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Thursday  Oct 20, 2005   Volume 1640 - The most Rev. Bartcop 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The 'Patriotic Journalist'
The War runs through it
Chertoff blames Brownie 
What about Russert? 
Bozell: FOX Some TV is bad 
Random Thought...
Pirro: Crazy on New York 
Rove, Libby 69'd Info 
Jolie takes husband 


 Quote of the Day

"In Iraq, the Sunnis are claiming that the 
  election was rigged. So looks like they got 
  American-style democracy after all."  
      -- Letterman, pissed at Dubya


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"How can Scottie the Underbear come out day after day like a figure on a cuckoo clock 
and make these chirpings, these announcements that turn out not to be true and then 
continue to do the job? Don't they just laugh at him down there?"  
     --Chris Matthews, (R-another Russert) Bush's loudest cheerleader in 2000 and 2004,   Link

Remember when President Codpiece landed on the aircraft carrier with his balls highlighted?
Matthews couldn't shut up about what a "great moment" that was in American politics.
He went on and on and on and on about twenty minutes after he'd made his point.
He couldn't shut up - it was the most fun Matthews ever had on-camera.

I never saw so many gay Republicans as I did that day.
Even Mr. Testosterone, G. Gordon Liddy, got wood watching Der Monkey strut his fake "stuff."

       "Hey, Amerikka, look at my crotch!"

Chris - guess what?
The lies didn't just start recently.
He's been lying his ass off since we met him, but assholes likes YOU refused to mention it
so the public thought they'd try a cowboy president like Culli-fornia tried an action Governor.

Chris, you're a whore, now get out of here.
Stay on their side - we don't want you.

"I love crotch!"


The Rise of the 'Patriotic Journalist'
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


To understand how the American press corps lost its way -- and became an accessory to the Bush 
administration's deceptive case for war in Iraq -- one has to look back three decades to a different era 
when reporters challenged the national security elite. The counterattack against that challenge led directly 
to the rise of the neoconservatives and the rise of the "patriotic journalist," personified by the likes of the 
New York Times Judith Miller. (Part Two of "When Journalists Join the Cover-ups."

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet
bartcop.com  is a Tequila Treehouse where hard-working grunts can blow off a little steam


The Iraq War Runs Through It
 Beyond the Miller-Libby game: People died


Bush has yet to admit he told massive untruths about WMDs in January 2003, just before U.S. forces 
went into battle. He even included the bogus Niger uranium story...How does all this dovetail with the
Plame investigation? Let us count the ways. All the participants and the subject matter connect to the 
false claims about WMDs...What I find fascinating is that we're about to learn what happens when you 
bamboozle the public with empty words and false image—instead of trusting them with the truth. 
So then it becomes a game wrapped in a hoax—and the only goal is to get elected, not do what's 
good for the country. And with a war, lots of people die. There's got to be some penalty for "leaders" 
who play that game—perhaps something more than a permanent blot on their record."


Chapter Two:
"Liberal Democratic Congressman Jack Stibik
reunites with his mentor, Professor Gar Reynolds."

Click to Enter


"Besides telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our 
  children and, die, the GOP has done a fine job of getting gov't out of our lives."  
     -- Parker    Link


Chertoff blames Brownie for Katrina
 What's the strategery behind telling the truth???


FEMA's lack of planning, not the failures of state and local officials, was to blame for much of 
what went wrong with the government's response to Katrina, Homeland Capo Michael Chertoff 
told member of Congress today. The assessment by the most senior administration official to 
answer legislators' questions about Bush's New Orleans debacle contrasted sharply with lies told
by Bush toady "Brownie."   Brownie had blamed the "dysfunction" of Louisiana for his failures. 
"From my own experience, I don't endorse those views," Chertoff said. He told lawmakers that 
he found the governors and mayors of the region to be responsive as the crisis unfolded."


And what about Russert?


