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Wednesday  Nov 9, 2005   Volume 1651 - President Poison

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Kerry: 2004 Stolen
Lott: The GOP did it 
Dems win in NJ, VA 
Musclehead Rejected 
Bush's Trifecta of Defeat
Feel the burn, Girlieman 
Stern suspended
Random Thoughts... 
Is Katie Holmes OK?


 Quote of the Day

"We can not remain silent. 
  We have met the enemy, and it is us."  
     --Sen. Trent Lott, (Racist- Has Rope) saying 
     a GOP senator likely leaked news about Bush's 
     secret torture prisons        Link

  Can you feel it crumbling?
  They need a distraction - a BIG one.
  New York, prepare to be hit!

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"Too funny! Hastert and Frist make a big show of calling for an investigation into a national security leak  and then -- BOOM!!!    Lott said he thinks it was a GOP Senator who leaked it to the WaHoPo."  
            --tgnyc,   Daily Kos

 ha ha
 The GOP is "on tilt."
 In poker, that means they're too crazed to think right.

 I'm loving it, with a shot of Chinaco in my hand...



Kerry Suspects Election 2004 Was Stolen
   by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, has told acquaintances over the past year
that he suspects that the election was stolen, but that he didn't challenge the official results because he lacked
hard proof and anticipated a firestorm of criticism if he pressed the point.

But one effect of Kerry's avoidance of a public battle may be the despair among millions of Americans who
feel their democratic birthright was taken along with the last two presidential elections

Poor John - he wanted to fight for democracy and freedom, but he was afraid he might be criticized.
He didn't mind facing Charlie's guns in Vietnam, but fear of criticism gave the world more of Bush?

John, why didn't you tell us you were afraid to be president?
Why didn't you tell us we had a quitter pushing better men out of the race?


Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Trent Lott: The GOP did the crime!!
 Racist Senator accuses own party of treason!!


Trent Lott (Racist-MS) told CNN that he believed it was a Republican senator who gave
information about secret CIA jails abroad to the WaHoPo, according to rawstory.com.

Lott said that much of the info in the WaHoPo report -- that Bush has secret torture prisons
in the former USSR -- was discussed at a meeting of Republican senators last Tuesday.

The revelation appears to put the fuck on Bill Frist, who screwed Lott of of his job and
the sweaty wrestler Dennis Hastert who called for investigattions to find the leakers.

Update: The CIA has requested a formal investigation like the Plame case.

I can't think of anything more fun than a civil war in the Republican Party.
Well, I can, but not that I can't talk about.

We could have a really, really fun three years coming up.




"The Bush IRS is threatening to strip a California church of its tax exempt status because 
  a guest rector delivered a sermon against the war in Iraq during the 2004 campaign."
           --The Buzz,    Link

What about the Catholics?
Remember those bishops who announced (for no reason) that they'd refuse Kerry Communion?

If we're going to attack Churches, let's attack the ones that rape children first.


Subject: school shooting

The kid probably got the gun from home where it was being kept to "protect" the family.  
The gun was used to kill someone a family member had a disagreement with.


Fair enough.
Like with the right to drive a car, or the right to have an abortion, there is a downside to gun ownership.
It should be a felony to leave a gun where a "kid" can get to it, but I'd guess most 15-year old boys are 
smarter than their parents, so yes, that is a problem. Maybe if you have kids, you need to keep your guns
in a safe and keep the combination in your head, not written down.

But it's not like *I* voted to flood America with 200M guns.

Whatever the downside of gun ownership is, we have to deal with it.
Condemning guns does as much good as condemning rainy weekends.


Random Thought...

Who's behind the kidnapping murders of two members of Team Saddam?

Who gains the most if Saddam never has a chance to speak at a trial?

"Unka Dick, can we poison Unka Saddam to shut him up?"


