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Fri-Mon  Oct 21-24, 2005   Volume 1641 - Cracker wars 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Silence at the White House 
Gossip on Bush's meltdown 
Oil firm kickbacks to Iraq
Death Watch at the WH 
Unfinished Iran-Contra?
Random Thought...
Time for iPod porn 
Young GOP Racist Hate 
Charlize Theron hit on


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"I'm working on the book right now. There are 
  people who had hoped I'd never write about this."  
        --Jeff Gannon, author?  Link 

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"Now Ronnie Earle has the mugshot he wanted. (below)  I wanted to avoid the circus. 
That's what Ronnie Earle wanted. He wanted a perp walk and we did not want to do it."       
       --Dick DeGuerin, on why he took the DeLay criminal to be booked,     Link 


A Palpable Silence at the White House
    Squirm, you bastards, squirm              a WaHoPo story


Each morning, Bush's staff gathers to discuss the issues of the day -- Middle East peace, 
Harriet Miers, the latest hurricane. Everything, that is, except the issue on everyone's mind.

With Fitzgerald inching toward an apparent conclusion, the White House now confronts the 
looming prospect: a Katrina presidency without Rove. In a capital consumed by scandal speculation, 
most White House senior officials are no more privy than outsiders to the prosecutor's intentions. 
But the silence each morning belies the nervous discussions racing elsewhere.

If Rove or Libby is indicted and forced out. Senior GOP officials are developing a PR strategy 
to defend them and shield Katrina from further damage.

Since it's the Washington Whore Post, they pretend that it's possible that one of those two top aides
miiiiiiight somehow be indicted and remind their readers - nobody has been proven guilty - yet.

Below, you're going to read this statement:
- Powell told McCain he showed the Plame memo to just two people; Cheney and Katrina.

That would imply that Katrina told Rove and Dick told Libby - so how are they off the hook?

The Washington Whore Post will always and only print the most favorable Bush spin possible.
I'm so old, I remember when the Moonie Times was the right-wing, DC tabloid rag.


Hot gossip on the coming meltdown
 From a Demo House member staffer  


- John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been suggested as replacements for Dick Cheney.
- Powell told McCain he showed the Plame memo to just two people; Cheney and President Katrina.
- Fitzgerald is looking at the precedent set from the indictment of Agnew to pursue Cheney.

That is hot gossip.


Chapter Three is next:
Fraud uncovered at the Republican
National Committee leads to murder.


"They can't get their act together, those schmucks."  
      --Larry Flynt, on the hapless, hopeless Democrats,    Link


Virginia oil firm admits kickbacks to Iraq
 Pays fine, now forget it happened? What about a trial?


A Virginia oil trading company pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of scheming to pay
more than $400,000 in kickbacks to Iraq for oil purchases in the U.N. oil-for-food program.
Midway Trading, a Reston, Virginia-based firm, agreed to pay a $250,000 fine in a plea deal.

The case grew out of an investigation into the scandal-ridden $64 billion oil-for-food program
launched by District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's office this year.

This is an "oil trading firm?"
Sounds like an money-laundering company.
Does Tom DeLay own a piece of this company?


Tom DeLay's mug shot

"I'm so happy to be a criminal scumbag"

Saddam trial lawyer murdered


A lawyer who was defending an associate of Saddam was abducted and murdered in Baghdad.
Sadoun Nasouaf al-Janabi had been shot. His body was dumped soon after he was seized.

The Bush puppet government condemned the killing, which is very effective in fighting crime.


Subject: Lexus?

Bart, I thought you'd be more inclined to want a Ford or GM over a f-ing Lexus.

No excuse.
Apologize next page and post a real nice picture of a Buick, Chevy, Mercury, Caddy.
Better cars.
Unless you don't like our Union way of life.

Danny "Hearns beat Sugar Ray" Detroit

Dude, I have to be politically correct when I dream?



