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Tuesday  Nov 1, 2005   Volume 1647 - Guaranteed chaos

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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
A White House Walk? 
Nine Traitorgate Lies 
Worse than Watergate
Crippled by Lies 
His Toilet Presidency
Worse than Watergate
Libby's Press Friends
The Coverup Worked 
Lindsay Lohan no rex


 Quote of the Day

"Delay plays hardball, but the 
  last time I checked, being a jerk 
  is not an indictable offense."  
     --ex-Rep. Uncle OJ Watts  Link

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"There is something grotesque about Scooter's hiding behind the press 
with his little conspiracy, given that he's part of an administration that 
despises the press and tried to make its work almost impossible."  
      --Maureen Dowd, who helped Bush get elected with her lies     Link

Judith Miller isn't a journalist.

She's a BFEE employee planted at the New York Whore Times to write fake stories that 
will enable the BFEE to steal $120 million dollars a day, and that's just from Iraq.

Why is the Whore Times standing by their BFEE plant?
Why can't anybody just call a spade a spade?


 Letting the White House walk?
   by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


As an outsider to Washington, Fitzgerald appears to have misunderstood the finer points of how
national security classifications work when a secret is as discrete - and sensitive - as the identity
of an undercover CIA officer.

In his five-count indictment of  Libby, Fitzgerald leaves the false impression that it was all right for
White House officials with security clearances to be discussing the identity of Valerie Plame,
a counter-proliferation official under deep cover.

Under the rules of classification, however, to see such secrets an official must not only have a top-secret
clearance but also special code-word clearance that grants access to a specific compartment governed
by strict need-to-know requirements.

In both the Libby indictment and a hour-long press conference on Oct. 28, Fitzgerald showed no indication
he understood how extraordinary it was for White House officials to be bandying about the name of a covert
CIA officer based on the flimsy rationale that she was married to an ex-diplomat who had been sent on a
fact-finding trip to Niger.

Fitzgerald, who is the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, appears to have bought into the notion that government officials
had a right to discuss Plame's covert status among themselves as long as they didn't pass the secret on to journalists.
Then Fitzgerald didn't even seek punishment for that, limiting his criminal case to Libby's lying about how and when
he learned of Plame's identity.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Top Nine Traitorgate Lies
 Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


Falsehood: It is legally significant whether the leakers disclosed Plame's name in their conversations with reporters
Falsehood: Plame suggested Wilson for the trip to Niger
Falsehood: Plame's CIA employment was widely known
Falsehood: Leaks go on all the time in Washington

Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...


Subject: corrupt Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart gave Tom Delay $5,000 two days after he was indicted. 

Wal-Mart's policies are morally corrupt, but now we know Wal-Mart's politics are politically corrupt too. 
Call on Wal-Mart to demand the return of their corrupt contribution today.


Chapter Four:
An elite Republican cabal conspires to fix the 2008 presidential election,
but its plans to embezzle money from the RNC are uncovered and lead to murder
Democratic congressman Jack Stibik and his mentor, Professor Gar Reynolds, reunite.

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"Air America Radio announced today that Al Franken beat Rush Limbaugh for the first time
in San Francisco and Portland, Ore., two of the top twenty-five markets, in the target demo of 25-54,
according to Arbitron.  The two shows air at the same time ( 9am-12pm ) in both markets."
    -- AirAmericaRadio.com


As of this morning:

Al Franken's "The Truth (with jokes)" was at #7 on Amazon while Ann Coulter's 
paperback edition of "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) is at #1,042. 


Worse than Watergate


It's getting hard to keep track of all the lies we've been told. Here's a quick cheat sheet:
We now know that Cheney lied to the American people about his involvement in the effort to smear Joe Wilson.
We now know that Karl Rove lied about his involvement, too.
We now know that Scooter Libby also lied about his involvement.
And we now know that Rove and Libby also lied to Scott McClellan, who then
-- knowingly or not -- lied to reporters about the two men's involvement.

When pressed today about the fact that in October 2003 he had "categorically" assured reporters that
Rove and Libby "were not involved" in the Plame leak, McClellan made it clear that he was just passing on
"the assurances that I had received on that." In other words, I only lied to you because they lied to me.

