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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
NYT Doesn't Get It 
Bush caves on Miers
Jeb: Blame me, not FEMA 
Musclehead to execute 
Jolly Green Giant Dead 
Cindy: Oppose Clinton if 
Dick's Heart of Darkness
What's a Little Lying? 
Jennifer Aniston fights


 Quote of the Day

"Those who despise George Bush see him 
  as the Second Coming of Richard Nixon, 
  and they wish for nothing more fervently 
  than a Second Going."  
      --Jed Babbin,     Link

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"Novak is somewhere on the record saying no one would ever trust him again if he 
cooperated with the special prosecutor to save his neck.  Of course he did.  Given how 
much trouble the Times has enjoyed because of not getting to the bottom of the behavior 
of their reporter, Judy Miller, now might be a good time for the Post to come clean about 
that liar, Bob Novak. Because Fitzgerald is going to issue indictments instead of a final 
report, we may never have a full rendering of Novak's role.  I can certainly live with that 
trade-off but still, shame on the Post (and CNN) for what it has allowed Novak to get away 
with and if they allow him to continue in place, double shame."  
     --Eric Alterman,      Link 


On Syria, the NYT Still Doesn't Get It
    by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


It's finally dawning on the New York Times how thoroughly it was spun on the fictions about
Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, but the "newspaper of record" is showing the same credulity
about the emerging Syrian crisis.

"Some deeply troubling facts about the murder of Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister,
have now been established by a tough and meticulous United Nations investigation," the Times
wrote in an Oct. 25 editorial demanding punishment for top Syrian and Lebanese officials
supposedly implicated by the report.

But the problem with the Times editorial is that the report by German prosecutor Detlev Mehlis
is anything but "meticulous," reading more like a compilation of circumstantial evidence and
conspiracy theories than a dispassionate pursuit of the evidence. [See Consortiumnews.com's
"The Dangerously Incomplete Hariri Report."]

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Bush caves on Miers
 What a thing to do to a friend


Under withering attack from conservatives while democrats slept, Bush ended his push to put 
loyalist Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court Thursday and promised another unqualified replacement. 
Democrats meekly accused him of bowing to the "radical right wing of the Republican Party." 

The White House forced Miers to withdraw because his right-wing said she wasn't Nazi enough
and Democrats had little incentive to help the nominee or the embattled GOP president.

The withdrawal stunned non-readers of  bartcop.com  on a day when the capital was awaiting 
bad news for President Katrina on another front — the possible indictments of Libby and Rove. 
Earlier in the week, the U.S. military death toll in Iraq hit 2,000

So - what now for Harriett?
She goes back to worshipping Bush as his personal valet?


Subject: All I want for Fitzmas

Hey Bart,
Know what I want for Fitzmas?

A scooter!

Leslie in Ashland

ha ha

I want a Scooter and a Rovebag.

Y'know, we might get our hearts broken again,
but we may also be ten feet from the Promised Land.
Let the felonius chips fall where they fall.


Chapter Three:
Fraud uncovered at the Republican
National Committee leads to murder.

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"Pat Fitzgerald has had lots and lots of witnesses in there right from the start. 
  My guess is Pat has proof and he's got better proof than any of us know."  
       --Joshua Berman, an attorney who knows Fitzgerald    Link


Blame Florida, Not FEMA
 Monkey's brother says "The blame is all mine"


Gov. Jeb Bush took the blame Wednesday for frustrating delays at supply centers
helping victims of Hurricane Wilma, saying criticism of FEMA was misdirected.

Many Floridians were still struggling to find food, water, ice and gas three days after Wilma,
waiting in line for hours — sometimes in vain.   Miami-Dade's mayor called the distribution
system "flawed" and said at least one relief site of 11 in his county ran out of supplies.

Frustration with Florida's relief effort flared Tuesday, when trucks carrying the first wave of relief
— food, ice and water — either arrived much later than local officials expected or didn't show up at all.