How long is Russert going to remain silent about his role in the Plame investigation? He apparently has 
the okay from prosecutors to speak freely, but remains mum. The latest dispatch from the AP detailing 
how Karl Rove and Scooter Libby testified before the grand jury only underscores the need for the 
"Meet the Press" anchor to come forward as a journalist and describe the conversation he had with Libby 
back in July 2003, when senior members of the White House seemed intent on maligning Joseph Wilson. 

Libby's testimony stated that Rove had told him about his contact with Novak and that Libby had told Rove 
about information he had gotten about Wilson's wife from Russert, according to a person familiar with the 
information shown to Rove. 'Prosecutors, however, have a different account from Russert. The network has 
said Russert told authorities [he] did not know about Wilson's wife's identity until it was published and 
therefore could not have told Libby about it.

What's plainly left unsaid in the carefully worded statement is whether Russert told Libby that Wilson's wife 
worked at the CIA. The AP says that appears to be what Libby told the grand jury; it was Russert.

Does NBC feel the need to clear any of this up?

Timmy is at NBC because he's Bush biggest cheerleader.
Tim, what's the biggest story of the day?

Cheney resigning?
What did The Monkey know, and when?
DeLay frog-marched in Austin?

The endless quagmire in Iraq?
The panic racking the GOP?
Bush's male hooker being exposed?
Frist's "blind" luck with that stock?

What's today's top story, Timmy?

Timmy, are you going to prison with the rest of them?


Subject: Good news!

Dear Church of Reality Members,
I just got a call from the IRS and the CoR is now a 501C3 tax exempt organization!

ha ha

Now that we have it - got to figure out what to do with it.
So far the books for the CoR would fit on the back of a napkin but hopefully that is about to change.
I'll probably get the paperwork from the IRS early next week.

Anyone who has made a donation since December 2003 is retroactively blessed as tax deductible.
And there is no longer a cloud as to if future contributions will be deductible because they will.

ha ha
He said "blessed."

Although IRS status is not a requirement to be a "real" religion there is a psychological boost in that it creates
credibility in the minds of people. It shows that we are serious enough to pay $500 and do a lot of paperwork
to at least appear to be legitimate. So - I think this is a big boost in the task of spreading the word about reality.

Dude, you've created the only real Church in the world.
You reject superstitious hooey and depend on science and logic to make decisions.
Hey - I want a piece of this Church!   (We don't have to rape little boys, do we?)

As always - if any of you have some feedback on this let me know.
There's a lot about non-pofit orgs that I don't know about.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
"Even the IRS knows we're real!"

ha ha
I know The Reality Pope.
The Reality Pope is my good friend, Marc Perkel.

Subject: The Reverend Bartcop

In recognition to your lifelong commitment to spreading the Sacred Message that reality is real,
I - as First One, Founder, and in behalf of the High Council of Realists of the Church of Reality
and by the power invested in me through the Flying Spaghetti Monster - I hereby make you a
Beacon of the Church of Reality and you are now to be known as The Reverend Bartcop.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality


Finally, a Church we can trust.



"You have the economic anxiety that existed in 1994. Republicans will 
stay home,  independents will cast a protest vote and every Democrat will 
come out. What reason  do Republicans have to wait in line an hour to vote? 
Everyone's disappointed.  I can't find a happy Republican out there."  
    --Frank Luntz, Republican pollster      Link


 Bono explains what "poor" is to Der Monkey



Before their Wednesday night concert, U2's Bono told Bush about the world's poor.
Bush, who grew up rich and privileged and never worked a day in his life - had no idea.

The rock star and the butcher had lunch in the private dining room off the Oval Office, ordering from
the menu at the same mess hall where White House staffers get their lunch. Bush, dressed in the classic
presidential uniform of suit and red tie, also showed Bono, dressed in his trademark black jeans and
sunglasses, around the Oval Office.

Before they dined, Bono told Rolling Stone magazine, "They (world leaders) should be afraid, because
they will be held accountable for what happened on their watch. I'm representing the poorest and the most
vulnerable people. On a spiritual level, I have that with me. I'm throwing a punch, and the fist belongs to
people who can't be in the room, whose rage, whose anger, whose hurt I represent."