"Harriet Miers is not the brightest bulb in the room, and it's going to be 
  on display for the whole country to see and it's going to be embarrassing."  
         --the vulgar Pigboy, running from Dunya's sinking ship

 Go, Pigboy, go!!


 Death Watch at the White House
   Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


For all practical purposes, governing the nation has stopped as aides deal with an increasingly 
despondent Monkey, mounting scandals and defecting dissidents from the Ship of State.

White House insiders say his mood swings have increased to the point where meetings must be 
cancelled, schedules shifted and plans changed to keep a bitter, distracted Katrina from the public eye.

"He's like a zombie some days, walking around in a trance," says one aide I spoke with
"Other times he launches into angry outbursts, cussing out anybody who gets near him."

ha ha
Suck on it Monkey.

That's what you get for never having to work a day in your bloody life.
That's what you get when you appoint men of bad character to work for you.
God is maiing this happen for a reason - that you must believe.
God doesn't like you anymore, George. 
This is the end of the fun.

Aides say gallows humor has descended on the White House, where the West Wing is now referred to 
as "death row" and Rove and Libby, are known as "dead men walking," a reference to the last walk 
death row inmates take to the execution chamber.

With indictments expected who-knows-who any day now, the White House mood has a "Final Days" aura 
(referring to Nixon's last days).  Although no one will say on the record that Bush might be impeached or resign, 
Internet blogs buzzed this week with talk of a Cheney's resignation.


The Most Important Criminal Case Ever
 Is it all unfinished Iran-Contra business?


Is Fitzgerald examining the possibility that Ledeen was executing a plan to help his friend Karl Rove build 
a case for invading Iraq? Ledeen has long ties to Italian intelligence agency operatives and has spanned the 
globe to bring the world the constant variety of what he calls "creative destruction" to build democracies. 
He makes the other neo-cons appear passive. He brought the Reagan administration together with the 
Iranian arms dealer who dragged the country through Iran-Contra and shares with his close friend Karl Rove 
a personal obsession with Machiavelli. Ledeen, who is almost rabidly anti-Arab, told the WaHoPo that Karl 
Rove told him, "Any time you have a good idea, tell me."

The federal grand jury has to at least consider whether Ledeen called Rove with an idea to use his contacts 
with the Italian CIA to hatch a plan to create the rationale for war. Ledeen told radio interviewer Ian Masters, 
"I have absolutely no connection to the Niger documents, have never even seen them. I did not work on them, 
never handled them, know virtually nothing about them, don't think I ever wrote or said anything about the subject." 

It is strictly coincidence then that some months after he and his neo-con consorts and Italian intelligence officers 
met in Rome that the Niger embassy was illegally entered and nothing was stolen other than letterhead and seals? 
And equally coincident that forged papers under those letterheads were slipped to Elisabetta Burba, a writer for 
an Italian glossy owned by Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's prime minister, and a backer of the Bush invasion scheme. 

Unfortunately for the pro-war neo-cons, even an Italian tabloid would not publish the fake documents and turned 
them over to the CIA and US government in Rome. 

There was a reason why George Herbert Herbert Bush pardoned the Iran-Contra gang before the trial.
Poppy had to shut Weinberger up and he didn't want to kill him - so what was left?

Related Sidebar:
Why is Saddam being tried for crimes he committed before the BFEE went into business with him?
And why did Poppy Bush get in bed with Saddam after these atrocities?
Was Saddam a model dictator his last 23 years?
Did he not commit any crimes between 1982 and that spider hole?


Subject: list of FEMA failures (from Duluth NewsTribune)

Consider some of the headlines that have emerged during this disaster about FEMA's behavior,
from news sources including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and WWL-TV New Orleans,
as well as FEMA's own news releases. Notice any pattern?

    FEMA won't accept Amtrak's help in evacuations
    FEMA turns away experienced firefighters
    FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply trucks
    FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel
    FEMA won't let Red Cross deliver food
    FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleans
    FEMA blocks 500-boat citizen flotilla from delivering aid
    FEMA fails to utilize Navy ship with 600-bed hospital on board
    FEMA to Chicago: Send just one truck
    FEMA turns away generators
    FEMA: 'First responders urged not to respond'

This is not the organization that earned the admiration of the world.