Potential Bonus Presidential Lie: In June 2004, when asked whether he stood by his promise to fire anyone
found to have leaked Plame's identity, Bush (taking a cue from Rove) answered with an unambiguous "Yes."
But the New York Daily Whore reports that Bush knew that Rove was involved in the leak two years ago.
So why, a year later, was he still acting like he had no idea who'd been involved?

Because the press and the Democrats refuse to press the issue?



Subject: correct

You are correct. This idiot country deserves the leaders it succumbs to, period. 
A ruthless, violent, self-centered, lazy and incurious culture logically will chose or 
comply with a ruthless and moronic regime. We get what we deserve


If the press or the Democrats had done their jobs, Bush would've been exposed years ago 
and we would have a Democratic president - but we didn't want power enough to take it.



Crippled by Lies

Libby is a top neo-conservative. The witness list at his trial could well include CIA and state department 
officials who did battle with him over WMD intelligence. It could become a forum in which CIA officials, 
who feel they were made a scapegoat for the intelligence debacle, try to focus attention back on the 
White House's role in shaping the evidence. Every investigation of the Iraqi WMD fiasco so far has avoided 
directly tackling the politicisation of intelligence in the run-up to the war, when Cheney and Libby visited the 
CIA headquarters in Langley several times to chivvy analysts who were sceptical about tales of banned 
weapon systems told by Iraqi exiles. A trial could fill that gap.


Subject: Gas Prices and Oil Company Profits


When people complained about oil company profits and gas prices, I always thought, 
"Well, they have to make a profit to stay in business."  When you correlated profits
and gas prices, I thought I should look up the reality.  

Well, the reality is that over the past three months, oil companies as a whole have made 
net profits of $10 billion per month.  And American consumers have used about 9-10 billion 
gallons of gas per month.  In other words, if the oil companies had forgone their profits, 
gasoline could be $1/gallon cheaper -- plus taxes!  

Imagine what people would think of Bush if he had "jawboned" his buddies on Exxon, BP, 
Shell, etc., to eliminate 90% of their profits in favor of cheaper gas -- and dropped the price to $1.25/gallon!

I guess he must just want to force us all to conserve...


If FOX News had been around thru history...


"Now that an indictment has reached the highest level of the White House, journalists face 
a minefield of potentially explosive questions: Are they enjoying a bit too much the spectacle 
of Libby having to resign over the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice?"  
    --Howard Kurtz, scared to death that his employers have been caught and could do time   Link


 Subject: Bull shit

Bart, you wrote:

> Gore had his chance at it but he didn't want it.

That's bullshit, Bart. Gore fought it all the way to the Supreme Court.
He wasn't a good politician.
He was too honest, but that's what would have made him a great president.
My choice last year, Kerry, gave up. You were right about him.
I was wrong. He didn't want it.
But, you really have to stop equating Gore and Kerry.
It's wrong, and it's lazy-ass bullshit.
Danny L

Dude, I feel your pain

Gore's problem was twofold.
He refused to use the BIG hammer (women's rights, a majority) AND, when push came to shove,
Gore said a challenge fight might hurt America, so he caved "and did the right thing."

Our side always does "the right thing" because "fighting is wrong."

You see - we're Democrats.
Fighting back is always wrong.

So now we have 2,000 dead, we're hated around the f-ing world and we're totally bankrupt,
Bush owns everything from the gold monopoly to California's fresh water rights and we're
no longer allowed to protest the government that was born during the Boston Tea Party.

...and people wonder why I drink?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Libby's Press Friends


Traitor-gate has been an uncomfortable episode for the news media. Journalists from NBC,
The New York wHORE Times and Time Whore magazine have been key players in the probe,
forced to testify to a grand jury about their confidential sources.

Now Libby stands accused of lying to federal investigators and a grand jury. If the perjury case against
Libby goes to trial, journalists again could play a key role as witnesses, and they could be put in the
difficult position of describing how they gather information from sources.

However, testimony from seven government officials identified in Libby's indictment - including Cheney
- would probably be far more important in determining Libby's fate than what reporters would say.

More embarrassing is the fact that Novak, Cooper, Steno Jude and Timmy the Whore have
been caught repeating the White House spin while still pretending to be "journalists."

A journalist isn't suppost to secretly meet with those he's supposed to be watchdogging, but then, it's no 
surprise to readers of  bartcop.com  that those four have been proven to be BFEE-hired whores for rent.