Over an hour and 40 minute meeting, Bono explained debt relief, AIDS, malaria and world trade to Bush,
said presidential spokesman Scottie the Underbear.

Bono said he is "capable of having a row" if he doesn't get what he wants. He said he once criticized
Bush for not getting the Millennium Challenge money out quick enough and was rebuked for it.

"One senator threw a newspaper at me in a meeting.
'How dare you disrespect the president of the United States!'" Bono told the magazine.

It was a mistake for Bush to meet with Bono because it gives Bono power. I doubt he would, unless the
situation was extereme, but Bono could say, "Bush looked me in the eye and promised X and Y for
the poor but then he broke his word and let those people die, the rich, Republican bastard."

But once again, Bush is a star-struck little boy.

I wonder if Bush asked, "What's it like being married to Cher?"


Rove, Libby Discussed Reporter Info
 Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


Rove and Libby discussed their contacts with reporters about Plame in the days before her identity
was published, the first known intersection between two central figures in the criminal leak investigation.



David Wurmser

Raw Story reports that a second close Cheney aide, David Wurmser, has agreed to provide evidence
to the prosecution in the Plame investigation. I've written a lot on Wurmser in the past few months,
and have long thought he was a key person in the investigation.  I think his evidence could be particularly
important if it's true that Fitzgerald is also examining the intelligence and motivations involved in selling the war.

Here are my posts on Wurmser


 Subject: can't get away from guns


 I was offended by the (gun) segment concerning the Kerry sign vs the Bush sign in the yard.


Click  Here  to see a video preview.


"Cindy Sheehan says Hillary sounds just like me on the war on Iraq."  
    --the vulgar Pigboy   

 I wish Cindy had smarter people advising her on who to attack.
 Going after Hillary is  ......................................  contrary to Sheehan's best interests..

 Cindy, you can't alienate both sides.


Subject: Rev. Bartcop

Congratulations on your ordainment, Bart, I mean Reverend Bart!!   
No doubt, you're the kinda guy who'll put the fun back in fundie. 
So, does this mean Communion wine will be ditched in favor of Chinaco shots?


Jill, yes, with Bixby corn wafers (pending approval of The Reality Pope)


Live near San Marino, CA?
BCR's Tally Briggs gives good Poe!

Subject: Boondocks on TV

Bart, Boondocks will be on TV. 
Nickelodeon has been running ads.
The one ad I saw the youngest grabs hold of a microphone at a party and says 
"Excuse me, your attention.. There were no weapons of mass destruction..... "

and goes on with several other Bush bashing comments.
I think this is fantastic. I hope it is good viewing.
It starts in November.

Tim, I'm ready for that.


Wanna see my arrest warrant?



 Subject: donation

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Subject: praising God

I am so with you on this one. 
I grew up in a country where I paid church tax and attended theological instruction in public school. 

There was however no praying at government functions or in school. I am all for freedom of religion 
but there must also be freedom from religion. Whoever wants to pray can pray whenever, whereever.
I don't care. But there is little enough time in school to teach kids how to read and write and pass 
Bush's "no child left behind" tests. I'm sure there is plenty of silent prayers before every test. 
No need to make it public. 

Who said a public prayer lead by a teacher or coach gets heard by God before a private prayer? 
Is it louder if done in a group?

Your German friend from TN.

ha ha
God is old, maybe he's deaf...?


Pirro goes crazy on New York
 Democrats into rape and murder, says Pirro


Ms. Pirro made the comments at a Republican Party reception in Elmira, N.Y., on Tuesday, as she 
criticized the Democrat-led State Assembly for refusing to adopt legislation that would allow the state 
to confine violent sex offenders in mental hospitals after they served criminal sentences. 
"That's a difference between Democrats and Republicans - we don't want them next door 
molesting children and murdering women," Ms. Pirro, the Westchester County prosecutor, said."

Woman have you lost your mind?
You can't get elected in New York with just Republican votes.
You just called the people who's vote you need, "rapists and murderers."

Last I heard, you were behind by about 40 points.
Are you trying to make it 50?

Wait - it gets worse.