DW Sand


Click  Here


"What I saw was a cabal between Cheney and Rumsfeld on critical issues that made decisions 
that the bureaucracy did not know were being made. Now it is paying the consequences of making 
those decisions in secret, but far more telling to me is America is paying the consequences."  
       --Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell,    Link

 So why did you and Colin lie to help Cheney & Rumsfeld trade soldiers' lives for oil?


Subject: difference between Bush & Hitler

Plus, Hitler was a much better painter than Bush.  
It was said that he could do an apartment in one afternoon, Two coats!
D, the Nevada County PD


Live near San Marino, CA?
BCR's Tally Briggs gives good Poe!

Subject: Chris Matthews

Bart: I watched the coverage of Bush's landing on the good ship Poppycock, and Chris Matthews's 
sycophantic drewlings brought an endless stream of bile to the back of my throat. I managed to keep it 
down until Matthews, in his most giddy Catholic school-girl tone of voice, referred to the AWOL 
cheerleader as, and I quote, "our warrior king." 

At that point, I spewed forth the entire contents of my stomach in a projectile of vomit that would 
have made Linda Blair green with envy (pun intended).
I'm surprised you failed to mention this tidbit in your rant and had to jog your memory. 
Keep slinging the hammer Bart - I do believe we've got them on the run, 
As for Matthews, he can go F*** himself that spineless little twit.
Johnny G. in B.C.

Johnny, always good to hear from you.



 Subject: donation

Bart, the stickers are great great great.

Mike K

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Subject: Bono is a freak traitor has beem

Next, Bart will have dinner with Bush


You mean some people don't like Bono?
I'm shocked!


Not so happy Tom Delay...

Bart, here is the real black and white, with notice board, 
and a haggard unsmiling Delay, full front and 3/4 view. 

The time has come - iPod porn
 Porn created VCRs and the Internet, iPod is next


The new iPod, as the world now knows, plays video. You can download reformatted music videos and
scaled-down episodes of "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" and some Pixar shorts and a couple of weird teen
shows you've never heard of and only pay two bucks apiece for the privilege, which, apparently, some people are
actually doing because God knows you can't have enough 1-inch-high Eva Longorias in bad black negligees. 

Apple being Apple, this advance has been hailed as either the Second Coming of television, the Innovation That Will
Change Everything, or it's a resounding thud, largely overhyped, a remains-to-be-seen micro-advance in excessive
gizmo fetishism that most people beyond Tivo-addicted media fanatics won't care much about because, after all,
who the hell wants to pay for some old show you can only watch on a tiny 2.5-inch screen? Isn't that why God
invented 100-inch plasma TVs and cheap DVD players and laziness and beer? Damn right. 

Did you already figure it out? Of course you did. Porn is the answer. Porn will make it all happen. 
I only want my $50 mil finder's fee. 



"Was it really just 2001 when Bill Clinton left office, leaving us as strong economically, militarily 
and diplomatically as it has ever been? Was it really just four years ago that the 21st century 
seemed most likely to be a second straight century of American global pre-eminence, and 
potentially a time of unprecedented peace, prosperity and cooperation across the globe?" 
      --Wayne Uff, "Weak Dumb Cowboyism",    Link



Young Republicans Spread Racist Hate
  They're like the Olsen Twins with a BFEE streak


Thirteen-year-old twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede have an album on the way, a music video, and lots of fans.
They may remind you of the Olsen Twins, but Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. 
They are Republicans who their use their talent to preach a message of hate. 

The Teutonic Twits, from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism 
before all-white Republican crowds since they were nine. 

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx apparently after being told
they would get darker if they didn't sing their Hitler Youth songs. 

Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother, Eva a stay-at-home 
mom who no longer bang her mongrel boyfriend who was the twins' father. "I'm going to give them, 
give them my opinion just like any, any Republican parent would.  Seig heil to Bush!" 