Can't these Bush bastards do anything effectively besides steal money?

When they ask Bush, "What happened to the missing $11 trillion from the Treasury," Bush says,"9-11."
implying that those missing trillions went to shoring up our disaster response capability - and looks what happens.

The $11 trillion is missing AND we can't truck bottles of water to Florida or Louisiana?




Subject: No Heaven, no Jesus, no Hell

Yep, Jesus was a fictional character in a Roman satire called the New Testament.  
Actually, when you read the 'War of the Jews' by Flavius Josephus alongside the New Testament, 
the plot lines match, and you get the jokes.  

ha ha

Seriously, you should read 'Caesar's Messiah' by Joseph Atwill.  
I guarantee it will surprise you.
Yep, and there was no Judas, except that there was a Jesus, Judas, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, 
all of them members of the Maccabee family.  The Maccabees were leaders of the Jewish Rebellion.  
It's a long, fascinating story.  Remember I told you about it.


Dick at the Heart of Darkness
  by the She-Thing at the NYWTimes


After W. was elected, he sometimes gave visitors a tour of the love alcove off the Oval Office
where Bill trysted with Monica - the notorious spot where his predecessor had dishonored the White House.

If W. wants to show people now where the White House has been dishonored in far more astounding and
deadly ways, he'll have to haul them around every nook and cranny of his vice president's office, then go
across the river for a walk of shame through the Rummy empire at the Pentagon.

The shocking thing about the trellis of revelations showing Dick Cheney, the self-styled Mr. Strong America,
as the central figure in dark conspiracies to juice up a case for war and demonize those who tried to tell the
public the truth is how un-shocking it all is.

It's exactly what we thought was going on, but we never thought we'd actually hear the lurid details:
Cheney and Rummy, the two old compadres from the Nixon and Ford days, in a cabal running the country
and the world into the ground, driven by their poisonous obsession with Iraq, while Junior is out of the loop,
playing in the gym or on his mountain bike.


Subject: President on drugs?

Bart - this is unbelievable...
I just finished watching Bush do a live (?) speech at the Economic Club in Washington DC...
You HAVE to find a clip of this speech!!!

As a former counsellor involved in various drug programs,  I have been trained in the exterior indications
and manifestations of someone who is chemically addicted...you have to watch this!...throughout the entire speech,
Bush could not control his lower jaw...it kept moving back and forth...this is the most CLASSIC and unmistakeable
sign of someone doing coke...he absolutely couldn't stop...it was amazing...I would bet that he is using BIG TIME!

You might want to put this out there and see what other experts have to say.

Missed you at 9/24 in DC but your signs were everywhere!
Sandy P

Sandy, President Katrina's going thru a tough time.
All his life, they told him he was the "Golden Boy" who could do no wrong.
When he sobered up, he didn't notice that he was always the dumbest slug in the room.
He thinks God sobered him up so he could murder non-Saudi Arabs - it's not his fault.

Damien never got the love of a male-female parent household.




"I think the paper (NYWTimes) has taken a terrible hit. I think it is shocking 
that this woman who has been a known identified land mine for a long time seems 
to have guaranteed loyalty to Cheney more than to The New York Times."  
      --David Halberstam,  Pulitzer Prize-winning writer,    Link

David, if you read  bartcop.com  you wouldn't be so shocked.
The Whore Times has been loyal to the GOP since at least 1991. 


Sheehan: Oppose Clinton if She Backs War
 This might work out perfectly...


Cindy Sheehan urged foes of the war to thwart Hillary's political aspirations unless she
declares that she opposes the conflict.

I believe that any candidate who supports the war should not receive our support," Sheehan said Tuesday.
"It doesn't matter if they're Senator Clinton or whoever."

Voters who see Hillary as "too leftist" could see this and possibly change their minds.
I just hope Cindy doesn't force Hillary off her timimg.