"I got to tell you, was it my best day? Absolutely not. 
 Am I better than that? Absolutely not."  
    -- Jeanine Pirro, former senate hopeful,    Link

ha ha
She has Der Monkey's disease - she can't think!


Mark Wilson
Democrat - senate - Washington

Bozell: FOX Some TV is bad for kids


Four Fox network programs, led by the comedies "The War at Home," "The Family Guy"
and "American Dad," topped a parents group's listing of the worst shows for family viewing.

Parents Television Council president and famous handjob Brent Bozell said he was alarmed
that the three Fox Sunday night comedies are being marketed as family friendly.

"Families should not be deceived," he said. "The top three worst shows all contain crude
and raunchy dialogue with sex-themed jokes and foul language. Even worse is the fact that
Hollywood is peddling its filth to families with cartoons."

Hey Brent the Liar, why are you blaming "Hollywood" for FOX's raunch?
"Hollywood" doesn't produce any TV shows, it's just the city where the studios are.

Just like Michael Medved, Bill Bennett, the vulgar Pigboy and Laura the Unloved, you can't bring
yourself to speak the plain truth that the smut peddler is Mr. Republican - Rupert Murdoch.

When it's your friend producing what you call "poison," you retreat to blaming "Hollywood"
That makes you a liar and a whore, Brent.
FOX had six  shows in Bozell's 'worst ten'  and still FOX gets a pass from you?

Why can't you be honest, Brent?
Your blatant word switching proves you don't care about those kids.

If you did, you'd tell the truth.
Telling the truth is easy, Brent - ever try it?
You're in this to steal money from the religiously insane.

Brent Bozell, you're a liar and a whore and if you can't stand the truth, f-ing sue me.
I'd enjoy abusing you in a court of law.


Subject:  Homos? 

WTF do you mean by that?   
Are you jumping on the GOP gay baiting agenda?  

I'm sadly confused.

CNC, no, you are confused while laughing puzzled-ly...

Sidebar: I just created a word:  puzzled-ly.
It means whatever *I* say it means, because I invented it.
I means Bush couldn't handle the kid puzzles in Parade Magazine. 

A while back, maybe a year ago, who knows, I declared that I was no longer bound by any rules, 
that I could say anything about anything and it was OK.  Far as I know, I'm the first left-leaning, 
Internets Tequila Treehouse Webmaster to have such a radical opinion about freedom of speech.

In our early years, ...I had the freedom to say anything ...and I did.
Some of that early stuff is real strong, (sorry - please don't read the back issues) 
but I don't believe in running from my record.  

As the decades rolled by, more people started reading the page and pretty soon if I said there was
some FDNY widow who got married last week, the widow would write and say, "Thanks for that."

When Buddy Hackett died, I said, "He was a giant," and his family wrote and said, "Thanks for that."

When I mistakenly reported that Bradley Whitford (not the Aerosmith guy) was all gushing over Bush, 
he wrote and said, "Did not!"    Turns out it was Rob Lowe who was Bush gushing.

After we hit a few dozen readers a day, I discovered that whatever I said pissed off somebody
I couldn't say "Good f-ing Morning" without offending somebody, so I rejected the stress and decided 
to say whatever was on my mind.   I cast off all the rhetorical chains and now I say whatever the fuck I want.  

That doesn't mean I don't use restraint.  
The fact that I have one reader left proves I use restraint.

But hey, if we were both free to say whatever was on our minds, Amerikkka would be richer for it.
Since I have no editor saying "You can't say that" it means I'm free to say "George fucking Bush 
is stealing $130M a day from Iraq" and nobody says "Rewrite that or you're fired."

The politically incorrect language is your guarantee that nobody has me on a leash. 
Besides, you'll love the GOP homo story in today's page!

How did that many gays gain that much power under (so to speak) George W Bush?


Bush is not Hitler

                 1942                                                       2002


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

U2 continues US tour

They were in DC last night - anybody go?

Next is PittsburgH, Detroit, Houston and then Dallas and then
they're closing out this leg of their American tour in Los Angeles.

