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Tuesday  Nov 8, 2005   Volume 1650 - Dresden 2005

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Rule of Law
Saddam lawyer killed
Pit Bulls Attack Six
Crazies Burn France 
Bush: We Don't Torture
W's Phosphorus bombs 
Senators lied into war 
U2 Trip report 
NFL lesbians jailed 


 Quote of the Day

"Wow, Brazil is big." 
     -- America's uneducated Murderer,  Link

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"The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge, 
and particularly to deny him the judgement of his peers, is in the highest degree odious 
and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist." 
      --Winston Churchill, Der Monkey's hero, November 21, 1943,   Link


Bush's Rule of Law
   by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Bush reacted to the indictment of  Libby with a startling assertion about the U.S. legal system.
"In our system, each individual is presumed innocent and entitled to due process and a fair trial."

While Bush's statement was surely intended to remind the public that Libby has yet to be convicted,
it was remarkable to hear Bush endorse the presumption of innocence and due process after all he
has done to erode those principles.

For four years, it has been a central legal precept of the "War on Terror" that Bush has the absolute right
to imprison anyone of his choosing, including American citizens, who are then denied even a day in court,
let alone a fair trial or presumption of innocence.

While the "rule of law" is usually defined as the universal protection of everyone equally under the law,
Bush's "rule of law" seems to mean, "We rule, so we decide who's protected by the law."
Those protections are denied people whom Bush deems "terrorists" or "bad guys."

Bush's lip service to presumption of innocence, for example, must have been cold comfort to Jose Padilla,
a U.S. citizen held without charges and without the benefit of his day in court since May 2002.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Another Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Slain
 Joining Bush's dog-and-pony handjob gets you killed


Three gunmen in a car killed a lawyer for a co-defendant in Saddam's trial and wounded another Tuesday.
It was the second assassination of a Saddam defense team lawyer in less than a month.

Saddam's main lawyer blamed Bush, saying that the shooting was carried by "a group using government vehicles."

"The aim of these organized attacks is to scare Arab and foreign lawyers," al-Dulaimi said. "We call upon the 
international community and the UN to send an investigative committee because the situation is unbearable."

You ask for help from the UN?
Bush told them to "F" off just before he murdered your country.
They, like us, are helpless as long as the military follows Bush's criminal orders.. 


This Just In...

Who writes headlines for CNN's crawl at the bottom of the screen?
I just read, "School principal and teacher shot and injured..."

Don't you hate it when you get shot and injured on the same day?



Re-Quote from yesterday's page

Bush is falling fast among groups that once solidly supported him.
Viewing him favorably are only 48 percent of gun owners
...and 41 percent of military households.   Link

59 percent of military families say "No" of dying to create no-bid Halliburton contracts?


Subject: I've come to see the point...

...of your gun arguments.  But you haven't gone far enough.

Bart, I now have a 50 caliber rifle in every room in my house.  Someone asked me last night
if I could protect my loved ones when stampeded by a herd of rhinos.

They asked what I would reach for when those bastards started raping my wife and daughter right in front of me.
Well.. I, of course, had to answer, "I don't know."  So I gathered up every 50 caliber rifle I could find.
Those bad boys are in for a surprise when they try to rape my wife and daughter right in front of me.

Now, Bart, ask yourself, "Is this Glock going to be enough when the rhinos attack?"
When you hear that thunder in the distance, and then the ground begins to shake, it will be too late.

Jimmy the lawyer

Do I detect a whiff of sarcasm?

Pit Bulls Attack Six in Illinois


A 10-year-old boy was in critical condition after three pit bulls went on a rampage,
attacking six people before police arrived and killed the dogs with their guns.

The attacks started when children going door-to-door for a fundraiser arrived at the home of Scott Sword,
who owned the dogs.  I heard this bizarre sound," said neighbor Debby Rivera. "I looked out the window,
and I saw a young boy. The dogs were just jumping on him.  The screams were horrible," she said.
The dogs were "relentless, like they were possessed."

The pit bulls attacked the two children, and when the dogs' owner tried to stop them, the dogs turned on him
and bit off his thumb, Nygren said. The boy's father also tried to protect his son and was attacked.
The dogs went after another neighbor as well.

Residents threw rocks at the dogs to try to distract them before police arrived and shot the animals.
Jim Malone said he and a neighbor tried to beat the dogs back with baseball bats.
"He'd hit them, they'd run, and they'd come back," Malone said. "This went on for 15 minutes."