Subject:  Cindy Sheehan


Cindy Sheehan's best self interest is speaking the truth.
What else is there anymore?

I say "winning" is still here - let's try that!

Hillary is a whore, just like Rush.
She wants to send more soldiers to die in an illegal and immoral war.
How can she do that!

Smart people say Bush didn't send enough soldiers to get the job done.

Democrats will never win another election by taking the republican lite road.
The American voter is ready for ANYONE to stand on the basic principle of right versus wrong.

We're in dire need of some f-ingbody, I'll grant you that.

Why do you assume that Cindy Sheehan is being advised at all?
Do you not think this woman capable of forming a coherent thought without assistance?

Veterans for Peace

Dude, I'm on Cindy Sheehan's side!
That's why I'm trying to help her.

Attacking Hillary makes Bush stronger.
They'll say, "Sheehan's so radical left, she attacks "Right-wing" Hillary!"
Cindy's about to become, "The New Jane Fonda."

Cindy Sheehan needs to understand that pissing off the majority of Democrats is a bad move.


Bush is not like Hitler



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

U2 continues US tour

They were in Philly last night - nobody went?

Next is DC, PittsburgH, Detroit, Houston and then Dallas and then
they're closing out this leg of their American tour in Los Angeles.

Pop Quiz
First five correct answers get 90 days FREE Bartcop Radio
I think "Until the End of the World" is U2's best song, by far.
From who's point of view is it sung? Who is "speaking?"

(Must agree with the answer given in the U2 Sloan Castle DVD.
 Extra Super Secret Bonus Question:  Good for more BCR:
 Who's the speaker's modern day equivalent?)

 Click  Here to submit your entry into the 90/180 free days of BCR contest.

Send in your U2 concert reports

U2 in DC 10/20 Concert review

It was awesome!  I couldn't believe it!  
It's weird seeing gods on stage like that.  

We were on the side on top of the "mountain", but it was still awesome!  
I was pissed at how many people were getting drunk and not paying attention to the gods playing "One".  
It was the best night at church ever!   

I'm just.. the only thing i can say to describe it  is: WWWWWWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Still Waiting for Fitzmas,

ha ha - Fitzmas - consider that stolen.
I agree about the Church thing.

Send in your U2 concert reports


Don't worry, this will all be over soon...

TV Stuff

Letterman still does stale Monica jokes - seven years after it was never funny - but lately
he's been all over President Katrina so tonight he's got Al Franken back again to cause trouble.
Did you see Dave drive a nail through a 2x8 to ridicule Der Monkey with a hammer?
Last night he road a horse - something else Der Cowboy can't do - with Madonna.

Bill Maher - always a good show - has Tucker Carlson and Spike Lee.


Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Subject: Bush

I'll bet he has a "rape room" at his fake ranch.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $60.63 a barrel
makes $121,260,000  Bush stole just yesterday

1987 1992 have died for Halliburton

They got 49 last month,
they got 59 so far this month and 
we have ten more days to go.

Well, George?


Subject: No Republican ads for Miers

During the nomination of John Roberts various Republican related groups were running
TV ads supporting Roberts and saying that he shouldn't be required to answer questions.
Their TV ads also demanded an up or down vote on the nomination.

Now Harriet Miers is the nominee and I don't see the Republicans running ads urging that
she get a fair process. It seems the Republicans have a different process for nominees they like
and nominees they don't like.

If Roberts was urged not to answer questions why should Miers nomination process be different?
After all - this isn't the first Bush crony sent to the Senate for approval.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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"There, ...I, ...I, ...there, ...there's some background noise here, a lot of chatter, 
...a lot of, ...uhh -- speculation, (He's so proud he got that word out) and -- uhh, o-pining. 
But the American people expect me to do my job, and I'm going to."  
      --Dubya, trying to make sense as his little fantasy world falls apart before his eyes    Link


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Charlize Theron - would a coal miner hit on her?



How many more days until Fitzmas?

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