This is why Bush allowed Russert to "grill him" about why they fabricated reasons for his quagmire in Iraq.
With Timmy on their team, they knew Bush would never get a follow-up question when he told one of his 
big lies that have killed over 2,000 soldiers.

Russert, Novak, Copper and Miller shame the blame for Bush's Iraq quagmire.


NBC doesn't mind if their news anchor secretly lies for the BFEE to kill 2000 Americans..
CNN doesn't mind if their reporter secretly lies for the BFEE to kill 2000 Americans..
TIME Magazine doesn't mind if their reporter secretly lies for the BFEE to kill 2000 Americans..
The NYW Times doesn't mind if their reporter secretly lies for the BFEE to kill 2000 Americans..

Which proves, once again, bartcop.com  has more integrity than those four "news organizations."

Shame on the American whore press.
When they get caught in bed with those they should be watching,
they don't even lose their jobs?


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"If Novak said his source was "no partisan gunslinger," and it's Rove, didn't he lie?  
Can we get him for that?  Did you threaten him with slammer time before he sang?  
Can you believe the Post still lets him publish?  And will CNN let him back?"  
    --Eric Alterman, on what he'd ask Pat Fitzgerald if he could,    Link

Eric, you're not really suggesting that CNN may have a whif of ethics, are you?
Of course they'll let Novak return and the WaHoPo still prints his lies..

They might make an extra nickle having a traitor on their staff.


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Ten Lessons from his toilet presidency


1. Religious fanatics are now the number one threat to the planet Earth.

2. Evangelicals no more speak for Christianity than right wing Zionists speak for Jews.

3. We've also learned that the Democratic Party has basically ceased to exist

4. We've learned that the American media sells its soul cheap.


Subject:  Re:  I hate Hillary; who can beat her

The problem isn't what Democrat can beat Hillary, it's what repub could!
(even Jeb would win that race).

I think people might be tired of the Bush family by 2008.

You think the country is polarized NOW?
Run Hillary, and it might just cause another "civil" war.

your friend,

Allun, if the only other option is surrender, I say let's go to war.


Subject: Alito - first impressions

How about supporting strip searches of ten-year-old girls, even when they're
specifically not among those named on the search warrant?  (Doe v. Groody.)

How about telling state governments that they don't need to abide by the federal
Family & Medical Leave Act? (Chittester v. Department of Community and Economic Development.)

Those are just a couple of things I found browsing the blogs this morning...


He's drinking again...

An ounce of prevention
 Looted hopes in Iraq


There has been much commotion over the lack of armor on Iraq vehicles and vests, but that's always been
a trade-off: if you reinforce a HUMV enough to survive an RPG strike, you may make it too heavy to
accelerate enough to avoid getting hit, and full body armor suits are great except when 120° temperatures
cause heat prostration. As the US death toll tops 2000, the far more egregious outrage is why these
hundreds of thousands of tons of ordnance were allowed to be looted by insurgents in the first place.

The Pentagon admits a breathtaking 250,000 tons of heavy ordnance (out of 650,000 tons total):
aircraft bombs, artillery and tank shells, mines, rockets were allowed to be looted by our undermanned
army in the 4-30 weeks after invasion through gross negligence at the top- equivalent to 1 million 500 lb bombs.
At ten 500 lb. roadside mines or market closeouts a day, that's enough for 274 years of attacks.

---"During the fall of 2003, what you would see was Iraqis going in at night, individually and in trucks,"
US weapons inspector David Kay told U.S. News . "They would pull ordnances out and drive off."
Security was so bad after Saddam Hussein's regime fell, Kay recalled, that his team was often shot at
by insurgents when they went to inspect the sites: "There were just not enough boots on the ground,
and the military didn't give it a high enough priority to stop the looting. Tens of thousands of tons of
ammunition were being looted, and that is what is fueling the insurgency." -US News+WR report

Allowing the locals to have thousands of tons of tons of explosives guarantees the chaos the BFEE needs
to steal their $12 million dollars each and every day. With chaos everywhere, no reporters can get a look
at anything - they're all stuck inside the Palestine Hotel, begging the military to tell them what's really going on
- just the way Cheney wants it.


Subject: pardon

Bush spits in our face regularly.
Do you think he will hesitate to pardon Libby?
He will in a day.

