't try to force us to agree..

But a public high school football coach doesn't have that right.
A public high school teacher doesn't have that right, either.
Neither does the mayor or sheriff or the Air Force Academy commander in Colorado Springs.

Pujols and Sanders were each offered non-governmental microphones after being asked an open question.
They're not hired by the state to respect the rights of everyone

When the religio-wackos say, "I don't see the difference," they are f-ing lying.
Why do the religio-crazies spend so damn much time lying to themselves AND us?

They're so afraid that they picked the wrong God to worship, ..they want YOU to worship
their same God so they won't feel as stupid when it is proven a hoax.

That's no way to run a government,
and I wish someone would tell that to President God-Told-Me-To-Invade Monkey.


Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Subject: Losing subscribers? Not me, Bart

Not me, Bart.  The truth isn't pretty, but it's still the truth. 
I'm not a gun owner myself, but not because I'm anti-gun loony. 

The only reason I don't have one now, is because I have 3 kids; two of them are boys, who are prone 
to naughty curiousness.  I know I can handle that by getting a gun with a trigger lock; the only problem is, 
if someone breaks into my house, if I have to remember where I hid the trigger key, then get it, then retrieve
the gun, then go for the perpetrator, isn't there a great chance that my family would already be toast? 
It's just a question, Bart.  I agree with you, but don't know a way out of that dilemma.

Yes, this is dangerous, and others will disagree, but if it was me I'd have that gun with the lock.
A locked gun won't help with a sudden emergency, but there are times when you'd have some notice
so having access to a gun is almost as good as having one handy at all times.

Love your site, and your radio shows are awesome. 
I don't know who Tally is, but she's hilarious, and she provides great add on. 

I'm thinking of starting up a site with Perkel's company, but don't know jack about creating/running websites. 
I'm a quick learner, though, and would love to help create more followers/ boost your site.

Keep the hammer swingingó
Warren from Springfield, VA

Warren, thanks for the kind words.
Creating a page and learning html is damn easy.
It took me about 30 minutes to learn html and I'm a complete tosser.

I'd guess you could create and sustain a website for a year for $100.
I say take the plunge, it could turn into something big.

You can reach Perkel at  marc@perkel.com
Won't nobody give you a better deal and his mail entirely spam-free.


Subject: bartcop vs drudge

Hey Bart,

I ran a link test on Google.  Here are the results:

Links to Bartcop:           11,300 linking to bartcop.com
Links to DrudgeReport:  6,040 linking to drudgereport.com

Sweet.  Try it for yourself.
Go to google and in the Search window do these searches.
They will tell you who is linking to the site.


Buck in LA

Dude, thanks for that.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.36 a barrel
makes $128,720,000  Bush stole just yesterday

1976 1982 have died for Halliburton

They got  SIX MORE yesterday.


Subject: Iraq vote rigging

It's seems that Iraq has passed it's constitution - or have they?

More people voted for the constitution than there were registered voters in some areas.
Some people might disagree wether or not a constitution approved by a rigged vote is legitimate.
But there's one think I think we can agree on - that Iraq has an American style democracy.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

Click Here to see if reality
 is a good fit for your life


Random Thought...

Have homos taken over our federal government/the Republican Party?

More tomorrow, gotta get this issue up.


Subject: Israel

One difference between your decision to flee Casa de Bart if surrounded by enemies,
is that you could probably find someplace where you wouldn't be surrounded by enemies.
Historically, the Jews have not been able to do so.
Wherever they've gone, they've been harassed, attacked and killed.
Their backs are basically up against the wall, and they've got nowhere else to go.

Hey, Oklahoma is full of backwards racist cowboys and religio-wackos but I doubt any of them
would die to take out a Jew. Hell, they might miss the tractor pull or the Union/Jenks football game.

They legitimately want to live in a nation where their culture is the dominant culture.

So, you agree with me - that they choose to live in a combat zone?
I'm not saying all Jews can afford to travel, but they are compared to most Katrinians.

They don't want to be immigrants or second-class citizens any more.
They want to be in control of their own destiny.
The only place they have that option is Israel.

They can control their children's destiny on a school bus in Jerusalem?

They may be under fire there, but 60 years ago they were under fire everywhere else.
There is no where else they can go.

Bart can move to Vegas.  Israel can't.
Dave the Lawyer,

Sure they can - they just prefer to live in a war zone - you just admitted that.
Last I heard, we give Israel $6 billion a year.
In ten years, (with inflation) that'll be 80 billion.

For $80B we could move them here and save those patments for the rest of all times.

But no,

..the sacred sand ...keeps pulling them ...back in!

That's my Michael impression from III - as done by Shatner - did you like it?


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Tara Reid named "Top party animal"
  Would you go shopping in your nightie?




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