Dem Govs win in NJ, VA
 Everybody hates Bush and the GOP


Democrats cleaned up big in off-year elections from New Jersey to California, sinking the candidate who 
embraced Der Monkey in the final days of the Virginia governor's campaign. They also turned back all four 
of Grab-Ass Musclehead's efforts to sell the government of California to his super-rich corporate buddies.

Corzine easily won the New Jersey governor's seat, trouncing Bush-lover Doug Forrester by 10 points. 
Tim Kaine won a solid victory in GOP-leaning Virginia, beating Kilgore by more than 5 points. 
Bush's election-eve rally for Kilgore only spurred more sane people to the polls.

In California, Team Gropennegger/BFEE failed to kick Democrat ass. All four of his ballot measures flopped: 

Democrats said the results were the first steps toward bigger victories next year - when control 
of Congress and 36 governors seats are at stake - and for the 2008 presidential race.

On Air America Radio today, some guy told Al Franken, "We can't read too much into this..."
I think he's wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is solid proof, with the BFEE losing 6 of 6 races, that George Bush is Poison.
He's radioactive.
Embrace Bush, you're going to lose.
Embrace Bush, you're going down.
Embrace Bush, you're out of politics and the new sheriff in town isn't (as) crooked. 

Who can afford to go down with (or on) Bush now?

  "Not me, I'm a top.
   Talk to Scottie the Underbear..."


Cali Rejects Musclehead


In a stinging rebuke from voters who elected him two years ago, Gov. Musclehead's efforts to
reshape state government were rejected during a special election that darkened his future in politics.

The brainless bully likes to say he can sell anything, on Tuesday saw all four of his signature ballot proposals rejected.
The unions spent millions of dollars to beat Schwarzenegger's propositions to limit the use of their member dues for
political purposes, cap state spending, redraw legislative districts and restrict public school teacher tenure.

It was a sobering evening for a man once considered among the most popular politicians in America.
The contest represented the biggest test yet of a faltering Schwarzenegger's leadership.

No telling how much of this is America rejecting Bush, but I feel better that this idiot's plans to be president 
have probably been derailed. It's good that this country won't have to go thru what California has been going thru.

Also, they say he lost because he wasn't very digified when he told the teachers and nurses 
that he was going to "kick their butts," but the meaning that point is completely lost on me.

Before he won election, he wasn't very dignified, either.



Sweet Revenge Quotes

"St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly broke Democratic Party ranks last year 
  to announce his support for President Bush's re-election."  
         --AP, "St. Paul's Mayor Backs Bush",    Link

"St. Paul voters held what amounted to a referendum on Bush as they picked a 
 mayor Tuesday, with Randy Kelly haunted by his 2004 endorsement of Bush. 
 Coleman beat Kelley by more than 2-to-1.  Polls showed voters were primed to 
 fire Kelly, and most cited his support for Bush as the reason."
        --Rochelle Olson,     Link

 ha ha
 Today's page is a lot of fun to put together :)


Chapter Five
hJack and his Delta Force brother, Marty, reunite.

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Bush's Trifecta of Defeat
 The whole world hates Bush and the GOP


In the 2005 off-year election, the Democrats won governorships in Virginia and New Jersey.
And, to put the icing on the cake, all of Arnold's (the Gropinator's) initiatives (which cost
cash-strapped California millions of extra dollars to vote on) failed!

You can bet the already nervous Republicans who are Busheviks out of fear that DeLay or Rove will
blow their knee caps off if they stray from the Politburo (White House) party line are now going to
start breaking away out of fear that they will lose their 2006 elections.

Virginia was a heavy loss for Bush, who made a last-minute campaign stop to shore up the slash-and-smear
GOP candidate Kilgore. But the Bush magic is now the Bush tar -- and Kilgore went down big.

If the Republicans want to survive, they must denounce the Illegal Furhrer.
Rove might even encourage that, because a big defeat in 2006 would give control to Democrats
and that would (if they grow a pair) mean impeachment hearings for the murdering thieves.