Every day, every dead soldier report makes it easier to oppose Bush's failed quagmire in Iraq.
All Hillary has to say is, "I made a mistake when I believed President Katrina."


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

White House scrambling to spin Leak news 
  Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


The prosecutor hasn't announced any indictments - yet - but President Katrina's aides and their allies 
in Congress are working on strategies to counter the blow if White House officials are accused of crimes.

The plan: Keep the problem at arm's length, let allies outside the White House do the talking, 
and try to change the subject to something — anything — else.   (Perhaps a terror alert?)

The White House can't attack Fitzgerald because he's seen as a non-partisan, straight shooter.
Instead, expect Bush to unveil a flurry of proposals because he knows his media will blanket the news
with trivial matters while the White House reels from the waves of felonies washing over them.

Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


Musclehead to execute Nobel nominee


A US judge signed a death warrant for a former street gangster and convicted killer
who went on to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in tackling youth violence.

"Tookie" Williams, who co-founded LA's Crips gang, was convicted in 1981 of killing four people.
The Supreme Court's decision earlier this month cleared the way for Williams's execution - unless
Gov. Musclehead intervenes. No condemned murderer has been granted clemency in California since 1967.



Subject: Poppy Bush going senile

George HW Bush came to the University of Wyoming campus yesterday, as did Cheney, 
for a money raising event.  Former Senator Alan Simpson is a big coordinator of the UW 
fundraising and has had Cheney here before and this time got Poppy Bush to come.  

They had a public discussion that was basically them talking about their past together.  
No big deal, really, just a fluffy way to generate donations.  He even came for free, I think.  
Anyway, as usual, Simpson was his joking laid back self.  It's easy to see why people here like him.  
Poppy spent most of the first twenty minutes whining about losing in 92.  He talked a bit in the 
beginning about "people ask me what it's like to have your son be president."  
It's stuff we've heard him say before about how any parent would be proud and yada yada.  
Then they went into their reminiscing bit and what not.  

As they were wrapping up, Poppy says "I'm going to answer a question you didn't ask me."  
And he starts out with "People ask me what it's like to have your son be president…"  

Ummm...gee Poppy, maybe he didn't ask that because you already forced that into the conversation.  
Lots of whispers in the crowd.  He's 81, so I'll give him a pass, but I thought you'd like to hear 
that the leader of the BFEE is on his way down.

Anyway, cheers, and keep on hammering.
Russ from WY 


Click  Here


"They've run out of names for hurricanes so now they go to letters in the 
  Greek alphabet and after that, it's names of Larry King's wives." 
    -- Letterman, 


Subject: Al Qaeda standing down

Bart, you wrote:

> BTW, if they can steal a cement truck, fill it with explosives and crash it thru barriers in Iraq,
> why can't they do that in America?


> I wonder who gave that order?

That implies alot, Bart. It implies that Al Queda must be acting on orders from the U.S. government,
meaning that the 9-11 attacks came about on our orders as well.

Not necessarily.   It's possible Bush got word to Osama,
"If you agree not to attack our homeland again you have my word we will not come after you."

Does that also mean that in the eight years between Twin Tower attacks when there were plenty of truck
bombings in the Middle East but no attacks in America that the U.S. government ordered them not to attack us?

No. I think they had 1,000 suicide bombings in Iraq in September.
Those thousand attack could've been fifty each in our twenty biggest American cities,
but they chose Mossoul, Tikrit, Baghdad, Fallujah etc and that makes no sense.

Why attack the Tikrit sheriff, kill six Iraqis and get a mention on Page 22A when the same sacrificed life
could mean weeks or months of worldwide headlines if it was a school in Houston, instead?.
From the handjobs' point of view, if you're gonna die, why die so cheap?

Or does it mean that they have no interest in small-scale attacks on U.S. soil, preferring instead  massive,
dramatic completely devastating attacks but can't do it as easily  since we're on full alert now (and they're
on the run) and such intricate plans are harder to carry out now?