So, maaaaaaybe you don't live in New Orleans, so you don't need a gun.
And maaaaaaybe you don't live in Illinois or anywhere else where dogs might go crazy.
How Democratic of you to depend on the police to show up - in time.

I mean, how many times could a pit bull bite a child before the cops arrive?

By the way, Jimmy is a successful lawyer, he's white, and he probably has a nice house.
I'll bet the cops come to his neighborhood every time they're called.
But what if you're not a successful lawyer, not white, and live in a tough part of town?

I have other ideas about protecting my family, and sure, I'll call the cops as soon as I can,
but standing there with a baseball bat trying to fend off three pit bulls that keep returning?
I'm not sure that meets the definition of protecting your family.

I know what your next line is:
"How often does a pack of dogs attack?"
"How often is your home invaded?"
"How often do religio-crazies riot and burn things?"

Crazies Burn France for a 12th Night


Religious handjobs are rioting in 300 French cities. Rioters in the southern city of Toulouse set fire
to a bus after ordering passengers off, and hit cops with gas bombs and rocks and torched a nursery school.
The AP says 1300 cars have been torched since they started rioting..

Sure, you could wait until after the home invasion, after  the dog attack, after the riots to buy a gun, but why would you?
A gun can be the difference between helpless and not helpless.
I like not helpless better.

Sometimes you lefty-liberals puzzle me.
You're kinda taunting me for being in a position to protect my family.
The only way I win this argument is if your family is assaulted.


Chapter Five
Jack and his Delta Force brother, Marty, reunite.

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"We will aggressively pursue them but we will do so under the law. 
Any activity we conduct is within the law. We do not torture." 
     --Dubya, now the most famous torturer in history,  Link


Bush Lies: 'We Do Not Torture'
 He just wants it legal for when they get caught

                   "How could anybody think this is torture?"


Monday, Bush defended U.S. torture practices and called the treatment of terrorism suspects lawful.
"We do not torture," Bush lied in response to reports of secret CIA prisons in a dozen countries overseas.
Bush supported an effort spearheaded by Cheney to block a proposed Senate-passed ban on torture.

"We're working with Congress to make sure that as we go forward, we make it more possible to torture,"
Bush said. "There's an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again. And so,
you bet we will torture them. But we will do so under the law. There is no torture."

              The tools Bush is using with our tax dollars in Abu Ghraib.

Clinton was an evil man - because he had sex.


Subject: BCR Show 84


I am not sure how to pull out specifics in your show 84.
Maybe it is the tone or the shorts that make it up.
Nothing is long and drawn out, and the sounds and comments are well mixed.

For lack of a better explanation, the show is crisp.
Few moments of struggling for words...no droning on.

Focus is on more subjects than usual.
Music is used well. Clips are used well.
End with Bush and press statements very nice touch.

Having fun with the show is maybe a key element.
The fact that you are having fun, shows also.

Oh well, I tried.

Mags, thanks for that.



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Bush using phosphorus bombs in Iraq 
 He loves the smell of murder in the morning - "Smells like victory"


Italian TV has broadcast a documentary accusing the US military of using white phosphorus bombs 
against civilians in Falluja.  Rai says this amounts to the illegal use of chemical arms, though the bombs 
are considered incendiary devices. 

Eyewitnesses and ex-US soldiers say the weapon was used in built-up areas in the insurgent-held city. 
The US military denies this, but admits using white phosphorus bombs in Iraq to illuminate battlefields. 

Washington is not a signatory of an international treaty restricting the use of white phosphorus devices. 

Why is Saddam on trial for gassing the Kurds (with Rumsfeld-provided poison gas)
while Bush is illegally using phosphorus bombs to kill civilians in Fallujah?

Want to see the video?  (Maybe you don't. It's pretty fucking gruesome footage)
Click  Here 
Perkel has it on his blog.


Subject: the reich wing

Is it just a coincidence that "Fundamentalist" contains the word "Mental"?

Frank in Mason. MI



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"I figure it will either be a huge hit or a massive flop.
 There's not much room for anything in between,"
    -- Aaron Magruder, on his uncensored Boondocks TV show


Subject: Cassius Clay

Never mentioned is the principled stand Ali took against the war in Vietnam;
Choosing prison over service in the military.

Too bad he didn't have some family connections.
Too bad he wasn't too black for the Texan Air National Guard.

Jon D


Poll: Only 41% of military families support Bush

Subject: holy crap, Bart, you did it


In his press conference today, Harry Reid said
"I think the president should come forward now and say he's not going to pardon anybody."

Did they finally employ you full-time ?!?

Coop, the day they start listening to me is the day they start winning.