Seen on CNN.com

Subject: cars & guns

Bart, you are as right about the gun issue as you are wrong about the import car issue.
You will NEVER win the gun argument.
Just refer the gun haters to amendment #2.
It's a CHOICE. Keep hammerin.
Glad you got to go enjoy the Rev. Bono!

Danny Detroit

Danny, good to hear from you.
Maybe we were both right about those cars.
New report says Japan had 29 of the top 31 models for dependability, but for the first time,
Detroit was within striking distance AND the cars like the Toyota Avalon was rated "average and 
some Infinity models had a 67 percent complaint rate - so Detroit is going in the right direction.

As far as guns, the far-lefties think I'm a "gun nut" because I'm less gun-phobic than they are.
Some of them also see me as, "Mr. Torture," because I never say never to saving a million lives.

I thought one big difference between the parties was that while the pole-up-the-ass Republican nutjobs 
can only see issues in Limbaugh black-and-white, our side had the ability to see the shades of gray,
which proves those who see me as "Bush's twin" are as hopelessly blind as the Republicans they hate.

Thanks for the note.
After that beating you took last time, I feared you wouldn't return :)



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Subject: your credibility concerning torture

"I'm no John McCain fan but all politicians should take a look at how he handled the ridiculous 
"I've been watching too many episodes of 24" scenario yesterday morning:

    S. O'BRIEN: Aren't there examples, though -- where are examples, maybe, where torture is the only option left?

    McCAIN: Well, first of all, torture doesn't work, as we have proved. Second of all, if there was a one in a million 
    situation where that would happen, then the president would take responsibility for it. 

That's exactly right. 
If extraordinary circumstances ever arose nothing would stop the president from doing what is necessary. The power 
of pardon is absolute, and no president is going to be impeached for stopping someone from blowing up New York."
Bart, this is your last chance to repair your credibility concerning torture.  
It's pretty bad when John McCain's position is more clear and more reasonable than yours.
Crazy Chris in Boca

Dude, we were just talking about you!

I can't say if my position is the same as McCain's, but my scenario for torture has always been 
that one-in-a-million situation - and I never said torture should be legalized - are ye daft?

Are you so far left that Colorado and Rhode Island look like neighbors?
There are miles of light between my position and Bush's.

You don't come here for the hunting, ...do you?


Feel the burn, Girlieman


In the aftermath of the California special election the headlines read, "SCHWARZENEGGER ROUTED", 
a welcome bulletin that for inspirational value ranks a close second to "COULTER DROWNS IN SEWAGE 
TREATMENT MISHAP". Yet the most relevant factor is not that He Who Gropes has just been groped. 
It is the way in which he has been groped that serves as a template for liberal success.

Soon after taking office, Schwarzenegger declared war on the "special interests", which from his perspective 
are the employees who serve the taxpayers. Arnold sued to block changes in the state's nurse-patient staffing 
ratios that would have improved medical care, and then taunted the nurses that he was "kicking their butts". 
The governor also targeted educators and public safety personnel for abuse while promoting ballot initiatives 
designed to skew political power even further towards his corporate benefactors.

There is nothing unusual about a Republican attacking working people.



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"In 1998, 16 major polls asked about impeaching Clinton...Only 36% supported hearings 
to consider impeachment, and only 26% supported actual impeachment and removal. 
Even so, the impeachment debate dominated the news for months, and the Republican 
Congress impeached Clinton despite overwhelming public opposition."  
        --David Swanson, my good friend   Link

"By a margin of 53% to 42%, Americans want Congress to impeach Bush if he lied 
about the war in Iraq, according to a new Zogby poll.    53% agreed with the statement: 
"If Bush did not tell the truth about going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider 
 holding him accountable through impeachment."  
       --David Swanson,     Link

Y'know what?
The Democrats would never impeach Bush.

"It wouldn't be right."
"We'd be just like them if we did."
"Going negative serves no purpose."
"The voters want us to get along."
"That wouldn't be fair..."