I don't buy the "no interest" in small-scale attacks.
Bombing American schools, theaters and restaurants would create total terror in America.

Have they gone soft?
I say no.

Are they low on willing-to-die recruits?

Is it too difficult to get inside America?
Please - they probably have hundreds here already.

Why do they prefer to terrorize Mossoul, Dahouk and Basra instead of LA, Chicago and Seattle?



 Subject: donation

We don't always agree, but your site is one of the few I check every day for new stuff.
Thanks for all your hard work - can't wait to get my stickers!


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Subject: Bush caught

MSNBC/Olbermann  uncovers 13 Bush "wag the dog" examples

The last 13 terror alerts in the U.S. came just after something embarrassing to Bush was in the news.
Coincidence? 13 times in a row? And all 13 terror alerts were proved bogus and unfounded?




What's a Little Lying Between Friends?


"Some perjury technicality"?
Did Kay Bailey Hutchison really say that?
She must have. It was on "Meet the Press."

Is this the Republican strategy for dealing with any CIA leak indictments? 
Saying no real crimes were committed, just a teensy weensy bit of perjury? 

It is true that prosecutors who can't prove the original crime often wind up bringing perjury 
and obstruction charges. But lying to investigators, or to a federal grand jury, strikes at the 
heart of the law-enforcement process. This happens to be the message that GOPers pounded 
over and over again when Clinton dissembled over Monica, so surely they take it seriously. 
Or is that only when a Democrat is president?

Hutchison likened the senior administration officials who might or might not be indicted to 
Martha Stewart, who was only charged with a cover-up (lying about insider trading is okay 
as long as you're not convicted of insider trading? Well, Martha did get two TV shows, 
even though one is tanking). The Texas senator also complained about "sort of a gotcha mentality 
in this country," which again, try as I might, I can't remember being a significant Republican 
complaint during the prosecutions of the Clinton years.

Kay Bailey Hutchifelon Flashback  from Volume 88


Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchifelon, (R-Bonehead) came to the ER with lower abdominal pain.

During the exam, the doctor asked her if she was still sexually active. 
Mrs. Hutchifelon vehemently denied being sexually active. 

"I'll have you know I'm a Republican, Sir," she barked. 

The doctor convinced her to submit to a pregnancy test. 
It came back positive. The doctor confronted her. 

"The results of your pregnancy test came back positive," he said. 
Are you sure you're not sexually active?" 

Hutchifelon replied, "No, sir, I just lay there like a cadaver." 



"Tom DeLay's mug shot was released on Thursday. Even creepier, 
  it was taken while he watched someone drown a bag of kittens."  
     --Amy Poehler, SNL Weekend Update




"Bush is so exhausted by all these scandals that he is praying for another 
  disaster like a flood or a hurricane so he can kick back and do nothing." 
        --Bill Maher


TV Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, C.S.I. did their "Michael Hutchense" episode.

Catch up:
Michael Hutchence sang for INXS.
It could be said that INXS was the hottest rock band in the world around 1985/86.
It could also be said that U2 took their title, (pronounced 'tuke' ) but maybe that's sorta objective...

When  C.S.I. did their "Michael Hutchense" episode, it had glaring plot holes,
so I went to the C.S.I. newsgroup where C.S.I. fans agther and asked this:

He (the Hutchence character) is banging the blonde for 2 hours with the burglar hiding behind the curtain.
He kicks the blonde out of bed - then the burglar leaves 15 minutes later.

Are they saying he kicked her out of bed, then went to sleep, (allowing the burglar to rob him)
then woke up later to masturbate?

Did he fight with the burglar or not?

And why kick a beautiful blonde out of bed so you can masturbate?
Who fights with a burglar - then masturbates?

Before you flip out - C.S.I. is America's most-watched show, so this is a topic for discussion.
And believe it or not - on a newsgroup bulletin board, that's not an abby normal post.