Bush is a puppet. He does not care.
Clarence Swinney

Dude, you need to listen to BCR 84.
I take care of everything in it - if the Democrats take my advice.



 Subject: donation

Bart, I'd love to receive some of those WPE stickers! 

I hope you're doing well! 
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"Well, that certainly mixes things up. The first Supreme Court vacancy went to a white Catholic 
judge who went to Harvard. The second, chances are, will be filled by a white Catholic judge who 
went to Princeton and Yale. At this rate, a WASP male from Stanford is going to look like a diversity pick."  
              --Ruth Marcus, "Diversity Gets Benched",    Link


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com at

How lame do you have to be 
to lose to a douche like GW Bush? 


Subject: for Hillary

What's with all the "I hate Hillary" talk?

I think there's some competition among liberals to see who can get the farthest to the left.
That makes anyone with a link to the middle (where the voters are) the enemy.

I agree, she's holding back and  waiting for the best time to make her move.
Your Clinton quote says it all "if you don't want to fight for the future find something else to do."
She will be there and she will fight.

I think alot of men are afraid a women might just be the best man for job.

If Hillary were to jump on top of an SUV and scream "Stop the war" and set her hair on fire,
the Bush-owned press would give us three solid years of "Hanoi Hillary" and the BFEE wins.

Polls show Hillary ahead by miles, but the anti-Hillary crowd is louder and more inclined to write.


Random Thought...

The GOP spinliars are saying, "There was no crime, just a little cover-up." 
So why did Libby lie?

I say Libby lied to protect Cheney, who is a liar on the record..
BCR 85 will spill these beans all over the place.
Good times are coming, and we be having them.

Either way, this is super-bad news for Der fascist Monkey.
Either Libby cops a plea and gives up Cheney OR
this trial drags on and on during an election year.

That means we're probably going to win back the House,
at least, we will if the Democrats can manage to get some bartcopism in them.

Cheney has been lying all along, but he's never been put under oath.
If Libby pleads innocent - and that's a GOP nightmare - there's gonna be a trial.
That puts Cheney under oath and he'll be forced to admit he's been lying about Plame.
By definition, that makes him part of the conspiracy - during an election year.

Trust me - good times are coming.
If there was a way to buy stock in  bartcop.com  you should do that right away.
I'm just arrogant enough to think that everything I've been saying for years about these sick bastards 
is about to come true - under oath - and everybody is going to be paying attention because by the time
Cheney takes the witness stand, we'll have 3,000 dead in Iraq and everybody will be paying attention.


Subject: Re: hey from bart

Hey BC,

I don't usually write for something as trivial as thanking you for thanking me for my 'donation,'  but that's what
I'm writing for this time. That, and to tell you that -- as much as I appreciate your thoughtfulness and Catholic
good manners -- you really don't need to write every month just to acknowledge my monthly subscription payment.
You've got MUCH more important things to do with your time, as far as I'm concerned.

Besides, the pittance I send each month isn't a gift or a donation, so it doesn't merit gratitude.
You EARN your money.
There's no need for you to thank me for doing what I WANT you to do.

So don't bother thanking me anymore, okay?
I know you, and I know how much you appreciate your supporters.
You know me, and you know that I read every issue and listen to every radio show and hope that you...



A Shot of Chinaco for my brother Ray.


Questions About Vietnam War


The National Security Agency has been blocking the release of an article by one of its historians
that says intelligence officers falsified documents that was used to escalate the Vietnam War,

Matthew Aid, who asked for the article, said it appears that officers at the NSA made honest mistakes
in translating interceptions involving the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident. That was a reported North Vietnamese
attack on American destroyers that helped lead to Johnson's escalation of U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

Rather than correct the mistakes, the 2001 article in the NSA's classified Cryptologic Quarterly says,
midlevel officials decided to falsify documents to cover up the errors, according to Aid, who is working on
a history of the agency and has talked to a number of officials about this chapter of American history.

Midlevel officials lied LBJ into getting 58,000 men killed?
That's almost as serious as the Monica "crisis."

Think I'm kidding?
Ask any Bush fan.



"All hail the American Taliban. 
Bear witness to the death of every good thing this country stands for. 
Say goodbye to freedom. Ayatolla Bush will lead us to paradise. 
All hail the American Taliban." 
     --Allen McMurrey,   Link


Subject: BCR Show 84

Hey Bart!