Hey, Pink Tutus, Bob Shrum and Mary Beth Cahill showed us what "fair" gets us.

"Fare" is what you pay to get on the damn bus.
There is no "fair" in war - there is only victory or death.


Subject: thought

One quick thought, Bart.

Republican House and Senate leaders asked for an investigation into who leaked information to the WaHoPo 
about CIA-run secret prisons." What is interesting that they only care about who LEAKED the information. 

The question of WHETHER or WHY or HOW we're running clandestine "Torture `R' Us" facilities 
around the world is no big deal to them!

A loyal subscriber!



 Subject: donation

 Hey Bart, 

 I had a few spare coins that I wanted to send your way. 
 If you have a sticker ot two to spare, I gave all my last ones away to friends. 

 Thanks again!

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Subject: how Hillary was to know better

The rest of the world knew the claims that Saddam was a threat were bogus.

Saying "everybody knew" isn't evidence.
Plus, you're ready to gamble with the lives of, what, 150 million Americans?
And you'd gamble those 150 million lives on an "everybody knew?"
Are you really a lawyer?  :)

The countries surrounding Iraq did not feel threatened.

That'ss not evidence, either.
Did we feel threatened the day before 9/11?

Surely eyebrows should have been raised when Saddam allowed the inspectors unfettered access to his country.
Why couldn't Hillary and the rest of the Democratic senators have merely said that war is a drastic thing?
Show us the proof and/or convince our allies that the threat is real and then we will vote to authorize the war.

Hey, *I* didn't say Bush's evidence was real.
I'm saying Bush had the CIA brief the senate and they said the threat was real.

You don't just give an evil man a blank check to take your sons and daughters to war without definitive proof.
If they had definitive proof, they could have convinced our allies.  If they had definitive proof, surely the UN
inspectors who had unfettered access to the entire country could have found the weapons as well as the means
to get the nukes or chemicals to the US.  But they told us before the war that they had found nothing to
substantiate the claims being made by the administration.

Dave the lawyer

Dave, I'm just asking you to put yourself in Hillary's position before no WMDs were found.


Seen on FoxNews.com

Subject: trip report

Thanks for that Bart.

I love the site, of course, but it was those old trip reports
in the early issues that got me hooked years ago.

Haven't gotten to BCR 84 yet, but they keep getting better and better.
You've helped me lose fifteen pounds because my favorite way to listen
to your shows is taking a long walk with the dog on our bike path with my
iPod loaded with Bart shows.  Thanks for getting me back into shape, buddy.
(People look at me funny as I'm usually laughing as I walk.)

Mark H


Random Thought...

If all you rich Republican bastards bought a Hi-Def Plasma TV this Christmas,
prices might fall to where we decent, non-rich Democrats could buy one next Christmas.

Damn, go to Best Buy and check those Hi-Def Plasma TVs, they rock!
The picture seems much clearer than a DVD, but I'd have to A-B them to be sure.


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Subject: let's put all the war criminals on trial

Any leader who used banned weapons should be put on trial for international war crimes. 
It doesn't matter what country the leader is from. If he did the crime he should face the penalties.
This includes the generals and the men who carried out the mass slaughters. If Saddam Hussein 
used poison gas he should be imprisoned or executed. Similarly, if George Bush used illegal banned 
weapons in Iraq then he too, along with the generals that executed his orders, be put on trial, too.

It is becoming clear that America used phosphorus shells last November in its attack on the city of Fallujah. 
Phosphorus burns bodies. It melts the flesh all the way down to the bone. It is a hideous weapon that only 
a cruel tyrant would use. If the reports are true that Bush used phosphorus, an outlawed chemical weapon, 
then Bush should be removed from office immediately and taken into custody for trial. Shock and awe is 
the experience of watching America degenerate into doing what the Nazis did. Secret prisons, torture, 
and now massacre. It's a crime that we allow it.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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Subject: Hillary

Bart, you wrote:

> "From the left, I get, "Hillary should have known better," but that makes no sense.
> Hillary doesn't have a private CIA - she doesn't have a team of deep cover spies lurking in Iraq.