Harry got it half right, or maybe 1/3 right.
I don't care if Bush pardons Libby, as long as it's after the trial.
I want the truth to come out mnore than I want Libby in jail.

If Libby pleads guilty, then gets a pardon, they bury their guilt again, just like Iran-Contra.
Harry should warn Bush that there will be consequences if he pardons Libby before the trial..

And if Bush does it, the Dems should shut down the government until we get the truth.



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Subject: war crimes

The torture issue is extremely important.
However, with every passing hour, things just keep getting more immoral.

Has anyone tuned into Italian TV to see the documentary about the US military using chemical weapons
against civilians in Iraq earlier this year?  It's too bad we don't get the CBC in the US, so voters can see
what these monsters have been doing in Iraq to promote democracy.

I know there are a few f'nin crazy goofballs who will try to deny that a tweeked formula for napalm is not
a chemical weapon.  However, you drop this shit on a town in the US, it will be recognized for what it is
--a chemical used as a weapon that dissolves flesh to the bone on contact.

And to think a president with a weakness for sexual pleasures and a desire for adultery was impeached.
We have the FBI ( hi, guys!) snooping into 30,000 private citizens each year with no court oversight.
We have a president that says we don't torture people, but a vice president who wants Congress to
approve torture.  We have a president, vice president, secretary of state and secretary of war who
lie to us and the world about getting us into a middle east mess.  We have a congress that says, OK.

This shit make nixon look like a boy scout saint.


Libby & Nuclear Secrets to China
   by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Lewis Libby, Cheney's indicted ex-aide, gained insights into how intelligence can be manipulated for
political gain as a key adviser to a 1999 investigation into the loss of U.S. nuclear secrets to China.
Although the evidence pointed to security breaches during the Reagan-Bush years, the probe focused
blame on Democrats Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Subject: Bush crimes are impeachable

Bart, please take a look at the Whiter House's website for the letter
he sent Congress dated March 18, 2003.

The Dems should be smart enough to point out that Congress' 2 preconditions
had to be certified before Bush could go to war.
So he lied his teeth off when he signed that Letter to Congress saying that those
he was attacking were guilty of two things:
1.  Imminent threat with WMD.
2.  Responsible for Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks in 2001.

Now the Dems have proof he lied on both, with the recent AlQuaeda nada reports;
as well as the WMD lies.  So there, isn't that enough to start impeachment bills?
It's right there in black and white!  He lied, so he cries!

I have not seen this discussed anywhere!
Can your BLOG help wipe out the Criminals?
My best to you and yours,


Senators told Saddam could hit U.S.


Sen. Bill Nelson said Monday the Bush administration last year told him and other senators
that Iraq not only had WMDs, but they had the means to deliver them to East Coast cities.

Nelson, D-FL, said about 75 senators got that news during a classified briefing before last
October's congressional vote authorizing the use of force to remove Saddam from power.
Nelson voted in favor of using military force. Nelson said he couldn't reveal who in the
administration gave the briefing.

The White House directed questions about the matter to the Department of Defense.
Defense officials had no comment on Nelson's claim.

Nelson said the senators were told Iraq had both biological and chemical weapons, notably anthrax,
and it could deliver them to cities along the Eastern seaboard via unmanned aerial vehicles - drones.

"They have not found anything that resembles an UAV that has that capability," Nelson said.

"That's news," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington, D.C.-area military and
intelligence think tank. "I had not heard that that was the assessment of the intelligence community.
I had not heard that the Congress had been briefed on this."

It's not news to me - I've been talking about that for two years.
I wonder how Tequila boy knew and the fancy GlobalSecurity.org guy didn't?

When your president says, "Saddam can hit the Eastern Seaboard with WMDs in 45 mniutes,"
how could a senator, like Hillary, say, "I don't care! Defending America is wrong!?"

From the left, I get, "Hillary should have known better," but that makes no sense.
Hillary doesn't have a private CIA - she doesn't have a team of deep cover spies lurking in Iraq.

Can anybody answer that?
How was Hillary supposed to say no to defending the Eastern Seaboard?


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Subject:  Secret prison torture camps

Even though Bush has secret prisons in countries that allow torture, Bush claims that he isn't torturing prisoners.
He says, "We do not torture!". But we've seen the pictures from Abu Ghraib, so do we believe him or our own lying eyes?

In spite of his claim that he doesn't torture, he is pressing Congress for an exemption for the CIA to allow them to do
what he says they don't do. John McCain is supposedly fighting against Bush on the torture issue but he's been AWOL
in this fight as he is spending all his time in California trying to help Schwarzenegger undermine democracy in California.