Fantastic show, once again.  You had me laughing so f-ing hard I was in tears.
That mating call from the pigboy is priceless.

There is one part about show 84 I have to say I didn't like much, and that was 
the f-ing shrill voice of annThrax coulter.   She really makes me want to hurl.

Just seeing her diatribe in writing is bad enough, but to hear her is ... tantamount to torture.
Please, Bart, have mercy, save the BFH for the monkeys.

Colo Spgs

Greg, you must be the fella who listens to BCR.

You're right, but she was using that filthy mouth against Bush and the RNC.
I had to make an exeption.


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Libby vs Bush
 story in the WaHoPo


Libby, is expected to plead not guilty to charges that he lied and obstructed justice when he 
is arraigned Thursday, setting the stage for a possible courtroom fight in which Libby's interests 
could collide with those of the Bush White House, according to several Republican officials.

If he goes to trial, many White House officials -- including Heartless -- could be forced to testify 
about how they handled intelligence, dealt with the media and built the argument for the Iraq war. 
Republicans worry that Libby's court fight will force President Katrina to deal with the prospect of 
top officials testifying and embarrassing disclosures of how the White House operates and treats critics.

We've all heard the phrase, "You can indict a ham sandwich."
Fitzgerald didn't do that. 
Sure, he could've charged the bastards with a dozen crimes that would've made headlines
- and then tried to prove them, but this way, he has gold in the bank. 

Libby is what, 57, 60?   He's probably going to do some time.
But how loyal can an older, super-rich elitist be?

If you heard BCR 84, I gave the Democrats some great advice:
They need to warn Bush - right f-ing now - that if he pardons anybody before the trial he WILL be impeached, 
and that they should shut down the government if Bush does that to hide the BFEE's worldwide crime spree.

If they would warn Bush up-front, they could stop him from doing that - and handcuff him.

But if the Democrats are too scared to warn Bush up-front, of course he'll pardon Libby before the trial.
he's got to do that, because the truth will, maybe literally, kill them all.

If these weenie democrats could come up with a pair between the 45 of them, they could re-take the House
and maybe the senate and get this country moving in a sane direction once again - but do they have the stones?

                 "Bart, we can't, ...because we're scared!"


Subject:  my blog

I reference your site on my blog on MSN spaces. I've really been testing their Abuse policy
- I'm surprised I haven't been pulled down yet.


I use MSN, 'cuz my local ISP is facist enough to terminate my service.

The only person who challenges me is my son. He says he's a conservative,
but I don't worry. I read him Bartcop during his tender, formative years.

Keep Swingin'
Matt in NW Iowa


Subject: Scooter says 'I forgot'

Scooter Libby's excuse that "he forgot" about exposing a CIA agent's identity as part of selling
this fraudulent war to the world is more than just hard to believe. I think it's an insult to those
who died thinking that they were protecting freedom, but died for a lie instead.

Although Scooter's trial is technically about him obstructing justice by going out of his way to mislead
the prosecutor in his investigation of who committed a crime the bigger question is, "Are we at war
because Scooter was part of a lie?" And where is the outrage at the Whitehouse? Why isn't Bush
outraged about the idea that America was misled into war? Why doesn't Bush want to talk about it?

Lying to convince us that Iraq was close to "the bomb" and leading us into war is treason.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

Click Here to see if reality is a good fit for your life

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 U2 Pays Tribute to Rosa Parks


Playing in suburban Detroit, Bono invoked Parks' name in "Pride" and "Streets."
He then dedicated "One" to Parks, telling the 20,000-plus in attendance that
"because of her quiet dignity and strength, America became a better, changed country."

He added that the "journey of equality continues today. We will carry it on. God bless you in your rest."

U2 continues US tour
They play LA tonight and Vegas Friday and Saturday.


I guess I'll have to write the next U2 concert review.

Send in your U2 concert reports

 Here's my U2 report, Bart

Subject: U2

Bart, I wholeheartedly agree with your politics and rants but for god's sake,
can you not listen to a band remotely decent?

You might be right.
I'm going to gather all my U2 CDs and records and DVDs and videotapes and toss them
into a big pile and squirt lighter fluid on them and burn them like the trash they are.
Then maybe you could provide me with a list of "decent" bands, and I'll pick one and listen to them.
Does that work for you?