Send in your U2 concert reports

Concert review Washington DC by cyde


Concert review - Boston  (scroll down)


U2, Springsteen jam in Philly 
 It was nice of them to help Bruce

  Link   to story

  Link  to shaky home video footage of Bruce learning from the master
            Rude Rich - both hands above the waist while watching Bruuuuuuuuuce.

U2, rocked Chicago 5/10

I saw them in Chicago on May 10th. They were unbelievable as always. 

Bono pulled a little boy onstage and asked him is name and then he said, 
"My name is Paul, but I call myself Bono."

Since it was Bono's birthday, he played "Vertigo" twice and "Party Girl" and "Get Back" 
for his daughter, Jordan--it was her birthday, too.

Like my four-year old son used to say, "I love those guys."

MW, U2's new DVD (out next month) is of one of those Chicago shows.
Maybe we'll get to see what you described - thanks for the pics.

Send in your U2 concert reports



"Nicetry," my thank you was rejected by your server.
(Nicetry has a slew of influence at  bartcop.com)



Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

I saw this in a magazine.

I was thinking how good I'd look driving one of these.

...maybe there's some rich-ass Democrat out there who's just got back a big winner from Vegas...
and juuuuuuuuuuust might be in the mood to PayPal me however many thousands of dollars this 
really cool-looking, bad-boy Black Cherry Pearl Lexus costs.    Hell, it could top $20K

I have to drive to Arkansas friday.
(Hope to get another page up before I go)

Sure wish I was driving this car instead of my "Please connect me to the towing department," car.  

Click  Here for the PayPal link and remember to tell them it's "Black Cherry Pearl."

Mrs. Bart will love that color.


Subject: give her the hook

Do you believe those STUPID mash notes Harriet Miers wrote to GWB? 
Does the woman have no professional pride? 

Say those kinds of things in person if you  want, but to put it in WRITING? 
If she had only expressed those thoughts verbally that would be bad enough, 
but to put that stuff in writing shows that she lacks even the bare minimum of 
judgment and discretion required of a judge. 

Give her the hook!

Keep hammerin'
Ann in Philly


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.51 a barrel
makes $123,200,000  Bush stole just yesterday

1982 1987 have died for Halliburton

They got  THREE MORE Monday.

They got  SIX MORE Tuesday.

They got  FIVE MORE yesterday.

Well, George?


Subject: Christian credentials for the Supreme Court

President Bush this week touted Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers as being an evangelical Christian
in order to send a signal to his base that the "fix is in" and that he knows how she will vote on issues like
abortion and the Separation of Church and State. But can this nominee serve two masters? Is she going to
put the Constitution ahead of her religious beliefs as required by her oath of office? Or is she going to
substitute her religious beliefs for the law as her fellow evangelicals expect?

As the founder of the Church of Reality I find it disturbing that the president appears to be part of a plot
to undermine our basic freedoms and shift power to a small cabal of Christians who feel that they own America.
We Realists have a big problem with the mixed messages and the level of deception that is going on around this
nominee. America has turned it's back on reality and it's time to question whether or not we should accept this
nomination based on our faith in President Bush.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

Click Here to see if reality is a good fit for your life

Join the Church Bart belongs to - it's tax deductible!


Random Thought...

Have homos taken over our federal government/the Republican Party?

If the Chairman of the Republican National Committee is gay, Mehlman,
and the president's press secretary is gay, Scottie the Underbear
and the boss in the House is gay, David Dreier,
and Bush's favorite reporter is gay (Jeff the Top)

...could Bush be gay?

Why are Republicans putting up with this gay takeover?

Of course, one's sex life and sexual orientation is nobody's business, 
but if they preach gay hatred all day in front of the cameras,
and if they sign legislation that prevents gays from getting equal rights,
only to run behind the curtain and drop their pants for each other,

...shouldn't that hyprocisy be exposed?



"Just because there's an investigation does not mean that a crime has been committed." 
   --Rush, apologizing for all the Clinton "scandals" he called "crimes."


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Angelina Jolie takes a husband
  He's the former Mr. Jennifer Anistion




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