What I think we should do is ship the White house staff to these foreign prison camps to be interrogated to see who
committed treason be outing a CIA agent who was the wife of an ambassador. This ambassador was revealing that
Bush lied to get us into a fraudulent war. Since Bush says that they don't torture anyone and that these secret prisons
are legal, then they shouldn't have any complaints about what might happen to them. Since a CIA agent was exposed
then the CIA should get to use these prisons that Bush has said is a legal means of questioning.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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Subject: Got MLK?

What are you thinking?!?!? 
The MLK pic clicks through to the RNC.org website. 
Is it a joke?

Dick P

It's more of a taunt than a joke.
There are no black Republicans in congress.
I was asking why the RNC has no MLK, no MLK at all.

The GOP thinks the same way about black Americans as they do 
gay Americans, liberals, atheist Americans or foreign-born Americans.

I'm asking why.
If the Democrats wanted to win elections, they'd ask why, too.


Call the

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Subject: privacy amendment

I've been advocating that for years; about five to be exact. 

Most Americans do no know that there is no explicit right to privacy in the Constitution. 
In fact the concept of an overall right to privacy is actually less explicit that the separation of church & state.

I would vote in a heart beat for almost any candidate with a RTP plank in their platform, 

...even Hillary.

Keep Swingin' Bart,


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $59.47 a barrel
makes $118,940,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2049 2056 have died for Halliburton

That's SEVEN since yesterday - for what?
So Exxon can make another $10 billion this quarter?

"...just like Unka Dick predicted
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


Subject:  Wayne LaPierre

I don't care where a person's compass may point them. 
But, it does bother me when someone is a hypocrite in the political arena.

The executive officer of the National Rifle Association, Wayne Lapierre, is currently endorsing
Jerry Kilgore for governor of Virginia in media ads saying Kilgore stands for the same family values
that Wayne had as a child growing up in Roanoke.

Well, while Wayne Lapierre was in high school in Roanoke (Patrick Henry High class of '67)
he was my brother's lover. 

Their affair lasted past graduation and on during the anti Vietnam war protest marches they attended in 1969.
Not only is Wayne Lapierre gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) but he protested the Vietnam war.
Now he's touting his high ground morality and family values. That I have a problem with.

Archie in Roanoke

Hmmmm, not only that, but this LaPierre fella sounds French.
How did a Frenchie get control of the NRA?


Trip Report

We've never flew out at night for a trip, so this was different.
We boarded our Southwest Airlines flight at 7 PM, due to land in Las Vegas at 10 PM.
Since there'd be no driving, I enjoyed cocktails (cough) on the flight and then took a nap.

We landed, and immediately I was insulted by Sin City.

I had to check - yep - all they had was that awful Cuervo swill.
They had expensive Cuervo swill, too, but it's all Cuervo swill to me.

We got luggage and took a cab to The Palms
Tally got us "special rooms" at a "special rate" because she has her own "casino host," 
like Sam on NBC's "Las Vegas," but he was a man so he wasn't as cute as Vanessa Marcil.

They gave us a spectacular, brand new room in the "Fantasy Tower" that just opened. 

         Even the drinking glasses in our room seemed drunk.

It was so new, they were still doing construction.  Oh, that's lovely. We got the 18th floor 
and construction was on the 19th floor and in Las Vegas, they need rooms so badly, some 
construction was 24/7 - I kid you not. It was late, we were tired from the trip so we called it a night.

The next morning we waited for Tommy, Tally, Chicago Jim and his wife to arrive.
Mrs. Bart went to see the Van Gogh paintings at the Bellagio, but I only had one thing on my mind - poker!
But first I wanted to eat at one of my favorite Vegas restaurants - Vegas Subs!

I don't know how they do it, but they have the best ham in the world.
I've had a half dozen sandwiches there, and their ham is the tastiest, prettist ham you ever saw.
First, there's no rind, (Hear that, Subway?) and it's the most perfectly uniform pink color you ever saw.
So "white things," no "pools of dark red," just perfectly perfect ham, so I ordered "extra meat."
Hmmmm boy, you can't beat a Ham & Provolone from Vegas Subs - then I was on to The Poker Room.

By 6 PM, the gang was all here so we had to make another food plan.
Of course, I suggested Vegas Subs, but Tally shreiked at the suggestion! 
She wanted to eat fine food.
When I protested "fine food," they offered to pay because they're DINKS. (Double Income, No Kids)

So the six of us went to Smith & Lewinsky's for a fine steak dinner. Tommy and Jim are both world travelers, 
(I stopped leaving America after I was thrown into a Mexican Jail with my good buddy Carl.)
They know all about which wines to order, and they got lobster and weird stuff I couldn't pronounce.