> Can anybody answer that?
> How was Hillary supposed to say no to defending the Eastern Seaboard? "

Presumably, she now realizes she was lied to, so why is she calling for more defense spending, still?

Bart, you don't have an answer to that one.
The Florida Orange

FLO, you don't want to bet that I can't answer your question.
As I've said 100 times, if we withdraw tomorrow, Zarqawi gets the $100M a day that Bush is stealing.
You have to address that or we'll be forced to assume you're just a non-realist.

Now, assuming you agree that we can't leave tomorrow, every military expert not in the BFEE
says we don't have enough troops there to do the damn job and that's partly what's killing our men.
They're clearing the same villages 4-5 times, then the bad guys regroup and we go back and clear it again.

The answer is to get rid of Bush.  Once we do that, we share the occupation of Iraq with the UN,
which will be our friend again once we get rid of the snotty spoiled kid who pissed off all his allies.

I snipped out all that childish crap you sent.
Could you act more like an adult next time you write?


Have you called the  lately?

...as heard on Bartcop Radio

Cat got your tongue?
Don't have any opinions?

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Of course Cheney knew what Libby was doing with reporters. There's an old expression 
from Watergate: 'Whatever Haldeman knew, Nixon knew.'  To think that Dick Cheney had 
no idea what Lewis Libby was doing is just kind of absurd."  
  --Sam Donaldson, (Is he still alive?)  to Chris the Screamer,     Link


Subject: what is it with you and Hillary?

Bill Clinton would have to be one of the best people in the world at knowing
who to know and how to get to know them.   Are you telling me that during the
eight years that he sat in the White House that he didn't make one "good" connection
in the CIA, the FBI and all the rest of the alphabet soup groups????

Or are you saying that he wouldn't have passed any relevant information on to his wife???

And, the same thing goes for the rest of the people who have been sitting as Reps and Senators for years.
They all have their sources.  Pleading ignorance is bullshit!!!!!


James, if I read you correctly, you're asking why nobody in the CIA has dropped a dime on Bush?
They seem to be doing that this week (and when they sent the Plame matter to Justice) but I have no
answer for that. There had to be hundreds or thousands of agents who know Bush has been lying.

As for "me and Hillary," I think she has the best chance to win.
I want the BFEE out of the White House and on trial.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $59.71 a barrel
makes $119,420,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2056 2058 have died for Halliburton

Two More since yesterday - for what?
So Exxon can make $75,000 profit per minute?

"...just like Unka Dick predicted
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


Stern Suspended for G-rated Talk
 How dare he talk about his life on the air?


Howard Stern got a one-day suspension Monday after heavily promoting his move to satellite radio.
"We expect him back on Wednesday," said Infinity spokeswoman Karen Mateo.

She wouldn't call Stern's absence a suspension and declined to comment further.
Listeners will hear a compilation of Stern's best shows on Tuesday, she said.

But Stern's spokesman Matt Traub confirmed the shock jock had been suspended, adding:
"This is an act of desperation by men who are losing their once-in-a-lifetime franchise."

They might as well let him go now.
He's not going to stop talking about his life and his future - that's what built the show.

When/if he comes back Wednesday, he's expected to bow to their arbitrary rules?


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"I think Bush is in the loop the way Tony Soprano is in the loop at the Bada Bing. 
 I mean...He's the godfather. The godfather doesn't know all the details."  
        --Howard Fineman, calling Bush stupid,   Link


Katie Holmes's ex Fears for Her
 Is she becoming religiously insane for Cruise?


Katie Holmes's former fiance Chris Klein fears she actress is being brainwashed 
Cruise's Church of Scientology.  Holmes converted at Cruises's request - but Klein 
fears she is not being allowed to make her own decisions.

Isn't that true for anyone controlled by religion?
Who wants to obey a book of rules written by people who want your money?


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