I thought, when I originally started reading your site, that you were mocking the hell out of U2.
Alas, this is untrue.  Listen to something worth listening to, man.

But I need a list!
Without someone like you, how will I know what I like?
After all, your musical opinions are valid, mine are just crap.
In addition, could I get a list of films and TV shows that are worth watching?
The stuff I like is probably all crap, like you said.

I don't know of a single person, besides the countless Mormons in this state,
who listen to U2 in any slef-respecting way.  Sorry to say it but GOOD GOD!!!!

You might be right.
If I could learn to respect myself, I could be more like you.


Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Of course he's against abortion."  
      --Samuel Alito's 90-year-old mother   Link 

Will the Democrats fight to prevent the fascist GOP from condemning poor women
to die in back alley abortions from infections caused by rusty coathangers?

             "We're not women - why should we care?"


Subject: interesting statistic


I saw on CBS this morning that a study shows that there has been a 50% increase in divorce rate in
soldiers coming home from Iraq between 2001 and 2004.   They are soooo worried about Gay marriage
being a threat to families today that they run entire campaigns around it. See any double standard here?
Seems like the Pink Tutus would jump on this...


Dude, Mr. Rove wouldn't like that!


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $59.76 a barrel
makes $119,520,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Bush is in so much trouble,
a barrel of oil is now under $60.

Looks like BIG OIL doesn't expect him 
to be president much longer.

2024 2027 have died for Halliburton

We lost "just" three MORE yesterday - for what?
So Exxon could make $10 billion profit in 90 days?

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


The Coverup Worked


No one really noticed, but Fitzgerald made a point about the timing of the indictment. 
''I would have wanted nothing better," he said, ''that when the subpoenas were issued 
in August of 2004, witnesses testified then, and we would have been here in October of 
2004 instead of October of 2005."  He was showing that the quixotic pursuit of a nonexistent 
right or privilege by some news organizations is one reason Bush was reelected last year."

This isn't a shock.
The press has always been behind this unqualified Monkey.
Helen Thomas made the same mistake on Bill Maher last Friday, saying "9-11" was the reason
the reporters always try to help Bush instead of being the watchdogs of government.
But all thru the 2000 campaign, they always treated Bush like no other candidate in history.

Remember all that crap about the Clintons trashing the White House and Air Force One?
Remember when the Enron boys were playing with the submarine and killed those students?
Remember when Bush gave China a spy plane, then the son of a bitch apologized to them 
saying America was "very, very sorry" for violating Chinese air space when we hadn't?

How did Bush get to be off limits?
That's why he's so goddamn arrogant - because he can be because he's never held accountable.
Hell, the cowed press is even too scared to ask him how many times he's been convicted of a felony.

...and, of course, the Democrats will always crumble so Bush does whatever the hell he wants,
steals whatever he desires and kills anybody - legally - who gets in his way.  

I need a drink.


Can you find the bartcop sticker?

Subject: bullshit

Bart, you wrote:

> Gore had his chance at it but he didn't want it.

That's bullshit, Bart. 

Gore fought it all the way to the Supreme Court.  He wasn't a good politician. 
He was too honest, but that's what would have made him a great president. 

My choice last year, Kerry, gave up. You were right about him. I was wrong. 
He didn't want it. But, you really have to stop equating Gore and Kerry. 
It's wrong, and it's lazy-ass bullshit.
Dan Leahy

Dan, I remember things differently than you.
I remember Gore caving in "for the good of the country,"
Our side always does that, "for the good of the country,"
I'm tired of "for the good of the country" Democrats.

Hillary won't be that way.


Click Here to Search Bartcop

Subject:  You wuz right and they are wrong


The knob (Craig Hanson) who wrote that your website has been wrong about everything certainly 
has his head up his ass!  Everything you've said about Bu$h's amoral oil war and crooked creeps 
in the WHITE House has turned out to be true.  

Everything the Repugnikkkans and their corporate media whores told us has been pure, unadultered BULLSHIT!  
Why do right-wing morons insist on believing lies in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary?  
The Repugnikkkans have always been about lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies - from Nixon to
Raygun to Bu$h The Smarter to Dopey to the entire cadre of Congressional corporate puppets!
Hammer on!
Marquette, Michigan


Lindsay Lohan has crash-free month



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