After that, it was back to Jim's suite at Paris for some U2, pre-concert DVD watching.
(Note: There were no drugs of any kind at this party, nor was there any alcohol.)

We watched Sunday, Bloody Sunday from Sloan Castle, where the songs ends with Bono
screaming the names, apparently from memory, of the 29 people killed in Dublin that day.
I was impressed, but I'm sure Bono was just being "fake" again. He's such a showboater...

Next was Until the End of the World from the same show - the most exciting version ever.
Next we watched the other "fake" part of the Boston DVD show, where Bono pulls a young gal
from the audience to lie with him onstage as he sang With or Without You to her.
Then the big closer, Bullet the Blue Sky where Bono recreats the assassination of John Lennon.
The song ends with his head snapping back from the bullet, a la the Zapruder film.

U2 - they're so fake.

Then it was Friday, the day of the big, big show. As I headed towards The Palms Poker Room, 
I was alone on the elevator when a well-dressed black man got on.  I sensed I was about to be robbed 
(because he was black) so I tried to "disarm" him (learned that in poker) by speaking first.

"Are you winning?" I asked?
That's what you say in an elevator in Vegas because, "Nice weather," is a damned lie.

He looked at me as tho I was speaking Chechnyan.

 I rephrased the question: "Are you ahead or behind on your gambling?"

He said, "I'm not here to gamble, it's all business." 
I asked what kind of business he was in and he said, "Busta Rhymes."
I said, like the dorkiest white guy ever, "Are you Busta Rhymes?"

He laughed and said, "You don't know what Busta Rhymes looks like?"
I started to say, "I could probably pick him out of a line-up," but stopped myself 
because you know how blacks can be - he might've cut me with that knife they all carry.

I told Tommy about it and he said The Palms has suites with fully-functional recording studios,
in case some rocker is partying there with some musician friends and a killer riff pops into his head.

Semi-poker story:
In the Poker Room, I heard Sharon, the smart, confident and foxy Poker Room Manager saying she was 
sitting in for a male dealer later that weekend because the dealer couldn't keep his eyes on the game. 
Intrigued, I leaned in for more details.

Turns out Hugh Hefner was in da house with his six personal playmates, and they were playing
Strip Poker, (by invitation only) and they needed a female dealer who could concentrate on the game.

Why do I mention that?
Because that's one reason so many people claim to f-ing hate Las Vegas, because they know that someone is 
playing Strip Poker with topless Playmates there (probably for TV) and it's not them, so Vegas is bad, bad, bad.

Now it was approaching time for the U2 concert.
I'm not going to bore you with the details, thus preventing many subscription cancellations.
It was a great show, and no, I didn't get to hear End of the World.

In closing, (crowd sets cars on fire - it looks like France in here) after the show we split up because
those four had some serious partying to do and we had to be up at 8 to catch a 10AM flight home.

But we had a great time, U2 rocks and so does The Palms Poker Room.

Oh, I almost forgot - while we were partying, Tally wanted to "F" with Tommy so she asked me to
go online with my laptop and play BCR 83 Part 5 where Tommy Mack sings the closing song.

I'm like, "WTF? BCR 83 didn't have a Part 5," but it turns out it does.   Since I'm a dumbass, I left out 
the link for BCR 83 Part 5 and now it has been restored - the lost BCR 83 Part 5 where Tommy sings.
To hear the restored links to BCR 83 Part 5   Click Here  for the radio archives.

Click Here to Listen to BCR producer Tommy's industrial Deiter-does-Disco impression.
Click Here to download it.

You might also hear something hauntingly familiar - ha ha

...and remember, as always, if you are contacted by an IRS agent and asked 
"Why do you read/subscribe to  bartcop.com ?" please say, "Because of those bad-ass, 
wish-we-could-be-there, super-fun trip reports Bart writes when he gets home."

That could save me from prison, thank you.


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NFL cheerleaders busted in Tampa
 Two were having sex and a third started a fight

               "That's hot!"


According to a police report the two cheerleaders were arrested after an fight at Banana Joe's.
One cheerleader was charged with battery, the other with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The police report claims the two cheerleaders were having sex with each other in a stall at the bar
when other patrons got angry they were taking so long in the bathroom. An attorney for the girls said
they were just engaging in some good old Fantasy Football, sanctioned by the NFL.


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