In the show, the rock star beds the cute groupie,
throws her out of bed hours later,
goes to sleep,
while the burglar conveniently robs him,
then wakes up and masturbates,
with a noose around his neck,
and dies from his mistake.

...and I never got a single reply to a very obvious question.

I like C.S.I. just fine, but if they're going to call themselves "America's best show,"
they shouldn't have script holes big enough for Cheney to drive a tanker thru.


Dozens   will see your banner

Jolly Green Giant Dead at 80
 He stood for green beans and goodness


The Jolly Green Giant, who extolled vegetables to generations of TV watchers, has died. He was 80.

"Green" was an entertainer and singer for nearly six decades. But his voice rang through millions of
households when he sang the simple refrain, "Ho, Ho, Ho," in an ad jingle for Green Giant foods.

"His was the most consistent and most frequent voice of the Jolly Green Giant over the years,
the one consumers are going to recognize," said Tara Johnson, a small green Giant offspring.


Subject: 2000 died for Bush's lies

On the eve of criminal indictments against top Bush administrations officials America has now lost
2000 of our military in Iraq. They all died because Bush lied to America fabricating evidence to trick us
into an unjust war. We are losing this war and perhaps rightfully so because, like Vietnam, we are on
the wrong side of history.

If Bush lied and the prosecutor can prove it, he should be put on trial for murder and treason.
The way it looks to me is that the Bush administration knowingly lied sending thousands of people to their deaths.
This strikes at the very heart and soul of who we are as a country and what we stands for.
Are we going to face reality as a nation and do the right thing or are we going to continue to believe our own lies?

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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U2 continues US tour
They just finished Detroit

Detroit Concert review

It would be no surprise to say that they owned the place. 
My brother-in-law, who is not exactly a huge U2 fan, was concerned 
that Bono would seem arrogant (i.e., in his "Fly" persona), but soon changed his mind.

As soon as I download my pictures (such as they are), 
I'll pick a couple of good ones and send them in.

Next is  Houston and then Dallas and then some other dates.

Been watching a lot of U2 video lately.
I wonder - anybody seen that Boston DVD "With or Without You" and wasn't impressed?

Cain't nobody bring it home like U2.

Send in your U2 concert reports


Don't worry, this will all be over soon...

Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

"...tick tock, ...tick tock..."


"Reagan and all leaders are forceful. They are definitive. They are not wishy-washy."
     --Rush the heroin junkie, calling Bush "wishy-washy"


Subject: Derailed

I just did a survey at a local movie theater where they had me
watch a short clip for a movie called SAW II.

They asked me all kinds of questions about horror movies but what I found most interesting
was that the survey didn't really seem to be about SAW, even though they told me it was.
They wanted to know if I knew who Clive Owen was and if I liked Jennifer Aniston.

They wanted to know my thoughts on horror films and whether or not I would see a thriller
if an actor I liked was in it. They asked me to name 3 of my favorite television shows.

They also showed me a short clip and asked me to let them know what images, if any, I found disturbing.
By the end it seemed pretty obvious that they were doing some type of market research regarding Derailed.

...saw it on some newsgroup, seemed interesting


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $60.66 a barrel
makes $121,320,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2000 2006 have died for Halliburton

Bush got SIX MORE killed yesterday - for what?

...yet more volunteer to die for no good reason


The Limits of Bush's Mind
 America turns her back on science


Ninety percent of adult Americans professed a belief in God. 
More interesting, half believe in ghosts, nearly one-third believe in astrology 
and more than one-fourth believe that they were reincarnated from other people. 
Two-thirds believe in the devil and hell (but very few expect that they will go there themselves). 
A nation can afford only so much superstition.


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Jennifer Aniston hits back
 That's why they call it 'Hollywood.'


Though Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have denied they're involved romantically,
a recent rendezvous in Vaughn's hometown, the Windy City, caused tongues to wag.


How many more days until Fitzmas?

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